The Christmas Cabin (2019) Movie Script

[kettle whistles]
Come on.
[dials phone]
[phone rings]
Hi, can you hear me?
[from phone] Hey, Sis.
Yeah, I can hear you great.
JOSH: Loud and clear.
SAMMY: Oh, hi.
So, are you going
to be able to make it?
Tell me you changed your mind.
No. Josh, stop it.
You're killing me.
Come on. Charlet
misses her pattycakes.
Auntie Sammy!
Aw! Oh, come on,
that's not fair.
Darn right it's not fair.
This is the second Christmas
in a row you're skipping out on.
I know.
And you're leaving me alone
with Mom... and Dad.
I mean, I gotta use
all the ammunition I got.
Josh, I promise I will make it
up to you next Christmas.
SAMMY: I swear.
[baby fusses]
I really,
really mean it this time.
TABITHA: Is she coming?
SAMMY: It's just that I'm--
I'm almost done
with the first draft.
You know how I get
when I'm writing.
I get hyper-focused and--
[baby gibberish]
...and it's not fair
to you guys.
Oh. Sorry Sammy.
I was just, uh,
a little distracted.
What can I say?
I miss you, Sis.
I miss you, too.
And uh...
but this really is
what's best for me right now.
I hope you understand that.
[sighs] Yeah, I hear ya.
It's just... Look, I understand
your work's important,
but sometimes you gotta...
I can start sorting out
the cabin while I'm up here.
Sammy, there's no rush
on that.
We can easily do that
next summer.
I have to go back out to finish
construction on the porch.
I know, but...
it'll get done faster
and I'm already here.
Listen, Christmas
is a time for family.
You need to be around
the ones you love
and the ones that love you.
I hear you,
and I understand.
Did you get
your package from Nana?
Yes, I did.
It's in my bag.
I can't wait to open it.
We couldn't wait.
It's epic.
Ours was a phosphorescent
Thomas Kincaid wall hanging.
We've already put it up.
[Sammy laughs]
Okay. Well, look, I'm, uh,
I'm up by the cell tree
and I am freezing my butt off.
Ummm, so I'm going
to get going, but, uh,
call you on Christmas Eve, okay?
Okay. I love you, Sis.
I love you, too.
Give my love and hugs
to everyone, okay?
Will do.
All right. Bye-bye.
Merry Christmas.
Well, hello there, kiddo.
What you doin' there?
It needs a little kick.
[chuckles] Okay.
You go tell Mom
we're going to brunch.
[shouting] Yay, brunch!
Seth, that probate officer
Mr. Pricker called again.
And if I have to hear that...
Octavia, what are you
talking about here?
Probate? I thought
that was all settled.
You thought wrong.
Now, have you found anyone for
the Mathis Christmas party yet?
I RSVP'd you for two,
so you need to get yourself
a girl, Seth.
It's a Mele Kalikimaka thing.
Don't forget to break out
your grass skirt.
[Seth sighs]
Seth, do you think
it's wise to go tromping off
into the middle of nowhere?
In the middle of winter?
At Christmas?
[Seth sighs]
Bah, humbug.
What about
the Mathis contract?
This should
only take a few days.
I'll be back
with plenty enough time
to finalize
the Mathis contract.
At the Christmas party
before they leave on holiday.
And then, I can focus
on closing that Somas deal.
You're always running
after tomorrow, Seth.
You know there's more to life
than business.
You can't chase progress,
You have to beat progress.
But is all this work
really worth it...
at this time of the year?
You have your way of
celebrating and I have mine.
Look, I'll be back in two days.
Today's a gift, Seth.
That's why they call it
the present.
It would do you good
to remember that.
[raps files on desk]
Merry Christmas.
[elevator bell dings]
Lord have mercy,
that boy needs a woman!
Yes, yes, hello.
I'm trying to reach
a Mrs. Craigland.
It's regarding the property
off of Old Forks Road.
And I do apologize
for the late...
Can I get you
anything else, hon?
No, I'm-- I'm good.
Thank you.
I believe that there were
some documents
left out of the package
I received
from the country surveyor's
[sighs] Well, for one thing,
there was no address listed.
How am I supposed to
even find this place?
Oh, okay, but lot numbers don't
show up on Google Map searches.
But I-- please, just...
Hello? Hello?
Oh, of course.
[Seth sighs]
Looks like you got
your hands full.
Markets never sleep.
Well, city boy,
what brings you to these parts?
Business, actually.
I had a Great-Uncle Larry
who left me property
around here.
Well, that doesn't sound
like business to me.
I'm gonna sell it.
I just came out here
for the weekend
to survey the property,
and the logging rights alone
are probably worth a fortune.
Problem is, I don't know
how to find this place.
I have survey lines and
a reference to Old Forks Road,
but Old Forks Road
doesn't show up on any map.
Old Forks Road
is a gaming trail.
