The Chambermaid Lynn (2014) Movie Script

When I was a kid,
I once found a mussel on the beach.
I showed it to my mother and she said
You have to hold it up to your ear, Lynn,
then you can hear the ocean.
The waves are caught in the mussel.
I thought to myself
How can something so small and fragile
catch something
so vast and indestructible as the ocean?
I took the mussel back to the hotel
and kept holding it up to my ear.
Even at night, because I couldnt sleep
because of the ocean and the waves.
Then I drank a glass of water
and held the glass up to my ear.
Just so.
I heard the same sounds,
the same waves, the same wind.
OK. And then?
Then I knew that life is a big lie.
All of it.
Do you still think that way,
that life is still a big lie?
Maybe not all of it.
Hi mum!
Hello, Lynn! Nice to hear from you!
Thanks for cleaning.
I wanted to call earlier.
I had to turn in my mobile.
But you have it back?
Yes, but it's always turned off.
Will you come visit me?
Its quite the trek. I dunno.
What about you?
I cant complain.
The garden?
Yes, thatll be starting up again soon.
So, I have to go now.
Do you need money?
You can tell me, if...
Ill tell you, if anything comes up...
OK. Keep it up.
Keep it up.
- You?
- Me.
Its over, Lynn.
I know.
I wont cover for you again. Got it?
Got it.
Ill keep an eye on it for three weeks.
Tuesday and Wednesday: work,
eight-hour shifts.
Thursdays I meet with an old friend,
always for an hour around noon.
Just talking,
theres nothing going on between us.
Friday, back to work.
Saturday Im off, so I work out.
Sundays I call my mother,
always at ten to eight.
Right before the news airs.
Shes always watched the news.
All her life.
And Mondays?
Monday... I am here.
- I got my shopping done.
- Really! And?
- Good.
- Well thats just great!
- Was that hard for you?
- No.
Hello, my darling!
We arrived a bit early,
so we took a look around the city.
The meeting was good,
everything went as planned.
We just went for some Italian.
They have a fantastic Montepulciano there.
Rolf told me that they want
to get a bigger house. Did you know that?
I don't know,
he will probably take out a loan.
Hey, changing topics: mi-mi-mi-mi-mi.
Who does that?
I cant figure it out either.
Its been stuck in my head all day.
Is that the chef from the Muppet Show?
The assistant does it?
Youre right, but...
There was one
that was always going mi-mi-mi-mi-mi.
Who was that again?
OK. Not important.
Sleep well.
Love you, too.
Oh god, is the suitcase heavy.
And my feet hurt.
How does this work?
Me and technology.
I will really need
to get a hold of myself later,
when we are sitting in the theater.
I just met the guy
and now my feet are in constant pain.
That wont do.
But we arent 20 anymore.
Hes probably also got his bumps
and bruises. Its completely normal.
- What are you doing?
- Cleaning.
- I just got a call.
- What kind of call?
Its your mother.
Its my heart.
I'll probably need a bypass.
I collapsed while mowing the lawn.
I couldnt hold on to it anymore
and fell face first in the grass.
I nearly kicked the bucket.
- Im glad youre here, Lynn.
- Yeah.
I cant really stay long though.
- Was it something I did?
- No.
Hows the job going?
Everyone is really friendly.
What do you clean first?
- The bathroom.
- Always?
First the bathroom, then the bedroom.
I vacuum the floors, too. Every day.
Yeah, so much dust can collect in a day.
You can only see it when the sun hits it.
Do you change the linens every day?
If a guest only stays a night.
- What if one stays a week?
- Every third day.
How was it at the clinic?
I told you, they think they cured me.
What did you do while you were there?
Do you have a boyfriend?
I have to get going, mom.
Will you come again?
Its a long way.
Keep it up.
Keep it up.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Ludwig?
- Yes.
We spoke on the phone.
Room 212, please.
- Was that it?
- Yes...
Really? That was fast.
Ill leave you my card.
- Maybe Ill call you again next week.
- As you like. Easy. Ciao.
- Hello.
Hello, I wanted to ask,
if you also do house calls.
Sure, no problem.
I am a woman, however.
Ive noticed.
What about next Saturday?
Saturdays fine.
Dont be so formal. What time?
Five oclock?
Where do you live?
Kohlhaldenstrae 7.
The name on the buzzer?
Zapatek. Lynn Zapatek.
Where did you get this number?
Does it matter?
From a client?
From whom?
Ill tell you Saturday.
200 an hour.
I know.
OK then.
Five oclock.
Kohlhaldenstrae 7. Zapatek.
Hi, come in.
Whats going on here?
Why do you dye your hair?
How did you get my number?
- How much time do you have?
- What do you want?
How long have you been doing this?
You think Im a whore?
If I say hit me, would you do it?
If I want to.
Im paying.
I choose my clients.
I have clients, not johns. Understand?
But you do it for money.
How did you get my number?
Wait a sec.
You were in Eden. Recently.
With a guy. Room 212.
I wrote down your number from your card.
I work there as a maid.
At Eden?
I lay down under the guest's beds.
You like old movies.
Its not illegal.
I like your nose.
You stayed longer.
A little.
Will you call me again?
Up to you.
Moneys on the table.
Next Saturday?
