The Cellar (1989) Movie Script

It was a forbidden place.
The Indians call it Caguay,
curse of the bastard
of the raven.
Years ago, the Comanche war
council met on this land
to decide the fate
of many nations,
and the promise of
annihilation to the white man.
Those days have passed, perhaps.
The Indian war council is gone.
Unfortunately, the hate
created by that time is not.
The evil in that
unholy war did not die.
In legend, this place is
guarded by the Comanche spirit
who rides the wind to
keep the evil here alone,
away from all else.
The white man did
not understand.
Treaties between
men were dishonored,
the word broken in
the name of progress.
No, keep going, the oil
is down there, I know it is.
Yeah, it's probably
down 500 feet.
It's dry, you've got a dry hole!
Go, shut it down!
Sam, where are you?
Here, Sam!
Rabbit paws!
Ah, ah, ah!
Where are they, boy?
What did you do with
the rabbit paws?
It was done.
Indian magic cast aside,
the white man
brought his machines.
Nobody believed the
old Indian legend,
the tunnel of Caguay, awakened.
The white man was
to learn the lesson
of evil medicine.
A lesson he would
not be taught easily.
Hey, Emily?
Come on, he ain't coming.
He'll be here!
What's the difference?
I ain't gonna live here.
Mance, this is your
first job offer in months.
Hey, I had some offers.
Oh, look out there.
Isn't that beautiful?
Come on.
Let's just wait 10 more minutes.
Get in the car, please, Emily?
Please stay.
Hm, hm?
Somehow, I think I'm
gonna live to regret this.
Good morning, viejo.
Come on, T.C.
You gotta get going.
Ain't you supposed to
sell your house today?
To that gringo that Boatwright
hired to work his rigs?
I ain't gonna sell.
Why are you so stubborn
about that place?
You ain't lived there for years.
I can't live there.
Nobody can.
Why don't you
just sell the place?
Put some money in your pocket.
I can't sell it, it ain't safe.
Oh, come on, T.C.
Not that story again.
It's too early.
I piss on Boatwright.
He can't make me sell.
Buenos dias, senor Boatwright.
Buenos dias, Chilo.
How about I buy
you a drink, T.C?
I ain't thirsty!
Grab him.
Spin him around.
Did I hear right, T.C.?
You say you want to piss on me?
He brought it on himself, Chilo.
Come on, come on.
Get after that house, and
this time, you better sell it!
Here you go.
Give me my hat, Tommy.
Give it to me!
All right, you little bastard.
I'll sell it, and then
you'll see what happens.
Ow, shit!
Mr. Van Houten.
Yes, ma'am.
T.C. Van Houten, ma'am.
Nice to meet you,
T.C., I'm Emily.
Whoa, what's the matter?
Desert dust?
No, just passing time.
God almighty.
That looks bad.
Do you think we could
see the house now?
Who the hell is that?
What's he doing out there?
Well, he sort of babysits
the place, you know?
He's a medicine man.
He's watering a damn tractor.
Well, he brings good luck.
You know, he keeps
the evil spirits away.
Come on.
Let's go in.
Guys been out in
the sun too long.
Yeah, he might sell cheap.
Funny how little cuts like that
always bleeds the
most, ain't it?
Yeah, it's hysterical.
Oh, T.C., does that
come with the house?
Yes, ma'am.
And it stays right
there, always has.
It's beautiful!
What was that?
Right over here
you got the pump.
It's a real antique.
You might want to replace it
so you don't have
to pump, pump, pump.
Unless you want the exercise.
Mr. Van Houten.
What was that?
Oh, I don't know.
Could've been a hawk.
A hawk?
Shouldn't we be
talking prices here?
Or ain't you folks really
interested in the place?
Oh, sure we're interested.
Aren't we, Mance?
This is the perfect
place to raise April.
Where's the hawk?
Come on, let's go see
the rest of the house.
Haven't you ever seen a hawk?
Keep the lights down.
You won't find no
mice around here.
No, sir!
Mice nor rats.
I still don't know how
I let you talk me into this.
You'll see,
Willy's gonna love this place
when he comes to visit.
All right, April sweetheart.
Sleep here while mommy and
daddy finish unpacking.
Hey, where'd you get that?
Maybe the cavalry left it.
Look out, John Wayne.
Mance, why don't
you put the gun away
before you hurt yourself.
Give me the gun, Mance.
Aw gee, mom.
How's that, babycakes?
Now get back to work.
Yes, ma'am.
