The Cat Creature (1973) Movie Script

October 5, 9:00 p.m.
Memo from Frank Lucas,
licensed appraiser,
to John Benjamin,
Inventory of the estate
of Hiram Drake, deceased.
Okay, John. You wanted
this appraisal completed
by Friday...
so I came back tonight.
But if you expect me
to be working evenings,
you better have the power
turned back on.
This place
gives me the shivers.
Quite a character
you are, Mr. Craig.
Just the type who-- who'd
go for concealed panels,
and hidden staircases.
Now, I've completed
the inventory of
the first and second floors,
and now I'm ready to tackle
that secret collection
you said he spent
so much money on.
Bert, I'm in
the cellar now.
Fantastic. This place
is really like a tomb
in a pyramid.
I couldn't possibly
estimate the value
of all this stuff.
It would take an expert
in Egyptology to do that.
Well, you know,
that mummy case you sent
arrived just before he died.
You never looked
inside, did you?
Well, there's
something in there.
I want to get a full
description on tape,
right away,
for the insurance company.
It's a mummy,
with a gold amulet
around its neck,
with the face of a cat
and emeralds for eyes.
You wouldn't believe it
unless you saw it
with your own eyes.
I can do for you?
You have some
unusual jewelry here.
Well, it's all for sale.
Ever buy any?
That depends.
Candlesticks, old pewter,
silverware, jewelry?
How did you happen
to come here?
I heard you were interested
in stuff like that.
You were misinformed.
It's late. We're getting
ready to close.
Give me a minute.
There's something
I'd like to show you.
Where did this come from?
It's a family heirloom.
My grandmother died.
Sorry about that.
Look at the workmanship.
A valuable antique.
Why, solid gold!
Those jeweled eyes.
Get out.
You can have it
for a good price.
I wouldn't touch it
with a ten-foot pole.
Wait a minute.
Just exactly one minute.
If you're not out of here
by then...
You heard me. Out!
One minute.
Customer out front?
No, just a man
with something to sell.
You can relax.
Our working day is over.
You're right.
And I'm going home.
Well, what's the rush?
Aren't we going out
for a bite to eat?
I'm tired.
I presume you have
a date tonight.
No. And I don't have
any bread, either.
In case you forgot.
It's payday.
Oh, but of course.
There you are.
Thank you.
Hey, where did
this come from?
Do you like it?
I've been looking for something
to carry my things around
with me when I go sketching.
Well, it's yours.
A present from me.
Thanks. Super.
Thanks, Hester.
Oh, Sherry?
Want a ride home?
I'd rather walk.
You really shouldn't
be walking alone
this time of night.
Don't worry.
Three blocks won't kill me.
Hey, what are you
doing out so late?
Oh, no collar, either.
No wonder you're knocking
over garbage cans.
Hey, you hungry?
Aw, I get the message.
Come on. Come on. Come.
Yeah, I know.
I know.
Okay, kitty.
Welcome to Shangri-la.
Sit down and make
yourself at home.
Hey, peace, baby.
Give me a chance
to stash my loot.
Two more weeks, kitty,
and I'll have enough saved
to buy some wheels
and cut out of here.
The way she acts,
you'd think she owned me.
Hey, kitty! Ya hungry?
I'll go see
if we have some caviar
in the refrigerator.
Fresh out of caviar.
You'll just have to
settle for milk.
No milk?
Hey, don't tell me
you're a champagne freak.
What's that on your fur?
Looks like blood.
That's right.
I'm looking for
a sales clerk.
I'm afraid I find
myself shorthanded.
Are you interested,
Miss, uh...
Carter. Rena Carter.
I'm Hester Black.
Sounds like a witch,
doesn't it?
But my customers
seem to like it.
Most of them are
into witchcraft,
black magic, Satanism...
I'm afraid I really
don't know very much
about that sort of thing.
Oh. No problem, my dear.
Once you learn the stock,
it'll be just like working
in a delicatessen.
Without having
to smell the garlic.
Well, I do need a job.
If you really think
I can handle it.
I'm sure you can.
Yes, sir?
I'm from the university.
I was told to see
a Lieutenant Marco here.
Try the patio.
Upstairs, through
the living room.
