The Christmas Bunny (2010) Movie Script

I don't think we're in Grandville anymore.
No, this is the boonies,
that's for sure...
What else?
They just got iicensed last week.
Married thirteen years, one chiid..
And she paints furniture...
- For a iiving?
- I don't think so.
Artistic stuff, it's kind of interesting...
And he's an...
interior automotive systems engineer.
And skies cross-country.
Not for over a year.
Everybody thinks the DCS payments
are going to make the difference.
At fifteen dollars a day.
How you doing there back there, Miss Julia?
You warm enough?
still not talking.
None of that when we get there, Missy.
Scott, where have you been?
- They're going to be here any minute.
- Sorry.i, ah, I had an accident.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
I, I broke a binding.
Scott, I really wish you'd take it easy.
- You gotta stop beating yourself up.
- I'm not beating myself up, okay?
You will find something.
The Lord always provides.
Jesus Saves at the Bank of Grand Rapids.
Except they're all out of work too.
Well, what do you think?
Patti, this place has been immacuiate
ever since the first time they came.
Yeah, well that was just an inspection.
This is... it's permanent.
It's not permanent.
- You know what I mean.
- It's for a few months.
Six at the most.
It's a trial, honey.
Scott, we want to do this.
You want to do this.
We need to do this.
Hi. I'm Patti.
- This is my husband Scott.
- Tamara Williams.
Hank VanEe, he's new with the agency.
I'm breaking him in.
Get out of the car, please, Julia.
Are you not hearing me, young iady?
It's okay.
We'll get to know each other.
Please don't coddie her, Mrs. Cooper.
It's not good for either of you.
You know what, I'll get those.
Honey, why don't you get the door?
"What is real?" asked the Rabbit one day,
when they were lying side
by side near the nursery fender,
before Nana came to tidy the room.
Does it mean having things that
buzz inside you and a stick-out handle?
"Real isn't how you are made,"
said the Skin Horse.
It's a thing that happens to you.
When a child loves you for a long,
long time, not just to play with,
but REALLY loves you,
then you become Real...
Does it hurt?, asked the rabbit?...
And there's just one other chiid?
Yes, Billy.
He should be home any minute.
They're out eariy today
for Christmas vacation.
We wanted more...
i just had some internai problems...
I don't... think they need
to hear the gory detalls, Patti...
That's why we're interested in fostering.
- And adopting.
- Possibiy.
- Possibiy adopting.
- Of course.
This is just a triai run.
Well, you'll have your hands full
with this one, I'm afraid.
You were, ah, saying about the mother?
Fairiy typicai.
Drug possession. Soiicitation.
- Negiigence, of course.
- I see...
Every time she would get her chiid back,
she would move.
Then when she gets in trouble,
she ioses custody of the chiid.
This is Julia's third foster
home in the past six months.
Are you sure you're ready for this?
Hey, Mom? Fred Bentiey threw my math
book in the siush so I siugged him, alright?
Hey, hot chocoiate!
Billy, this is Ms. Williams
and Mr. VanEe, from Heiping Hands?
They brought Julia,
the little girl we told you about, remember?
Right, cool. Can I have some hot chocolate?
Yes, you may.
Nice to meet you, nice to meet you...
- William...
- May I bring anyone anything?
Okay, Billy, you know what, ah, were fine.
Why don't you introduce yourself to Julia
and see if she needs anything.
Okey dokey...
Ha-hey. I'm Billy.
Dad told me you might be a little weird.
At first.
You got hot chocoiate.
You got TV.
You want some graham crackers?
Alright, well, I'm out of here.
Dib's on the TV when that's over.
She has three dollars
and some change in her pocket.
We like to send them out
with a little spendin money.
I'd go sparingiy with that video,
she'd watch it all day if you give her the chance.
Ms. Williams, one more question...
if she...
when she does start talking...
what should she call us?
Personally, I recommend Mister and Mrs.
It teaches respect.
After all,
she's only going to be here a few months.
Whatever Julia's comfortable with, I guess.
No, Mrs. Cooper,
whatever you're comfortable with.
- You're the parents, remember?
- Of course.
Hey, Mom, can I play some video games?
Yeah, sure, as soon as
Julia's done watching her video.
She is done. But she won't move.
...your sweaters are all
in the bottom drawer with your jeans.
And I even saved the plastic bags
that your clothes came in. Okay?
Oh, dear.
Maybe you wanted to put things
away yourself.
Did you want to do that?
I want you to know,
that's it's okay if you don't want to talk.
It must be hard moving into a new house
and having a new family.
But you are part of our family,
as long as you're here.
Is that alright?
Come on.
Just think,
it's only one more day until Christmas.
And tomorrow
we'll go to Uncle Chip's new house,
and you'll get to meet Johnny,
and Rebecca, who's just about your age.
And they're really nice.
Good night, sweetheart.
Just give us a chance, okay?
So, what do you think?
Well, there's something here
with Johnson & Bower.
They're doing controi paneis
for soiar eiectric now.
I think I should call them.
I mean about Julia.