Do you know how to get there?
Of course, I do. I got my first
buck out by Walker Ridge.
Walker Ridge.
Walker. Yeah, yeah.
Larry Walker
was my Great-Uncle.
You must be talkin'
about Ol' Gusty.
He was always blowin'
in and outta town, you know.
People never knew whether
he was comin' or goin'.
That's how
he got the name Gusty.
You don't say.
He always was off
lookin' for his fortune.
Nobody's seen him since he
broke off with that Parker gal.
Did you say Parker?
Yes. Mary Beth Parker.
He even, uh, built her
a cabin up at Parker Pass.
After the engagement
was broken off...
well, Gusty left town.
Mary Beth,
she married a Whetly.
Mary Beth Parker.
She's the other shareholder
on the property.
I wanna buy her out.
With what-- towards, you know,
probate and all that.
I see.
Can you tell me
how to get there?
Of course, I can.
Got somethin' to write on?
I don't have anything.
What d'ya got?
Miss? Miss?
RUBY: Yeah, hon.
SETH: Got a pen?
Oh, sure.
Got one right here.
MR. GATLY: Thank you.
RUBY: What are you boys up to?
A fortune.
Good luck with that!
[chuckles] Yeah.
We're gonna
split the fortune, right?
SETH: Slow down.
MR. GALTY: This is like
a secret map.
We're gonna split the fortune
or are we not?
SETH: Sure.
MR. GALTY: Okay, all right.
SETH: Of course, we will.
MR. GALTY: All right,
all right.
SAMMY: Lamb.
[toy lamb bleating]
Merry Christmas.
Oh, hello, handsome.
Lookin' trim these days.
[Seth sighs]
Why is there so much snow here?
[heavy breathing]
And where are all the signs?
[Seth sighs]
[rustle of branches]
[Seth groans]
All right!
[Seth groans]
[stapling sound]
[Seth groans]
[heavy breathing]
[Seth grunts]
[fire crackles]
[gusting wind]
[Seth sighs]
[knock on door]
Is anybody there?
Hello. Please.
SETH: Hello?
[dog barking]
[knock on door]
[persistent knocking on door]
[Seth sighs]
[drops book]
I-- I saw you
just moving the curtain.
Please, I'm begging you.
I'm freezing out here.
Who is it?
Oh my God!
I-- I'm Seth.
Yeah. Seth Walker.
You have no idea how happy I am
to hear your voice right now.
I'm sorry.
I don't know
any Seth Walkers.
Okay. Yeah.
Uh, I mean,
of course you don't.
Umm... Can I come in?
Come in? Um... now?
Now's not really a good time.
That's, um, that's funny.
But seriously, can I come in?
I'm freezing to death out here.
Are you sure there isn't
anywhere else you could be?
Are you kidding me, lady?
Have you seen where we are?
I-- I am so desperate here.
[Seth grunts]
Look, I almost died
like five times today.
Look, I'm lost and alone
and I just...
I just need you to...
I need you to please...
Thank you.
[collapses on floor]
[Sammy gasps]
[Seth grunts]
[Sammy sighs]
[Seth groans and grunts]
[loud thumping]
Ah, good morning.
Getting in a little,
uh, mountain workout?
[chuckles] There was a ring
around the moon last night.
It's gonna snow.
I think I saw that.
[Seth groans]
You all right?
Oh, I'm good.
Look like you're hurtin'.
Nah, I'm good.
Sure about that?
[groans] Nah,
it's just a little tweak.
Let's get you inside.
Come on.
Okay. [sighs]
[Seth groans]
Okay, come on now.
Are you bleeding?
Maybe just internally.
[chuckles] Okay then,
you'll be fine.
Here, lie down on the floor.
Easy does it.
[Seth grunts]
SAMMY: Put your feet up here,
on the table.
[Seth grunts]
Ouch, ouch, ouch!
What is this gonna do?
Trust me, it works.
[sighs] Your bedside manner
is a little rusty.
Well, this couch here
has a long list of victims.
[groans and grunts]
I think it's gettin' worse.
Give it a minute
and you might just live.
[sighs] You're out here
in the wilderness,
Seth Walker
from San Francisco.
Survival of the fittest.
Yeah, it seems like
I'm learnin' that by the minute.
Wait, how did you... ?
I rifled through your wallet.
Actually, it was a very
sensible thing for me to do.
What if you were crazy?
What if you were a criminal?
Do I look like
a criminal to you?
I don't know.
Do I look crazy to you?
[sighs] Of course not.
Have you ever
read the book Misery?
[kettle whistles]
[chuckles] Relax.
I'm just messing with you.
How's the back feeling?
[Seth groans]
Surprisingly better.
Samantha Whetly,
but everyone calls me Sammy.
Seth Walker.
Pleased to meet you
and thank you for...
...well, everything.
All right.
Let's get you up.
[Seth groans]
Oh, yeah.
