The Cat In The Hat Knows A Lot About Halloween! (2016) Movie Script

Say, shall I wear my white hat
with red stripes,
or my red hat with white?
How I love dressing up
for Halloween night.
Let's take
a spook-tacular ride.
Big fun's where it's at.
Get ready to trick or treat
with the Cat in the Hat.
Come over here
The Cat in the Hat
is about to appear
He's whizzing over
to whisk you away
On a fabulous
journey today
He's coming!
And now he's arrived
in the Thingamajigger
The thing that he drives
He's a cat
and he's oodles of fun
With his hairy helpers,
Thing 2 and Thing 1
It's the Cat in the Hat
All of our adventures
start like that
Wherever you're going,
wherever you're at
The Cat in the Hat
knows a lot about
He knows a lot about,
he knows a lot about
He knows a lot about...
Hey, Sally, check out
this spooky spider I made.
Ooh, scary, Nick.
Say hello to Mr. Bones.
I made him
out of pasta pieces.
Let's stick them
on our haunted Halloween wall.
Move over, Mrs. Cat.
Hope you don't mind spiders,
Mr. Bones.
Our decorations
look great, Nick.
But there's still
one big question.
What are we going to dress up as
for Halloween?
Whatever it is,
nothing too scary.
Did someone say "scary?"
Who said that?
It came from inside
the dress-up trunk.
Who's in there?
Sally, go open it
and see.
Uh, no. It's on your side
of the tree house, Nick.
Okay. Let's look...
Okay, Sally.
On one, two...
It's the Cat!
The Cat in the Hat.
Whoo, you sure gave us
a fright.
I love a good fright,
from things that are scary
and go bump in the night.
That's why I love
With its howlers and shockers
and scary fandangles.
Startlers and frighteners
and fun from all angles.
Some fright are fun,
because they're pretend.
But real frights are scary,
like bumps in the night.
And things that go boom.
I'm frightened
by only one thing:
not having
fun, fun, fun.
Right now, we really need to
choose our Halloween costumes.
Because Halloween's tonight,
and we have to decide.
Hmm, it's a big decision.
I know. We can wear
the same costumes as last year.
You mean these?
Oh, dear.
Lucky for you, I happen to know
a lot about Halloween costumes.
You do?
I do, I do.
The very best costumes
can be found in only one place.
The ooky-makooky closet.
The ooky-makooky closet
has the most splendiferous
dress-up collection ever.
From extra...
To extra small.
The closet has costumes
to fit one and all.
The ooky-makooky closet
sounds great.
Do you really think we'll find
the perfect costumes there?
It's where I found
my new Halloween hat.
BOTH Oh, Cat.
Now, let's go find
the perfect fit
for you two.
Your mother will not mind
at all if you do.
Mom! Mom!
Is it okay for us
to go with the Cat in the Hat
to choose a Halloween costume
from the ooky-makooky closet?
Just be home in time
for trick-or-treating.
We can go! We can go!
I know, I know!
To the Thingamajigger.
Happy Halloween.
Are you ready to go
Not yet, Fish.
But we will be,
as soon as we visit
the ooky-makooky closet
to choose costumes
to dress up in.
Fish do not dress up.
Well, I'm going to be
something big and strong.
And I'm going to be
something silly and fun.
How about you, Cat?
What will you be?
I can tell you,
but then it wouldn't
be a surprise.
Anyplace called
sounds like a place
I'd rather forget.
Where is this kooky closet,
I know it's someplace
I'm sure if we take
a fun-tastical flight,
we'll find it
sooner or later.
Buckle up!
Flick the
Isn't this fun?
Here we go, go,
go, go
On an adventure
The Thingamajigger
is up and away
Go, go, go, go
On an adventure
We're flying with
the Cat in the Hat today
To find a closet
called ooky-makooky
For Halloween costumes
that aren't too spooky
Here we go, go,
go, go
On an adventure
Go, go, go,
go, go
I can't wait to find
the ooky-makooky closet.
So we can dress up
for Halloween.
I hope not as anything
too scary.
Just the thought
makes me shiver.
Don't worry, Fish.
costumes aren't real.
They're just
scary, good fun.
Aren't you frightened
of anything, Cat?
