The Changeover (2017) Movie Script

( EDM music playing)
(Teenagers cheering)
(Bike engine revving)
(Girl) Faster!
(Bike engine continues revving)
Faster! Go fast!
(Motorcycle revving)
(Indistinct chatter)
I'm late.
Can't your mum for once?
(Indistinct chatter continues)
(Laura) I don't believe in fairy tales.
Oh, you are a heavy, heavy boy.
The real world
is much stranger than that.
(Jacko) Mum says I'm light as a feather.
Let's go chase the seagulls.
(Laura) I feel in my bones
when something bad is gonna happen.
Hey, wait.
I can't explain it.
That's why I can't see.
It was something I was born with.
Like another sense.
The earthquake broke our city.
It broke our family, too.
My name is Laura Chant.
(Siren wailing in distance)
I look after my little brother Jacko.
Dad said,
when he first handed him to me,
"You've got to promise
to look after him if something happens."
Something did happen.
(Jacko) Is he scared?
(Laura) Everyone is gonna be
looking for him though, eh?
Let's go and find him.
- I think he might be over there.
- Over here?
(Jacko) Yeah. You look that way,
I'll look this way.
(Laura laughing)
Hey, no. I'm coming with you.
(Jacko) Blacky! Blacky!
Have you seen a black cat?
No. No, uh-uh.
- Have you lost one?
- No.
(Braque) Oh, that's a relief.
(Laura) Come on. Off we go.
- It's my birthday.
- (Braque) Really?
Well, happy birthday. (Laughs)
Ah, it's not quite.
Are you Mum, are you?
She's only my sister.
Oh. Only?
Well, there, um, there, there might be
something in here for you.
Let's see.
I've got things
from all over the world in here.
(Jacko) What's that?
Mum at work, is she?
Lots of girls your age
wouldn't be so responsible.
How about Dad?
- Hey, hey. Ah, I...
- (Laura) come on.
I didn't mean to be nosey.
(Jacko) Can we go back there?
(Laura) No.
(Jacko) I can only run
to those cars there.
(Laura) No. We can't go down that way.
(Jacko) And we both get,
and we get to choose two sticks.
(Jacko whispering) Lolly.
It's dark. I'm scared.
I'm cold.
I'm frightened.
(Laura) Jacko.
(Jacko) I can't see you, Lolly.
(Echoing) Jacko, I'm gonna find you!
Jacko, I'm gonna find you!
(Jacko giggling)
I've had another warning!
- Jacko is in danger!
- Laura.
(Jacko) Have you seen monkey?
Come on, love.
Put your pyjamas on please.
My reflection in the mirror
was all funny.
In my mirror that happens all the time.
It said Jacko's name.
Good job. Good job, hon.
Why don't you believe me?
Lolly, I don't believe you
because your paranoia
is off the Richter scale.
And what, the earthquake,
was that me being paranoid as well?
The earthquake was a seismic event, OK?
Not a supernatural one.
(Laura) What about Dad?
(Kate) Come on. Are you ready?
(Jacko) Monkey, you stay with me.
Don't you run away.
Oh, my goodness, you found monkey.
- Yeah.
- (Kate) That's good.
You get all this warning stuff from him.
It's not real.
It is.
- (Indistinct chatter over TV)
- (Kate) Oh, Lolly.
Do you think you can take him?
If I don't leave now,
I won't get there ten minutes ago.
( Sway: The Cranberries on radio)
Me and your dad used to love this song.
...Don't ever go away
I should be much too smart for this
Know it gets the better of me
Sometimes when you and I collide
Cos of you...
(Jacko giggling)
OK. No more dance party for me.
Gotta go to work.
- (Jacko) Bye, Mummy.
- See ya.
(Kate) Bye.
(Jacko) See you later.
(Door closes)
(Indistinct chatter)
(Boy) Hey!
You can't wear that like that.
It's meant to cover your knees.
Is that how you wear yours?
(Nicky) Laura!
Laura Chant!
- Hey.
- Hey.
(Rose) Do you fancy him or something?
Doubt it.
What's his name?
(Rose) Sorensen Carlisle.
You know, Carlisle house, Carlisle park,
Carlisle wing of the public library?
(Sorensen) Catch!
(Door opens)
(Nicky) What's up with you?
- Nothing.
- (Door closes)
Got your period or something?
(Laughs) No.
You could have mine if you want.
