The Chain (2019) Movie Script

- SARAH: Hmm.
I never really thought
I'd come back here.
- Oh, my goodness!
- Yeah.
You're here. [CHUCKLES]
You look like a werewolf
with that beard.
- Yeah.
- God didn't give you
your father's good looks
so you could hide
under all that hair.
- It's good to see you, too, Mother.
Don't be too loud.
Your father is already asleep.
You're as beautiful as ever.
EMMA: You travel light.
SARAH: We put most of our stuff
in storage in Oakland.
Oh, you should just get
everything shipped here.
Those places are expensive.
EMMA: Uh, I'm sorry
about the mess.
I've been having a little trouble
getting up and down the stairs, lately.
But, the entire
second floor is yours.
And I even set up
a coffee machine on the bureau.
Mom, we're here to help you,
not give you more work.
the bed is ready now.
SARAH: How is Michael?
EMMA: Oh, he's much better.
And he's so excited
to have Mike back home.
Yeah, he's so excited,
he can't even sleep.
EMMA: It was a wedding gift
from my in laws.
SARAH: Yes, very, um...
EMMA: Sweetheart, if you ever
need anything else to wear,
you just take a look
in these closets.
Right, Mike?
I'm sorry, about what?
The keys to the practice.
Rebecca will be there
at 9:00 tomorrow.
MIKE: Oh, good.
I am so glad you're home.
I'm getting the feeling that your mom
thinks we're moving in permanently.
Yeah, I had this conversation
with her ten times.
She just hears what she wants.
Well, at least
your father is doing better.
That's some good news, right?
Uh-huh. Mmm-hmm.
Thanks for doing this.
Of course.
Come here.
So, my mom try
and sell you on the bed?
- It's so creepy.
[SIGHS] It's, um,
no, it's perfect for a werewolf.
- Huh?
- Oh, sorry.
Welcome home, buddy.
Let's see what we got.
Thank you, Rebecca.
Okay. Now, open up for me.
Okay, how many fingers
do you see?
- Two.
Good girl.
Mom, I can see you.
- MAN: I see the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
This is Dr. Ericson's number. You
should schedule an appointment with him.
Are you leaving us again?
I'm only here for the summer.
I'm just taking over from my father
till we can sell the practice.
I'm really sorry, Mike.
- We're gonna miss him. He's just such a great doctor.
A really good guy.
You must be really proud of him.
- Hmm?
- Your father.
You have his hands.
Roman's lenses came in.
Oh, thank you.
- Have a good evening.
- You too.
MIKE: Hey, honey. Hey.
Listen, I have
a last minute surgery.
Yeah, I won't be home
until about 9:00.
I love you.
That bad, huh?
I'm sorry, Mike.
I'm afraid the results
of the MRI are conclusive.
No. Come on.
The sounds you hear,
your trembling hands...
You have the same mutation
as your father.
It seems you're
developing it earlier.
How long until
I become like him?
It's hard to say.
But meeting here
won't be enough to hide it.
Your symptoms will
be evident soon.
Disorientation, memory loss.
Visual hallucinations.
You won't be able
to take care of yourself.
There's gotta be something we can do.
Just... go home.
And tell your family.
You don't need
to go through this alone.
Good evening, Father.
Remember little Tania?
Her surgery
went great.
Mom, I'm gonna need your help!
Come on, big boy.
Get away from me!
Stop, stop, stop!
- What are you doing?
Ma! Ma!
Get away! Get away!
what are you doing here?
It still sounds good.
My mom used to play this
all the time when I was a kid.
Yeah, I got it tuned this morning and I
was thinking of teaching piano lessons
to a few of the neighbors
if your parents don't mind.
Well, I guess it all depends
if they're in earshot.
This is for you.
What's the occasion?
Do I need a reason
to tell you how much I love you?
- Will you help me put it on?
- Yeah.
I'd like to keep my throat, too.
You know, for someone who spends
all day with a scalpel in his hand,
you're pretty clumsy
with this stuff.
Got a good hand on your
bra clasp though, didn't I?
- Um, eventually.
Oh, it's so pretty.
Let's celebrate. I got a nice
bottle of Bordeaux from Jeffrey's.
Are you okay?
Why don't you sit down?
You look exhausted.
What? No. Look, I can clean it.
Just give me the paper towels.
You have to do it fast,
before it absorbs into the carpet.
