The Chocolate Chance (2017) Movie Script

Welcome to Fedde Velten Cafe./ Thanks.
Good night, please, Sir
This is our cafe's menu,
You may take a look
first or maybe you just
wanna straight to order.
Which one suits tonight the best?
Our cafe's menu consist
only of chocolate, so you
may order anything that
suits your preference.
Get closer to that motorbike!
Stop stop!
Here, let me carry it.
Just leave already.
Let's go.
So start from now you're gonna
bring donuts everyday to school?
Yes, but Dad will deliver
it to the canteen.
I feel sorry for it./ Maybe
your father feels that you'd
feel ashame bringing donuts
to school by yourself.
So he brings it instead, am i right?
I've found the book that you''ve
been looking for, this one right?
Yes, how did you get it? Thank you so much.
It looks like we have to
update the new article
this week, because our
trafficweb is getting low.
How if it's about favourite teacher?
Boring, any other?
This is Orvala right?/
You know her?
Of course.
Who's Orvala?
Why aren't you ready yet?/
Will be ready in a second.
Hurry up!/ Yes.
Congratulations, wohooo!!
Vala Vala!
I love the donuts, it's delicious!/
Oh yea? Thank you!
Vala, so O donuts means Orvala donuts?
it's a cool name!/ Oh yea? Thank you!
Or! Have you seen? There's a picture
of you and your Dad carrying donuts.
But they called your Dad
a taxibike driver, here!
It's been viewed thousand
times, and even thousands
comment. Holy, i'll be
proud if i were you!
I'm famous at this school!
Who posted the article?/
School journalism boys.
You didn't know?
I want this article to be erased!/
Erased? Why?
I feel offended by the news!
Besides, you guys should have asked for
my confirmation before you released it!
Confirmation? Me and my
friends made article about
celebrity and yet we've never
asked their confirmation.
But ethically,you have to ask
for my permission!/ You're
supposed to say thanks to
me and also my friends,
Because the article went viral, just
count it as a promotion for your donuts!
I don't care about your motive,
I just want that to be erased,
because a person you called
taxibike driver is my Dad !
It's her Dad, not a
taxibike driver!/ She's
scary when angry eventhough
she's beautiful.
Assalamualaikum, Mom!
Hey Vala..
Here's the money, Mom.
Dad said he's the one who will
take it from canteen after work.
It's fine Mom, it's better than
making Dad going back and forth.
Mom, starting tomorrow, let me bring
it to the canteen instead, okay?
My friend already know that i sell donuts.
Your friends know? Did you advertise it?
You're being silly, Mom.
There's no way i'd
advertise it./ Allright,
just go shower first.
Please drink first, Dear.
Is it true that the cafe will be officially
closed at the end of this month?
I will find another job.
I apologize, like we planned in last
month, we're going to close this cafe.
Sir, have you consider it?
Yes, Sir. Where are we going to
work if this cafe is closed?
The problem is the donuts
that we entrusted to
the stalls always remain
there, i'm stressed.
Especially if you don't work anymore,
where would we gain our earnings?
If only you didn't get tempted
by a blank investment long ago.
We should still have some savings,
And don't have debts.
Dear, this is our path that we must through
Don't regret it over and over.
Dear, Orvala will be graduated
from highschool soon.
Vala will be okay, she
definitely will go to college.
As long as i still alive,
nothing will change.
Let me help okay?/
What do you want?
I want to talk to you!
I wanna apologize about that article. I
really didn't mean to../ Step aside!
Move away! Move!
Oh how poor the handsome vampire,
never stop seeking an innocent blood.
Get me her address.
Wait Dad./ Yes.
Asalamualaikum, Mom./ Oh my god.
Vala, Dad, why you arrived so late./
The motorbike went broke for awhile.
Just sell the motorbike if it's
only getting you in trouble, Dear.
Dad!/ Vala!/
What's going on with you?
It's fine Vala.
Juno, please help put my stuff inside./
Yes, Sir.
Just put it there./
Yes Sir.
Done Sir./
Thank you very much.
I'm going inside, i'll make you a
chocolate drink. It's Vala's favourite.
Vala, please stay with Juno./
Allright, thanks Sir.
Why did you come here?
Is that how you greet the guest?/
Of course, because the guest is you.
