The Cheating Game (2023) Movie Script

Do you have a boyfriend?
I said I was sorry.
For what?
You're sorry for what?
Tell me one by one.
For everything! I'm sorry for everything.
I said, tell me one by one.
I'm sorry office work stresses you out.
I'm sorry I didn't protect you
from those Germans earlier
because I was busy sucking up to Ute.
And I'm sorry the hiring
of your staff got delayed.
That's it? That's all you have to say?
Are we still happy?
What a stupid question.
-Of course!
-That's all?
But we were able to fix them.
We always resolve them.
-We're still happy.
That's what you should be sorry for.
"I cheated on you
even if we were perfectly happy!"
What's this?
Don't touch me!
Love, please
Oh, go ahead, ma'am.
The jeep's already full, miss.
Just get on the next one.
Just wait for the next jeep.
Go ahead, miss.
We're happy to wait together anyway.
So you guys are happy together?
Together? No, we're not together yet.
Are you my mom's friend?
Don't tell on us, please.
We'll go ahead, thank you.
Let's make a bet.
She's going to cry.
You thought I was crying?
I've been planning this for a long time.
I'm not sad.
Angry, maybe.
Fine, I'm angry.
But definitely not sad.
I have a plan.
Guess who's finally free.
What? Did you swim in the Pasig River?
What happened? Are you okay?
Of course, Mom.
Of course I'm fine.
Goodbye, toxic boyfriend!
Who's the child of God?
You? Really?
Hey, Hopya.
Why did it take you some time
to break up with him?
Was it because you saw something?
Was it because you watched, read,
or found out something?
Watched what?
There you go again.
I just want to let you know,
I know people.
Two thousand pesos for a good beating.
Three thousand for a better stabbing.
Five thousand, and they'll go all the way!
-Easy as that.
-Aunt Ge, what the heck?
Why? He cheated on her!
Hope should get her revenge.
It's that simple!
I don't need to take revenge
because I already won.
I dodged a bullet.
- She's right.
- Besides,
he won't find another
who's as perfect as I am.
I already won on that part.
-That's true.
-We are all perfect. All of us are.
-I agree. We are perfect.
Maybe she's asleep.
Or crying.
She just doesn't want us to hear.
No, she must be in shock.
Tomorrow, she'll be a wreck.
I bet she'll be crying for a week.
-Pack some lunch for me, okay?
-Yes, I got you.
-What's for breakfast?
-You're already up?
Same old breakfast?
Yes, why?
Did you even sleep?
For seven hours and fifteen minutes and
five months.
That's the longest I've slept.
How can you even smile?
-Where are you going?
-To the moon.
Kidding. I'm going to look for Mr. Right.
-This is not right!
-What was that?
-Come on
-What's going on?
Celestial, sir.
I read on your company website
that you believe in the holistic growth
of your employees,
so are mental health-related emergencies
included in your HMO coverage?
Do they grant maternity leave here?
-How many months?
-A hundred and five days.
You didn't get promoted
because they prioritized the CEO's son?
I don't even know how
I'll recruit other people
when I'm not treated right myself.
What do you mean "kipay"?
Why do you have so many questions?
Can we offset our OT?
Do you have HMO coverage
for family members?
Why is there a non-compete clause?
Is there an update on the mayor's case?
There's a case filed
against the mayor's dog?
Someone filed a case against the mayor?
Enough, Ms. Celestial.
Do you have bidets?
This is the best way to move on,
look for a new job.
So what if I resigned from our NGO?
I can find another one.
You should be the one to tell her.
You're the first one to know, right?
You do it.
If you're leaving it to me,
it's still best that you do it.
Did it really go viral?
It's super viral.
You tell her, you're used
to delivering bad news anyway.
You're a nurse, remember?
Tell who what?
Well, the
What were we talking about?
Oh, yeah. Congrats. Congratulations!
-Right? Congratulations!
-Congratulations on the baby, Hopya!