[SHOUTING] I am not a child!
I can do it myself!
You're hurting me.
Babe, I'm so sorry.
I don't even know, uh...
MIKE: I'm sorry.
DR. RYAN: They love you.
[SIGHS] You didn't see her face.
She was afraid of me.
I can't do this to her.
I want to do it before...
before it's too late
for me to decide.
You will break her heart.
No. No.
She won't find out.
I'll make it look like an accident.
It's never an accident, Mike.
People always find out.
How would you know?
I found out about my daughter.
She was in pain, too.
Everyone thought I was a heartless woman
for trying to end my daughter's suffering.
They found her
on the train tracks.
I'm sorry.
Your case won't meet the
requirements for the California law.
You need to be terminal.
There is a place
in downtown Los Angeles,
run by a friend of mine.
Her name is Vilma.
All of her clients are dealing
with similar feelings.
I think that you should talk to people
who are going through the same thing.
Group therapy.
Sometimes the kindness
of strangers is the best cure.
What the fuck are
you looking at, buddy?
Oh, Mike, you scared me.
I never understood
what you saw in him.
What are you talking about?
We don't have
to pretend anymore.
I know everything
between you and my father.
What if he gets better?
Why can't any of you accept
he's not coming back, Rebecca!
He's gone! He's losing his mind!
There's nothing
we can do about it.
There's no cure.
There is no cure.
- I think I...
- We were waiting for you, Mike.
I am Piedad.
Three months already,
they started the session.
We need you to sign a non-disclosure
agreement before you can join the group.
We're very discreet.
It'll make you free in there.
You can take it off
when you're ready.
VILMA: Brandon.
BRANDON: I finally
told my daughter.
We went to see
the game last week.
And I had another seizure
and I remember looking
at her face at one point,
[VOICE BREAKING] and thinking,
I know this is my daughter,
but I can't say her name.
I think she understands.
Or not. Who knows?
At least I know I've had
my chance to say goodbye.
Brandon, we are
going to miss you.
You are finally ready.
We have a new guest tonight.
Welcome, Mike.
What brings you here?
MIKE: I can feel myself getting
sicker with every day that goes by.
I just don't want to rot
in that house with my father
for... who knows how long.
I can't-I can't end up like him.
I won't let him do that to me.
And my wife...
she doesn't deserve this burden.
She doesn't deserve to suffer
the way my mother has.
Mike, you're not going
to end up like your father.
- Because
you two are completely
different people.
I really wish someone
would have told him that,
like a long time ago,
because I didn't want to be a doctor.
I didn't want to work
at his practice.
I didn't want to put my life on pause,
so I could pick up the pieces of his.
And here I am.
You did all those things
because you wanted to.
I don't think you're taking
responsibility for your life.
And until you do,
you are not ready.
I think I can help you.
Follow me.
The cover of Vanitae, June '96.
You probably remember it.
I was everywhere.
Wow, you were pretty.
I mean, ahem, you still are.
You're sweet.
A horrible liar, but sweet.
No, keep it. That's how
I want to be remembered.
you said you could help me.
After the Vanitae photo shoot,
I went back to Spain
for a while.
I was the muse of all
the major designers in Europe,
but when I came back
to the U.S.,
they told me I was too old.
A movie producer came to me
and offered me a role,
if I could get rid
of some wrinkles.
Movie never happened.
But I married that bastard.
He kept asking me to lose
weight, to touch up my face,
and one surgery lead
to the next, until one day,
I couldn't recognize the person who
was staring back at me in the mirror.
And he divorced me.
I tried to kill myself
a few times.
But I didn't have the guts
to finish the job.
Vilma told me I was...
I was crying
for the bastard's attention.
Maybe I was. But not anymore.
I want to die with dignity.
That's when I joined the Chain.
Uh, the Chain?
A group of people that operate under
the radar to assist each other...
with death.
They are helping me die.
We can help you too, Mike.
I'm not sure I follow.
You've been thinking about it.
But you have concerns.
"Would I be strong enough?
Will I do it properly?
How would it affect
my loved ones?"
In the Chain, we provide
assistance with all of that.
Everybody dies
on their own terms.
But before you get help,
you have to help someone else.
That's... That's...
That's not suicide.
That's murder.
No. Not if it's consensual.
Nor if it's the only way out.
The person assigned to me, my
link, can be reassigned to you,
if you're willing to assist me.
