The Chameleon (2010) Movie Script

- What are they digging?
"To find a body.
It's bad for business.
A beer?
No, thanks. I have no thirst.
Who says you must be thirsty to drink a cold beer ...
Lord of the FBI?
First we check the identity of the boy.
As soon as we confirm, we will contact their parents.
It has no identification and has not said a word.
Take, eat something.
You need to eat.
My name is Mark Nicholas Randall. I have sixteen.
The name of my mother is Kimberly Miller.
My sister's name is Kathy Jansen.
I was kidnapped.
Kimberly Miller?
I was raped, tortured me. I was afraid all the time.
I just want to go home.
- Mom ...
What are you doing here?
Is not there anyone?
Nicky say they found.
Based on a true story
Your sister is here.
Nicky ...
Hi, guys. Hey, baby. Hi Nick.
How are you?
Brian and I thought it would be better to stay with us for now.
- Right, Brian?
We have a room ready for you.
Mom is just not ready to go with it ... yet.
You need time to get used to the idea.
You'll be fine with us, Nicky.
Welcome back, Nicky. Welcome home.
Be careful when using the shower
Hot and cold water are reversed.
Brian has been saying for years that would settle.
What are you babbling, Kathy?
You act as if Nicky had never been to sleep here before.
Yes, Of course!
I know, it's just that I'm so happy ... I do not know what I say, sorry.
I love you, mom.
Let's go.
We went fishing.
Baby, it's very good.
What's up, man? Do not you like the food of your sister?
The fried chicken is your favorite.
Brian, let it calm. He is no longer a child, his tastes changed.
Well, I'll eat tomorrow.
Me ... I come here often?
I cannot remember it.
Memories come and go.
Sometimes I have flashes of memory y. ..
other times it's as if large parts of my life missing.
But the doctor says it makes sense after what I went through.
The memories come back gradually.
Hey, wait a second.
Check the album.
So ... to see what we have here.
Well, then ...
here you are, you were turning ten years ...
- Is not that cute?
God ... this is the trip you made to Disneyland.
Remember that?
Here's Mom and Brendan.
You have not forgotten about Brendan, right?
Brian is his brother.
Security will come to see you soon.
No rush. Right, Nick?
Who is Mark Nicholas Randall?
A boy of sixteen.
Was found after he disappeared four years ago.
It was a kidnapping. When he disappeared, he sought the BRPD.
Did it occur so suddenly? "After four years?
I live and safe? It is a miracle.
You mean you still believe in miracles.
Oh, yes. Absolutely.
Hey, just like old times, right?
Take, bring the corn mother.
I like it.
Come on, come on.
I'm sorry.
Come, bring me another.
Not very cool, huh?
All right.
Clumsy as ever.
I attend.
Do you have another beer for mom?
Yes, in the refrigerator. Take it.
Not too cold. That much I remember.
She is so happy to see us all here I can barely believe it.
Yeah, me neither.
Look ... it takes time.
More than us.
Yes, Of course!
It was Brendan. Is coming here.
Will would open for me?
I do not want to see what Nicky, right?
I'll deal with that, right? Trust me.
Yes, but ... is not not trust you, it's just that ...
I'll bring it in, right?
No, I must go, right?
This is your own damn fault, take it out of here.
Do not give me orders. This is my home and do what I want.
I give a damn what you think. Do I have fear.
A hero is that? Any kind of saint?
Is that what you're trying to be?
Get out of my house.
And do not dare to see Nicky.
Stupid bitch.
Brendan, stop. Leave it alone.
Leave it alone.
Finish it.
Brendan, stop. Leave it alone.
The teenager Nicholas Randall, who died four years ago ...
was found in the French Alps.
He told authorities he was abducted by kidnappers ...
and brought to Europe, where he was tortured and abused.
The French authorities are working with federal agencies ...
to bring the kidnappers to justice.
They even tried to change my appearance.
They tried to become someone else.