I'm here because i accidentally
met your Dad at the marketplace .
And i also want to apologize to you.
Because i already misjudged.
Saying your Dad is taxibike
driver./ This is it,
the chocolate drink that
i just promised you.
Yes Sir.
May i drink, Sir./ Yes.
This chocolate is very
delicious, Sir./ Whose
Dad that made it delicious,
Vala's Dad indeed.
Vala, i met Juno at the market
place, i wasn't feeling good
earlier, luckily Juno came to
help and brought me home safely.
Once more, i'd like to say thank
you./ You're welcome, Sir.
Allright then, i'm heading inside okay./
Thank you, Sir.
Want some?
You could just make it by yourself, right?
Allright, i'll just go home.
Since when you often come to marketplace.
Since i made an article
about Orvala and O Donuts.
Keep smiling please, cause everytime
i see you, you always looked angry.
There you go again.
Your Dad's style is really awesome.
Especially the handmade chocolate.
Dad's chocolate is the best in the world,
that's why i really love chocolate.
That explains why your name Orvala
Teobroma. It means a chocolate right?
How'd you know? Normally, people
thought that's just my family name.
Hang on.
For you./ What is this?
My token of apology.
Don't open it here, wait until i leave.
Allright, i'm leaving then.
Hey, are you blind?! How could you
bumped into this sexy body! Crazy!
Ouch, my leg!
Why are we here?
To drink chocolate with you.
Let's drink, before it's cold.
I choose this chocolate my self.
I'll try it.
This is good! What chocolate is this?/
Instant chocolate.
By the way, congratulations on your
graduation. Where are you going after that?
I haven't decided.
Val, look at that LCD.
Where?/ That one.
Come here.
You see it?/
Watch this.
There's nothing.
Damn, we're going to fail, jeez.
Hello, yes Mom.
Jun, i've gotta go home./
Just wait a minute please.
I can't, Dad's sick. Let's go.
Mom./ Vala./
What happened to Dad?
Your dad fell when he's carrying
stuff, his chest got strucked.
And the cough is getting worse.
I also confused, people
who brought Dad here from
the marketplace said that
Dad was unconscious.
I really worried if
something happens to Dad .
The plan has failed
because of you two! Look
at that LCD, it's not
turning on until now!
It's beyond our plan Jun, the computer
got error, right?/ Yes, Jun, it's error.
Are you sure that you like Orvala?
Did you say you will go far away?
Everything could change Iwan,
if Orvala accepts my love.
Love changes logic, Jun.
But, if you decided to bear the risk, we
can only support you as a friend./ Yea.
By the way, Jun, you said that you want
to make a party right?/ Yea, rave party!
It's your birthday soon./
How did you know that?
Your mom said that./ It's
just my Mom's trick,
she's the one who will throw
the party in the end.
I have an idea./ What's that?/
A secret.
Like i said, this is my
Mom's party, not mine.
Look who's coming, her friends. And she's
with them right now instead of me.
Juno, happy birthday!/
Thank you!
A gift for you. Wish you all the best!
You already got tons of gift.
I'm going there, hang on./
What are you gonna do?
You'll know, soon, bye!
Are you fooling me?/
I just wanna help.
Help what?
Help you and Juno to be a couple.
He really likes you!
Jun, that's Orvala.
Happy birthday Jun./
Thank you.
Don't open it now, please open later.
Allright Jun, me and
Andy gonna grab some
food./ My stomach's been
rumbling from earlier.
I'll join you guys./
Wow! There's a Dimsum over there!
Thanks Va, for coming here./
You're welcome.
Oh yea, your Dad said that your handmade
chocolate is really delicious, right?
No way, my Dad was only
being overexaggerating.
But i'm curious to try it./
I'll make it for you someday.
Really?/ Yes, of course!/
Yes, i'll make it only for you, special.
Jun, it's time to cut the cake./
Oh, this is Orvala, Mom.
Orvala, Mrs./
Thank you for coming.
Vala, come on!/
Just go first, i'll catch up later.
Okay, i'm going first./
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Hello, good night everyone./
This night is a really
special night for Juno,
And tonight may will be the last
birthday night for Juno, in Indonesia.
This news is still a secret, but because
i thought that it's a good news.
