The Christ Slayer (2019) Movie Script

And what do they call you?
Mostly boy.
And what do they call you?
Neither can you bear fruit
unless you remain in Me.
I think you've
partaken in enough vine.
Away with you.
I am a Son of thunder.
His thunder!
I cannot tell if
he's drunk or mad.
Maybe both.
Smell their breath next time.
It never lies.
Again you slept
with the door open.
Why must you scurry
about so loudly?
Perhaps to make a point.
Anybody could have
pilfered or worse in here?
Yeah, well I'm not dead.
Is the kingdom
sacked and looted?
Sadly I can't tell.
What happened once I
left you at the garden?
That's right.
I think I tried to cook.
Take in this beautiful morning.
It lets light inside.
No, it only allows those
thieves you worry about
to peer inside freely.
I brought you your
favorite bread.
It's fresh.
And wine?
Later at the market.
What am I supposed to
wash this bread down with?
Squeezed grape.
Squeezed grapes?
Think of it as wine
that is very, very weak.
That stains.
What did you say?
I'm preparing your gear.
My gear?
What for?
Training this afternoon.
You have midday training.
A required day of
training for all centurion.
Why was I not told about this?
I told you about this every day
for the past three mornings.
And I'm obligated to attend?
A blind centurion?
I should not be made to go.
Your father would demand it.
If not for his status
I'd be in no such position.
It's our good fortune your
father does hold status.
You earn a wage instead
of having to beg
like all the other blind people.
You are blessed.
Getting slow, Crispus.
Quick enough to best you.
Who's the better
swordsman, Longinus?
It sounds even.
You're supposed to
say me, you blind fool.
Vitus the great.
Even blind he knows.
I've always been
better with blades.
A centurion always remains
focused on the task at hand.
Sharon will not
accept your excuses.
I can best you with a spear.
Unfortunate for you
that's not what we're
training you today.
A centurion is
versed in all weapons.
You feel confident, centurion
telling another soldier
how to do battle?
Draw your sword.
You proved your point.
I don't think I have.
Now draw your sword.
Defend yourself, centurion.
That is an order.
I will resume the rite of
Decemadio upon you, you coward!
He's had enough, Vitus.
I outrank you, Crispus.
I will decide when
he has had enough.
I'm fine.
The one and all.
He who does battle with us,
he who sheds his blood with us,
let it be known that this
blind fool represents us all.
He should be able
to defend himself.
He should want to be
like us, be one of us.
We are only as strong
as our weakest link,
and Longinus, you
are our weakest link.
Less talk!
I see.
I speak the truth.
One accidental swing of my sword
and I can remove that weak link.
Your status was not
earned like ours.
You rode in on your
father's horse.
If this were Sparta, you
would've been cast out.
He's had enough!
Get off me!
I'm gonna remove
the weakest link!
You will face
his father's wrath.
I require more wine.
I require more wine.
I require wine!
No wine for you.
You've been assigned
to crowd duty
under my command for this
afternoon's crucifixion.
Give a blind man a spear
and maybe the crowd
will fear him.
Not likely.
Raise him!
This is your moment, my son.
Remember what you have
learned in your weakness.
Bleed him!
Perhaps you can strike a
target that isn't moving.
I'd rather not.
That was an order not a request.
Bleed him.
I take great, great satisfaction
in knowing that in the
end I will be right there.
I will be looking in your eyes.
Then darkness just fell
and the rock shook of anger.
Odd day.
I don't find the
darkness odd anymore.
But the ground shaking as if
Hades was opening his gates.
I tell you that was odd.
Yeah, but the ground moved
just as the false
prophet was dying.
You're acting it out?
You know I cannot see you.
Okay, so moving rocks, darkness.
What are you proposing, that
he wasn't a false prophet?
Of course he was.
Let the followers
enjoy their sabbath.
Their messiah is dead.
Many today do not
believe him to be false.
They say he will rise from
the dead on the third day.
The only thing
that's gonna be rising
is a putrid smell
from that tomb.