Well, ah, I don't know, I mean how long
is this... not-talking thing going to last?
Let's just give some time, okay?
That's why we're here.
Scott, I know why you're doing this.
And it's not just for the money.
I love you.
- So let me in...
- No!...
- Why not?
- Because the brat's still up, that's why...
Come on, baby.
Come back in fifteen minutes...
And bring the stuff!
- alright.
- Go!
I told you to sleep in the tub tonight.
I wanted to see you.
Did you eat like I said?
There wasn't anything.
There's cereal.
There's no miik.
Oh, Jesus...
- What's this?
- The motei iady gave it to me.
- I can change it.
- No.
No, it's nice.
It's like the music
they had when you were born...
Pam, I got it.
- Pamela...
- Mom?
- Mom
- Pam, I got it, open up.
- Mom, wake up!
- Pamela.
There was once a velveteen rabbit,
Don't play these games with me, baby.
And in the beginning he was really splendid.
Pamela, open the damn door!
He was fat and bunchy, as a rabbit should be;
Damn it, Pam, open the door...
his coat was spotted brown and white,
he had real thread whiskers, and
his ears were lined with pink sateen...
I can't believe they're still building out here...
Somebody's got money.
Chip said they got
a really great deal on the house.
The developer
was practically giving them away.
Nine hundred thousand dollars
is giving them away.
Imagine that.
Good lord.
It is big, isn't it?
All this for four people?
Well, they like to entertain, Scott.
Well, who are they entertaining,
Donald Trump?
Scott, just try to be happy for them, okay?
Tis the season?
- Hey!
- Ha, ha, duck, you sucker!
- No fair, I'm on your side!
- I got the new Mario Kart!
No way!
Welcome, welcome,
welcome to our little cabin in the woods.
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!
- Merry Christmas.
- Hi, Scott.
- Wow.
- Yeah, it's something, isn't it?
I'm sorry it's such a mess,
we're still unpacking.
And is this the magical Julia?
Rebecca, say hi to Julia.
She's still a little shy.
There they are... Merry Christmas,
- Merry Christmas.
- Where's Dad?
I think he ended up in the solarium.
- The what?
- Hi.
Okay, guys, enough.
Now Bill, no.. come on.
- Everyone?
- Chip, do you want to...?
You go ahead, sis, it's all yours.
Lord, we thank You for Your bounty
and Your abundant blessings.
We're grateful to be in your service
and we ask You to help us
welcome our friend Julia into ourliives.
- Amen.
- Amen.
Alright, pass the potatoes,
I'm going to start right on the potatoes...
I do have cookies here
if anyone needs a snack...
And now for the moment
you've all been waiting for...
- Yeah!
- Presents!
Chip, Christmas morning isn't
until tomorrow.
Yes, but our plane leaves at 7 AM
and Santa here will not be denied.
No I will not.
- Mom?
- Imagine!
Flying to Mexico on Christmas Day!
still seems odd to me.
- Pop, I think that ones for you.
- Thank you.
- No way!
- Yeah, guns!
- Guns?
- BB guns.
It's okay. We talked.
I think they're old enough.
Oop, you know what?
I think there's one other present
over here for you too, young lady.
Oh, did you hear that, Julia,
there's a present for you too.
Come on, Julia.
Don't you want to open it?
oh... my... goodness...
- Can you believe this, Julia?
- Chip...
- it's amazing, where on earth did you find it?
- What are you doing?
If she doesn't like it, just exchange it.
Come on, what did that cost,
two hundred, three hundred dollars?
I can't compete with that.
Scott, it's Christmas,
no one's competing with anyone.
We just wanted to welcome her to the family.
Yeah, and what am
I supposed to get her now, huh, a pony?
Her own car?...
Look, Julia, isn't she beautifui?
Come here.
Come on!
Look at her!
And look at her hair,
it's just like the real thing.
Come on, touch it.
It's okay.
Julia! Julia, stop!
Come on.
It's okay...
What? You're not leaving already?
No, she just... wanted to put her things on.
Why? Is she cold?
I think she's just more comfortable like that.
Do you need any help in there?
Oh, no, no, it's alright,
I'm used to doing them by myself.
Been doing it for forty years.
Look, I'm sorry I lost it in there.
I appreciate you thinking of her.
No sweat, bro.
Hey, how's the job thing going?
Could be better.
Steelcase is laying off
another fifty people.
I thought they just did.
Second time in a month.
- Wow.
- Yeah. It's bad.
You know, ah... my offer still stands.
Chip... look, I, ah, I appreciate it, okay.
But... I'm an engineer.
You know, I don't know
the first thing about mortgages.
You don't have to.
- We give you a list.
- Chip...
people who are behind on their payments.
You ask them like three questions.
When they find out they can refinance at like,
forty percent less than what they're paying now,
they fall all over themselves just to sign up.
You need a gig.
- You're clearly stressed, Patti is stressed...
- I can take care of my own family, Chip.
Really? How?
By taking in other people's mixed-up kids?
You know what?
Just stay out of it, okay?
Just leave us alone.
