The Christmas Cure (2017) Movie Script

(deep sigh)
You look exhausted.
I'm fine.
Wide awake.
I hope so.
Because that's decaf.
You need a vacation.
I put in for
Well, maybe this is the
year you finally get it.
I'd just need
a miracle.
Room five.
Billy Flynn.
Comes with his
own Myrrh.
You know, I was in the Nativity
play when I was your age.
I was the star.
Oh, you played Mary?
The actual star.
Of Bethlehem.
I had no lines.
It was perfect.
Now it was a
long time ago,
but I don't remember the
wise men wearing cleats.
Oh he went right from soccer
to dress rehearsals.
You had a busy
day, huh?
Sounds like you're
ready for a break.
But I have to
get back!
I bring the Myrrh!
They'll have to get by with
the golden frankincense.
Just for today, okay?
Looks like dehydration.
We'll run some blood
tests just to be sure.
We're going to give
you an IV, alright?
Get some fluids
into you.
With a needle?
Just a little one.
But it'll be
really quick.
Nurse Lopez is the
best there is.
I don't like needles.
I know.
But it'll make you feel
a whole lot better.
And then you'll be back at
the manger in no time.
Tell you what.
How 'bout I'll come back
with Nurse Lopez
and then we can rehearse
your lines together.
How's that sound?
Dr. Turner.
Right this way.
Hope you're ready
for a long night.
Nice work in there.
You know Dr. Waid is
leaving in the Spring?
We began reviewing appliants
for his replacement.
You're on the
short list.
Head of trauma?
Unless you're not
Of course!
I am.
Very interested.
We'll be scheduling panel
reviews sometime in January.
Hey Susan.
Did you move
Billy Flynn?
The wise man.
No, you just
missed him.
He was feeling much
better after the IV
so Dr. Scott
discharged him.
Voicemail: First new message:
We're all hoping you can
make it home for this one.
Me, too.
Bruce: Miss you.
Talk soon.
Love ya.
Susan: Vanessa.
It's Susan.
They just posted the
schedule for Christmas.
Looks like you got your
Christmas miracle.
Bruce: Hello?
Hey Dad.
I'm coming home.
Bruce: You've reached
Dr. Bruce Turner.
Leave a message.
Hey, Dad.
I just left baggage claim and
I am heading out front...
(clears throat)
What are you
doing here?
I'm your ride.
Where's my dad?
Oh, he got hung
up at the clinic.
So he sent you?
I volunteered.
Okay, why don't I
take that for you?
This way.
So you cut
your hair.
Yeah, like two
years ago.
Looks nice.
It suits you.
I like your...
I mean your--
You know what
I mean.
I do.
I like your
face, too.
Vanessa:'re a
contractor now?
Yeah, you been
keeping tabs on me?
I get all of my updates
from home.
I was a little surprised
when I heard.
I mean, you failed shop
class sophomore year.
Woah, woah, okay
I did not fail.
I got an incomplete when
my birdhouse fell apart.
Okay, my mistake.
Okay, I'll admit there was
a bit of a learning curve.
But it turns out I'm actually
pretty good at it and I like it.
Giving people the security
of a warm home.
A roof over
their head.
There's nothing like it.
Mitch: that's the choir.
Vanessa: Is that new?
Home sweet home.
Let me get your
bag for you.
Oh gosh, no,
no, it's fine.
Thanks for the lift.
Yeah, yeah
of course.
No problem.
It was nice seeing
you again.
Oh uh, have a merry
Christmas, Nessa.
You, too.
Yeah thanks.
How's it going Max?
Who's a good boy?
Anyone home?
Name and birthday.
Name and birthday.
Name and birthday.
I know it's been a while, but
I hope you know my name.
You're here.
So they put you
to work, huh?
Mom volunteered to run
the charity toy drive
so they needed someone
to man the desk.
And do prescription runs.
And put up
It's a work
in progress.
It looks great.
Where's dad?
Colic at this age is
absolutely normal.
There's nothing
to worry about.
Although it's not much fun
for her, I understand that.