Where does the French accent?
Said that the kidnappers forced him to speak French.
Want to see the rest?
It looks completely comfortable in front of the camera.
It seems he enjoys telling his story.
Have you seen psychologists social service?
The family denies.
Nobody doubts his family identity?
No. None.
Otherwise, they would have done a DNA test.
Come on, Mitch, there is something odd about all this.
All right. Do it, but go easy.
The family is in shock.
Mom wanted to give away all your stuff, or incinerate.
I could not do it herself.
Did not think you'd come back, you know?
It hurt too much.
But I ... I kept these things, anyway.
Good thing I did, right?
Thank you.
Well, I just ...
It was a problem child. Violent, hard ...
was arrested a few times when I was twelve ...
for minor offenses, typical. Prone to problems, I guess.
He lived with his mother, right?
Yes, and with his half brother Brendan, a drug addict.
From twelve years has been in rehab several times.
What about the father of Nicholas?
Disappeared when the boy was born.
Nicholas should be in a home for troubled children.
I guess he did not like the idea.
He would not hear of it. The day he disappeared ...
was supposed to be dealing with a juvenile judge.
She left her home on time, but never came to court or school.
According to the report, that was the last time the family heard from Nicholas.
And that's why everyone thought he had fled.
Makes sense.
But a kidnapping? Poor guy.
We'll see.
The boy was found. His sister identified him.
After 48 hours, the probability of finding alive a kidnapped boy ...
is near zero.
"After four years? Draw your conclusions.
"Miss Jansen?
Jennifer Johnson, FBI.
His brother said on TV that he was kidnapped by a sect in France.
And if they were aliens, what's the difference?
Nicholas just want to tell us what he told reporters.
Look, if people keep talking about doing these things ...
How will you overcome it?
It's just a child.
Since returning, people have been watching all the time.
Hi, Mom.
What the hell are you doing here?
Why are you coming this way? Is there a problem?
No, I just wanted to surprise you.
I thought you might like.
Want to please me.
My boss does not like to visit me in working hours.
A surprise, eh?
Never worry about being like that before.
In case you forgot, our relationship was not exactly beautiful.
I made life impossible.
Yes you've changed.
Logically, I suppose.
What are you looking at? As if they had seen a ghost.
Take, eat outside.
Go back to your sister, I have to return to work.
And do not come back here without warning. We meet at lunch.
Come, go.
"Brendan Kerrigan?
Brendan Kerrigan.
Can you put that, please?
Jennifer Johnson, FBI.
I'm clean.
I'm in rehab, you can check it out.
I'm here for your brother Nicholas.
Oh, yeah? What have you done now, still the same?
What would be the "same"?
It tastes as good as me. Probably memorized your file, right?.
Have you seen Nicholas since he returned?
How was it? Four years is a long time. Are you changed?
I'm not playing their game of cat and mouse.
I do not know what you're looking for, but I do not care. Yes, I saw my brother.
I went to see him, wanted to see how it looked, I was curious, you know?
What I know is that four years ago, Nicky was crap.
It gives me the impression that has changed too.
That's all.
I will not pretend that I love my brother.
He and I did not get along well, never did.
Yes, it has become. It's great for those who are happy to see him.
"Nicholas? Are you Nicholas, right?
I am researching your abduction.
Why is there an investigation?
Well ... because kidnapping is a crime, and you're the victim.
Our job is to find out who did it.
I do not want to talk more about that. The doctor said ...
What doctors?
Do you refused to do since you came back?
"Do not hurt me.
- What?
Nicholas, I just ...
"I just want ...
- Do not hurt me!
Do not touch! Do not you dare touch it!
Get out of here. Let calm to our family!
This article is incredible. Her sister could not praise you more.
"Harassment? "Verbal attack? And what says the guy is moving.
I told you to go quietly, Jennifer. The boy is under ...
your family is in shock.
Mitch is lying.
Is lying about her age, her accent, her abduction.