[SOFTLY] Are you
asking me to kill you?
I'm asking you to help me.
Look, I, I appreciate
you reaching out.
But uh... I'm...
I'm not your guy. No.
Think about it, Mike.
Think about it.
If you came to Vilma,
that means that there's
only one way out for you, too.
[SIGHS] Where have you been?
We called you a million times.
- Mom, what happened?
I just fell in the kitchen.
You bastard.
No, no, it was just an accident.
Mom, we need to take you to a hospital.
You need stitches.
All right, Rebecca,
you're gonna stay here with my father
till my wife gets home, okay?
No! You stay with your father.
Rebecca can take me.
Right, dear?
Oh. Of course.
How the hell
did you walk in here?
I'm getting better.
I'll be back
at the practice in no time.
[STUTTERS] Dr. Ryan said uh...
Well, I never would have seen you
again, unless I was really sick.
Are you making all this shit up?
Well, you can be sure that if you
can't take care of the practice
- by yourself, I'm selling it.
- When Mom finds out about this,
she's going to agree to send you
to a fucking nursing home.
Ha-ha. You always
did have my temper.
I am nothing like you!
Oh, we both know
that's not true, my son.
I still have good friends
at the hospital.
Have you told your wife, huh?
I thought so.
Why did you abandon us?
- You know why.
- Huh.
Son, I've always
been fond of you, Mike.
Even though on the outside I...
I didn't act toward you like
other fathers act
toward their children.
But that's because
I can't pretend,
like other people can.
Careful, careful, careful.
You'll screw up the disposal.
And who's gonna
have to fix it, huh!
Ah, I've got it.
I got it.
- I got it.
It'll be our little secret.
You keep mine.
I'll keep yours.
You just relax.
Two cc's of procaine.
I can put the forceps away
for you, Doctor.
MICHAEL: You can't differentiate
a scalpel from a forceps?
What a shame.
You're an embarrassment.
[CHUCKLING] You know that.
I'm sorry, but they have grounds
for a claim, Mike.
The insurance company said
there will be an investigation,
and you will probably
lose your license.
Okay, look...
Don't say anything to my
parents, Emma, I'll handle it.
Rebecca, my name is Rebecca.
Right. Sorry.
What the hell is going on
with you, Mike?
What is it? Are you on drugs?
You have managed
to ruin everything
your father worked
so hard to build.
PIEDAD: I can't keep
going like this anymore.
After my last surgery,
my skin got infected.
Doctor says there's nothing
he can do about it.
Antibiotics don't work anymore.
I'm sure that you can overcome
this difficult moment, Piedad.
You're a strong woman.
But let's talk about why
you did this new surgery.
And who you're
really doing it for.
Look at me, Vilma,
you have to believe me.
I'm not doing this
for my ex-husband anymore.
I'm doing this for myself.
The anniversary of the photoshoot
is coming in two weeks.
And I would love
to pass that day.
I understand how you feel,
my dear Piedad.
But we've been here
before many times.
This is not about
your physical appearance.
I came to you before Brandon.
And I was here before Linda.
David, Samantha.
I've been patient! I've waited!
It is my turn now.
- I deserve your help.
- Enough!
You are not ready. Sit down!
MIKE: Piedad.
Piedad, wait.
I think, I think we can
help each other.
[SIGHS] If I do this...
- Yes.
- ...there can't be any suspicion of foul play.
It's the only way to avoid any
unnecessary pain for my wife or my mother.
Like I said,
your life, your rules.
That's how the Chain works.
You and your assignee
can figure all the details out.
Here's the contact information
you'll need.
No, no, no.
I don't want this information.
There can be absolutely
no trace of communication.
We have to be
extremely discreet.
I'm being investigated
for malpractice,
and I can't jeopardize my wife and my
mom cashing in on my life insurance.
How's your link going
to find you then?
It's easy. I'm at my father's practice every
day alone after six. Here's the address.
It's my life, my rules, right.
Just give me a week. Tell them to give
me a week after I help you, because
I'm gonna need to take care
of some business before I...
I do this.
I'm gonna write you an obituary.
There's this app that we all use at
the hospital called "Obitsearch."
Okay? Just tell my link to
download it and check it daily.
PIEDAD: An obituary?
It has to be my motto.
Well, it can be anything.
What do you want it to write?
Got it.
A wise girl kisses
but doesn't love.