Right. Thank you.
...the case you sent
arrived just before he died.
You never looked inside,
did you?
Well, there's
something in there.
I want to get a full
description on tape,
right away,
for the insurance company...
What do you want?
You called the university,
and you asked them
to send somebody over.
That's right.
Well, here I am.
My name's Roger Edmonds.
Are you a professor?
That's right.
Ah. Well, I wasn't sure whether
you guys moonlighted on the job.
You don't know much
about teachers' salaries,
do you, Lieutenant?
I teach a course
in archeology.
I asked the school to send
over an expert on Egypt.
Well, I'm afraid I'm
all that was available.
I'm not a specialist,
but I do have a great
interest in Egyptology.
Egyptology, huh?
Yeah, well, um...
You know what happened
here last night?
I was told
a man was killed.
But, uh, I don't
get the connection.
What do you want
from me?
I'm gonna play
a tape for you,
and then I want to show
you something downstairs.
Thought you fellas could
read these inscriptions.
Ah, it's not that simple.
And besides, most of these
have been defaced.
It could be that, uh,
somebody didn't want
this mummy identified.
We found a chisel
right here.
The lab is running
a check for fingerprints.
I don't think this
was done by a chisel.
For instance, look.
Eh? See these
parallel scratches?
They look more like,
uh, claw marks to me.
Since when are you
a detective?
I'm not,
but archeology depends
a great deal on detection.
And besides, Agatha Christie's
my favorite writer.
Tell me, um,
how did
the appraiser die?
Ask Agatha Christie.
Well, you did mention
the wounds on his throat.
Couldn't those have been made
by some sort of animal?
There's an autopsy
going on right now.
The mummy and the amulet
are missing.
Now, you want to
try to tell me that an--
that an animal stole them?
Oh, no.
Yeah. There's pewter
and silverware pieces
missing from
upstairs, too.
And that was a thief.
When he opened
the mummy's case,
he found the amulet.
And then he unwrapped the mummy,
searching for more jewelry.
When the air hit the mummy,
it crumpled.
Then shouldn't we see the dust
and bone fragments, or...
What is it?
A symbol.
The symbol of Bast.
The great cat-headed
goddess of Lower Egypt.
Cat goddess?
Oh, yes.
The cult of Bast
flourished for centuries.
Then around, uh, 400 B.C.,
it was stamped out.
Its priests were hunted down
and buried alive.
Well, mainly because
they believed that
in return for
human sacrifices,
the goddess could
grant them eternal life.
And they were also supposed
to, uh, have the power
to turn into cats.
What are you trying
to make of all this?
Just, uh, giving
you the historical
facts, Lieutenant.
Well, here's something
for you to think about.
Now, whoever
committed the murder
was after the amulet.
Stealing of the mummy
was part of his cover-up.
Then, uh, what about
the strange marks
on the appraiser's face?
Any number of weapons
could have caused those wounds.
This just came in
from the coroner's office.
Bad news?
They finished
the preliminary examination
on the corpse.
The wounds on the throat
were made by teeth and claws.
There were cat hairs
on the body.
Good afternoon?
Uh, yes.
Just a moment, please.
Who is it?
Some man who's looking
for someone named Sherry.
I'll take it.
Yes? Miss Black speaking.
That's right.
No, I couldn't say.
Who's this Sherry
he's looking for?
just a girl
who used to work for me
before you came.
You getting tired, Professor?
I never knew that this town
had so many pawnshops.
This is just the beginning.
Why do you think
the killer would want
to pawn that amulet?
Why not?
He's gotta dump it
someplace, doesn't he?
Suppose he didn't
try to sell?
Maybe he's
a collector himself.
No way.
If he was a collector,
he'd take all the Egyptian stuff
he could get his hands on.
All he took from upstairs
was silver.
He could unload that
All he took from downstairs
was the amulet.
That's solid gold.
Listen, why don't you quit
being the detective, huh?
All I want from you
is identification
when we find the piece.
If we find it.
One more stop,
and we'll call it a day.
Well, why are
we stopping here?
You'll see.
Face of a cat?
This is the only cat we've got.
No. That doesn't
even look like it.
No, it's an amulet.
Now, you're sure
nobody stopped by
in the last couple of days
with anything like it?