For example.
- Ciao.
- Ciao.
How was it?
Dont you want to stay for a coffee?
I have to go.
- Vera says you were in the looney bin.
- Yes, but I checked myself in.
Why then?
- Thats personal.
- You work too much.
- I like working.
- We arent paid overtime.
I know.
Lay down on top of me.
Other way around.
How long do you want to keep doing this?
- With you?
- With anyone.
At some point Ill be too old.
- Do you still see that guy?
- Which guy?
- From Eden.
- Again next week.
Whats his deal?
- No clue.
- Were you ever at his place?
Give me my shoes!
Im sorry I havent had much time for you.
No problem.
- Theres always something to do.
- I understand.
We are very satisfied with you, the guests
especially compliment your rooms.
They are clean enough
to eat off the floor, one said.
Good to hear.
- I heard you even clean the empty rooms.
- Theyll get dirty otherwise.
But you clean them every day.
Just because you cant see the dust,
doesnt mean its not there.
You need a couple of days off.
What should I do on my days off?
Go on holiday!
It would do you some good.
I have a girlfriend, Lynn.
Oh yeah?
- Yes.
- Great.
Did you see? In 228, they did a great job
on the hole in the enamel.
Good to hear.
I wasnt sure about the company.
- It looks brand new.
- Great.
I wanted to fly.
Not me, with wings or something...
Just normally, in an airplane.
I was in the airport.
The place was packed and then
an official pulled me out and said
You're next, young lady!
I had to put everything I had
on the belt, even my clothes.
And then I was naked in front of the man.
He frisked me and took me to a shower.
So I showered.
At first the water was completely clear,
but then all kinds of black hair
started coming out.
And the official said
A cat must have
wandered into the broiler.
And I am allergic to cat hair.
- A nightmare.
- Yes.
But I think that nightmares
are the better dreams.
Because when you wake up,
you are so happy that it was just a dream.
Like there for example. I was so thrilled
there wasnt any cat hair.
Do you believe my story with the cat hair?
Yes. It was a dream.
Yes, but do you believe me
that I dreamed it?
Why shouldnt I believe you?
How is your mother doing?
Were going on vacation soon.
A week in Lago Maggiore.
Just the two of us.
I don't know how long it'll take.
No, I'll be home before 7:30.
You did? Great.
Me too. See you later. Bye.
Sit down!
Turn around!
Whats the matter?
The handcuffs.
Should I bring someone else?
- What?
- Should I bring a friend with next time?
I know someone.
Shes really sweet.
It would be great!
Yeah, its a good idea.
But no. Thats not really my thing.
Was just a suggestion.
When are we seeing each other again?
I will call you.
Ciao, bye bye!
Keep it up!
Keep it up!
- So you do.
- What?
You lay under the bed.
I told you so.
Do you do it a lot?
Every Wednesday.
Why do you do it?
Before I lay under the bed,
I thought that men and women
kissed each other when they woke up.
Now I know that one tells the other
Go brush your teeth.
Youve got morning breath.
You are crazy.
That OK?
Very OK.
Do your parents know?
Know what?
What you do?
- Do you talk to them?
- A bit.
Do you see them often?
Twice a year.
Are they still together?
Yeah, unfortunately.
What are their names?
Hansel and Gretel. Yours?
Do you have siblings?
What about your father?
Is Chiara your real name?
And no, I dont have any siblings.
No, stop!
The guy from Eden is married.
Her names Silvia.
Hello, I am looking
for the Schneeweihergasse Street.
Schneeweihergasse Street?
Ill be right down.
OK, Schneeweihergasse Street...
Go straight ahead,
go left at the next street
and then the second street on your right,
thats Schneeweihergasse Street.
Could I perhaps use your bathroom?
Yes, of course.
This way...
- Here you are.
- Thanks.
Do I taste good?
Like soap.
I wash myself before.
You dont have to.
Is there anything you do before?
Over and over?
Do you always get up at the same time?
Sometimes I get up at 6,
sometimes I dont get up until noon.
Whatever I feel like.
Something happened to me.
- Lynn...
- No, please.
- I have to go. I have a date.
- You have to?
I want to.
Two weeks.
Two weeks what?
Ill pay for everything.
Lets call it a holiday.
Like friends.
Our flight leaves next Saturday.
We have to be at the train station at 8.
Dont say anything, just think about it.
- Keep it up.
- Yeah.
- Lynn! Its you.
- It's me.
My birthday isnt until next week.
Should I make us something to eat?
- Ill have some cookies.
- I baked them yesterday.
Theyre really good.
You loved them when you were a child.
I know.
Great, that you came over.
Im happy to be here.
Hows the job going?
Your boss happy?
I am different, mom...
A different person than you think.
Is Ms Klppels still there?
She went to a home.
I didnt know that.
She couldnt get along
like she wanted.
She couldnt get along
like she wanted.
Her birthday is in three days.
- Are you getting her something?
- A blanket.
With windmills on it,
I crocheted it myself.
Hows your heart?
Everythings fine. The doc said
I dont need the bypass right now.
Did you know
that bypass is spelled with a Y?
I always thought it was German,
you know with Bei.
But its a Y, its English.
You know what the best part
about cleaning is?
That it always gets dirty again.