Daddy! Uncle Scott!
Come quick!
Johnny and Billy shot the Easter Bunny!
Oh, good grief, what now...
Daddy! Come on!
Honey, what is it?
Johnny and Billy shot a bunny!
- Oh, no...
- What's going on, Billy?
Dad. I think you better come.
Then we got tired of
shooting paper cups and,
and Johnny said he knew
where some squirrels were
and then we came back here
and then we didn't find any,
then we saw it and...
It's not going to die, is it?
Is it going to be okay?
I don't, ah, I don't know.
I don't, I don't think it's too bad,
I just think it's in shock.
I don't want the Easter Bunny to die...
Oh, oh honey, it's not going to die.
Daddy and Uncle Scott
are going to take good care of it. Okay?
Come on, let's go in the house.
Chip, ah, have you got a box,
ah, of some kind,
maybe some old toweis or something,
- I don't think we should handle it too much.
- Yeah, you got it.
I want you two back in the house.
Take the guns with you.
Put them back in the boxes
and put the boxes in Uncle Chip's office.
And wait for me.
- Now.
- Okay, Uncle Scott.
Yes, sir...
- The poor thing.
- It's probably somebody's lost pet.
We don't have wild rabbits
like this in Michigan.
Should I call a vet?
Well, I don't know, it's Christmas Eve.
You could, ah, you could try.
Scott, I catted Candy Reintges
and she wants to know
if we could drive All the way to Lansing.
Yeah, just a sec, I'll be right there.
Can you stay with it, Julia?
alright, don't touch it, okay,
just stay beside it, can you do that?
You came back.
- Just have him call us as soon as he can.
- Later...
Are you sure you guys
are okay taking care of this?
Yeah, it's not a problem,
just, you know, enjoy your vacation.
We'll put a notice up at the market
on the way to the airport.
I'm sure somebody'll claim it.
That can only be good, right?
- Hey, Dad?
- Yeah?
When do you think
we can get the BB guns back?
I don't know, Bill.
When do you think you should get them back?
Like, when we're, like, twenty?
That sounds about right...
Kay, kids, go put your pajamas on,
Dad's going to build a fire and
we'll read Christmas stories before bed.
Hey, ah, Mom, can we watch
The Nightmare Before Christmas?
No, we cannot. We are going to read.
Honey, please go put your pajamas on
and then you can sit with the bunny, okay?
Please, go your pajamas on.
What do I do?
Julia, if you want to be with the bunny,
you've gotta get your pajamas on.
Otherwise I'm going to put it in our room.
Do you understand?
Thank you.
I'll get the wood. was always said of him,
that he knew how to keep Christmas well,
if any man Alive possessed the knowledge.
May that be truly said of us,
and all of us!
And so, as Tiny Tim observed,
God Bless Us, Every one!
- Okay?
- Okay.
Come on, William, bedtime.
Santa here yet?
He's on the roof.
He's waiting for you to go to bed.
Good night, kiddo.
That's your cell phone.
Doctor, thank you so much for catting...
Yes, yes, we found him in the woods.
Well, we think it's leg might be broken...
Yes... No, no, we'll be there...
- 10 A.M.
- Okay, okay...
Merry Christmas to you, too.
Okay. Bye.
I didn't get to open one present!
They'll all be there when we get back.
Hey. I wanna see.
- You know, you don't share very well.
- Billy...
Well, she doesn't.
Well, it's fractured all right.
You can see the tibia,
right there, just above the joint.
Now it looks like the BB fell
out on it's own, so that's good.
And it's still not eating.
No, we tried everything-appies, nuts, carrots.
And no stools or urine?
Well, you've got a few options...
Ah, we might want to talk on our own,
just the three of us.
O- kay.
Uhm, kids, I need you to go out
into the waiting room for just a minute.
Oh, brother.
What are you going to do, put it to sleep?
Absolutely not. We would never do that.
- Whatever...
- Go.
Julia, honey, you need to go with Billy
or you won't be able to ride
with the bunny on the way home.
I mean it.
Good job.
Basically, you've got three options.
We can try to splint it.
Now given where the bone is broken,
that's not going to be completely reliable.
Two: we can go in and operate.
We'll basically go in and use pins
or a plate to hold the bones in place.
Now that is the best solution.
But that is also the most expensive.
And, ah, number three?
Well, it doesn't sound like
number three is a possibility.
No way. It would break her heart.
How much is the surgery?
Well, it generally runs between
eight hundred and a thousand dollars,
depending on what we find when we go in.
You've got to be kidding me, ah...
Now if we splint it,
you're looking at about five hundred.
- This is, this is crazy, honey.
- Scott...
No, it's insane.
I mean, it's out of the question.
Is there nothing else you can do?
Well, you can wait and see
if the bone mends on it's own.
But then you've still got
the problem of why it's not eating.
Now I will be honest with you,
we do not see a lot of rabbits in here.
They are actually considered an exotic pet.
But there is this woman
out on Conservation Road.
Now, I don't know her phone number.
In fact, I don't even know
if she's got a phone.
