The Carpenter's Miracle (2013) Movie Script

Go, get help!
Get help!
Go! Go! Go!
There's a phone in my vest.
Call! Call 911! Call!
There's no reception here!
Go up to the main road.
There's reception there.
Please, go!
- How long has he been under?
- I-I don't know,
two, three minutes?
Go! Go!
Go! Go!
Come on.
Come on, come on...
Come on, come on.
You've got to breathe. Breathe!
There's been an accident.
There's no reception!
Try again. Try again.
This way!
Come on, you've got to breathe!
Breathe! Breathe!
Come on.
Come on, let's hurry! This way!
911. 911. 911!
Operator. How can I...
Come on.
Come on.
They're coming! They're coming!
Okay, okay.
Over here!
Help! Help! Over here!
What happened?
Luke fell in the water.
Bring a blanket!
It was an accident.
All right, all right...
It was an accident.
We need that gurney.
I gave him cpr.
He's not breathing.
You gotta help him.
No, I'm fine. I'm fine!
Help the boy!
Please. Help the boy.
You boys all right?
Everyone all right?
You gotta help!
Is he gonna be okay?
What's you name?
My name is Joshua.
Okay? Just help the boy.
You know my name.
Help him!
The boy's being looked after.
We need to get you some help.
Luke. Luke.
We'll get you warmed up.
Let's get you looked after.
You're freezing, Josh.
You're freezing.
Can you hurry, please?
Can we get him to a hospital,
Don't argue with me, Josh.
Get in the ambulance.
Is he going to be okay?
I don't know.
I don't know...
Sarah Quinn.
Uh, yeah, uh...
I-I'll be right over.
Okay, thanks.
Luke's in the hospital.
Try not to worry, honey.
You know boys,
it's probably just
a couple of stitches.
The police officer,
Kurowski, or Kowalski,
or something,
said that Luke had
been in an accident.
- Ms. Quinn?
- Yes.
I'm sergeant Kurlanski,
we spoke on the phone.
Where's my son?
I want to see my son.
There's been an accident.
I need to speak with you...
what happened to Luke?
Mrs. Quinn, I need to
speak with you alone.
Excuse me,
are-are you a friend
of the family's?
Everybody did all they could.
I'm-I'm very sorry,
but it was too late.
I can have someone
take you home, Ms. Quinn...
no, I want to see my son.
We can handle all of
the arrangements...
I want to see my son.
I want to see my son!
I'll see to it.
I want to se my...
Excuse me.
She would like to see her son.
Yes. Of course.
Who are you?
This is Josh Camden.
He's the one who pulled
your son from the water.
I'm so sorry.
I did everything I could.
I tried. I'm so sorry.
Thank you.
This way, please.
Please come with me?
Ms. Quinn...
no! No!
Ms. Quinn, let me
take you home.
Let him go. Let him go...
Let him go. Please...
Let me take you home.
I wish to God
you could have lived, kid.
What happened?
Where am I?
Oh, sweetie.
Are you okay?
What the heck happened?
I'm not sure.
He put his hand
on the boy's shoulder,
- and the boy came back to life.
- Is that true?
I-I didn't do anything.
Well, you must have
done something.
The boy's alive.
What's going on?
What did you say to him?
I just said
that I wished he could live.
No, I distinctly heard you say
"God" in there somewhere.
Maybe I did, I don't know.
I've been on the force
for over 16 years,
I've seen a lot of
really strange things,
but this is the first time
I've ever seen anyone
rise from the dead.
Thank you for saving my son.
I-I didn't do anything...
thank you.
I didn't do anything.
I really didn't.
Yes. Yes, you did!
You did, Josh.
You brought that boy
back to life.
I saw it.
We all saw it.
It's a miracle.
It's a miracle, folks.
We're coming to you today live
from the picturesque Hamlet
of Bethany, Wisconsin,
where a young boy
had a terrifying
brush with death.
The boy, Luke Quinn,
was unresponsive
for over an hour
and was pronounced dead
by doctors here
at Bethany Memorial Hospital.
The boy was declared dead
at 9:47 A.M., but...
Delia, it's Jack.
Meet me at Dante's now.
...and the boy
regained consciousness.
You heard it here, folks.
He came back to life.
The accident occurred
at Fryman lake
just outside of Bethany.
The boy became trapped
under a fallen tree branch
and was submerged underwater
for several minutes.
We caught up
with the boy's mother,
Sarah Quinn of Bethany,
shortly after her son's
release from the hospital.
Yeah, I don't know,
I mean, it's, um...
It's a miracle.
I don't know.
That's all you can call it,
a miracle.
This is a big story.
I can feel it in my gut.
Excuse me,
can we get another
rye and ginger,
and a Martini, extra olives,
for the lady, please?
Thank you.
There's no such thing
as miracles, Jack.
How many times
have we seen a guy
raise a kid from the dead?
And right before easter?
Are you seriously asking me
to cover this?
It's bogus!
No, no, it's a gift, Delia,
and it's exactly
the kind of piece
the chairman loves.
It's his favorite meal,
schmaltz on wonder bread.
Oh, Jack...
and if the raising the dead
angle isn't enough,
the guy's initials are "J.C."
And get this, he's a carpenter.
- A carpenter?
- Mm-hmm.
And the kid's name is Luke.
So last I checked...
chicken for me, thank you.
Last time I checked,
it was biblical.
And if this whole thing
isn't enough,
this all took place
in a town called Bethany.
What does that
have to do with it?
So, that's the town
that Jesus was born in.
Come on,
what's the matter with you?
Please. Thank you.
It was Bethlehem, Jack.
Bethany, Bethlehem,
whatever, it's close enough.
That's enough, thank you.
The main point is this,
this is a great
easter story, okay?
You've got tragedy
and resurrection,
all tied up
in a nice, neat bow.
People go crazy
for this kind of upbeat
human interest crap.