Listens, but doesn't believe.
And she leaves
before she's left.
Suits you.
Credit Marilyn for it.
So, are you ready
to go over my plan?
[SIGHS] Yeah.
So, this is the main entrance
to the elevator.
I'll leave the key of room 1011
inside the big pot,
on the left side of the lobby.
I'll be waiting for you
in suite 1010.
Both of them are connected.
SARAH: Very good.
SARAH: Tommy, this one measure
here, needs a little more forte.
But, you're gonna impress
Anna at the recital.
Bye. Say hi to your mom.
- You okay?
- Yeah.
I was just thinking...
you're gonna be
a really great mom one day.
Are you sure
that's all you were thinking?
Maybe there's something else.
- Yes?
- Uh...
I don't think
Tommy's really gonna
impress anybody at the recital.
You're a horrible,
terrible person.
He kind of sounds like
a cat got set on fire
and let loose inside
of that thing.
Well, some people are
just born with two left hands.
Not you, though.
[EMMA CRYING] They saw her
getting out of your car.
Will you calm down, Emma?
Why do you have to humiliate me
in front of everyone?
I don't know
what you're talking about.
But I'd watch your tone
if I were you.
EMMA: Oh, you would, would you?
I am sick of this.
One of these days,
you're gonna come home,
and Mike and I will be gone.
- You okay, Mom?
- Mmm-hmm.
I was laughing so hard
with Claire, I popped a stitch.
I'm gonna go out for a little
while with some friends.
I'll be back later.
Okay. Have fun.
CONCIERGE: So sorry.
Let me get that for you.
MIKE: No, no, no, no.
- Thank you.
- Are you okay, sir?
- WOMAN: Hello.
- Hi.
Would you mind pressing ten for
me, please?
Of course. Be my pleasure.
Still here. Still here.
I am adding this
to my time capsule.
Someone will find it one day.
And everybody will know
who that bastard really was.
I thought you were doing this
for you and not for him.
Show me what you got.
It's called Digitoxin.
If you take half the bottle,
it'll give you a heart attack.
Uh, it's painless.
If you could take it in smaller
doses over a period of time,
it's untraceable, but I guess,
we're not too concerned with that.
Um, it was actually
the murder weapon
in Agatha Christie's
Appointment with Death
and in an episode of Columbo.
PIEDAD: Uh-huh.
So, it's glamorous,
but not too cliche.
- Mmm-hmm.
- Just...
Just what you asked for.
- Is this your...
- Maybe.
MIKE: Aspirin.
You gotta be kidding me.
- God damn it!
- Calm down. Calm down.
- Calm down.
Let's follow my original plan.
It will be...
It's going to be unforgettable.
You look terrific.
Sweet liar.
It's all right. I'm here.
Will you kiss me?
[FAINTLY] Thank you.
I don't want
to do this anymore, Mike.
MIKE: No, no, no!
What do you mean?
I want to go to the hospital.
Please, help me.
I don't want to die, Mike.
Help me! Help me!
- WOMAN: Is everything ight in there?
- WOMAN: Ma'am?
- MIKE: Piedad.
WOMAN: Someone from
the lobby is on their way.
Shit! Piedad, look,
if we don't dress these wounds,
you're not going to make it
to the hospital, okay?
- Quiet, are you crazy?
- WOMAN: Somebody is in there.
- WOMAN: Call the police.
- This was your idea. This was what you wanted.
What happened to keeping
your dignity and all that shit!
[PANTING] Wait! No, no, no, no.
No, no, no, no, girl.
Whoa. No, wake up.
- Wake up.
MAN: This is the concierge,
ma'am, we're coming.
MICHAEL: A "B" in Biology.
Now you know the deal.
But, but Dad, Coach Harris said
I have a real chance of going
to college
on a football scholarship.
My son isn't going
to be a football player.
You're too small.
But, but Coach Harris said
I'm in great shape.
I run fast and my lungs are big.
Oh, you think you have
powerful lungs, huh?
You know, if you can smoke,
you can change your pants yourself.
I have worked hard
all of my life.
And sacrificed
everything for you.
And you have never had any
cause for worries of any kind.
And yet, I have not asked
for gratitude for this.
Just some sort of obligingness.
Just some small shred
of sympathy
for the old man.
But you've been walking away
from me all your life.
And now this.
Rebecca told me what you did.