Oh my god, what's that?
Jesus Christ.
What is that, a closet?
Look at that door,
does that look like a closet?
Mm, maybe it's a dungeon.
You're a sick
woman, you know that?
That's why you married me.
Why didn't T.C.
tell us about that?
Someone's in the house.
I sold it, chief.
I just had to.
Well, these folks
are safe, ain't they?
You can keep them
safe, can't ya?
Yeah, you can keep 'em safe.
Hi Toby, hi sweetie.
Come here.
Come here, Toby.
- Good boy.
- Bonzai!
Hey, my dog!
Ha, I got you now!
What are you doing, Willy?
Killing the dragon.
Not again.
It's a different one, okay?
Where's the torrents
and fire breath?
Doesn't need 'em,
'cause I can pretend.
Hey, Willy!
Come on!
Wait, Willy!
Won't you save me?
Dumb thing won't climb.
Come on, let's check it out.
What are you doing?
We're gonna get in trouble.
No we won't, we're just kids.
What is it?
Here, touch this.
Uh oh, the servo's burnt out.
Can you fix it?
Probably have to
wait 'til I get back.
To visit my dad.
Bye, T.C.
Why that's...
Quite a plane.
How far can it go?
Farther that you can
see, it's radio controlled.
Well, that's quite
a transmitter.
I souped it up.
Ah, it's a pleasure to meet
such an accomplished young man.
I'm T.C. Van Houten.
It's nice to meet you.
Just call me T.C.
Damn raven!
What's the matter with 'em?
They're busybodies.
The Comanches say they
spy for the evil spirits.
That's my dad.
I guess I'll be
seeing you around.
Bye, T.C.
God, it's good to see you.
It's good to see you too, dad.
How you doing?
Are you a cowboy?
Well, I guess you
could say I'm a dude.
A cool dude.
Yeah, that's it.
I'm a cool dude, right?
Come on.
My plane!
I got it.
What was that?
It's a hawk, they're
all over the place.
That was a hawk?
Welcome to the
wild west, partner.
Don't you think he should unpack
before you start boxing lessons?
I just want him
to see this stuff.
Hi, Willy.
- Hi.
- You want to hold April?
There you go.
Put this hand in between.
There you go.
- There you go.
- That's it.
Say cheese.
There you go.
Your first picture with
your new baby sister.
There you go.
Come on, I want to
show you something.
Oh, Mance, let him
catch his breath.
He can catch his breath later,
I see him once a year!
Willy, you better put that back!
Come on, dad.
Let me have it, please?
Come on, dad, can
I please have it?
No, son, put it back.
Aw, come on, dad, please?
Well, okay.
All right!
What the hell?
Dad, help!
Willy, what's the matter?
It's over there under the floor!
It was just there!
It pushed up the floorboard.
It's okay, Willy.
We're here.
What was it, sweetheart?
It looked like a snake.
Be careful, Mance.
Sounds like you were
dreaming, sweetheart.
No, I saw it.
It was awfully dark in here.
Are you sure it
wasn't a nightmare?
I saw it!
Tomorrow morning I'll check
the cellar for snakes.
What do you see?
Well, there's
gotta be something.
Just a bad smell.
It's awful!
Looks like Dracula's
bedroom down here.
Great place
you got us into, Emily.
Hello darling, how you doin'?
Yeah, you had enough?
That's a good girl,
come on, sweetheart.
Oh, that's good,
that's a good girl.
What the hell?
- You ready?
- Yeah.
You're with me?
Yes, dad.
Okay, touch gloves.
What for?
Even though you want
to knock his head off?
That's right, come on.
All right.
Okay, jab.
Right, left.
Okay, right cross.
Right cross.
Come on, come on, get up so
I can knock you down again.
Come on, you little wussy.
I'll tell you when
you're older, okay?
All right.
All right. Come on,
give your old man a hug.
Go on, get up, get up so I can
knock you down again, you wussy.
Now you die.
Stop, stop!
You sucker punched me!
It was a faint!
Oh, a faint, huh?
I'll give you a faint.
Look out, Willy!
Hey, it's a horny toad.
Whatever it is,
it's gonna be dead.
See, it's friendly.
Ain't nothing friendly
out here, buddy.
Come on, wart, eat.
It's good for you, look.
Mm, good.
Wart won't eat.
Well, what does he
eat when he's outside?
Too much voltage.
Hey, don't go under there.
Hey, kiddo, I thought I told you
not to take wart out
of his terrarium.
I don't want that
lizard running loose
all over this house.