Her name is Betsy Ross, believe it or not.
But everybody just calls her
"The Bunny Lady".
Wait, does she have an old sign
in front of her place, just says "Rabbits"?
That's it.
You know her?
Remember, I told you about this,
her house was on Billy's school bus
route in elementary.
We stopped by there when he was
setting magazines for Cub Scouts?
Oh, right...
She practically ran us
off her property with a pitchfork.
I mean, she's, she's nuts.
Yeah, Betsy can be a little eccentric.
But, ah, she knows more about rabbits
than anybody I know.
If you really want to know
what's going on with this little guy,
you might want to talk to her.
5680 Conservation Road
Grandville, Michigan
Well, I, ah, I know it's probably more
since it's a holiday...
Nope, no. No charge. Not today.
My wife would kill me.
Merry Christmas.
Bless you. Thank you so much.
William Scott Cooper, put those down, now.
Julia, if you want to carry
the rabbit you need to let me know.
Do you want to carry the rabbit?
That's good enough for now.
Okay, guys, let's go.
Looks like Peter Cottontall
is coming home with us.
His name is Rumpie.
Come on, she's not going to bite.
That's what you think...
Come on, Julia.
I don't hear anything.
It's probably broken,
like everything else from the looks of it.
Don't want any!
Ah, ma'm, we're, ah,
were not setting anything.
Uhm, Dr. DeVos sent us,
we have a sick rabbit.
We'd like your advice, if you'd be so kind.
Mrs. Ross?
- This is pointless. Let's go.
- No...
Ross, we have a little girl out here
that's worried sick about her rabbit
and we'd just very much appreciate it...
Whaddya do to it?
Well, we, ah... we didn't do anything.
There was an accident
and it's leg was broken but, ah...
I thought you said you didn't do nothin'.
Look. It was,
the rabbit was running wild in the woods.
It got shot in the leg with a BB gun.
But it's not eating.
The doctor said that there was
something wrong with it's digestive system.
You shoot him?
No. This is Julia, our... daughter.
I'm Patti Cooper, this is my husband Scott,
and we'd just really like your help.
Got any money?
- Well, yeah, I guess, if that's what it's going..
- Not you.
- Her.
- Okay, now look here, Mrs. Ross, just...
How much you got?
That oughta cover it.
- So...
- Wait, just...
Hey! Mrs.Ross!
Oh, man, this broad is completely whacko.
- Mrs. Ross!
- Next Tuesday!
You want us to come back next Tuesday?
Honey, that's like a week from now.
Well, what'll we do?
I don't know.
What do you think we should do, Julia?
I guess we're coming back on Tuesday., you want to make the angle sharp
enough that you get air,
but not so sharp that you fiip at the bottom.
But I like to fiip at the bottom...
The Rabbit sighed.
He thought it would be a long time
before this magic called real happened to him.
He longed to become real,
to know what it felt like...
...And yet the idea of becoming shabby and
losing his eyes and whiskers was rather sad.
He wished that he could become it without
these uncomfortable things happening to him...
What's the matter, honey?
Are you thinking about Rumpie?
Well, it's only three more days.
School starts on Monday,
and the day after you we go back.
Come with me.
I'm going to show you something.
You see out there, past those trees?
That's where the Bunny Ladyliives.
So whenever you're worried about Rumpie,
you can look out there and
know that he's safe
and warm and he's waiting for you too.
Honey, you have to put that down
to get your hand through the sieeve.
- alright, we all set, everyone?
- Yes.
Just make sure that her teacher knows
that she's taking the bus home.
I know, honey, I know...
Kay. Where's your interview?
The Foremost Center.
I looked up their stock.
It's up 15% in the last month.
- Oh, Scott...
- I know.
Okay, gang. Let's go conquer the world.
All right, Julia.
This is your bus. Number 305.
Can you remember that?
It's 305.
And your Mom will be waiting for you
at your stop, so you just watch for her, okay?
alright, 305, let's go...
I know you.
You're the little girl
that shot her rabbit.
You're not the little girl or
you didn't shoot your rabbit?
I thought I told you to come back Tuesday.
Patience is a virtue, you know.
You're not much of a talker, are you?
alright. Come on.
He was all plugged up.
Somebody fed him a bunch of junk.
Candy, bread.
Well somebody did.
Now, rabbits have to have hay every day,
otherwise they can't digest their food.
Did you know that?
No, I didn't think so.
My guess is you hardly know
anything about rabbits at all, do you?
Well, if you're going to have a pet,
you need to learn how to take care of it.
You ready to do that?
alright. If you learn,
I might let you have him back.
Now, where are your parents?
Do they know you're here?
I guess I gotta drive you home now, too.
Well, I hope you know
where youliive at least...
All right. Come on...
You may have put her on the bus,
Miss McPherson,
but she was not on it
when it got to our stop...
Yes, I checked every seat...
Well, she has to be somewhere...
Wait, somebody's here.
I'll call you back...
Mrs. Ross! What...
She wanted to see the animal.
She what?
Julia, did you get off the bus
at Mrs. Ross's house?
