The Chair (2023) Movie Script

thank you
about to start home from work but yeah
now I picked up dinner I got it and I
got some some other stuff for you
how was work good where's dinner I'm
starving it's uh it's on the counter
but uh
happy six months
um babe
flowers very classic
happy anniversary
I love them thank you
what stop
um and also what's a chair for
found it
on the road
so you took it home
a surprise
um that was the second one
do you like it
you don't like it
I mean you should like antique stuff
I mean
where are we gonna put it
I was I was thinking right here
I mean it's just decorative
kind of dirty
clean it
and it's old
and it's creepy creepy yeah it's creepy
Reese I mean look at it okay so
old is creepy now
I mean I think it's kind of homey Reese
I don't like it
I don't think that we need more clutter
around here honestly
I like it
it's actually kind of copy too
please please why why do you even like
it this much I mean are you gonna sit in
that thing yeah uh-huh I mean it reminds
me of my grandpa too you know I'm going
for a consistent style in the house
keep it in the bedroom
I can't sleep next to it
I feel weird
it's this is just a chair okay why are
you making such a big deal out of this
Rhys please don't make me beg okay I
don't like it I'm sorry but we can't
keep it just
fine I'm just gonna
what the fuck
what the fuck
hey you're home
hey you're supposed to get dinner
did you uh
I uh
I could just go right now stop stop what
just back up
you weren't even supposed to be home yet
he ruined the surprise what surprise
whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa I found this no
no no no no no no no no no no no no no
no no no
what Reese move come on it's heavy I
just where did you even get that it was
on the side of the road take it back
take it back why no Reese I like it
why do you hate everything what no I
don't just take it back calm down hey it
is kind of no it's fucking creepy it is
creepy I do not want that thing in my
house anymore get it out okay you don't
even like stuff like this okay well it
grew on me am I allowed to change my
hello what do you want
what what did you just say geez there's
no need to rub it in my face okay we can
keep the damn chair look I'm trying to
do something nice here it's all you
talked about last week I thought you'd
be happy about it
yeah when you brought the chair
what day is it
it's Wednesday
so it's still Wednesday yes but you've
seen the chair before yes you brought it
home this is the same chair Reese
time travel there's like I don't even
know what I thought what you made me
take the chair back but what do you mean
last week
what look earlier today when I dropped
off the chair I don't even remember
dropping it back off I just wait I just
showed up there today yeah I mean you
had it here this entire time what you
fuck no no no no no when I showed up
with the chair today after work you
hated it so I think I just I just
dropped it off but I have no one work
Reese today or a week ago what what is
going on what day is it it's Wednesday
what is the date what is the date
October 20th 2021 this is some bullshit
you know now I see what fence was
talking about
are you fucking insane when did I drop
this chair off last
week sleep on the couch tonight honestly
don't bother coming to bed after a
terrible fucking week
if you don't make a big change I'm gone
I really need you to listen to me right
I think
I don't
I don't remember an entire week of my
I blacked out
really and
I think it has something to do with the
kind of hard to believe
hard wrap your head around
try being me right now
you know what Rhys
you don't get to forget things just
because you regret the shit that you did
I tried to make amends
all this shit a week you've acted like a
complete asshole
getting in fights with co-workers
walking fucking racist with Joe getting
fired and Valerie in great detail how
you are going to murder fence what is
happening Rock to the Head until his
eyes pop out ring a bell I think it's
the chair
I know it is
a few
it's negative energy
like a Feeling
you're the negative energy Rhys
I didn't oh no bad dreams
yeah it's uh
it's putting it lightly
today is a new day honey
time to uh
job shop and get out there
I put some laundry in would you get it
when it beeps please
actually I'm having a hard time
what do you mean I need help
like seriously I need to see someone
like a therapist or someone
okay well I was going to tell you I set
you up with Dr Riley today at five
did you see anything weird last night
coffee honey
I don't remember that I slept like a dog
actually I'm not healthy
okay yeah I don't know if it's a brain
injury or cancer or like maybe it's a
mental thing but what happened
there was an old man
in the room last night I saw him okay
he looked as real as you are right now
and then
you were screaming dead man Franklin
what he comes with the chair what the
fuck he comes with the chair what the
fuck does that mean
what the fuck
what the fuck are you of course we know
dead man Franklin
I'm so tired of living
but I love you so much
forgetting about me again he's been
forgetting a lot lately don't forget
about me Reese he has a condition what
are you forgetting about me it's not his
forget about me
you're dying of Alzheimer's but you keep
forgetting you have it what what race
what the hell Reese
talk to me
am I sick
and you're not telling me
I don't know what's wrong with you Rhys
but uh
yeah I think you might be sick
and you're really scaring me
so what should I do fuck you
I want to end this really this religion
yeah no no no no no no I hate you I'm
just trying to figure everything out
right now okay it's okay sweetheart
you're so cute
I'm gonna go take a bath and masturbate
holy open up
yeah are you Reese Williams
you have a second to chat
yeah what's this about I'd rather talk
uh now it's not a real good time right
we have a warrant
uh okay
who is that
that's my girlfriend
can you let her know we're here
yeah yeah
I fucking hate you
ah she said she'd take a break
please don't sit there
sir can you tell us where you were in
the night of Monday October 20th
I was uh
yeah I was uh sir
I was I was here
you were here
yeah that's not what our resources say
what resource what is what's this about
wow Steve he's really going for it
we have multiple eyewitnesses who put
you at fence Walker's house in the night
of his disappearance
if I was there I don't remember
I'm gonna torture you
and it won't be fast
oh Steve
let's take a look around
yeah uh
uh sure sure
whose side are you on pal
Steve you want to step out for a second
let's take a look around
whoa whoa whoa guilty
I say we kill him now
we're gonna take a look around
right now where's your bedroom uh
it's down the hall
thank you
Reese where are you
I was in the bathroom no you're supposed
to follow us now all right
tell me
what'd you do
you bury him
chop them up
bedroom's clear
everything okay out here
front room seems clear
what the fuck
sorry about that had to try
show me the restroom
I want to see the dead body
thank you
All Right freeze freeze freeze
get your fucking hands up don't fucking
what the fuck is that who the who the
fuck is that
got him
there's a chemical that's released in
your brain when you die
it's euphoric
it doesn't hurt
life hurts a lot more
we've all got to die someday
what a beautiful day
the Lord awaits his top chair