I wouldn't know.
I just started
working here yesterday.
Maybe somebody else
saw it.
What about your boss?
What's all this?
Miss Black.
Want you to meet
a friend of mine.
Roger Edmonds.
Hester Black.
One of the sharpest fences
in the business.
Now, really, Marco.
You know that's all
over and done with.
I'm straight.
Straight, hmm?
Why, you could
sleep on a corkscrew.
Look, if you came here
to insult me--
No, I just want to ask you
a few questions.
Something about an amulet
with the face of a cat.
I tried to tell them
I've never seen it.
That's true, Lieutenant,
but I did.
Three nights ago.
This man came in here with
a story about a family heirloom.
The story was phony.
But the piece
was genuine.
It was about
three inches wide,
solid gold, emerald eyes,
big stones, exquisite work.
What did you pay for it?
Are you out of your mind?
I told him to get out.
Can you describe this man?
Mm, middle-aged. Oriental.
Chinese, I'd say.
Anyone else
in the store here?
No, just a clerk,
but she was in the back room.
No. The girl before her.
Who? What's her name?
Sherry... Hastings.
Mm. That's odd.
I got a routine report
on a Sherry Hastings
from the coroner's office.
The girl who used
to work here is dead?
Suicide. She did a header
off the balcony
of her apartment
three nights ago.
Why didn't you tell me
about the last girl?
I intended to, but I was
so terribly upset.
Why did she kill herself?
I don't know.
She seemed perfectly all right
when she left here.
There has to be a reason.
You know, when you were
describing that amulet,
I got the feeling as though
I could see it.
A golden cat,
thousands of years old.
You know what they say
about the ancient Egyptians
guarding their dead.
Suppose that amulet
had some kind of curse on it?
Oh, look,
it's only a piece of jewelry,
and Sherry never even saw it.
You sure it's not here?
Believe me, the amulet
is not here.
Get some rest now.
I'll see you
in the morning.
All right.
Perhaps dinner
tomorrow night.
Hi. Roger Edmonds.
Remember me?
The detective.
Oh, hardly.
Only a poor
university instructor.
Lieutenant Marco asked me
to help him with his case.
Did he ask you
to follow me, too?
Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
Coming back here
was my own idea.
You just seemed so upset.
I just wanted to make sure
you were all right, that's all.
Thank you. You don't
have to worry.
Oh, worrying's my hobby.
Teaching archeology
and Egyptology is just a job.
Uh-huh. The lieutenant
wants me to help him
decipher and identify
the stolen amulet.
If we ever find it.
Do you think you can?
You know what?
That's a very
complicated question.
I'll tell you what.
Suppose I try answering it
while we're having dinner?
What do you say?
All right. Thank you.
Great. Come on.
And by then, you see,
the Sheshonq,
or Libyan pharaohs,
believed that Bast
was the daughter of Ra.
The sun god.
And to her shrine,
they built a great city
called Bubastis--
the House of Bast.
You know, you really do
sound like a professor.
Meaning, I don't know
when to shut up.
Okay. It's your turn.
You tell me
all about yourself.
What do you want to know?
Now you sound
like a detective.
Lieutenant Marco's
a good teacher.
Well, let's see
how good you are.
What do you know
about me?
Well, um,
you told me
you're from the East.
You're new in town.
Yeah. What else?
You're quick, intelligent,
and you're a loner.
And why do you say that?
Well, uh, a teacher tends
to analyze his students.
You're the quiet type.
You want to relate to people,
but actually you're shy, right?
And that's very surprising,
because you're warm,
you're charming,
and you're beautiful.
Wait a minute.
I never told you that.
You didn't need to.
A good meal
and a little flattery
never hurt.
Oh, Roger, it's such
a glorious evening.
Did you ever get the feeling
you'd kind of like to
just dance in the street?
All this on
just two mai tais?
What's the matter?
Just a pet shop.
It scares me.
I-I don't know.
I don't know.
Let's just go.
Oh, good afternoon.
It was, until now.
Oh, this will only
take a moment.
Got something
I want to show you.
After that description you
gave me yesterday afternoon,
I pulled a few mug shots
out of the file.
Maybe you'll recognize
one of 'em.