I told her not to do that no more.
- Not without permission.
- Thank you.
Julia, please go inside the house
right now.
Thank you so much, I am so sorry
to put you to all this trouble...
- She gonna keep it?
- What?
- The animal.
- Well, yes. I guess so.
I mean, as long as nobody else claims it.
Well, she's gotta learn
how to take care of it.
Yes, of course.
We'll make sure that she does.
Did you... bring it with you?
She can come by my house after school,
get off the bus, like she did today.
There's another bus
that comes by at 5 o'clock.
- Well, yes, but..
- I'll teach her, she can get back on the bus.
Look, she can't have a rabbit
if she don't know how to take care of it.
That's that.
That's the craziest thing I've ever heard.
What, she's going to hold the rabbit hostage
unless Julia goes to Bunny School?
Julia wants to do it. She told me so.
- She spoke again?
- Yes.
I think we should let her.
I'll go with her next time,
make sure everything's okay,
but, Scott,
that little bunny is opening her up,
and if Mrs. Ross
can help her make a connection...
okay, okay.
Whatever, whatever you think...
- okay.
- Okay.
- So?
- So?
The interview? How'd it go?
They want me to come back next week.
The V.P. of Engineering
is flying in from Dallas.
Scott, that's wonderful.
It pays eighty thousand dollars a year,
with benefits,
...stocks up another four bucks today.
- Oh, Scott!
- It's just a second interview, okay?
It's not a job. Not yet.
Oh, yes!
Oh my goodness...
Mrs. Ross, may I ask you?
Where did they all come from?
- Kids.
- Kids?
Yeah, yeah, they get'em for presents,
birthdays, Easter.
Then they get bored of 'em and
they don't want to be bothered anymore.
Neither do the parents.
You take care of them all yourself?
I used to have a helper.
No more.
Never helped that much anyway.
Goodness, how many are there?
Enough to keep me busy, I guess.
...only Timothy.
That or oat, brome, maybe Bermuda.
No alfalfa.
Clover neither. Makes 'em fat.
No alfalfa.
What about rabbit pellets?
The pet store said that
the pellets provide all the nutrients that...
Pellets! Ha, waste of money.
Just another way for
the feed companies to rob you blind.
Oh, pellets! Puh!
Hey. You.
Are you listening? This is your animal.
What's that it's eating?
Oh. Oh, thems cecotropes.
Their first droppings.
Rabbits can't digest everything
in their food first time through,
so they, ah, they eat 'em again.
- Ceco...?
- Cecotropes.
Yeah. My helper used to
catted them... poopsicies.
Good night, Rumpie.
You been here long enough...
It's time to meet the special ones.
Over here?
This here's old Fred.
Fred is eighteen years old.
You know Fred is the oldest rabbit
in the state of Michigan?
Probabiy in the whole USA.
Sounds like he's purring, don't it?
That's his teeth rubbing together.
Did you know that rabbits'
teeth never stop growing?
Yeah, that's why they always have to have
something to chew on, to wear 'em down.
Over here, over here is Gabby...
Yeah, Gabby's back legs don't work.
Somebody dropped her off one night,
at my back door.
I guess they thought
I'd put her out of her misery.
Well, three years later,
still going strong.
See these little guys over here?
They just love to lay all over her at night.
Yep. I guess cause she can't go nowhere.
You know, everything has a purpose.
Even things that seem too broke down
or too hurt to do anybody any good.
Well. That goes for people, too.
Come on. We got work to do.
Are you paying attention to where you are?
What if I dropped dead right here?
How you gonna get back?
You can lost in a Michigan woods faster
than green grass through a goose.
Happened to me once, right up near ionia.
Yeah, me and my Dad,
we were out pickin' wild blueberries.
Whew. I wasn't much older than you,
I guess.
We found a big blueberry patch,
and then another one, and then one more.
Finally, my bag was full.
Well, I looked up, and my dad was gone.
Well I yeiied and I yeiied,
but he wasn't anywhere.
See this here?
This here's ida Red.
The books'll teii you to get Jonathan,
but the rabbits like these better.
Here. I'll cut, you hold the sack.
I must have wandered in circies
for hours and hours.
You know what I finally did?
I looked around and I found the tallest tree,
and I, I started ciimbing.
Maybe thirty or forty feet.
Scared the pants off me.
Well, I got to the top
and I looked out way in the distance,
and there was the top of
the ionia Methodist Church.
Well, I climbed back down
and I started walking.
And there was the road.
A Bissell Sweeper man picked me up.
He catted my dad.
Oh, was my dad mad.
Yup, he whooped me good.
But I didn't even care.
I was so happy to see him.
Well, I guess we don't really know
how we feel about our family til,
til we think we're never gonna see'm again.
What's the matter with you?
Are you crying?
I swear, girls're always crying
about something.
alright, that's enough.
Now, next Monday.
Old Freds birthday.
I think we ought
to do something special for him.
Are you gonna help me?
Okay, then.
Here's a good one...
- Hi.
- Hi.
Is Dr. DeVos in?