Listen you just keep
her all bundled up
and sit in a rocking chair with
her for a while, she'll be fine.
Vanessa: I usually recommend
a warm bath.
Works wonders.
That is an excellent
suggestion Dr.
Thank you so much.
We'll try all
of those.
Okay, she's going to
be fine don't worry.
Welcome home.
Thanks, Dad.
I'm so sorry I couldn't pick
you up at the airport.
First thing in the door
was a fever.
Then there
was a rash.
And, well, you know
how that goes.
So how was
your trip?
On the plane?
Or with my
Mitch was in here
getting a flu shot
and he volunteered
to grab you.
I thought it would
be a good surprise.
It was definitely
a surprise.
Well, Mrs. Franklin
was in here.
She volunteered, but she has
this hacking cough.
So I thought maybe Mitch
was a safer bet.
Okay, you made
the right call.
I'm so glad
you're home.
Me too.
Because I get to tell
you this in person.
I'm up for head of trauma
at the hospital.
That's wonderful.
I know.
It's kind of a dream come
true, you know?
I never thought I'd be
considered this early...
You've worked very hard
to make that happen.
It's not a done deal
or anything.
There are a lot of qualified
You will get it.
You seem pretty
sure about it.
I am sure.
None of those other
candidates are you.
That's wonderful
Hey, uh, can I get a little
help over here?!
You need a hand?
I thought you'd
never ask.
(dings bell)
Oh, uh, no, no, no I shouldn't
have been standing there.
I'm here for my three
o'clock appointment.
I'm Shelly--
Yeah, we have fifth period
Calculus together.
(awkward giggle)
Uh, why don't you just have
a seat right over there?
(deep sigh)
Deep breath in.
How long have you
had this cough?
Um, about a week.
My mom wanted me to come
get it checked out.
She gets worried because
of my asthma.
It's a good idea to
stay on top of this.
We can do daily nebulizer
treatments right here
at the clinic.
Every day?
It's vacation...
That is a
great book.
I read the trilogy
in high school.
How far into
it are you?
I loved the first.
But I'm only on the second
chapter of the sequel.
I have five brothers
and sisters.
So I kinda find it hard to get
a minute alone to finish.
Well, upside to daily
Uninterrupted silence.
I can make sure you get
a room all to yourself.
Thank you.
See you tomorrow.
See ya.
Ooh, I wouldn't hang that
there if I were you.
Why not?
It was in
the box...
Best to keep mistletoe out of
reach of the highly infectious.
Right, yeah.
I would stick
with the holly.
Okay, yeah.
That makes more sense.
It's good to have
you home.
Good to be home.
My daughter's home!
So good to
see you!
You look gorgeous!
Oh, my darling.
Help me with
the toys.
The tree?
Yeah, yeah,
yeah, I got it.
Oh wow.
Oh this is nothing.
Wait 'til you see
what's in the house.
It's crazy!
Normally, Beth
and Cindy--
you know Cindy
Montgomery, right?
They normally helped me
with the drive and then--
And then they both had previous
commitments so now it's just me.
Mom, do you think you might be
taking on a little bit too much?
Well, If I don't do
it, no one else will.
And then what?
No Christmas for
the children?
Uh-uh Vanessa.
You can't say no to those
sweet little faces.
Well, I'm no Cindy Montgomery,
but I'm happy to help.
I am so glad you made
it out here this year.
Christmas is just not the same
with you across the country.
Where do you want it?
Okay, living room.
Oh, no, no.
no, sweetheart.
Dining room.
Yeah, yeah, that's good.
Oh no, no, no,
Living room, honey.
Ooh, no, okay, okay dining
room, dining room.
You know what, mom?
I think it will look
perfect right here.
It'd be the first thing that
people see when they walk in.
A statement.
Like a real conversation
Living room.
Final decision.
Okay, let's do this.
Yeah, okay,
you're good.
Keep going.
Oh no, mom.
You're having second
thoughts aren't you?
The dining room's just
more spacious.
No, it's good.
We don't need another
tree in there anyway.
Where do you
want the toys?
Dining room?