No. No.
That's your man.
Are you sure that's him?
Who is he?
Oh, that's Joe Sung.
Part-time handyman,
full-time wino.
Three counts of
breaking and entry.
Last month,
he was a gardener
at the Drake estate.
Then he knew the place.
How to get in.
Why would he kill
that appraiser?
He'll explain that
when we find him.
Where do you look?
Where do you look for
a wino in this town?
Yeah, I know the party.
Joe Sung.
You sure it's
the same guy?
Signed the register, see?
"Joe Sung." Room 206.
Hi, big boy.
Want a drink?
Be quiet, Maybelle.
What was the date
of this entry?
I guess I goofed.
You know how it is, Officer.
Fella gets busy.
When did he check in?
Lemme see, now.
Last night,
maybe 10:30, 11:00?
Oh, yeah.
I saw the guy.
Any luggage?
Carrying a load,
if that's what you mean.
Is he up in his room now?
Hey, hey!
Stay here.
Is he--
Is he dead?
I'm looking for Miss Carter.
It's her day off.
Oh, good. I was afraid
she might have been
upset by the news.
The man who tried to
sell you that amulet.
He was killed last night.
Didn't you see the paper?
I don't read newspapers.
But you do read
tarot cards.
Why not?
Magic is my business.
Rena said you didn't
believe in such things.
When did she tell you that?
The night before last.
We had dinner together.
I see.
Well, maybe I can
find her at home
this afternoon.
Don't let me
interrupt your game.
It's not a game,
Mr. Edwards.
As an Egyptologist,
you certainly know that
the tarot cards represent
pages from the ancient
Egyptian Book of Thoth.
And that for centuries,
men have used its symbols
to look into
the mysterious future.
I know, just as
they use all the other
stuff you sell here.
Crystal balls, I Ching,
palmistry charts...
It is all
fortune-telling, you know.
Suppose I were to tell you
that when I spread out
the tarot cards last night,
it foretold
the death of Joe Sung?
Then why didn't you warn
Lieutenant Marco?
Because he would have
laughed at me as you do now.
I'm not laughing at you.
But there is such a thing
as coincidence.
You can't ignore it.
There is such a thing
as fate,
and you can't escape it.
Suppose I were to tell you
that I am spreading
these ten cards for you,
Mr. Edmonds?
Now, why this sudden interest
in me?
Because of your sudden interest
in matters
that shouldn't
normally concern you.
The amulet, the murders...
You're part
of the pattern now.
What pattern?
Well, see for yourself.
Here you are,
in your present position.
"The Fool."
With immediate influence
over you, the Devil.
Are you sure you didn't
stack this deck?
Fate guides my hand,
Mr. Edmonds.
The third card represents
your goal, the World.
The fourth card,
your distant past.
The card below,
your recent past.
And this one,
a reference to your future.
"The Hanged Man."
I'm sorry. I don't believe
in capital punishment.
The card represents me,
the uh, questioner.
"The High Priestess."
This one,
your environment,
symbolized by the Tower.
And your inner emotion,
the Magician.
This is number nine.
But you said this was
a ten-card spread.
The first nine represent
you and the conditions
surrounding you.
The tenth card will
show you the final result
you may expect
from all this.
Well, don't stop now.
Suppose you deal the card?
That is,
unless you are afraid.
Why should I be afraid?
After all, it's my fate.
Yes, Mr. Edmonds,
it is your fate.
You know, somehow
I never picture you
in a place like this.
I know. It was a bargain.
The owners were in Europe.
They just wanted someone
to stay here
while they're gone.
When I heard the rent,
I couldn't resist.
Where did you live before?
In an apartment.
No, I mean, before
you came to town.
What about your family?
I'm on my own.
I'm awfully glad
you're here.
I was worried about you.
Don't you ever get the feeling
of being isolated up here?
You forget, I'm a loner.
You shouldn't be.
You don't have to be.
Oh, yes.
Just a moment, please.
It's for you.
I tried to get you
at school,
but they told me
you already left.
I stopped by
the Sorcerer's Shop.
I've got the pawn ticket.
You've got the pawn ticket?
We found it in
Joe Sung's left shoe.