It got him.
What got him?
The thing in the cellar.
Did wart get in the cellar?
It jerked him under the door.
Oh, well then he's
still down there.
Come on, we'll go get him.
Well, you want
him back, don't you?
Okay, I'll go myself.
No, don't.
I took him outside to play
and he got loose from me.
Oh, Willy.
I don't care that you lost wart.
What matters is
that you feel free
to tell me the truth, okay?
Is that a deal?
Okay, let's go get wart.
Ah, ho!
Dad, dad!
It's here, it's in the sinkhole!
The monster, the
one from my bedroom!
It attacked me.
That monster make you
wet your pants, Willy boy?
- Willy, get inside.
- But dad!
Right now, go.
Family trait?
Better put a stop
to that right quick.
You don't want your boy running
around in wet britches, do you?
You know, what's the big joke?
He's just a kid.
Well, did you see
the look on his face?
You gotta admit, it
was pretty funny.
Big deal, he wet his pants.
You didn't have to laugh at him.
Whoa, take it easy.
No, you take it easy.
I think he's afraid of the dark.
No, he never had that problem.
Well, do you think
he's doing it for attention?
Who knows?
He's got an overactive
imagination, hell,
he's been slaying dragons
since before he could walk.
I didn't know that.
There's a lot you don't know.
Hell, there's a
lot I don't know.
What do you mean?
Every time I see him,
he's 4 inches taller.
Mance, you've got the
whole summer to be together.
What, 5 weeks?
By the time he's 20, I've
spent what, a year with him?
Do you also do so
good your first try?
Sometimes my dad gets mad at me
because I don't need his
help as much as he wants.
Well, you oughta let
people like me and your daddy
at least pretend
we're helpin' ya.
Make us feel better.
I like being with you, T.C.
You listen.
I guess I know what it's
like when nobody listens.
I was trying to tell my daddy...
You know, he built that house
where you're living now.
I know that something was wrong.
Where'd you go?
Come here girl!
Come on, girl.
I know there was
something awful out there.
Even my dog Sadie knew.
Well, my dad had a lot
on his mind I guess,
with his oil well and all.
I tried to tell him what it was,
but I didn't know
what it was myself.
He said it was all right.
Well, I knew.
He said he'd go out
there, and well,
that's the last thing
I wanted him to do.
He didn't believe me.
I'll never forget that
night as long as I live.
Get your little hiney upstairs.
She's coming in!
I never saw my daddy again.
Shoo, shoo!
Don't mess with me, bird.
Too blurry.
Hey, chief!
What's with the spear?
What the hell are
you doing that for?
This is an evil place.
Is that supposed
to get rid of it
or just water it down a little?
These will keep it buried.
Keep what buried?
The evil one.
He feeds on the
souls of newborns.
But adults are safe, right?
No, it'll kill anything.
It secretes a
substance that'll strip
your baby to the bone.
That's quite a substance, chief.
I know how this sounds,
but you've got to listen to me.
Newborn animals,
infants, babies,
they're all susceptible
because their souls
are not yet one
with their bodies.
Do you understand that?
Come on, chief.
My great grandfather was a
very powerful medicine man.
He water tractors too?
He just killed white men.
Nice guy.
The war council forced
him to create a creature
that would destroy
the white man.
He conjured together pieces
of the most savage creatures.
He made the perfect
killing machine.
You find any peyote
out here, chief?
It's not gonna be too funny
when something that
is supposed to be dead
chases you down
and rips you apart.
Why not turn it
loose on us whities?
Because the son of a
bitch kills Indians too.
Monster in the cellar.
And didn't you tell me you
saw it in the sinkhole?
Well, maybe he has a
tunnel, I don't know.
Maybe your imagination's
working overtime?
I'm not, dad,
look, I'll show you.
No monsters, they don't exist.
It's silly to be afraid.
What's the matter?
Ah, it's the house.
I'm not used to it.
It is not the house, it's Willy.
Every time he comes to visit,
you get weird like this.
Do you remember his last visit?
You drove yourself nuts
trying to make sure
he still loved you.
I'm telling you, it's not Willy.
I don't fit in out here.
I bet I can
relieve this anxiety.
Emily what are you doing?
Use your imagination, okay?
I found this, is it yours?
You know, it's colder over there
than it is by my
fire, don't you think?
Why did you leave
this at my house?
Why did you bring it back?
My dad says I should
stay away from you.
Then why did you come?
You're trying to
scare me, aren't you?
