The Chase (2017) Movie Script

Damn it.
This is the most irritating disease
of all.
By the way,
-I've been causing you so much trouble...
-it's really fine.
-It's all right.
Mr. Choi! You're in there, right?
-Who is that?
-Excuse me for a moment.
-All right.
-Mr. Choi!
Do you know how many months it's been?
It was 5 million won for the deposit
and 300 thousand won for the rent,
but I lowered it to 1 million won
and 250 thousand won for you.
But you don't even pay that
and make me come all the way here?
My back has been hurting lately,
so I wasn't able to work these days.
-So if you could wait a little more...
-There is no need for all that.
If you can't pay the rent, just sell
your truck and get the money ready.
That truck is the only way
I can earn money.
How would I possibly make a living
if I sell it?
You said your son lives in America.
Does he know that you live like this?
Do you really even have a son?
Look here, sir.
You're being too harsh on him.
Even if you're the landlord,
just because there is some overdue rent
doesn't mean that you can act like this
to a man going through a hard time.
Come on, stop it.
You can pay for him instead, then.
Since you're giving out food
and all that to other people,
I guess you must be
much better off than I am.
What did you say?
People like you don't even give calls
to their own parents.
Listen, Mr. Choi.
I don't care if you borrow
that money or steal it.
Just pay me the rent. I'll be back soon!
Gosh, what a rude old man!
Who is he, anyway?
His name is Deok-su Shim.
He fled the north during the war
and lived in this neighborhood ever since.
He owns a ton of buildings in this town.
He's so grumpy that everyone just shakes
their heads whenever he passes by.
That damn old geezer!
Enjoy! Come again!
DANDELION TOAS They found a body
at the construction site.
What's all this?
He should have just died quietly at home.
The house prices in this town will fall
because of him!
Sir, the prices can't drop any lower
in this area.
Have you all finished looking?
I'm sorry, but we need
to preserve the scene,
so please return to your homes.
You just need to take the body, though.
What are you preserving the scene for?
There's something called forensic science.
We can't touch anything yet.
So please cooperate.
Go back to your homes now.
Over there too, please go back.
I'm sorry about this.
Come on, please. You too.
Hey, Room 205!
Room 205.
Are you trying to avoid me?
Why would I avoid you?
I haven't done anything wrong.
It's not due yet.
I'll give it to you tomorrow.
You've never paid rent on time.
Room 205, you always...
Can you stop calling me "Room 205"
like I'm some kind of a prisoner?
That little...
Kids these days...
I'm nearly there. Hold on a second.
-You're here.
There's a lot of work today.
Right, there's suddenly so much work,
I can't even take a breather.
I'll take over for a while.
Go get some rest.
Are you sure?
I'll take a five-minute break, then.
Here, it's all done.
I'll get the ball.
DANDELION TOAS Have a nice day.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
-It was delicious. We'll come again.
-All right.
You guys are in big trouble.
You should've studied harder.
-We should get going.
-All right, go on. Bye.
Here's the first month's rent.
All right, then. Have a nice day.
Why don't you have a sandwich
before you go?
Well, I don't feel so well
when I eat flour products.
Oh, I see.
I wanted to make a sandwich for you.
I never said I couldn't eat one.
I've been going around town all day,
so I do feel kind of hungry.
Have a seat. I'll make you one right away.
Is this place doing well?
It should do well,
so I can raise the rent.
I came back to my hometown in 30 years,
and I was worried
about how to make a living.
At this rate, I think I'll be fine.
I'll work harder so that I can pay you
even if you raise the rent.
Hello, Dr. Na.
-Two sandwiches to go, right?
-Just a minute.
-All right.
Those two look so good together, right?
His wife became paralyzed
after she had a stroke ten years ago.
Caring for the sick
is such a burdensome thing to do.
I feel so bad for that husband.
Mr. Lee?
As if this is some kind of a show...
People are so nosy.
Look at that!
Mr. Shim. Sorry about that.
No one from the fire department
could come.
It's all right.
How did this happen?
He lived all alone
without anyone visiting him.
He passed away while he was asleep.
It's kind of fishy, though.
The body we found a few days ago
by the creek was Mr. Man-seok Lee.
That was Man-seok?
The one who always got drunk
and made a riot?
Yes. When it rained heavily this summer,
he probably slipped and fell
when he was drunk.
That's for the best.
The ones who are better off dead
should just die.
Patriotism isn't anything special.
Leaving for others is patriotic too.
Goodness, Mr. Shim. You shouldn't say
things like that about the deceased.
Well, have a nice day then. Bye.
Is everything done?
Come on, let's wrap up here.
My back has been hurting lately,
so I wasn't able to work these days.
So if you could wait a little more...
Mr. Choi, open up.
Hey, Mr. Choi.
Why is the doorknob broken?
Where did he go with all the lights on?
Is it you, Pyeong-dal?
Mr. Shim, what brings you here?
