The Champagne Murders (1967) Movie Script

Strictly for a credit card.
That's it.
Uh, hold on, let me
just slide in there.
Listen, I don't even know you!
Come on, that's it.
My name is Paul, what's yours?
Nobody asked me my name.
You come here often?
No, it's too crowded.
My name's Christopher.
Would you like me
to leave, maybe?
Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.
Well you're wrong.
I'm a charming person.
All my friends'll
tell ya that.
Paul, remember that bit about
the last shall be first,
and the first shall be last.
Last shall be first,
first shall be last.
No hard feelings.
No hard feelings, forget it.
I think...
Get these...
Just be a good girl.
Don't be like that.
You crazy or something, come on!
Take it easy, would you?
Did you get her legs?
Don't be a hog,
give me some, will ya?
We've done everything
we could for you, Mr. Wagner.
You mean I'm cured, Doctor?
Don't overdo it at first.
See your friends.
Try not to worry.
You tell me your family's
champagne firm runs itself.
That's fine, you can devote
yourself to having a good time.
This is a prescription
I promise to take.
By the way, if the
depression recurs,
particularly if you
suffer any more blackouts,
you can always come back to us.
All right.
Good bye.
That was a Pyrrhic victory.
A what?
So much for your education.
How did you find out
about the American buyers?
Oh, I don't know, I heard
Christine tell Jacqueline.
Er, no, Christine
told me so herself.
That's when it costs the winner
more than the loser.
I thought she never
talks business with you?
Oh, she does when I listen.
Generally I don't wanna know.
Denise, the bags.
Yes, but she sent
you out to play
while she had her
little talk, hm?
She knew you'd tell me.
And that means
she wants me to know.
Well you had to
know sooner or later.
Are you coming
to Hamburg with me?
Have you asked her?
I haven't had the chance,
she's locked in
her office all day.
She doesn't sleep there?
No, but she's working on it.
Thank you.
And I thought
I'd done you such a favor.
Greater love hath
no man than this,
to provide his friend
with a rich wife.
Some favor.
Look out!
Ooh, you remembered!
The out-buildings,
the chateau,
the wine stores
at the vineyards,
and the material, the cellars.
And of course these offices
where we are right now.
And the trademark.
Yes. Mr. Locoum is particularly
anxious about the brand name.
Wagner Champagne.
Trademark, doesn't make any
difference what you call it.
It concerns the very
intestines of this whole deal.
A business as
eminent as this one
naturally commands a big price.
That goes without saying.
One might say it is
more than a business,
it's part of the
national heritage.
But it's so lovely outside,
it seems such a shame
to keep you in here.
Shall we go out
and I'll show you around?
Oh, we'd be delighted.
We shall be back later, Jacqueline.
The rest can wait till then.
This way.
Well, here we are.
The famous Wagner vineyards.
700 acres of land.
These people have worked
here all their lives.
As you see we stick to
the traditional methods.
The cellars are 12 miles long.
We have about 25 million
bottles down here.
Most of them are
ready for shipment.
As you know, it takes
between three to six years
to turn out a quality champagne.
And of course, we sell our
product all over the world.
The estate dates back
to the 17th century.
Did you know that?
I know a guy, a very nice guy.
Sweetheart, they don't
make 'em any nicer.
He bought up a great newspaper.
Everything went fine
for him and this newspaper,
except for one little thing.
He forgot to buy out the name.
Now he's standing
on the street corners.
He's a bum.
When I see him,
I slip him a dime.
Very good friend of mine,
do you know what I mean?
Well now I'm sure
Madame Belling,
let's put it this way.
You own the whole works,
you see,
but Mr. Paul Wagner
still has the name.
You're gonna have
to talk him out of it.
I don't say this isn't
a good setup as it stands.
I love the old things.
But, who can afford
to be sentimental?
You can't, I can't.
I'm not asking you to
be sentimental Mr. Locoum.
I don't have to.
I shall simply persuade him.
But um, I just
need a little time.
How much time?
Well, let's say six months?
You said six months
a year ago.
A year ago Mr. Wagner
was still in hospital.
His accident left him...
A little strange.
Strange, you mean he's crazy?
Well, I think
probably Madame Belling
means he's
emotionally disturbed.
I don't get it.
He's been somewhat
given to fantasies.
Oh but don't worry about that.
One just needs to tackle him
at the right moment,
that's all.
You mean he's still crazy?
Mr. Locoum is trying to say...
She knows what I mean.
He's very, very cooperative.
You'll get on very well
together, I'm sure.
I'm sure.
Sure, sure.
Paul, can you hear me?
Paul, I wanna talk to you.
Come on, Paul,
I know you're there.
Don't play around.
Leave him alone.
Why should people
have to answer bells?
I was only trying
to remind him
to come to dinner
this evening.
Don't worry, he's coming.
Ah, the car.
Little car.
Mr. and Mrs. Chaussoe-Larent.
It's your turn Miss Pelletier.
Countess Dubreuil.
Mr. Pelv..., Mr. Pelvous.