I think everyone deserve to know.
Congratulations Juno,
because for being accepted
at Berlin University of
Arts, Fine Arts major.
Please applause for Juno.
And now, we four will sing a song
which i dedicate for my friend, Juno.
Who's already brave enough
to achieve his dream.
Vala, what are you doing here?/
Waiting for taxi.
Want me to take you home?/ No, i'll just
wait for taxi, i don't wanna trouble you .
Of course no, it's fine. In fact, this
area is pretty hard to find taxi.
Bro, gimme your cigarette!
I don't smoke./
Nice phone!
Please be strong.
Inalillahi Wainaillahi Roji'un.
Sir, what's going on?
Just head inside first.
May the god enfolds you../
What's going on really?
Jun, Jun, Juno what happened to you?/
Umm, that, that..
Allright stop, you better tell Mbok and,
ask her to call the doctor, now!/ Hurry!!
Just one of you! Please help, the shoe.
Jun, Jun, Jun, what happened to you, Dear?
Val, be strong
allright, if anything
happens, you can call
me, i'm ready to help.
Yes Li, many thanks./ Yes, no problem.
Are you sure you'll be okay
to carry donuts everyday to
school?/ Let Dad do it, i
also able go to work at once.
Nevermind Dad, i'm fine.
If you carry it, what will
your friend say at school.
Forgive me, Mom.
I wasn't there at Dad's last moment.
Why didn't you tell me that you
accepted at the college in Germany?
Well, Mom, you wouldn't agree
that in fact Dad helped me.
Dela gave me a lot of advice..
Well, what can i do about it.
I allow you to take a course in Germany.
And while you study there.
You may stay with Dad.
Thank you, Mom.
Your Dad is a chocolate fan?/
Even my Dad has a theory that
life is like a chocolate./ Why?
In chocolate, there's a
mix of bitter and sweet,
And the taste of those two mixed
together which makes us addicted.
Same goes for life, there are bitter and
sweet part which we need to pass through.
I order my favourite, i also will book
the cafe./ Okay./ Here's my card.
Sir, please move it here.
Don't fail again this time!/
I guarantee we will succeed this time.
Oh yea, have you called Orvala?/
Yes, but the phone's dead.
I already texted her, should've been sent./
What else, should we pick up her?
No need, i want her to come by
herself after she read my text.
Mom../ Yes.
Did you see my phone?/
Phone ? I didn't see it .
Hello./ Jun, has she come yet,
the employer wanna go home!
Fine, just turn it on./
Okay, right now.
Jun, i suggest you to go home.
Orvala won't come
here. And you're also need
to go tomorrow, right?
You guys just go first.
Jun, i know you love her./
I said go.
Let me wait for her alone in here.
Allright, i'm leaving./
Stay strong, Jun.
Hello, Orvala, you might still upset,
Because i didn't tell that i'm
going to take a course in Germany.
At first, i already let
it go after i met you.
Day by day along with you, makes
me wanna stay in this city.
I'm happy that we've been close.
I wanna drink chocolate and share the
story together, if i have that chance.
I'm okay if i couldn't go. Tonight
is the last night i'm at this city.
Maybe, we wouldn't able
to meet again after this.
I wanna meet you Val, at the place
where we could enjoy a hot chocolate.
Waiting for you, makes me stay in here.
Thank you, Sir.
If i already lost that chance, then
forget coming here, i will go.
And i will try to forget you.
Val!/ What do you want?/
I wanna talk with you!
I wanna say sorry about that article!
For you.
What's this?/
My token of apology.
Do you like the sketch?/
Yeah, you made that?
Yes, is it bad?/
No, it's good.
This is really delicious, what
chocolate is this?/ Instant chocolate.
3 years later
Vala, Vala!/
Yes, Mom.
Vala, here, read this!/
Chocolatier competition .
You have to participate in this
competition, i'm sure you can win this.
And look at the prize,
it's pretty decent right?
First contestant, please.
Marshmellow Choco! I used a
low fat milk, so the sweet
that created dominantly came
from the marshmellow itself
The chocolate ingredients
that i used, are from
Belgium, so the taste will
be dominant to bitter,
And i named this chocolate, Hot Lava Choco.
What is the name of this chocolate drink?/
Umm, Soleil Choco.