Huh, you bought drinks.
You can't pay the rent,
but you eat like a king!
Do you have any conscience at all?
If you don't pay up this time,
I'm really going to kick you out. Got it?
Mr. Shim...
Who's the person
that was supposed to visit?
My former co-worker.
Where did you work?
I worked as a detective for a while.
A detective?
You should have kept working hard,
living a great life with your son.
I don't know what got into me.
I ran around everywhere alone
like a madman,
and I ended up like this.
By the way,
you know the old men who died recently?
Man-seok Lee, who was found by the creek,
and Jang-su Song, who died in his home.
Both of them were acquaintances of mine.
Mr. Choi, at our age,
having a good memory isn't all that great.
You should forget the ones who pass away.
That's not what I mean.
The church gives out lunch on Tuesdays,
Wednesdays, and Thursdays.
Those two came for lunch on Tuesday
and Wednesday.
But they both didn't come on Thursday.
-So what?
-Those two
could have been murdered on
Wednesday night.
What do you mean, murdered?
It's hard to see it as a coincidence.
And there's another old man missing.
It's Mr. Han.
The man who lives alone in the greenhouse?
The dog seller?
That's right.
Come to think of it...
Today is Wednesday.
Hey, Su-gyeong.
I called you a dozen times.
Nothing much.
I just wanted to have some drinks.
You can't?
You always said yes, why not today?
All right, then.
Similar incidents like this
happened 30 years ago.
First, elders living alone died,
and then young women died or disappeared.
So did you catch the culprit?
They were all filed
as accidents, runaways,
or just missing.
And the cases were closed.
You nearly gave me a heart attack.
I thought you were a burglar.
Burglars are busy too.
They wouldn't raid every single house.
They only go to houses
with stuff worth stealing.
You're not that useless,
but it's not enough to want to steal.
You shouldn't be drinking
and damaging your liver
thinking about the past.
Eat your meals, go out in your truck
and earn some money.
And pay up your rent.
Thank you, Mr. Shim.
If you're grateful,
you can do me a favor.
-What favor?
-It's nothing big.
Just check in on me once in a while.
I don't want to be seen
in a wretched state if I die someday.
That's all I'm asking for.
Mr. Choi.
I'll get this door fixed tomorrow morning.
I told you it's a stalker.
-I thought it was strange it lasted...
-Shut up.
Why did you want to get drinks?
You can't even drink that much.
Did you send money to your mom again?
What about the rent?
You said you'd pay today.
You should take care of your own business
before helping your mom.
Gosh, I get so frustrated watching you.
Should I just ignore her, then?
I didn't mean that.
You haven't changed a bit.
You did all sorts of part-time jobs
since middle school
and gave all of that money to your mom.
You never got to buy anything of your own.
Don't you feel a little annoyed?
Why should I be? My family is poor,
there's nothing else I can do.
Gosh, you make me so frustrated.
What's up with you?
Mr. Shim, I...
What about that rent
you said you'd give me?
I had some personal matters...
Everyone has personal matters. I get it.
But why didn't you tell me
you were living with someone else?
I didn't tell you
because she just visits once in a while.
What are you talking about?
I live right below your room.
I hear you slamming doors late at night.
Pay more for all the water and poop
if you two are going to live there.
Got that?
I'm sorry.
I fixed it up tight,
so it won't get broken again.
I can see you sitting over there.
Why aren't you even answering me?
Are you there, Mr. Choi?
The door's wide open.
Oh, he's here again.
What's going on?
-Oh my god.
-What's wrong?
Oh my god.
Oh my god.
He wasn't feeling so well,
so he was worried
about not being able to work.
The landlord came over yesterday
and made a fuss about the rent...
All right.
you said you went to Mr. Choi's house
yesterday to collect the rent, right?
How many times do I have to tell you?
I had a drink with him and left.
Mr. Shim,
did you make a fuss at him
about the rent like last time?
What did you just say?
I didn't make a fuss.
We both saw how you acted.
You're barking up the wrong tree here,
you stupid woman.
Look here, sir.
A person is dead.
So, you're suggesting that I killed him?
Why are you taking it out on me?
When did I say that you killed him?
-How can you talk like that right now?
-Alright, calm down.
He doesn't deserve to be called human!
Hey, stop it.
Just keep living like that!
No one's going to mourn when you're dead!
Ma'am, please stop.
This morning, a man in his sixties
was found dead after committing suicide...
Get out.
This food is for decent human beings,
so I'm not selling it to you!
You need customers to make a living.
You're being ridiculous.
It's my business, not yours.
Hurry up and leave!
He has the guts to eat
when he has killed someone.
Why aren't the ghosts taking him away?
I wish he'd get hit by lighting
and just fall down dead!
Mr. Shim.
Oh, Room 205.
What brings you here this early?
I'm going to move out.
Why do you want to move out
all of a sudden?
Do you think I killed Mr. Choi, too?