No, he's too much of a bore,
cross him out.
- What?
- Cross him out.
- What?
- Dressmaker.
- Dressmaker.
- And you made that lovely dress
- you're wearing at the moment?
- Yes.
- Very pretty. Very, very smart...
- Oh, really!
Of tomorrow
or the day after.
Now, you've chosen
general knowledge.
General knowledge,
and this means that
our questions will be
in a general category.
Now what I need
is a general.
all kinds of questions,
scientific, technical, and
questions on general culture.
- Are you ready?
- Yes.
Well, Miss Pelletier, and now
for our first question,
which is a question
on painting.
- Do you like art?
- Oh yes.
These kidneys are half cold.
I can't eat them like this.
Take them away and reheat them.
Did Gauguin go
to live at the Kloanec Inn
and gather around him
one of the most famous schools
in modern painting?
Hold it, Louis.
Gee, mine are very good, dear.
She answered
right off the bat.
How 'bout you, Paul?
Oh, very good, excellent.
They're really fantastic.
I love them.
All right,
all right, all right.
Bring them back.
And what about
General Poitier?
Why yes, of course.
Put him down.
Boy, it's gonna be some party.
Everybody with one
foot in the grave.
Why don't you ask some young
people, for Pete's sake?
Why not ask Denise?
Paul, how 'bout Denise, she's fun.
Oh, yes, yes.
Is she a friend of yours?
Would you like her to come?
Oh, yes, why not?
Denise Vaillant.
And Evelyn.
She's amusing, you know her.
Well all right.
Evelyn Wharton.
Geometry, Miss Pelletier,
how do we find the surface
area of a triangle?
By multiplying the base
by the height,
and then dividing by two.
Top of the class!
Bravo, bravo, bravo.
I'm sure all our viewers...
Oh, and we mustn't
forget the Delacourts,
and the Bremont d'Orvilles.
Who discovered the laws
of universal gravitation?
You must know
that, Jacqueline.
I haven't forgotten them, sir!
I mean about
the laws of gravity.
Think of an apple.
A nice red apple
which suddenly falls!
Newton, sir.
Yeah, Newton.
Time's up.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Leave Jacqueline alone.
How can I do anything
with this racket going on?
Yes, of course you did,
but you've got stage fright.
You have to answer in time.
Let's change the subject.
We'll change to something
a little easier.
- Miss Pelletier, what is a sampan?
- A sampan.
- A sampan.
- Oh, everybody knows that.
It's the name for any small boat
in the China Seas. Too easy!
- Five seconds...
- Perhaps Miss Pelletier doesn't
share your passion
for boats, Chris?
- Mm-hmm.
- Time's up.
So, you do listen.
You always say you don't.
How could you know her name
was Miss Pelletier if you didn't listen?
- Sneaky.
- Well, I can't help listening!
It's like a circus in here.
One comes to dinner in the hope of
finding a little peace and quiet.
And all I hear
is this infernal machine
going on all the time!
Jacqueline, turn it off, will you?
Turn it off, Jacqueline.
Can you tell me the name, or rather...
There's never
anything on on Tuesday.
Tuesday's the worst.
Oh this made me laugh.
"Mrs. Harve Coignard, Mr. Jean Coignard
and Mrs. Grissette,
"et cetera, et cetera,
et cetera,
"are grieved to announce
the death of Mr. Harve Coignard..."
What sort of an evening is this?
I'm invited to dinner
and all I get
is a business consultation
and TV quiz.
Don't you wanna
talk to me anymore?
- Or isn't there time for that?
- See you again together
with our viewers next week.
Let's all say
once again bravo,
for her difficult and brilliant
victory, to Miss Pelletier.
And I'm sick of her, too!
A film by Luis Buuel,
La Mort en ce Jardin.
Oh, shut up!
I broke it.
Well, I think
that'll be all for tonight.
We'll continue it in the morning.
Of course, good night.
Good night.
- Paul?
- Hm?
I've got something rather
urgent to say to you.
Come this way into
the drawing room, will you?
Lucky it's Tuesday.
I wish you'd believe me
when I say that I'd give anything
if you and I could only...
Could get together.
It seems so foolish
not to work together
when we both share
the same interests.
I thought you didn't
like mechanical mice?
Why do you persist in
playing dog in the manger?
Uh, translate that, please.
You know perfectly
well what I mean.
All right, I admit your name
does carry some weight.
And you're dying
for it to be yours.
You never give up,
do you Christine?
Well at least
I fight to some purpose.
You just fight to make things
more difficult for yourself.
Look for instance.
How much do you earn as representative
of the Champagne Makers Association?
Oh, not a tremendous amount.
But enough to feel free
to travel around.
The day after tomorrow I'm off
to Hamburg, for instance.
You're going to Hamburg
the day after tomorrow?
Day after tomorrow.
Okay, okay.
Wouldn't it be better
to work together?
I told you
20 times already, no!
And your stupid pride
won't let you change
your mind, will it?
- What?
- Your place is here.