- I just wanted to speak to him for just a moment.
- Yeah.
- Well, hi there.
- Hi.
- How's your little bunny?
- Great.
Mrs. Ross has him.
And he's getting well, I think.
Uhm, I just wanted to thank you
for your kindness...
it's a business card holder.
It's great.
You don't have to use it,
it just reminded me of our visit.
No, it's perfect. It can live right here.
Dr. DeVos, I wanted to ask you a question.
Julia's been going over
to Mrs. Ross' farm almost every day now,
and she really seems to love it,
but... she is okay, isn't she?
I mean Mrs. Ross.
Living out there on that big farm,
all by herself...
Yeah, that's kind of a sad story.
Betsy lost her husband a long time ago.
But she had a daughter.
Her name was Sarah.
And she used to help Betsy around the farm,
they were pretty close.
And then one day apparently
they had a big argument,
Betsy can be a little difficult, you know,
and Sarah left
and she never came back.
She refuses to have anything
to do with her mother.
That was almost twenty years ago.
But I don't think that makes
Betsy dangerous or anything.
Just lonely, I guess.
Yeah, I'm afraid that that's a condition
that even cute little rabbits can't cure.
Just then Nana caught sight of him.
"How about this old Bunny?,"
she asked.
"That?" said the doctor.
Why it's a mass of scarlet fever germs.
Burn it at once. What?
Nonsense.Get him a new one...
oh, man, not again.
alright, when are you gonna be done?
No, no, it's my turn for the TV, alright...
Let her finish, please, Billy.
You know what?
I don't think I like you anymore.
It went okay.
- Better than okay.
- Really?
We hit it off pretty well.
He's just taken up cross-country.
I told him
I'd show him some traits at Berry Park.
Did they say when...?
They said they could decide anytime.
You get it.
Mrs. Williams, how are you?...
No, she's fine, she's doing just fine...
No, only a few words,
but we're hoping...
I'm sure that would be fine...
5 o'ciock... alright.
Thank you.
Julia's mother wants to see her.
For Pete's sake, Patti.
She's not the Queen of England.
Not by a long shot.
Should I make coffee or tea?
Honey, why don't you ask her
when she gets here?
Scott, what if she wants Julia back?
Well, that's the point, isn't it?
I mean, that's what everybody wants, is...
for her mother to get her act together
so she can take care of her own daughter.
I guess.
I don't know...
I've really fatten in love with
that little girl, Scott,
and I don't know if I can give her up.
Hey, look.
It's not up to us,
and it's not up to her Mom,
it's up to the court.
It's out of our hands.
So... let's just leave it to...
your friend up there.
okay. He's your friend too, you know.
We'll see...
Are you ready?
what is all this?
What have you done?
Honey, you're not going anywhere today.
Do you understand that?
She's just coming to visit.
She's just visiting today.
Let me take off your coat
cause you're going to get hot. Okay?
It's okay...
Ms. Williams. It's Patti Cooper again.
She's still not here...
No, nothing...
I've catted her four times...
Well, shouldn't somebody call
the hospitals or something...
I see...
Thank you.
She's done it before. More than once.
Honey, this is why Julia's here.
Doesn't she see
what's she doing to that little girl?
Maybe. Or maybe she just doesn't care.
Honey, I just spoke to Ms. Williams
and apparently your Mom got...
caught up in some kind of work thing
and she just couldn't make it.
But she promised that
as soon as she could...
- Hello!
- Brought her animal.
Thank you. Please, come in.
Julia! Come down here, please!
Mrs. Ross is here and she brought Rumpie!
Yeah, he's eating alright
and leg's all heated up.
My gosh, that's wonderful!
Isn't that wonderful, Julia?
Mrs. Ross says Rumpie's all better.
Isn't that great?
I left some hay outside.
And some of them branches.
You remember what he eats?
Yes, of course.
And don't keep him penned up all day,
neither. Here...
I wrote it out for you.
Julia? Can you thank Mrs. Ross?
Well. That's that, then.
Wait, Mrs. Ross, let me pay you something.
You've done so much...
oh my goodness.
There must be thirty pages here.
All hand-written.
It's just supposed to run loose like that?
That's what she says.
And we have to put protectors on
all the furniture and the electrical cords.
And they like company.
She recommends we get another rabbit.
You're kidding.
Rabbits don't like to be alone.
Either get you another rabbit or
play with your animal four hours a day.
Well, doesn't look like
that's going to be a problem...
Spring came,
and they had long days in the garden,
for wherever the Boy
went the Rabbit went too.
He had rides in the wheelbarrow,
and picnics on the grass,
and lovely fairy huts built for him under
the raspberry canes behind the flower border.
And once, when the Boy was called
away suddenly to go out to tea,
the Rabbit was left out on the lawn
until long after dusk...
- Hello?
- Hey!
- Hey, welcome back!
- Buenos dios!
Where's Johnny?
Ah, sorry about that.
Boys, thirty minutes outside
before any video games.
You know, Billy, why don't you go show
Johnny what you and your Dad made?
Oh, yeah, dude, you gotta see it,
it's like so rad!