Nobody returns from
across the River Styx.
That's what they
would have you believe.
You still have blood on you.
Cease with your mothering!
Speaking of mothers,
it was a sight today.
Shall I remind you
again that I lack sight?
His mother was at his feet.
His mother should
have persuaded him
to pursue his talents elsewhere.
Vitus was cruel.
He should not have
commanded you as he did.
To have me poking
blindly at some poor soul.
I could barely fulfill my duty.
Perhaps he's right.
He's right?
A blind centurion?
That would be like a mute
singer or a legless dancer.
I'm sure many have thought
what Vitus has there to say.
Have you ever spoken such
things about me, Crispus?
Not in your presence.
He's here.
I can smell his fancy man oils.
Were the events
of this glorious day
not enough for either
of you two today?
What's that fine
beauty that stands
next to you, Vitus?
I can smell her flowery
scent from here.
This fine beauty, 'tis
pity you can't see her.
I stand before you as a flower
attracting busy little bees,
while you two sit in
your wretched filth,
attracting pesky little flies.
Do you always
have to be so rude?
Do you always have
to be so sensible?
You're welcome.
Those Christ
followers, they weep
as they put his
body into the tomb.
Centurion guards
standing outside far too
respectful if you ask me.
Gone are the glory days
where they would just
feed his scraps to the dogs.
Well, things have
thankfully changed.
He will be forgotten
as soon as the next
so-called Messiah arise.
Ah, but until that day, Crispus,
let us play on the
fame of this world.
Attention, everyone.
The prophet they call Christ
was put to death today.
Let us honor the man that
delivered that death strike
with his almighty
centurion spear,
behold, the Christ slayer!
Christ slayer!
I would gladly
take the death spear.
I cannot.
That belongs to the centurion.
Let us talk.
You can start by
buying me some water.
May I sit with you,
slayer of Christ?
Don't call me that.
Everyone is calling you that.
Well, you're not everyone.
But, I don't get
wages until next week.
This night is for me.
What sits so heavily
upon your sicking mind?
A lion.
A lion was approaching
me while I slept.
Could you see in this dream?
Well, it pounds my head.
My brave centurion
bested by a hot drink.
I like taking care of you.
A novelty on occasion but
not as a duty, I assure you.
The wine was flowing
freely last night.
Everyone wanted to
buy the hero a drink.
I'm no hero.
Last night, you
could have fooled me.
Allow me to share.
I will make another.
No, I insist, take a sip.
Do you not trust a blind man?
I trust you
very much.
What are you doing?
What's wrong?
You, I behold you.
Are you sure?
I remembered sight.
Can you see now?
I did.
You're beautiful.
You're beautiful.
How can this be?
I don't know,
but I saw you.
Beautiful you.
Your word, the sweetest
thing anyone's ever say to me.
What brings you here
in your day of rest?
That's what I told him.
Silence, boy.
I've been trying to
stay awake all day.
I can feel those once.
I am not going to throw
my lot in the fanatics.
What happened?
Today, people
have come in droves
to pay their respects and pray.
They look at me.
I believe we've acted in error.
We followed orders.
And we will be judged for that.
We'll be judged for
all of our actions.
I fear for you.
Boy, take me home.
Beg his forgiveness.
If he is who he says he was,
I can't imagine what
lies ahead for you.
I appreciate your concern.
I can feel the sun fading.
Can you see anything?
Too Sabbaths have
been celebrated.
One ends at sunset.
You would think that
with this Jesus dead
that some of these
activities would cease.
I think with
everything that happened
he'll be more powerful
in death than in life.
You are part of that.
I don't wish to be.
You can't change that now.
I'm done here
Do you need anything else?
Go enjoy your evening.
Be gone with you, boy.
I will return in the morning
with a fresh bread and wine.
Not again, no.
Oh, Albus.
Since when did you
start knocking?
And since when have you
started wearing perfumed oils?
Good morning.
Who is this?
mother of the one they
called Jesus of Nazareth.
May I come in?
Yeah, yes, please.