His attack in the parking lot was impressive, but it was a performance.
And the mother, brother, sister ... Is everyone lying?
Look, Mitch, just ... just give me one more week. Two, tops.
All right. But I want evidence, hard evidence, scientific.
Hey. I've forgotten, right, Nicky?
Come on up.
Come on!
Well, Nicky has grown a lot, right?
You're a man now. Right?
A man cursed.
Are you happy to see me?
"Me too.
I am very happy, Nicky. Very happy indeed.
Little Nicky.
You can walk home from here.
Do not miss, do not get hit by a car.
Would be a pity.
You should return from the dead and all that.
Come on, drink a little.
"No, that's fine.
"Come, drink a little.
Come on. Vamos!
That's right.
Hey, brother. No need to tell Kathy about our trip, right?
"We had a good time, is not it?
I thought I told you not come.
- "I escaped by Brendan?
- Escape?
Have not you been kidnapped?
Is not that what you told the police?
What reporters, all people with whom you spoke?
What happened exactly the day I disappeared?
Do not you remember anything?
Maybe it's better.
Please tell me I need to know.
You know what I mean? There are many people who would do anything ...
to forget their past and start fresh.
This may be your lucky break. You should use it.
"Mom, wait.
- Go!
I was never a good mother to you.
I guess you forgot that too, huh?
Was always weak. Never had a strong point.
There you have it with you all day.
What about the money that Brian and I got paid for the ticket?
How the hell we a. ..?
You were so stupid as to borrow the money. I told you.
You know, Brendan is right. We never should have gone for.
Do not say "we." You were.
"Come on Nicky, we'll be late to school.
"I'm not.
Come on, let's crap. You sister does it for you ...
Trust your sister. I just try to start from scratch, right?
I do not want to go. Nobody will force me to do what I want.
Nicky ...
So everything is as before, eh?
Are you here for a manicure?
I want to apologize for what happened the other day. I should not have insisted so.
Forget it, save yourself the trouble. What do you get?
- Are you here alone?
"Maybe he's waiting for his mom.
My mom gave me permission to be out until midnight.
Until then, I can do what I want.
Where'd you get that accent sexy?
Is France? Are you French? What are you doing in this dump?
It is difficult to bond with a family again when he returns.
You do not dare to talk about what happens, even among you.
Then you start to imagine things. The worst.
And little by little, you get scared.
Then you hate yourself for it. Ashamed.
Nicholas Are you scared?
A little.
Y. .. "Before you scared too?
Nicky has never been easier to treat.
Before I was young, he was a boy.
It was still difficult, but ...
You know, Kathy, Nicholas might help to see a psychologist.
"He's not sick, OK?
"No, of course not, but ...
has gone through a traumatic experience
need to talk to someone, someone who is not part of the family ...
someone who will listen without judging.
- Out!
- Are you crazy?
He's afraid too, you know? He is ashamed.
- What bug has bitten you?
"I needed a change.
What is that? What?
What is she doing here? Did you know that?
Nicholas, okay. I am convinced that your sister.
Need to see a doctor. He specializes in post traumatic disorder.
Do not worry. Is here to help.
Is to get you better. I just want to help you get better.
Yeah, right. Just want to get rid of me ... Like everyone else!
Do not say that, Nicky! Not true!
Could you put the radio, please?
Is not gonna ask why I did the guys who kidnapped me?
So here I am, right?
Turn your hands, please.
Would you tell me?
Answers a question with another ... is a real doctor, huh?
Do not move, stay still.
Well, you can relax.
You can take off the vest.
- Have you seen many doctors?
"When you see one, you've seen them all.
Do not trust them.
Nobody trusts me. Why should I trust others?
"You did a lot of sports as a kid?
I do not know ... maybe. Like most people.
You know what I mean, right?
My brother and I used to fight.
Do not you mean it used to hit you? Does or someone else?
We used to fight, right?
He was bigger than me, but I'm not scared.