There are more things
in heaven and earth
than are dreamt of
in your philosophy.
Delia, this story has pulitzer
written all over it.
That's print journalism.
This one takes priority.
I'll make some calls.
Oh, no. I'm not paying
you to make calls, Delia.
You're going
to the front lines.
You're booked on a flight
this afternoon.
What are you talking about?
You're a reporter, Delia.
Do some reporting.
I knew you had
something up your sleeve.
Oh, and take a warm jacket.
I hear Wisconsin's pretty chilly
this time of year.
A modest hero.
An ordinary man
in extraordinary circumstances.
This is Kate parson,
reporting to you live for
KPJL-7 action news exclusive.
Cut. We got that. Strike it.
Thank you.
That was wonderful, everybody.
Are you sure you haven't
done this before?
You're naturals.
Luke, nice to meet you.
Best of luck.
Thank you very much. Thank you.
The interview should air
on tonight's evening news.
Okay, thanks.
And keep watching
KPJL-7 Milwaukee!
We will.
We never watch that channel.
She doesn't need
to know that, it's okay.
Well, I guess,
I guess I should get going.
I hope we see you again.
Yeah, me too.
I'd like that.
All right.
See ya. Yeah.
Hey, wait.
You know, I just realized,
with all this
craziness going on,
that I haven't really
had a chance
to thank you for
what you've done.
No, no, no.
I just did what anybody
would have done
in the same situation.
I don't know about that.
Please, let me make you dinner.
It's the least that I can do.
I'd like that, yeah.
Just, uh, name the date.
How about tonight?
I know, it's...
it's sort of short notice,
so, you know, if you can't...
no, no, no, that, uh...
Yeah, great.
Dinner tonight, that sounds...
That sounds good. Sure.
Okay. 7:00?
Okay. Um...
2580 Beddington.
I'm sorry,
that's a lot of
digits for me...
The big wrap-around porch?
On Beddington.
Yeah, great. Okay.
On the corner.
On Beddington, yeah. 7:00.
7:00. I know that one. Okay.
I'm so glad
you're okay.
There we go.
"A little town
with a big heart. "
See? It does exist.
Spare me.
Easy, girl.
That food on the plane
was unedible.
I thought it was tasty.
Don't worry.
We will find a place.
Yeah, fast food
here I come.
Whoever heard of an entire town
shutting down so early?
What do these people do,
Country folk.
They get up early,
so they turn in early, you know?
Turn in?
God, spare me
from fly-over people.
Uh, you know,
I'm from Oklahoma.
I'm one of those
fly-over people, right?
That would explain a lot.
Better than being
a big-city snob.
You say.
Yes, ma'am, I do say.
I'd go postal
if I had to live here.
That's just
the "hangry" talking.
You're hungry,
you're tired, I get it.
I'll just go to
the motel, I give up.
Oh, oh, oh, hang on,
hang on, now.
Oh, I see a bar.
I think it's open.
A bar?
Thank you, lord!
I see a Martini in my future.
It's open, I think.
Two gin Martinis, extra dry...
dirty, with extra olives,
I know.
And a fat bacon cheeseburger.
With greasy fries.
Just wait a second!
I'll be right with you!
Just down here doing
some restauranteering.
Yeah, folks,
we're all closed up.
Last call was half an hour ago.
Last call?
That early?
Well, uh,
you folks just looking
for a drink?
Well, we wouldn't mind
something to eat.
Ah, my cook had to
go home early
on account of
her granddaughter's sick,
but I got pickled eggs
and pretzels
if that'll help you any.
That's okay,
I'll have a gin Martini,
dirty, extra-extra olives,
from the shelf, not the well.
In a clean glass, please.
I'll just...
whatever you have on tap.
You people are here
about the miracle?
You're the news folks, right?
Uh, what do you know
about the miracle?
Well, just about the same
as everybody else, I guess.
Here's your Martoonie.
I haven't made one of those
in a long time.
I bet.
Here you go.
Mm. Do you believe
it was a miracle?
Well, I wasn't there,
so I can't rightly say,
but I've known all those folks
all my life,
and none of them are liars,
so if they say
it happened that way,
then that's
the way it happened.
You know what,
I think I'll go for the
pickled eggs and pretzels.
So you do believe it, then?
You know, miracles have been
pretty sparse in my lifetime.
But, I guess this is about
as close to a real miracle
as you can get.
Oh, I'll get you
a fork for that.
Why am I so nervous?
It's just a date.
Man, it's no big deal.
20 minutes early?
I can't show up
20 minutes early,
I'll look desperate.
What wrong with you, man?
Okay, easy does it.
Less is more.
Don't talk too much,
it makes you look desperate.
Okay, deep breaths,
deep breaths...
Take a deep breath.
just take a meditation here.
I don't even know how
to meditate.
I've never meditated in my life.
Deep breath.
I wish I knew how to meditate.
Hi! Hi there.
You're early.
Am I?
I, uh, I didn't notice the time.
No, it's not a problem,
come on in.
I just, I f...
give me a second?
I forgot.
Just one second, okay?
I got these for you.
They're beautiful.
Thank you.
Come on in.
Wow, your doormat
means business.
Yes, it does.
You'd better watch that.
That's embarrassing.
All right.
This looks great.
Ah, just a few things
I threw together.
It's really simple.
Can I help?
Oh, sure.
Uh, here, take those.
Okay. I'll take this.
And I have a free hand.
Smells fantastic.
It's an old recipe of my mom's.
Oh, man!
It's not a problem.
I am-I am so sorry.
That was such
a beautiful plate.
It's just a plate.
I mean, I can't tell you
how many I've broken.
Maybe you can perform
another miracle
and fix it.
Don't think anything about it,
it was an old plate.
It was an antique.
It was an antique?
Are you serious?
You must think I'm an idiot.
No, not at all.
Well, you have to
let me replace it.
I don't think
you'll be able to.
