The Cat and the Moon (2019) Movie Script

[car door slamming]
[car door slamming]
[trunk slamming]
CAB DRIVER: Oi, you have to pay.
Oh, shit.
How much is it?
It's $50?
All right.
Keep the change, I guess.
Hey, man.
Kind of a shot in the dark,
but do you have any weed?
[music playing]
[knocking on door]
[door handle turning]
Holy shit, you done got big.
Come on.
It's cold.
[door shutting]
You look just like
your dad, man.
It's just freaky.
Come on around here and sit.
No, no, no.
That's my station.
This is my chair here.
Right here.
Would you like some
coffee or cereal or--
No, I'm OK.
That looks new.
Does your mom
know you got that?
Yeah, my mom actually
got it with me.
She convinced us both to do it.
Oh, wow.
CAL: Nothing.
So, how you been?
NICK: Great.
I've been really great.
I mean, not great, you know.
Everything with my mom.
But, um, where am I staying?
What's that?
Oh, you don't
want to go up there.
All right.
What you think?
You like?
Yeah, it's cool.
OK, the bathroom's
down there, all right?
I have a weight room just
in case you want to workout.
The TV's downstairs
and my bedroom's
right across the
hall, all right?
You hungry?
No, I'm good.
CAL: OK, cool.
Oh, and about school.
I already signed you up.
All you have to do is go
down, so you don't have
to worry about no orientation.
All you have to do is
show up like you've
been going for a year.
All right.
All right?
Going to bed?
Um, yeah.
I think I'm going to go to bed.
All right.
You don't want me to read
you no bed time stories
or nothing like that, right?
- No, I don't.
- OK, cool.
All right.
Enjoy your night.
Yeah, you too.
All right.
You good?
Yeah, just was
saying goodnight.
All right.
[door shutting]
[door squealing]
[door shutting]
[distant chatter]
[distant chatter]
All right.
All right, fuck me.
Come up here.
Chill out.
Chill out, dog.
You bitch ass.
[door squealing]
[door shutting]
[imitating trumpet]
[train squealing]
[knocking on door]
So, you go to this school?
Uh, no.
I mean, yeah, I guess
I am for a little bit.
I'm coming from Detroit, so
I'm just here for a few weeks.
- You going to the sixth floor?
- Mhm.
[sigh] I guess so.
It was nice to meet you.
- Yeah, you too.
- Good luck.
Hey, you in Algebra II?
Yeah, I am.
Where is it?
I don't get the schedule at all.
Yeah, the schedule
fucking sucks.
It's this way.
TEACHER: Quiet, everybody.
All right.
Pass your homework up.
Russell, hat off.
TEACHER: Wake up.
Come on.
Pass it up front.
Thank you.
It's Nick, right?
TEACHER: One second.
Here you go.
MS. PETERSON: Come see me
if you have any questions.
MS. PETERSON: All right.
Russell, did you do the work?
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, Ms. Peterson.
MS. PETERSON: You're killing me.
I'm sorry.
want to hear it.
All right.
Um, everybody, we
have a new student.
Nick, why don't you stand up?
Oh, no.
It's OK.
MS. PETERSON: Oh, no, really.
I insist.
Why don't you
introduce yourself?
Uh, well, you
already called me Nick,
so they kind of already
know what they need to know.
But in case you're hard
of hearing, I'm Nick.
When someone talks
to me like that,
what am I supposed to
do, let that happen?
You've got to fucking think--
I'm going to get up in
their motherfucking grill, yo.
I'm not that kind of person.
You can't be getting up
in motherfuckers' grills
all the time, right?
You think stuff through.
Motherfuckers can't think that
they can get up in my grill--
[interposing voices]
Yo, [inaudible]
you smell that?
SEAMUS: You getting high?
Yo, sick.
What up, man?
I'm Seamus.
This is Russell.
What's up, [inaudible]
- What's up?
Russell, man.
Yo, that shit was
so funny earlier.
I was fucking dying laughing.
She always does that stand up
in front of the class bullshit.
It's the worst.
You have no idea about how bad
I want to hate fuck that angel.
I was a dick.
No, yeah.
We were all fucking dying.
It was hilarious.
Don't let that shit burn out.
Look at this
contraption you got,
man, with the car freshener.
Man, this is intricate, dude.
RUSSELL: Did you make this?
- Yeah.
RUSSELL: It's tight.
- Can you hold that?
Why do you always think I'm
just going to hold your shit?
Can you please just fucking--
I would hold it for you.
Fine, I'll hold it.
I'll hold it.
- Thank you.
- Just ask me next time, man.
[bell ringing]
I've got to get to French.
Are you free right now?
Uh, I mean, I think so.
I have no idea.
I don't get my
schedule at all, but.
Wait, you take French?
That's hard as fuck, right?
- Yeah, man.
It's super fucking hard.
I'm failing the fuck out.
But I want to learn so bad and
just speak it all the time,
order crepes in French and shit.
I mean, that sounds--
yo, what the fuck?
I didn't get a hit.
I'll give you
one, motherfucker.
He's a fucking lunatic.
Watch out.
It's true.
SEAMUS: Let me
see your schedule.
[paper rustling]
It's like hieroglyphics.
Dude, you have
English right now.
Are you serious?
Yeah, but you're good.
She's super cool about
that kind of thing.
She's a huge donor.
We see her asleep in class
literally all the time.
That's really funny.
She's fucking brain dead.
Hey, what are you doing Friday?
I'm bored as fuck.
Well, yo, I mean, if
you're not doing anything,
you should come check on
this party at the [inaudible]
It's going to be--
- Yeah.
Yo, it's like the nicest
hotel in the city.
You got to be there.
Can you not see that
I'm in the middle of a
goddamn motherfucking sentence?
Can you not wait a second.
Yo, my-- my fault. My fault.
Jesus Christ.
So, as I was fucking
saying, this chick's parents
are really loaded.
She lives here year round,
throws these huge parties.
I mean, it's going to be nuts.
It's going to be really fun.
You want to come?
Yeah, that's-- yeah,
that sounds really fun.
You sure it's cool for me to go?
SEAMUS: Bro, 1,000%.
Yo, is Hymen
going to be there?
He calls my girlfriend Hymen.
Her name's Eliza.
There's literally no connection.
He just likes saying hymen.
It's weird as fuck.
No, but seriously, is
she going to be there?
I mean, she's coming.
Yo, you never pay attention
to me when she's there.
Yo, I swear to God, it's
like his fucking balls just
evaporate whenever she's around.
Yo, your name's Nick, right?
- Yeah.
- All right.
Nick, well, hit
me up on Facebook.
I'll give you the
deets, all right?
My last name's
[inaudible] because I'm
a fucking leprechaun.
So just look that up and you
can stalk me or whatever.
- All right.
- All right.
Yo, I'll see you Friday, huh?
- All right.
OK, cool.
Peace out, nigga.
Nice to meet you guys.
You want this?
Um, yeah.
SEAMUS: You got
your car freshener?
[laughter] Yo, it's
great to meet you.
All right, dude.
Nice to meet you, man.
RUSSELL: See you.
[tv show playing]
[muffled chatter]
MAN (ON TV): Am I-- am
I-- am I fucking crazy?
Am I stupid?
CAL: Oh.
I didn't know you was up.
It's, like, 8:30.
MAN (ON TV): It's like,
all right, you know--
Yeah, my bad.