Actually this recipe is my Dad's
recipe, or precisely my late Dad.
Soleil choco itself is a mix of bitter and
sweet taste which composed together.
Those face shown how nervous
they're all. Everyone
must have been curious about
who will be the winner.
Actually, it's pretty hard for us three
to decide who will be the winner.
But still, there have to be a
winner in every competition,
And we three have decided, the winner is...
Anybody knows?
Allright, the winner is Orvala Teobroma.
To Orvala, please.
Congratulations once again,
your Soleil Choco is amazing.
Congrats Val, i already
predicted that you'll be
the winner./ Thanks for
accompanying me here.
Relax, i always there for you./
Hey! um, sorry.
That's my business card, please contact
me while you have a spare time.
I would like to know more about
your Soleil Choco./ Yes.
Have we met somewhere, but...
where it could be.
Maybe you just wrong, lot of my
friends said that my face is
pretty common./ Excuse me,
Mr. Aruna, somebody is calling you.
Allright, i'm gonna leave.
So handsome, and he's
also this cafe owner!!
Such a prey for me./
Where would you put Iwan?
Oh yea, i got Iwan.
Are you going home?
Come on, jump in.
I guarantee your safety, let's go.
Hurry up, it's getting stuffed behind.
Just pretend that i ride you home as a
compliment because you won yesterday.
Where's your home?/ At Tebet, i'll let
you know when it's already close by.
Oh yea, i'm still curious
about your Soleil
Choco./ Why curious? I
think it's just common.
So chocolate coucher as base, and then
pure milk, and palm sugar, that's it.
No, it's different, i tasted something that
i've never met in any chocolate before.
Oh, it's because it's made with love, Sir.
So heart chocolate should be the name./
You're quiet funny Sir.
Stop calling me Sir, i feel old.
Just call me Aruna.
I'm sorry Mr. Aru, i mean Aru.. Sorry.
Don't stare me like that, would be a
trouble for you if i suddenly like you.
Sorry, i didn't mean that./ No problem,
i'm still single too by chance .
Allright, let's head inside.
With whom do you live?/
With my Mom.
Please wait.
Astagfirullahaladzim Mom!!
Mom! Mom!
Hey, here drink it.
Allright then, just relax.
Your Mom's gonna be okay.
Why don't you just eat the tiramissu?
That's for mom, it's her birthday tonight.
I bought this because i
intend to surprise her.
Doc, how's my Mom condition?
Intracranial Hematoma, there's a clumping
blood that occurs in brain cells.
Artery vessels between the
brain has shattered, so the
blood streaming through the
brain and also skeletons.
It piled up until it builds Hematoma
which surpressing the brain function.
It appears that your Mom
had fell to the ground,
getting a really hard
bump to her head.
But for now, your Mom
is still in coma state.
Happy birthday, from Vala.
Wish you a long life.
Vala will pray for it.
Wish you safe and prosperous,
and stay healthy.
Wish you a long life, and happiness.
Mom, happy birthday.
Get well soon.
I promise, when you've recovered,
I will buy you a lot of tiramissu cake.
Mom... Mom...
Mom, wake up Mom.. Mom..
Mom, wake up...
Mom, don't leave me alone...
3.. 2.. 1...
Hello, back again with me,
Sena Aulia, in a program "One Taste".
And, i'm going to report
a place called Fedde
Valten Cafe which located
at South Jakarta..
This cafe's theme is very unique,
along with the menu that served here.
Are you curious about how unique
it is, let's find out inside.
We're gonna ask the owner
of this cafe by chance.
Actually, what's the concept of this cafe?
Concept? Actually, the concept of this
cafe is inspired by a cafe at Belgium,
And i want every customer who
comes here , Have their happiness
index increased by drink or
eat the chocolate in here.
And i wanna introduce a
special menu in this cafe.
Fedde Velten Box.
This Fedde Velten Box
is a chocolate which
bitter and sweet level are
different in one box.
And, actually the creator of
this Fedde Velten Box is...
My own beloved , Orvala, and
she's also one of the creator
of special menu in here,
the name is Soleil Choco.
Idea of this Fedde Velten Box,
actually inspired from...
A reminder of life, so
even it's bitter without
a sugar, there's still
people who enjoys it.