-Nobody's pregnant.
-We're congratulating her on her new job.
-Right, on the new job.
It's only been two weeks
and yet, she already has a new one.
Wait, your vitamins.
I already bought them.
I'll just get them.
Guys, I already saw it! My goodness!
Why does Brian moan like that?
He moans like he's dying!
And what's up with that?
Why was the video cut?
He really died after. Think about it.
Then he dies.
How tragic.
You made a sex video
-then just died right after.
-Wait. Brian has a sex video?
He doesn't. He has none.
No, I told you there's nothing!
Wait, Hopya. There's nothing!
-Why didn't you warn me?
-You were not listening.
Well, I didn't know!
Are you okay?
You'll work directly
with different people's institutions
in the coastal communities.
And to be quite honest,
the job is difficult.
You'll be under the sun,
you will smell like fish
Brian's "toot" just won't leave me alone.
I can't get it out of my head.
Whenever I see, hear or smell anything
that reminds me of him,
the memory goes on autoplay.
In most cases
Your ringtone sucks.
You're one to talk,
look at your cellphone.
I'm sorry, that's not
where I'm coming from.
Wow! Why? Where exactly
are you coming from?
Miss, I came all the way from Fairview.
I left the house looking gorgeous.
But when I got to the office
after a hellish commute,
I became stink personified.
So don't give me that attitude, girl.
How about you? Where did you come from?
From a breakup.
She's going through a breakup
You started it, right?
Give her some tissue.
I'm sorry. You started it, though.
Hopya? Do you want
to play sungka upstairs?
I'll pass this time, Joi.
How about a massage?
It's okay, Mom. Let's do it next time!
Okay, love you!
Love you, my dear!
Despite your attitude.
Hashtag Media?
What are you guys doing there?
Dear, listen to me, please.
Close your eyes, then focus your mind.
Joi, repeat after me, okay?
I am not the end.
"I am not the end."
I am not the goodbyes.
"I am not the goodbyes."
I am not the wounds.
"I am not the wounds."
I don't need any of that.
I'm okay, I promise.
I don't like how you're acting, dear.
I was also like that when your dad died.
I kept on denying that I was hurting.
Being too proud is in our genes.
But don't be like that. You'll explode.
Talk to us. Cry your heart out.
Don't worry about me.
Go. Get out. Hurry up.
Trust me. I'm okay.
We'll clear our debts in no time.
They doubled my previous pay here.
It's good money, I promise.
Ma'am, feel free to inquire.
It's okay.
Sir, be my first sale! Ma'am, sir!
May I talk to you?
No, I don't have money to buy a condo.
Miss, I'm not selling condos.
I don't need a credit card.
Miss, I don't offer credit cards either.
If you're a musician in need of money,
you have to show me your talent first.
I really don't have money, sorry.
Miss, wait
What's that smell?
Blessing of the Holy Spirit?
And why are his lashes so long?
Look! He even flaunted them.
You're running late. Say something.
Are you okay?
I'm fine.
Is it your first time commuting?
Me? Of course not.
I just really wanted to ask
if I could talk to you.
This must be networking.
I really don't have the time. Sorry, sir.
I'm late for work.
-It's my first day.
-Wait, what if I just get your number?
Is that okay?
Thank you, sir.
So you think you're the only one
who can make explosive content?
A thief! Hey, give that back!
You thief!
-Give that back!
-Help! A thief!
Run after him!
My phone!
I tried to stop him
but he still got your phone, sorry.
You again?
Here, for your medicine or something.
I don't need this.
you can give me your number instead.
Geez, I really paused to consider it.
I no longer have a phone.
It just got snatched, remember?
Strange, isn't it?
It's like fate is making a way
for us not to talk to each other.
Why, is that a creepy thing to say?
Not really.
I just haven't heard that word
in a while. Fate.
I know what you're selling.
I'm not trying to sell you anything.