Huh? Who? What, me?
Nothing frightens
the Cat in the Hat.
Not even on Halloween,
the spookiest day of the year?
Especially on Halloween.
I love all things
It's the one day of the year
when all frights are fun.
Halloween's coming
It's coming for you
Shockers and scares
are everywhere.
Big frights
at another night
We would find alarming
On Halloween
we find quite charming
Like finger cookies
And eyebally treats
That are oozy and goozy
but such fun to eat
Like ghosts and ghoulies
That go door to door
Declaring "trick or treat"
Who could ask
for more?
Zombies and zanies
And zonkers off zoos
Bells ringing ding-dong
Then dongers go boom
Halloween takes you
to a place
Where surprises
are in store
Costumes creepy
and candy so dandy
Till your tummies
want no more
Shockers and scares
are everywhere
Eek! Boo!
Aah! Ooh!
Halloween's coming
and it's coming for you
That kooky,
spooky hullabaloo
Halloween's coming
and it's coming...
For you
You really do love
all things Halloweeny.
I do, I do. Wahoo!
Everyone's frightened
of something,
and there's nothing
wrong with that.
I'll find out what frightens
the Cat in the Hat.
No. No.
Hmm. Ah-ha!
Oh, Cat...
need a hand
flying the Thingamajigger?
Why, I could use
a helping hand right now.
Ooh, ah,
not that hits the spot.
Fish, your fake hand trick
sure gave us a fright.
It wasn't you
I was trying to scare.
Wow, check out those
fantastic fall colours.
They're so Halloweeny.
Halloweeny enough to find
the ooky-makooky closet there?
Let's go, go, go, go.
Who doesn't love
roller coasters?
That was awesome!
That was awesome!
Welcome to the spooky-makookie
I remember
the ooky-makooky closet
was down a dark
and twisty path.
It must be this way.
Down there?
We can always hold hands, Sally,
if it makes you feel better.
Ah, holding hands is a great way
to feel safe.
Uh, no thanks, Cat.
I have some things to do.
Suit yourself.
I'm glad someone's
holding my hand, Nick.
Me too, Sally.
A scary face!
Trees don't have faces,
but they do have wrinkles.
Wrinkly, crinkly tree bark.
Right, Cat?
Hey, where'd he go?
He was right there,
beside that scary,
shaking bush.
Don't you just love
these colourful leaves?
When it gets colder
around this time of year,
they turn from summer green
to red, orange and gold,
then start falling
from bushes and trees.
I guess that's why
they call it the fall.
Maybe spooky-makookie forest
isn't so scary after all.
I don't know about that.
Don't you love bats?
They're so batty!
Whoops, I think
we startled them.
Don't worry, Nick.
Bats are really good
at flying around things,
and flying around
people too.
They are? Whew.
Batty bats are so Halloweeny.
Let's follow
these flappy fliers.
Maybe they'll lead us
to the closet.
It looks pretty dark
and scary in there.
Bats might be good
at not bumping into things,
but we need to turn on a light
to see where we're going.
Good thinking.
Sometimes, places and things
seem scary
for a good reason.
But no one needs to be
afraid of the dark
with my super glow-glow
miner hats.
You mean it's good
to be frightened sometimes?
Fear can be
a dependable friend.
It alerts us and helps us
keep away from dangerous things,
so we don't get hurt.
Hey, this glow-glow
keeps flickering.
Your hat would flicker too if
it was filled with fireflies.
Come on.
Gee, even with lights,
this creepy place
is creepy.
We could dress up
in glow-glow hats for Halloween
and go home now.
Glow-glow hats
are pretty neat.
But wait until you see
the ooky-makooky closet.
I don't think
it's here, Cat.
And our glow
is starting to go.
The fireflies
must be getting sleepy.
What if the lights go out
and there are monsters in here?
You mean ones that only come out
in the dark?
What great imaginations
you have.
I've seen many things
and I've been many places.
I've met creatures and teachers
of all kinds and races.
But I have never
met a monster.
Not any?
Not one.
There are no monsters here.
No question, no way.
Then what's making
that noise?
Let's shed some light
on this mystery.
Here's your monster.
My old friend, Bruno Bear,
who gets very sleepy
around this time of year.