You were in the sinkhole,
you were in my house, and
you were in my cellar.
You stay away from
me and my house.
You're an Indian, you're
just trying to scare us
off your land, aren't you?
Aren't you?
Here, take your stupid
spear, it doesn't scare me.
And you don't scare me either!
The desert speaks to
you at night, doesn't it?
I'm sorry I broke your spear.
Your name is William?
Come sit by the fire, Willy.
It's warm, have
something to eat.
My name is Sam John.
Why do you live here?
It is the land of my
father and our people.
You're a medicine man?
Have you ever
killed any white men?
Would you?
Would your grandpa?
War is a terrible thing, Willy.
Many Comanche people
as well as whites died.
Are you mad at white men?
No. Come sit by the fire.
I don't know about you,
you don't look much
like an Indian.
I don't know about you,
you don't look much
like a warrior,
but it took great
courage for you
to come out here in
the middle of the night
in the cold.
Okay, is this better for you?
Willy, sit them here,
tuck them like this.
You come smoking the peace pipe,
me more Indian now.
You were in the
sinkhole, weren't you?
No, Willy, I wasn't.
Well, somebody was.
I know.
The desert is a strange place.
What's that, wild
rabbit or something?
Hot dogs and baked beans,
I even got some
chips in the trailer.
I tell you what,
you come over here,
get the ketchup, grab
yourself some buns,
you can even bring what's
left of the spear there
and I promise that
I will be civilized
and I won't get wild,
and I won't try to scalp
you or anything, okay?
I don't know.
You've seen something at
the sinkhole, haven't you?
I saw it coming up
through the floor,
and if my dad hadn't come,
I don't know what
I would've done.
I know it sounds
like I made it up,
but I didn't, I swear it.
Did you see what it looked like?
Well, not exactly.
Do you think I'm lying?
Well, yes or no, Sam John.
Sam John.
- No.
- No?
No, I don't think you're lying.
Wow, you've seen it?
Yes, many times.
Is it a monster?
It's an animal.
My people call it "Caguay".
Wow, Caguay.
And it's very dangerous.
If you see it again, you
must come and get me,
and you must promise me.
Promise me that you will
stay away from the sinkhole
and out of the cellar.
Do you understand?
Did you tell my dad?
I saw you talking to him.
You did, didn't you?
And he didn't believe you,
and he won't believe me.
The Caguay is afraid
of the Comanche spirit
that rides the wind.
That's why it lives underground,
away from the wind.
The ancient ones say
that the Comanche spirit
will guide the
tip of the warrior
to destroy the evil one.
Take it.
Do you really believe this?
My dad would never believe it!
Because he's afraid!
No, my dad's not
afraid of anything.
Oh, he's one tough hombre, huh?
Yeah, are you scared?
You better believe it.
My dad's not afraid of anything.
Yes, he is.
He's scared, we're all scared.
It's okay to be scared.
It's okay for dads, for Indians,
for tough hombres to be scared,
it's okay to be scared.
I gotta go!
Man, if my dad found out
I was talking to you,
I don't know what he'd do.
He probably wouldn't
believe me anyway.
Can I have a torch or something?
You know, just in case.
Maybe this'll do.
Remember your promise, Willy!
"I'll remember your promise,
Sam John, I'll remember.
I'll stay away
from the sinkhole,
I promise to stay
away from the cellar.
I promise to come get you
if anything happens, I...
I promise.
Son of a bitch!
Nice kitty.
Is she okay?
Oh, yeah.
Sometimes babies just
cry for no reason,
then they stop.
Babies are like that.
Yeah, that's better.
She just needed a little air.
That's a girl.
You know even though we're
not together all the time,
- I still love you all the time, don't you?
- I know.
Partners, right?
- Partners.
- Good.
You know how this works?
The detonator
closes the circuit.
Hey, Willy!
When that charge goes,
you better squeeze your pecker,
don't wanna wet your britches.
Lay off, Kyle.
Why don't you squeeze
your lip, Mance?
Before it costs you your job.
Tommy, don't go wandering off!
I ain't going nowhere.
Pissin' his britches.
Ah, he's an asshole.
God damn it, Cashen,
you stupid son of a bitch!
What's so damn funny,
you little punk?
You look like
you wet your pants.
You heard him, he
said you look like
you wet your pants.
Yeah, and you look
like you're unemployed.
Get off my property!
Both of you!
Gotta stand up for himself
or get walked all over him.
You understand what
I'm saying, don't ya?
Sure, dad, you got fired.
