The Cellar (2022) Movie Script

[deep rumbling]
[distant scream]
[sinister choral]
[car pulling up on gravel]
[car doors slam]
- [child] Is this all of ours?
- [man] Yeah, it's all ours.
[man] Leave the door open.
The others are right behind us.
- [child] They're always so slow!
- [man] Always slow.
- [child] Wow.
- [man] That's it? Wow?
[birds call, screech]
I told you it was only
20 minutes away.
Yeah, by car, Mom.
Do you ever try and see things
from someone else's perspective?
Holy shit!
Yeah, it's pretty impressive!
No. Holy shit! It's so ugly.
[door slams]
[boy] Mom!
- The dust is back.
- I'll get a vacuum.
Steve, I wanna show you
your room. Come on.
A play room, cool!
- And you set up all my games.
- Just for you.
[deep rumbling]
I don't know why we have to keep all
these creepy paintings and old stuff.
Well, they came with the house.
We'll probably get rid
of most of it.
Here, this will cheer you up.
- [Mom] Stevie, come on.
- Coming!
[Steven] Yes! All our stuff!
- [sarcastic] Yay, belongings.
- I thought you'd be pleased.
- You know nothing about me, Mom.
- [Dad] Ellie.
You might like this room.
Follow me.
Come on.
You know, when I was a kid,
I would have loved to have
lived in a place like this.
What's in there?
That's the cellar.
[door creaking]
Why don't you check it out?
It's filthy.
[Mom] I like to think of it
as character.
[Dad] Yeah. Nothing to see here.
[rattling handle] Get me out!
There's something wrong
with the lock.
- C'mon, it's not funny.
- Hang on, Ellie.
Dad, c'mon!
[wind whistles]
- Mom? Mom, Dad, get me out!
- [Mom] OK, just wait. Calm down.
Get me out!
Brian, there's a key.
Over there, there's a key.
- C'mon! Mom!
- We've got the key.
- Just a minute.
- Get me out!
- Hang on.
- Please, c'mon!
Get me out!
Get me out!
- I'm done here.
- Ellie.
- I'm not staying in this house!
- [Brian] That's weird.
[knock on door, door opens]
You OK?
Can I come in?
Listen, I wanted to ask
your opinion about something.
What does this
make you think of?
Absolutely nothing.
But do they look like
they're having fun?
They look like
brainwashed sheep.
C'mon, Mom, don't you have focus
groups for this sort of thing?
[sighs] Well, I wanted
your perspective.
- I hate your job, Mom.
- OK. [sighs]
Listen, I need you to watch
Steven tonight.
We have to go into the office,
but we won't be late, I promise.
So, you're leaving us here
on our first night?
Come on, Ellie.
This one's a big deal.
This one's important, OK?
Why did we have to move here,
I'm doing this for you guys.
- So that you have a better life.
- No, you're not.
You're doing it for yourself.
[door closes]
[Ellie crying]
[fox barking, owls hooting]
- [man] Where are your parents?
- [Ellie] They're in work.
You're kidding?
You've just moved in.
Yeah, they've an important pitch
She says they need it
to survive.
I hope they go bust
and we have to sell the house.
Come on, Ellie.
Maybe it won't be that bad.
I don't know.
I just miss everyone.
I miss you.
Why don't you come and hang out?
- I could come stay with you.
- [creaking]
- Yeah, why don't you?
- Just a minute.
- You OK?
- It's nothing.
- Is everything OK? Ellie?
- I'm gonna kill you.
This is Sophie,
19-year-old vlogger, influencer.
She's living
a jet-set lifestyle.
Except she's not.
She's an actress and we plan
to present her as a real vlogger
with a real-life narrative.
Now, these are some of the
initial ads which we will run
on all social media platforms
to support the video content.
You changed the colour
of her bracelet?
Oh, we thought it was too...
- [phone vibrating]
- Change it back.
- I can take it.
- [sighs] I got it.
Ellie, what's up?
- [video game playing]
- Mom, Steven keeps messing.
He won't stay in bed.
- [game] We're going in!
- [Mom] Put him on the phone.
- Hello?
- Steven, come on, behave.