Gee, I guess our minds just
made up all that scary stuff.
Oh, he's so cuddly.
Cat, is it time to put on
my Halloween costume?
Uh, ahem, there's no rush.
I've been tucked in
my with teddy bear before,
but I've never tucked in
a real teddy bear.
Well, clearly
the ooky-makooky closet
is not in here.
I told Cat that I had
things to do.
But I didn't say what.
Time for another
Halloween trick.
We'll see who's
a scaredy cat.
Oh, hi.
Did you find it?
The ooky-makooky closet
must be someplace else.
Oh, what's this?
Search me.
What could it be?
What could it be?
Let's see, let's see.
"Happy Halloween
to the Cat in the Hat."
How marvellous.
Open it. Go ahead.
A big, scary spider!
It's hard not to giggle.
Those scary legs tickle.
Oh, I guess the Cat's
not frightened
of big, scary
spiders either.
Ah, more twisty path ahead.
Maybe the ooky-makooky closet
is this way.
Howdy, folks.
Welcome to my corn maze.
Imagine that.
A maze cut out
of a field of corn.
How Halloweeny.
Halloweeny enough to find the
ooky-makooky closet inside?
Pardon me, sir,
but is there a closet in there?
Hmm. There are lots of twists
and turns, but a closet?
A twisty, turny place
sounds like a fun place to be.
Let's go see, let's go see!
Okay, okay.
Stay close to me, kids.
Twist and turn,
and turn and twist.
Isn't this corn maze "amazing"?
Can you tell me the way
to the ooky-makooky closet?
Is it this way or that?
That's not a person, Cat.
A scarecrow's head
is full of straw.
They're for scaring away
crows and other birds
that eat crops.
Hmm, not very scary.
But then, I'm not a bird.
I'm a cat.
A Cat in the Hat.
And I always know
which way to turn.
We're sure to find
the ooky-makooky closet
just around the next turn.
Did I say this turn?
I was... so wrong.
I meant the next one.
That old dog was right.
This is the twistiest,
corny corniest
amazing maze ever.
Hello, hello.
Good to see you again.
No, it isn't.
It means we're going
in circles.
Which means...
Oh, no. We're lost.
Don't worry.
We may have lost our way,
but we've not lost
each other.
We'll find a way out.
I sure hope we do,
or we'll miss Halloween.
What if we never get out?
The corn's much too high
to see over.
When you're lost in a maze
and don't know what to do,
who better to call
than Thing 1 and Thing 2?
That whistle means
just one thing.
The Cat in the Hat
needs your help.
Go, Things, go!
Whoo-hoo! Yeah!
What's that? You're looking
for someone big and tall,
with whiskers and a hat?
Yeah, yeah!
I won't leave you
twisting and turning.
He went in there
with two friends.
Didn't come out,
Poor Mom and Dad.
They're going to miss me
so much.
Cheer up, Nick.
I think we're about
to be found.
Over here!
Go-go jumpers.
How cleaver.
Hmm? Golly willickers.
When we jump up high,
we can see our way out.
Race you, Sally.
Gee whiz.
Getting lost is no fun.
But getting unlost
is fun-tastic.
And when
you're frightened,
it never hurts to call
someone you trust
to come
and help you out.
Did you folks find
what you were looking for?
The ooky-makooky closet
is not in the corn maze.
But we're much closer
to finding it.
We are?
Most certainly!
Now we know two places
it's not.
To the Thingamajigger.
Two down, and every other
fun place to go.
Aren't you a bit scared
we might not find
the ooky-makooky closet
in time for Halloween?
Nothing scares me.
I'm the Cat in the Hat!
We'll see about that.
Time for my next
Halloween trick.
Hello? Hello.
Cat speaking.
Sorry, wrong number.
There are no monsters here.
But here's something
for you.
Hold on to your hats,
Looks like things are going
to get bumpy and boo-y!
Cat, you know how some frights
are fun?
And how some keep you safe
or remind you to ask for help?
Well, this one feels like
a warning to go home!
Cat, Nick finds thunder
very, very frightening.