That explains your good looks
You you have long eyelashes.
Long eyelashes.
Goodness, Hope.
The plan is to be in a new world.
Not to find a new guy to be your world.
How about this?
What name do you use online?
I'll just search and add you there.
Anyway, thanks again.
Are you sure you don't want the money?
What an impressive revenge.
You uploaded it right on time,
just when the Germans were about to sign.
What are you talking about?
You want to get back at me? I get it.
But to ruin my company?
Come on, Hope.
-A lot of people will lose their jobs
-Wait, what?
-because of you!
-What did you say?
Your company? Yours alone?
Just leave, Brian.
I don't have time for your gaslighting.
I know you uploaded that video.
Only you had access to my phone.
Only Van and I have copies of that video.
Tell me.
Was the video intentionally cut
because you wanted to ruin me?
Love, come on.
Is that why her face can't be seen?
Because it was just me you wanted to ruin?
So I can trace all the uploads
and erase all of them. Please.
Why should I help you?
I'm no genie to grant your wish.
Do I look like an NGO for horny men?
Love, please.
I'm sorry.
You're so stupid.
What you did was stupid.
How dare you take a video
of you cheating on me?
You're the one who ruined our NGO!
All our friends will lose
their jobs because of you!
Because of the mess you made!
That's your fault, not mine!
I didn't do anything wrong.
Just give me the video. Love, please.
-Let me go.
-Sorry, love.
Love, please, let's talk.
Just try. I dare you, asshole.
-Go away or she will end you.
-Believe me!
-Just leave, Brian.
-Stop it!
-Mom, stop.
-That asshole!
Stop it.
I wonder how the video ends.
I bet you'll see the girl's face.
Who knows, she might be famous.
Bri's friends are RK, right?
What do you mean by RK?
What if she's a politician?
That would be a shocker.
But I wonder who that girl is.
I'll reveal it so you guys
stop speculating, okay?
But don't tell anyone.
It was me. I'm the girl.
-You're gross.
-So annoying.
Your turn.
He says "I love you" after sex.
That's probably
the continuation of the video.
Whoever uploaded the video
probably thought
I'd get mad when I saw it.
Did he say "I love you"?
I wasn't the one who uploaded the video!
Oh, wow! Is that a new phone?
Yes, and you're the guarantor.
Why me?
It's too soon! Nothing lasts there.
In your case, maybe.
I'm good at searching.
We hired all of you
because you know
how to make a video go viral.
You know exactly what your audience wants.
I hate to ask this,
but what's your content?
Wait, you don't know her? She's Tree Girl.
-Tree Girl?
-Look, Tree Girl.
I love this tree!
I love this tree!
I don't care about any of you!
You don't care about nature!
Actually, I have more videos.
I just didn't show my face there.
She's dumb. So dumb.
I'm Miss Chatter Box.
Well, anyway, Hope,
HM has connections to all the top brands
so we need to work hard, okay?
The hierarchy here is simple,
unlike the typical,
complicated corporate ladder.
Here, we are divided by colors.
And red.
Moving up the ladder takes a lot of work.
That's where you are.
A blank canvas. White.
I'm not looking for someone
I'd coach to greatness.
I want someone who's already great.
I read on Reddit that the number one rule
of this company is
to never ever interact
with someone of a different color.
Isn't that
That's Miss Nat A Simple Girl, right?
She's my idol!
I'm her fan!
Come on, Hope!
I told you not to look at them. Don't.
You can't stare at them.
They are our seniors.
You shouldn't stare at them, okay?
Don't be too comfortable around them.
No! No, I'm not going anywhere!
-Let me go!
-I won't leave you. I will love you.
I don't care about you!
You don't have permits from DENR.
You don't care
I'm sorry if I offended you.
You won't last here.
But five?
Ten or a hundred?
There are ten of you, right?
You're lucky if even one of you survives.
My former boss didn't make me his
girlfriend just because I hugged a tree.