He was totally checking you out,
that new guy.
He's hot.
What is the only word
in the English language ending in "M-T"?
(Nicky) Hmm. Dunno.
(Laura) Dreamt.
(Sorensen) I know what you are.
(Woman) I'm charging you
a late fee, Laura.
(Laura) I was only 15 minutes late.
You were 26 minutes late.
(Jacko) Can I've a stamp please, Sandra?
No, darling.
It's too late for stamps now.
- Was I bad?
- No. Of course you weren't.
Laura, I know you're doing your best.
But maybe your mum
needs to pick him up a bit more.
Hey... Hey, do you know what?
I think they might keep...
Yeah, caught some ducks.
I think they might get some ducks.
I'm going to choose this big one.
Hey, I was going to get that cat one.
Well, I see Jacko is still with us,
despite your warnings.
Can you look after him tonight?
No. It's late night.
I'm not gonna be home
till after 9:00.
Darling, family first, OK?
Is that what you call it?
Who's that? Is that your friend?
I'm not sure what he is.
Hi, Laura. Hey there.
(Jacko) Do you know
how you beep the horn?
- (Laura) Hey. No, Jacko. Hey.
- (Horn beeps)
- Are you following us or something?
- I wanted to tell you something.
- You should...
- (Jacko imitates dog howling)
(Laura) Jacko! No, wait for me.
Are you going to that party
everyone is going to?
No. Just leave us alone.
(Sorensen) You're in danger.
(Jacko) Ooh, look. There's some more.
I'm going to choose this big one.
(Indistinct chatter)
(Nicky in soft voice) How do I look?
(Camera clicks)
What are you gonna wear?
OK. He won't be
looking at me then, will he?
No, Nix. I'm sorry, I can't come.
She's got late night tonight.
- You're kidding.
- I'm sorry.
You always break your stupid promises.
Oh, sorry, Nix.
Ah, here he is!
We thought we'd lost him.
- Monkey, look!
- I've been looking for you everywhere!
(Braque) Yeah, ah, yeah. I, I'm sorry.
I, I thought I'd, ah,
better keep him here
in, in case he wandered off
to the motorway or something.
He knows he's not allowed
to talk to strangers.
- Come on. Let's go.
- (Braque laughs)
Yeah. I like you. (Laughs)
You're your own person, aren't you?
You don't take any...
You don't take any crap, do you?
Do people tell you that?
No, not really.
Don't they? Well, they should.
Because it's true.
Ah, it's a very good quality.
Just, ah,
have a look around if you want.
He's OK. Ah...
I'm not gonna pressure you
to buy anything.
Just pick them up, look at them.
I mean, there's
some really interesting stuff.
I can tell you the history of anything.
Anything you want to know.
That, that's Maria, that doll.
Ah, 1900s.
Once she belonged to, ah,
somebody who loved her dearly.
Ah. No, that one you're holding,
that's not for sale.
No, I got that in, in Namibia,
1,000 years ago.
It's a fertility symbol.
You didn't get it 1,000 years ago.
Oh, it's 1,000 years old, I said.
Ah, Jacko thought that he might like
a special stamp.
Him and monkey.
One each, yeah. So you can be the same?
Oh. Um, maybe he got a fright
when you shouted at him.
Buddy, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. I'm not angry any more.
I'm just really happy that you're safe.
- (Braque) Do you like butterflies?
- Mmm.
Oh, I thought so. Because this one
is a butterfly stamp.
(Laura) Yeah, go on.
You can show Sandra tomorrow,
and tell her that you got one anyway.
Well, hold it out properly, though.
You don't want it to
get the wings all blurry, do we?
That's it. That's monkey, there we are.
Yeah, that's it. Keep it nice and still.
That isn't a butterfly.
Now monkey.
Oh. I'm, I'm, I'm... No, I'm sorry.
No, that's, that's... Sorry!
It was the wrong one!
(Woman on TV)
Slinky Malinki was blacker than black.
A stalking and lurking
and adventurous cat.
- He had bright yellow eyes...
- Hey. Come on, buddy.
Just one more mouthful.
(Woman on TV)
...and a kink at the end...
- Please?
- ...of his very long tail.
Just doesn't want to come off, does it?
Finger here.
(Sighs) I don't like the stamp.
It's just the ink. It'll fade.
Could you just hold it up for me
for a sec?
What time is it?