Even though I do hold
a majority of the shares.
Thanks to your father's
little swindles, right?
Well at least
he left you your name.
Well, he could hardly
do anything else.
I mean the champagne is
still called by your name.
Isn't it maddening?
- Paul.
- Yes.
I've got a proposition to make you.
I thought you would.
Well, go on.
Three million.
Would that interest you?
Old francs?
Certainly not.
New ones?
I'll have to think it over.
All right.
I'm quite prepared
to bargain with you.
You're right.
Your name is worth it.
And I'm willing to pay
you very dearly for it.
Upstarts yearn for nobility.
- Are you referring to me?
- No, no, no, no.
To the two buyers you've been
hiding from me for a week.
Huh? I'm sure they must've
offered you a good price
for the Wagner name.
Wagner is associated
with stature and tradition.
But with the Belling Trademark.
Even though
the champagne is the same,
what does the bottle matter
as long as the contents
make you drunk?
But then your Americans
don't think like that, do they?
It's me they want
, not you.
If I accepted, I would want five million,
Christine, darling.
Then you accept?
Oh, no, oh, no, no,
I told you I would think about it.
Very well.
That's all right.
There's plenty of time.
Coming to my little party?
Will your two buyers be there?
Of course,
it's for them I'm giving it.
And if the business is settled,
Chris will get his yacht.
Chris' yacht.
Darling, I think
I've pulled it off.
Oh that's wonderful,
I'm so happy for you, dear.
What's that?
Oh, it's just the maid,
she's running my bath.
Get rid of her, darling.
Uh, leave by the other door
will you please, Catherine,
I'm not dressed.
I'm sorry, darling,
I don't really feel too well.
I'm tired.
It's always like this when
I haven't had enough television.
Down here will be just fine.
Come on, I might enjoy it.
What a waste.
I got plenty more.
You're an extraordinary
young woman.
And very, very expensive.
Oh, who cares about the money?
Oh, Mr. Locoum,
I didn't see you arrive.
How delightful to see you.
And Mr. Clarke, how are you?
I see you've met
Miss Wharton already.
We're old friends.
Mr. Locoum
and Mr. Clarke have both
been made Knights of the
Champagne Makers Association.
- An historic event.
- A very great honor.
Come and talk to me
about big business.
Do let me take that from you.
Yes, thank you so much, oh.
- Oh.
- Madame.
Uh, may I offer you a drink?
Yes, I'd be delighted.
Let's go to the bar.
I'm fascinated by big business.
Naphthalene balls.
That could be managed.
Of course, my real interest
is alcohol and chocolate.
Uh, darling go and get me
something to drink, will you?
Some of that delicious
champagne over there.
Do you know who that is?
- Mm-hmm.
- Our prospective buyer.
We really went through it, then.
Yes, yes, but it was a clean war.
Whereas last time...
When the hostess is happy,
the party will swing.
Of course I'm happy.
- Aren't you?
- Yeah.
What can I do
to make you happy?
Anything you like.
What would Chris say?
You know perfectly well that
what is Chris' is also yours.
Isn't that the true
meaning of friendship?
Madame, the Bishop has arrived.
Duty before pleasure.
Yes, yes, yes,
it was a real war.
We were men in those days,
we took a beating, oh yes, yes.
You have to be a real man
to stand that and fight.
Well there are wars and wars,
but that one, you knew
you were fighting.
Never needed before.
Where is she?
In the arms of the church.
May she find peace.
- I was wondering if you were going to talk to me.
- So was I.
You know,
I know all about you.
You had that rather
nasty accident.
Oh, it doesn't seem to
have impaired anything.
Oh, well I'd like
to see that proved.
I have a little studio in Paris.
I give parties, but they're
much naughtier than this.
I'll let you know.
You don't waste time, do you?
It's in such short supply.
Who's that little
brunette over there?
Oh, she's just a secretary.
Well she needs encouragement.
I know just how she feels.
Lesson number one,
don't look so sad.
You have everything.
Just think, "I'm beautiful", hmm?
May I get you a drink?
No, I'll get you one.
And now we never
know where to go.
The whole Riviera
has become impossible.
Circulate, don't just
stick around in a corner!
I want you to be
sweet to the Bishop.
He loves Americans.
I don't wanna be
sweet to the Bishop.
Now, who wants
something very badly?
How do I know you
won't change your mind?
You're hurting me.
You promise?
- Will you promise it?
- Yes, I promise.
Well cross your
heart and spit.
Oh, I cross my heart.
Spit, then.
Hi, Bishop!
Huh? Oh, yes.
After giving
the matter much thought,
I find that
I don't like champagne.
How's it going?
- Oh, I'm so sorry, I just...
- Oh, Mr. Clarke.
Oh, well you can
meet Mr. Wagner.
Yes, the elusive Mr. Wagner.
I'm very happy to meet you.
Not elusive, Mr. Clarke,
not elusive.
It's just that we move
in different circles.
Yes, you might say that
we are different, eh?
But soon to interlock, I hope.