Thank you for saving me.
It's quite unexpected
as you can imagine.
You are truly blind.
Yes, I am.
I'm sorry, I cannot
offer you anything.
My boy hasn't dropped
off this morning's bread.
I only want a
moment of your time.
I'm terribly uncomfortable.
It is because you feel.
You ended my son's suffering.
I did what I was ordered to do.
You had compassion
etched upon your face.
Why do you tremble?
I've never, I
never felt this much.
Listen to me.
I forgive you
and I know He would
also forgive you.
How can you say that?
It was all meant to happen.
I was pleased it was you.
Hey, why is the door, oh.
Oh, I didn't know
you had company.
I must be going.
We are preparing to
anoint His body today.
Follow your heart.
You are a good man.
Peace be with you.
Who was that?
That was Mary, mother of Christ.
What does she want?
She came to forgive me.
She was happy.
She was happy I was the one that
killed her son.
I've heard talk they may
be giving you a promotion.
I'll be leaving the legion.
Did you hear what
I've just said?
You'll be given a higher
position and wage.
I shall dictate a letter
and you shall put it forth.
I beg you to think
about this action.
Fetch me parchment and ink.
It was decided
you should see this.
If you wish to reply.
You are a good man.
I forgive you.
And I know He would
also forgive you.
Tear my soul like a
lion, dragging me away,
while there is none to deliver.
Pity for he has never
known the love of a mother.
May I enter?
I'm sure you know why I'm here.
I could wager.
I can shout instructions
to a thousand men,
but I cannot find the right
words for my only son.
I understand.
You've done all that you
could have done for me.
An honorary centurion
status was not easy to arrange
given your...
I know.
And I do appreciate all
that you have done for me.
Perhaps you'd like a seat
or something to drink?
No, I'd rather stand.
this is not for me.
It is time for me to move on.
My weakness has
nothing to do with you.
I should never have
left you in the care
of those magi all
those years ago.
No, they were great teachers.
This was not Master Malkira's
fault nor is it yours.
Where will you go,
what will you do?
I worry about you.
I will not always be here.
I will be going home.
How will you travel?
Don't worry, I had a good father
who taught me how to survive.
My son, the Christ slayer.
Another undeserving title.
It's the talk of the court.
Perhaps with this fame
now might be an ideal time
for you to step
down from service.
You understand?
I do understand
and I can tell that you
have made up your mind.
And like your father,
there's no change in that.
Thank you.
I'm so proud of you.
I love you beyond words.
Go find happiness
wherever that might be.
Till we meet again, father.
A few more years
I have before me,
after I'll likely
join you at home.
Say hello to your mother for me.
I miss her greatly.
A peaceful day.
The water relaxes me.
I want to talk with
you about something.
All right, speak your mind.
I think what you
offer me is generous,
but what if I wanna go with you?
I cannot ask that of you.
Not your people.
You'd be an outcast.
I am an orphan.
You're my only people.
I would go where you go.
You'd have more
opportunities here.
My best opportunity for
happiness is with you.
You journey will be
much easier with me.
You're blind.
I shall consider it, Albus.
The Christ slayer!
Why would the one true God?
Why would the one true God
allow for His offspring
to be born onto this world
as a man, huh?
Why me?
That's what I thought.
I think the price that you
have offered to me is fair.
If you say so.
The proceeds minus our
services to be dispersed
in equal parts to
the three parts.
May I ask of you something?
Jesus of Nazareth,
do you know of Him?
No, did you?
He forgives you.
You've asked for my mark.
But of course.
This is a new beginning for you.
Thank you for your time.
Peace be with you.
And to you.
Thank you.
Is it?
What brings you here so early?
Have you had any visitors?
Yes, we have, why?
You have.
Have you've been
partaking in wine so early?
Well, yes, hours
ago, but not now.
You're not making any sense.
Your visitor, Felix.
The Messiah.
She was here too.
Yes, the mother of
the so-called Messiah.
Is this what this is all about?