Stick with the
dining room.
(clinks glass)
That works, doesn't it?
I have an announcement
to make.
You're buying me a
car for Christmas.
You're buying me a new
car for Christmas?
Ooh, you're buying me--
Martha, please.
Sorry, Dad.
Go ahead.
Well first we wanna
congratulate Vanessa
on being the future head of
trauma at St. Ambrose hospital.
And second of all...
Your mother and I
have been thinking
an awful lot about
the future lately.
I mean Kyle; you're going
off to college next year.
And you're building a wonderful
life for yourself in California.
And so...
I didn't--
We didn't come to this
decision lightly,
but I do think
it's time.
Time for what?
To retire.
You're closing the clinic?
December 23rd.
So soon?
That's why we were
so anxious
for you to come home
for Christmas.
We wanted you to help
us say goodbye.
So cheers.
(glasses clink)
It just seems
so sudden.
Well actually he's
been considering it
for quite some
time now.
Does this have
something to do
with the urgent care that
opened down town?
Well if you ask
him, no.
And if I
ask you?
Well, I think he feels better
knowing that when he steps back
there's someone else out there
to look over the community.
I'm gonna go
check on dad.
Martha: You better not be
bringing your father any coffee!
Whatcha doing?
Your mother thinks I've
been working too hard,
and relying on caffeine.
So I guess you don't
want this coffee..
Oh well, no wait.
You went to a lot
of trouble so...
Thank you.
Mm, that's better.
I still can't really believe
you're retiring.
Well, the clinic was always more
than just a job, it was my life.
For many years.
And that does have a way
of catching up to you.
You know, your mother and I
haven't had a vacation in...
Well, since before
Kyle was born.
She's making a list of
every place
that she has ever
wanted to visit.
And I wanna be able
to take her there.
Spend time with her.
Real time.
I was thinking.
If this is the last week
the clinic is open,
I could pitch in.
I can't ask you
to do that.
You're not.
I'm offering.
But it's your
vacation, honey.
Dad, what am
I gonna do?
Work on my tan?
C'mon, you know this is your
busiest time of year.
It's nothing I haven't
handled before.
I'll take the sniffles.
You take the cough?
If your heart is set on
helping, you're on.
Can I get the
Harrison file?
Why are you all
dressed up today?
I take my job
Since when?
Hi, Shelly.
The Harrison file?
I've got it, I've got
it, I've got it.
You can head straight back
and we'll get you all set up.
Right, yeah.
So many spiders
in this garland.
Shelly seems nice.
Was I that obvious?
Of course not.
I'm just very perceptive.
I must have been
super obvious.
If it makes you feel any better,
I don't think she noticed.
We go to school
And I've liked her for
a really long time,
but I've never really worked
up the nerve to say anything.
And now she's here
for a whole week.
And I feel like I'm
totally blowing it.
Talk to her.
About what?
What do you like?
I did see this really, really
cool movie last week.
It was about like this zombie
horde that was coming in,
and they were like
What does she like?
I don't know.
Well, that would be a
good place to start.
Hey, Kyle?
Have you heard of the
Stargazer trilogy?
Kyle is making a copy
of your insurance card.
You shouldn't have a
co-pay today.
I wish you would let me know
you were dropping by.
It's not that I'm not happy
to see you again,
we're just really swamped
right now...
Yeah, actually, I'm--
Oh, hey Mitch.
Good to see ya.
Mitch is gonna renovate
the place for us.
Turn this space into
some guest rooms.
Yeah, I thought maybe
we'd start in the back,
show you what I got in
mind and work forward.
Sounds good.
See ya.
Real smooth, sis.
Okay, how's that?
I think it should
go down a little.
No, up, up, up.
No, I think maybe it'll be more
balanced if it goes down.
Yeah, but then there's
that bare patch,
so yeah, no it
should go up.
I think you
should do it.
Mitch, do you think any of
that's gonna work for ya?
Yeah, I'll start taking some
measurements tomorrow
and I'll work on getting
some ideas on paper.
Okay, perfect.
Listen, I'm gonna go get that
other box of ornaments,
I'll be right back.