The poor joker gave away
the amulet for drinking money.
He never realized how much
he could really get for it.
The Egyptian government
claimed the Drake collection
was smuggled in illegally.
They're considering a reward
for the return of the amulet.
no questions asked.
If they do, I figure
you're entitled to a cut
for the identification.
How about it, Professor?
You willing to take
a ride with me?
It's the Hollywood Pawnbroker,
Santa Monica and Western.
I've got on stop
to make on the way.
The county morgue.
I'll see you there
in a half-hour.
Oh, Lieutenant.
Good luck.
So, listen, gentlemen.
The pathologist's report
is correct.
If you will note
the bites and claw marks
on the throat.
The shape of the lacerations
indicate they were inflicted
by an animal the size
of a domestic cat.
A cat?
If you'll examine
the jugular vein.
That's enough.
I merely wanted
to point out
that these wounds
are the same as those
we found on the body
of the appraiser.
So, uh, you think
it might be--
it might be
the same type of animal.
The same animal.
The bacterial cultures
from the wounds of
both victims are identical.
No indication.
what you're saying is that
these men were killed
and attacked
by a common
domestic cat.
I am not offering an opinion.
My job is to
give the evidence.
Doesn't make any sense.
One thing more, Lieutenant.
The bodies of both victims
were almost completely
drained of blood.
And after all,
you gotta realize
that the ancient Egyptians
weren't just idiots
who worshipped gods
with the heads of animals.
Those heads were only
symbols of supernatural forces.
Like the signs
of the Zodiac.
And the Egyptian priests
claimed they could
use such forces.
Do you understand
what I'm saying?
Understand? Yes.
Believe? No.
Then just remember this,
While our ancestors
were still living in caves,
the Egyptians were building
the Great Pyramid.
They knew medicine,
navigation, astro--
They held the key
to so many things.
Secrets that
we still haven't learned.
Like cats that
drink human blood.
I suppose.
Now, just suppose--
and I know
this sounds ridiculous--
that blood is necessary
to preserve immortal life.
Like vampires, huh?
Forget it, Professor.
All right, then.
What's your theory?
I'll tell you all about it
just as soon as I get
my hands on that amulet.
Anybody here?
Morning, Miss Hart.
Miss Carter.
I was looking for Hester.
Oh, she hasn't come in yet.
You check her apartment?
You bet we have.
Lieutenant, you don't think
she had anything to do with
what happened yesterday, do you?
Well, why suspect her?
Pawnshops are robbed every day.
That's right.
But in this case,
nothing was touched.
The only thing missing
was the amulet.
No. If she wanted that,
she could have bought it
the night it was stolen.
Or, like she said,
"Too risky."
What reason would she have
for changing her mind?
Plenty of reasons.
She heard me talk about
the reward when I phoned
from here yesterday.
She got to the shop
ahead of me.
Tried to con the pawnbroker
out of the amulet.
Only she didn't have a ticket.
There was a hassle.
She reached for
the paper knife
off the desk, and--
Please. That's enough.
Do you think she'll try
and claim the reward?
There won't be any.
The State Department
the Egyptian government
withdraw the reward offer.
They felt it would encourage
thefts of other relics
from all over the world.
It's all for nothing
if Hester's gone.
I don't think so.
There's an A.P. out.
Her apartment's staked out.
We've got her car in custody.
And even if
she tries to leave town,
that's gonna take money.
That's where you come in.
I don't understand.
Hester keeps cash on hand
here at the shop, doesn't she?
Yeah, some.
Well, she'll probably
try to get ahold of it.
I want you to keep
this place open tonight.
Just in case she comes back.
What if she does?
I'll put this place
under a 24-hour surveillance.
You'll be perfectly safe,
I guarantee you.
And she agreed?
There's nothing
to worry about.
She'll be all right.
You take my word for it.
Hester won't harm her.
I'm not thinking
about Hester.
All right, maybe she could
kill a pawnbroker,
but that still doesn't
explain what happened
to the others!
Well, what do you want
me to do? Put out an A.P.
for the mummy
of an Egyptian priest,
and a cat that
drinks human blood?
I don't care what you do!
But Rena must be protected!
She is.
Now, you take my word for it.
I've got one of my men
on duty there right now.