NICK: No, it's fine.
MAN (ON TV): --certain sound and
get a certain touch for it just
to be kind of fucking
shitted on by this fucking
[imitating drumming].
It's fucking loud as shit, man.
It sounds awful.
It's loud as shit.
I don't want to
have to go in there
and now play some fucking Fender
Rhodes electric bullshit just
to kind of compensate.
It's an acoustic piano, right?
MAN (ON TV): Yeah.
MAN (ON TV): Right.
So, just turn all the other
shit down so that you can--
you can just hear it and you
can hear the keys as they are.
To me, it's fucking beautiful.
Can we turn that--
can we turn that camera off?
Can we turn the camera off?
Otherwise, I will
smash it to the ground.
Do you--
CAL: Hey, Ernest.
That's Mike's son, Nick.
Nick, that's Ernest.
Ernest, like the author.
Oh, cool.
You know, in college, they
would call me Hemingway,
like the author, like
the brilliant one.
You know what I'm saying?
Like, I don't know if
I'm a genius or not,
but he was, so does
that make me one?
But, you know, people are going
to do what they're going to do.
Names are names
are names, right?
You know, people say
I'm ahead of my time.
I feel like I am my time,
if you know what I mean.
I mean, yeah.
Yeah, um, he's
doing a documentary,
and I put together some footage
from the studio to show him.
Oh, cool.
ERNEST: Your dad was
a fucking legend, man.
Yeah, he's the best.
Ernest, um, I'm going to go
ahead and wrap it up, man.
Yeah, I'm getting tired.
I mean, you said you
had so much to show me.
It's still pretty early.
Ernest, the night's
not young anymore.
Wait, but don't--
I mean, don't let me
fuck up your guys' hang.
CAL: No.
No, no, no.
You're not fucking nothing up.
I can go back upstairs.
CAL: No, we're getting tired.
I'll call you.
All right.
Nice meeting you, Nick.
Yeah, you, too, Hemingway.
CAL: OK, Ernest.
You know, you don't have
to hide my dad from me.
It's not some big thing.
No, I-- I wasn't
hiding your dad from you.
I'm tired.
I'm, um-- I'm going
to go up to my room.
Nick, trust me, you don't
want to see him like--
Yeah, it's over.
It's fine.
It's fine.
It's fine.
It's all good.
I'm just-- I just want
to go up to my room, OK?
CAL: All right.
All right.
[phone ringing]
What's up, man?
It's Seamus.
NICK: Oh, hey.
What's up, man?
Um, it's Friday.
NICK: Oh, shit.
Is that, um-- is that hotel
thing-- the party thing,
did I miss it?
No, you're good.
It was cancelled.
It's on for next Friday.
Her folks came into
town early, I guess.
NICK: Oh, cool.
Um, so instead, me, Russell,
Skyler, and my girlfriend--
NICK: Hymen?
[laughter] Yeah.
[laughter] Hymen.
Actually, dude, you know what?
When you're here, you
should call her Eliza.
Yeah, of course.
SHAMUS (ON PHONE): Um, yeah.
So, we're thinking we're all
going to go out to this club
and try to get in.
And if not, we'll just
go to Russell's place
or walk around or something,
but we'll figure it out.
You want to come?
[cars driving by]
SEAMUS: Yo, what's up?
What's up?
What up, man?
I'm fucking cold.
Yo, my balls just went
up inside my body.
It's crazy.
I remember you.
SEAMUS: You guys met?
It was a pretty awkward
elevator ride, huh?
I was-- I was pretty
nervous and pretty high.
ELIZA: No, it's OK.
First day of school's
always really shitty.
SKYLER: Yo, can we go?
I got people waiting.
All right.
Where we at?
I told you, like,
seven fucking times.
Yo, I have a shitty memory.
- Day and Night.
It's a club.
- OK.
That's all you had to say.
You don't have to
be a dick about it.
Yeah, no.
It's not that you're
retarded and have
amnesia and can't
remember a fucking thing,
it's that I'm an asshole.
not have amnesia.
All right.
I'm gone.
- Yo, Skyler.
I'll knock you the
fuck out right now.
- Yeah, man?
- Yeah.
SEAMUS: All right.
All right.
If you don't walk
away in 12 seconds,
I'm going to knock
your fucking teeth out.
That's a very
specific amount of time.
Sky, just go.
For real, Russell's
going to lose his shit.
Come on.
Walk away, you bitch ass pussy.
Later, Sky.
Yo, I hope you get hit by
a truck on the way there,
you bitch ass, fuck ass--
Good one, buddy.
--fuck boy.
Fuck you.
That was pretty bad, wasn't it?
Fuck me.
You've got to think about your
shit before you start saying--
Don't fucking worry about me.
Maybe I'm not--
SEAMUS: I just don't
want you to get left--
So, they really hate
each other, huh?
[scoffs] Nah, they always
do that and then make up.
It's really weird.
Honestly, I think
they just secretly
want to fuck each other.
said they left together.
I ran out the door to get her.
She was holding
hands with Trevor.
Not the greatest feeling ever.
Man, Russell's got a
lot of nudes in his house.
It's very fitting.
The smell of this
house kind of reminds me
of field trips I took to museums
in, like, fourth grade, which
is kind of depressing
because that
means that I haven't been to a
museum in, like, seven years.
Isn't it weird how a
smell can transport you
into a different universe,
time, or whatever?
Smell is the sense most strongly
related to memory, I think.
But I may have just
made that up right now.
ELIZA: [laughter] No, but
I think I have heard that.
NICK: Really?
I used to go to
this country house
when I was younger with my
parents and cousins and stuff.
We would go, like, every
other weekend for years.
And there was this
smell in the house.
And I could-- I
could smell it right
now when I think about it.
It was, like, this
leathery sort of--
it was, like, a weird
tangy smell, which wasn't
even the best smell, but I--
I just always remembered
it as my country house.
So, anyway, I walked
in the house one day,
and it smelled
completely different.
And I was, like, 14.
And I went up to
my mom, and I was
like, what the fuck happened
to the smell of the house?
She was like, I got rid
of the couch in the den
because it was old and torn up
and I needed to throw it out.
I know, right?
And I was so mad at her
because my whole childhood
was with that smell.
And I--
I'm rambling.
- No, you're not.
- Yes.
No, no.
I know what you're saying.
I really know what
you're saying.
I do that when I get so--
No, I--
I know 100% what you're saying.
I agree.
It's awesome.
[music - a$ap rocky, "goldie"]
[piano music]
[piano music]
You're good.
No, I'm not.
My dad taught me a bunch
of piano when I was little,
so I know I still suck.
[piano music]
(LAUGHING) Oh, my god.
[piano music]
You're like Mozart.
NICK: Yeah, exactly.
I'm just as good as Mozart.
OK, well, maybe not
quite as good as Mozart.
NICK: What?
Are you OK?
Oh, my god.
Oh, you poor baby.
Piano is very dangerous.
Hey, I could be
blind right now.
You're not blind,
you drama queen.
[music - a$ap rocky, "goldie"]
like a cowboy or a rockstar.
Everybody play the tough
guy 'til shit pop off.
Yes, I'm the shit.
Tell me, do I stink?
It feel good waking up
to money in the bank.
Three model bitches.
Cocaine in the sink.
And I'm so 'bout it, 'bout
it, I might roll up in a tank
'cause my chain came from Cuba.