Careful. [laughs]
[Seth grunts]
It's hot.
[Seth sighs]
[Sammy chuckles]
So, what brings you all the way
up here anyway, Seth Walker?
Funny you should ask. Business,
You mentioned that your
name is Whetly.
By any chance, are you related
to a Mary Beth Parker?
Yes, she's
my great-grandmother.
She built this cabin.
Oh, actually, that's her
in that picture there.
How do you know
about Mary Beth?
Well, actually, my Great-Uncle
Larry built this cabin in 1928.
But apparently
your great-grandmother
and my great-uncle
had a thing.
Never trust a Walker.
They'll always walk away.
Look, I'm sorry.
You're gonna have to leave.
I-- I would love to, and...
I could do that as soon as
we can settle on a price.
For what?
It turns out that my Uncle
Larry's estate was left...
well, let's just say
kind of messy.
But what does your mess
have to do with my cabin?
You are a living relative
of Mary Beth Parker.
You have no idea
how happy that makes me.
I wanna buy out your family's
share in the cabin.
[chuckles] You're mistaken.
This is my great-grandmother's
My family owns it.
That's not exactly accurate.
[Seth grunts]
Well, see for yourself.
That is a copy
of my great-uncle's will.
In it you'll find a reference
to a Mary Beth Parker.
You see, my uncle
actually owns this land.
A thousand acres to be exact,
and he is the co-owner
of this cabin.
Noted in paragraph 4 on page 2,
he lists Mary Beth Parker
as the co-owner.
They had a life share
in the cabin.
It's all in the property title.
There's a copy behind the will.
A life share?
Yeah, that's just
a contractual agreement
between co-owners that prevents
them from selling to a--
a third party
while they're still alive.
[chuckles] There must be
some kind of mistake.
No, no. There's no mistake.
It's all right there
in black and white.
I came up here
to survey the property
so I could offer
a fair price.
Samantha Whetly,
this is your lucky day.
[Seth gasps]
I was mistaken.
You are crazy.
I can make you a good offer.
You are being unreasonable.
SETH: Ugh!
SAMMY: I'm being unreasonable?
I'd say so.
Who do you think you are?
You can't just waltz in here
out in the middle of nowhere,
flash that adorable grin
and expect me to sell my cabin!
Okay, when you put it
that way, it looks bad.
But, you can't stop progress.
There is no way in hell
I would ever sell this place!
Oh, come on, I'm sure
we can work something out.
[groans] Okay. Fine.
If you won't sign off,
I guess
I'll see you in court.
It's a date!
[slams door]
[Seth sighs]
Why are the cute ones
always crazy?
[knock on door]
Miss Whetly, uh, Sammy,
can you let me in?
Sammy, please.
I'm gonna die out here.
Is that a promise?
[knock on door]
You know,
according to the will,
I own half this cabin, too.
Now, open my door
and let me in.
[door opens]
[door closes]
SAMMY: You're welcome.
Don't ever say that again!
Oh, thank you.
Look, I know this isn't ideal,
but I can't go anywhere
until that storm ends.
So? Looks like you're
just going to have to
make the best of it.
[Sammy sighs]
You can take that side.
What if I have to
use the bathroom?
[sighs] Fine.
[stomps off]
[Seth sighs]
[sighs] There!
[Seth sighs]
[door opens]
Mary Beth made this, too.
[Sammy stomps off]
[wind blowing]
That smells amazing.
Warm, buttery,
salty, crunchy.
Do you think I could... ?
Mmmm, warm, buttery.
[tosses cracker bag]
Salty, crunchy.
Trapped in hell.
[Seth sighs]
Don't be.
[closes door]
[door closes]
[hairdryer whirring]
Um, I kind of need that.
[door closes]
All right. Um...
[Seth sighs]
[on phone] NO SERVICE.
[Seth sighs]
Hell has finally frozen over.
In 1940.
This makes no sense.
[closes laptop]
That's a bad idea.
[door opens]
[howling wind]
[Seth sighs]
[door closes]
You're right.
That was a horrible idea.
Hey Sammy, look at this.
I think it stopped.
Just the calm
before the storm.
[Seth sighs]
[Sammy sighs]
[door closes]
[squeak of faucet]
[Sammy laughs]
Oh God! Oh!
[Seth sighs]
[Sammy sighs]
Oh, come on.
Don't be like that.
We've been stuck
here for two days.
We might as well
make the best of it.
[Seth sighs]
You're giving me
the cold shoulder?
You gave me the cold shower.
[giggles] You have to admit...
That I was wrong?
Yes, yes, I was, but...
That it was good payback.
[Seth sighs and chuckles]
What is that?
It looks a little old-timey.
Everyone knows Yahtzee.
[giggles] It's fun,
you'll like it.
Do I have a choice?
Nope. Come on, let's go.
Here is your scorecard.
Oh, make sure to write
your name at the top.