Things we don't know about
Can seem very scary
So very, very wary
Make us feel frightened
But you'll soon discover
when I tell you
are electrifying
Rumble, bang, boom
Rumble, bang, boom
Rumble, bang, boom
Flash goes some lightning,
followed by a boom
Rattle up your windows
and shake up your room
But it's all part
of the amazing way
The thunder and lightning
like to play
Here's a little rain cloud
about to pop.
It's a force of nature
you cannot stop.
Bright bolts of lightning
shoot out of the blue
But that's not all
those blue flashers do
They release energy
when there's a bundle
And that's why
some rain clouds
Go boom, bang, rumble
Rumble, bang, boom
Rumble, bang, boom
Rumble, bang, boom
Rumble, bang, boom
That was great.
Thunder can't hurt me.
It's only rumble and boom.
And without lightning around,
you won't hear any soon.
Do you know any more
thunder games?
I most certainly do.
How do you play?
It's really quite simple.
When you see a flishy-flash
flasher, start counting.
One, one thousand.
Two, one thousand.
When you hear the boom,
stop counting.
And when you see
the next flash,
start counting again.
Flishy-flash flashers.
One, one thousand.
Two, one thousand.
Three, one thousand.
Hey, it was longer
that time.
Which means the storm
is moving away.
I don't think you'll have
a problem
with thunder again, Nick.
You've been very brave.
Even though
I was frightened?
Because you were
You can't be brave
unless you're afraid.
Facing fears make heroes
of us all.
Now let's go find that
ooky-makooky closet.
Hey, look at that.
It's a pumpkin patch.
Pumpkin patches are very
Halloweeny places.
Just the sort of place
you might find
the ooky-makooky closet.
What? Huh? I...
I don't... I don't think so.
No, no, no, no, no.
I don't think so at all.
In fact, a pumpkin patch
is the last place to look!
How come?
Yeah, how come?
Because, um, I...
I just remembered!
Oh, yes!
Where to find
the ooky-makooky closet
is at my good friend
Bubbles Beeterbom's place.
Why didn't you
remember before?
I must have been keeping it
under my hat,
along with so many
other things.
Bubbles' house is not far.
Oh, boy. I can't wait to check
out the ooky-makooky closet.
Which one
is Bubbles' house?
Can't you tell?
It's the ookiest, kookiest
Halloween spookiest house
The ooky-makooky closet's
in there?
Where else? Follow me.
Cat might not be frightened
of ookie-kookie houses,
but ooey-gooey green slime
is sure to make him jump.
Oh, this is so exciting.
green slime.
It's so Halloweeny.
Bubbles' place looks just like
a kooky carnival fun house,
only for real.
More ooky than kooky.
What's this? Nobody home.
"Please let yourself in.
The key's under the mat.
Especially if you're
the Cat in the Hat."
Bubbles Beeterbom.
Leaving a key under the mat
is not very safe.
That all depends
on how many mats you have.
Which one is it under?
There's only one way
to find out.
Not here.
Or here.
Maybe here.
I'll check over here. Not here.
Maybe here? Not here.
Try this one right here.
There it is.
We found it.
It's even more spooky
on the inside.
Maybe this isn't
a fun house after all.
Whoa! Check out these mirrors.
They make you look kooky.
I think you mean ooky.
Look at you!
What's that rustling noise?
And tapping! Ohh!
Didn't you hear that?
Hear what, Sally?
Never mind.
Bubbles must love Halloween.
Her place looks so Halloweeny.
Eww. These cobwebs
aren't decorations.
They're real.
Real dust and cobwebs?
Huh? Hey, Nick,
I think something's behind us.
Yes. You.
Come on, slowpoke.
Do you get the feeling
we're not going anywhere?
That's because we aren't.
This kooky old house
is full of surprises.
And creepy sounds too.
Maybe we'll find
the ooky-makooky closet in here.
It's only moths.
Moths did that?
Well, their babies do.
Some types of cloth
contain nutrients
that help baby moth larvae
to grow.
I sure hope we find
the ooky-makooky closet
before the moths do.
It must be through
one of these doors.
Oh... oh...
Okay, you must have
heard that.
Nick? Cat? Fish?
Where are you?
Have no fear.
The Cat is here.
Sally, are you okay?
I thought you were
right behind us.
We didn't mean
to frighten you.