People from NGOs know how to tell stories.
Stories with a heart.
She's pretty. Too bad she has an attitude.
Just text me.
-Okay, babe.
Not bad
-Haven't you found someone you like?
You've already swiped on a lot of them.
It's hard to find decent guys these days.
The decent ones have gone to your side.
Hey Okay, fair enough.
-I knew it.
-Hey, you two.
It's difficult to find the right one
if you're trying so hard
to find their flaws.
No, Mom, there's this process I follow.
Faith, where's the food processor?
-Sorry, I left it at school.
-So that's it.
I lent it to the home economics class.
It's you again?
Miguel Agustin?
So he's a businessman.
So you're a workaholic too?
But inject your personal take
so it'd have voice and credibility.
I don't care about any of you!
You don't care about nature!
That won't fly here.
What have I experienced recently?
To get soaked in the rain?
To get cheated on!
What you did was stupid.
How dare you take a video
of you cheating on me?
"I cheated on you
even if we were actually happy!"
Saint Taylor Swift, I need you!
-Hi, I'm Chef Jose.
I have a Spanish restaurant.
Rubik's. A toy we are both interested in.
We'll solve problems together
Sorry, I'm late.
I had a hard time parking my big car.
You know, it's best
if you try investing in cryptocurrency.
It's my first time
going on a date like this
Are you all right?
You don't look like your picture.
You looked bigger there.
I actually lift weights.
Is it obvious?
There are also patients
who insert chopsticks in their dicks.
When it gets stuck,
they come to us to have it removed.
Chop How do the chopsticks fit?
Why is your voice like that?
"This is our Christmas dinner,
for only 500"
What the hell?
You sound like a dwarf. So annoying!
Make another one!
Mister Y, take a look at this.
I just finished editing it.
I edited I revised it.
This is fake news.
We'll get trashed. Come on!
Let me see it.
Mine's about politics, sir.
This is divisive content.
Didn't I tell you this isn't allowed?
Why do all of your videos suck?
Mister Y, can you please
check this one last time?
No! Make way, we have a guest. Wow!
Sorry, the MRT broke down.
-The train door suddenly opened when
-Shut up. I don't care.
-Is this your video?
-Yes yes, sir.
How do you spot a cheater
based on his body language?
The knees of a cheater
are always bouncing.
He likes to keep them moving.
He's got a thick and broad chest,
so his heart isn't heard
as it races when he lies.
His palms have no roughness in them.
Slick and ready to slip away
just when you need them.
He frequently wets his lips
to get rid of the taste
of people he kissed but never held onto.
His eyes are quick.
Always stealing glances.
He's ready to taste and not just stare.
Sure, this might be a generalization.
Cheaters still come
in different shapes and sizes.
But their bodies have one thing in common.
They're always ready to offer
their bodies at others' disposal.
But when it comes
to their significant others, to you
At the end of the line,
they will treat you like a nobody.
Only Tree Girl has a decent video
among all of you.
Actually, it's excellent!
Got that?
So easy to consume.
Covers all demographics too.
Whatever your political color is,
your gender, social class, you'll get it.
That's the HM brand! Thought-provoking.
It's well-produced.
-You? What's your video about?
-It's a makeup tutorial.
Wait. Rework on those!
-How should we do it?
-Let me see that.
Isn't that the politician
involved in a case?
What is he doing here?
Don't talk to me.
Let me see that!
Sorry, I'm late.
I just snuck out of the office.
I only have 30 minutes.
Let's see how you'll sell yourself,
Mr. Businessman.
Why isn't he talking?
What's with that look?
Geez! My work isn't letting me have this.
I already have a new deadline.
How do I get out of here?
You don't need to overthink.
You can work here. That's okay.
If you want, we can both do our work here.
Are you sure?
Yes. I also have deadlines.
Let's work.
Yes, we need to discuss
the HMO for the people at Sol and Luna.
Yeah, so they can join us
in the next meeting.