The followers of Jesus told
everybody that once in tomb,
three days and three nights,
He would rise from the dead.
She said nothing about this.
He's gone.
Jesus from the tomb.
Women came to perform
some Jewish ritual
and then they move the
rock, Jesus was gone.
We are trying to say His
followers stole the body, but.
That's not what happened.
If this Jesus has truly risen,
He may seek revenge.
I feel eyes upon me.
They surely are.
Keep your looks!
Crispus is here.
Why does everyone has issue?
If I didn't know better,
I say they're afraid.
Afraid of what?
Perhaps this Jesus.
Perhaps retribution
by His followers.
I've had all I can
take of this place.
We leave tonight.
Tomorrow, I want to wake
up anyplace but here.
Are you coming?
Well, is it the wine?
Did it happen again?
What's going on with me?
Someone said they have
the curse of the Christ.
The what?
Drunk babble from fearful minds.
First they hailed
me as Christ slayer,
and now the accused one of
the inflicted Christ's curse?
Another reason for me to leave.
It's true?
You're leaving?
And what would
you want me to do?
For what?
This man, Felix,
he's going to give you gift.
A gift?
Your friendship is
the best gift to me.
You've made it easy for me.
Goodbye, Leah.
Is this my?
Find happiness.
You look after him.
I'll do my very best.
You're good for him.
He really leaving.
Perhaps that is best.
Come, let me be your new friend.
When you say we
are leaving in haste,
you meant it?
I cannot stand another
moment in that cesspool.
And Leah?
Leah, a beautiful
flower in a field of dung.
Very poetic.
I spit in her eye.
Wine me.
That lion will not make
me its plaything tonight.
I could have sworn you
had your sight as we left.
I did.
I knew it will happen.
I'm not sure.
My sight came once that quickly.
But that's twice, right?
It sounds more like a
blessing than a curse.
Perhaps we have good
travels ahead of us, Albus.
Your coin, all of it!
Away, thief.
Leave the boy alone.
Someone is a dead man.
Forgive any quarrel
that we have upon this day.
I don't.
Forgive me.
You'll ask, so you are.
Did he fled?
Your reputation likely saved us.
The spear.
He most likely recognized
I was formerly...
A Christ Slayer!
I think he recognized you
and this man also
kindly helped us.
Keep running!
Many thanks for your good deeds.
And to whom do we owe
the appreciation to?
I would not attempt
to lie to a centurion,
but I also do not
wish to reveal myself.
My help does not
require a recognition.
How did you know
I was a centurion?
Your marks of legion
and the centurion spear.
Any holes in you, young man?
No more than a scratch.
Thanks to you.
Do you travel
towards Alexandria?
We'll be avoiding the city.
Perhaps for safety, we
could travel together.
Again, that is up
to the centurion.
I'm no longer a centurion.
I wish to leave
that life behind.
And if we are to give
each other false names,
you should call me Cleopas.
Very well, Cleopas.
I want a name.
And yours?
Call me John.
Gift of God, I like it.
Are you an outlaw?
To some.
No longer.
Cleopas, Titus
and John, three outlaws
walking on the road to endless.
Why has he not left?
Only he knows.
Upon His awakening, He
spoke to his womb mother
and to His followers
why does He remain.
The kingdom awaits.
He'll depart for the kingdom
when He deems Himself ready.
I told you, life as
a man was not for Him.
And He want the experience.
To suffer and be
reduced by specs.
He should have gone elsewhere
and started a new garden.
It's brutal indeed.
It's difficult to
watch and do nothing.
I'm pleased He's returning.
Ungrateful creations,
these mortals.
Already they sing and
beg of His return.
I would think after
His reception here,
He would leave
mankind to their own.
He has a deep love for them.
What is love when it's
not returned, Gabriel?
Is it?
Is love devotion?
Is love loyalty?
Is love a willingness to
sacrifice life for another?
Complex as these
beings are, they have
not the delicate grace found
in the field of flowers.
No divine scent that
lingers and a sweet breeze
after a rain.