I never wanted to work
at your damn practice.
You never would have
made it, Mike.
You weren't good enough.
And you know it.
The closest you would
ever come to the NFL
is being a waiter
in a sports bar.
You should be grateful
that I sent you to med school.
You should be grateful.
Dr. Coleman.
- Hi.
- Yeah.
Detective Darcy from the LAPD.
Do you have a moment?
I hope this is a good time.
Your mother said it was all right.
Yeah, sure.
I wanted to speak to you
about Miss Piedad Lopez.
Uh, who?
Piedad Lopez.
I understand you two attended the
same therapy group in downtown L.A.
And it seems also that you were with her at
the Shattered Glass bar a couple of times,
according to a waitress.
Um, right, sorry, the uh...
Yeah, the girl from therapy.
Uh, sorry, I've only seen her
a couple of times, so I just...
I don't remember her name. Um...
Uh, would you mind
if we talk in the office?
My wife, she doesn't know
I go to therapy.
After you.
You okay, Dr. Coleman?
Well, Miss Lopez was
found dead yesterday.
I'm just checking with everyone who might
have any relevant information about her.
Well, I, I, I really wouldn't know
why she would try to kill herself.
I didn't say it was suicide.
So, wait. What, what was it?
There were some signs
of struggle.
There was also two different
sets of footprints in the room.
Forensics is doing
DNA tests now.
This was murder.
Uh, well, I only met
Piedad twice.
You know,
so I didn't really know her.
SARAH: Mike, are you here?
Hey, baby, I'm right here.
What are you doing?
I'm just finishing up
some emails.
Hey, why don't you hop on
upstairs and start breakfast,
and I'll just be up in a sec.
Okay, well, come on,
'cause Tommy's mom is dropping him in 20.
- Okay.
Listen, Detective, I really wish
I could be of more help but...
Call me
if you remember anything.
- Have a good day, Dr. Coleman.
- Mmm-hmm.
Oh, Tommy, you're early.
- Good morning, Mike.
- Good morning. Come in.
LINDA: I need to do some errands
and I was hoping you could
spend a little more time
with Tommy.
SARAH: Of course, Linda.
There you go. There you go.
SARAH: Yeah.
Only a week left till recital.
Oh, my God.
Your mom was right.
You do take after your dad.
That's creepy.
SARAH: Sorry.
Actually, there's uh...
- There's something I want to talk about.
- Finally!
You've been acting so weird
since we got here. What is it,
- Mike Coleman?
- Uh.
- Um...
It's uh, just a precaution,
you know, just...
In case anything happens to me.
Life insurance.
I mean, you know,
it will be enough
to keep you comfortable,
and uh...
You know.
I just try
and plan ahead in my life.
Be an adult. You know,
don't adults do this?
- Are you sick?
- No.
No, not at all.
Then I'm going to pretend
that this isn't awkward.
my dad didn't plan ahead.
Okay? And now,
you see this mess
that we're dealing with.
Babe, I know it's been
really hard on you...
seeing your parents like this.
But we're gonna be fine, okay?
We're gonna...
At the end of the summer,
we're driving back to San Francisco,
and we're gonna get a new house
and we're gonna start a new life.
More like,
we'll drink wine every night
and make love every day.
SARAH: Yeah.
- Except you're not going to be pouring the glasses.
And we're gonna have two kids.
And they're gonna be
really happy kids.
Yeah. Two really happy kids.
And do you know why
they're gonna be so happy?
Because we're not going to make the same
mistakes that our parents made with us.
And we'll support them with whatever
they want to do with their lives.
And we're gonna accept them
exactly as they are.
And then will be the time
to talk about this.
- Yeah.
- But, um...
not until then, okay?
- Okay. [CHUCKLES] Okay.
- Okay?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
I've already paid for the first
three months, okay. It's really nice.
They'll take
really good care of you.
They have a huge garden
with a wooden gazebo
and they have a library,
so you can read the paper.
A TV room with a big fireplace.
And Mom can visit you everyday.
Good try.
Now let me be clear.
I am not leaving this house.
And if you don't want your mother
and Sarah to know our little secret,
you'll just stay away from this.
[SIGHS] When Sarah
and I leave in a few weeks,
Mom's not going to be able
to take care of you by herself.
Stop, stop, stop.
Son, we're both
in the same boat here.
You can't go anywhere
with your condition.