And just like life, there's
a bitter and also sweet...
Welcome to Fedde Velten Cafe./
Good night, please Sir.
This is our cafe's menu,
You may take a look
first or maybe you just
wanna straight to order.
Which one suits tonight the best?/
Our cafe's menu consist only of
chocolate, so you may order anything
that suits your preference.
Hey man!
When did you arrive, Jun?/
Around mid day, and accidentally
i saw a news about this cafe,
so i went straight here.
Oh yea, Jun, introduce, Orvala. Orvala,
this is Juno./ Your girlfriend?
Juno, Juno Aswanda, Aruna's cousin./
So pretty.
Allright, let's talk upstairs, okay.
I'm going for awhile.
Let's go Jun./ Okay.
So Juno comes back?/
So a couple days ago, he went to the cafe,
And i thought, that was the first
and will be the last time.
But yesterday, he came here to this place.
To meet me.
Why are you here?
I wanna claim the promise./
What promise?
A cup of the most delicious
chocolate in the
world, someone promised
me in my birthday.
Still remember after you
dissapeared for a long time?
Why didn't you come that
night Val?/ Eventhough
i came that night would
it change anything ?
Perhaps everything could change anything.
In fact, i can't forget you, Val.
Eventhough i tried wholeheartedly.
Val, i was hoping that
you'd come that night Val!
To say "don't you go away".
Maybe i was too naive, to think
that you'd love me too Val!
I beg you to leave!/
But i still love you until now Val!
I'm confused,
How hurt my heart was, i can't lie about
my feelings, that i also loved Juno..
Val, you have to remember, how long you
had been crying because he left you.
Months you know, you were just like
a stupid people who lost herself.
And you shouldn't remember
the past, you have to
remember that you are
already with Aruna now.
Never hurt someone that really loves
you and want to protects you.
Now, let Juno be a part of your past story.
Babe, today will be a great
day for Fedde Velten,
and Juno will help us
during this cooperation.
Juno? Why you never told me about this?/
I also thought that he didn't want.
But i don't know why, he's suddenly
excited and said okay last night.
Hi Jun!/
Am i late?
No, not yet.
Sorry, i was pretty busy./
No problem.
Welcome Uncle!/
Quiet neat this cafe.
Juno, you've back?
Yes, Uncle.
How are you?/
I'm fine.
Hi Juno, how are you doing./
I'm fine.
You look surprised? This
probably because Dad hasn't
told anyone here?/ Tell what?
About this cafe is yours?
No, Uncle, it's Aruna's./
Fine, let's just start right away..
Okay, let's go./
Fedde Velten Cafe, a Cafe which
offers concept of happiness,
Because it gives a comfortable feelings
toward everyone who pay a visit.
That's the basic philosophy.
So here's a few of our
products that we sell, there
are cakes and drinks which
made from 100% chocolate.
The logo, for temporary
will be like this.
Because i wanna add a few other
concept of design on it.
Congrats Ru, finally we can cooperate
with each other again./ Thank you.
Okay Aruna.
I'm getting impatient, to see
collaboration of work from you guys.
These great youngsters.
Okay Ru, i gotta go./ Allright, we'll
be leaving first, see you soon!
Yes! Babe, we finally made itl!
Ru, customers looking us.
Oh yea, Jun, thanks a lot for your
cooperation. And, oh yea, Orvala,
Design concept from Juno
still needs to be prepared
well, so i'd like to
ask you to help Juno.
You might have some idea./
Why me? Can i say no?
Fedde Velten able to be like this because
of you, so i trust you can do it, right!
Okay Jun, Orvala will help./
I'm ready!
Hello babe./
Hey babe.
Just woke up? Your voice sounds heavy./
Yes, what's up?
Baby, i doubt i can
pick you up today.
Because there's a sudden meeting with the
chocolate supplier and Uncle Herman.
Are you good?
Allright, fine then./ But
i already asked Juno, if
it's getting late tonight,
he will drive you home.
Ru, wait../
What is it baby?
Umm, it's okay.. Goodluck at your meeting.
Amen, thank you. Allright then, byee.
I'm leaving first okay.
Let's go./
You're riding bike?
Anything's wrong?/ Well, not
at all, it just when in
highschool i remember that
you've never used bike.