Hey, give me 50 cents.
I ain't got it.
Oh, yeah, who'd you call?
My mom, she wasn't home.
Hey, partner.
Why you so glum?
Sometimes it helps to
get it off your chest.
Not when no one believes you.
Yeah, well, maybe they
just don't understand.
My mom would understand.
Sure, she would.
What are we doin'?
Makin' it.
You sure?
Everything will be all right.
I could get a job.
Look, you want to help,
you sell the damn horse
and no more decorating.
Look, I'll get a job, okay?
Hey, what's the matter?
Here, she needs me.
- I can do it.
- No, Mance.
She doesn't need you.
Don't ever say
she doesn't need me!
Please, she's hungry.
I don't care, just don't say it!
Willy, come here.
You better wear this.
What is it?
It's a jackrabbit's paw.
It brings good luck.
It didn't bring
the rabbit much luck.
But that's how it works.
The rabbit's a
sacrifice, he's innocent.
He gets took so you
don't have to be.
Not really.
You know how a cross
keeps Dracula away?
Like wolf's bane or garlic?
Yeah, it's like that.
If you wear it all the time,
it'll keep the creature...
It'll keep the evil away.
How can such a little
paw keep the evil away?
Why, it ain't so much
the paw as the ritual.
You see, Indians use rituals
to ask god to put his
power in the paws.
It's like receiving communion.
The wafer don't have no
power to take your sins away,
god does.
What are you gonna
wear for good luck?
You wait there a minute, Willy.
I want to check something.
- Get back to the house.
- What's wrong?
Just get home.
Don't let loose of
that rabbit paw!
Hi, dad.
Hey, come here.
What's this for?
T.C. gave it to me.
- What for?
- Good luck.
I don't want you taking anything
more from him, you understand me?
Okay, get inside.
God damn son of a bitch.
You got T.C. and you got wart,
but you're not gonna get
me, I'm gonna beat you.
Wow, he chewed off his own paw.
It's really weird
the way T.C. died.
It was an accident.
Where did all those
feathers come from?
He hit a bird.
He hit more than one bird.
So he hit a flock.
It's just really strange,
I get this weird
feeling about it.
You're just like the old
guy, and now he's gone.
What's wrong?
What's wrong with what?
With you?
You're not giving me
the good stuff, Mance.
Where's the good stuff?
I don't know what
you're talking about.
Leave us alone!
It's okay, baby, I love you.
Something's going on.
Please tell me about it.
I don't know what it is.
We can work it out, baby.
I don't know what it is.
I bet I know what those are for,
I bet I do.
You're going huntin', right?
You're gonna go hunting
that's right, yeah.
That was pretty good, huh?
It was either that,
or you was gonna
go kill someone.
I just guessed.
That's a good guess.
Willy, put 'em back.
Dad, I need these.
Look, I'm tired of
your crap, put 'em back.
But dad, I have to...
Wait, I don't get it,
why are you doing this?
You wouldn't understand.
Besides, I don't have
time to explain it.
Whoa, what's this?
- Give it to me.
- No.
Just give it to me!
Why, what's the big deal?
Just give it to me.
- Here you go.
- Give it to me!
Hey, get out!
Tommy, it's coming,
hurry, get out!
Get out!
Tommy, come on!
Get out!
No trace.
'Cause he's not in there!
What did you do
with my boy, Cashen?
I'm telling you, sheriff.
This assholes just
trying to get back at me
'cause I fired him.
Now take it easy, Kyle.
Arrest the bastard!
Search his house!
Earl, take Kyle to the car.
This is bullshit!
I'll be back, Cashen,
I'll find him.
And when I do,
I'll hang your ass,
chicken-shit bastard.
He's got my son, I tell ya'll
that bastard!
Aren't you guys
gonna do something?
Well, we can't find the body.
Maybe you should come up
with a different story.
What, you think I
did something to him?
Well, the boy drowns,
the body don't disappear,
not in a hole like that.
Well, they must've
missed something,
because that's
what Willy told me.
Boatwright says you
were kinda short tempered.
Well, what's that
supposed to mean?
12 pounds of dynamite?
I'd say that's pretty short.
I was just trying to scare him.
Scare, yeah.
I imagine you did that.
Are you still
trying to scare him?
Look, I didn't do
anything to his kid.
You're hiding something, Cashen.
I'm telling you the truth.
Then your son's lying.
Why would he do that?
Cover for Tommy.
Wouldn't be the first
time Tommy ran away.