What are you doin'
out here, huh?
Don't you have a home?
What happened?
I don't know what
I would have done
if you hadn't come by.
The police have been
here all afternoon,
questioning me
about what happened
last night.
Now, now.
I got a call to come
see Marco myself.
Why don't you come with me?
No, I'll be all right.
What does Lieutenant
want to see you about?
He just said
it was important.
Well, it's all my fault.
If I hadn't gone out to see
if Hester was hiding
somewhere outside--
It's not your fault.
How could you know?
The cat,
or whatever it was,
must have followed
her to the shop.
And no cat
hypnotizes and kills!
That's right.
No ordinary cat.
Take it easy. It's only
a harmless alley cat.
Roger, let's go away
Doesn't matter where.
Just anywhere.
All of these murders,
and now Hester...
I'm just so frightened.
Come on.
The amulet.
Where'd you find it?
It was sewn inside
the lining of Hester's cape.
Take a closer look.
Offhand, I'd say this comes
from the period around 450 B.C.,
the time that the temples
of Bast were being destroyed.
Well, how about
the inscription?
Does it say anything
about the mummy?
I'll have to study
these hieroglyphs before
I can decipher them.
I need my, uh,
research sources.
What does that mean?
Well, if you let me take
this to the university,
I can, uh, look at
the references there
for my translation.
I don't think so.
But if it's important,
we'll know exactly what it says.
Just give me a chance.
How much time do you need?
A couple of hours.
Okay, Roger.
I'll trust you.
It's 8:00 now.
I'll give you until 12:00.
Got it.
Well, here's the lot.
I think you've got
everything you need
for your translation.
I don't know how to
thank you, Dr. Reinhart,
what with opening up
the library at this hour
and finding
all this material.
Well, stolen jewels,
blood-drinking cats...
After listening to
that story of yours,
how could I possibly refuse?
But you don't believe me.
I didn't say that.
Would you mind if I have
a look at that amulet?
Ah, yes, of course.
Right here.
There you are.
That's odd.
That's very odd.
Oh, what's that?
Well, as you
and I both know,
in Egyptian art,
Bast is always portrayed
in one of two ways:
either as a cat
with a human body,
or a complete cat figure.
This is just a cat's head.
Does this strike you
as being peculiar?
Yes, it does,
now that you mention it.
A head without a body
cannot move.
This... heavy chain.
What does that suggest to you?
Well, a prisoner?
You know, this amulet was never
used for the worship of Bast.
It was made for
another purpose.
To hold something captive.
You're saying
that this amulet was placed
around a mummy's neck...
to keep it from coming
back to life again?
The followers of Bast
could turn themselves
into cats.
Gain immortality by
drinking human blood.
Oh, yes.
I know that legend.
Vampires turning to bats
in the wilds of Transylvania.
Man assuming the shape
of wolves in Germany.
Or foxes in China.
In Africa,
men turn into leopards.
In the Arctic, Eskimos
believe that their wizards
are transformed into bears.
More legends.
But why is it that,
since the beginning of time,
people of every culture,
living 10,000 miles apart,
with no possible connection,
have always held
the same belief?
That in certain
conditions, man can take
the form of an animal.
You know, behind
every universal legend,
lies a universal reality.
It's easier for me to
believe in a human murderer--
somebody's who's trained
an animal to kill.
Well, maybe you'll
find the answer
when you've deciphered
that inscription.
But if you don't mind,
while you're working,
I'll go back
to the library.
I think I can locate
another treatise
on the Bast cult.
And an English translation.
Oh, don't you read
hieroglyphics, Doctor?
Oh, I'm-- I'm just
a librarian.
But surely,
with your knowledge--
I was, uh, under the impression
that you'd traveled extensively
in the East.
My dear boy, the farthest East
I've ever been
is Pasadena.
Enjoy yourself.
...Kor-up-Set Bast.
Yes, Lieutenant.
Are you doing any good
with that translation?
I'm almost finished.
Just give me
another hour or so.
Good. I've dug up
an answer on my own.
Answer to what?
I should have known
right from the beginning,
but you threw me a curve
with that cat routine.
There was a cat.
Well, right now, I'm interested
in human beings.