No warmth or breath taking
brilliance from the sun
setting over the
bluest of waters.
I have seen beauty and
mankind is not beautiful.
It's not in our hearts.
Not in His ways.
Perhaps His time here on earth
has set in motion
certain changes.
Wishful thinking, old friend.
They will kill one another
to claim His words.
Words they will further
pervert and distort
to serve the agendas
of the ambitious,
ambitious men seeking power.
They will perform countless
sins against one another
while building their
walls around what they see
if they needed to be.
Sounds familiar.
Justification for
their sinful actions.
When mankind has
all but turn to dust,
beauty and peace
will reign again.
You did not sleep.
How did you do?
Speak your mind through me.
I don't care what you do to me.
But I can't have
you harming the boy.
You got the only weapon here.
Sharp walking stick in
the hands of a blind man?
Looks dangerous enough.
Have you ever seen a
centurion spear up close?
Once or twice.
of our unified strength.
Yes, but how much sorrow
and suffering has it brought?
It's brought much peace and
order into a lawless land.
How much peace and
order has it brought you?
Forgive me, I've overslept.
There in lies our new
found freedom, Albus.
It's Titus.
Now he know it's my real name.
we are late for nothing.
Simply here now.
Good to see you here, John.
Where would I be?
Someone thought you'd
be gone by morning
with everything you could steal.
I owe you on that one.
It's a good wager, outlaw.
Wouldn't use your real name.
I have to say that it
surprised me a bit.
Mankind is so trusting.
We've earned that reputation.
I'm gonna suggest that
we travel off the road
to the Port of Cyrene.
No Alexandria?
City second only to Rome?
No cities.
Are you able
to travel the wilderness?
Listen to your words.
I was once a soldier.
Marching was part
of my everyday life.
I can handle the wilderness.
The question is, can you?
I'll try.
It could be days.
I'll survive.
Say that I haven't warned you.
What about navigation?
That's a lot of faith
that you're putting in me.
You have such an
honest face, John.
I life off the road.
No thieves and no murderers.
But the wilderness
is so much better.
Lions, bears.
Is there an animal
more dangerous than man?
I hope not.
I feel like we're being watched.
We're always being watched.
Do I travel with too much haste?
Your pace does not hinder us.
The desert?
All of it.
Have you seen much of it?
Fortunately yes.
I wish to see more.
Glorious sights to
behold are all around us.
I'm not one to complain
about my circumstances,
but I cannot behold anything.
Perhaps water
would serve you better here?
Away from me, boy!
I wanted to assist you.
You didn't sleep.
You must be exhausted.
Boy, you still treat
me like a frail flower.
I'm not weak!
Even the strong fall sometimes.
Curse you, boy!
Let me fall.
My whole life has been a fall!
It's hard to let those
that you love fall or fail.
But look where your
anger has taken you.
I saw you!
It happened again?
Just for a moment,
but I saw you, John.
Like the father I never had.
That's how I love you.
I would never accept
your unkind words.
I know your heart.
Strike me!
It is forgiven.
No, you would make
me feel much better.
I insist.
Best to just appease
him when he's like this.
Strike me!
I truly do wish
to hear your thoughts
on this man Jesus.
I believe this Jesus,
if divinely sent, brought
about change much too quickly.
People are not ready.
Will they ever be ready?
For what?
Invitation to return
to the kingdom of the Father?
Fear of some final fiery
eternal death and damnation
will have many believe
that they are ready.
I hope he's a god of
forgiveness and mercy.
'Cause we're not worthy.
If worthy is ready,
no one will ever be.
Perhaps his sacrifice can atone
for the shortcomings of mankind?
Yes, but why?
Why live a ruthless
despicable life
only to find forgiveness
at the very end?
Is that the way, his way?
They ask for forgiveness.
I'm sure that it would be given.
You think his death
is such a good thing?
I don't believe it to be so.
A Messiah ministry
is surely to grow
like a child without guidance.
Will they hunt us down?
Surely not.
John, how can you say
that with any certainty?