It's a wonderful party.
Just, just a lovely
place to give it in.
That grand chateau.
Don't you think so, Mr. Wagner?
I was born here.
Oh yes, that's right.
That's absolutely right,
you know.
I'm glad you came.
This party has all the joy of
a public hanging, doesn't it?
I'm sorry you're not
having a good time.
Are you?
Good evening, General.
Drop dead, General.
I'm on duty, Mr. Belling.
Well if you're on duty,
come on and amuse me.
Smile, console me.
See the people, see them
laugh, see them drink,
see them fall on the floor.
Where would you like to be?
Oh, well,
where would I like to be?
Scaling the seven hills
of Rome, maybe, or,
eating sea food
in Salt Lake City. Huh?
Or water skiing
in the shadow of the pyramids.
Anywhere but here.
Well, I haven't had
much chance to travel.
Oh, I see.
Well, uh,
maybe we could take
a little trip right now.
Come on with me.
But what if my boss needs me?
Come on with me, I said.
I wanna tell you something.
What this party
needs is a climax.
Oh, well you're the one
to give it that, eh?
You've got me cornered.
Very well,
I'll provide the surprise.
Wait just a moment.
Oh, great, great, great.
Great fella, huh?
- Yes, isn't he?
- Yeah.
Don't do that, please.
You know, you're not
so bad, Jacqueline.
No, please.
Shh, shh, shh.
Oh, stop it Christopher.
Mr. Belling to you.
Jackie, would you believe it!
I'm sorry, madame,
you must be mistaken.
Isn't he marvelous?
And what about Cannes?
And Genoa?
And Corfu?
And what about Athens?
In '61, on my yacht?
Ungrateful boy.
Uh, madame,
my name is Christopher.
It's true then,
that I love Greece.
Its only drawback is
that it casts a spell.
It keeps you from
seeing straight.
I can see that
watch straight enough.
A platinum Audemars Piguet.
A little gift to stand
the test of time.
He was a poet.
I never could resist a poet.
Would you like
something to eat?
Yes, I would.
A plate full of those
bony little Greek fishes.
What did you call them?
- Mees Mitt Nut?
- Why is everyone avoiding me?
Madame, I'm afraid
the season's finished.
I suppose I'm not
rich enough for you.
Ah, such
a convivial atmosphere.
Do you agree just between us,
the prospects for this
year's crops are wonderful?
A vintage as good as '52,
wouldn't you say?
- Yes, yes.
If an amateur's prayers...
Why not?
Promote wishes into facts...
Ladies and gentlemen,
will you please come in.
I have a surprise for you.
- Come in, come in.
- Come in.
- Follow me, everybody.
- Come on.
Come on, come on,
closer, closer.
You come over here.
Your Grace, General,
next to the Church.
That's salable, in America
that's a very good sign.
Yes, you're right,
you're right.
Watch this.
That's Belling Champagne!
Taste the Belling Champagne.
Will you stop it!
I'm sorry.
That is not champagne.
And it stinks.
Oh, Mr. Locoum I'm sorry!
Whoopee, whoopee!
Hey, hey, Paul,
what are you crazy?
Tell your wife to
keep her five million,
and I'll keep my name!
What? Nobody wants any?
Come on.
Is it a bad year or something?
People like that
should be locked away!
Oh, shut up.
Oh, hey, hey!
Very funny.
Look what you've done.
Did I do that?
Yes, you did that.
Am I still invited
to one of your parties?
Hey, you're getting me all wet.
Boy, that was
a lousy thing to do.
Why lousy?
It gave the party a lift.
I couldn't care
less about the party.
But what chance have I got now
of going to Hamburg with you,
with Christine upstairs
working up her nervous
breakdown of the month?
And what makes you think that?
Your chances may be
better than ever.
Oh, sure, she'll
just be in the mood now
for handing out little presents.
It was for you that I did it.
Just think,
if I'm gonna carry on like that,
she'll need someone
to keep an eye on me.
Someone to act
as a good, steady influence.
And what makes you think
that someone could be me?
Persuade her,
talk her into it.
Convince her that you've
got her interests at heart.
Well I do.
As long as they're
the same as mine.
You're worrying
too much about this, dear.
these are businessmen.
When they want
something badly enough
they don't give
it up simply because
they've been splashed
by a few drops of liquid.
Why should it matter, anyway?
They make the stuff.
- You mean to say it was Viva Cola in that bottle?
- Yeah.
How do you know?
Well I just guessed,
it's the same color anyway.
Oh, no.
It's not going to
work, I can feel it.
Of course it will.
You wait and see.
Oh, I forgot to tell you.
There's a marvelous bargain
in Hamburg right now.
A 28 meter yacht with its crew,
and every conceivable piece
of equipment.
I thought it might be smart
just to go there
and have a look at it before
it gets snapped up by somebody.
A fine time to talk about that
after what happened tonight.
You should get away
from all this for a while.
You're gonna crack
up if you keep on
driving yourself the way you do.
We both need to get
away on a long trip.