Well, then I would like
to repay you some other way.
You want to repay me?
Yes, I do.
Next dinner,
you take me out for a meal.
So you would have dinner
with me again after this?
Well, I'll wear something
And tomorrow's forecast,
87% chance of rain.
It's perfect.
I won't get wet
going to the restaurant,
and I'll be
fully protected at dinner.
How does that sound?
The meal that
you're taking me out for,
our repayment plan?
Dinner out. Sounds good. Yes.
I think so, too.
Where do you want to go?
Let me get my thinking cap on
and I'll let you know.
But first, we should
eat this meal,
so have a seat.
Hey, Luke? Turn the...
we're on TV.
Can I explain it?
Um... no, actually.
I've never seen
anything like it,
but a miracle?
I mean, I don't know
about that.
We caught up
with the boy's mother,
Sarah Quinn of Bethany,
shortly after her son's
release from the hospital.
Yeah, I don't know,
I mean, it's, um,
it's a miracle.
I don't know,
that's all you can call it.
A miracle.
In a KPJL-7
action news exclusive,
we spoke with local resident
Josh Camden,
who modestly declined
to take credit
for having revived the boy.
I have no idea what happened.
I certainly wasn't because of
anything that I did.
A modest hero.
An ordinary man in
extraordinary circumstances.
One might even call this
the greatest easter gift of all.
Well, that's
a remarkable story.
Inspiring. Inspiring.
It is
very inspiring.
Here, you think I'd look
good in a halo?
Oh, it's you, Bob.
We should eat.
Okay. Let's eat.
Well, at least
it's a good picture.
Thank you so much.
I appreciate that. Ha ha.
Come on, you have to admit,
it's pretty funny.
Yeah, it's hysterical.
I'm not exactly sure
how I'm going to show
my face in town again.
Maybe you should move.
Maybe I should move
and take my halo with me.
I liked it.
Thank you. I appreciate that.
I'm glad somebody did.
So embarrassing.
...and it's only gonna be,
like, another week of hardwood
floors, right?
And then
she wants to do windows...
oh, hey, hey!
There he is,
the miracle man himself!
Or should I say
"the new messiah"?
Okay, guys, give me a break.
That was quite the halo
they had on your head
last night.
Nah, it made you
look like a pinhead.
Careful, or I might smite you.
It's "smote". Smote.
No, "smote's" past tense.
- Oh, is it?
Thanks for trying to help.
Ray, what would
you like me to fix?
This faucet over here.
Can't get any water
out of it, not a drop.
Water out of your faucet.
Let me take a look.
Want a coffee?
I'd love a coffee.
Uh, Luther? Coffee for Josh?
Yeah, you just turn it,
it goes round and around,
nothing comes out.
Hey, candy, take care of
those people over there.
I was thinking about
getting me one of
them halos, Josh.
Where did you get it?
Josh wasn't actually
wearing the halo, Luther.
The TV people, they
superimposed it on his head.
What, like, hung it on a wire?
No, no, no,
it was a special effect,
like they do in movies.
Oh, like...
Like that Gollum guy.
Yeah, I think
that's the idea, Luther.
Something like that.
I'm gonna need
to get a part for this.
I'll be back this afternoon
to fix it, is that okay?
Sure, that's no problem.
Uh, Luther? Coffee? For Josh?
I'll be right with you, Morton.
Well, my, uh...
My dog still isn't
doing too good.
That's too bad.
Ever since, uh,
he got his foot caught
in that squirrel trap,
his leg just hasn't
been the same.
Aw, I'm really sorry
to hear that.
Sure do wish somebody
could do something.
Uh, and
what do you mean by that?
Well, you know, fix him.
Like you did
with that Quinn kid.
You were praying.
No, Luther, I was not praying.
You were praying, I can tell.
Luther, listen,
I'm really sorry
about your dog, I am,
but you have to understand
that I'm not a miracle-worker.
That ain't what I heard.
Don't believe everything
that you hear on the news,
and get Josh sugar, a napkin,
cream, a spoon.
Come on.
You were praying for my dog,
I know it.
Can you believe this weather?
Hey there!
Staying dry?
Oh, goodness gracious,
what a day.
Yes, indeed.
Oh, those look very nice, Josh.
I love the new cabinet doors.
That's really nice. Good work.
Thank you, thank you.
I'll be done in a bit.
I just have a few more
doors to put on.
You are truly a gifted man.
Are you all right?
Yes, it's just this cold,
it's got my arthritis acting up
something terrible.
I can't get my hands warm.
Oh, God, they are cold.
Your hands
are really warm, Josh?
Uh, just good circulation,
I guess.
I, um,
I changed the plugs
back here by the stereo,
so everything should be
working just fine.
That's odd.
What's that?
This is the first time
they haven't hurt all day.
What did you do?
Nothing, Lydia,
absolutely nothing.
I didn't do anything.
Well, you must have.
Is this another
one of your miracles?
No. No, Lydia. It's not.
Okay, 228 fig street.
It's supposed to be here
on the left.
That is not 228 fig street.
Where am I?
Wait a minute.
"J.C. Handyman services"
Josh Camden!
Mr. Dudley do-right himself.
Okay, I'll follow you.
Trying to give me
the slip, huh?
Well, you have to get up
pretty early in the morning
to fool old Delia Tynan,
I'll tell you that.
You don't know it yet,
but all of your wildest dreams
are about to come true.
My kind of guy.
He's hot.
Hot guy... in a bar...
Possibly a drunk.
Things are lookin' up.
Yes, things are definitely
lookin' up.
Oh! Oh, I am so sorry.
Oh, my goodness.
Are you okay?
Are you all right?
You are really good-looking.
Ex-excuse me?
Have you had work done?
Have we met?
Delia Tynan.
Josh Camden.
Your nose...
your nose is bleeding.
It's what?
It's bleeding.
You've got blood...
my nose? Oh, my nose
is bleeding?