But it's just the two of us.
I don't think
we're gonna mix 'em up.
You see this box?
Yeah, so?
This box is filled
with scorecards
going generations back.
It's like a mini time capsule
of family and fun.
Come on, you have no reference
point for good times gone by?
well, I...
That is... so sad.
No, it's not sad.
I just... I didn't think you
would want me to be a part of...
Good times gone by?
Yeah, well, you know,
it's Christmas.
And you are now,
for better or worse,
part of the cabin's history.
So, here are the rules
of the game.
[shake of dice]
Well, they're fair and square.
Your beginner's luck
is killing my game!
I will take it.
[shakes dice]
So, in regards to this
time capsule...
Who all has been here?
You know, mostly family.
Many long gone now, I guess.
But what's the story
behind your great-grandmother
Mary anyway?
If I remember correctly,
Great-Grandma Mary was jilted
when she was left by her fianc
who I now know to be
your great-uncle, Larry.
Mary and Larry.
Sounds kind of corny.
It's kind of adorable
if you think about it.
Anyway, story has it Larry
speculated in the stock market.
Really? How random is that?
Random as what?
Why's that?
Oh, nothing.
Please, continue.
Well, Larry, I guess,
staked his fortune
in something called
utility stocks.
Pffft! What?
All right.
It's not important.
Okay. So, the stock market
crashed in 1929.
Black Thursday.
Black Thursday.
October 24, 1929.
That's the day
the stock market crashed.
Yeah, okay. That day.
Your great-uncle left
shortly thereafter
to go remake his fortune,
leaving my great-grandmother
with a broken heart.
And that's when
the family motto began,
"Never trust a Walker.
They'll always walk away,
leaving you in ruin."
Wow! That is some
pretty shady drama.
On behalf of all Walkers,
I would like to apologize.
No, no need for that, really.
I am sure the Whetlys
have plenty of skeletons
in quite a few closets.
So, what are you doing here
out in the middle of nowhere
in the middle of winter,
Sammy Whetly?
I am working on a project,
if you can believe it.
Is that what you've been
doing in your room all day?
Yes, why do you ask like that?
Oh, it's just...
Well, I catch you
smiling a lot.
[chuckles] So?
So... why so smiley?
What are you working on?
I'm working on a book.
You're a writer!
Mah, something like that.
And what do you write?
Lately, mostly just drafts.
Drafts. Sounds lucrative.
Nah. Now you sound
like my brother.
I'm sorry.
Don't be. I get it
which is why I tend to
avoid the conversation lately.
[shakes dice]
Come on!
Oooh, 3's or 4's?
Hmmm, I would go for 4's.
I think I will.
My, that's what,
like, eight points?
See, you are having fun.
Yeah, I guess.
You guess?
No, I am, and it beats
a cold shower.
[Sammy laughs]
So you come out here to be
alone to avoid conversations?
I didn't say that.
Well, it's not
entirely inaccurate.
I knew it.
How are you so sure?
It's my job to read people...
speculate their comfort levels.
I'm a financial trader.
Like the stock market?
Like Uncle Larry?
[chuckles] I know, right?
I have to admit,
my mind's a little ready
to blow, right now.
I had no idea, and when
you were telling me the story,
the hair on the back of my neck
started standing up.
It was freaky.
I have no words.
I just keep hearing my family
motto running through my mind.
I think I might have to
toss you out again right now.
I did not read you
as a heartless person.
Oh, how did you read me?
I would say you're confident,
a risk taker,
but you probably have
a doable plan B
in case things go south.
And you're working out
something personal.
Why do you say that?
Why else would someone be
all alone on Christmas
in a cabin
in the middle of nowhere?
Well, when you
put it like that.
So, why aren't you home
with your family and friends?
Or are we expecting company?
Aah, no. It's just me.
I just needed some space.
I love Christmas.
Kids love Christmas.
You love the escape.
Escape from what?
Family. Friends.
I could say
the same about you.
Me? No, I--
I hate Christmas.
How can anyone hate Christmas?
It's surprisingly very easy.
Well, why?
What reindeer
pooped in your stocking?
[Seth laughs]
[Samantha giggles]
No, it's nothing like that.
It's just... ten years ago,
I realized I could use
my time better
at the end of the year,
and it kind of stuck.
Ten years?
Yep, and all the hard work
paid off
because business is booming.
You're telling me
you haven't celebrated Christmas
in ten years?
No presents?
SETH: Nope.
SAMMY: No tree?
SAMMY: No office
Christmas party?
Only if I'm entertaining
a client,
but even then,
I try to avoid it.
[whispers] Oh, I have no words!
Don't be judgy.
I'm not, it's just...
the saddest thing
I've ever heard.
I feel like
you need an intervention.
There's more to life
than just business, Seth.
You know, I happen to
hear that a lot lately.