(Kate whispering) It's late.
You said you were gonna be home by 9:00.
Asshole made me do a stocktake.
Hey, what's this on his hand?
- It was day care.
- Oh, yuck.
Your decorations look so great.
Did you make the cake?
No. I'll do it tomorrow.
- No, I will.
- I will.
- Hey, night.
- Night.
What happened in that shop?
If someone ever does something to you
that you don't like,
- you'd tell me, wouldn't you?
- Yep.
Good boy.
His toys are scared.
Of what? Scared of what?
They've got stamps on them, too.
Hey, you know what?
We're gonna make him take it off.
- Take it off him!
- What?
The stamp.
Take it off. It's making him sick.
Well, it's, ah,
special non-allergenic ink.
Better not be poisonous
and get into his bloodstream.
Well, no.
That's what it means, non-allergenic.
It means it's not poisonous.
Can you just take it off?
Ah... Ah, can I see? Yeah.
(Laura) Huh?
Oh, sorry you were worried.
I think he'll be fine.
Mind you, he's quite warm, isn't he?
Perhaps he should be in bed,
tucked up
with his lovely special monkey.
You look different.
Oh, it's your clean air.
(Rose) Is that Laura? Laura!
(Braque) Nothing worse than bad skin,
is there?
Oi! Lolly! What are you doing?
- Jacko, come on. Come with me.
- What?
- (Rose) Come on!
- Go and find monkey, eh?
(Car door shuts)
- Jacko! What are you doing?
- (Car engine starts)
Stop it! Let's us out of the car!
(Braque) That's called a rally start.
That's what that's called.
Stop the car!
(Speaks in Latin)
On your breast, there.
School motto. It's Latin.
"Take the right path", is what it means.
Ah, kiddie locked. Uh...
You don't want him to fall out, do you?
(Jacko whimpers)
(Braque) If I was your father...
If I was your dad,
I'd keep a better eye on you.
I'd wanna make sure you were safe.
So, um, which way is your place?
Left up here, or right?
You know where I live.
I saw you.
Watching across the street.
Wasn't me.
Unless you're, uh...
Unless you're seeing things.
(Car door sensor beeping)
Ah, here you go.
Home sweet home.
Let me carry him in for you.
(Laura) Just leave us alone
or I'll call the cops.
I wouldn't do that.
(Whispers) Why did you leave us?
- (Knock on door)
- (Braque) Hello?
I was just thinking.
Um, I'd love to get
that old monkey ofyours valued for you.
Uh, could be worth something.
It's not.
I gave it to him when he was a baby.
Oh, ah, it is worth something then?
Oh, you're having a, having a,
having a birthday party.
- Can I come?
- No.
I'm not going to hurt you, Laura,
if that's what you're scared of.
I think you've been hurt enough already.
Oh, ah, invite me in.
Jacko! Are, are you there?
Come, come here. Jacko.
There's a good boy.
Jacko, where are you?
- Invite me in.
- No.
No! Get out! Get out! Go away!
- Go away!
- Open the door!
Let me in! Let me in!
(Continues banging on door)
I'm calling the cops!
(Phone ringing)
(Policewoman) So, the door
was open the whole time?
(Laura) Well, no. Not the whole time.
(Policewoman) But he didn't come in?
(Laura) No.
- I...
- (Indistinct radio chatter)
(Policeman) Something smells good.
It's my brother's cake.
(Indistinct radio chatter)
Happy birthday, mate.
(Policewoman) Oh. Five, eh?
All grown up.
He's probably nearly six by now.
You're not the first call-out
we've had today, you know?
Oh, I'm sorry.
I'm just a bit freaked out.
OK, well, we'll find him,
and we'll have a word.
How old would you say he was?
Kind of old.
I, um... Not sure.
- We'll find him.
- Thank you.
Hey, careful. Why is that on?
(Softly) Jacko.
Come on, come here. Come to me.
- No, don't!
- (In Braque's voice) Stay still!
Can you please leave him alone?
Can you just get out of him?
Please leave him alone.
(In Braque's voice)
I can smell your fear.
- (Laura) Jacko!
- (Jacko screams)
No, leave it!
Come on.
We've got to put it under the water.
- Jacko, please.
- (Kate) Lolly?
- What's going on?
- (Jacko) Ow!
- He burnt his hand.
- Oh, how?
- Oh, shit.