Mr. Shim.
You must be such a precious daughter.
Why, you're so precious
that you were sent here to live all alone.
Anyway, there's something wrong
with this town.
There's no one normal around here.
Mr. Shim.
The people living here on rent...
They're not living like this
because they're all lazy or bad.
Things don't get better
even if they try hard.
So they have no choice.
And I never believed
that you made Mr. Choi kill himself.
I never thought you were a bad person,
even if you talk roughly.
You never kicked anyone out
for not paying the rent.
Mr. Choi would have known it too,
so don't feel so bad about it.
Tell me when the deposit is ready.
I'll move out right away.
Damn it.
You should have at least
met your granddaughter before going.
Oh, my goodness.
What a bastard!
Hey, get up.
Who are you?
Tell me, before I crush your skull.
I'm the landlord.
-Where's Detective Choi?
-Mr. Choi? He's dead.
Dead? What are you talking about?
You bastard!
You're talking bullshit.
He was fine a few days ago.
-How can he be dead?
He hanged himself...
on the bathroom doorknob.
He killed himself?
Who are you, anyway?
Why are you rummaging through
someone else's room?
He didn't kill himself.
His son sent him a plane ticket
so they could meet
for the first time in 20 years.
He was so excited to meet his son.
There's no reason for him to kill himself.
Detective Choi was murdered.
What in the world are you talking about?
Oh, for goodness sake.
You always throw your stuff on the floor.
No one can even imagine
that a pretty girl like you is this messy.
Did you get off work early today?
Gosh, Su-gyeong.
How much did you drink? I can't believe
you fell asleep while vomiting.
Su-gyeong, get up.
Why are you...
Damn it.
What are they doing
in the middle of the night?
Oh, hello.
I was just passing by,
so I decided to pay a visit.
Everything going okay?
Thanks to your support, sir,
the shop is doing really well.
You don't need to call me "sir."
We're both old enough.
Then how should I...
Just call me Deok-su,
and I'll call you Yeong-suk.
Would you like a sandwich?
Have a seat.
Mr. Landlord, sit over here.
I don't think we're close enough
to share a table.
I'm sorry about yesterday.
I still have my habits from my former job.
I'm Pyeong-dal Park. What's your name?
It's fine, I already heard.
It's Deok-su, right?
You shouldn't call me so casually.
Don't you have any respect?
I'm sure I'm much older than you.
Well, we're both aging together.
Why can't I call you Deok-su?
You asshole!
This one's different
from the one you had last time.
I'm not sure if you'd like it.
Everything's the same once you swallow.
Whether I like it or not
doesn't matter at all.
What are you doing?
There's a customer waiting.
-Hello, what shall I get you?
-Ms. Min,
-I'll get three...
-By the way,
you know how the two bodies
of elderly men were found.
Actually, three,
including Detective Choi's.
The killer was practicing on the elderly,
who were easy targets
like what happened 30 years ago.
And now that he killed Detective Choi,
who was on his trail,
it means the practice is finally over.
What on earth are you talking about?
Soon, it's going to be a young woman.
There's going to be a dead woman,
with long, straight hair.
A young woman with long, straight hair?
Does anyone come to your mind?
I don't know anything.
Hey, where are you going?
You didn't even eat your sandwich.
It's none of your business where I go.
-I'll be off, then.
"I'll be off, then."
I'm just going to check.
Just checking if Room 205 is okay.
Hey! Who are you?
What are you doing in front of
someone else's house?
Stay right there.
-Don't move.
Hey! You crazy...
You crazy jerk!
Stop right there!
Stop right there!
Stop, you jerk!
Oh, crap!
Stay away!
That old geezer.
Damn it. This is exhausting.
I told you he's fine.
Gosh, I was scared he might be dead.
This geezer won't die that easily.
Who are you guys?
Don't ask such a stupid question.
You seem to be famous in the neighborhood.
You made some guy kill himself
because you harassed him about the rent.
I guess you're not older and wiser.
You're so pathetic.
You disrespectful brats!
I'll let you off just this once.
-You're going?
-Get him.
Why don't I just stab you
and bury you in the ground?
What are you going to do?
This idiot here got injured
because of you.
You should give us the medical expenses.
I don't have any money.
Don't be ridiculous.
Everyone knows you're rich.
Well, first, just give us
the money in your wallet.
What are you waiting for? Get his wallet.
-Search thoroughly.
-Where's his wallet?
Gosh, he stinks.
-What are you doing?
-Who's that guy?
Hey, sir.
Just go your way if you want to live.
That's cute. Hey, check
inside his boxers, too.
Geezers always hide stuff in there.
-Search everywhere. Find it.
We told you to go away.
Didn't your parents
teach you to respect elders,
not attack them?
What are you saying?
Hey, you jerk.
Oh my god.
How dare you swing
a knife around like that.
Bastards like you end up killing people
and going to jail!