Well, work is important,
but you have to carve out time
for a little holiday fun.
Yeah, maybe I should.
[shakes dice]
I don't believe it.
That is not fair!
[Seth laughs]
What's this for?
[sighs] Seems to be
your good luck charm.
And a memento.
Thank you.
Of good times gone by.
Well, I think
this game is over
unless you wanna challenge me
to the best two out of three.
And have you
kick my butt again?
Not tonight.
I guess we have to go
to our own side
of the room now.
I may have been
a little extreme with the...
The battle lines?
No, I get it.
[sighs] All the same,
it's not exactly demonstrating
goodwill toward man.
[Sammy sighs]
[both chuckle]
Merry Christmas.
So wait,
does this mean that I...
This means you can
walk into the kitchen.
[Sammy giggles]
Whoa, it's really late.
Time flies when you're...
Having fun?
[Sammy laughs]
I guess I'll see you
in the morning.
Okay then.
Good night.
Good night.
Oh, are you warm enough?
Actually, I could use another
blanket if you have one.
[Seth sighs]
Thank you.
Uh, um, Sammy...
I-- I don't mean to
impose upon your goodwill,
but do you mind
if I could get that uh...
Thank you!
[giggles] Seth, I'm sorry.
No, don't be.
You're right.
It was pretty good payback.
[Sammy chuckles]
Oh, uh, thanks again.
My pleasure, and you're gonna
want to let the water run.
It takes a minute to heat up.
[door closes]
[groans] 'Morning.
We're gonna get outta here
for a little bit.
Can we?
Yep. The storm's past.
We should have clear skies
for a while.
Oh, that's...
that's great news.
[giggles] You really were
going stir-crazy, weren't you?
What? No, no.
I gotta get back.
Get back?
I-- I thought you had to
survey the property.
I did. I-- I do.
But I've lost three days.
So, we still have time
to make the rounds.
Might as well see
what you've inherited.
[brushing teeth]
Some other time.
It's the end of the year,
I gotta get back.
[sighs] I've gotta finalize
a contract with a client
before he leaves for a holiday.
It's two days until Christmas.
Who's really doing work?
[water runs]
[sighs] I am.
Look, Sammy, I really appreciate
all you've done for me.
I-- I do.
I mean, you saved my life
like, twice.
And I can see that it's gonna
take longer than I anticipated.
That's presumptuous.
No, no.
What I mean to say is...
You'll cut your losses
and come back later
with a better offer?
Well, maybe.
I don't... I don't know.
The offer might be
off the table for now.
Oh, that was easy.
No, no, no.
The point is,
there's no rush.
We can work this out later.
My trip was an imposition
on you
and your charming
little holiday,
and for that, I'm sorry.
What is so important
that you have to go back now?
Hmmpf, why does that matter?
Three days ago,
you were trying to kick me out.
You're right.
I just... I thought
that you were finally...
Well, never mind.
Bye, Seth.
Safe journey back.
[sighs] And Seth...
Don't forget
there's more to life
than just business.
Be sure to close the door
behind you on the way out.
[door closes]
[Seth sighs]
Yeah, why not.
[door closes]
Thank you.
[Seth sighs]
Have I even been
doing this right?
[laughs] How did you ever
get through Old Forks Road?
Dumb luck I suppose.
You know, I could take a day.
A little room for good
times gone by, I guess.
What about the contract?
What changed your mind?
[sighs] I was
thinking about you.
I, uh, meant
what you said last night.
I guess I could use
an intervention.
Hmmm, yeah.
Let's work on that.
But just a little one
so that I get back before
a client leaves on holiday.
It's beginning to look
A lot like Christmas
Baby steps. Please.
[laughs] Oh, come on.
SETH: Ooops!
SAMMY: Whoa!
I don't think I'm ever gonna
get used to these things.
Easy there.
Line in with me.
Try these.
Where were you three days ago?
Survival of the fittest.
Stick with me
and you might just survive.
Ah! [laughs]
Oh, you should really
use the poles.
[groans] All right!
[Seth groans]
Where are we going?
[Sammy laughs]
Besides down?
Step one of your...
[Seth grunts]
[Sammy laughs]
Step one,
of your intervention,
walking if we can,
in a Winter Wonderland.
[Sammy laughs]
Well, here it is.
Here what is?
Ridge line.
According to that will,
everything here is yours.
I guess.
Wow, I had no idea
it was so...
[giggles] Yeah, a thousand acres
goes pretty far.
Oh, it's impressive.
[Sammy sighs]
I feel kind of awkward
seeing as how I don't even know
how my uncle acquired it.
Especially after hearing
your family's story.
You mean to tell me
that you acquired
a substantial amount
of God's country
and you have no idea how?
My family isn't...
well, the closest.
That's an understatement.
And you know all of your
extended relatives?
Yeah. I do.
Every other summer,
we come up to the cabin.
This past Fourth of July
was one for the scrapbooks.