- (Jacko whimpers)
You're meant to be looking after him!
Do we have any of that stuff?
(Sorensen) You're in danger, Laura.
Lolly! Stop!
- Where are you going?
- Why don't you ever listen to me?
I told you that he's in danger.
Maybe from you, he is.
He's in danger
and you don't listen to me.
I'm gonna find someone who will.
- Laura!
- (Woman) Hi, Kate!
- Hi.
- Hi.
Laura Chant...
We've been expecting you.
I, um...
- I'm looking for Sorensen.
- Sorensen.
Yeah, I'm Sorry's mother,
Miryam Carlisle.
Come on in.
(? Soft music playing on stereo)
- I think I need your help.
- (Scoffs)
(Clicks tongue)
I thought you didn't want to talk to me.
This man, he stamped Jacko's hand
and now he's really sick.
What kind of stamp?
Did your brother give him his hand?
Yeah. He wanted a stamp.
He's just a little kid.
This kind of power has to be invited.
- What is it?
- I'm not sure.
But, I think what he's done
is make a hole in him somehow.
Kind of like a trap door
he can get in and out of.
He wants to possess him
to make him do what he wants.
Yeah. That is what he's doing.
He's possessing him.
- Oh, is the stamp still there?
- Oh, no. It's gone now.
I thought that would have
been a good thing.
If it's inside of him, then...
Can you just tell me
what I've got to do?
Maybe if you
put a mark on him yourself...
OK, that's what I'll do.
I'll put a mark on him.
You can't.
- You just said that I could.
- Only a witch could do that.
Is that what you reckon you are?
You're some kind ofwitch?
Maybe you could do it for me.
I can't.
He'd see I was a witch,
and then he wouldn't invite me in.
Well, no. Now you're just saying that
because I thought it was you
that I was getting these warnings about!
No, I'm saying that because it's true.
No. It's not true! It's all shit.
I'll save him myself!
(Woman) Don't forget your shoes, Laura.
Thank you.
In the end,
help has to come from within.
I see that you've met my mother.
Winter Carlisle.
Sorry's grandmother.
You saw that?
Not everyone can.
What did you mean,
help has to come from inside?
Did you mean that there was some way
I could help my brother?
What does this card mean to you, Laura?
I followed the Moon to find you.
Why won't you tell me?
You're what we call a sensitive.
You feel things at a deeper level.
Does that mean I can help Jacko?
A sensitive can become a witch.
That's what a Changeover is.
(Sorensen) It's too dangerous.
- She can't.
- (Laura) I can.
What do I have to do?
You have to go inside yourself
to change yourself.
She won't know what's real
and what's not.
- (Winter) everything is real.
- Everything is real.
Go home.
Hey, no. Don't touch me.
How are you gonna save your brother
if you've lost your mind?
Is that what you want?
Brain all fried to shit
till you jump off a bridge or something,
just to make it stop?
It's suicide.
- Mum! What's happening?
- Dark.
(Sorensen) Laura!
I didn't mean to scare you.
I'm sorry.
You're right to be freaked out.
A Changeover can kill you.
Let me help you find another way. But...
Just let me take you home.
(Laura) What does he want from Jacko?
(Sorensen) I don't know yet.
if we can maybe get a hold of the stamp,
then we might
have something to bargain with.
Is he like you?
There's... There's good and there's bad.
(Laura) What are you?
Where did that come from?
Tomorrow or the next day,
it'll fit in somewhere.
You all right?
If you change something,
it changes you.
I think you're good.
Do you want me to come in?
I've just got to check on Jacko.
Yeah. You need to stay close.
Give me your number.
(Kate) you ruined his birthday.
You know that?
You lied, you ran off.
You know, I think I'll be mum, thanks.
- Do you even know how?
- I'm sorry, what did you say?
What did you say?
(Phone vibrates)
Who are you texting now?
Honestly, just go to bed.
I'm sorry.
(Children singing)
? Happy birthday to you
(Girl) Take that mask off, Jacko.
It's scary.
Take it off!
Happy birthday, dear Jacko
Happy birthday to you
- (Children chattering)
- (Kate) Birthday cake time.
(Children) Five... Four...
- Three... Two...
- (Braque) Let me in.
- Good boy.
- (Jacko) Daddy.
(Laura) Jacko?
(Muffled screams)
You have to be invited, don't you?
What is it about you?
(Muffled grunts)
Mum! Mum!