You are a soon-to-be murderer!
What are you doing to my babe?
You're living quite an interesting life.
-Babe, are you okay?
-It hurts like hell.
Getting into fights with young kids...
No, it's not like that.
That jerk over there
was lurking around in front of room 205.
I got suspicious and chased after him.
Hey, get up.
I said get up, you asshole!
What were you doing there?
I was just... I was...
The girl living there
is my girlfriend's friend...
Put your hands down.
I asked what you were doing there.
That's what I was telling you.
Su-gyeong wasn't answering my calls,
so I called Ji-eun,
but she didn't answer either.
Su-gyeong goes there often,
so I thought I could see her there.
We're going in just to check.
Your nonsense made me
worry about all kinds of things.
Check student loan balance
Pay rent
Let's go. If people see us,
they might get the wrong idea.
What are you doing?
What is this?
Oh, my goodness.
Is this Ji-eun?
She's not Room 205.
Then she must be
that girl called Su-gyeong.
-Such a pity.
-Oh, right.
We should call the police.
Huh? No, don't.
If you call the police,
Ji-eun's going to die.
You said the two lived together.
But only Ji-eun is missing.
If this guy killed them both,
there's no reason
to leave one body here and take the other.
You know what that means?
He took her alive.
If she's alive, that's more reason
to call the police. Give me my phone.
If the police start investigating this,
he'll kill her right away!
So, what are you suggesting?
It's obvious.
We have to catch him and save her.
You're really out of your mind.
Think carefully.
If you report this,
it'd be the same as you killing her.
That old madman...
He thinks he's still a detective.
Didn't you hear what I said?
This was in the fridge.
I'm sure she was kidnapped.
I know the guy well,
and you know the neighborhood.
Detective Choi kept this all these years.
It's been 30 years.
This is the first murder
he committed 30 years ago.
An elderly person who was living alone
was filed dead from falling.
But look, there's no sign
of any slipping on the stairs.
It's the same with Man-seok Lee.
The creek is only
as deep as a kid's height.
It's hard to see that
he'd fall and die in there.
He attacked him
and then dropped him in there.
And this is the second victim.
Doesn't this seem similar
to Jang-su Song's body
found in the basement?
All the murders were disguised
as natural deaths and accidents.
And when the practice
on elderly people is over, he...
He then starts to change his crime targets
to young women in their 20s.
There was something in common
among the female victims.
They were women in their 20s
who had no families, or lived alone.
Oh, my goodness.
Does she look similar to Ji-eun?
Her name is Mi-sook Lee. Age 21.
She worked at a dye factory nearby.
She was found
with her hands and feet tied.
The cause of death was excessive bleeding.
The 13th victim.
That was his last murder.
Why was it the last? Did something happen?
The investigation ended,
so we couldn't look into it anymore.
There weren't enough forces
because everyone was busy
with the Olympics and all that.
They stopped investigating
even though it was a serial murder?
I claimed it was a serial case,
but I had no proof.
The murders happening in town
are exactly the same as the ones
that happened 30 years ago.
It's as if time has stopped.
Right. There is a woman
who escaped from him and survived.
Who is it?
DANDELION TOAS Yeong-suk Min...
She doesn't remember anything about him.
We waited for her testimony,
but we never got it.
I guess she can't remember it
because of the shock.
That son of a bitch.
If I only knew his face,
I'd go find him
and just snap his neck like a twig.
I wish I had seen his face.
One time...
...I met the guy.
Detective Ko.
Who are you?
You bastard!
Detective Ko.
Detective Choi, what are you doing?
Get yourself together!
Detective Ko.
I remember it clearly.
That bastard's eyes...
The sound of him breathing...
And these are the notes
Detective Choi made after that.
He wrote down all the suspicious people
within Ari-dong.
"Deok-su Shim"?
"Only cares about money"?
What is this?
Why is my name in here?
Well, you're actually
the most probable suspect in this case.
You know the town really well,
and you make and fix keys,
so that you can enter any house with ease.
You're talking total bullshit.
Then why are you talking to me here?
Just arrest me right now.
Finish reading what he wrote there.
"Too simple to commit a crime.
Cannot be a suspect."
I can't believe he did this.
He pretended to be so quiet and nice.
But he was investigating me
behind my back!
I'm positive the culprit's
in there somewhere,
so just help me out here!
No, I won't!
Come on.
Hey, Deok-su, don't get angry
over some notes he made.
Guarantee our rights to live!
-Rights to live!
-Rights to live!
Guarantee basic pensions for the elderly!
-Basic pensions!
-Basic pensions!
Create jobs for the elderly!
-Create jobs!
-Create jobs!
Guarantee basic pensions for the elderly!
-Basic pensions!
-Basic pensions!
-Create jobs
-Get off.
-for the elderly!
-Create jobs!
-Let go of me.
-Guarantee basic pensions
-for the elderly!
-Get on.