You didn't, but this
ooky-makooky house sure did.
It's full of strange noises.
What noises?
Sighs. Groans. Whispers.
And a door slammed shut
all by itself too.
You mean Bubbles' house
isn't a fun house?
It's a haunted house?
Let's get out of here.
There's that wonderful
imagination again.
Bubbles wouldn't let anything
harmful into her house.
We mustn't let fear
stop us from having big fun.
That's not the way
to get big things done.
There's a way to stop things
from sounding so scary.
There is?
You just need the right tools.
What's that bump
in the night
That gives you a fright?
That creak in the stair
that raises your hair
These things can be beat
with a few simple tools
As long as you follow
This one simple rule
Take charge
And fix it
Open windows,
slammed doors
And creak-creakers mean
fixing floors
Take charge
And fix it
Fix it
To stop whispers and sighs,
a cap on your chimney
is really quite wise.
Take charge and fix it
And that scary old door?
A few drops of oil,
and it's scary no more.
Take charge and fix it
That rustling rustle
and tappy-tap-tap
Means it's gardening time,
it's as simple as that
Take charge
And fix it
It's fun to do
And it will make it
less scary for you
Take charge
Oh, take charge
Take charge
Take charge
Take charge
And fix it
So all those scary sounds
I heard
came from the wind
playing tricks.
A few simple fixes stop wind
blowing through floors.
They could make your house sing
and sometimes slam doors.
Plus it saves
on heating bills.
Things aren't nearly
so scary
once you know
how to fix them.
I think you're very brave.
Even though I was
Because you were
frightened and fixed it.
You can't be brave...
Unless you're afraid!
What was that?
We fixed everything,
so it can't be the wind.
Maybe there really is
a ghost.
It is Halloween.
I guess I'm very brave,
because I'm very afraid.
Well, hello.
I see you got my note
and let yourself in.
I was out buying buttons
to sew on my new coat.
Do you like it?
We do, we do.
And your hat too.
Oh, my. This just won't do.
The Cat has a hat,
and so do I.
Now let's find some
that are just right for you.
Sally, pom-pom doodles
are in.
A warm winter hat? Yes.
Bubbles is a great
Thank you,
but I did not sneeze.
A haberdasher is someone
who makes hats.
Oh, a fluffy sun hat.
You got to have
one of those.
Oh, a home run
with this hat.
Thanks, Bubbles.
But we're not
looking for hats.
We're looking for the perfect
to dress up in
for Halloween.
Why didn't you say?
My ooky-makooky closet
is chock-full of costumes
and clothes.
Hip, hip, hooray.
Right this way.
I mean, right this way.
Boing, boing!
Whoa. Oh, hi.
Hi, bye.
Right this way.
Going up?
Bubbles' house
isn't so ooky.
But it's still
definitely kooky.
Your house is very mothy,
That's why I keep
all my costumes and clothes
safe in here.
The ooky-makooky closet.
We found it!
Open it, please!
It gets better.
One size fits all.
Look at that.
It's so cool.
Welcome to my closet.
I have every costume
you can imagine.
And some you cannot.
Bubbles has costumes
that are historical.
And zoological.
She has costumes
that are botanical.
Loves me.
Loves me not. Whoo-hoo!
Cha-ching. Hmm.
Isn't this a blast?
Come on, let's split.
And comical!
Bubbles is quite
the quick change artist.
So, what'll it be?
I want something
that silly and fun.
I want a costume
that's big and powerful.
Like this tiger costume.
Try it on for size.
It's a perfect fit.
Yeah, but it feels
kind of funny.
What do you mean?
Oh! What happened to Nick?
He's become a big cat.
And there's nothing wrong
with that.
Oh, I forgot to mention,
my costumes are such a good fit,
it's quite easy to forget
who you are.
You mean you become
your costume?
Oh, you bet your bippy.
Nice kitty.
Nice kitty. Good kitty.
Non-pouncy kitty.
Hold that tiger!
Are you okay?
That was awesome!
I felt like a real tiger.
Oh, we'd better
choose our costumes carefully.
What'll you be?
What'll you be?
There's lots to choose from,
that you can see
Oh, you know it!
From big and strong
To silly and fun
There are costumes here
for everyone
What'll you be?