Remember that marvelous time
when we just went
drifting around
the Greek islands?
You used to eat platefuls
of those little silver fish.
What were they called again?
You know perfectly well
it's impossible
for me to get away now.
Why not?
Even without the American deal
we could still drop all this
and have a marvelous life
Why spend the best years
of your life
chained to your desk
at the mercy of people
like those two monsters, hmm?
Did you say Hamburg?
Yes, darling, there's a
marvelous bargain there now.
That's where Paul's going.
- Is it?
- Oh, yes, he did mention something about Hamburg.
You could be very useful
to me for a change.
If only you could talk to him,
make him understand.
- Ah, that's not easy, you know.
- Well, you could try.
At least you could keep
an eye on him and stop him
making us look like a lot
of fools all over Europe.
You're going to go to Hamburg.
Well I wasn't planning
on going immediately.
Oh, but you must.
Well I don't really think
I can do it right now.
Leave that to me.
- And, if you're very clever...
- Mm-hmm.
There might be
a little present for you.
You know, I've never really
liked little presents.
What about a big one?
All right, I'll go.
- Yes?
- Yeah.
This place is dead.
Yeah, on Saturdays
it's worse than France.
- Let's go, come on.
- Wait a minute.
You know, when I'm home,
I'm convinced that boats, ships,
are the one thing
in the world I wanna see.
Then, when I see them...
Oh yes, I know
that old refrain.
Nothing is worth getting,
and no place is worth...
No, no, it's not exactly that.
Something, something aggravates
me when I see them close, too.
Oh, you've got
the Hamburg blues.
It's because...
They are what they
were intended to be.
They fulfill their function.
At least back in the days
when I was Jackie,
and I worked
at the Carlton Hotel,
when I worked
the Carlton Hotel,
I fulfilled a function, huh?
Anybody could rent me,
do what they liked with me.
And Christine did,
with a bit of help from me.
I still remember
those old women
and their greasy cocktails.
All their Brandy Barbeloes
and Singapore Slings.
I can taste them to this day.
And if you didn't drink them,
they were offended.
No tip.
Well, but at least you
graduated to champagne.
- Oh yeah.
- Yeah.
Yes, now I'm Mr. Belling.
The Champagne King.
That's an empty title,
if ever there was one.
Who is he?
I haven't changed.
Where's the...
The thing that justifies my life?
Doing nothing
is a very tough job.
It calls for a lot
of concentration.
I think you've done
a very good job on yourself.
When I first met you,
you were a good-looking mess.
Now, you've learned
to do nothing with,
with uh, distinction.
It's a work of art.
Come on, let's go.
You go ahead.
I wanna stay here a little while.
All right.
I'll see you tonight,
where we arranged.
We've been waiting here for hours.
I'd like you to meet
Fraulein Hildegarde.
She's a lovely thing.
Good evening.
Ah, have drink?
Would you like a girl?
Why not?
Leave it to me.
My friend would like a girl.
Uh, uh, uh,.
No, that's a nun.
Uh, hostess, hostess.
I know.
Ah, but, extra,
something special.
Not just any old deutsche bimbo.
There, that one.
- Ein moment.
- Which one?
I got an instinct
for this kinda thing.
Good evening.
- Have a chair.
- Well, here she is folks, wonderful.
Yes, yes.
Do you speak English?
Oh, nein.
A little.
Not very important.
You, you,
very pretty.
Do you like champagne?
- Champagne?
- Yes, do you like it?
Oh, yeah...
Well, let's have some.
Bottle of champagne
please, my good man.
Make it Wagner, '55.
Never on Saturday.
Oh, I see that idle chatter
will get us nowhere.
What's your name?
Me Paul.
Me Paula.
No, me Paul.
Me Paula.
She's called Paula.
Let's drink to it.
That was one of the
most heartbreakingly
beautiful conversations I've ever
Well that's a good beginning.
Dance, madame?
Paul and Paula
will now take to the floor
in one of their, yes,
their inimitable numbers.
Come on.
Hey, what's happening
back there, huh?
Listen, I'm dead tired,
let's go back to the hotel.
That's the river bank,
it's a romantic night.
Hey, I need some fresh air.
Let's walk around.
No, no.
Whiskey, whiskey at my place.
Don't go to sleep now,
I can't carry you.
Hey, oh, come on!
Yes, come on!
- Let's walk.
- Home.
- Ha!
- Oh, no!
I like this place.
I like this place!
The grass feels good.
Maybe shoes were the beginning
of the whole
trouble with people.
Feet started to sweat
as a protest.
And the rot set in.
I hate trees.
Very pretty.
It's Christine,
she's coming upstairs!
Oh, no, that's not funny Paul.
No, no.
Ahoy, Lydia.
Not bad,
what do you think dear?
Mm, how 'bout Caroline?
That's pretty.
Too old fashioned,
but I like it.
Why don't you call her
Christine after me?
Erm, darling, it sounds more
like a training
ship than a yacht.
Anyway, there's plenty of
time to think about that.