-Basic pensions!
-Basic pensions!
-Come on.
basic pensions for the elderly!
Come on, speed up some more.
Eun-ho Lee, Age 68,
Living alone, Unemployed
Jun-man Yoo, Age 71,
Unemployed, Grumpy
-It's overflowing.
Over there?
Where is it?
Over there.
Where is it?
We're almost there.
Thanks. I like these, too.
Have a nice meal. Thank you.
-Are you sure the culprit
is one of the people written in there?
Look at this. Before Detective Choi died,
he went to the Ari-dong station often.
He always rode around in his truck.
Why would he go to the train station?
The tomatoes were sweet and tasty,
so I made some juice.
Have some of this.
Thank you.
Oh, and Yeong-suk,
sit here and eat with us.
-We can chat for a while.
-But how did you know my name?
I should take this and drink it at home.
I have some medicine to take after meals,
but I didn't bring it with me.
Come on, get up.
You said she can't remember anything.
What were you going to say?
Why are you upset at me? Were you worried
that I would tell her you liked her?
Shut up.
Look at her. She's living happily
without that memory.
What's wrong?
My wife is in a good state today,
-so I came out for a walk.
-What? Do you know him?
I'm offering
free medical treatment there...
All right. Okay.
I talked to Mr. Lee
from the real estate agency...
That man lowering the wheelchair,
he moved here six months ago, right?
How did you know?
That's when people started dying
in Ari-dong.
He came to do medical volunteer work.
You know the common characteristic
of kidnappers?
They always have their kids ride next
to them, so people won't get suspicious.
You can never tell what people are really
like from how they look on the outside.
Like that bastard.
You go ahead first.
I'll join you after I talk to someone.
Where are you going?
Hey, Mr. Song, wait a minute.
Your blood pressure is normal.
Are you hurting anywhere?
My shoulders and arms hurt.
Your face is saying
that you don't want to talk
to a person who has killed someone.
Enough with that.
So, what did you want to talk about?
You know Ari Apartment, right?
I'm thinking of renovating
the whole place.
Wallpapers and repairs, all that stuff.
I was thinking of
making you in charge of it.
But before that,
I have something to ask you.
Next person, please.
You have no respect for elders.
Hello. Are you feeling unwell anywhere?
Yes, I'm feeling really unwell...
in my heart.
Well, let me check your pulse first.
Your hand doesn't feel like a doctor's.
Let me check your pulse.
That's right. He asked me
to do repairs on the whole house.
Was there anything strange?
Anything strange? What do you mean?
Anything. Just think of anything.
I'm not sure...
What's wrong?
Well, your pulse...
Your blood circulation is bad.
Especially the blood going to your brain.
Of course it's bad.
Because I'm really angry right now.
Look me in the eye.
Why are you...
I told you to look me in the eye.
I guess you already heard
about everything.
If you've been diagnosed
in a large hospital,
they're probably right.
What are you talking about?
Oh, what's wrong?
I'm really sorry,
I'll have to wrap it up for today.
For the remaining people,
I'll offer treatment for free
at Cheongsol Clinic.
-Please wrap things up for me.
-Sure. Don't worry.
Everyone, I'm really sorry.
-I'm sorry.
-I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
-I'm sorry, sir.
-What's going on?
-What happened?
-Is something wrong with his wife?
Oh, that poor man.
What's going on?
He's the man from 30 years ago.
His bullshit isn't going to fool me.
I just got so annoyed... What?
Do you think I'm weak?
I'm still strong and healthy.
I'm going to drink as much as I want.
A Senior Suffering Landlord Harassment
Found Dead
Where am I?
What are you doing to me?
Why are you doing this to me?
Sir, please. Sir!
He only made minor repairs
before moving in. Nothing special.
There's no way he's innocent.
He looks really kind and gentle.
No, I'm sure it's him!
You're not making any sense.
-Let's go now.
What are you talking about?
We have to go inside and look.
-Go inside? Are you mad?
He must be going somewhere.
This is our chance. Go inside and look.
You're talking all sorts of bullshit.
Did you not hear what I said,
or are you ignoring me?
Just do as I say if you want
to find that girl named Ji-eun.
I'll be off.
-Go in there.
-Hey. Hey!
What the hell am I doing?
This guy is so suspicious.
Room 205.
Room 205! Are you here?
Room 205!
I'm really sorry for coming in here
without asking.
I'm just going to check something...
This clinic is like a maze.
-Is this the locksmith?
Why isn't he answering?
Yes, I understand, but I can't today.
I'm a bit busy right now.
Damn it, there's no time.
-It's fine.
Why is this thing so sturdy?
What are you doing, standing like that?
Are your balls frozen?
We've been looking all over for you.
Come on.
You're dead.
Are you looking for a brick
like you did last time? You old geezer!
You bastard.
Why don't you stop this?
Put that down.
You... I just saw you
in front of the town hall...