Wait, you were just here
for the summer,
and you chose to come back out
for the winter?
The quiet,
the memories.
You're doing it again.
[laughs] I can't help it.
This is a moment
worth smiling about.
[Seth sighs]
[Sammy laughs]
Step two. Get the wall!
[shrieks and laughter]
You're goin' down.
[shrieks and laughter]
You can't do that.
[Seth groans]
[Sammy laughs]
So what's in this manifesto
you're working on?
It's more of a biography.
Oh? About who?
I am profiling the life
of an amazing woman.
Yeah, she was a real
trailblazer for women's sports.
Oh! Really?
She won a bronze medal
in the 1948 Olympic Games,
but had a heart of gold.
You know, and she just...
she used her platform
to help train young women
to be successful in
whatever they chose to do.
That's impressive.
It is. And she...
she spent her whole life
championing women's causes.
Whew, sounds like
a big responsibility.
It is.
I'd be afraid that I'd miss
the mark on a project like that.
[giggles] Well, fortunately,
I was trained by the best.
Cheers to that.
[both chuckle]
Step six,
and my personal favorite.
Trim up the tree.
[gasps] Oh!
Wow, that looks really... old.
It is. It's
a Great-Grandma Mary ornament.
She made it.
Yep. And she lived through
the Great Depression.
You had to be very resourceful
in those days.
Now I know where
you get it from.
And her talents were not
limited to just sewing.
You see that wreath over there?
You mean, this raggedy
old gaudy gold thing?
Don't be judgy!
I'm not.
It's-- it's very shiny.
It's made of ham cans.
SETH: What?
[Sammy giggles]
Would you look at that?
How did she even do this?
With pinking shears
and a lot of patience.
I mean, where would she even
find the time to do this?
It looks like it took hours.
Probably one of
those long winter days
when going outside
wasn't really an option.
Hmmpf. I could think of
a few other things
to occupy my time
like day trading or...
SETH: Ouch!
Careful! The wreath bites.
Come on.
Come help me put together
Great-Grandma Mary's tree.
What do you mean
"put it together"?
This is the first time
I'm doing it,
how am I supposed to help?
A notch for every... piece.
And you have to push it in
like kind of far.
Really. Wow.
Give it to me. [laughs]
You win. It's your tree.
Oooh, it looks so good!
It's a lot nicer than mine.
[giggles] Show me
how you can juggle.
SETH: I just uh...
SAMMY: Don't break any!
Look at this one!
SETH: Cute.
SAMMY: It's amazing.
I love it. Perfect!
Oh, ice skates.
Don't waste that on the tree.
You keep that.
[giggles] Pinecones.
My mom used to make
these reindeer out of them.
She would put like
a pipe cleaner around here
and make like, the antlers,
and then, put two little eyes
on the either side.
So cute!
We had tons of 'em.
And this...
Ah yeah.
Oh, you figured that out.
[Sammy laughs]
SETH: We've gotta be
close to the end.
[Sammy giggles]
SETH: This one's actually...
SAMMY: Here.
SAMMY: Is it going to light?
SETH: Pressure.
The pressure's on
'cause it's going to be
hard to get that one.
Oh, I see.
It won't stay. [laughs]
[strikes match]
Ah, good work.
All right!
[giggles] One.
At this rate,
by next Christmas...
[Sammy giggles]
We'll have one string.
I didn't break that last one
because I'm a genius.
That's pathetic.
That's progress.
[laughs] Ah.
SETH: All right. That's...
SAMMY: Back to one.
One hour
down the drain.
[Sammy laughs]
SETH: Right.
What about that gold one?
That is a miniature gymnast
that was given to me
in eighth grade.
Were you a gymnast?
No! The Summer Olympics
was a few months earlier.
Nana thought I would aspire
to be an Olympian.
Did it work?
[giggles] Also a no.
I was terribly klutzy as a kid
which is why I stuck
with the books.
Oh, so that is
why you are a...
Writer. Yeah, I guess
you could say that.
Well, that and... Nana.
Oh, yeah?
Nana was the Olympian.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to make you...
It's okay.
She passed away last summer.
That's why I came up
to the cabin.
She practically raised
my brother Josh and me
in the summers.
She loved this place.
I guess I felt that somehow
by being here,
she wouldn't feel so far away.
Well, that's an adorable
Tell that to Josh.
[sighs] I bailed on Christmas
again this year.
I'm sure he understands.
I mean, Christmas is about
being with the ones you love.
I just didn't have the heart
to tell him
I was still processing it all.
I told him I was... working.
And here I thought
no one works before Christmas.
Yeah, I guess
that wasn't very fair of me.
So, do you need to go
back to work?
No, I'm happy
where I'm at right now.
Today's a gift,
and that's why
it's called the present.
And where did that come from?
I heard that from
a very feisty and wise lady.
And I now understand
what she meant.