There were only two people
who knew what we did.
One was Hester,
and she's dead.
The other is Rena.
I've been running a check
on Miss Rena Carter.
Or trying to.
There's no record
of her anywhere.
Not a trace.
She just shows up
out of nowhere.
We feed her all
the necessary information.
We talk about the thief.
We talked about Hester.
She knew just where to go
and what do do.
But it doesn't make sense.
I'm picking her up right now.
Maybe she'll give us
that answer.
Now, you hold on
to that amulet, pal.
Yes, Doctor. Did you find
what you're looking for?
Found more than
I was looking for.
Here's something
you must see.
Wait a minute.
Have you, uh, finished
your translation yet?
Yes, I just did.
Was there a phrase
on that amulet,
that translates
That's right, there was.
Do you know the meaning
of that phrase?
Well, I was puzzled by it.
Generally, it refers
to something that's,
um, hidden away.
Something secret
that's guarded by Set,
the god of the underworld.
But, uh, I don't know
exactly what it means.
It means that I was right
about the purpose
of that amulet. Here.
Look at this.
"Beware the seal
of Kor-up-Set,
"for he who dares
to remove it
will open
the Gates of Hell."
There's your
exact translation.
Good night, Roger.
Okay, it's your turn.
You tell me all about yourself.
What do you want to know?
Well, let's see
how good you are.
What do you know about me?
There is such a thing
as fate, Mr. Edmonds.
Here you are,
in your present position.
With the immediate influence
upon you, the Devil.
Just suppose--
I know this sounds
ridiculous, but, uh,
suppose blood is necessary
to preserve immortal life.
Like vampires?
I-It scares me.
The wounds on the throat
were made by teeth and claws.
And there were cat hairs
on the body.
One thing more, Lieutenant.
The bodies of both victims
were almost completely
drained of blood.
Just a cat...
Roger, let's go
away somewhere.
Doesn't matter where.
Just anywhere.
All of these murders,
and now Hester...
I'm just so frightened.
Roger, I'd almost
given you up.
What happened to the lights?
I left them off, hoping
the cats would go away.
They've been prowling
around here all night.
What cats?
Roger, we've got
to get out of here.
Lieutenant Marco's on his way
here to arrest you.
Don't you see?
Everything about you
adds to Marco's suspicions.
No previous address,
no Social Security number.
A girl who
covers her tracks.
A girl who stopped
at the shop not by accident,
but with deliberate purpose.
Marco thinks
that you destroyed
everyone who stood between
you and that amulet.
That's impossible.
They were killed by a cat.
I know they were.
It's written
on the amulet.
You found it?
Yes. That amulet is
placed on a mummy's throat
for the same reason
a stake is driven
through a vampire's heart.
To keep it from rising
and resuming an unnatural life,
nourished by blood.
So, when the thief
removed the amulet,
the mummy revived?
That's right.
Vampires seek their prey
in the form of bats.
The follower of Bast
took the shape of a cat
to kill for blood
and track down that amulet.
And once that amulet
is destroyed,
this... creature
can live forever.
So the cat creature
is really the mummy
of the high priest of Bast?
No, Rena.
Not a priest.
The inscription
on the amulet
identifies the mummy
as a priestess.
No wonder you're
afraid of cats.
They recognize you
for what you are.
The priestess of Bast.
No, you don't know
what you're saying--
Of course you have
no past history.
All you know of today's world
is what you drained from
the mind of Hester's clerk
when you hypnotized her
and sent her to death.
How can I make you understand?
You don't know what it's
like to be buried away,
alone in the darkness.
Century upon century
of blackness.
Paralyzed, unable
to move or breathe,
yet conscious of
every crawling moment.
And when I revived,
I had to protect myself--
to get to anyone who might
have that amulet,
and that was self-preservation,
not murder.
Whatever it was,
those people are dead.
But I'm alive.
Don't you see
what that means?
To be able to see
and touch
and love,
to feel joy and desire...
Now, I meant it when I said
we could go away together.
We can be together always.
That'll be my gift to you--
the secret of immortality.
You're asking me
to become what you are--
to kill for blood?
I'm offering you eternal life!
Oh, no. What you offer
is eternal death!
I won't let you go!
Where is she?