Did you come to steal money
while I wasn't home?
That's not what I...
I came to find Room 205.
What are you talking about?
I mean, the girl living in room 205
in my building.
Why are you looking for her here?
I don't understand what's going on,
but the girl you're looking for
isn't here, so please just leave.
You're telling me to just leave?
-Why aren't you reporting me?
You should report me to the police
because I broke into your house.
She's in here, right?
Room 205! Room 205!
This is a misunderstanding.
It's not a misunderstanding.
I'm sure it's you.
-If you need money, I'll give it to you.
-Room 205!
-Room 205.
-Sir, please.
Don't move!
Show me your hands and turn around.
You're bleeding.
Raise them higher!
What are you doing? Go find her!
Room 205! Room 205...
What is this...
What is all this?
They look like poppies.
Please let it slide.
This is all for my wife.
I heard it prevents muscle spasm.
If I go to prison...
The pods of poppies
can be used to make opium.
My wife
can't do anything without me.
I don't believe you.
This is bullshit.
Where is she? Where did you hide her?
You bastard. Where is she?
Where is she? Where did you hide her?
Hey. Put that on.
What are you doing?
I saw him.
Your eyes...
I saw them.
Who are you?
You bastard!
Put that on right now or I'll shoot you!
It's you.
I've never...
In my whole life...
I've never forgotten you.
You murderer.
I should kill you.
Die, you bastard!
Detective Choi, let go.
That bastard should die!
Die, you bastard!
What's that?
You bastard...
What in the world is going on?
Sir... His pockets...
Look in his pockets.
You'll find something.
It hurts.
It hurts.
I'm telling you, he's the culprit.
He's the one.
He's the culprit.
He's the culprit.
I'm really sorry about this.
It's not much, but I want to thank you...
Oh, no, it's all right.
You should hurry to the hospital.
Well then, please contact me
anytime later.
Let me go!
Oh, his son is a police officer, too.
Detective Choi!
I'm telling you, he's the killer!
-Hurry up and arrest him!
-Please calm down.
You should go.
Detective Choi, what are you doing?
He's the killer!
Dr. Na, I made a huge mistake.
I fell for what an Alzheimer's patient
was saying...
I'm really sorry.
It's all right.
Sir, I...
I won't tell anyone
about what I saw today,
so don't worry.
Thank you.
By the way, that girl named Ji-eun...
How do you plan on finding her?
I'm not really sure what to do.
I know it's a bit late, but maybe
I should report it to the police.
Either way, I hope she's fine.
I hope so, too.
If the police start investigating this,
he'll kill her right away!
And I never believed
that you made Mr. Choi kill himself.
I never thought you were a bad person,
even if you talk roughly.
And there's another old man missing.
It's Mr. Han.
The man who lives alone in the greenhouse?
The dog seller?
That's right.
Free meal service records
So this is everyone who used
the free meal service?
I've organized a list
of everyone in Ari-dong
who comes regularly.
Heung-sam Han
What about this man, Heung-sam Han?
Now that you've mentioned it,
I haven't seen him for a while.
Maybe it's because of the cold weather.
Mr. Han, are you in there?
Who's there?
That little...
I'm nearly there, hold on a second.
Female, 60s, lives alone
Son comes home at night
Room 202, Lives alone
Isn't home during the day
Mr. Shim.
Oh, it's you, Mr. Lee.
Why are you doing this?
You know why, Mr. Shim.
You can come with me to the station
and tell me everything.
I came here because...
There's no need.
What were you doing
at Mr. Han's greenhouse a while ago?
This is all a misunderstanding!
I went there because...
Whether there's a misunderstanding or not,
I'm arresting you as a suspect
in the murder of Mr. Han. You get that?
What the hell are you talking about?
You idiot.
You call yourself a police officer?
If you have eyes at all,
look around here and say that again!
The guy who lives here
killed all those elderly people in town.
Mr. Han was killed by that man, too.
And Room 205 has been missing
for several days.
I think she was kidnapped by him.
Room 205.
Room 205?
Room 205.
Mr. Lee.
What are you doing here at this hour?
Hello, Mr. Kim.
How are you doing?
Is there someone
named Du-sik Bae here?
Mr. Bae? Yes.
Do you know where he is now?
Who are you?
Where is Ji-eun?
Don't act like you don't know.
I already went to your room and saw
all the photos you had of the dead men.
What photos?
I think you have the wrong person.
Cut the crap.
You shouldn't enter someone's home
without permission...
Hang on.
I thought you looked familiar.
You're that locksmith, aren't you?
Why do all the
fucking old geezers in our country
have no concept of basic manners?
Mr. Lee!
Shut up, you bastard.
This is so annoying.
Du-sik Bae!
Step away from that man. Step away!
Raise your hands slowly. Come on!
You son of a bitch,
don't you have any sense of respect?
Raise them up higher!
Sir, are you okay?
Mr. Lee.
Stop right there!