Well, you guys have
a nice night.
No, no, Mitch, stay!
You need to help us
decorate the tree.
I wouldn't want
to impose.
Since when are
you imposing?
We have cookies.
And eggnog.
Careful, it's spiked.
It is not spiked,
did you spike it?
Do you still know how to
string a popcorn garland?
With the best of them.
You'll have to work fast
before Kyle eats them all.
Yeah, seriously.
So true.
No, you're right.
Yeah, I should go pop
some more.
Thank you, honey.
What should I do?
We need the height.
I can't believe you
still have this.
Of course I do!
It's a little chipped.
It's very well-loved.
You made that for me when
you were five years old.
Of course I would never
get rid of that!
Hey mom, where's that clay
handprint that I made you?
Oh yeah, um, honey I'm sure
it's in that box somewhere.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
You okay?
It's extreme tree decorating.
I'm so sorry, mom.
I dropped your star.
No, that's not moms.
It's mine.
Well, you know what, that's
not so bad, sweetheart.
It's a clean break.
I've got glue in
the sewing room.
We can fix it.
Come on.
It's okay.
I can get you
a new one!
What's the big deal?
I got her that ornament.
It was the first gift I
ever gave her.
I didn't know.
It was a little before
your time.
So why a star?
Vanessa ever tell
you how we met?
You guys were classmates.
I was seven when my mom
and I moved here.
We bounced around
a lot before then.
But she had just gotten
a job working
for your dad
at the clinic.
It was Christmas vacation, so
she thought the best way for me
to meet my classmates
would be to sign me up
for the Christmas pageant.
Turns out one of the wise
men got the measles,
and there was a last
minute opening.
Hey, lucky you.
I didn't think so.
I kicked my feet the
whole way.
I just didn't wanna
be there.
I was never good
at meeting new people.
Well, what changed?
Your sister.
She had on this bright
yellow dress.
And a little crown
of stars.
She marched right
over to me,
and she told me that I
was gonna be her friend.
She stayed by me for
the rest of the day.
Made sure I felt
like I fit in.
She made an impression.
There we go.
Good as new.
Aw, yeah.
Alright, let's
light it up!
On one.
(clapping and cheering)
Aw, it's so wonderful having
everyone here all together.
(phone ringing)
Oh, I'm sorry.
I'll be right back.
Dr. Turner?
Dr. Campbell.
I'm calling to let you know
that we've scheduled
your panel review for
December twenty third.
As in two days?
Yeah, I know it's
short notice,
but we had an issue
with the board.
I hope it's not
a problem.
Of course not.
See you soon.
Is everything okay?
Everything's fine.
Alright, it's eggnog time.
They're about to
storm the castle.
It's Valerian Root.
The girls at yoga
swear by it.
Can I put some sugar
in it or something?
No, no, no,
sweet enough.
I have to talk to
both of you.
I just found out that
my panel review
was scheduled for
this Thursday.
I have to
go back.
You're gonna miss
I know.
Vanessa, this career
demands sacrifices.
Nobody understands
that better than I do.
We'll miss you, but
you have our support.
Always sweetheart.
So we still have
two days.
You don't really wanna spend
that at the clinic do you?
I wouldn't have it
any other way.
Who ate December
You snooze you
lose, Sis.
You got a minute?
What's up?
I want to show
you something.
No hint.
Come on.
You wanted to
show me...
a dusty old wheelchair?
Behind here.
Oh my gosh.
I totally forgot
about this...
I know, me too.
I was back here taking
some measurements
and I found it.
Thought you'd get
a kick out of it.
Had you beat
until age ten.
Yeah, well this Christmas I
asked Santa for a growth spurt.
Here, give me
your pencil.
Come on.
Okay, step back.
Yeah, for old
times sake.
Come on.
(clears throat)
Oh sorry.
I didn't mean
to interrupt.
No, we were--
We were just taking a trip
down memory lane.
Mhm, yeah, and I'll be sure
to leave the door open...
Hey Dad.
Do you want to grab
lunch downtown?