Why Seth, I do believe
you're well on your way
to a full recovery.
Oh really?
[giggles] Yes!
I think you just jumped ahead
to the 12th step.
Have yourself
a merry little Christmas.
I will. Thank you.
Oh my gosh,
I almost forgot!
[Sammy sighs]
[gasps] Oooh!
I didn't realize
we were doing gifts.
No, it's from my Nana.
We just met three days ago.
Is there something
I should know about?
No. It's for me.
Nana used to buy them
months in advance.
Oh, that's thoughtful.
Yeah. We found them when
we were cleaning out her house.
And that's a little creepy.
No, it's gonna be lovely.
Nana had a very particular
taste in Christmas decorations.
[opening package]
Wow, it's a... Yeah, wow.
The gawdier the better.
Oh! Oh, it lights up!
[Seth scoffs]
I'll treasure this forever.
Where are you gonna put it?
Right there.
Sammy... thank you.
[cooking sizzles]
'Morning, sleepy.
What time is it?
Lovely. Thank you.
Merry Christmas Eve.
It is.
Merry Christmas Eve to you.
[mugs clang in toast]
I hope you don't mind.
I just grabbed
what I could find
out of the fridge.
Not at all.
I love bacon bits.
Breakfast of champions.
[Sammy giggles]
I figured we'd fuel up
before heading out.
Yeah. I thought we'd explore
the south side of the property.
Is there anything
interesting there?
Yeah. Actually,
there's a waterfall
about half a mile down.
It's frozen over,
but it's still probably
a beautiful sight to see.
It's a date.
Okay then.
We'll head out after breakfast.
How do you like your eggs?
Oh, um, over easy, please.
Comin' right up.
Um, I'm gonna freshen up.
You better hurry up.
Breakfast will be ready soon.
Ready to go?
SETH: Lead the way.
SAMMY: All right.
Hey, this place
looks familiar.
It should.
About a quarter mile down is uh,
the entrance to Old Forks Road.
This is the cell tree.
It's the last place
you can get reception
before you hit the cabin.
Can't miss it.
[texts loading]
What the--
See? Works every time.
Oh, my gosh!
Oh-oh! Looks like
they found you.
Oh, this is not good.
What? You okay?
[texting] Um, yeah.
Listen, Sammy...
I might have to go.
Go? Go where?
Home. The Mathis deal
I was working on
before I came here...
fell apart.
Hello? Hello.
Octavia, can you hear me?
Of course, I'm alive.
Yes, yes, I know.
I just got distracted.
What? No, it's not important.
No, I am. Right away.
Octavia, listen,
you're breaking up.
Let me call you back
in about an hour, okay?
Yes, yes.
Just call them
and tell them to hold on.
I am on my way.
[Seth sighs]
So, whatever it is,
I'm sure it's not that bad.
I'm sorry, Sammy,
but I have to leave like now.
Seth... Seth, wait.
Hold on!
Would you slow down?
I can't. I've really
gotta get back.
So you're really
just gonna leave?
SETH: Yes!
SAMMY: Just like that?
Yes, like that.
I'm sorry if that makes me
a jerk, but...
Don't be like that.
I didn't say that.
Be like what?
Just make sure that whatever
you're looking for is worth it.
Sammy, I gotta go back
and fix this.
Okay. I understand.
But how are you even
gonna get a flight?
It's Christmas Eve.
I dunno.
I should have thought
about that a few days ago
before I got stuck out here.
Well, I didn't exactly
tie you up,
and if I remember correctly,
I saved your life.
Like twice.
And where are you going?
The cabin's this way.
And this is what it looks like
when a Whetly walks away.
Sammy! Sammy, wait!
[Sammy slams door]
Sammy... I don't
mean it that way.
Close the door, please.
You're letting out
all the hot air.
[Seth sighs]
[opens and closes door]
You're still here.
I'll be out of your hair
in just a minute.
[glass breaking]
[upset tone]
What did you do?
SETH: I am so sorry.
God, Seth...
please just back up.
I got this.
I'm sorry, Sam.
I really am.
Seth, please.
I really screwed this up,
haven't I?
It's fine.
[sobs] I shouldn't be
so careless with my things.
You really should get going
if you're going to make it back.
Seth, I really do hope
you have a safe journey.
[door closes]
[glass falls to table]
[Sammy sighs]
JOSH: Oh, thank you very much.
[Sammy sighs]
[cell phone buzzing]
Hello there, Sis.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas, Josh.
How's the weather holdin' up?
It's lookin' a little hairy
on the news.
Nothin' I can't handle.
Did you open Nana's gift yet?
Yeah, yeah, I did.
Well, don't keep me hanging.
What was it?
It was this, um, [giggles],
this statue of the Nativity
with this battery-powered candle
perpetually lighting up
the manger.
It's so perfect!
She always knew
you loved Nativities.
[sobs] Yeah.