Let go, you bastard.
Mr. Lee, are you all right?
Damn it.
Stop right there.
Mr. Shim.
Where's Ji-eun? Where did you hide her?
Tell me. You took her, right?
You can't die!
Hey, come on. Wake up.
Are you okay?
Is this 911? Come over, quickly!
Du-sik Bae, who died yesterday,
has been arrested before
for injuring the elderly and young women
ten years ago.
He believed that he was suffering
because of the older generation,
and often wrote online comments
criticizing the elderly.
I guess the culprit wasn't Mr. Shim, then.
The serial deaths of elderly people
that occurred in Ari-dong
was revealed to be homicides
disguised as suicides,
causing shock to the society.
The prime suspect with the surname Bae
was injured near Ari station
in the process of arrest, and passed away
on the way to the hospital.
This suspect had been arrested
for injuring elderly people
and young women ten years ago.
It has been revealed
that after his release,
he had been working at Korail
as a temporary employee.
The police has identified Bae
as the prime suspect...
Please don't kill me.
So, you're saying
that the person who killed elderly people
and women 30 years ago
reappeared and kidnapped a girl named
Ji-eun Kim living in the apartment
and also killed Du-sik Bae?
Is that what you're saying?
That's right. You're finally getting it.
Du-sik Bae only killed the elderly.
The one who kidnapped Ji-eun
is another person.
I saw him with my own eyes.
if that person is the one
who murdered people 30 years ago,
how old would he be right now?
He'd be at least 60 years old.
How could such an old man
go around killing people?
Who knows if he's even alive?
You jerks think old people
can't do anything
and just live off others, don't you?
But we are still capable of many things!
We can all see and hear!
Sir, please stop this and just go back.
We have work to do.
You're a bunch of assholes.
We already have so much work...
Why are you closing so early today?
I'm not feeling well.
I know everything.
You close the shop every Thursday
-and get medicine...
-I don't understand what you're saying.
Excuse me.
That murderer from 30 years ago is back.
I think a girl living in my building
got kidnapped by him.
You have to help me.
I couldn't see his face.
I mean, I didn't.
I thought he'd kill me if I did.
Don't you remember anything?
Like how he talked,
or if he used a dialect...
Anything like that.
I think...
he had a strong scent.
A strong scent?
And his hands...
His hands felt a bit strange.
I think...
he could have had an extra finger.
That's what I remember.
How have you been?
Who are you?
It's me, Mr. Choi's landlord.
No, I mean...
I'm Detective Choi.
No, you're not.
Detective Choi doesn't speak a dialect.
I lived away from home for a long time,
so I picked up the dialect.
I'm telling you,
I'm really Detective Choi.
It's me, the one with the son in America.
Is it really you, Detective Choi?
It's so good to see you.
It'd be great if we could
talk over drinks,
but I'm in a bad state.
It's all right. You'll get better soon.
There's no need to worry.
I came to see you
because I really needed to talk to you.
What? What do you need to talk about?
Don't beat around the bush. Just tell me!
All right.
Just listen to what I have to say.
-Thirty years ago,
there was this man who killed
elderly people and young women.
I just can't figure out who he is.
One victim of his told me
that he had this strange scent.
And that he seemed to have six fingers.
Does anything come to mind?
I'm hungry.
I'm hungry. Give me some food.
What do you want to eat?
Black bean noodles.
I'm not sure
if we can have it delivered here.
I'll go ask the nurses.
I told you.
He's the killer.
He's the killer.
We're closed for today...
Mr. Shim, what brings you
here at this hour?
You told me to visit anytime
if I was feeling unwell.
I'm not feeling so well.
Oh, right. Well, come inside.
Did you see the news?
They got the murderer.
That's a relief.
I hope that girl is okay.
This is a secret,
but I heard it at the station
that they didn't catch
the actual culprit yet.
Oh, really?
Well, since you're here,
let me check your pulse first.
You must have gotten a surgery
on your thumb.
Yes, I injured my thumb some time ago.
Is that so?
I thought that maybe
you had another finger
and had it cut off.
Anyway, how is my pulse?
I can tell from your pulse
that you won't be able
to live a long life.
Where is she?
How did you know?
Did that bitch
from the sandwich shop tell you?
No, that bitch never saw my face...
Mr. Shim, you came here
to check if it was me.
I had no clue. I was so stupid...
Cut the crap and tell me
where Ji-eun is, you murderer...
He has no sense of danger.
The number you have called is unavailable.
Please leave a message...
I brought your meal.
Here's your favorite, braised hairtail.
I'm not eating that!
I hate braised hairtail.
Get me some black bean noodles.
You're doing this again.
I told you, we can't order food here.
Order some black bean noodles.
I want black bean noodles.
If you keep refusing meals,
you'll eventually get sick.
I'm going to the restroom.
You were here...
I looked everywhere for you.
Why can't you say anything?
What has he done to you?