No, actually, I have a
house call to make.
A house call?
Yeah, you wanna
tag along?
Yeah, sure.
Okay, come on.
Seventeen inches?
Mrs. Willis.
I'm trying to keep
count here.
I'll have to take a
measurement on that one.
All right, I've already--
Get up.
I've already chosen
a pattern.
It's a snowflake.
You like snowflakes,
don't you Dr. Turner?
Who doesn't?
Just 17 and a half.
There's a pad and pencil
right beside you dear.
Put your arm up.
Thank you.
Here we go.
There you go.
You're a doctor now
just like your daddy?
Those are big
shoes to fill.
I know.
And she's doing
just fine.
But we're
here for you.
Now sit down.
So tell me about
your diet?
Watching your
sugar intake?
Of course I am.
Of course!
(timer dings)
The cookies are ready!
Mrs. Willis, really!
Mrs. Willis, you shouldn't
be eating cookies!
They're not for me.
I made them
for you.
And your family.
Come along little ones.
There we go.
Here we go.
My dear.
These are adorable
little friends of mine.
Each one has
a name.
Have one.
Oh, I don't normally
eat cookies on the job.
You'd make an old woman
very, very happy.
(clears throat)
I'm a, I'm a
little early.
No, my dad should
be here soon.
I'm team Petrov.
You read the
Stargazer trilogy?
The first two.
I thought I wasn't
gonna like them...
but I really got
dragged in.
Me too.
I feel like I can really
relate to Artemis.
I can see that.
You're both really smart.
And funny.
Yeah, I was really upset
when she died.
She dies?
I hadn't gotten
that far yet.
No, no, no.
I was totally kidding!
That doesn't happen...
Uh, you know, it's
really cold out.
I should get
you inside.
Merry Christmas, and you'll
come back next week?
I'll be here.
Merry Christmas.
Thank you dear.
Next week?
How often do you
visit her?
Every Tuesday.
Standing date.
But she looked as
healthy as a horse.
I mean, I think she
has more energy
than I do after
three espressos.
Her husband died.
Three years ago now.
Sometimes I'm the only
person she sees all week.
You really do that?
These people count of me
for care and compassion,
and that's not just reserved
for times of illness.
It's gonna be the hardest part,
I think; saying goodbye.
Does Mrs. Willis
know yet?
No, just because the
clinic is closing
doesn't mean I can't pop
by for our weekly chat.
Just don't tell your mother
about the cookies, okay?
Our secret.
Sorry, I didn't know anyone
else was still here.
I offered to finish up
the day's paperwork.
Yeah, I still had a few things
I needed to look at.
Your dad wanted me to lock
up when I was done.
Oh no it's okay,
I can do that.
You know I was gonna stop by
Holbrook's lot on the way home
and grab some
hot chocolate.
I don't know if that
would interest you?
I missed this.
Me too.
It's been really nice
catching up with you.
I meant the hot
I'm kidding.
Are you though?
Of course.
Because I seem to recall one
year where we snuck out
of your family's holiday party,
just so you could get
one last cup of Mrs.
Holbrook's famous cocoa
before the lot closed
down for the season.
I can't believe you
remember that.
I remember lots
of things.
Like you like extra
Show off.
My mom said you
were engaged...
She talks about me?
I was.
Three years ago.
What happened?
Just wasn't
meant to be.
What about you?
Anyone special
back in LA?
Not right now, no.
Can I ask you
You clearly love
the clinic.
So why don't you
take it over?
Follow in your
father's footsteps.
I've avoided those
shoes my whole life.
I would never
measure up.
Oh that is
not true.
I don't want to live my life
in my father's shadow.
He'll always been the Dr.
Turner of this town.
I want to forge
my own path.
Figure out where I
fit into this world.
What if where you
fit in is right here?
Can I tell you
a secret?
When your dad asked me to
help with the remodel,
I almost said no.
I started thinking
about my mom.
How I'd spend my days
there after school with her.
And she'd let me steal
those mints out of the dish
and pretend not
to notice.
I just didn't know if I'd have
the heart to be the one
to tear it all down,
you know?