Oh, I want every detail
to be exactly right, dear.
I thought you'd given up sugar?
Tell me, you didn't answer
my question last night.
What question is that?
How did he behave
himself in Hamburg?
Who do you think?
Oh, fine, fine, I guess.
We, uh, just went
to a restaurant.
I showed him the docks
and uh, that was it.
You didn't discuss
the business, now?
No, no.
No, no, no, no, no.
I get the feeling, you know,
he doesn't really like it
when you try to force
his hand too much.
Why, what'd he say?
And how is Jacqueline
this morning?
Very well, thank you sir.
Nothing urgent, Jacqueline?
I don't think so, ma'am.
It's from Evelyn.
Yeah, I know.
You going?
Oh, I might drop by.
What's the meaning of this?
I can't read German,
darling, what does it say?
It says that a young girl
was murdered in Hamburg
and someone seems to think
you know something about it.
What could I know about it?
That's what I'm asking you.
Do you know this girl?
Darling, how should I know her?
I'm not asking you
why you should know her.
But do you?
No, I...
No, I've...
Never seen her
before in my life.
I don't believe you.
Why should anybody send
me a thing like this
if there were no connection?
Where does it come from?
I can't make it out.
But it was sent from France.
I'm sure you know
something about this.
Darling, you're making
a whole six act play.
Now, look, do you think that
the person who sent me this
is gonna stop there?
They're gonna send me
some more
and they're gonna give me
more details.
Now, you'd be much better off
to tell me the whole thing.
Now, my dear.
Have you met this woman before?
Good, well, now tell me.
Where did you meet her?
I didn't meet her.
What I...
Well what?
I didn't have
anything to do with her.
But you know somebody who did.
- Who?
- I...
I think, I think...
That Paul may have been
with her for a time.
You mean you know he may
have been with her for a time.
And, and you,
were you with them?
Well we just had
a drink together.
And then what?
Then I went back to the hotel.
And you left Paul with her?
For how long?
Darling, what do I know?
I just went to sleep.
I see.
The whole night.
Well, well, well, well.
- You're sure you had nothing to do with her.
- Aw, come on.
Come on, and Paul
couldn't have had, either.
He was dead drunk.
It's a, it's a terrible thing.
Ah, well, I'm no so sure.
I think it's a very good thing.
What are you gonna do?
I'm gonna see your friend.
Don't you tell him I told you.
Oh, what a surprise!
I'd hoped that we weren't
on speaking terms.
Whatever made you think that?
So, all my work went for nothing.
Never mind.
I shall have to dream
up something else.
Ah, you've got off to
quite a flying start already.
Oh yes?
Oh, yes.
Sit down.
What a neat little stunt
you pulled off there.
I don't care much for
puzzles before breakfast.
Not even German ones?
Quite a pretty girl.
But of course newspaper
photos are often deceptive.
What are you talking about?
What's it say?
Oh, I'm sorry, I'd forgotten
you were so bad at languages.
Well, apparently,
they found this young girl
in the early morning.
Someone had strangled her
with a black stocking.
That someone had apparently
spent the night with her.
Who did you get
this letter from?
A well-wisher...
Who prefers to remain
anonymous for the moment.
And what did Chris tell you?
Everything of course.
After all, I am his wife.
Well now, if I were the police,
I'd be very interested
to know that Fraulein...
- Paula.
- Fraulein Paula's last client
had undergone 17
shock treatments
as a result of an incident
with a strangled girl.
Then why don't
you inform them?
Well, I wonder.
Well, it must be because we're so
fond of you, Christopher and I.
And of course I believe
that certain things
should remain within
the family, don't you?
And also, I believe
one favor deserves another.
I get the point.
You'll keep your mouth shut
if I agree to sign.
Well, it sounds like
a reasonable exchange.
Don't you think?
Well, think it over.
There's no great hurry.
Or is there?
Well, I must be going.
Christopher hates to be
kept waiting for breakfast.
Are you trying to
scare my customers?
What do you want?
I have to talk to you.
You look dreadful.
Get rid of him.
I can't.
Did you have a good
time in Hamburg?
I'm still waiting
for your post card.
Tell me...
Do you think...
Do you think there's
something the matter with me?
Go on.
What do you mean go on?
Well, tell me
what's on your mind.
Oh, we can't talk here.
Why don't you buy me
a drink when I close up?
No, no, no.
I have to speak to somebody now.
Well can it wait for an hour?
Look, look.
You know me.
You think I'm the kind of
person who could do things,
I mean terrible things,
without even knowing
that I'd done them?
You mean if you
were dead drunk?
Not necessarily.
Or yes, yes, I suppose I do.
Do you have some
engines, the electric ones?
They're over
there in that corner.
Oh, thank you.
Look, what's all this about
being drunk and disorderly?
Oh, no, no.
- It's more serious than that.
- What's the matter?
- I can't suggest anything...
- Look, I wouldn't have come at this time of day!
You're hurting me!
Be careful!
Scotch, a double.
What are you doing here?