- Or you'll be sorry for a week.
- OK.
So, the target audience is
pretty self-explanatory,
- 16 to 19-year-olds.
- What did I miss?
Where did you get this?
I found them in there.
What the...?
I've had it with this house.
Morgan from my class told me
the house was owned by a witch
who made a pact with the devil.
What? It's true!
What's that?
[man] Delta...
Point vector... Sum...
Partial One equals...
One N... DY by DX...
- Five...
- [electricity crackling]
- [switches off]
- That's enough.
- OK, bed.
- Ugh! [footsteps away]
[tense music on TV]
[deep rumbling]
[on TV] Hello?
[tense music on TV]
[electricity fizzing]
This demographic, teenage girls,
they respond well
to aspirational marketing
and social competition,
so can we create
a weekly vlogging chart
where vloggers compete
to receive the most likes?
Who's the prettiest?
Who gets the guy?
- Natural selection.
- Law of the jungle.
No, we call the competition
Natural Selection.
- Nice.
- [phone vibrating]
[sighs] Ellie!
Mom, all the lights
have gone out.
Are the wall sockets out, too?
- Yeah, I think so.
- All right.
We have to see if the power's
cut or if we've blown a fuse,
so I need you to go down
and check the circuit breaker,
see if any of the trip switches
are down.
I'm not going down
to that cellar.
I'm not kidding you.
I'm leaving now.
Ellie, can you just do this one
thing for Steven, if not for me?
What if he wakes up in the dark
and no one's there?
Listen, I'll stay on the line
with you.
- Mom? Mom, are you still there?
- I'm here. I'm on the line.
[lifts latch]
[door creaking]
Are you OK?
I can't see anything. I don't
know if I can do this, Mom.
I know you can do this.
Mom, I'm scared.
I'm sorry, I can't.
You know what I do when
I'm scared, to clear my mind?
- I count.
- Ah, no, not that, Mom.
No, listen, there's ten steps
to the bottom.
You counted them?
Would you just... Could you just
trust me for once?
- I'll try.
- Good.
Now, I want you to count each
step, can you do that?
- Yes.
- OK, just listen to my voice
and nothing else,
just focus on the counting.
Concentrate on that.
- Good. Next step.
- [Ellie's trembling breaths]
- Two.
- OK, keep going.
- Three.
- [door creaks]
You're doing well.
That's great, OK? Four.
It's OK, it's fine.
Keep breathing.
- Five.
- You're halfway there.
Just four more.
OK? Don't quit now.
You're doing great, Ellie.
Just keep counting.
One more.
You're at the bottom. Can you
see the pillar in front of you?
[dreamily] Eleven.
Twenty-five. Twenty-six.
Twenty-nine. Thirty.
[Brian] Ellie?
- Ellie?
- Ellie!
She's not here.
[Steven] What's going on?
- [emergency radios chatter]
- Ellie!
- I think she's run away again.
- Right. She's done this before.
Yeah, she'll turn up after
a few days in a friend's house.
[whistle blows]
[whistle blows]
Why don't you go inside
and play?
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
She was right.
About what?
When she said I didn't know
who she was any more.
She's grown up
and we haven't even noticed.
No, she's still
a little girl to me.
There's no way she ran away.
She was angry, you know,
she's upset with us.
You didn't hear her voice.
Oh, I'm so sorry. I totally
forgot. I'll be right there.
I'm sorry, Steven.
I completely forgot.
[sighs] Did Ellie come back?
Not yet.
[phones ringing,
hum of conversations]
[man] We've talked
to her friends.
We've pulled CCTV from
every bus and train station,
but no leads, unfortunately.
We've checked
her social media history
and there's a lot of harassment.
Quite nasty bullying.
Did she mention this to you?
Well, don't worry,
she gave as good as she got.
She didn't run away.
Why do you say that?
Something happened
in the cellar.
I heard her voice, it was...
She didn't sound right.
Have you tracked her cell phone?
Er... Her phone pinged off
the Three Rock mast at 8.42pm.
That was me. I...
I talked to her.
Can't you just please
check the house again?
Where I last talked to her in
the cellar, for clues, anything.
I can come up and take a look
again, if you want.