You can't hold onto
the past forever.
Yeah, I guess
you're right.
I bring forth the...
Bruce: And who's this?
This is Mitchell.
He's a wise guy.
Very wise.
Bruce: Oh yeah?
He brings the myrrh!
Here it is.
Come on!
Let's go get cookies!
Honey, did you ask him if
wants to go get cookies?
Daddy, I'm the star so
I tell him where to go.
Come on Mitchell,
come on!
(phone vibrates)
I would have let you
look if you just asked.
But, where's the
fun in that?
Okay, so, okay, right here is
going to be a guest bedroom.
And right here where
I'm standing would be...
An elf shack?
En suite.
Wow, your penmanship
is worse than mine.
And I'm a doctor so that
is saying something.
Whatcha doing?
And you have drawn
a large rectangle
and marked it "jacuzzi."
Yeah, for the next
time that I visit.
Yeah, I'm gonna have a hard time
selling your dad on that one.
I have faith in you.
You do?
Oh, it's from
my mom.
She says: Emergency.
Bring tape.
Vanessa: Special delivery.
You are a lifesaver.
That is a lot
of toys.
We broke a record
this year.
I'll say.
Have I mentioned how nice
it is to have you here?
Like once or twice.
It has been
really great.
Being home.
I didn't realize how
much I needed it.
It's a shame you have
to rush back so soon.
I know.
I feel like I've barely seen
you since I've been here.
I know, but your father
appreciated your help
at the clinic.
He wouldn't want to see
it off with anyone else.
So, when's your flight?
I managed to get a seat
on tonight's red eye.
I'm gonna see if
Kyle can take me.
I just don't know how I'm
gonna say goodbye again.
I'm really gonna miss
you sweetheart.
Me too.
But, hey, with dad
being retired,
Now maybe I can lure
you both out to LA.
I'd love that.
I had a bear just like
this when I was little.
I remember.
Frederick J Bear.
What did that J
stand for?
I don't know.
I think I just liked the
way it sounded.
No, seriously?
(phone vibrates)
Everything okay?
I just...
this little boy that I
treated last week.
One of the nurses just sent
me an update on his condition.
Oh that's nice.
I never usually
get that.
Oh no?
You know, with the ER, you
patch them up and send them off.
And that's enough
for you?
Why wouldn't
it be?
Because you're just
like your father.
It's not enough to
treat the illness.
You want to treat
the person.
I mean, there are
downsides to the ER.
But that would be
true of anywhere.
I've worked my whole
life for this.
Sacrificed family.
And any kind of
personal life.
I know.
I can't just...
change my mind.
You know what,
Sometimes you just get so caught
up in what youre supposed to do,
that you miss what
we're meant to do.
What are you doing?
I honestly don't
know anymore.
Yeah, I mean this batter looks a
little bit thick for pancakes.
Because they're cookies.
I knew I added way too much
water, but they looked so dry
with all that flour in
there, you know
and I just don't
know what to do...
Is there a reason that
you're channeling
your inner Betty Crocker?
Well, I took your advice
and talked to Shelly.
Yeah, you know,
it went great.
I talked to her, you know,
I told her a joke.
She laughed
at my joke.
And then I ruined the
end of her book.
Oh no.
Not Artemis' death.
It was the
best part.
I didn't see
it coming.
Neither did she.
I just wanted to do
something, you know?
Make her something special.
And look how
that turned out.
You know what?
I think I know someone
who can help...
Mitch: Hey.
That's it.
Yeah, very good.
Now come on, get some
elbow grease in there boy.
This is worse than football
double sessions.
Love is pain,
little bro.
Tell me more
about this girl.
Oh, well, she's just
really smart.
She's always the first one to
raise her hand in class,
and she sits by
the window
because she likes
watching the birds.
I don't know, it's just
hard to explain.
You're doing well.
Bless you.
No, no.
It's a German
Christmas cake.
We used to make
it in our bakery.
Was this your
Yes, yes.
My husband Charlie's family
came from Germany.
They had the most wonderful
recipes for all kinds of treats.