I'm so sorry about all this.
Oof! I'm so sorry.
Okay, take it easy.
Sit down. I'm so sorry
about all this.
You have huge muscles.
Can I... can I get you
some ice or anything?
Sure, yeah.
Okay. You sure? Okay.
And a dry Martini, please.
I'm sor... a Martini?
Yeah. Gin.
Dirty. Extra olives...
unless they're the canned kind.
And from the shelf,
not the well.
Thank you!
Oh, you've certainly
got a feel for the ladies...
bopping them in the nose?
It was an accident.
Yeah. That's what
the abusers always say.
It was an accident.
How's that Martini coming, ray?
Dirty, dry, with extra olives.
Sounds like that reporter lady.
She was in here the other night.
Nice-looking filly.
- Your Martini.
- Oh, thank you.
This is for your blood.
You can put that
on your nose there.
Somewhere in the world,
it's 5:00.
You look so familiar.
Oh, people think they know me
because I'm on TV.
Oh, you did that show
about the quintuplets.
Sextuplets, but who's counting?
Sextuplets. You're famous.
you're the one
who's famous, Mr. Camden.
I don't know about that.
I think I used up
my 15 minutes.
No, no, no,
that's why I'm here.
I came to interview you.
Look, um, Ms...
Ms. tynan,
this has all been blown
way out of proportion.
What, you don't think
what you did for that boy
was a miracle?
I have no idea
what it was, actually,
and I have no idea
why everybody's making
such a big deal about it.
Well, it's simple.
I mean, you give people hope.
That's a rare commodity
these days.
That's good.
let me explain why people
can't get enough of this story.
May I?
Of course.
Hello there.
Would you like some company?
How are you today?
There, right there,
on the pane,
three raindrops.
They're in a race.
It's marvelous.
You see, those two
are in the lead,
And then there's the little one
in the corner,
lagging behind.
Uh, yes. Yes...
Come on, Seabiscuit.
Oh, my. Look.
You see, those two
fast ones there
that joined together.
How's our little...
He's catching up.
Aw, isn't that lovely.
He's joined them.
One raindrop from three,
all winners.
It's remarkable.
I, um...
I got an offer to be interviewed
on national television.
I love television.
So you think I should do it?
I don't see why not.
Nothing bad ever happens
on television.
I'm sorry,
I don't recall your name.
It's Josh, mom.
What a nice name.
I've never met anyone
with that name before.
Hey there!
How are you?
- I'm good. How are you?
- I'm great.
I haven't seen you since...
The miracle.
Oh, uh...
Engagement party.
One of the guys at the station
is getting hitched.
I don't drink. At all.
That's nice.
So, you, uh,
you seen your friend lately?
Yeah, all the time.
We work together.
Right. First prairie, right?
Why don't you come in?
Come in out of the cold.
Pretty strange
about Josh Camden, huh?
Yeah, and from what I hear,
the miracles just keep coming.
There's more?
Well, I wasn't there,
so I don't really know,
but I was told that he cured
Lydia Jerginson's arthritis.
You're kidding.
Apparently, from
what I was told,
he touched her just
like he did the Quinn boy,
and, presto.
That seems...
Highly unusual.
Yeah, it does, but...
It's also highly unusual
to see a kid
come back from the dead,
but we saw that.
Didn't we?
No question about it.
Do you believe in miracles?
I don't know.
I don't know.
Um, well, actually
I was just on my way to work.
Sure. Yeah.
I just wanted to say hi.
I'm glad you did.
It's good to see you.
- Nice to see you, too.
- Yeah. Thanks for stopping.
Yeah. Have a great day.
Okay, bye.
Hold on, hold on!
Alice, I was just wondering...
Could I get you number?
Call me!
That's why I got your number!
What's the boy's name again?
Luther Froebler.
That's it.
Here? This is a dead end.
Actually, this is the place.
No, it's a dead end.
There's a locked gate there.
What are you going to do,
crash through the gate?
No. That's his place.
Well, how are we...
where's the driveway?
There is no driveway.
Up here! Hello!
Yeah, hi!
I built you guys
a little bridge!
Watch the puddle!
Just one sec.
Let's just do this.
You should have
stepped on the bridge.
You just stepped in some...
I don't know what that was.
I don't care what I stepped in.
Yeah, but, I mean...
You should have better shoes!
Bett... never... better shoes...
I can't hear you, sorry!
You're pretty quick
in them heels.
I'm Delia tynan
we spoke on the phone.
Hey, uh, what's up?
You should start rolling.
Yeah, watch your...
Toby? Toby!
So, Luther, how exactly
did Josh cure your dog?
What's his name?
Uh, Toby.
It was real mysterious.
Uh, Josh just closed his eyes,
and then, um, said a prayer,
and then when I got home,
the dog was healed.
That's fascinating.
Uh, this is Delia tynan
from Luther Froebler's home,
and we are looking right now
for the dog Toby,
who has been healed
from his limp.
We're still looking for...
There he is there.
Boy, come here.
Come here.
Ah... there he is.
Uh, Luther, could you
make Toby run for us?
Y-yes, ma'am.
Toby! Fetch!
Uh... um...
See? He's all healed.
Um, Luther,
the dog is still limping.
Well, it was worse...
it was a little worse before.
It is a miracle, though.
Luther, why don't you call me
when the dog starts
speaking in tongues?
But dogs don't speak
in tongues...
Well, there you go,
Luther. Bye!
Thanks so much for your time.
See you, Luther.
Are we gonna be on TV?
What do you think?
If you don't want
my opinion, don't ask.
Well, what's wrong with it?
I don't know, it's cut funny.
It makes your hips
look big or something.
- But not fat.
- Thank you.
Maybe the red dress?
Oh, God, that's him.
They don't look bigger!
You look fine. Really.
Really, really?
Really, really.
He's early again.
God, what is it with this guy?