Hmm, you were watching me all that time?
Just kidding. Allright,
let's go, but let's eat
first, okay./ Just straight
to home, i'm not hungry.
But i am, it won't take long.
How many you'd like to order, Sir?/
Two, and one serve without soysauce.
Okay, Sir.
You still remember though we
haven't met for a long time.
Please./ Thank you./
You're welcome Ms.
By the way, did you know that Orvala
and Juno went to the same highschool?
And as far as i know they were quiet close.
Ru, have you seen a girl just passed by?/
She went right there.
I didn't mean to say about
this, so that you'd
think negative about
those two, this...
No problem.
You better go home. /
No, i don't want to.
But you said that you wanted to go home./
No, i don't wanna go home.
Well, Juno has been quiet
awhile in indonesia, right?
You didn't know it? I thought you
went to the same college at.../
Yes we went to college at Europe,
but we were at different campus,
And we were quiet busy so we
rarely contacted each other.
I thought you../
Me? With Juno ? Impossible.
I don't really match with him.
I thought you never match with anyone?
Except you.
I'm sorry, i...
forgot that you're with Orvala now.
Just forget my word earlier.
It's getting late, better to go home.
Agree, shall we?
Move now and follow his trail!
Thank you.
So Aruna never told you?
Who's Videla?
Answer me, who's Videla?
Come on answer, who's Videla?
Videla is,
Aru's past.
Why is it always about past.
Why everyone always chained to their past?
Videla is Aru's ex, right?
Am i right?
It's true right?
You have to think positive,
what did you see,
Isn't always be the same as what you think.
Hi Ru, the design has been completed./
Thank you.
Hi Rin, please keep my bag for awhile.
Where have you been? I tried to pick you up
at home but it said you haven't back home.
She was with me Ru, Finishing
design that you asked.
Where have you been last night?
Me? You knew that i had a meeting
with Uncle Herman and../ And Videla?
I can explain that./ You want explain
that Videla is just a friend?
Wait, i can explain this./
What kind of explanation again?
There's no need for an explanation,
Juno explained that already.
And you believe him?/
You trust him because he's your ex?!
Sir, Val, this is cafe. Please settle
your personal problem outside.
Val, if you have a problem,
just tell it. Just be
honest, that's important
for your relationship.
It's not that easy, Li.
It means you haven't fully trusted Aruna.
You still love Orvala?
But it appears that Orvala loves you Ru.
It's funny when i think about it,
We have a same preference on girl.
And i always be the first to be close.
Love doesn't see who's going to be
close first, but who will be the last.
But you've always been the winner.
I envy you sometimes, Ru.
You never dissapoint other people.
Everyone that knows you,
They will always say,
"Aru, the good boy?"
Human is funny,
They tend to wish to have other
people's life, without knowing.
That life is suitable and worthy for him.
Still remember me?
Aru, Ru!
I'm already here.
What happened exactly?
First, i wanna apologize.
At my birthday that time,
I was looking for you.
But you've already left with Radit.
Then there were thugs looking for me.
I got beaten by those thugs.
Luckily, Aruna appeared.
He became witness.
And those thugs sent to the prison.
Maybe, because their revenge, after they've
set free they're looking for me and Aru.
This is my fault.
I'm sorry.
Doctor said, Aruna encountered
cardiac contusion.
There's a failed rhytm in his heart.
Aruna, when in the fight,
He received a strong punch at his chest,
Which made his veins blown.
And doctor also said,
His chance to live,
Is pretty narrow.
About Videla,
I've never been in a
relationship with Videla.
Other than only a work
partner, and concluded past.
Still love Juno?
About Juno,
It's just my past.
But with you,
I wish that you could be part of my future.
I love you, Ru.
I love you too, Val.
Doc, Doctor! Doctor!
Vala, one most delicious Soleil
Choco in the world please./ Okay.
But, you have to serve
yourself for this one.
You're not allowed to reject it,
it's for our customer, okay?/ Yes.
Thank you Val.
I'm here to claim your promise.
You said to me that you
want to make the most
delicious chocolate
in the world for me.
That's why i'm here
I'm gonna make Aruna's dream comes true.
To raise and protect this cafe,
And also,
Protect you, Val.
I promise,
This will be your last tears.