Yeah, well, I'm gonna be
gone sooner than you think.
But I'm not leaving you here
with Mom again. You hear me!
I know that you love me.
In your own sick
and twisted way.
Deep down, I love you too.
Father, just do us a favor.
Do us both a favor
and sign the application.
- Ow!
- Get out of my house, you little bastard!
- Get out!
- Son of a bitch!
The results of the clinical
trials are unbelievable.
The treatment is still
experimental, of course,
but we have a real chance here.
Is it getting any closer
to being approved by the FDA?
The approval process hasn't
even started yet.
It could take months or years.
But I have a contact at CenterWatch
with access to the treatment.
I can get it for you.
But it has to be
strictly confidential.
What we're doing
here is illegal.
You cannot tell anyone,
do you understand?
Yeah, I understand.
And the side effects
for the heart are aggressive.
So you would need to take it easy for
a couple of weeks, can you do that?
Yeah. Absolutely.
When can we start?
I can get it shipped
to me tomorrow.
Thank you, Angie.
We can meet at my office.
We'll have privacy there.
Enjoy these days
with your family, Mike.
VILMA: It's all over the place.
We have to stop it
until it calms down.
It's not our problem.
I don't give a damn about him.
Well, then,
you better do it fast.
I have to call you back.
Mike, what are you doing here?
Sorry if this is a bad time.
So, it looks like I might
have some hope after all.
Uh, I'm gonna be starting
this experimental
treatment for my condition.
There's a really big chance that
I might not end up like my father.
Mike, I hope you don't
find this insensitive,
that's fantastic news.
I'm very happy for you.
But you need
an appointment to see me.
Yes, sorry, are you moving?
You need to go now.
Uh, okay, look sorry.
I don't know what's
going on here, but uh...
I don't want to die anymore.
That's great.
I told you you weren't ready.
Right. And you were
absolutely right, so,
maybe you can let everyone else
in the group know as well.
Okay, I will.
Because like, I'm gonna be fine,
you understand and...
I won't be needing help anymore.
That's fine, Mike, you don't have to
come back anymore if you don't want to.
Now have a good day.
No, no, no, I'm not talking
about therapy, okay.
I'm talking about the Chain.
[SCOFFS] I'm not sure
I understand.
I think you do, okay.
Piedad told me everything.
She told me
that the links meet here.
Mike, you're not
making any sense.
I saw you give Brandon
the thumbs up.
I know that you're behind it,
okay. I need you to stop it.
Let me give you
some advice, Mike.
You shouldn't be talking
so freely out loud.
People may think that you are
associated with Piedad's death.
She didn't wat to kill herself, so maybe
she asked someone else to help her.
The cops have already been here.
They've been looking for people,
asking for names.
And you look a lot like
the suspect in the news.
[SOFTLY] I just want out
of the Chain.
If you ever come close
to me again,
I'm gonna have to call
the police and your family.
Do you understand?
Vilma, please, I beg you.
Goodbye, Mike!
Hey, wait! Who are you?
Wait! Wait!
Hey, wait, we need to talk.
I don't want
to die anymore, okay!
Hey, did you hear me?
Every death is
a tragedy, Howard.
And it is my job to help
people with depression
get through their hole,
so to speak.
Suicide is happening
across America.
For every murder,
there are four suicides.
You might not agree with me
or with Brandon's actions,
but stigmatizing suicide
will only make it worse.
What the fuck did you do?
What, excuse me?
We had a deal.
I told you the treatment
had to be confidential.
Wait, wait, uh, what?
Vilma called me last night and asked
about your experimental treatment.
You're jeopardizing my career.
Look, I'm sorry, I just...
I had to give her a reason
for not coming back to the sessions.
I mean, she wouldn't let me go
unless... I had to.
I promise it won't happen again.
Mike, this was a bad idea.
I, I, I can't trust you anymore.
No, no, no, no, no.
Please, Angie.
You gotta help me.
You're my last chance to survive.
I'm willing to take the risks.
[SIGHS] Did you, uh, send my dad
to Vilma after he was diagnosed?
I recommended him to go,
but you know how proud he is.
Are you okay?
- Phew.
I told you the treatment
is aggressive.
I hope you don't mind.
I took one of yours.
Now, I didn't know you went to
therapy right after you got diagnosed.
Shrinks are for crazy people.
You went to Vilma's therapy group
though, didn't you?
I don't believe I know her.