(Kate) Why the...
Lolly! Get off! What is wrong with you?
(Doctor) His immune system is
turning on itself,
and destroying his blood cells.
And, ah, we don't know why.
I do.
He'll need a bone marrow transplant.
That's the factory
to produce new blood cells.
- That's not going to save him.
- Oh, Laura.
If one of you is compatible
we can transplant as soon as possible.
Look, Mum, the man that came,
he got inside his head.
- Stop it, Laura.
- It's my fault. I'm really...
I don't know why, but I gave him my...
I gave him his hand...
- Stop it, Laura! Please! Stop this!
- I don't know why I did it. I'm sorry.
Stop it!
She's trying to explain it to us.
Look, OK. This man, he came,
and he put my brother under a spell,
- and that's why he's sick now.
- Laura, Jesus Christ!
I know that it's scary.
I know it's scary.
But your job is to stay strong.
Why aren't you listening to me?
Because you're sick in the head, Lolly,
like your dad!
(Doctor) We don't have much time.
I'm sorry.
The blood tests will tell us
if one of you can do the transplant.
It's dangerous,
- but...
- (Phone beeps)
Lolly, we have to do this.
If neither one of us is a match...
We both have to do this, OK?
We have to do it together.
I need you, Jacko needs you.
OK. I'll go first.
No, I will.
(Nicky) Lolly!
- Is he OK?
- No.
I'm sorry about what I said.
I really am.
Your mum told Mum
you're kind of losing it.
Look, um, she thinks
I'm gonna stay at yours tonight.
Yeah, no, that's fine.
That's why I'm here.
No. But I can't, Nix.
What? Why?
Can you just not tell?
OK, can you promise?
What, like your promises?
(Phone beeps)
- Hi.
- Quick, come in.
Whatever's got him, it's powerful.
I can feel Jacko trying to hold on.
(Jacko breathing heavily)
(Knock on door)
(Kate) Lolly?
(Laura) Uh-oh.
- Shit, um... Should go this way.
- What?
- Lolly!
- (Knocking continues)
- Sorry.
- What are you doing?
Just that everyone is
always in and out uninvited.
I just got to pee.
(Kate) They're saying a couple of hours
before the tests come back.
Go to Nicky's, eh? Grab some sleep.
(Toilet flushes)
I'll see you downstairs.
Hold on, Jacko.
Don't be scared. I'm gonna save you.
I promise.
I'll call you
as soon as the blood tests come back.
Just don't take your eyes off him.
OK, let's go get that stamp.
There's nothing here.
He's taken his shop away.
(Indistinct chatter)
(Knocks on door)
Hi. I'm David
David Young, grief counsellor.
- Come in.
- Thank you.
They actually don't even really know
what's wrong with him.
And then Laura has just...
She's not doing very well.
She has this crazy idea
that he's possessed.
Ah, Laura is your daughter?
- Yeah, mmm.
- Mmm.
Well, she'll be scared too, won't she?
Everyone has
their own different way of coping.
She's right though.
I'm a useless mother.
No. No. No, you are not.
You're only human.
We all are.
(Laura) blacky.
Laura, all right. Hey, hey, hey.
It's OK.
It's OK. Shh.
(Whispers) it's OK.
I think I do know what he is.
He's a larva. A parasite.
If they latch onto a body,
they can go on for hundreds of years,
sucking the life out.
If he's sucking the life out of Jacko,
why isn't he dead?
(Sorensen) He'll keep him alive
until he can trap his soul forever
in something he loves.
It's the monkey.
That's the trap.
It's something that he loves.
Got ya.
(Sorensen) Monkey.
I think we've won.
You should come in.
I'm gonna get some PJs and stuff
to take back to Jacko.
I guess this is what they mean
by "loved to bits".
We should go.
What are you doing here?
You're not invited! Get out!
Actually, I am.
Your mum asked me to come over,
pick up some toys to liven up his room.
No! Get out!
You're not invited! Get out!
Well, she's worried sick, actually.
Get out of my house!
And that's before she hears about
the fact that you've let a...
Ah. Now I know what it is.
You've got yourself
a little bit of a witch.
My name is Sorensen Carlisle.
And his mother and grandmother
are witches too.
Take me instead of her brother.
What do you think then, dear? Huh?
Jacko or your little boyfriend here?
Just give me back monkey.
- Oh, here we are.