Oh, no.
There can't be further delays
with the machines.
Our butchers need those.
Sally, aren't you on vacation leave?
No need to send me any more emails.
Yes, I'll be the one to call
and convince them to come back.
I know how hard it is
to find cooks these days.
Enjoy your vacation, okay?
Okay, thanks, Sally.
Babe, there's no need to do that.
It's no longer cute to announce
our relationship at this age.
Just admit you're scared
people will get turned off
once they find out you're a lesbian.
Come on, babe. It's not that simple.
-Stop it.
Come on. I'll just give you a massage.
-I don't want it!
-I'll massage you.
I said no!
This part.
-That's the right spot.
Mom, how did you and Aunt Ge meet?
Try to guess how.
You bumped into each other in the hallway.
the world went into slow motion
while you guys were picking up your stuff,
as well as your hearts
that fell for each other.
See, a Wattpad story.
Gelly and I met in a
Actually, we matched on Fling.
It's the Grindr for lesbians.
It's not important how we started.
What's important is how we face
a new beginning each day.
I just read that somewhere.
-From where?
-From where?
Wattpad. This family is very judgmental.
Top three dating spots to quickly find out
whether you two are a match.
Take him somewhere he's unfamiliar with
so you can see how he's going to react
in a new environment.
You don't like this, do you?
It's okay. It's interesting.
Maybe I'm just more of a sporty type.
If you were to choose any of these games,
what would you pick?
ABC game.
Monopoly is also good, a classic.
For real?
-Why not?
-Isn't that game too old?
Well, it's the only game around here
that I know how to play.
And it's great because
it's a game just for two people.
This way, I get to spend time
with you alone.
You're competitive at work, aren't you?
I know it turns people off
a bit, especially
the weak guys.
Good thing I'm strong.
I got turned on instead.
Hey! Don't say things like that.
This is only for content, Hope.
Don't get carried away.
Excel? Do you also do business?
No, I use this to manage my life.
I didn't know you could manage
even personal stuff in a spreadsheet.
You can manage anything with it.
Am I somewhere in those cells?
Commute with them.
If you can still make him blush
after our best public transport system
successfully made you look hideous,
then you really are
the most blessed among all women.
I told you, you can't find him online.
You'll only find him here, in real life.
Actually, we met on a dating app.
And she's the most beautiful girl
I've matched with online.
-Shut up.
-And offline.
Stop it.
-Can you check my proposal?
-Mine too.
Check if my pitch works.
Take him to places you go to
when you need to run away
from exhaustion, anxiety, deadlines.
To a place that gives you peace of mind.
To gauge if his presence
takes away or gives you your peace.
So why did you approach me
at the footbridge?
I followed you.
That time, I thought,
"This girl looks unhappy."
"Looks like she needs some help."
That's it.
It's really a pain
for us women to wear heels.
It's easier for women
to date online, you know?
We don't need to wear heels,
we don't need to dress up,
style our hair,
wear makeup, fix our brows.
You don't need to do all that
if you're going on a date with me.
No, that's not what I meant.
I mean,
of course we prepare,
we get ready, we dress up, right?
So you guys should too.
A spray of perfume shouldn't be enough.
Hey, why? Do I stink?
Do you know
I wear two perfumes
whenever I'm meeting up with you?
I'm not referring to you. It's most guys.
-Just chill. You don't stink.
-So if I don't stink,
that means you think I smell good?
I don't know.
Hey! What are you doing?
So you can smell me better.
You should apply perfume on pulse points.
If I may
Here, do you feel this?
It feels warm, right?
That's a pulse point.
You should apply the perfume there.
How about here?
See? Feels warm.
Those points are important.
It's the warmth
that releases the fragrance.
So don't spray it on clothes.
Spray it on your body.
You know another good point
to apply perfume on?
Do you feel it?
It's beating hard, right?
Are you nervous?
Of course.
I'm talking to you.