Did you get to know
Piedad Lopez?
You know, the one with all
the plastic surgery.
Did they tell you
about the Chain?
What did they tell you about it?
EMMA: Michael dear, guess what?
I found you another shirt.
I don't know how
that other one just vanished.
Like socks in a dryer,
I suppose.
I didn't know you smoked, too.
Anyway, I got one for you, too.
They were on sale.
Why don't you try it on?
I think it'll look
lovely on you.
Like I said,
your life, your rules.
That's how the Chain works.
You and your assigned link
can figure all the details out.
Here's the contact information
you'll need.
Yes, good morning, ma'am,
I'd like to book suite 1010 for tonight.
Mmm-hmm. Thank you.
Relax. You need to relax.
- SARAH: Mike, hello?
- Shit, that's my wife.
Hey, sweetheart, ahem,
do you need anything?
Sorry to interrupt.
This is Dr. Ryan, my father's physician,
and Dr. Ryan, this is my wife, Sarah.
- SARAH: Nice to meet you.
- How is he?
- DR. RYAN: Stable.
But there isn't much more
we can do for him.
Call me if you need
anything else.
- DR. RYAN: It was nice to meet you, too.
Do you mind if we talk at home.
I'm just kind of busy.
I called Rebecca.
The practice has been closed
for weeks now.
All those night surgeries,
all of that...
paperwork that
you had to finish...
I kind of really
fucked up, babe.
Are you having an affair?
No. No. Absolutely not.
Please, just be honest with me.
My father...
is pretending to be sick.
He's been lying to us all
since the beginning.
He told me himself.
He just wanted me to come back here.
I was sick.
But I'm getting better.
That's why Dr. Ryan was here.
But I... I didn't want to tell you
because I didn't want you to worry.
But someone is going
to kill me if I don't stop them.
And I'm pretty sure my father has information
about the Chain. He just won't tell me.
You need to go to therapy.
You're losing your mind.
- Don't you ever say that.
Get away from me!
Excuse me, I have a reservation.
Yeah. First time staying
with us, sir?
You look pretty different
with the beard.
You look better now.
Welcome, Mr. Coleman.
It is suite 1010.
Enjoy your stay.
PIEDAD: Help me.
Mike, help me.
Piedad, there's nothing
I can do for you.
You're dead.
Well, well, well,
look who we have here.
Returning to the crime scene,
Dr. Coleman.
- Do you mind if we go talk someplace else?
- Sure.
There's a bar nearby.
I think you know it.
DARCY: The Chain?
I know it sounds crazy,
but it's true.
You need to stop them.
Hello, stranger.
What can I get you?
A coke, please.
- I'll have the same.
- Two cokes.
Is your friend
joining you today?
Excuse me?
The lady
that you always come with.
No, no, she's not coming today.
Oh, be right back.
you know how to find
who killed Miss Lopez.
Yes. Uh, Vilma. You have to
investigate Vilma, the therapist, okay?
Everyone who's been to...
I went back to the hotel to try
and find Piedad's notebook, okay.
She wrote down everything. Okay.
There's bound to be some names in there.
We searched her room.
It was empty.
[SIGHS] Okay. Sure.
Look, Mike, I need you to come down
in the morning. Give a statement.
If everything you're saying is
true, we will help you.
But you gotta
tell us everything.
And stop playing detective.
- Oh, my God, that's him.
MIKE: Hey, stop!
I don't want to die anymore!
WOMAN: You saw that, right?
You saw that it wasn't my fault.
He just came out of nowhere.
Look, just get back in your car.
- I know, but it wasn't my fault.
- I'm a doctor.
Call an ambulance!
- There's no need to keep pretending, Father.
- Hmm?
I know you're my link.
EMMA: How was your day, son?
I hope you're hungry.
Starving. Quite a busy day.
EMMA: Well, Sarah is a gem.
She went to the market, bought a big duck.
She's been cooking all day.
MIKE: Hmm.
I'm sorry.
For everything.
I haven't been myself lately.
And I'm gonna put an end to it.
I love you.
You better get
your shit together, Mike.
I don't even know
who you're becoming.
[SOFTLY] I'm gonna prove to you
that my father is faking.
He wants to kill me.
Stop it.
You'll see.
These potatoes are out of this world.
You used thyme, right?
Um, yeah, I did. Um...
But the key was to precook them in the
microwave before I put them in the oven.