What'll you be?
Let your imagination
run free
A jumping, jiving jangaroo
Is that the one
that's right for you?
I think so.
What'll you be?
What'll you be?
Let your imagination
run free
There really aren't
So many days
You get to dress up
In so many fun ways
No, no, no, no, no.
Isn't that the truth?
Oh, that's a good look for you.
Work it.
Oh, I love that!
Lime limes.
You go, guys.
Isn't that lovely?
This one!
That one?
Something shmancy.
That one?
This one.
Do you fancy?
What'll you be?
What'll you be?
I can't wait,
can't wait to see
Whatever you choose,
I'm really keen
To see what you'll be
for Halloween
Bubbles' costumes
are all so great.
We can't decide.
How about
a race car driver?
I've always wanted
to go zoom.
Huh? Aah!
Oh, no. How do you
drive this thing?
Fishbowls don't have steering
wheels or brakes to slow down!
Fish is zooming
out of control.
When things get too zoomy,
there's just one thing to do.
Whistle real loud
for Thing 1 and Thing 2.
Aah! Whoa!
So, what'll you be?
What'll you be?
Hey, how about we both dress up
as astronauts for Halloween?
That's a great idea, Sally.
Hold on.
You're not cleared
for liftoff.
Oh, my.
This is the best
costume ever.
Okay, this might
be a problem.
Okay, that's a problem.
A little help here.
Hold on, Nick.
I'll save you.
You'll need a lifeline
to pull you back in.
I always have string
in my hat.
Only, I emptied it out
Oh, that's okay, Cat.
You can use my new coat.
How can a coat help?
I knit-knitted it
from one big ball of wool.
But your beautiful coat?
Thanks, Bubbles.
A little help up here?
Hang on, Nick.
I'll save you.
Got you.
Don't be afraid, Nick.
I won't let you go.
Time to reel them back in.
Thanks for rescuing me, guys.
Sorry about your coat,
Oh, that's okay.
I'll simply knit-knitted
myself another.
I can make exactly
what I want,
and it's such fun.
That does sound like fun.
Sally, how about we make
our own Halloween costumes?
That's a great idea, Nick.
We got lots of cool
costume ideas
from the ooky-makooky
And you can make them
just the way you want.
But we'll have to hurry back
to make them in time
for tonight.
You must promise
to come back and show me
some other time.
We promise.
What was that?
Look! Two giant moths.
We must have let them in.
Bubbles' costumes.
We've seen what teeny tiny moths
can do to clothes.
Two great, big ones could eat
the whole ooky-makooky closet.
Those aren't real moths.
It's Thing 1 and Thing 2
in a couple of moth costumes.
The Cat didn't tell them
not to dress up.
But remember whose costumes
they are.
Those mothy things
think they're real.
Help! Help, Cat, help!
How can you dance
at a time like this?
There's always
time to dance.
Aren't you frightened
the Things will eat
all of Bubbles' clothes?
Remember, only baby clothes
moth larvae eat clothes.
The grownups just flip and flap,
and are not very good fliers.
Grown-up moths
don't eat clothes?
So there's nothing
to be frightened of.
Now we know about moths.
Sometimes things just
seem scary
because we don't know
enough about them.
Once you know more,
they're not scary at all.
Maybe that's why the Cat in
the Hat never gets frightened.
He knows a lot about...
Wasn't that fun?
Oh, well, it's not every day
I get to dance
with the Cat in the Hat.
Thanks for showing us the
ooky-makooky closet, Bubbles.
Now, I must get
if I'm to make my new coat.
And we have to get home
to make our Halloween costumes.
To the Thingamajigger.
Thanks, Bubbles.
Knitty needles.
Can Nick and Sally
be right?
Is the Cat in the Hat
really not frightened
of anything.
Even on Halloween?
Just got to find out.
Hello? Special delivery?
Special delivery
for the Cat in the Hat.
For me?
What could it be?
What could it be?
Let's see. Let's see.
Aah! Ghosts!
Don't you just love them?
Ghosts are so spirited.
What's a fish
got to do?
Even my trick ghosts
can't scare Cat.
Fish, you've been trying
to frighten the Cat in the Hat?