Oh? I'm sorry, Sammy.
Don't cry.
You know, she's looking down
right now,
having a good laugh of her own.
Yeah, yeah, I bet she is.
I'm sorry. I wish
I could give you a hug.
I could really
use one right now.
Hey, how's the book
coming along?
Yeah. Good.
Yeah, it's great.
Good, that means
your trip was worth it.
[Sammy sniffling]
I shouldn't have bailed, Josh.
I'm so sorry.
Don't be. I'm just sad
you're alone for the holiday.
You needed this trip.
[sniffling] Yeah, I did.
Hey look, it's...
it's really cold out here.
So I'm going to
let you go, okay?
Miss you, Sis,
and I'm sending you a big hug.
Thanks, Bud.
Give my love and hugs
to everyone, okay?
Merry Christmas, Sammy.
Love you.
Merry Christmas, Josh.
Love you.
[Sammy sniffling]
Yes, just book it.
But you'll have three layovers
and you'll be traveling all day.
Look, I don't care.
The point is I will
get there eventually.
But it's Christmas, Seth.
I've got presents to unwrap.
[sighs] Octavia,
I have to fix this deal.
Listen, Seth, Christmas
may mean nothing to you,
but here in the real world,
we appreciate
this time of the year.
Octavia, just get this flight
through and I will...
I will give you
the first two weeks off
in January, I swear.
There's more to life
than business, Seth.
Why does everyone
keep saying that?
Because it's true.
Today is a gift, that's why
they call it the present.
Now, I'm a wise woman, Seth.
You'll do best to listen to me.
But the...
But nothing.
The Marshalls have already left.
But there's still
a chance that...
They are in St. Croix, Seth,
and you flying in
and crashing their Christmas
isn't a smart plan.
Oh! Well,
when you put it that way.
Just face it, there's nothing
you can do to fix this deal
until next year.
[sighs] Ugh, Octavia...
what am I gonna do?
I'm gonna tell you
what you're gonna do.
Seth, you're gonna
have yourself
a merry little Christmas.
Now go do whatever it is
you need to do
to figure that out.
You're right.
Octavia, you are so right.
Yes, I am.
Thank you for
expanding your mind.
[sighs] I am such an idiot!
Now I didn't say that,
but if you feel the need
to be honest with yourself,
who am I to stop you.
Octavia, thank you.
You're welcome.
And I'll take you up
on that two-week offer.
Oh, wait a minute.
See you mid-January.
Merry Christmas.
Lord have mercy,
that boy needs a woman!
[store bell rings]
Good morning, Mr. Gatly,
and Merry Christmas.
Well, if it isn't
the city boy.
I thought you'd be
long gone by now.
Nope. I was
unexpectedly delayed,
but it was a good thing.
Did you ever get that sign-off
on that property you wanted?
You know, I got
something better.
I'm actually
heading back there now.
Oh no, not now.
You-you can't get through.
It's all over the news.
There's an avalanche.
Closed the pass down.
Yeah. It's a big one, too.
Blizzard brought in
a record amount of snow.
It gave way and closed the pass.
But Sammy is still up there.
I'm afraid there's no
gettin' in on Old Forks Road.
Well, how am I
gonna get to her?
I mean, she's all
alone up there.
There's no cell service.
She could be in danger.
Well, I guess, uh...
Parker Pass is still open.
You could get in that way.
And you know how to get there?
Of course, I do.
I got my first billy goat
up by Parker Ridge.
[gasps] Of course you did.
[chuckles] I'll show you.
This is us here, okay?
Right? Gotta go straight...
[text messages loading]
[knock on door]
Who is it?
It's uh, Seth.
Seth Walker.
Don't know if I know
any Seth Walkers.
[chuckles] Um... yeah.
We met the other day.
Are you sure you don't have
anywhere else you need to be?
I'm sure.
I-I just need to...
I just need to be with you.
I really... just need to
be with you.
Merry Christmas.
[giggles] What?
Go ahead, open it.
I sort of... fell down
the mountain on my way over.
[Sammy laughs]
Oh, it's perfect.
[Sammy laughs]
I didn't see anybody
come up the path.
Old Forks Road was closed
due to an avalanche.
An avalanche?
No! Oh my gosh!
How did you get here?
I had to use uh, Parker Pass.
Parker Pass?
Yeah. Cuts right through
my land.
I ended up on Walker Ridge.
Seth, they call it
Walker Ridge
because you can see
the property line.
Old Forks Road
is the property line.
Everything to the west of it
is yours.
Everything to the east of it
belongs to the Whetlys.
So that makes the cabin...
Smack dab in the middle.
[laughs] For better or worse.
[Seth chuckles]
Merry Christmas, Seth.
It's a very merry Christmas,
I just wish that I had
a gift to give you.
You already did.
[Sammy laughs]
You're here.
Today's a gift.
That's all the present I need.