One can go about preaching
about love and peace
for those worse to fall
upon hateful hearts.
Your faith in mankind
is heavily tainted.
Tainted by truth, my friend.
Mark my words.
Many will die in His
name and many more
will kill in His name.
And is that what He intended?
What will they make of His
words a thousand years from now?
What will become of
his original teachings?
Quite worth considering.
Peace be with you on this night.
Peace be with you.
We're told this vessel
can make it to Anaxeme?
You heard correct.
Will you take payment
for your services?
How many passengers?
I thought you had
to part ways here?
After hearing of
such a beautiful place,
I must see it myself.
We'll pay half now
and half upon arrival.
What's your name?
Old Salt is what we were given.
I've gone by many names, sir.
You can call me Salt.
The Old part is
not so attractive.
Very well.
I'm Cleopas.
This is Titus and John.
I see.
We're all known by many names.
The boat is stocked
and prepared to depart
if that's what you wish.
I'm exhausted.
Let us be off.
Welcome aboard.
My darkest corners
and sideways shadows
are illuminated by
your luminous light.
Get yourself settled and we'll
get this voyage underway.
The lion will no
longer torment him.
Do not miss love.
You know the power of it.
I think you are the
one way to His truth.
Enlightening him to love
as they experience it.
The Almighty was very decisive
in the early days of creation.
He commanded from a
place of great strength
and was easily displeased.
He was quick to destroy
deviation, to create anew,
but to him it was only rebirth.
You died for their sins and
His impossible standard.
Was it painful?
Say it.
What words do you wish to hear?
Declare I was right.
Man is an unpredictable
Man is always predictable
to be unpredictable.
Made in his image.
As are you.
Let me tell you a tale
I heard from a Greek sailor.
Zeus, favored son of the Titans,
thrice been fooled
by Prometheus.
Zeus demanded impossible
sacrifice made from each man.
Prometheus refused.
And how did Zeus react?
He ordered Prometheus dragged
to the distant mountains,
chained in a dark place where
pain was inflicted daily.
What angered Zeus more
was that Prometheus
would not speak
the mother's name
whose child would dethrone Zeus.
You wanna know the name?
Of whom?
The mother whose son
would dethrone Zeus?
Her name is Mary.
You're the child to dethrone God
with your newly
acquired insights.
I will sit in honor beside Him.
The throne does not
empower my Father.
My Father empowers the throne.
The sun of a new
day welcomes us.
Where are we?
Where's the boat?
We've arrived.
You were exhausted and slept.
Now you're here.
Shall we get you home?
I saw a path not far from here.
What lies your family home?
If you travel west,
before the village,
look for the date trees.
Who resides there?
My father's sister.
Will she be filled
with joy to see you
after all these years?
As I remember she
was joyous to all.
An overflowing bowl of sunshine.
An overflowing bowl of sunshine
sounds exactly
like what you need.
Hold right there.
Who approaches?
Bowl of sunshine?
It's me.
It's Longinus.
Hadrian's boy?
One and the same.
Is that you, Sabina?
Forgive me!
These eyes aren't
what they once were.
That makes the two of us.
I so wish I could've helped you.
The best have tried.
Come, come.
Are you gonna tell her?
Mind your tongue and
manners, we just arrived.
And who is this handsome man?
And this is John.
Welcome, John.
Titus is too formal.
Why don't you
address me as Albus?
Welcome, Albus.
Thank you for your kindness.
Well, let's get
you all cleaned up.
Who's hungry?
I am.
Come this way.
Your dwelling is so peaceful.
Yours to enjoy.
He told you how we're blood.
Your brother is his father.
He's a great man.
A great warrior.
Is he now?
He's met the Emperor.
Did he grew up here?
The early years.
When his father was
assigned, he was sent off.
Our grandfather is a part of
a priestly order to the east.
He was sent there for
keeping and education.
Is she putting you
to sleep with our
entire family history?
I'm proud of our history.
I have cleaned clothes for bed.
If you follow me.