Got a lock up on the link.
[piano music]
I think I'm going to sneeze.
Do it.
Look up at the light.
Look up at the--
there you go.
Come on.
Feel it.
me sneeze, please.
I have to sneeze, please.
(SINGING) Let him sneeze.
Where'd you get that?
Where'd you get that from?
- Shit.
The fuck is this?
This is my grandma's fucking
gardening tool, you idiot.
I'm sorry.
Yo, hey.
Hey, Shamo.
How are you?
You OK?
You all right?
You going to be OK?
You need some help?
I fucked up, bro.
Oh, it's OK.
It's OK, buddy.
Oh, fuck.
Everything OK?
Um, yeah.
I just got to go,
like, right now.
Um, where's Russell and Seamus?
Don't know.
I didn't realize
how late it was.
I have to get the
hell out of here.
NICK: I know.
I know.
I wish I could stay.
Kyle, get over here.
RUSSELL: [moaning]
I need your help.
I need your help with him.
Um, listen, get everybody the
fuck off my roof right now.
- How am I supposed to do that?
- I don't know.
I don't know.
But I can't have them here.
I can't do it.
Just say something.
- Yeah.
- Get them out.
- All right.
- Get them out.
All right.
[music - a$ap rocky, "goldie"]
Yo, everybody get the
fuck off the roof.
Cops are here.
[crowd yelling]
That was easy.
[people yelling faintly]
Yo, what's going on?
The fucking cops
are here, bro.
All right.
I'm going to go find
Seamus and Russell.
Just wait one second.
KYLE: You good?
SEAMUS: [coughing]
- Come on.
You've got to stand up.
Yo, Nick.
Oh, where you been, man?
I've been downstairs.
Are the cops here?
No, We just said that so
those fuckers would leave.
You-- [coughing] You scared
the fucking shit out of me,
- I'm sorry, man.
No, that was me.
I kicked them off.
I was like, get the fuck off--
- We know, Kyle.
Shut the fuck up.
KYLE: How would he
know if he wasn't here?
RUSSELL: Because he
doesn't give a shit.
I ran so much.
RUSSELL: He doesn't care, OK?
You're literally
obsessed with attention.
SEAMUS: [moaning]
What's wrong with him?
Nigga's smacked, yo.
SEAMUS: [moaning]
Hey, man.
SEAMUS: [moaning]
How you doing, man?
Nick, I fucked up, man.
NICK: What do you mean?
SEAMUS: I fucked up.
I'm a fucking idiot
shit brain motherfucker.
I think you might
just be really drunk.
No, I'm not.
I'm a fucking willow.
Willow Smith.
Is that an animal?
I think that's Will
Smith's daughter.
All right.
[inaudible] We've got
to get him to bed.
Can you fucking help me?
- Give me a fucking second.
- Please.
[inaudible] fucking
cigarette [inaudible]
Get his leg.
KYLE: [inaudible]
no sense of urgency.
- I feel like I should help.
- No, no, no.
You're good, bro.
Yo, Nick, thanks
for the help, man.
Yo, you told me not to help.
Shut the fuck up, bro.
Shut up.
Russell, I'm done
with you tonight.
Hey, are there cops?
There are no cops.
ELIZA: What happened?
He's a little bit drunk.
ELIZA: A little bit?
Eliza, baby.
Come here, baby.
I love you so much.
Come on.
RUSSELL: We don't
have time for this.
SEAMUS: Come on, baby.
Come here.
Oh, my god.
- Love you, too.
SEAMUS: Jesus Christ.
Come here, baby.
Come here.
You just hit me in
the fucking face.
ELIZA: I should get you
this drunk every night.
No, no, no, no, no.
I'm a fucking idiot.
RUSSELL: Yo, we gotta get him--
we gotta get him to bed, OK?
We gotta get him to bed.
We gotta get him to bed.
Hey, will you text his
parents he's sleeping here?
I don't-- I don't-- what?
I don't know their number.
Just text them from
his phone, please.
- Yeah.
- Do you guys need help?
No, no, no.
Nick, we'll see you Monday, OK?
Seamus, come on.
Seamus, come on.
- Nicholas.
- Buddy.
I'll see you Monday.
I love you, dog.
NICK: See you.
SEAMUS: Eliza, I love you, baby.
NICK: Feel better, buddy.
Well, um, I'll see you Monday.
See you Monday.
That was fun.
It was.
CAL: [whistling] Nick.
It's 3 o'clock in the morning.
I know.
I'm sorry.
I just-- my friend
was really just--
No, stop defending yourself--
I'm not--
- --and just say you're sorry.
- All right.
I'm sorry.
But I was just out--
OK, but an apology
ain't defending yourself.
I'm-- I'm not
defending myself.
I'm just saying I'm sorry.
Well, I was just
worried about you.
I've been up worried
about you all night.
Well, you don't have
to be worried about me.
Yes, I do, because
you live with me.
I take care of you.
And, I mean, this is not one
of the five things on my list
that I like doing.
All right.
Well, I'm sorry that my mom's so
fucked up that I had to come--
CAL: Hey, don't go there.
NICK: --disturb your
precious little life.
Don't go where?
CAL: Don't go there with
the drug addict card.
I'm not pulling--
Don't play the
drug addict card, OK?
Because that's not
what this is about.
Then what is this about?
This is about you coming in
at a time that I told you to.
Stop trying to bring all these
issues when all I was saying
was be in the house
at a certain time.
That's it.
That's what I'm mad about.
All right.
That's what I'm upset about.
- All right.
I'm sorry.
- Yeah.
Well, don't be sorry.
Be careful.
[door shutting]
[phone dinging]
[phone dinging]
NICK: Goddammit.
[phone keyboard clicking]
[knocking on door]
Oh, motherfucker.
Come in.
[door creaking open]
What's up?
CAL: You asleep?
NICK: Nope.
Not anymore.
CAL: Your mom's on the phone.
Hi, mom.
[indistinct talking on phone]
I was asleep.
[indistinct talking on phone]
[indistinct talking on phone]
No, no, I am.
It's just a little strange
to hear your voice.
That's all.
[indistinct talking on phone]
We just haven't spoken
in a little while.
[indistinct talking on phone]
No, it's just annoying.
It's just you're my mom.
You're not like a distant
second cousin or something.
Like, just why
would I forget you?
It's just annoying
for you to say.
[indistinct talking on phone]
It's fine.
I'm sorry, too.
[indistinct talking on phone]
Well, you know it's like a
four to six week thing, right?
So, you know, you say
it's been a hard week,
but it's what you've done
four more times essentially.
So, you know, it just
makes me a little
worried when you say that.
When-- nothing.
I just-- I just--
I just want to make sure
you actually do this.
Mommy, please don't cry.
[indistinct talking on phone]
Mom, I love you, OK?
I just-- I just really--
I gotta go.
Mom, It's OK.
It's OK.
I love you, Mom.
[deep breathing]
MAN (ON TV): So, what am
I listening to right now?
What is this?
MAN (ON TV): Turn
the piano up, man.
MAN (ON TV): Why are the
drums so fucking loud?
Oh, my god.
Do you hear that?
Am I-- am I-- am
I fucking crazy?
Am I stupid?
(ON TV) What do
you want to hear?
What are you trying
to hear in this song?
That's what I'm
not understanding.
What in the song do
you want to hear?
Are you trying to hear the
fucking [imitating drumming]
fucking George of
the jungle bullshit?