Once he smashed. Really.
When I finished with him, not moving. I thought he was dead.
Well, it was very interesting, is not it, doctor?
"I can see it? Alone.
Kathy? Jennifer Johnson speaks. Listen ...
I know this is hard to hear, but ...
the doctor does not believe that this boy is your brother.
Sorry. Can you hear me?
Kathy ... Kathy, calm down.
From now on, the case is in the hands of the FBI, right?
I need your signature to file charges.
"So what the doctor told you?
- What do you think?
What I am Nicholas Marc Randall? Not otherwise you'd be so happy.
I'm not happy.
"It's what you wanted to hear, right?
"No, I wanted to hear the truth.
The truth ...
Kathy, I have documents to sign.
"Hey, you okay?
"It's better if he stays in the car.
"Open the door, please.
-Leave the car.
"Hey, come on.
"I have it.
He is my brother, okay? I identified, my mother.
Nicky is a minor and can not do anything without my consent
not a single thing.
"Open the door. Now.
"Let him out of the car, okay?
Out of the car. Out of the car!
Do not turn around here anymore.
Did they say why I left the department of missing children in New York?
No, they did not.
Alec, a boy of ten years, disappeared.
Her parents thought she had fled.
After 48 hours, yet there was no trace of him.
His parents were devastated.
Luckily they had the support of its neighbor, the godfather of Alec.
I went to his house several times, in the case.
Then we went to other places, together ...
not only in the case.
One night he invited me to dinner.
We drank, we laughed a lot ...
and for dessert, made a mistake. Lied.
It was a silly lie, unimportant.
I got up, I said I was tired ...
I smiled and left.
The next day I returned with a search warrant.
All I had was that little lie.
We had to break down the door.
I had searched the house.
Alec found in the basement ...
During dinner the night before, had been in the room below us ...
Perhaps he heard us talking, laughing, joking ...
That guy pretending to be Nicholas Randall is not a boy, is a man ...
a liar.
Perverse, dangerous ...
Like that other guy.
Pancakes and jelly ... like when you were a kid.
I have no hunger.
Come on, is your favorite.
Why did you do that?
I'm not Nicky.
What are you talking about?
It all up. The abduction, torture ...
I am a liar posing as Nicky.
Basta. Just Nicky, do not say that's not true.
Then why did you let me FBI arrest this woman?
Why did you take me to see that doctor?
Nobody believes me! You, Mom, Brian. Nobody thinks I'm Nicky!
Stop. I'm so sorry.
Is that she insisted ...
You are my brother, right? I know.
How do you know? How can you be so sure?
I can not handle this ... I can not.
Stop messing with my wife! "Okay, Nicky ...
Nicky not? And do not know.
Kathy is a mess. Do you see what you're asking?
Anyway, everyone says that the real Nicky is dead.
So if your sister Kathy, which I doubt very much ...
bother you better stop, ok?
Jennifer, it's Nicholas. I need to talk.
At Fred's, on the river near the bridge. I'll wait there.
I can not believe it. Are you following me or what?
Wanted to talk. What?
I have nothing to say. Absolutely nothing.
Well, enough of crap. You called me to come.
Go outside is very noisy here.
Me calling to you? In your dreams, maybe.
You should go see a psychiatrist. Leave me alone, do you want?
You think you're the best, right?
A manipulator, a liar formidable.
Alone are a poor lost boy.
At this point, you're totally scared.
Guess what, pal? I'm tired of playing games with you.
Hello. Who is it?
Nicky, are you?
My name is Mark Nicholas Randall. I have sixteen.
The name of my mother is Kimberly Miller.
My sister's name is Kathy Jansen.
My name is Mark Nicholas Randall. I have sixteen.
The name of my mother is Kimberly Miller.
My sister's name is Kathy Jansen.
"I was kidnapped.
"Your sister is here.
I was raped ...
I was tortured ...
I was afraid all the time.
I just want to go home.