What about specialists?
It's not a criminal case.
I'm really sorry.
- [thud]
- [sighs]
[thudding continuing]
[thudding continues]
Steven? Come here.
[ball clatters]
How was Ellie the night...
the last night?
The same as always.
Is there anything
that you forgot to tell us
or anything strange?
We played that.
Go on.
[door creaking]
[footsteps climbing stairs]
[voices on two-way radio]
It's paint, plant-based
so the chlorophyll shows up
as red under the UV light.
It's very old. It's been there
since the '50s, maybe.
Do you know anything
about the house's history?
No, no.
We bought it at an auction.
House and contents -
got it for nothing.
Couldn't really turn down
that opportunity for the kids.
I think, um... Might have been
an elderly lady?
Who needed to make a quick sale
for nursing home costs?
Well, the team haven't found
anything else
that would give us
cause for concern.
I'm afraid that's all we can do
for tonight.
I'll follow up with you
in the morning.
I promise you
we're doing everything we can.
Thanks. I'll show you out.
God! Steven!
- What's the matter?
- I wet the bed.
It's OK. Come on.
Let's get you changed.
What happened to Ellie?
I don't know, Steven.
But whatever did happen to her,
I promise you
that we will do everything in
our power to get her back, OK?
- OK.
- OK.
Get some sleep.
Hey, this is Ellie.
I can't answer the phone
right now, I guess I'm away,
but I'll try and get back to you
as soon as I can.
- Probably when I'm home.
- [beep]
[imperceptible whispers]
[female] Two.
- Thirty-four...
- [lifts latch]
- [door creaking]
- Thirty-seven.
[counting stops]
[ball clattering]
[clattering continuing]
[clattering continues and fades]
[birds cawing]
- You been up all night?
- I couldn't sleep.
What is that? What does it mean?
Have you thought about it?
There's these symbols
above all the doors.
And they're different,
but they're similar, right?
And this... This is on the floor
in the cellar.
It's some kind
of mathematical equation.
We're going to get her back, K.
We are.
She was being bullied.
On her social media.
We didn't even notice.
It's because of me
they think she's a fraud.
They don't agree
with what she stands for
just cos she's different,
doesn't want to follow the pack.
- I swear, those bitches...
- I know, I know, hey.
All we can do is we support her,
But it makes sense,
why she ran away.
It does. I just wish
she could have talked to us.
I feel so useless. I want to do
something but I don't know what.
She's definitely coming back.
I'm going to have
to go in today.
Yeah, they loved the pitch.
The last thing we need
is the business going under
and us losing everything.
[phone ringing]
Rob Clayton.
Rob, it's Keira Woods
from the auction.
You'll have to be
a bit more specific, I'm afraid.
- We bought the XAOS property.
- Yes. What can I do for you?
We're having some problems
with the house.
I wondered if you had
any information
on the previous owner.
Not much. She's the daughter
of a well-known academic
who owned the house originally.
Do you have a name or a contact?
We only dealt
with her solicitor, I'm afraid.
- But leave it with me.
- OK, thank you.
Erica, I need a favour.
- Shoot.
- I sent you an email.
Can you find out what font
or language these are?
- And what they mean?
- Yeah, they look familiar.
- Leave it with me.
- Great.
We're talking about
target demographics,
16 to 19-year-olds with a focus
on leaving cert students...
We just loved
your Natural Selection campaign.
Thank you.
We had a similar campaign
go viral last year
with the hashtag
"follow your heart".
A wonderful campaign.
We really like the simplicity
of the competition.
Simplicity is key.
I can't remember who said it,
and I am paraphrasing, but...
..the receptivity of the great
masses is very limited...
[distorting, echoing]
Their intelligence is small
but their power of forgetting
is enormous.
Excuse me.
Hey, Keira.
It's Hebrew,
Hebrew glyphs, to be exact.
So, they don't mean anything
but when I put them
in a certain order,
they spell "leviathan"?
Some sort of sea creature
in Jewish mythology.
[vehicle approaching]
[door slams]
- Where's Dad?
- He had to work late.
What happened to your face?
Let me see.