MAN (ON TV): No.
You're the--
(ON TV) No.
So hear the fucking keys because
that's why I want to hear.
I fucking work.
This is my fucking record, and I
want to hear me, goddammit, not
some fucking poser bullshit.
Fucking Buddy Rich bullshit.
MAN (ON TV): I'm just trying
to give you what you want.
MAN (ON TV): Then fucking do it.
NICK: Motherfucker.
Fuck you.
Fuck you.
Cursing at your textbook?
How are you?
I'm great.
How are you?
I'm good.
It was a fun party Friday, huh?
It was really fun.
It was kind of weird.
It was weird.
Was your dad mad?
I mean, he's not
my dad, but yeah.
It's a long story--
[bell ringing]
--for a separate occasion.
Well, I'll see you later.
I'll see you.
Fucking hate my life.
[papers rustling]
WOMAN: I'm over it.
I'm over it.
RUSSELL: Yo, fuckhead.
What's up, man?
Watch your mouth, young man.
Do you want me to
call your mother?
- No, I don't.
- I'll do it.
I'm sorry, Christine.
So, how are you doing, man?
You want to eat?
RUSSELL: Yeah, it's nice.
That's not my thing, though.
[groaning] (MUMBLING)
This is the fucking
best thing I've ever had.
RUSSELL: I really gotta go.
- For real?
Why are you going?
I have a piano lesson.
Piano lesson?
Don't fucking say it, dude.
I hate when you do that.
You know how I feel.
All right.
And it doesn't make me a
bitch because I play piano.
All right.
RUSSELL: Mad piano
players fuck bitches.
SEAMUS: I'm joking.
RUSSELL: Mozart fucked on hoes.
SEAMUS: I'm joking.
RUSSELL: Mozart was
popping perkies with hoes.
Don't dab, bro.
RUSSELL: I'll make it work.
You paying for this.
Yeah, OK.
All right.
See you tomorrow, dick.
Yo, peace out, Nick.
See you, man.
He's a problem.
Fuck, dude.
I just wish I could speak
fucking French, dude.
I just want to know it so
bad and speak it to bitches,
racking up all the hoes with
my orgasmic French accent
in France.
You take French
at school, right?
But I have dyslexia or some
shit that makes it hard to learn
or whatever.
Bums me out.
Fuck, dude.
That party Friday,
that was nuts, right?
I was so fucking hammered,
I barely remember anything.
Yo, can I ask you something?
What do you think
about Eliza, honestly?
You can tell me.
She seems cool.
SEAMUS: You being honest?
Yeah, dude.
She seems super cool.
I think she's really cool.
SEAMUS: You think so?
Yo, why?
You don't?
No, dude, I do.
She's your girlfriend.
I'm just thinking she might
be, like, a slut secretly.
How can you
secretly be a slut?
No, I don't know.
Maybe you're right.
[laughter] Um, I
kind of messed up.
What do you mean?
Um, I was kind
of a slut, I guess.
I kind of, um--
you know, I kind of--
hey, OK, you can't tell her.
You can't tell her about this.
No, of course.
I mean, I was really
fucked up at that party.
You know that.
And I would never
cheat on Eliza.
I would never--
You cheated on her?
Um, no.
[laughter] I guess I--
I kind of did.
I did.
With who?
Like, what-- what did you do?
Did you fuck somebody?
Nothing like that.
Maybe a handjob.
I don't know.
I don't really remember.
But, um, I guess
I did technically.
Man, you can't tell
anybody, all right?
Of course.
All right.
And don't fucking
judge me or anything.
Oh, no.
[cereal hitting bowl]
You can't sleep?
[cereal hitting bowl]
You want some?
[music playing]
TV): Everybody, hello.
It's the [inaudible] their hair.
So, hello, everybody.
Perks up your lively curls
and bright and shiny hair.
Hello is natural beauty.
[sigh] Jesus Christ.
I don't know what
my mom was thinking
with this fucking color.
Dude, no, you look fine.
Russell's retarded.
For real.
You look like a formal banana.
All right.
Maybe-- maybe just try ditching
the tie and the cummerbund.
Just ditch the whole suit.
Yo, shut the fuck up.
I think it looks fine, really.
- No.
- No, no.
Come on.
Come on.
Let me see it.
Turn around.
That's good.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Just the tie.
Ditch the tie.
That actually looks way better.
Does it look good?
- You look good.
- Actually?
I promise.
You look sexy as fuck.
Tell him he looks good.
6 out of 10.
SEAMUS: Yo, rap about, um--
rap about buttholes.
NICK: [beatboxing]
This my boy Seamus
fucking on an anus.
Something like that.
Something like that.
SEAMUS: You can't
stop midsentence.
You got to-- it was good.
- No, no, no.
I got one.
I got one.
I got one.
I got one.
All right.
[interposing voices]
NICK: [beatboxing]
Young Russ.
SEAMUS: Young Russ.
Young Russ.
Yo, you fucked me up.
Come on.
Young Russ.
Young Russ.
I'm reckless.
I'll buy your hoe a necklace.
I wreck chicks.
No, no.
That one wasn't right.
[interposing voices]
I get anxiety about this--
I get-- I get anxiety
about this shit.
No, it's not funny.
Oh, I got one.
Popping pills.
I'm reckless.
Buy your hoe a necklace.
Kind of the same thing, but--
Bro, they're not here with me.
So, whose spot is this, man?
It's super nice.
Um, I'm staying with my dad's,
like, old friend right now.
For sure?
Well, what-- what's he doing?
[interposing voices]
I mean-- so, he was-- he used
to play with my dad in, like,
a band.
He's, like, a musician.
So, um, I think now, he, like--
I'm really high.
Um, now, he, like,
produces that--
produces records or, like, mixes
them or something or whatever.
But, yeah.
He's not-- I mean, he's
not, like, that talented.
Like, my dad was always,
like, way more talented, so.
He just kind of made
money, so that's how he--
Yo, Lola's calling, dude.
[phone ringing]
Ah, shit.
Hold up.
[phone ringing]
Yo, what up, hoe?
I'm playing.
I'm playing.
Well, homie, you
still didn't say.
Where are your parents?
Um, well, my mom's
back in Detroit now.
And, uh, my dad died a
little while back, so.
Shit, man.
I'm sorry.
Oh, it's all good.
SKYLER: Yeah, I'm sorry, dude.
That sucks.
- Nah, it's OK.
It more than sucks, man.
That's his fucking dad.
That's good.
No, man.
That shit's really fucked up.
I'm really sorry.
It's not my favorite
thing to talk about.
No, I'm sorry.
I feel like I just, like,
totally bummed out the mood.
Oh, no.
You're so fucking depressed.
No, no, no.
I'm just-- I'm stoned.
I'm thinking.
Bird ass bitch.
Yo, Hymen and Lola are going
to meet us at, uh, St. Mark's.
He's literally-- Seamus
is about to throw himself
off the fucking roof, he's
so depressed about what
I told him.
[interposing voices]
My dad's going to fucking
take us out to the club,
and he's going to get us
some-- yo, I got to go in here.
I've got to grab some shit.
Can I get, uh, like,
two packs of Magnums.
- A melon.
- No, no, no, no, no.
Not ultra thin.
The ribbed ones.
I like my bitches to feel it.
Dude-- what's that's, dude?
Like the receipt?