Wait until she finds
out the Christ Slayer
is part of our proud
family history.
Does it fit?
I wish you all could've met him.
A hearty laugh.
The best smile
and a heart like a bear.
Those are fond memories.
He now dwells in a better place.
Surely he does.
What would you have
me do with these?
To me.
Go eat.
They're healthy.
Popular amongst the
village and beyond.
Beautiful creation.
Keep up, boy.
How do you pass your days here?
Well, I tend to the dates.
I also treat the
sick and help bring
new life into our
world occasionally.
There's something
special about that journey.
Each mother brings
something divine to mankind,
just as your mother
did with you.
With me?
How's that?
Hope for a better tomorrow
is the greatest gift.
Do you want me to come with you?
He goes to visit his mother.
Come on.
The boy's resting?
It's been a long journey.
John, washing your clothes,
they're badly
stained with blood.
My name is not John.
It's Jesus.
And my intuition is correct.
You are knowing.
You're the son of God
recently executed in Jerusalem.
Said to have been reborn.
And so I am.
Did being born a man
give you no insight?
How could it not?
I recommend experiencing
life as a woman.
We're different.
That's being kind.
Man, afraid of losing,
treat you so poorly.
For that I am truly sorry.
But many men showed
me love and kindness.
Hold on to that.
Don't give up on us.
Don't give up on what?
You're back.
I was starting to worry.
How does it feel to be home?
Does the market still operate?
At this time only the
wine garden is open.
Don't you wish to rest?
I have plenty of days to rest.
I wish to go.
Same direction?
I will travel with him.
Bless you.
Some feel they must walk alone.
Does not have to be so.
And yet men often
choose that very path.
You move swiftly
for a man without sight.
Longing for
wine will do that to a man.
Does Luna sit in the sky?
Oh yes.
A beautiful manifestation
of God's glory.
You sound passionate.
I try.
You no longer feel this way?
So why did you
leave your position?
The centurions?
I no longer felt I
was making a difference.
So I left.
Wherever you go I shall follow.
Oh, Albus.
You were scared, I saw you.
But you didn't see me
'cause you're blind.
This used to be a
quiet little place.
Everything changes.
Oh, that's our table.
Almost feels like
our place back...
That place is no
longer our home, Albus.
Never again.
Will you be eating?
Eating, yes, we'll
be eating food.
But not yet, but not now.
We'll be eating
cheese and bread and...
And wine.
And water, please.
Lots of wine.
Won't you share a nectar
of the grape with me, John?
Can I help you?
Probably not.
Just curious where
you acquired a spear
of such craftsmanship.
The spear's not for sale.
You think I wanna purchase it?
I do not know what
you're looking to do.
Thank you.
You wish to break bread with us?
What's your name?
I'm the census.
I protect this village.
Now you're doing a very
good job from what I can see.
I feel safer already.
That depends on
what you're here for.
Is the girl here?
Yes, I'm here.
Wine, please.
You're blind.
Two unknowns solved by
Gaius, the all-knowing.
Are you mocking me?
Are you mocking me?
I believe I might be.
I do not understand the
reasoning behind your approach.
Are you an admirer
of crafted metals?
A bully to the blind?
What do you seek to gain here?
What do I see?
We have traveled a long distance
and all we wish to do
is break bread in peace.
So let us cease this exchange
until you have truly
something worthy to say.
Let us pray.
Our Father in heaven...
His kingdom come.
His will be done on
Earth as it is in heaven.
He's gone.
I thought we were
gonna be troubled.
There's only one troubled
person here at this table.
Here we are, fresh red wine.
Would you like to
sample our cheeses?
I sure would.
I'll pick something
up for all of us.
You may leave the wine.
Thank you.
A salute.
I have nothing on my mind.
To going home.
To going home.
You really should try
to enjoy your days here.
She would want that.
How do you know about her?
Your mother?
She loved you very much
and she still does.
Some days...
I can see her face.
And other days...
That would not rid
you of your pain.
But it puts it in
the stable for a while.
What makes you think
you knew how she felt?