You mad at me?
What are you doing here?
I've got my spies everywhere.
Christine made me tell her,
you know.
She's very good at
that kind of thing.
Well, what's it matter?
It doesn't matter.
Police can't pin
anything on you.
I mean...
She'd have found out
sooner or later.
Christine won't say anything.
Leave that to me.
You know,
you don't look so good.
I better stick around.
No, you don't.
- I want to sleep.
- And then...
We'll go to Evelyn's little party together.
I'm not in the
mood for parties.
I'm not leaving you alone,
Give me another.
It's the best thing to do,
don't you think?
You just get depressed,
hanging around on your own.
Oh no, I, I need to sleep.
Tell you what I'm gonna do.
I'll let you sleep now,
but you gotta promise
to come to Evelyn's later.
You're starting to
talk like your wife.
You got here too late.
They're all asleep.
A little piece of pepperoni
and the secret is to put
bacon with beef only,
and never with mutton!
And all of a sudden,
you're in the top ten,
and where do you go from there?
That's mathematics.
But China's got
nothing to do with it.
It's the big oil people
who are the ones to blame!
It's too easy to put
everything onto the party.
Oh, oh.
You don't realize
that it's happening.
And then, suddenly you find that
the price of a kilo of
asparagus has literally doubled.
Hey, it's about
time you showed up.
I got a great thing
going back here. No questions.
See you later.
So you did come.
You know, when I like someone,
I'm a monster.
And my instinct is
to devour and I want more...
And more...
And more.
Now, tell me all about
everything, hm?
What do you want to know?
Little things like what'd
you eat for breakfast?
Watch it.
Let's talk about me.
Oh, yeah.
That's a good idea.
Who's that girl?
Never ask that
question in this house,
not even afterwards.
I know her, I've seen
her somewhere, recently.
But I can't think where.
Well she's an actress,
sort of a...
No, no, no, no, no.
I know her.
All right, you know her.
I hate her.
I loathe her.
Well, what's the matter with you?
I know where it was, it was...
What difference does it make?
You haven't seen my husband,
have you?
- Come here.
- Leave me alone.
- Where?
- He went over there.
Where do you find
all these creatures?
Under rocks.
They come out at night.
Have a drink.
- Leave me alone!
- That wasn't very friendly.
You want a kick
in the pants, huh?
That depends.
Pardon me, come on...
- Get away!
- You have a very perverted friend.
Come with me,
Peppino, come with me.
You monster!
Get away, all of you!
Ooh, violence.
Now are you satisfied?
We're all alone.
Isn't that what you want?
What do I want?
Come on.
Don't move.
Stay furious.
I'm quite calm now.
Stay calm.
Just give me...
A little expression.
I'm, I don't feel it any longer.
Give me some expression!
You're not very funny.
Oh, oh, yes I am.
I am terribly funny.
Oh, God, if you knew
how really funny I am...
And you're ridiculous.
If you could only see
how ridiculous you look.
Get out.
Get out of here.
I took you for a man but you're
nothing but a pathetic imitation.
Get out!
Never say that to me again.
Let go of me!
You're crazy!
Get away from me.
Stay away from me.
I like my husband
very much.
When we're on our yacht.
Just the two of us,
with a Greek crew, I think.
They make the best sailors.
Oh, but a French cook.
Okay, when?
When? When can we get away?
- Not just for the moment.
- Not just for the moment.
You've been saying that for months.
We have to wait till
this business is settled.
We'll be old by then.
Anyway, you're not so
badly off here, are you?
It stinks of champagne.
Plenty of people would love
to be in your place, you know.
I don't see why.
Darling, what's the matter with you?
You were so sweet
when you woke up.
It's you, hm?
It's like being married,
I don't know,
it's like being
married to a computer.
What's more, I spoke to Paul.
If you think you can
refloat that American deal,
you're barking up
the wrong tree.
So why can't we get out now?
That's not what's
keeping me here.
Oh no, no, it all gives
you such a kick, doesn't it?
Empress of all you survey,
plus me, your humble servant.
I'm getting tired of your promises.
Things have gotta
start going my way now,
and if they don't...
And if they don't, what?
I need some new shoes.
And if they don't, what?
You want one thing
and I want another
so what are you
gonna do about it?
You're not gonna get
anywhere with me
by trying to force my hand.
- Oh, don't, don't, don't.
Please, spare me the pain of that dreary,
dreary old song.
You know perfectly well
that everything that I do,
I do for you more than for me.
Sure, sure, sure.
One day I'll realize
and I'll be glad.
One day when I'm dead
and buried,
six feet under in my grave,
I'll be glad, do you hear me,
glad, glad.
From Paris now, a news item
that will without a doubt
sadden all art lovers,
whether French or foreign.
The celebrated British
artist, Evelyn Wharton,
well-known in Paris for the
very brilliant reception
she has given and also
for her truly great talent
as a sculptress was
found this morning,
strangled in her studio in Paris.
At the present moment,
the identity of her assailant is unknown.
Come on, Paul, let me in.