- No, don't!
You invited me in.
You accepted my offer!
You gave me power over you.
These are words of power.
If you or your little pathetic coven
get in my way,
I promise you, I'll destroy you all.
You're nothing against me.
And then I'll
finish this one off as well.
- Once we've had a bit of fun.
- ...a bit of fun.
(? Operatic music playing)
(Braque) Gustav Mahler wrote this music.
"Songs on the Death of Children."
Ah, grief can conjure up such beauty.
I knew him quite well, actually.
His daughter, she died.
Maria was her name.
She was a pretty little thing.
I've got her doll.
I think you saw it.
Wasted away.
(Car door sensor beeping)
( Operatic music continues)
I thought it was a cat.
Hey, be careful with your brother.
(Phone ringing)
Give it here.
Your phone!
Oh, your mum is trying to reach you.
(Phone beeps)
"Are you OK?
"Blood tests are back.
"Jacko needs you. Come straight away.
"Kiss, kiss, kiss. Hug, hug, kiss."
On my way.
Heart emoji.
It's scary in there, isn't it?
When you're losing your mind?
Well, follow it, that fear.
It will lead you to me and Jacko.
When they put you under,
we'll be waiting for you.
In there.
Can't tell anybody about me.
It's our secret.
Off you go.
Well, shut the door.
Enjoy the transplant.
(Kate) You're so brave. Braver than me.
(Anaesthetist) OK, breathe deep.
(Kate) She's really scared of them.
(Sorensen) Laura.
She'll hardly feel a thing.
Lolly, will you say something?
Just anything.
(Anaesthetist) Laura?
I want you to listen to me, OK?
Just concentrate on the light. OK?
- What do you see?
- (Sorensen) Can you hear me?
- The Moon.
- (Haematologist) That's good.
The Moon's good.
(Sorensen) Listen to yourself.
(Laura) Lolly!
The spell, you can break it.
- Lolly, Laura...
- It's the Moon!
The Moon.
- (Haematologist) You OK in there?
- (Laura) The lamp!
The lamp.
The Moon, the spell, you can break it.
(Kate) Something is very not right.
- (Haematologist) Someone hold her.
- (Laura) Lolly! Lolly!
- (Laura) Laura. The lamp. The Moon.
- You can break it.
- (Anaesthetist) Laura. Calm down.
- The spell. You can break it.
(Anaesthetist) Calm down. I need you
to trust us. We're here to help.
You can help us with Jacko, Laura.
(All clamouring)
Laura! Go!
- Are you you?
- I think so.
He always said,
"If you don't believe in magic,
"then you're never gonna find it."
Not that that really did him much good.
Well, in the end
he just chose the easy way out.
(Sorensen) But that's not your way.
- Where's your dad?
- Ah, London.
My mum sent me there when I was younger.
My dad didn't want me either.
- (Footsteps approaching)
- (Indistinct chatter)
Take your clothes off.
(Laura) Hello!
(Miryam) Down here!
We know what it is.
It's a larva.
What do you mean?
You guys got to help me change over.
I didn't know
what I was fighting, until now.
A larva poisons everything around him.
He gets his pleasure from your pain.
- I broke his spell.
- (Miryam) That's not possible.
He wants to trap Jacko's soul.
What kind of witches are you,
if you let that happen?
Show us your path.
(Miryam) The Moon.
For tonight, this pool is a crossways
of many lines of space and time.
There are many possible paths
and many possible Lauras.
But only one of you can finish.
(Miryam) To start with,
you won't know what you're looking for.
(Winter) You have to journey
into yourself to change yourself.
(Miryam) Destroy the larva, Laura.
(Winter) Put your own mark on him.
(Miryam) You have to make him believe
you're still under his spell.
Not until you've passed through fire
will you be a witch.
(Winter) These are words of power.
(Miryam) These are words of power.
(Sorensen) I'm here.
(Jacko) I did. I did it.
(Kate) Come on,
put your jammies on, please.
(Jacko) Hey! What...
- Oh...
- (Kate) Come on.
(Jacko) Hey, do you know what?
(Clock ticking)
(Water dripping)
(Miryam) You have to go inside yourself
to change yourself.
(Children singing)
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday, dear Jacko
Happy birthday to you
Five, four, three...
(Girl) Take that mask off, Jacko.
It's scary. Take it off!
(Miryam) A sensitive can become a witch.