Maybe he's desperate.
That's a real morale booster.
You certainly are punctu...
Oh, sorry.
I thought you were someone else.
Yes, I'm, uh...
Delia tynan, I know.
I recognize you
from that quintuplets show.
Sextuplets, but who's counting?
Anyways, um,
could I talk to you
for a few minutes?
You know,
now's not a good time.
Oh, um, well,
when would be a good time?
Because I'd love to...
what are you doing here?
You two know each other?
She wants to interview me,
or, us, actually.
Well, it's more
of an in-depth interview.
Okay, well,
I'll talk to Sarah about it,
but, honestly,
I really don't know.
We should get going.
Our reservation's at 7:00.
Okay, sure.
Oh, are you two, um,
going on a date?
I will let you know
about the interview.
Okay. Excuse me.
Sure, but would you...
why didn't you
warn me she was coming?
I had no idea myself.
Well, I just don't like
having reporters
show up unannounced
on my doorstep.
And I completely
understand that.
I'm sorry.
I'm just a bit on edge, I guess.
I just wish everything
could go back to normal,
like before.
You and me both.
I'm not quite ready to be
the new messiah.
Yeah, must be a lot pressure.
Just can't get that walking
on water thing down.
Well, practice makes perfect.
So it's almost 7:00.
Where are we going?
Bowling, actually.
I thought you said we had
a reservation somewhere.
I said that to get rid of her.
It's half off pizza
tonight at rev's
if you bowl three games.
I'm a terrible bowler.
I'm not.
There's beer in the fridge,
or you could turn some water
into wine, if you'd prefer.
Beer is fine, thank you.
Hey, Jack.
Ah, she lives.
Have you located
our miracle-worker?
Got him, and get this,
he lives in a church.
What is he, a religious nut?
No, no,
apparently, he's under
financial stress.
His mother's ill...
rye and ginger, please.
On the rocks.
So, he's living in an old
abandoned methodist church
on the cheap.
He gets to live in it
while he's restoring it.
Any dirt?
No, he's clean as a choirboy.
Everybody here thinks
he walks on water,
So why have you been so hard
to get a hold of?
You know what, Jack,
it's terrible reception
out here.
A word of warning.
Gil Graham's in Bethany.
Keynote is looking
to do a segment.
doesn't frighten me.
Well, I don't want to be
the one to tell the chairman
that this story
slipped through our fingers.
I want you to
lock this guy down.
I have him locked down, Jack.
Well, not yet. Apparently,
he's got an exclusive
about some kid
whose dog was cured
by our miracle worker.
Yeah, no story there.
The dog's a gimp.
I got it on tape.
Listen, Jack, trust me.
You're going to get
a great story, okay?
But what about
that unconfirmed report
about our fellow curing
some woman's arthritis.
What's that about?
I've got to go.
I'm closing in.
Whoa. Wait...
I don't really have
any memories of my dad.
He died when I was about two.
And your mother
never remarried?
No, no, it's just been
the two of us.
And you've lived here
ever since?
Yeah, I worked
for a while in Florida,
but that didn't last very long.
I missed the midwest.
You are... A very good bowler.
Well, I was junior league's
highest scorer.
Why do you think I suggested
that we go there tonight?
You know, you'll never beat me,
even if you could bowl.
I'd love to get
out of the midwest.
I've never even been to Canada.
We can go to Canada tonight.
Yeah, I'm game.
Seriously, we could...
Talk about serendipity!
I was just on the phone
with my boss in New York
talking about meeting you both.
What a coincidence!
What is she doing here?
The stars are aligned.
Well, they normally are for me.
I'm just kidding.
Hey, how was bowling?
Not that I'm prying.
I can't stand gossip.
Focus point is not a tabloid.
I take my work very seriously.
Now, this is real journalism.
Can we do this tomorrow?
No, we can't.
Not in a 24-hour
cable news cycle.
I'd like to say otherwise,
but the sharks are circling.
Did you tell Sarah
about the offer?
What offer?
Delia is offering us
a large cash payment
and a book deal...
well, a potential book deal,
I can't actually
guarantee that yet.
If we do
the national interview.
And, it would include Matthew,
which is really cool.
I'm sorry, who's Matthew?
Her son.
My son's name is Luke.
Luke. Sorry.
Listen, if you've made a deal
with somebody,
I want you to know that
you can talk to me about it.
No. No, no, we haven't.
Well, I do know
that gil Graham from keynote
has contacted you.
Now, if you're
in negotiations with him,
that's fine, I understand,
you need to take the best deal.
You need to serve
your own self-interests,
and, believe me,
I would do the same thing
if I were in your situation,
but here's what
you need to know,
I am authorized
to seal this deal right now,
and I will double
whatever he's offering.
We didn't make
a deal with anyone.
"Focus point" dominates the 18
to 49 year-old demographic...
Now, this is really,
really important
to think about
when you're making
your decision...
Oh, my God, yes,
I'll be there right away.
Uh, my mother's had a stroke.
It's an emergency.
No, go. Go. I'll be fine.
I can give Sarah a ride home.
Go, yes.
Dr. frost
to the nurses' station four.
Dr. frost
to the nurses' station four.
How is she? How's my mom?
She's stable. She's
stable for the moment.
Oh, thank God.
Now, there is
considerable swelling
in the right frontal lobe,
and if it's that pronounced
in the morning,
we're going to have to operate.
Is she in pain?
Thankfully, no.
I know that's not much
of a consolation,
but it's something.
Can she hear us?
No, she's in a very deep coma.
Oh, please,
please, please.
Please, God, please...
I don't even know
what to pray for.
I'm not good at this.
I'm not a religious guy.
If this is her time,
then it's her time,
but please,
don't let her suffer.
Please, God.
Don't let her suffer.
Whatever you decide,
show mercy.
Did she just say something?
Yeah, she did. She did.
I heard it.
The speech centers of the brain
are completely compromised.