Yeah. It was me.
I'm sorry for playing tricks
on you, Cat.
Why, I love tricks,
especially at Halloween.
Those tricks
were a treat.
Nice try, by the way.
But nothing frightens me.
I'm the Cat in the Hat.
Can't argue with that.
There's that
pumpkin patch again.
What do you say we stop
at one more place before home?
You know, it's...
It's getting so late.
Nick and Sally still have
costumes to make,
so let's not.
There's time. There's time.
And you can't really
have Halloween
without making pumpkins
into scary jack-o'- lanterns.
Oh, well...
Super-duper, then.
Looks like there's nothing
stopping us.
Well, I'll be.
You're frightened of pumpkins.
Who, me? Pumposterous!
I'm the Cat in the Hat.
I'm not frightened of anything.
It's okay if you are, Cat.
Everyone's frightened
of something.
Okay, it's true!
If there's one thing
of which I'm incredibly wary,
it's those pumpkin-faced jacks!
They're so
terribly scary.
Cat, we know what it's like
to be frightened of something.
And we also know the best way
to get over it.
You mustn't let fear stop you
from having big fun.
That's not the way
to get big things done.
It's time you learned
a lot about pumpkins.
Okay. That sounds like fun.
Cat, land here.
Look at all
these pumpkins.
The first thing to do
at a pumpkin patch
is choose the perfect pumpkin
for you.
There's so many
different shapes and sizes.
Don't worry, Cat.
We'll help you choose.
Pick a pumpkin,
pumpkin pick
Pick a pumpkin,
pick one quick
When picking pumpkins
to take home
Pick one that
you'll call your own
When you're at
a pumpkin patch
Pick one that's
the perfect match
For all the things
you want to do
Like carving faces
that go "boo"
Or painting faces
that are cheery
Not all pumpkins
must be eerie
Pick a pumpkin,
pumpkin pick
Pick a pumpkin,
pick one quick
Just pick out a pumpkin
that's right for you
For carving,
pick a big, round pumpkin
For painting,
pick a funny fumpkin
For cooking,
pick a yummy yumpkin
Go on, go on,
pick a pumpkin
Pumpkin, fumpkin,
yumpkin, pumpkin
Pick a pumpkin,
pumpkin pick
Pick a pumpkin,
pick one quick
Pick a fumpkin,
pumpkin pick
Pick a pumpkin,
pick one quick
Pick a pumpkin,
go on and try
Or maybe yummy
pumpkin pie
Pick a pumpkin,
pumpkin pick
Pick a pumpkin,
pick one quick
Now that I know
all about pumpkins,
I can say I've been
a pumpkin bumpkin.
Pumpkins are not scary
at all.
But jack-o'- lanterns?
Just when the cat
was coming around.
Well, look at those
upside-down smiles.
There's nothing here of which
I need to be leery.
These pumpkin-faced jacks
are really quite cheery.
Thank you for helping me
turn my fear upside down.
Time for me to pick a pumpkin.
Now that's a pumpkin.
Perfect for turning
into a fabulous jack-o'- lantern.
Huh? Well, I'll be.
It's a cat-o'- lantern.
Let us see! Let us see!
Aren't pumpkins
the greatest?
You have your fumpkins.
And I have my pumpkin.
Everyone has the perfect pumpkin
for them.
Including me!
Time to get you home
so you can make
your Halloween costume.
We're home.
Thanks for taking us to find
the ooky-makooky closet, Cat.
There's just enough time
to make costumes
before trick or treating.
But you haven't said
what they are.
What'll you be?
What'll you be?
It's a Halloween
You'll have to wait
and see.
Oh, I love surprises.
But give me a clue!
Oh, come on!
I love clues.
Are they historical? Zoological?
Comical? Astronomical?
Will they be scary
and a little bit frightening?
Cat, it's a surprise.
And no peeking.
Come on, Sally.
Meet you back here later.
In our Halloween
So, what do you want to be
for Halloween, Nick?
Something big
and powerful.
I want to be something
silly and fun.
Yes, but what, exactly?
Oh, it's so hard
to choose.
Maybe our Halloween wall
will give us an idea.
Spiders are cool.
And Mr. Bones is fun.
I guess.