No, that's what
happened, sheriff,
Tommy probably ran away.
Well, when your boy calms down,
you talk to him.
Then I want you
to give me a call.
Sheriff, found these
down by the bank.
Can I see that?
I need to know what
happened out there, Willy.
I already told you.
No, I can't tell the
sheriff a monster ate Tommy,
I need to know the truth.
That is the truth.
Where's Tommy?
Did he run away, did he make
you promise not to tell?
He's in the sinkhole.
No, he's not in the sinkhole,
they dragged the sinkhole,
there's no one in there.
Maybe the monster
ate his bones too.
Look, I don't want to hear that.
Do you understand me?
No more fooling around.
I know what I saw,
the monster got him.
You stop it.
I want the truth,
do you understand?
Stop it.
All right, he ran away.
That's what you
want to hear, right?
He ran away?
That's what you want to hear.
Did he run away?
Good, I want
you to call the sheriff
and tell him you've been lying.
Tommy, you in there?
No, that's what he
told me, sheriff.
Tommy ran away.
No, he doesn't
know where he went.
No, I am not trying to put
anything off on my kid.
Yes, I will.
Bastard doesn't even believe me.
Because Willy changes his
story every five minutes.
You know, I got a real problem
with your sense of
truth, young man.
Do you see why it's impossible
for me to believe you?
Flying snakes,
creatures in the cellar,
a monster eats Tommy.
What is next?
It's true.
You just told the sheriff
that Tommy ran away.
Because you made me!
Mance, maybe he needs help.
He needs a belt,
that's what he needs.
Mance, you're blowing
this all out of proportion.
A boy is missing,
just how serious
does this have to get?
It's okay, Willy.
That's great, that's great.
Willy wants to act like a baby,
so we treat him like a baby.
I'm not a baby.
Oh, no?
Where'd you get this, huh?
And who gave her this?
This is the real world, pal,
you better wake up.
You're scared of it too.
You're scared, I've seen you.
You want to see who's scared?
I'll give you something
to be scared about.
Mance, leave him alone.
What are you gonna do?
I'm gonna jolt him
out of that dream world
he's living in, now
get out of my way!
Not until you calm down.
All right.
Okay, okay.
You just stand
there 'til you rot.
What are you doing?
Mance, this is no
way to handle it.
He's my kid, I'll
do what I want!
Do you want me to
call his mother?
Good, good, you're starting
to remind me of the bitch!
Stop it!
Who the hell do
you think you are?
He's just a child!
He's my child!
You're staying in here
til you quit this shit.
Dad, let me out, please!
I won't cause any more trouble.
I won't help if you want me
to, I won't, I swear to god.
Mance, don't do this, please!
Don't do this!
Emily, listen to me!
Mance, you get out of my way!
This is stupid!
Shut up, shut up!
Why don't you just
shut yourself in there
and see how you like it?
Oh, god damn kid!
Not doing any good!
Look out!
It's not my
imagination, it's real.
It sure as hell is.
Emily, get them out of here.
Mance, no!
Dad, get out of the water, now!
Fry, you son of a bitch, fry!
Willy, the pipe!
You okay, dad?
Willy, get out of here!
Willy, get your
sister to safety.
No, I have to help dad!
Willy, no, it's too dangerous!
Dad, where are you?
Mance, no!
Harder, push!
Willy, please, we've
got to get out of here!
No, that thing killed dad,
and I'm gonna make
him pay for it!
Willy, please hurry
before it comes back.
Almost finished.
There, let's go.
What are we doing here?
This is where the
tunnel comes out.
Come on, I can set
it off from the road.
Wait, I think I see something.
Emily, don't!
Emily, help me up,
the thing's right behind me.
Let's get the hell out of here.
All right, son, do it!
Come on, come on!
What's wrong?
I don't know, it should work.
Mance, no!
Is everybody all right?
Where's April?
She's safe in the car.
I'm sorry, Willy.
It's all right, dad.
No, it's not, I
should've believed you.
I was afraid you
wouldn't love me
if you thought I was afraid.
Thanks, son.
The story of the
spirit who rides the wind.
The way of things.
Much has changed here
since that summer
a boy came to play.
The legend of Caguay,
forgotten perhaps.
The land will remember.
A little boy who remembered.
The great warrior
brought by the wind,
the curse of Caguay
lost in the wind.
The land returned to freedom.
It is said the
spirit of the wind
is where all good things
Comanche or otherwise...
A great warrior, the wind.
Hm, who would've thought?