It must be
some sort of
involuntary response.
She said something.
She said my name.
She hasn't said my name
in over two years.
So, how did it go?
Well, let's just say
I had dinner with a reporter.
But what happened to your date?
Life intervened.
You like him, don't you?
Yeah, I do.
Me, too.
Any change?
No, no, I'm afraid not, Josh.
I thought maybe
with her speaking,
that there would be...
Yeah, yeah, I don't know
how to explain that.
That doesn't conform
to any pattern
I've ever seen before.
But, uh...
The swelling
on your mother's brain
is very severe,
and the only way to relieve it
is through surgery.
Okay, so do you need me
to sign a consent form
or anything?
It's a very expensive
procedure, Josh.
I'll find the money.
Oh, I know, I know.
It's just...
I just want to clear.
There's no guarantee.
I mean, even with surgery,
she may never come
out of this coma.
Okay, okay...
Delia tynan.
Ms. tynan?
Josh, I'm happy
to hear from you.
I, um, I want to take you up
on your offer.
Name a time and a place
and I'll be there.
Second floor of the hospital.
Near the icu ward?
Not a problem.
I happen to be nearby.
I'll be there in five minutes.
Got it.
May I?
We've got to get you
up on your feet, honey.
Yeah, only one problem,
there's no one here
to dance with.
Nonsense, you're just
not trying hard enough.
Yeah, easy for you to say.
One date, and you two are acting
like love-struck teenagers.
He is pretty sweet,
isn't he?
Yes, he's very sweet.
All right, all right...
You should dance with Charlie.
He's a great dancer!
No. No, no.
No, not now.
I will only let go
of him for a moment.
- Just for you.
- You guys, go.
And the moment's gone.
How's your mother?
Can I talk to you for a second?
Yeah, of course.
So, um...
My mother needs an...
She needs an operation.
Oh, no.
Is there anything I can do?
I-I agreed to do the interview
with Delia tynan,
but the thing is,
is that she wants
all three of us,
she wants you, me and Luke.
Of course.
Of course. Whatever it takes.
Thank you.
I mean, she wants to do it
tomorrow morning,
first thing tomorrow morn...
I'll make myself
completely available.
Of course.
Uh... Sarah?
Thank you.
Thank you, Sarah.
It's nothing compared to
what you've done for me.
Did he take our opening offer?
Yeah, he took
the low end of the deal,
and that includes
the mother and the kid.
He didn't even haggle.
Good job, Delia.
I don't know,
I feel kind of bad.
We're totally
taking advantage of him.
Is the deal solid?
Yeah, exclusive national
broadcast rights,
signed and notarized.
Cool. When's the interview?
I'm going to see
the mom and the kid,
and then right after that,
I'm going over to Josh's house.
The church, right?
Yes, Jack, the church.
I'll send you the footage today.
All right.
We'll make the air date
just before easter,
take advantage of the whole
new messiah thing.
Well, actually, Jack...
I have an idea.
Hi, Josh.
She's doing as well
as can be expected.
So, um, what now?
We wait.
We wait.
Would Mr. Juan Gonzalez
pick up the white phone?
Mr. Juan Gonzalez,
please pick up the white phone.
Okay, God.
I know
you're not supposed to
pray for things...
But please let my mother live.
I need her.
Please just give her
a little bit more time.
Luke? Luke!
Hey, you have to get up.
We have to do
another interview.
I'm sick of being
"miracle boy. "
It's going to be
on national television.
We don't have a choice.
They're downstairs waiting.
So, I'll be famous?
Could be.
Semi-famous anyway.
Come on, get dressed.
Something semi-presentable.
Aw, it's too early.
All right, we'll put this
on the front porch.
Oh, that's my table...
What is all this?
Oh, this is what it takes
to record an interview.
Is that what you're wearing?
Uh, yes.
Great. Okay.
Hi, Luke. Come on, in.
Doctor Nakatimi, come in...
Oh, sorry.
- This is Sarah Quinn.
- Hi.
- Hello.
- And this is Luke,
the young man who made
the miraculous recovery.
Are they mic'ed?
Yeah, we've got them upstairs.
We'll have to do
a full physical.
Sure, we can do that
up in Luke's room.
Is that really necessary?
Oh, it is. I'm sorry.
It's standard procedure.
Listen, if you...
I've made some coffee.
Just help yourself
to whatever's in the kitchen.
And, uh, there's coffee there,
help yourself.
There's some cream
in the fridge.
Bev, can you come in?
Sarah's a little shiny.
Just fix her up.
Um, good, I love it.
Conservative... caring mom.
Great look. Okay.
And Luke, you can just
sit beside your mom.
Cy, are we good to go?
Yeah, we are
good to go, young lady.
Luke, you can sit
beside your
mother there. Great.
Just make sure...
Okay, could you, um...
yeah, put your arm around him.
Yeah, yeah, great.
Okay, that's good.
And just get his hair
out of his eyes for me?
Are we good to go?
We good? Okay.
Camera's rolling.
Just a little bit...
Yeah, a little...
Three, two...
So, Sarah,
thank you so much
for taking the time today
to talk with us.
I really appreciate it.
And, Luke, hi.
It's so nice to meet you.
I seen you before,
and I seen you now,
and what Josh done for you
is a miracle.
That's right.
To heck with them
newsroom people.
"Pray for one another...
That ye may be healed,"
and that's exactly
what Josh done for you.
You know it, buddy.
You can't expect people
of no faith
to recognize a miracle.
You know it.
Hey, boy?
Let's not let them
push us around.
Come on, we got work to do.
Josh, hi.
Thank you so much.
Yeah, sure.
This is incredible!
Oh, well, it's getting there.
This is where you live?
Incredible. Do you mind if we...
no, please, please, yeah.
Let me know if I can
help with anything.
Go ahead, guys.
Let's hustle, guys, okay?
We've got to get this uploading
and sent back to New York.