Uh, yeah, I'll take
the receipt, too, dude.
SEAMUS: Some young melons.
RUSSELL: Some young melons.
[interposing voices]
RUSSELL: Dude, my
fucking dad used
to buy me melons all the
fucking time when I was a kid.
I'll take the Magnums.
You can give him
the smaller ones.
SEAMUS: Heads up.
- Oh, fuck.
Some young honeys fresh--
[inaudible] Do not say.
Do not say.
- No.
Dude, chill.
[interposing voices]
Yo, who's got it
now, motherfucker?
My dad's going to kill your dad.
[music - joey bada$$, "o.c.b."]
Back once again.
It's yo' favorite mellow schizo.
The pavement on this
yellow brick road
fucking up my mental.
My mood just like this tempo.
Heartbeat, that instrumental.
I never lack potential.
Every track is essential.
Every project is special,
abundant, and fundamental.
Give a fuck about hundreds as
long as it's for my mental.
With wisdom from what
I've been through,
knowledge that
some can't get to.
Understanding that college
is only out for a nickel.
It could all be so simple.
Tune in to the metronome.
This how I used to
feel back on that metro
home fresh outta class.
I knew these days,
they wouldn't last.
Just a stepping
stone I gotta pass.
Another story for the lap.
But fuck it.
Give him glory when he crash.
He getting revved up.
Heads up.
And he's--
Yo, that wasn't cool, bro.
Yo, Skyler, shut the fuck up.
It was a joke, man.
You were laughing.
Yeah, it was funny, but
it was, like, an old lady.
Social justice warrior ass.
You the king of morality now?
I watched you punch a fifth
grader in the face this year,
Yo, I'm fixing to knock
a motherfucker in the jaw.
Shut the fuck up.
I got what you need.
I got what you need.
Chronic, coke, codeine.
Go some molly, oxy, shrooms,
ketamine, whatever you want.
Whatever you boys
are looking for.
What up?
You got Special K?
I said that, didn't I?
All right.
Um, let me get 1/8 of
chronic and, uh, Special K.
Oh, sure thing, Whitey.
Um, and yo, you
got-- you got coke?
Motherfucker, do I have coke?
The fuck you think I am?
So you got it or--
Motherfucker, of
course I got coke.
All right.
All right.
Russell chill.
Just get, like, a
dime bag or something.
No, yo.
That's some pussy
ass bitch shit.
I want to get fucked
up tonight, yo.
Hey, yo. Hey, yo.
Hey, yo.
Stop talking like that, man.
Fucking albino
looking motherfucker.
All right.
What the fuck you
getting coke for, man?
Yo, I don't know.
I might need it.
Why don't you get the
fuck off my back, yo?
SEAMUS: All right.
RUSSELL: All right?
SEAMUS: Whatever.
You all done?
Can we complete
this transaction?
Y'all done?
- Yeah.
Yo, I'm sorry.
[inaudible] How much?
What's your name?
They call me Streety.
Uh, $200's a little steep.
You think you could, like,
you know, cut us a deal?
Absolutely not.
It's $200.
All right.
[inaudible] All right.
Peace, my nigga.
The fuck you just say?
What you say?
- Yo.
No, no, no.
- Don't fucking call me that.
- I'm sorry.
I didn't mean it like that.
I-- I didn't mean--
- You didn't mean it like what?
No, no, no, no.
I don't mean like--
like-- like you my nigga.
Like, not like that.
- What the fuck?
I just mean--
I just mean we niggas.
Russell, shut the fuck up.
You know, like--
SEAMUS: Russell,
shut the fuck up.
You like saying
that word, huh?
Does it feel good in your mouth?
- Nah.
- Huh?
Does it taste
good in your mouth?
I just--
Open your mouth.
Open your mouth.
[gun clicking]
Now, how about that?
Does that taste
good in your mouth?
That's what the fuck I thought.
Peace out, my nigga.
Fuck, man.
[clearing throat]
- Wow.
How you doing?
You doing good?
ELIZA: Yeah.
Come on.
- Why?
What's wrong?
ELIZA: Because it's too much.
What's too much?
- You're Nick, right?
- Yeah.
I'm Lola.
We, um-- I'm a class.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
That was funny.
- It was?
I laughed.
I laughed.
Um, you're wearing a suit.
LOLA: You look a little dorky.
I like the suit.
I do, too.
That's what I was saying.
No, no.
I like it.
I like it, too.
I just-- I-- I was kidding.
You don't have to lie.
I know it looks bad.
No, it doesn't.
It does.
It looks good.
It looks good.
Do you have an extra
cigarette by any chance?
ELIZA: Nothing.
What's wrong with you?
Oh, thanks.
Do you have a light?
ELIZA: Come on.
What's the problem?
We're in public.
Since when do you
care about that?
What do you mean
since when do I care?
Hey, do you have a light?
ELIZA: It's fine.
It's just too much.
SEAMUS: Too much?
ELIZA: Yeah.
Oh, yeah.
ELIZA: No, it's OK.
I won't [inaudible] OK.
ELIZA: I don't like that.
SEAMUS: I can't kiss
you in public anymore?
I don't like it.
LOLA: [coughing]
Are you OK?
(LAUGHING) Yeah, I'm fine.
I'm fine.
- Are you sure?
Let's go.
NICK: Yeah, we're coming.
[music playing]
[crowd yelling]
MAN: Everybody, get your
motherfucking hands up.
[crowd cheering]
[music playing]
MAN (RAPPING): [inaudible]
Everybody disagree [inaudible]
No more [inaudible]
Where's Seamus and Russell?
I don't know.
I have to pee.
[music playing]
Cameron, I need your help.
Get the fuck out of here.
[knocking on door]
RUSSELL: Hold up.
Is that you?
Get the fuck in here, yo.
How the fuck did you
guys do all of this?
What is that?
It's a delicious
concoction of coke
and Special K. It's
called a float.
Yo, it's not called a float.
Shut up, dick face.
You don't know.
it's kind of weird, bro.
I just saw Seamus going down
on some random girl out there.
Like, should I tell Liza or--
What the fuck?
Why would you say anything?
I don't know.
Just-- I don't know.
Liza's cool, so.
He does that
shit all the time.
It doesn't matter.
He's a young man.
Let him do what he wants.
- All right.
- Right.
But, I mean--
Nick, you little fucker.
What do you want?
- Yo.
Please snort some of
this shit so you can be--
[interposing voices]
- All right.
Jesus Christ.
Yo, get the-- get the mirror.
Get the mirror.
What am I doing?
Yo, don't call me
fucking dick face.
Give him a [inaudible]
NICK: Jesus Christ.
All right.
What do I do?
What do I do?
RUSSELL: You know
what to do, yo.
You see me all the time.
ALL: 3, 2, 1.
Fuck her right in the pussy.
Fuck her right in the pussy.
KYLE: Yo, shut the fuck up, bro.
RUSSELL: Fuck you, motherfucker.
I love you, bro.
I love you.
RUSSELL: [cheering] Let's go.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Let's go.
- All right.
All right.
- You love it?
You love it?
- You feeling it, dude?
You feeling it?
- [inaudible] my ass.
- Oh, shit.
Oh, shit.
Did you break it?
[music playing]
What you going to do?
What you going to do?
What happened to you?
WOMAN (SINGING): [inaudible]
What you going to do?
What you going to do?
Where are we going?
I love your hair.