Morgan said Ellie was dead,
so I hit him and he hit me back.
[game beeping]
[voices whispering indistinctly]
Delta... Point vector...
Sum... Epsilon...
Partial One equals...
One N...
DY by DX...
[Steven] Three.
- What are you doing?
- Nothing.
Why are you doing that?
Was I?
I thought you were playing
your game.
[deep rumbling]
[electricity fizzing]
[Steven] Mom!
- Steven?
- Mom, help!
What are you doing in there?
- Help, I'm stuck!
- Just a second. I'm right here.
Hang on a second.
Wait. Steven?
- Do you have the key?
- No.
- The lock is jammed.
- It's dark, Mom, I'm scared.
Hang on, I'm right here,
just outside.
Hang on.
Who are you talking to?
- Where were you?
- I fell asleep in the playroom.
- It's all right. OK.
- What's happening?
- I thought I heard something.
- [door rattles]
- [creaking]
- Don't move.
[electricity fizzes]
- [flicking switch]
- [Steven] Mom.
[whispers] Stay there.
[Keira] Steven!
- Steven!
- It's stuck.
I can't get it open.
[door rattling, creaking]
[phone clattering]
[clattering continues, echoing]
[deep growl]
Steven, try pulling on the door.
I am!
[Keira] The key!
What about the key?
I can't reach it.
I need to get a chair.
Hurry up!
Hurry up!
- That's it.
- [deep growling]
Steven! Hurry!
- [sinister choral]
- I still can't get it to work.
- One, two, three...
- [growl, exhalation]
- Steve, what's up?
- Dad!
Mom's stuck
and I can't get her out.
[Brian sighs]
He's asleep, finally.
What happened, K?
The lights went out
and I got stuck in the cellar.
There was something in there.
- Something?
- Yeah, I heard something.
It was in there with me.
A presence.
Take a look. I dropped my phone.
It fell down the steps.
It's not there any more.
It disappeared.
I'm sure your phone
is still there.
I also found out about the
family that used to live here.
The Fetherstons.
They all went missing, all
of them except their daughter.
Missing, Brian. Just like Ellie.
- What are you trying to tell me?
- I don't know!
I just know that our daughter is
missing and something very wrong
is happening in the place
that she disappeared.
I'm going to go look
for your phone.
- OK?
- [footsteps away]
[sinister rumblings]
[man] Come in.
I'm sorry,
I'm looking for Dr Fournet.
- Who are you?
- Keira Woods.
- I made an appointment with...
- What can I do for you?
Where did you get this?
I bought John Fetherston's
family home.
It was engraved on the floor
in the cellar.
"Delta point vector sum epsilon
partial I equals 1N DY by DX."
Call me Remi, please. I haven't
got used to this doctor thing.
You see, I was in a car crash
and a bang to the head
changed the parts of my brain
we don't usually use
well, now I'm a bloody genius!
How does that work?
Before the accident I could
barely add double numbers.
But afterwards,
I began to understand
the language of mathematics.
I began to see patterns
in everything
and somehow make sense
of the universe.
That's my magic trick.
I'm able to visualise
mathematical structures.
That's pi,
that's Hawking radiation
and that's a quantum star.
Who was he, Fetherston?
Well... You're standing
in his old office.
He was a colleague
of Erwin Schrodinger.
- Nobel Prize winner
- Cat in a box.
- Yes, the cat.
- Yeah, I never understood it.
It's simply his way
of illustrating
the misrepresentation
of having quantum particles
existing in two states.
The cat in the box
is either dead or alive.
We can't tell until we open
the box to observe it.
So, until we do so,
the cat is both dead and alive.
- I'm sorry, did I say something?
- No, no.
My daughter is missing, so...
I'm very sorry to hear that.
Please continue.
Well, Schrodinger came
to Ireland in the '40s
to escape the Nazis and work on
his unified field theory here.
Fetherston worked closely with
him until his son became ill
and he disappeared
from academic circles.
Completely disappeared? I mean,
does anyone know what happened to him?
No. It's a mystery.
He has a daughter, Rose,
who you must have purchased
the house from.
I don't think
she ever recovered.
Never really spoke
about what happened.