Paul, the police
can't prove anything.
They don't know
who was at the party.
I'll say you left with me.
Christine will say
the same thing.
It's so stupid.
Why does a girl like
Evelyn matter, anyway?
We've gotta stick together,
that's the important thing.
Right, Paul?
I shan't need anything
more tonight, thank you.
Very well, madame.
Isn't Chris here?
Or Jacqueline?
Where is she?
She's gone to Paris
to fetch some things for me.
Oh, but she'll be
back any minute.
You're alone, then.
Oh, there's something
I've gotta tell you.
I, I know already.
And Chris does, too.
It seems...
That I've, I killed...
I remember nothing about it.
She, she was lying
next to me when I woke up.
Same thing must have happened
with that German girl.
I thought I was cured.
Come in.
But instead...
It's getting worse.
The attacks come
more and more often.
I, I'm going back
to the sanitarium.
Maybe they can
still do something.
I'm not afraid to give
myself up to the police.
Don't think that.
But that would just mean a
very big noise in the papers.
The result would
still be the same.
They'd still have to
lock me up for treatment.
And the scandal would close
this place down.
I take it you don't
want that, do you?
So what I came to
ask you is this.
Can I count on you and Chris
to say nothing?
Or better still...
If they ask any questions, to say,
to say I came back
here with you both.
Yes, we can say that.
We could say that...
Under one condition.
You murderous little...
Paul, wait till I've spoken
to Chris about it.
He, we...
Get some paper and write down
the Act of Transfer.
I'll sign it.
My name doesn't mean
anything to me anymore.
I'd have given it
to you for nothing,
if you hadn't tried to bargain.
Oh, go on, go on.
I thought you'd have
been more eager.
Yes, come in!
Good evening, Mrs. Belling.
- Jacqueline, oh it's you.
- It took a long time.
- I'm sorry to be so late.
- But you're back at last.
But the traffic was terrible,
you know?
The important thing is that you're here.
Oh, would you be so kind as
to type me up a document,...
- Of course.
- ...before you go to bed?
Well, you can have the
morning off tomorrow.
Thank you.
Thank you.
That's it, there.
There it is, ma'am.
Thank you.
You may go now.
Good night.
Now, if you'd be so kind
just to sign it?
Thank you.
I fell.
I remember falling.
I remember...
I went out like a light.
How could I have killed Evelyn?
I was paralyzed.
I remember!
What the hell
are you doing here?
Don't worry.
I've locked the door.
I've been waiting for you.
We can't stay here.
In bed.
Don't worry.
Let's go upstairs.
I'm not crazy.
Its Christine.
She's dead.
What are you doing here?
What, what did you say?
Christine is dead.
What do you mean she's dead?
Did you kill her?
Of course he did!
Who are you?
And now he wants to kill us!
No, Chris!
He's a maniac!
Kill him!
Chris, you don't believe that.
It wasn't me.
It never was.
None of them!
How could you do it?
You must really be crazy.
Oh no, no.
I'm not crazy.
I know that now.
I am not crazy.
Watch him, he's dangerous!
When I left her last night,
she was with Jacqueline!
- Kill him!
- Jacqueline can tell you.
- Kill him!
- Now where is she?
Can't you see he's crazy?
Who is this woman?
Where's Jacqueline?
Kill him!
Poor Chris.
You're right, darling.
It's just that
I was so frightened.
He's mad.
Now, give me that gun.
I'll do it for you.
Wait a minute.
Where's Jacqueline?
All right, tell him.
Tell him where
Jacqueline is, Chris.
Paul, how can you be sure
you didn't kill Christine?
I know it!
I know I didn't kill her!
I didn't kill anyone!
Where's Jacqueline?
I don't have to
justify myself to you.
Why don't you tell him?
Are you ashamed?
It was his idea.
It as all a big joke
and everybody fell for it.
Aw, the things
he promised me, Paul.
If you only knew.
"It will be just for a little while",
he said.
"And then...
"We get all the money."
You're lying, baby.
You're lying.
Take a good look.
It's the last time
you see the little secretary.
I gave up my career for him.
He'd land some old bag
and push me aside.
Until he needed me again.
Yeah, we had some high
old times together.
I can tell you.
You know that I love you, Chris.
I did it for you.
You mean you killed Christine?
The other two as well?
Yes, my love, for you.
Listen to me, Chris.
They'll think he did it.
That's why I killed
those two sluts.
I worked it all out.
Get rid of him
and it will be as we've
always wanted it to be.
Give me the gun.
We'll be free.
No more lying.
Let me have it!
No, no!
Oh, no!
There's nothing to be afraid of!
Blame him!
Stop it, you'll kill her!
- Stop, she fixed me up...
- He made me whore for him.
- ...with old whores!
- Stop it!
He made me whore for him.
I stole from Christine
and she loved me!
You killed her!
You're a monster!
She killed Christine!
Chris, stop it!
Stop it!
- My money!
- All my money!
- Money!
- You'll kill her!
- All my money!
- Money!