I swear, if they don't see each other for a while,
it's like the end of the world.
- Hello, Rebecca.
- Hello.
Would you like to see the bunny?
I thought so. Come on...
Rebecca's here
and she'd like to see Rumbie.
Julia, get out of the way
and let Rebecca see the rabbit.
Fine. Go to your room.
Oh, honey.
You know, I'll go make you something to drink
and I am sure he'll come out in a minute, okay?
- I am so sorry.
- Don't worry about it.
She still isn't talking?
No. Nothing.
And everything's about the rabbit.
The other day, she took it to school
with her hidden in her backpack.
- Oh, no.
- They had to call me to come get it...
Come on, I want to see your pictures.
We need a passenger...
- Get a towel.
- Got it.
And this is a fishing charter we went on...
oh, and this is a clown fish,
they come right up to you...
Boys, take your boots off
before you come in the house.
Oh, no...
They gave it to some consultant
from Chrysler.
From Detroit!
He's moving his whole damn family out here.
Oh, honey, I'm so sorry.
All that talk, you know, about
supporting the local economy. You know?
I bought right into it!
It was all B.S.
it's going to be okay.
- We're going to be taken care of.
- By who?
Huh, your "friend" up there?
I don't even think he knows this family exists.
Stupid animal...
Julia! I want that rabbit
back in his cage now!
And I want you to keep him there!
- Julia!
- Do it!
Hey! Cut it out!
- Julia! No!!
- Julia!
- Owww, no, owww, owww!
- You, okay.
You all right?
This isn't working, Patti.
I mean, what's it going to take?
You know, I mean, she could hurt Billy.
She could seriously hurt him.
She could hurt you.
She's just a little girl.
She's a disturbed little girl.
- And we can help her.
- She needs professional help, honey.
Full-time professional help.
She's not ready for a family.
Yes, she is.
She's already made a connection.
- The rabbit.
- Oh, for Petes sakes,
don't get me started on the rabbit!
I mean, he's what caused
this whole problem in the first place!
The whole flasco with the rabbit.
I mean, come on, no,
Billy wouldn't have reacted like if she didn't..
I mean we talked about adoption,
we didn't talk about a pet, this is way too much.
It's not her fault that
two little boys want to go
and take her rabbit outdoors,
that was nuts!
All I can say is she doesn't say
a word the entire time,
we don't know what to think,
we hear her screaming and
she's going for the rabbit...
Well I would have screamed too
if I say my little brother taking my animal
- and throwing it down...
- She's a wild animal.
- Did you not see what happened, did you not
- I don't know, right now
I think that what the heck was going on?
I mean it's caused nothing but problems
ever since she got it.
It's always underfoot,
it ruined your new chair.
It's got to go, Patti.
I'm sorry. They both do.
We've got problems we cannot handle,
we are not prepared...
Kids! Time to get up!
You awake?
She's nine...
- I don't know. How tall is she, Scott?
- She about four-foot five.
She's wearing a pink parka...
alright. Thank you.
- They want us to wait.
- You wait. I'm going to check the fields.
- Why would she go there?
- Honey, why would she go anywhere?
She's got the rabbit with her, maybe she thinks
they're going to live happily ever somewhere.
- I'll be on the cell.
- Scott.
Do you think she heard us last night?
You don't mean us. You mean me...
Yeah. There's tracks back here.
I think she went into the woods.
Well, we're looking for a little girl.
Discovered missing at 7 AM this morning.
So she doesn't speak at all.
Almost never.
So I don't even know
if she'll answer even if she does hear you.
She's also carrying
a bunny rabbit with her.
- A real rabbit?
- A real rabbit, that's what I understand.
Seek. Seek.
Look sir, I really think you should
let me take a look. Mr. Cooper, please.
We follow very specific procedures.
Just relax.
We know what were doing.
Thanks for catting us. Any luck?
No. Nothing.
- Has anyone told her mother yet?
- Probably not.
Well, don't you think somebody should?
Honestly, I don't think it matters.
She was arrested again yesterday.
Oh no.
Drugs again. Sales this time.
She'll probably draw a sentence,
but as far as Julia's concerned,
it may not make much difference.
What do you mean?
Tamara had a long talk with
her after the arrest.
She's giving up her parental rights.
Do you want to get down?
Are you hungry?
- Did you get it?
- It's going to be really bad, sir,
we got a weather front moving in and
it's going to be at least minus ten by midnight.
Sunsets at six-fifteen.
- So we got about an hour left, right?
- Right.
The approaching storm front has already
reached the western edge of Kent County,
bringing intense flurries,
and temperatures
that will dip well below zero...
...This has sheriffs deputies in
the Grandville area particularly concerned,
where the search continues
for a young girl.
Search and Rescue teams have
so far been unable to find any trace
of nine-year old Julia Haggan
in a heavily wooded area
south of that community,
and are worried that she might not survive
another night in sub-zero temperatures.
The storm is already causing
school closings...
Look. I, ah, probably don't deserve for you to,
ah, even listen to me anymore.