I can't visualise this yet but
at first glance, your problem,
your equation is definitely a
representation for a dimension.
Or dimensions.
There seems to be one variable
that's interchangeable
for each dimension.
It's incredibly complex, like
nothing I've ever seen before.
Can you leave it with me
and I'll come back to you?
That would be great. Thank you.
[distant exhalation]
- Hi.
- [drone whirring]
[phone buzzing]
Hello, Keira Woods.
Keira, it's Remi Fournet here.
- Is everything OK?
- Yes, why?
I called you a few times and...
Oh, you know, I lost my phone. I
just managed to replace it now.
That's strange.
Someone answered.
- What did they say?
- It was counting.
Eleven. Twelve. Thirteen.
I wasn't sure if you were OK
or what was going on.
- Keira?
- No, I'm OK.
I wanted to let you know
that I spoke to a colleague in
France about your equation.
He seems to think it's related
to a branch of mathematics
created by alchemists
in the 12th century.
He likened it to more
of an incomplete sequence
or an unfinished incantation.
It's a very peculiar sequence
and it does seem to refer
to dimensions,
but it's incomplete, as I said.
Sorry I can't be more help.
Well, thank you
for looking into it for me.
There is one other piece
of information.
My colleague has come across
a similar one
engraved in a house in Belgium.
An infamous house, actually,
where a family went missing,
vanished into thin air.
[video game beeps and trills]
- Steve, I'm gonna talk to Mom.
- OK.
- Hey, are you good?
- Yeah.
I've emailed these to you.
These are the engravings
above the door.
They're Hebrew.
They mean "leviathan".
Like I said, I don't know
what these triangles represent
but the letters, this is what
they mean, look what it says.
The abyss.
Fetherston, the man who owned
the place, called it XAOS,
Greek for chaos,
the void before time, the abyss.
You're making huge leaps
and connections between things
that are completely unrelated.
I could tell you that your name
Keira in Greek means Dark Lord
and you're connected to this.
- That's ridiculous!
- It also means dark-haired.
You get my point?
Look, the guy who owned this
house was an obsessed academic.
All of this, it's decorative.
It doesn't mean anything.
You know better than anyone
that everything has a meaning.
Every image, every word
is doing something.
These are pieces in a puzzle,
can't you see that?
So, what are you suggesting?
What do all these symbols mean?
I don't know yet. I've got
to show you something.
Look. You see? Each step
is numbered, one to ten.
What about this? Look.
[computer game beeping]
[sinister chords]
[whispering voices]
[abacus beads slide,
whispering voices growing]
I met with a physics
professor today.
He thinks it's a formula
to a different dimension.
- Another place, Brian.
- Keira.
This is delusional thinking.
The same equation was found
in another home in Belgium,
where another family
went missing.
This is our way to get her back,
I know it.
Please, Brian, I need your help.
Brian! What are you doing?
[high-pitched ringing
[sinister choral]
[Fetherston reciting equation]
Mom! Dad! [screams]
- What?
- There's something in there.
It looks like Ellie.
Ten... Ten... Ten... Ten...
It's Ellie's.
Hi, Keira. Rob Clayton here.
I've tracked down
Rose Fetherston.
She's in a private nursing home
called St Anthony's.
I'll put you in touch
with her carer, Ruth Collins.
- Hi. Thank you for meeting.
- Rose agreed to it.
She's inside.
She finds it peaceful here.
- She doesn't speak much.
- OK.
Thank you.
Hello, Rose.
It's nice to meet you.
I'm Keira.
My family moved into your house.
And now my daughter is missing.
I came here to ask you
about your father.
And about the cellar.
I know you've lost your family.
I know what that's like.
I've lost my daughter, so if
there's something that you know,
will you please, please tell me?
One of the seven
princes of hell.
What is it?
That isn't its name.
Whose name? Rose, tell me.
My father brought it
into our world.
Your father? He was a scientist.
He was, until my brother Jack
got sick
and science couldn't help him.
It's OK.
Please take your time.
Mathematics are supposed
to make sense of the universe,
to make order from chaos.
But all he succeeded in doing
was bringing darkness
into the world.
A darkness that has existed
since before the universe began.