( Death metal music playing)
(Nicky) Lolly! You came!
Laura! Oh, my God!
What are you doing here?
What's wrong? What's happened?
I've lost Jacko.
Here. Put this on.
I'll help you find him.
This is a dream!
Listen to me!
You've got to help me wake up!
(Man) You little witch!
You're hurting me!
- No!
- Chuck her on the fire!
What are you doing? Let her go!
(Chanting) Burn her! Burn her! Burn her!
They burn witches, don't they?
That's what I am.
(Woman) Oh, my God!
(Laura) Jacko!
Don't be scared!
I'm going to find you!
( Operatic music playing)
(Braque) I thought it was a cat.
Hey, be careful with your brother.
(Sorensen) Listen to yourself.
It's the lamp! The Moon.
The spell, you can break it.
(Braque)...pretty well actually...
It's probably 1,000 years old.
What is it about you?
Yeah, he had eight sisters...
I like you!
You don't take any crap.
Hey! You invited me in.
If I was your dad...
...that fear.
(Sorensen) Maybe if
you put a mark on him yourself...
- (Jacko) Lolly!
- (Exclaims)
Lolly, where are you?
I can't hold on, Lolly.
(Child crying)
(Indistinct shouting in distance)
(Laura) It's my fault.
(Kate) Not right now.
- Stop it, Laura. Please! Stop this!
- (Laura) why aren't you listening to me?
(Kate) Because you're sick in the head,
Lolly, like your dad!
(Children whispering)
(Laura breathing shakily)
(Braque) I'm in here, darling.
Well done for finding me
deep in your dream.
You've got some nice pictures here.
How is the surgery going?
Not looking good.
If you die here,
you die on the table.
Your mum tells me that he jumped.
Your dad.
How could he do that to you?
Abandon you like that.
Didn't he love you?
You're all right.
I got you. I've got you.
You're here now. Now take a deep breath.
Breathe again. Deeper.
That's it. That's it.
You're safe.
(Laura) Jacko.
Good girl.
Now all I want you to do
is hold out his hand for me.
Will you do that for him?
Well, he needs his own stamp too,
doesn't he?
Good girl.
Hold it nice and steady.
Need to get it good and clear. Don't we?
That's it.
That's good.
That's good.
Why did you do that?
Give that back to me.
That's mine.
That's good.
Thank you.
Now take that off.
My name is Laura Chant.
I'm a witch.
I put my mark on you.
Take it off. Remove it.
You let me in.
- But you're not a witch.
- I am.
I knew there was something about you.
And I was right.
You're a special girl.
A special young woman.
I just wanted to test you.
To make you strong.
Wanted to be a father to you.
I could teach you so much.
I could, I could teach you how,
how to live forever.
Think of that.
Just remove it.
Remove it.
You can have whatever you want.
By the power of my mark
I bring you to an end.
what you do, you do to yourself.
By everything dark and bright,
I will live on in you...
You're just like me.
I'm not like you.
I'm not like you! I'm not!
(Sorensen) I knew you could do it.
(Laura) I felt you with me.
Mum, where is he?
- Mum...
- (Kate crying)
Where were you? Where were you?
He can't hurt you any more.
It's OK.
I love you, OK? Do you hear me?
I love you, OK? So you wake up.
OK? Come back. Wake up.
Wake up. Come back to me.
Wake up now!
Laura, he's gone.
You can't go back.
By everything dark and bright,
I reach into you,
I draw his poison out of you.
I reach into you,
and I draw his poison out.
Please just wake up, Jacko!
Wake up, Jacko!
Come on, Jacko, please.
(Jacko) Now, stop that, Lolly.
(Indistinct chatter)
He's here.
It's all right.
He was, he was just frightened.
He was scared. He was hiding.
(Kate sobbing)
Oh, Jacko.
Oh, Jacko. Oh.
I love you, Lolly.
Thank you.
I promised you.
I don't believe in fairy tales.
Dreams come true only if
you can make it through the night.
People think that magic
is all about spells and potions
and getting your own way.
That's a fantasy.
The truth is, if you change something,
it changes you.
When I bought Jacko back to life,
something inside me died.
Innocence, childhood,
whatever you want to call it.
Now I can see in the dark.
But the trick is
to find a way to live in the light.
(Clock ticking)
I didn't invite you in.
Yeah, you did.
- In your dreams.
- In yours, actually.