Hi, I'm Kimberly, I'm not home.
Are you okay?
- Kathy sent you?
You've got guts. A lot of guts.
You have power of decision.
You are very clever too.
Given all that, you could do something more with your life.
My life ...
Yes, Your life, your own life. Not someone else.
I know how you feel. You are alone. All alone.
Twenty-four hours a day in the shoes of another ...
must be unbearable.
I can help.
Do you feel better?
You do not look too bad.
Do not have anything to say?
Are not you glad to see your mother?
I am.
You stay with me from now on.
Did you find the beer?
Well, hold on one.
Why just stand there like a fool? Come sit with me.
I will not bite.
Welcome to hell.
Yes, you hurt yourself with that knife, huh?
Clumsy as ever.
No work tonight, so I thought maybe we could ...
eat something, go to the movies. What does that sound?
Sounds good.
Sounds great.
Sleep here ... as before.
Brendan rented room.
I do not think he comes back.
"You understand, right?
"Yes. I understand.
You understand everything, is not it?
Maybe I should fix your clothes ...
the nurse gave me what I need.
It's in my room. I will pursue.
Do not move, right back.
Do you have a problem with this?
Are you going to call the police?
I'm all you got, kid.
Started after you left.
I do not I left.
I was kidnapped.
First you, then Brendan ...
You know what that means?
I am alone.
Why was Brendan?
That ... bastard.
Rise and shine, sleepy head. It's Sunday.
Come on. Put a little meat on your bones.
Where do we go?
Let's go.
Why are you crying?
Why we came here? You tell me.
It leads you, I'm tired.
"I have my license.
"Just drive.
Brendan. Brendan should go to hell ...
and God will never forgive me.
Away from me! Get away from me.
You made me life hell since the day you were born.
Stay away ... damn dealer.
you can go to hell with that too.
But you never should have surrendered to the police, Nicky.
Should not be betraying the family. Not good. Not good.
The night he called, he was so drunk.
I did not intend that to happen.
I swear ... I swear, it was not my intention.
You can not die twice, boy.
You can not die twice.
Hi, Nicky. Let's take a walk.
"I have really wanted.
"Well, but I do.
Come on. Foot Care.
Just thought ... before you came back ...
there were some idiots who actually thought I had killed you.
Incredible, right? All because we fought from time to time.
That's what the FBI thinks your girlfriend?
It is not my girlfriend.
Anyway ... may not suspect that killed me.
I'm alive.
Is not that right, brother?
Is not that right?
Come take a walk, just us two.
That depends.
- Depends on what?
"It depends on you, depend on me.
"And your girlfriend from the FBI, too. Come on.
- Why do it?
Come on, let the swamp.
Why would you go to the swamp? There's nothing there.
You know, when you left ...
when the green man came and took you ...
Mom used to go far into the swamp.
Sola. Do you know what?
To tell you, man.
He was there to talk to you.
Have you been there?
You always were a fucking liar, Nicky.
What, you afraid?
What are you afraid, eh?
Of me? What the hell am I going to make now?
Come on, take the baby with mom.
Are not you afraid of mom too, no?
It's a good mom, right? Is good and adorable.
I'll be watching you, Nicky!
You never know what might happen in this part of town.
Give my love to mom!
Is an order of the Court, Mrs. Miller.
Must comply with it, like it or not.
I will not.
I heard you can do the same analysis with saliva.
Did you know?
Open the damn door. Open the damn door!
Open it, damn!
- Are you there?
"Get out of here, Brendan.
Open this damn door, I see the face of that bastard ...
I know what the analysis! The whole town knows!
Listen, damn, the result of this analysis will come and test ...
you're a damned liar. That has destroyed the family for the second time!
That ruined the hopes of my mom!
I'll kill you, understand? I'll kill you with my bare hands!
Got it?
Go away!
Mean nothing to me. You're not my son.
Oh, come on, Brendan. Hit me. Just once, do it.