Something ancient.
Something that has been known...
by many names.
Where is my daughter?
Is she still in the cellar?
It's not just the cellar.
It's the whole house!
[phone ringing]
[Remi] Hello, Keira...
[line crackles]
[line whistling, crackling]
[stops call]
[distant owl hoots]
[drone whirring]
Look at this.
These are the shapes
from over the doors, OK?
Five acute triangles.
And a pentagon.
OK, and there's more.
[stops whirring]
[Brian] Leviathan the sea
serpent is misdirection.
These are the Hebrew glyphs
over the five points.
It's some sort of demon
that the occultists and
the Knights Templar worshipped.
Some sort of gatekeeper
or soldier in hell.
- An ancient evil.
- Look, look at the fingers.
Just like in the painting.
And there.
[Keira] Solve Coagula?
This whole house has been
designed around it.
[beep, whirring begins]
Schrodinger's cat.
That's Ellie - neither dead
nor alive until we find her.
- Delta... Point vector...
- What's that?
Sum... Epsilon...
Partial One equals... 1N...
DY by DX...
- One...
- One.
- Two.
- Two.
That's the mathematical equation
on the cellar floor.
I'm positive it's Fetherston.
- He's reading it out loud.
- But what does that mean?
- I think it opens the box.
- Seven...
Eleven... Twelve...
[deep growl]
- [scream]
- [Keira] Steven!
[Brian] Steven?
Check upstairs.
He's gone.
[distant clattering]
[clattering approaching]
[Steven, faintly] Forty-one...
- Forty-three... Forty-four...
- Shush.
Forty-five... Forty-six...
Do you hear that?
Carry him, quickly.
- Take this off.
- [gasps]
He's so hot. Come on, Steven.
You're OK.
- What happened?
- Nothing. You're safe now.
- I'm thirsty.
- I'll get him some water.
Tell me, Steven.
Did you see Ellie?
I don't know.
- I can't remember.
- It's OK. I'm sorry.
You're so hot.
Here, let me take this off.
What is it?
- I remember.
- What do you remember?
I rode the beast
with seven heads and ten horns.
Fifty... Forty-nine...
- Forty-eight...
- Brian!
Forty-seven... Forty-six...
Brian. Brian.
Forty-three... Forty-two...
Forty-one... Forty...
[crash, wind roars]
Twenty... Nineteen...
Stop it!
Please, Brian. Come back to me.
Ten... Nine...
Eight... Seven...
Six... Five...
Four... Three... Two...
It's here.
[wind roaring]
[wind subsides]
[slow footsteps approaching]
[deep snarling,
footsteps pounding slowly]
[pounding footsteps receding]
[beast roars]
[footsteps pounding on stairs]
[pounding stops]
[deep growl]
[pounding on stairs]
[pounding receding]
[door creaks, slams]
[distant footsteps away]
[voices whispering]
[whispers echoing]
[whispers intensify]
[all counting]
..five billion, two million,
seven hundred and two thousand
and one...
[counting in Spanish]
..three million
and twenty-two...
three million
and twenty-three...
three million and twenty-four...
[whispers] Ellie.
Ellie! Ellie, it's Mom!
Can you see me?
Come on, Ellie. You don't have
to count any more.
It's OK. Come on.
I got you. Come on.
Come on, let's go.
[roar echoes]
Come on.
Come on, it's all right.
[crash, wood shatters]
[heavy footsteps
pounding up the stairs]
- [crash]
- You're not coming in!
- [crash]
- You're not taking my family!
[all quiet]
- You found Ellie!
- Yes. Get Steven.
Get Steven.
I never stopped trying, Ellie.
[sobs] I never stopped
looking for you.
I know.
- [Steven] Ellie?
- OK, we gotta go.
C'mon, let's go. Let's go.
- One...
- Two...
[Brian] Three...
[all] Four... Five... Six...
Seven... Eight...
Nine... Ten...
[continue counting]
[Keira] Nineteen... Twenty...
Twenty-one... Twenty-two...
Twenty-three... Twenty-four...
[Keira counting]
[whispering voices counting]
[whispering fades]
[simple melody]
[sinister choral]