But, um, just let us find her.
Everything else, we can do on our own.
Highway 31 is closed
from Port Shelton Street north...
okay, gather in. Bring it in.
Okay, we're going to be switching
to night search techniques.
That means smaller grids,
and I want situation reports
from every team every five minutes.
I have an idea where she, she might be.
All units, this is Search Command.
Is anyone familiar with
a location known as Crissmans Oak?
Once again,
is anyone familiar with Crissmans Oak?
We have approximate coordinates of
42, 50, 23 North, 85, 23, 44 West...
Come on, Julia, wake up, honey.
Oh, honey.
I couldn't climb it.
- It's okay. It's okay, honey, I got you.
- Rumpie...
Rumpie's safe, honey.
And so are you, baby.
So are you. I got you.
I got you, honey.
All right.
- We just heard...
- It's okay. We found her.
She's, she's okay.
Thank God.
- How's Patti doing?
- She's with her. She's fine.
Look, um, Chip,
I've been thinking, about your offer.
If the job's still open...
For you?
I don't know how long I'll be there, I mean
I'm still going to look for a, for a design job.
But as long as you got me,
I'll give you everything I got.
Of course you will. You always have.
He's yours.
She's right, Julia.
Rumpie's your rabbit.
And he always will be.
I think she's going to be okay,
Scott, I really do.
Yes. We'll give it another shot.
- You want some coffee?
- Please.
I spoke to Ms. Williams and
she says we handled it just right.
Apparentiy runaways are quite common.
She says...
- Patti?
- Yeah.
You're going to want to take a look at this.
- What's this?
- Ah, that's a stamp, honey.
- What's this?
- That's a book.
- What's this?
- That's a truck.
- Honey, Bobby...
- What's this?
What's this? What's this?
What's this!
He's very, very curious.
His I.Q. is extremely high.
No! I want my bunny!!
We're going to get your bunny.
That's why we came here.
Julia will be home any minute.
I just wanted to give her
a chance to say good-bye.
Oh, of course.
I still don't understand
exactly how this happened.
Well, to be honest with you,
the rabbit was not doing very well and... husband just thought it
would be happier out in the wild.
Let go!
We simply did not anticipate Bobby's reaction.
I mean, we thought he'd forgotten all about it,
he hardly ever visited the thing except
to give it candy now and then.
So when we saw your notice at the store,
well... we're just happy we're getting it back.
Rumpie's a he.
And he's domesticated.
He can't survive in the woods.
What kind of a name is that?
Well, what does Bobby call him?
Oh, well, we never gave it a name.
It was always just the bunny.
Julia, this is Mrs. Tramwell and Bobby,
the little boy I was telling you about.
Rumpie... the rabbit belongs to him.
I want my bunny.
- No.
- Julia...
Julia. The rabbit belongs to Bobby.
We have to give it back.
- You didn't take care of him.
- I beg your pardon?
What's the most important thing
to feed a rabbit?
- Mommy...
- Hay. When do rabbit's teeth stop growing?
I'm sorry. What's this all about?
They don't. Ever.
That's why they need hay.
Do you know
what rabbits do with their poop?
Jul, Julia!
They eat it.
- They eat their poop!
- Mommy, Mommy...
This is outrageous.
How much did you pay for the rabbit,
Mrs. Tramwell?
- Excuse me?
- How much did the rabbit cost?
I don't know. Thirty dollars, maybe.
Here's fifty dollars.
You know what, wait.
Here's a hundred.
We're buying him from you.
- But... but it's Bobby's.
- Don't want it! It eats poop!
I wanna go home!
Just take it.
It's Mrs. Ross.
Ah, I just come by to see how she's doing.
She's doing fine.
She's, she's doing great.
Well, ah, you know, ah... the thing is,
ah, I need a helper.
- A helper.
- Yeah, with the animals.
You know, a couple hours a day,
three days a week.
Seeing is how she knows them all, I,
I thought she might be the one.
What do you think?
Well, I guess you should ask her.
Julia. Would you like to work
for Mrs. Ross after school?
How much?
Huh. So now you're talkin'.
How much?
A dollar an hour.
To start.
I'll see you on Monday.
Well, that's that, then.
Mrs. Ross, wouldn't you like to come inside?
Julia, we have something else
we want to ask you.
Come in.
Billy! Come downstairs, please.
I think we should all sit together.
In a circle.
Oh, brother. One of these...
Just sit down, please, William.
I think it's important that we're all
here together as a family for this.
Julia, Helping Hands catted.
And they said you're ready
for a Forever Family.
It's okay, honey. You can talk.
You can say it.
I want my mom.
You still have your mom, Julia.
And I am sure that when she gets better,
she's going to want to come visit you.
And she can.
As much and as often as she wants.
But she's sick right now, honey,
and she just needs time to get better.
And we would like you, we want you...
We want you to be part
of our family, Julia.
As long as you don't bite.
Rumpie too?
Rumpie too.
Am I real now?
Am I real now?
Oh, honey.
You're the most real,
the most wonderful thing
in the whole wide world.
Thank You.