Really? I never would
have thought of that.
Mom, let him do it.
[SCOFFS] Your dad can't
coordinate his hands well enough.
Mom, if he can hit you,
he can feed himself.
SARAH: Mike!
You can feed yourself,
can't you, Father?
- MIKE: Show 'em.
Son, let's just have
a nice family dinner.
Mike, stop it.
EMMA: What are you doing?
We're not helping him
get better, Mom.
- Eat.
EMMA: He can't do it by himself.
Yes, he can. I've seen it.
Come on, just a little bite.
Sarah spent all day
working on this meal for you.
Come on.
We both know you can do it.
Sometimes you just gotta be a
little hard on him for his own good.
- Right, Ma?
That's what he always said.
Sarah, would you take care of
Michael tomorrow, around 4:00?
I'd really like to go to
Claire's daughter's baby shower.
I can do it, Mom.
Sarah's got rehearsals.
You know,
the kid's recital's on Friday.
I have zero patients tomorrow.
I don't mind, really.
There's some pudding left
in the fridge, if you're hungry.
Thanks, Mom.
Have fun. Don't worry.
Father, where are you?
Father, what are you doing?
Following your instructions.
It'll look like you hit
your head against the tub.
It was an accident.
I don't want to die anymore.
There's a cure for me.
Oh, there's no cure, you fool.
[GRUNTS] Come on.
Now we're even!
You're never gonna see Mom or me again,
or that fucking nurse
of yours, do you hear me?
SARAH: How are you feeling?
- My father...
- Mike.
It's gonna be difficult,
but you need to try to remain calm, okay.
Your father passed away.
He fell and hit his head
and drowned in the bathtub.
You had a heart attack,
when you were trying to help him.
We almost lost you.
Dr. Ryan came
to see you last night.
She said that you need to rest.
No more craziness.
Just a couple of days in bed.
Avoid stress at all costs.
You got it?
Sarah, I don't want
to be here anymore.
I want to get out of this house and
I want to go back to San Francisco.
You get better.
Rest a couple of days,
and then we'll go wherever you want.
I have to go now.
Your mom is alone at the funeral home.
I'll be back, okay.
Yeah, Detective Darcy.
Yeah, I'd like
to make my statement.
What is she doing here?
Mike, please, sit down.
What the fuck is this?
Isn't it clear?
Exactly what you wanted.
She's killing you,
making it look like a natural death.
Digitoxin doesn't leave a trace in
the blood stream. You know that.
"Your life. Your rules."
DR. Ryan: Mike.
Mike, Piedad used you.
She invited you to the Chain because
Vilma didn't let her link to help her.
So, she decided to rearrange
things behind our backs.
In order to be helped by the Chain,
you must have Vilma's and my permission.
I make sure the patients medical
conditions are irreversible.
And she makes sure they're
ready for the final step.
she didn't have either.
So the treatment was a lie.
You should be thankful
to Dr. Ryan.
After you and Piedad messed up,
I stopped the Chain.
But she still wanted
to help you.
We need to stop this
until it calms down.
It's all over the place.
I can't abandon him now,
I brought him into this.
He's expecting a link to help him die.
I don't give a damn about him.
He is not our problem.
It was the only way
I could follow your rules.
The truth is
that there is no cure.
Your heart is already very weak. One more
dose and you will die of a heart attack.
No one will ever know.
Did you get all that?
It's a full confession.
Arrest them.
Mike, who are you talking to?
This is Detective Darcy
of the LAPD.
There's no one there, Mike.
I was being investigated
by insurance companies.
There's pictures, there's...
There's a video.
MIKE ON VIDEO: You have to
investigate Vilma, the therapist.
Thank you.
Look, I went back to the hotel to
try and find Piedad's notebook.
She wrote everything down.
There's bound to be something...
Wait, what...[STUTTERS]
What about my father?
What about him?
He told me he was my link.
He went to your therapy group.
I've never met
your father, Mike.
You sent him there.
That's how he became
a part of the Chain.
[MUTTERING] Come on.
Uh, Pie, Pie, Piedad.
She wrote down his name
in her notebook.
Your father could
barely move or talk.
I thought he wanted to die.
I was just trying to help him.
MIKE: If Mom finds out
about this,
she's going to agree to send
you to a fucking nursing home.
I never asked or wanted
your damn practice.
I am nothing like you!