Got you. Boom, get burned.
-Last glass.
-We made a lot.
No way
There's only seven of you left.
Some quit while the rest, I fired.
So if I were you, I'd shape up.
Or else, you'll be next.
Oh, stop it.
You've got nothing to say. Just go.
If I were you, take Hope as an example.
All of her three videos
were well-written and well-edited.
Great concepts.
Anatomy. Why anatomy?
Are your parents doctors?
My brother is a nurse, government
Anatomy of a Clever Commuter.
It's a homage to you!
Maybe that's why you gained
more followers after how long?
Three years after
Will you be following in
Natalie's footsteps?
Talking to our Chinese partners
regarding our monthly content?
Answer me.
Yes, sir.
Hope, how do you avoid content warnings?
Be honest. You put Mister Y
under a spell, didn't you?
I didn't cast a spell
-Hope, was that your idea?
-Your analytics in the comments section?
-What was your inspiration?
-Are you the victim or the cheater?
Are you the cheater, Hope?
Hope, did you cheat?
-How much are you?
-Is this real?
Hope, are we the woke influencers
you're referring to?
I'm so tired just thinking
about my deadlines.
I have so much to do. It all piled up.
Let's go to the beach.
-No way!
-But it would be nice.
You'll be able to think.
It's nice to contemplate by the sea.
Because it's refreshing!
But why me?
Why do you like me?
I'm sure you got
lots of matches on Finder.
I uninstalled my app after our first date.
Let's go! The beach.
Just for the weekend, promise.
You can bring work with you.
You'll enjoy it, I promise.
We'll jump on three.
He was indeed the sweetest
distraction from everything.
From everything fast-paced,
chaotic, and uncertain.
What do you call this again?
Looks like a pancake,
but tastes like a rice cake.
I really can't believe
we have so much in common.
Even if we're from different worlds?
Even if we just met.
-I still play sungka better than you.
-You mean you're good at cheating.
Have you watched it?
To us who weren't chosen.
How is it?
Well, I'm okay. It's been a while.
It's been a year since we broke up.
Well, I just passed the three-month rule.
I won't force you to entertain
the possibility of being serious with me.
You need time. I know that.
that's also the most destructive.
Only when both parties aren't informed.
Me, I'm down.
Because you don't deserve to be lonely.
I've watched your videos.
No matter how happy,
witty and entertaining they are,
I still see it in your face.
I know where you're coming from.
It's heavy. It's lonely.
You don't deserve that.
-You got that right.
-So come on.
Do you want to say hi to my Mom?
My brother should be home too.
I would love to, but
I need to go to the warehouse.
An investor is coming for an inspection.
Too bad.
Don't overthink.
We're good. We're both happy.
We understand each other.
Thanks again for taking me to the beach.
I should be the one thanking you.
And that's because of you.
Boom! It felt like something
pinched me in the groin.
Maybe it was Manila's smog.
The noise here,
the reality that, "Hey, Hope.
You think you're the only child of God?
You'll get to be happy again,
just like that?"
That's Brian's favorite line.
That's it? That's all you have to say?
Thanks again for taking me to the beach.
I should be the one thanking you.
What's with the need to give
a heads-up before being honest?
Does that mean the default is to lie?
And what does "quite" mean?
Just a bit?
Can you be "just a bit" honest?
That's bullshit!
Why did you approach me at the footbridge?
Why were you there
when it's out of your usual way?
Were you just waiting
for a simple-minded girl to victimize?
Even there at the waiting shed?
A thief!
Then, you really had to mention the title
of my theme song with Brian, "Fate".
Miss. Your ringtone sucks.
You again?
It's like fate is making a way
for us not to talk to each other.
I guess the universe is a workaholic too.
It never runs out
of intentional coincidences.
That is why I called you, Hopya.
This guy got here all beaten up.
He's got no wallet,
no emergency contact, nothing.
Okay. I'll take care of this.