Get me a c-stand and a flag...
good to go, guys?
Yeah, all good.
Okay. Hi, Josh.
Why don't I just run through
how this is going to
work for you,
and, uh, then we're
pretty much good to go.
Okay, good. I'd like that.
So, this is perfect.
We're going to start
the interview here.
And then we'll have
a walk down here.
I'll ask you some questions about
your incredible home, by the way.
If that would be okay?
Sure. Yes, please.
It's kind of a work
in progress, but okay.
And then what we will do is,
we will end up around here.
And then,
pretty much that's it.
I'll ask you
a few more questions,
then it's over.
Okay, Seb, are we good to go?
Yeah, ready when you guys are.
What exactly are we
going to be talking about?
Oh, just standard stuff,
ground you've covered
before, I'm sure.
The accident,
what happened after,
that sort of thing.
Okay? So, I'll get you
on this side,
if you don't mind.
Okay, sure.
In three, two...
Josh, how long have you known
you've had the power to heal?
Um, excuse me?
How long have you known
you've had the power to heal?
I, uh... I don't know.
I-I never actually said that.
No, never.
You-you all, uh, said that.
Who is "you all"?
Uh, you, people in the media.
And the people of Bethany.
Are you saying
there's some sort of
media conspiracy?
Oh, no. No, no, no,
of course not.
No-no conspiracy, just...
Like, a misunderstanding.
About what?
About the miracle.
Oh, so you do believe
it was a miracle.
No, I didn't say that, you did.
Um... Me?
Not-not "you" personally you,
but news people.
Do you feel persecuted?
Persecuted? No.
No, I'm just, I'm saying
that something happened,
and the press
called it a miracle,
the people of this town
called it a miracle,
but I never did.
So you never claimed to be
a new messiah?
Of course I didn't.
Why do you live in a church?
It was a church.
It's not a church anymore,
now it's just my home.
It certainly looks
like a church to me.
It was a church,
but it was, um...
or de-sanctified,
or whatever they call it.
Now it's-it's just my home.
Do you have
some sort of Christ complex?
Excuse me?
Do you have some sort of
Christ complex?
Get out of here.
Whoa, we haven't finished
the interview, Mr. Camden...
yes. Yes, we have.
No, you didn't answer
my question...
what do you want me to say?
What? What is it?
Do you want me to say
that I'm the risen lord?
That I-I walk on water
to amuse my friends?
Turn water into wine
because it's cheaper
than shopping at Wal-Mart?
Is-is that what you want?
Do you believe all of that?
Turn this off.
Turn it off!
We're not finished,
the interview.
Wh-what do you...
what is it that you want?
I want the truth.
Don't insult me.
I am a sound bite to you.
No, that's not true, Josh.
There are a lot of people...
get out! Get out!
I want you out. Get out.
Look, let's just
all calm down here, okay?
We can...
get out.
Get out.
Get out now.
Okay, cut the camera.
...Thank you, David.
Your son's
on TV tonight, Helen.
...a sleepy,
rural community of 9,000.
A place where everyone
knows their neighbors,
and people leave their doors
unlocked at night,
an idyllic place,
nestled far away
from the bright glare
of media lights.
But all that changed
when tragedy struck.
Josh Camden tells the story.
Here's Josh!
I was fishing by myself
at Fryman lake
and I heard the sound
of some boys shouting,
and at first I thought
they were just playing,
but I quickly realized
that something
was terribly wrong.
12-year-old Luke Quinn
had been playing
down in this area
with his friends,
swinging on that tire
between two trees.
Now, this tree down here broke,
and Luke ended up
trapped underneath the water
in freezing temperatures
for several minutes.
Josh Camden,
who had been fishing nearby,
tried to resuscitate Luke,
but he was unresponsive.
Luke was rushed
to Bethany Memorial Hospital,
where doctors and nurses
did everything they could
to revive him,
but their efforts failed.
After showing no vital signs
for over an hour,
Luke Quinn
of Bethany, Wisconsin
was declared dead.
Then, something occurred
that many people characterized
as, well,
a miracle.
It was a miracle,
I'll tell you.
Oh, look, Helen, it's me!
The boy had no vital signs
for over an hour.
And Mr. Camden
put his hands on him,
and he came back to life.
Well, if that's not a miracle,
I don't know what is.
Lydia, do you really believe
that Josh Camden
cured your arthritis?
Oh, yes.
Yes, I do.
I don't know what happened
at the lake that day.
All I know is, I haven't had
a touch of arthritis
since Josh touched my hands,
and I'd call that a miracle.
I spoke next
to Luther Froebler,
who claimed that Josh Camden
had healed his dog...
hey, there's Luther! seemed highly improbable,
but in the interest
of fairness,
I decided to investigate.
And there's Toby!
Wow, uh, Luther,
can you make him run?
Yes, ma'am.
Toby, look what I got for you.
Go get it, Toby!
All healed.
Aw, he still looks
like he's limping to me.
to this reporter's eyes,
Mr. Froebler's dog exhibited
a very strong limp,
and seemed anything but cured.
Amongst the criticism
of what seems to have happened
here in Bethany
are highly respected
scientists, and doctors
even religious leaders.
Does their skepticism
concern you?
You know,
I can't speak to the religious
or medical aspects
of the whole issue.
You know, I'm his mother.
But Luke's coming back to life,
well, to me, at least...
It was a miracle.
But not everybody
believes it was a miracle.
We spoke with
Dr. Peter Nakatomi,
head of the Cheveldave
Research Institute.
Dr. Nakatomi,
there are a lot of people
who want to believe this story.
Well, it's important
to distinguish
between what
people want to believe
and what we can verify
as medical fact.
So, uh, differentiation...
what's this?
Focus point.
They're doing a show
on Mrs. Camden's son.
I thought she might
like to watch.
Yeah, but I don't think
she'll even
be able to hear it, Karen.