Wait, Lola.
Lola, stop, stop.
Did you cum?
I just, um-- no, I just--
I don't know.
I'm just, like--
I'm, like, fucked up right now.
I'm sorry.
Holy shit.
MAN: Dude.
Yo, tell her to
take her shirt off.
Fuck you.
Hey, fuck you, dog.
MAN: Get the fuck out.
MAN: Look at this
classy motherfucker.
Tuxedo shirt on.
What's up, bro?
Oh, what's up, bro?
Yo, who the fuck are you?
Who the fuck are you?
Dude, just chill.
It's fine.
[interposing voices]
Just chill out.
I don't like how
close you're getting.
Oh, I'm getting too close?
Oh, I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry.
I didn't mean to get that close.
Yo, I don't know what you
think is going on right now,
but you need to back the fuck.
- Oh, I need to back up?
What are you going to do?
You going to hit me?
Come on.
Hit me.
Hit me.
Come on.
I want to-- I want to taste it.
Come on.
Get closer.
Get closer.
- Want to give me a kiss?
Get closer.
You slapped me, little bitch.
- Calm the fuck down.
- Slap me.
MAN: Hey.
Get the fuck off him.
Get [inaudible]
Wait here.
Where are you going?
SEAMUS: I'll get the door.
MAN: No, no, no, no, no.
MAN: Fuck.
SKYLER: Seamus,
help me out, bro.
I'm going to knock
your fucking teeth out.
Fucking bitch.
[glass shattering]
MAN: Yo.
You know I can
fucking kill you, right?
Dude, I'm sorry.
Please don't do this.
Don't fucking do this, man.
Dude, don't do this.
ELIZA: Hey, guys.
Jesus fucking Christ.
Someone called security.
We've gotta leave.
We gotta to go.
We gotta go now.
Come on.
You all right?
Let's go.
You all right?
All right.
Upsy daisy.
Come on.
Nick, you all right?
You good?
- Yeah.
All right.
Come on.
[siren wailing in distance]
[knocking on door]
Hey, Cal.
I got some friends over.
Is that OK?
CAL: Yeah, sure.
What the hell
happened to your face?
Why don't-- why don't
you guys go inside?
Um, yeah, that's kind of
why the party was shut down.
CAL: You're killing me.
Well, I'll be gone soon, anyway.
- No, not-- not like that.
- Yeah.
No, I get it.
I get it.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I get it.
CAL: It's OK.
- It's all good.
CAL: That's not what I meant.
- All right.
Well, I should probably,
um, get back to my friends.
She's fine.
[vomiting] [coughing]
[vomiting] [coughing]
Do you hear something?
Do I hear something?
I feel like I
hear, like, snoring.
I don't know where it's
coming from, but I'm hearing--
I'm definitely hearing snoring.
I don't know.
I think you're just crazy.
SEAMUS: Hey, babe.
ELIZA: [shushing]
Um, Sky's downstairs.
We're going to head out.
You coming?
Uh, I feel bad, but I think
I've got to take care of Lola.
Um, OK.
You sure you don't want
to sleep at my house?
I think she needs me.
All right.
Um, we're out.
We'll see you
guys, uh, tomorrow.
Uh, Monday or whatever.
Hey, ice those bruises.
[door shutting]
ELIZA: [laughter]
See, it's perfect.
[laughter] It's perfect.
You going to sit?
[sigh] Yeah.
It was pretty hectic
back there, huh?
I'm sorry about that.
They were just
fucking with Lola,
and they were wearing
these stupid clothes.
I was on some drugs.
And, um, sometimes, I just--
I see red, and I can't--
I don't know.
Like, yeah.
I don't know.
I'm sorry.
No, it's OK.
I appreciate you
looking out for her.
Well, [inaudible]
instigated it, and I
lost my shit like a psychopath.
But-- but they were dicks, so.
Did you guys make out?
NICK: Me and the frat boys?
It was very passionate.
No, you and Lola.
No, not really.
What's this?
Oh, it's Cal's.
It's this piano player,
George Shearing.
Is he good?
Yeah, he's amazing.
But he's so old.
But look how sweet he is.
He's so-- he's, like,
the sweetest old man.
He's so happy.
[interposing voices]
I heard-- the rumor has it
that they took this picture
and then he-- and then he died.
The next picture was him dead.
Do you want to listen?
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
- Mhm.
- You sure?
- Yeah.
- OK.
NICK: It's getting real.
[piano music playing]
I like your tattoo.
You do?
the worst [inaudible]
We can stop.
We can stop.
I know.
Your body's so amazing.
This fucking shirt.
Fucking shirt.
Do it.
Do you have a condom?
Um, yeah.
I think so.
Do you have a preference?
Which one did you pick?
[inaudible] You sure?
Was that a mistake?
Did it feel like a mistake?
I like you.
A lot.
What about Seamus?
I like Seamus, too,
but I don't know.
He seems distant.
But then he'll, like, randomly
start kissing me in public.
But I don't know.
It's confusing.
I like you so much.
I have since I met you.
I wish this wasn't such
a fucked up situation.
"Minnaloushe creeps
through the grass alone,
important, and wise and
lifts to the changing
moon his changing eyes."
What's that?
My dad used to read it to me.
It's the last few lines in this
poem, "The Cat and the Moon."
It's this tattoo on my back.
He would, like, tuck me in.
And then he'd start to walk
out, but he never actually left.
He just waited in the
doorway until I said,
daddy, daddy, daddy, come back.
And then he'd come
back, and he'd
sit on the edge of the bed.
And he'd recite the whole
thing for me in, like,
a different accent every night
or, like, a different way
of doing it or something.
And then I'd always
get really tired
when I heard those last
two lines and fall asleep.
I honestly think the
reason for my insomnia
in the past few years is
that I'm always waiting
to hear those last few lines.
But, you know, they
obviously never come.
It's weird, though.
It's like my sleep's
never 100% because I'm
always waiting to
hear his voice,
as stupid as that sounds.
Why is that stupid?
I don't know.
When did he pass away?
Um, I was about 12, so I guess
it was, like, five years ago.
It was this really
weird thing where, um--
I told you he was
in a band with Cal.
And they had a lot
of problems, I think,
so they broke up a
little while ago.
But then they wanted to do
this reunion show thing,
so my dad came to New
York to stay here with Cal
and, like, rehearse
and get ready
for the show and all of that.
And, um, I don't really
know what happened,
but, um, there was a
fight and my dad went out
and got really fucked up.
And he was in the subway.
And I guess he blacked out.
And he slipped on something
on the edge of the platform
and, um--
And the worst part is these
fucking cops all said to my mom
that maybe, like, he jumped
in front of it or something
because from, like,
where his remains were
from the positioning of his
body when the train hit him,
it didn't seem like an
accident or something.
And of course my mom
believed it because she's
insanely gullible.
But I know in my heart that
that is total bullshit.
Like, he-- he just wasn't
like that, you know.
I mean, some people
are, but he just--
he wasn't selfish like that.
He-- I just can't imagine--
yeah, he didn't.
Well, the whole thing is
just so stupid and fucked up.
I just-- I just wish that I
could, like, smell, like, a--
smell, like, a sweater
again or, you know,
smell his hair
again or something,
you know, because I just--
I don't-- I don't
remember what it--
what it smells like.
I don't remember what
his hair smells like.
I don't-- I'm sorry.
This is embarrassing.