You're truly heaven-sent, Hopya.
I feel like I'm going to levitate
any moment now.
-Just go.
Are you sure you'll be okay?
-Yes, I'll be okay.
-Okay, good.
-Bye. I love you despite your attitude.
Right back at you.
I got beaten up.
I was looking for trouble.
The NGO's gone.
Our baby.
Why did you have to upload the video?
Maybe Vanessa uploaded the video
to force you to make a decision.
Love, please.
It wasn't me.
Let me go.
Let me go or I'll scream!
Don't you miss me?
You'd rather be alone?
Or dating whoever?
Good luck in finding your perfect guy!
We're all assholes!
I know most of you are assholes,
but there are still some decent ones.
Just who the hell are you?
"Bang Bang"? I found you.
Is this Bang Bang?
Miss, do you know Vanessa?
-Are you here for a job?
-Ask over there.
-All right.
Sir! Sir, I already told you
she's not here
Oh, sorry, ma'am.
I thought you were the annoying guy.
Who are you looking for?
Does Vanessa work here?
We don't have a Vanessa here, miss.
You're bothering us.
We're trying to work here.
-I'm sorry.
-Let's go outside.
The original file came
from the IP address 199.214.367.3624.
Just send the payment to my e-wallet, sis.
I guess they also distribute sex videos
because of their high engagement,
then they control everything.
Sis, save yourself.
Get out of that place now!
What are you doing here?
Miguel, please. Fix this.
That's not my intention.
Do you think you're helping her
by what you're doing?
You're just making things worse.
Are you Vanessa?
Why are you together?
Hope, wait.
Hope, what's happening?
Wait a minute.
You were right.
Hashtag Media had something
to do with your ex's sex video.
Why are you helping me?
Because you're pitiful.
You hold yourself in such high regard,
when you're just being toyed with
by these average men.
That was the new guy, right?
Don't ruin it.
Besides, you can't escape from everything.
My dear.
What do you really want?
I just want to understand.
The thing is,
not everything has explanations.
Not every question has answers.
Or some people just
don't want to explain because
they're either cowards or selfish
or have no accountability.
So what are you going to do?
Thanks for this, Hope.
At least,
we'll finally get things straight.
What bullshit is this?
Calm down.
The nerve.
Sit down, Brian.
I'm sorry, Hope.
But I don't enjoy being ambushed this way.
This is how I want
to celebrate my birthday.
Can't you give me this?
So are you going to admit it?
That you uploaded the video.
Again, I didn't upload the video.
Can we end this crap, please?
If your question is whether
Brian and I are together,
the short answer is no.
That's not what I was going to ask.
So what is it?
Self-sabotage, right?
You know what, Hope?
If you're just going to take us
on a guilt trip tonight, I'd rather pass.
I still have work tomorrow.
It's good you don't have a show tonight.
At the bar.
I go to bars
because I help the women there.
You're from an NGO too?
It would have been easier
if you were a prostitute.
No wonder you knew Brian.
We're from the same world.
Do you want to try?
You know, what if all this time
it was Brian who uploaded the video?
Why would he expose himself?
You said it yourself.
Maybe he got tired of all the guilt.
He won't admit it.
He'll never admit it.
So just tell me.
Please, just tell me how the video ends.
Why do you want to know?
Did he say "I love you" after sex?
Is that what happened?
What else did he say?
Did he propose to you?
You're just torturing yourself.
Tell me.
What for?
he never did that to me.
There's no point in comparing.
He did something to you
that he never did to me.
It's always like that.
I don't know about you guys,
but I don't have a history of cheating.
See? You finally threw your punch!
You've been acting nice in front of Hope.
Why? So she wouldn't find out
you were the uploader?
I can't get mad at you.
We're both evil.
But you must be even worse.
You're the one ready to ruin
your ex's life just to get revenge,
ignoring the fact you neglected her,
that's why she looked for someone else.
I thought the world would stop because
because I was grieving.