You never know.
I suppose. how do you explain
that he showed no vital signs
for over an hour?
It's a phenomenon we call
the mammalian diving reflex.
It's rare, but there are
other, similar cases
in medical literature.
Would you mind
explaining it further?
When the conditions
are exactly right,
as they were in this case,
it's possible
for the human body
to go into a state
of suspended animation,
much the same idea
as a computer going to sleep.
No outward signs of life,
but the body
is still functioning
on a barely detectable level.
That's fascinating.
Now, once the body temperature
is restored
to a near normal state,
the brain reactivates
the vital functions,
and that is clearly
what occurred in this case.
The data supports this.
So, what you're saying is,
this was not a miracle.
No, it most certainly
was not a miracle.
We spoke with Mr. Camden
at his home,
a decommissioned
methodist church.
So you never claimed
to be a new messiah?
Get out of here.
Well, we haven't finished
the interview.
Yes. Yes, we have.
Do you feel persecuted?
What do you want me to say?
What is it
that you want me to say?
Do you want me to say
that I'm the risen lord?
That I-I walk on water
to amuse my friends?
I calm storms,
or I turn water into wine
because it's cheaper
than shopping at Walmart?
Is-is that what you want?
Is that what you believe?
Josh would never say that.
- -We haven't finished
the interview.
What exactly
do you want from me?
Don't insult me.
I am a soundbite to you.
Get out!
I want you out. Get out.
Listen, okay?
Let's just all calm down.
Get out.
Mr. Camden refused to continue
the interview, and...
she's flatlining.
It's a code blue.
Come on, Helen.
Got it.
...You decide.
Delia tynan,
focus point,
New York.
Did I die or not?
Did I die or not?
Apparently not.
Thank God.
Miracle or no miracle,
you didn't.
So, I guess we won't
be famous anymore.
I've had enough of
being famous in this lifetime.
Me too.
I'm tired of being
the amazing undead kid.
But why did they
make him look crazy?
He's not like that at all.
I don't know.
Maybe because it makes
a better story,
even if it isn't true.
Sorry, mom.
I thought that would turn out
a little differently.
What were you thinking,
giving that interview?
Who do you think I am, a ghost?
But this-this isn't possible.
Another one of
your miracles, I guess.
Where are my glasses?
Of course not.
Didn't you watch the show?
It's been pretty
well established
that you're no miracle worker.
That's true.
I'm starving.
Who's in charge
of the food around here?
I'd kill for a steak.
A pizza,
With pepperoni.
What are you waiting for,
get her a pizza.
But have you seen
the overnights?
We haven't seen
ratings like this
since the sextuplets show,
not even close.
Okay, what's wrong? What?
We have a problem.
One very important viewer
didn't care
for the show so much.
The chairman's wife.
The chairman's wife, okay.
She hated it.
What? Why?
The short version is
Mrs. chairman is apparently
quite religious.
Who knew?
Well, she thought
the carpenter's miracle segment
was making fun of religion.
It wasn't.
What are you talking about?
No, I told the chairman,
but it seems he was
taking a lot of abuse
from Mrs. chairman.
I'll have a spicy cheese
Terimayo, please.
So, your job is secure?
But you need to make
some structural changes
within the show.
I'm putting you
on the celebrity beat.
Come on.
Just for a while.
And if I don't agree?
That would be very unwise.
Jack, come on,
I'm a journalist,
I'm not a gossip-monger.
I know, I know,
but the chairman was adamant.
I-I understand if you...
If you don't want...
No, that's not good.
...I understand
if you don't want to talk to me.
I just...
I-I want...
so, are you coming in or not?
I haven't made my mind up yet.
I really think you should.
Well, I...
I don't know if your mother
wants to see me.
There's only one way
to find out.
Look, I understand if you don't
want to talk to me...
what are you talking about?
The whole interview mess,
that-that was my fault.
No, it wasn't your...
and we looked like idiots...
no, you actually
looked like an idiot
I didn't look like an idiot.
Point taken,
I looked like an idiot,
and I-I understand
if you might be mad at me.
Only mildly...
Mad would just be
an over-exaggeration...
you know what, forget about
"may" be mad at me.
If you were really
deeply angry with me,
I would get that,
you didn't want to see me
or talk to me again.
I want you to know
that I'd understand, I would.
Well, you are the most
unpopular man in America
at the moment.
You know, a fake messiah.
Only thing lower
would be an IRS agent, or...
I'm sorry I got you involved.
I'm sorry.
Because I...
I want to talk to you.
I want to...
I want to tell you things.
Is there any way
that I can make it up to you?
You can buy me dinner.
I'm starving.
We were just, um,
talking about getting
some dinner, and, um,
some pizza.
Do you want to get
some pizza with us?
It's good to see you.
It's good to see you, too, man.
I've got some homework,
and I think
I'd rather hang here.
But, um,
you two can go.
We'll bring you back a slice.
That'd be great.
Come on.
I'll get my raincoat.
Get your raincoat.
So, what will you do now?
I don't know.
The last few days
really shot my faith-healing
business to pieces.
No, seriously.
Where do you go from here?
Seriously, I don't know.
To you?
To you and Luke?
If you'll have me.
Of course.
You know, there's...
No going back
to the life that you've led.
That I've led.
Even if you wanted to,
you couldn't go back
to that life.
I don't want to go back.
I don't want to go back,
I want to move forward.
I want to continue forward.
With you.
What was that?
Oh, no, I think
I hit something.
Oh, no, no, I know that dog.
That's... that's Toby.
That's Luther's dog, Toby.
Oh, man...
Oh, no.
No, I...
Aw, poor little guy.
He's dead.
What do you want to do?
[Sighs well, we've
got to tell him.
We've got to...
Take him to Luther.
I'm sorry, Toby.
Okay, he was dead.
Let's not tell anyone
about this, okay?
Well, I can...
no, no, no, please.