What would Bubbles say?
We saw so many things
to dress up as
in the ooky-makooky closet.
Maybe we'll find something
in the dress-up trunk.
What'll you be?
What'll you be?
I can't wait,
can't wait to see.
You'll spoil
the surprise.
I just know they're going
to be spook-tacular.
Oh, the Cat is expecting
great costumes, Sally.
What if we choose
the wrong ones?
What if we can't decide
in time for Halloween?
We mustn't let fear stop us
from making our costumes
and having big fun.
Yeah, that's not the way
to get big things done.
It's time to take charge
and fix it.
Say, that gives me
an idea.
I know what I'll be.
You do? What is it?
Something I was
frightened of before,
but I'm not anymore.
Something you were
frightened of before,
but are not anymore?
That's a great idea,
I know what I'll be.
I know what I'll be.
I can't wait, Nick.
Can't wait to see.
See you.
Are you ready, Sally?
Ready, Nick.
On three.
One, two, three.
Great Halloween costume.
Thunderclouds are big
and powerful.
And nothing's sillier
than a haunted fun house.
Check this out.
Flishy-flash flashers.
Rumble, bang, boom.
You can't have thunder
without lightning.
Look at what my costume
can do.
Let's go, go, go.
I can't wait to show off
our Halloween costumes
to the Cat in the Hat.
Me too.
Good evening.
I thought Fish
don't dress up.
I used to find
costumes scary,
but maybe I've been missing out
on big fun.
Well, we know
who you are.
That's right.
I'm Count Fishula.
And the Things
are still pumpkin heads.
But where's
the Cat in the Hat?
What'll he be
for Halloween?
Why, the only thing
I can be.
The Cat.
The Cat in the Hat.
Look at that.
What wonderful costumes
you made.
Bubbles would be
so proud.
We decided to be what
we were afraid of before.
But aren't anymore,
because we know a lot
about them.
They're the best costumes
I ever saw.
And I've seen
quite a few.
And so have you.
We simply must send Bubbles
a photo.
Everyone say
Bubbles will love it.
The very best
Halloween treat.
And speaking of treats,
let's go, go, go
Halloween is here
It's the kookiest
time of year
Halloween has come
There'll be lots of frights
before the night is done
It's been
a scare-tabulous day
And now it's time to say
Trick or treat!
Trick or treat!
To all our friends
up and down the street
Come, little monsters
In costumes galore
Who go trick-or-treating
from door to door
Trick-tastic houses
Decorated scarily
Full of lots of frights
and sights
To shock us gleefully
Trick or treat!
Trick or treat!
Trick or treat!
Trick or treat!
Treat or trick.
Halloween is here
It's the kookiest
time of the year
Halloween is here
The funnest night
Of the year
Wow, check out
all our treats, Sally.
I can't wait
to sort them out, Nick.
Me too.
Good thing cats
do not have a sweet tooth.
But Thing 1 and Thing 2
sure do.
It's been the best
Halloween ever.
I got to say,
dressing up's fun.
Especially when you make
your own costume.
There's just
one thing more, Fish.
What's that, Cat?
It's a secret.
Come closer.
That was frightful, I know.
But Halloween tricks
are such fun.
Happy Halloween, everybody!
Welcome to Hat Chat.
Now that Halloween's over,
we're interviewing Bruno
to see if he had fun too.
Hi, Bruno. Did you go
and collect lots
of treats?
I sure did.
Us too.
We got twisters and crunchers.
Those are not
my kind of treats.
I prefer fresh berries
and fish and honey.
Right around this time of year,
I eat everything I can
to get big and fat.
Why do you do that?
When fall turns to winter,
food is hard to find.
Some animals, like me,
take a long nap,
called hibernation.
And we often don't wake up
until spring.
Wow! Imagine how much food
you'd need to eat
to last all winter.
Well, every little bit helps.
I have a question.
Which vegetable grows ears?
Not potatoes.
Potatoes have bumps,
called "eyes,"
where roots come from
when they grow.
And this is called
a head of lettuce,
because it's round.
But which vegetable
grows ears?
Did you say corn?
You got it!
Corn stalks grow
ears of corn.
You got it this time,
but next time
I'll stump you for sure.