I have not scared you, kid. And I never had.
I'll kill you!
His name is Frdric Fortin. It's French.
Is twenty years.
As soon as the results came, sent his fingerprints to Interpol.
It is the illegitimate son of Giselle Fortin
who was sixteen years old and poor when it did.
Was delivered into the custody of his grandparents when he was two years ...
and sent to a reformatory when he was twelve.
It has over a hundred different identities.
I know I've been cruel, but I'm not a monster.
Invented the first as a teenager.
Call the police, said that a lost child has been found ...
was abused or violated, the parents are dead or was fired.
Been in and out of hundreds of reformatories in Europe.
No evidence of sexual deviancy or monetary reasons.
Their motivation seems to have been purely emotional.
How come it took so long?
I was eighteen when I was a child.
His father did not want.
You could say I grew up alone,
and Saturday night, went to dance.
That is why I took the child.
He was two, maybe three ...
Go dancing is not a crime. I could not take with me.
Why did you come to me?
Are you treated well here?
Yes I speak a little Spanish, so ...
"Brendan has ever been in prison?
Did you visited?
Have you gone back to the swamp?
The swamp. The place they took me after Mardi Gras.
I go there often.
It does me good.
What do you say to Nicholas?
I ask you to forgive me.
Thank you.
Come here.
Mr. Fortin, we are sorry to inform you ...
the death of his mother, Mrs. Gisele Fortin
occurred on April 7 in Chateauroux.
Fortin Ma'am?
I speak of the gendarmerie Vierzon
is about his son Frederic.
- Is he your son?
- What have you done now?
Has had an accident, ma'am. On Highway 20.
Was hit by a car.
For when we found ...
it was too late.
Are you single? Will it be okay?
I heard about your mother. Sorry.
"I know it was not easy to ...
"You do not know anything.
French police sent me your file.
What now? Do you think you understood everything?
Do you only had to imprison and so suddenly the case is closed?
The others must be laughing out loud.
What else?
Really do not see no shit, right?
They always knew that I was not Nicholas.
From the beginning I knew. The mother, sister, brother, everybody.
Kimberly Brendan knows that stuff means.
What things, what are you talking about?
"You're the police, right?
Farewell, Frederic.
There is a place in the swamp where she goes all the time.
To speak.
And Brendan ... well, he does not like.
He does not like one bit.
Who will speak, Frederic?
Who will speak, Frederic?
Any news of Brendan?
He quit his job, left the clinic. Vanished. Two days ago.
Kimberly could ask a polygraph test.
You have the right to refuse.
It would be best for us, but she has that right.
His name is Kimberly Miller?
Does your date of birth is August 8, 1965?
Did you have any doubt that Frdric Fortin was his son ...
the first time she saw him?
Did you notice that was not his son Frdric ...
while living with him?
Did you notice that was not his son Frdric ...
while living with him?
You always knew that boy was not his son?
Do you miss Nicholas?
Do you know where Nicholas?
Do you know where Nicholas?
Do you think Nicholas will see live someday?
Do you think Nicholas will see live someday?
- Do you think you will see a. ..?
Do you think Nicholas will see live someday?
I know he's dead.
It was all because of Nicky, made life miserable for everyone.
All right. What are you doing this? Can not use it in court.
Frederic, I believe you.
I think what I said is true.
Kimberly is coming.
Let's put them both in the same room ...
to see if she makes a mistake.
If we can prove that you were manipulated ...
you used as an alibi in this case ...
could go free.
But you must tell me everything you know, again. Right now.
The truth.
It's your only chance.
Take a seat, Mrs. Miller.
Kathy Jansen When I first saw ...
Hesitated before login "like his brother Nicholas?
Nicky called me and then cried.
Oh, Nicky.
And Kimberly Miller, when you came to Baton Rouge, how did it go?
I looked really ...
as if they dared.
He gave me a kind of hug and said not a word.