No need to worry about her.
She simply can't talk because
her tongue is paralyzed. It's fine.
After tonight,
she won't be able to move or talk
for the rest of her life.
I'm going to cut off all her nerves.
But she'll still be able to see,
hear, think, and feel any pain.
She's not going to die.
You crazy bastard!
Why are you doing this?
You know, being together with someone
should be a happy thing, but...
I'm so exhausted because of my wife.
I get irritated, too.
But one day, I spotted that girl.
She looked exactly the same
as my wife did when I first met her.
Plus, she was someone that no one
would look for had she disappeared.
It was perfect.
From now on,
she will be in the place of my wife.
But I'm curious,
why are you and that station man
so obsessed with that girl?
That son of a bitch was doing
the exact same things
I had done 30 years ago.
Well, it was good to reminisce
about the old days.
But the thing is, that bastard saw me.
And of all the days, it was that day.
Some luck, huh?
So I thought it over carefully,
and I tried to put everything on him,
making it a perfect crime.
How did you find out?
You're not human!
All right, fine.
why were you trying so hard to find her?
Did you have feelings for her?
I can't believe
you're talking such bullshit.
Then why?
People said that
all you cared about was money.
It's because I felt sorry...
Don't act all nice.
You know, there's a saying that if you
suddenly act differently, you'd die soon.
Mr. Shim, I'm going to start the process,
so watch carefully.
No! Please don't do it.
Humans shouldn't do such a thing...
Humans are cruel. That's the way it is.
Didn't you ever learn that
from all the years you've lived?
It's over, you son of a bitch.
Put that down right now.
You scared me.
You have a way of surprising people.
I'm not saying it again.
If you don't want to get shot dead,
put that down.
A gun?
That gun from before?
This is ridiculous.
Just wait a moment.
Father, I bought black bean noodles...
This one is real, you asshole!
How did you get here?
Are you okay?
And where did you get that gun?
Detective Choi, you talk too much.
Take her and leave, hurry.
It fucking hurts.
Damn it.
Ji-eun, wake up.
Come on, hurry up!
-What about you?
-Don't worry about me, just go!
Detective Choi! What are you doing?
Get out of here now!
You son of a bitch...
Why wouldn't you just stand and watch
like you did 30 years ago?
No, that's not true...
You coward. Did you muster up some courage
since you knew you were going to die soon?
Detective Ko.
Detective Ko.
Get yourself together!
Who are you? You bastard!
Detective Ko.
Pyeong-dal Park! What are you doing?
Get yourself together!
No... I never did such a thing.
It's painful to remember, right?
That's why you got Alzheimer's.
You wanted to forget everything.
No. That's not true, you bastard.
For the past 30 years,
I imagined killing you
more than ten times every day.
You murderer... Die, you bastard!
-Get up.
-Mr. Shim...
You were acting all tough...
I knew you would...
You should have just
kept living as a coward.
You didn't live all those years
just to die like this.
You have to make good memories
with someone you love.
That's what we were born for.
You can't give up, all right?
Where are you, Mr. Shim?
Where are you, Mr. Shim?
She shouldn't be out in the rain.
It's dangerous.
Come on out!
You still have so much strength.
You are still quite strong for your age.
Where's the girl?
I don't know, you madman.
You old geezer don't know
when to give up, do you?
Well, you're going to die anyway.
It won't matter if you die
a little earlier.
Sorry, Detective Choi. I'm a bit late.
What's the matter with you?
Why couldn't you just give up on it?
Why are you suddenly trying
to act like a detective?
You son of a bitch!
You could have just pretended
you didn't see anything.
Don't move, you bastard.
Bastards like you should die!
Stop it, Detective Park.
You're really going to kill him.
Let go of me and just shut up!
-Detective Choi.
Detective Choi, why are you doing this?
Please, just stop.
I'm begging you.
Don't you get me?
Don't you know how I feel?
Do you have any idea how I've lived
for the past 30 years?
Why wouldn't I? I know how you feel.
But you shouldn't do this.
Killing such a lousy bastard
is useless.
If you kill him,
you're going to suffer more.
You've done enough, Detective Park.
We've done our part.
You made the right choice.
Do you remember the serial murders
of elderly people in Ari-dong?
With the death of the prime suspect
in this case, Bae,
the investigation had been
closed temporarily.
However, the arrest of Na
has brought change to the situation.
Na had renovated his home
to grow poppies and make opium.
Detective Choi.
Rest in peace.
Rest in peace.
Mr. Shim.
-Thank you.
By the way,
when are you going to pay me the rent?
Mr. Shim...
Sir, how are you feeling?
Yeong-suk, I told you to call me Deok-su.
Come on, call me Deok-su.
I don't think I can do that.
That's ridiculous.
It's not that difficult.
Why are you refusing to call my name?
Let me hear you call my name.
Not you!
Are you okay?
Subtitle translation by Joo-young Park