I was so selfish.
Why did you do it?
I wanted to ruin Brian's life.
I was hoping that if I did,
I wouldn't be as angry
at Vanessa
at myself.
And ultimately,
I wanted Vanessa and I to start again.
But we were never the same again.
But you still love her,
that's why you didn't upload
the whole video?
It doesn't go away that easily.
What else do I need to know?
Tell me everything now!
Hope, even before you got into Hashtag,
I had already approached them.
I eventually came to my senses.
Especially when I found out
other people got affected.
That the guy who stole my girl
also has his own girlfriend.
Is that why they hired me
out of nowhere?
So everything was a lie, after all?
Yes, I was the one
who endorsed you at Hashtag.
I felt hurt for you.
You got cheated on and lost your job.
The same way I wanted to be loved.
I love you so much.
I've never felt this way before.
Let's go.
How about your NGO? And your girlfriend?
I've had enough of her.
I don't know myself anymore
when I'm with her.
She treats me like
I'm some kind of project.
She keeps track of me on a spreadsheet.
She's yet to know
how to love someone truly.
I wouldn't be this miserable
if she knew how to handle a relationship.
You really took pity on me, didn't you?
You tracked me down.
You flirted with me.
You offered yourself as a rebound.
Fate had nothing to do with it.
Was it effective?
Did it lessen your guilt?
It didn't.
But it did lessen my sadness.
So between us two, I was the real rebound.
I became a distraction
so you could move on.
I was your Hashtag Media, is that it?
Sure, at first, I pitied you.
You're the only person
who understood how I felt.
We're in the same boat.
We were both gave up on.
That's why I wanted you to like me.
I wanted you to like what you see,
that I am a changed man
and you could trust me.
That I'm not a reject.
That I didn't get cheated on
and abandoned.
That I'm brand new, just for you.
Miguel, this isn't going anywhere.
You don't like me anymore?
We're just meant to be
each other's rebounds, Miguel.
Let's stop fooling ourselves
that we're more than that.
I am not the end.
"I am not the end."
I am not the goodbyes.
"I am not the goodbyes."
I am not the wounds.
"I am not the wounds."
I am not my job.
I am not my stress.
I am not my salary.
I am not the dreams I didn't reach.
I am not my plans from yesterday.
I am not my "what nows" for tomorrow.
I am not perfect.
I am Miguel Agustin III,
a businessman,
and I'm the one who uploaded
the sex video of
Brian Villogo and my ex.
And I acknowledge
that what I did was a cybercrime.
I'm also talking to Brian's lawyers
and my ex's.
I want to apologize to
to Hope Celestial,
whom I stalked,
manipulated and lied to.
Can we talk?
I will miss my bus.
Even just for 30 minutes?
I'll only talk
within the time you can spare.
I also sent you an email.
Maybe you can read it now?
Right now?
What's this?
I know it's easy to promise you
that I'll change.
That I won't make
the same mistakes I made before.
I know I can do that,
with the right words,
a bit of acting,
using my charm,
I can make you believe me.
That's who I am.
You're not just a one-time customer.
Just like that?
It's hard to do business
with someone with a bad record.
I know that.
That's why I'm not just making promises.
I'm giving you my plan of action.
You can open that Excel file.
You did all this?
Only an idiot would say
you don't know how to love.
It only means that
they can't reciprocate the love
you're capable of giving.
But I'm ready.
I'm willing to re-learn, to unlearn,
whatever it is I should do
until I can give you the kind of love
that will make you happy.
And I'll never give up on you,
not for a single day.
I'll be monitoring that Excel file.
Manila, Manila
-What the heck.
What is up with you guys?
I'm sleeping over here.
Don't expect me to be
at your child's christening, okay?
So annoying. I'm trying to sleep.
Quite early for christening, I think.
We should have a wedding first
You guys ruined my sleep.
Subtitle translation by:
Criselda Caringal, Norman Baguisa