When you realize that Kimberly and the rest of the family ...
knew that you were not Nicholas?
- What kind of question ..?
"Let him speak, Mrs. Miller.
When Kathy told Kimberly ...
I should not have come for.
I think Kathy was trying to prove something to me ...
to save the family or something ...
because he felt guilty.
Guilty, why not?
"Not to have protected.
- Who?
Do you think Kimberly Miller knows what happened to her son?
What about Brendan? Tell me about Brendan.
He came to me sometimes.
I took a walk with your car.
Little Nicky.
He played me like a cat with a mouse.
Brendan Did he tell you about a place where your mother was ...
to talk to Nicholas?
Smoking is not allowed here, Mrs. Miller.
Ever Kimberly mentioned this place while you were present?
Ever took you there?
Ever took you there?
I do not know what you're talking about.
Do you have reason to believe ...
Brendan Kerrigan killed his brother?
That's what you want me to say ...
but it is not true.
Nothing is true.
It all up.
I am afraid of prison, and you promised me that ...
if he testified against my family, not go to prison if Brendan was accused.
The whole family thought I was Nicholas.
Tried to believe, and I also.
I'm sorry.
Can you take me home now?
I just do not understand.
I do not understand why anyone would do such a thing.
I'm disgusted.
Disgusts me so much.
Must be a pretty unhappy guy to do what he did.
I do not hold grudges.
He sits on his lap when watching TV ...
My son did that.
I felt I had found a family that accepted me and loved.
They were so happy.
She was saying how much I loved passed.
Is not that right, Kathy?
You know, I never meant to hurt anyone.
On the contrary.
Love That's all I wanted.
To be loved, give love ...
What I am guilty of looking for love?
In my ten years as a prosecutor, I have rarely seen a moral crime so horrible.
The accused has no remorse ...
"And dares to talk about love?
No. In Louisiana we have values, real values.
Frdric Fortin: Based on the evidence presented here today ....
federal court in Baton Rouge sentences him to five years and eleven months ...
Big Spring in the penitentiary.
It will also pay a fine of $ 10,300 ...
and will have three years of probation after his release.
This court has concluded.
Name of Deceased: Brendan Kerrigan. He died last night about eleven.
The call was made an hour ago. It seems an overdose.
I ... I'm sorry.
Going to happen sooner or later.
Your mother is not here?
She no longer lives here.
I do not know where you are ... and I do not know.
"Hello. Hello?
"Your voice has not changed, Jenny.
They say that if you work on it, your voice never gets old.
Where are you?
In France.
I have many things to say.
Like what?
I know where he is.
Wait and see, I'll call back.
Two pictures, Jen.
One call and two photos, that's all you have ...
and are ready to investigate.
You search the computer for a couple of days, is the best I can do.
Thank you.
Ma'am? Will you come with me?
We found something. I do not know if they were the leeches.
Must be the dog's head.
We dig to find it if you want.
Continue. Just ... dig behind that tree.
It's over, Jen. We did everything we could. And you too.
The boy is not here.
You can not expect to find anything in this swamp.
I lied again.
Perhaps he is not that he lied.
"Lady ... phone for you.
Thanks. Excuse me.
- Can not leave the boy alone?
Can not leave it alone once and for all?
He is not here, Kimberly.
Nicholas is buried here.
We did not find anything. Brendan lied.
Who cares where it is?
The only thing I am sure you have not see again.
Where are you?
Why do you care?
If you ever hear from that boy Frdric ...
tell my hand to take care.
Kimberly, wait! Kimberly!
A lost child, the police are looking for,
takes him by the hand, feels sorry for him.
They ask, "Where's your mom?"
"Oh, I'll help."
But to me, Frdric Fortin
Who will help me?
The body of Nicholas Mark Randall is still missing.
After his release, Frdric returned to Europe, where he continued ...
inventing new identities in several countries.
Today, Frdric lives in western France. He is married and has two children.
It is known throughout Europe as The Chameleon.