I have a mother.
I know.
I put her through a lot.
I just want her to touch me.
Feel me.
Speak to me.
If she cannot come here
then I shall go to her.
I came here to...
To embrace the ocean.
To end it.
It's not your time.
Hey, John!
John, look.
Cheese and bread.
It smells so good,
it's a miracle.
Smells heavenly.
Is everything all right?
Everything is as it should be.
The sun looks like Mithra
rising from the trees.
A thousand ways they
tried to put order
to that which they
do not understand.
Always they look
outside versus inside.
They worship the creation
but not the creator.
I lived life as they do now.
Still do not think I
fully understood it.
I was accepted into His graces
before your name was ever known.
Many of us held deep
relationships to
and with the One God.
Those after us started to
move away from the glorifying
of the Creator's primal forces.
Man started to
create their own gods
to justify their mortal vices.
A relationship of lies.
But I have brought the truth.
Salvation is within
reach of all.
But they must want to be saved.
And what do they call you?
You are a good man.
I trust you.
Call me John.
I will be looking.
I saw you!
To embrace the ocean.
To end it.
To end it.
How long were you
planning on staying there?
All day, if I had to.
We need to discuss something.
First, you save us on the road,
good Samaritan and
all, I get that.
But I know when a
man has an agenda.
What's yours?
I used to think that I knew.
I know that feeling.
I'd sacrifice myself,
here and now,
if I thought I had chance even
to change us to one
thing for the better.
Sacrifice is not required.
You will see your mother again,
in the kingdom of our Father.
She didn't follow the
path of the true Messiah.
I've lost her.
You believe him to
be the true Messiah?
I believe you to
be the true Messiah.
As she does now.
For upon death, the heart can
say what the tongue never did.
Rest assured, brother Longinus,
your mother does reside in
the kingdom of my Father.
You've risen?
I'm not the Christ Slayer.
Yes, you are.
This garden of life
is but one of many.
This wondrous world and the
stars beyond await discovery.
Seek and they will
find the processes
of creation and destruction
are openly displayed
to anybody who wants
to observe and study.
But men are more
concerned about waging wars
and laying claims to
land that nobody owns.
Being blind inflicts one
to question everything
that cannot be seen.
And it forces us
to rely on faith.
Your lack of
distractions has given you
clarity and wisdom.
But what are you doing here?
With me?
I thought I was here helping you
but I think you're
also here helping me.
I spoke with your mother.
Yes, she likes you.
But I killed you.
She overlooks that.
She was a good student
and a greater teacher.
I can't believe
that you're the son
of the one true living God.
There was a day when
you were very excited
about finding me.
Master Malkira.
I remember chasing the star.
I know their order very well.
After that encounter I
was under Sabina's care
until I finally went
back to my father.
A desperate
play in a greater game.
Believe in me and he will no
longer have domain over you.
And what do I owe
you for this freedom?
Love yourself.
Love others.
Love me.
Love to the Father.
Nothing more is required.
I want you to come
and follow my voice.
I want you to be reborn.
I can do that.
I can see!
I can see!
You've come to say goodbye.
Will their hearts
and their minds ever be worthy?
We can always reach out in love
and hold on to hope.
But will they
ever truly be ready?
One day the sun above will sleep
and our kind will
take a final name
and bid goodnight
to the heavens.
Was it a mistake
to allow free will?
It was the right thing.
You'd be in your right to
leave us and never return.
I considered it.
I knew that words
would not be enough.
I thought that actions
would speak loudest.
To some they do.
But now it's time
for me to go home.
Peace be with you.
Peace be with you.
What is it?
I can see.
God has blessed me!
A new start!
It'd be good for him.
You'll take care of him.
I will do my very best.
I prayed on it.
I prayed.
Is your journey complete?
I have one more task for you.
I do not understand.
Are you not eager to
return to the kingdom?
You're welcome.
Albus stood right by me.
I had a guide the whole way.
Is it finished, my Lord?
It's just begun.
Come, let us
return to the kingdom.