[inaudible] I feel like I'm just
being so annoying right now.
ELIZA: No, you're not.
Yeah, I am.
I'm being so annoying.
Please don't be sorry.
You're OK.
I'm so stupid.
I'm so stupid.
You're not stupid.
- Yeah, it is.
It's stupid.
ELIZA: No, it's not stupid.
ELIZA: You're OK.
[piano music]
[imitating trumpet]
CAL: Oh, man.
That's a great mouth
trumpet you got there.
Yeah, I'm pretty goddamn
good at mouth trumpet.
And I dig those changes.
They're kind of nice, right?
Like, I can see my
dad playing this
and then you playing, like,
that line on sax or something.
CAL: Yeah.
And singing, (SINGING) dun,
dun, dun, dun, dun, dun.
You start singing
something like that.
- Yeah.
- Something like that.
[piano music]
Man, you and your dad,
y'all got those ears.
[piano music]
Hey, um, I got some news.
I got a call from
your mom today.
She said that she was
doing good and it was cool
for you to come back next week.
That's, like-- that's
a few weeks early, right?
CAL: Yeah.
Well, she said
she was doing good
and, um, she's
excited to see you.
All right.
But, like, I mean, the clinic
approved it or whatever?
Yeah, the clinic
approved her, she said.
And, uh, I talked
to her on the phone.
She sounded pretty good.
I think it's a
good thing, right?
CAL: Hey, keep playing that.
Keep playing.
I want to show you something.
Oh, shit.
Whoa, whoa.
OK, now.
Keep doing what you're doing,
and I'mma count you off, OK?
Let's go.
1, 2, 3, and.
[piano and flute music]
That was pretty cool.
That was good.
That was good.
OK, now, play on the bass.
A, E flat, G, C sharp.
[piano music]
So play that on the bass?
CAL: Yeah, on the bass.
[piano music]
OK, let's try it.
1, 2, 3, 4.
[piano and flute music]
[knocking on door]
You can't sleep?
CAL: Never.
Hey, I want to ask you
an honest question.
Does it have
anything to do with not
feeling so fresh down there?
CAL: No.
What is it?
Um, how do you feel
about everything?
I mean, do you think it's
OK for you to go back?
What do you mean, with my mom?
NICK: You mean is it safe?
No, no.
Not-- not-- not is it safe.
Well, what else
am I supposed to do?
CAL: Uh--
I gotta go back.
I don't know.
Do you?
Well, I mean, I'm all she has.
I mean, yeah, it's a bummer,
but if she's feeling better
and they're letting her out,
then, yeah, I gotta go back.
CAL: I don't know
if they let her out
or if she chose to leave.
I don't know.
I mean, she's still
my guardian, you know.
She's still my mom.
CAL: Well, I was just
thinking about it.
I mean, you know, of
course in a perfect world,
I'd love to stay here with
you in this big house,
you know, jamming all the
time and hanging in New York,
but my mom's given up
everything for me, so.
CAL: Yeah, but you
don't owe her anything.
Well, I don't really think you
know what you're talking about.
I think you should invest
in some sleeping pills.
You, too.
CAL: Goodnight.
[door shutting]
Surprise, motherfucker.
Jesus Christ.
Oh, my god, dude.
You scared the fucking
shit out of me.
Oh, my god.
- I'm sorry.
What's up, man?
How you doing?
- Good.
- Good?
- Yeah.
I heard you're leaving
town this weekend.
The fuck's up with that?
Yeah, I know.
It's like, um, just,
like, a last minute thing.
I haven't really seen you
around or anything, you know.
It kind of feels like
you've been avoiding me.
I just-- I've just been really
swamped with work all week.
Yeah, OK.
Well, hey, do you want
to go out tonight?
I think me and Eliza
are going to get dinner.
I'm pretty sure Lola's
got nothing going on.
We could do, like,
a going away thing.
Well, yeah.
I mean, thanks for inviting
me, but I don't really
know if I like Lola like that.
And, um, I don't know.
It's like a date
with you and Eliza.
I don't want to, like,
intrude or anything.
Dude, no, no, no, no.
Yo, it's not going to
be like that at all.
I promise.
Seamus, just--
Take it easy.
Oh, you-- you said
turn it up a notch?
Seam, just--
[inaudible] in
front of my friends--
--at the dinner table.
ELIZA: Seamus, can you--
SEAMUS: I'm going to just
bite your ear off, OK?
I'm just going to take it off.
Seamus, you've got to stop.
You don't need
this ear, right?
- Seamus.
- Your other ear is nice enough.
Come on.
You're done.
You're done.
Do we need to drink more?
We should drink more.
This pasta is dry.
It's dry.
It's super fucking dry.
I've been eating it
for, like, 10 minutes.
It's for sure, like,
difficult to eat.
ELIZA: Seamus.
SEAMUS: [inaudible] I don't
know this homie's name,
but I feel like it's Jeff,
the waiter [inaudible] out.
It's so not Jeff.
It's so not Jeff.
I've got to hide.
[inaudible] Wait, babe.
Seamus, you're being weird.
Tell me-- tell me when
Jeff [inaudible] Fuck.
We've got to get a new waiter.
- Seamus.
OK, you're done.
ELIZA: You're done.
[music playing]
LOLA: Why did we go all the
way out of town for that place?
That wasn't even that good.
I mean, I guess it was OK.
You're so sexy.
LOLA: Glad I brought that vodka.
It's getting pretty hot
and heavy over there, huh?
Um, do you have anything
else, um, in your bag?
Like, you have any
pills or anything?
Uh, yeah, yeah.
I-- I think--
I stole some from my sister's
purse, like, a few weeks ago.
I just-- I don't know if it's
in this bag or another one.
Holy shit.
That's a lot.
Sir, um, can we, um-- can we
pull over the cab right now?
Sir, it's a green light.
We're in the middle of the road.
Sir, but I have to--
I have to get out of
the cab right now.
Nick, are you all right?
understand, but I can't--
Sir, pull over
the cab right now.
[interposing voices]
Pull over the fucking cab.
Pull over the fucking cab.
[inaudible] Let me
out of this fucking cab.
Let me out of the fucking cab.
[interposing voices]
fuck out of my cab.
[heavy breathing]
[train rumbling]
Please, please, please.
Fucking [inaudible]
[train rumbling]
[music playing]
How'd it go?
Whoa, whoa.
Nick, what's going on?
What did you drink?
I took some--
I think I took some Prozac.
Uh, Nick, man, come on.
I'm fine.
I'm just going to go to bed.
No, you're not fine, man.
I hate when you say that.
No, you're not fine.
Jesus Christ.
I cannot do this shit
right now with you.
CAL: No, I can't do this.
- I gotta go to bed.
I can't do this, OK?
Your mother is the only person
that I can call for you.
I'm responsible for you.
I can't call her because she's
a mess, so I don't know what--
Don't fucking
call my mom a mess.
NICK: Don't fucking
call my mom a mess.
Don't fucking
call my mom a mess.
Don't call my mom a mess.
- Nick.
- Take it back.
- Nick.
- Take it back.
- Nick.
Fucking take that shit back.
Come on, man.
Take it back.
Take it back right fucking now.
I'm not playing.
Fucking take it back.
CAL: Hey.
Take it back.
CAL: Listen.
Fucking take it back.
(YELLING) Fucking take it back.
Hey, hey, hey.
(YELLING) Fucking
take it back.
CAL: Relax.
not a fucking mess.
Take it back.
Take it back, motherfucker.
Take it back.
Nick, I didn't
mean to say that.
This is not about your parents.
(YELLING) Well, you fucking
said it, and you're wrong.
You're fucking wrong.
Fucking take it back.
- Hey.
(YELLING) Take it back.
I'm not taking it back.
I'm not taking it back.
I'm not putting
up with this shit.
I know you don't want
to hear it from me,
but your mom is a mess,
and so was your dad.
He fucking died in your house.
CAL: Hey, hey.
He fucking died in your house.
CAL: It don't matter.
It don't-- Listen!
What did you
fucking say to him?
What did you do?
What did you say to him?
What did you say to him?
Why didn't you just take care
of him and make sure he was OK?
Why-- why did you have to be
so fucking jealous and mean?
Jealous and mean?
NICK: You're just a
jealous fucking loser.
CAL: Jealous--
And he was the most
talented person out there,
and you know that.
And you tortured him for it
because you're a fucking loser.
You fucking jealous loser.
And now, I've got to go back and
I'm alone with my fucking mom.
And I came here with
my dad, and I can't
tell him how much I love him.
And I can't-- I can't
play music with him.
And I can't fucking hang
out with him anymore
because you fucking killed him.
You let him fucking die,
you stupid motherfucker.
Yeah, your dad was way
more talented than me.
Your dad was way more
smoother than me.
Your dad could play
instruments better than me.
Yeah, your dad was all that.
But he was fucking miserable.
I've been taking
care of your mama
and your daddy and this shit
before you was even born.
They were sitting around
fucking getting high.
I had to take care of them.
I had to wipe his vomit
up and change his clothes.
He was late for rehearsals,
and he tried to fight me.
Yeah, your daddy.
You didn't know that?
Yeah, I feel guilty.
I feel guilty every
fucking day about your dad.
I was responsible
for him that night.
He rejected my comfort.
He rejected my love.
And I'm not going to do the
same shit with you, Nick.
I ain't doing it.
I don't know what
you want me to say.
CAL: I'm sorry.
- I'm a fuck up.
I don't know what
you want me to say.
I'm fucked up.
I'm a fucking piece
of shit, and I don't
know what you want me say.
Come on, man.
(SOBBING) I'm a fucking piece
of shit, and I want to fucking
Come on, man.
Come on, Nick.
It's OK, Nick.
It's OK.
Come on, man.
It's OK.
It's OK, man.
It's going to be all right.
You're going to be all right.
Oh, fuck.
You fuck other girls, asshole.
You realize that?
You have an amazing girlfriend,
and you fuck other girls.
Shut the fuck up.
[phone vibrating]
[pan clattering]
[phone ringing]
Jesus Christ.
Want a scone?
It's hot.
You didn't answer my
calls yesterday or today.
I'm sorry.
I've been kind of busy.
What I did to you last
night was fucked up.
Well, I don't--
I acted pretty crazy.
I don't know what happened.
I just-- um, do you want
to go outside and go
to the park or something?
I'm starting to feel like
a desperate housewife
in this house.
A desperate housewife.
Cooking and cleaning.
How is it?
It's really good.
I really like you.
I really wish you
were my girlfriend.
Jumping right in.
Don't be sorry.
Look, Nick, you're leaving
in, like, three days,
and I don't know if
I'll see you again.
And I'm dating Seamus.
I know he can be an
idiot, and I know
that he cheats on me, but--
But what?
But I don't know.
I ju-- I just--
I need to be--
you know?
We have so much time for
all the other serious stuff,
but for now, I--
I just want to be--
I mean, I feel really bad.
I don't want you
to feel bad for me.
I fucking hate that shit.
I don't feel bad for you.
I feel bad for me because
that night with you
meant everything to me.
Me too.
But it just isn't
going to work.
Yeah, I understand.
Now, I'm fucking crying.
No, don't cry.
Don't cry.
Don't cry.
Just-- just-- just
eat your scone.
Um, can I ask you something?
[sigh] Could you tell
that it was my first time?
You can be honest.
You can tell me.
I really didn't know.
All right.
I have to meet my mom for lunch.
All righty.
Thanks for the scone.
You-- you owe me a scone.
[water running]
[mbira music]
[blowing through saxophone]
[saxophone music]
[harmonica music]
[strumming guitar]
[music playing]
[door creaking]
CAL: Hey.
CAL: You still up?
I never sleep.
You found my secret room, huh?
That's the "Wheel
of Life" you're
listening to right there.
I just found the CD.
So, the party tomorrow.
You know where your
friend's place is, right?
And you know how to get from
Westchester to the airport?
I got directions on
my phone and shit, so.
OK, cool.
So, just let me know
if you get lost.
I'll give you a call.
Yeah, just call me or
text me or, you know--
Or page me.
And you know if you
need a place to stay,
you're welcome here, OK?
You can stay here
whenever you want.
CAL: You're welcome here.
- Thanks.
Yeah, I appreciate it.
You going to sleep here?
You need anything?
Um, do you know "The
Cat and the Moon"?
No, I don't think so.
That's OK.
Can I-- can I just
leave the music on?
There you go, cap'n.
[music playing]
SEAMUS: [inaudible] Like,
they live a long time, right?
So, he's swimming around, and no
one-- he doesn't have friends.
Like, he can't--
[door creaking]
I was just roaming around.
I heard you talking
about whales.
I don't know anybody here.
Yeah, they're not here yet.
I think your face actually
looks better this way.
I was thinking the same thing.
I'm sure you heard
Eliza broke up with me.
No, I didn't.
I'm sorry, man.
No, you're not.
I kind of fucked that up.
I honestly just hope
she ends up happy.
Yeah, me too.
It's mad awkward
tonight, though.
You know, I didn't tell anyone.
You didn't?
Yo, I actually
got you something.
You're always talking about
how you want to learn French,
so I thought it might be easier
with dirty words and shit.
Hey, I don't know if I ever told
you this, but, um, I've never,
like, technically had friends
before, like, back in Detroit.
You know what
asshole is in French?
What is it?
Enculer, yo.
You're a fucking enculer.
Yeah, I am.
But you're my enculer.
There's no way it's
pronounced enculer.
No, it is.
Because the-- oh, no,
it's for sure not.
It just doesn't sound French.
No, because the accent's on
the fucking E. So it's encul--
En-- I don't fucking know, bro.
I told you-- (LAUGHING)
I told you, man.
Can you read?
I have fucking dyslexia.
I told you.
Catholic heart is big and slow.
You know I'll do
anything for love,
but, Nina, what were
you thinking of?
[inaudible] Where were you guys?
Just having a smoke outside.
Why-- why didn't
you invite me?
Why-- why do I
not get an invite?
It's not always about you.
I do-- 98% of the shit I
do in my life is with you.
But, Nina, I
can be your boyfriend, so you
can stay with your girlfriend.
Your father's mailing
me all the time.
He says he just wants to say hi.
I send back out of
office auto replies.
Nina, I just want to check
in 'cause I think about you
every second.
So I send you this
postcard just to say,
don't let anyone
stand in your way.
Yours truly, Jens Lekman.
Don't let anyone
stand in your way.
Don't let anyone
stand in your way.
Don't let anyone
stand in your way.
Don't let anyone
stand in your way.
Don't let anyone
stand in your way.
[music playing]