But the Baumkuchen
was his favorite.
I have never
heard of it.
Well, it's made with at least
a dozen very thin layers.
Like the rings
of a tree.
Each layer has to cool and set
before you add the next one.
It's a cake of
great patience.
But the rewards are
worth the effort.
I bake it every
For Charlie.
It looks delicious.
Oh, it is.
But I don't
eat it.
Well then why do you go through
all the trouble of making it?
It reminds
me of him.
And Christmas
is the time
when we want to be with
the ones we love.
Hey Mrs. Willis?
What should I set
the timer for?
Like two hours?
No-no-no, please save
him from himself.
Let's go.
Hey, what are
you doing?
Trying one.
No, you cannot
eat those.
Why not?
Because you made
them for Shelly.
But there's,
like, twelve.
Kyle, you cannot eat
your own guilt cookies.
These look
way too good.
She's not gonna believe
that I made these.
You can call me
as your witness.
Hey, um, I'm glad
that you're back.
I kind of
missed you.
Me too.
But if you tell
I'll deny this conversation
ever happened.
What conversation?
What's going on here?
I was just coming
to find you.
What's wrong?
There's been
an accident.
Is he okay?
He's fine.
He's fine.
He just took a spill.
And he's got a
sprained arm
and some superficial
cuts and bruises.
All clear.
Your mom brought him
up to the guest room
to make him more
Well, I'm just gonna go sit with
him to see if he needs anything.
Just in case.
I thought you had
a plane to catch?
Um...Yeah, I
have time.
How are you feeling?
Like I fell off
a ladder.
How's your pain?
It's okay.
Your dad gave me something, it
seems to be doing the trick.
Are you comfortable.
Do you need
another pillow?
No, I'm good.
Cause we have some extras
in the supply closet.
I could...I'm going
to go find you one.
Where are you?
I know you're here
I'm not sure I
You want to cancel
your review?
Not cancel.
Are his test results
back yet?
Yeah, one second.
Is there a reason you're
asking for this?
I had...
a family emergency.
Sorry to hear that.
You know head of trauma's
a very big responsibility.
And we're looking for someone
Who's committed 100 percent.
Is that still you?
Dr. Turner?
It is.
Our last slot is December
26th, I'll put you there.
Thank you Dr. Campbell.
Is that better?
Thank you.
Hey, you better hurry if you're
going to make your flight.
I moved my interview.
You're stuck with me
for a few more days.
You should, um, probably
get some rest, okay?
I'll hang out
with you.
(groggy groan)
Sorry, I didn't mean
to wake you up.
Um, what
time is it?
Um early.
How do you feel?
Like I could use
an oil can.
I should probably
go change...
Hey, Nessa?
Thank you.
Of course.
Now get dressed and meet
me downstairs in ten.
Doctor's orders.
Not many more
of these honey.
I know.
I'll pick up the dry cleaning if
you take me to lunch today.
Sound like a plan?
Martha: Love you.
Bruce: And I love you.
How's Mitch?
I'm predicting a
full recovery.
You seemed pretty spooked when
you heard what happened.
Well, he fell off
of a ladder.
We were all
Hey, uh, why did you
guys break up?
I left.
He stayed.
When I went away to college,
we tried for a while.
Phone calls.
Mitch used to call the pizza
place by my dorm
and have them deliver food
whenever I had an all-nighter.
But then there were
too many all-nighters.
And too much distance.
And something had
to give, I guess.
But you still loved
each other?
It was a long
time ago.
Well, you know, a wise woman
once told me that there
is no greater tragedy in life
than unrequited love.
I did not tell
you that.
I know.
Mrs. Willis did.
It's good advice
It very well
might be.
But it doesn't
apply to us.
Then why are you here,
and not in LA?
Mitch: So you got me up, what
do you want to do today?
Hey Mitch!
Hey Pete!
His wife just
had a baby.
I renovated their
nursery for them.
Merry Christmas, Mitch!
Merry Christmas Betty!
I built her
back deck.
Do you just know
I don't know everybody...
Choir Members:
Hey Mitch!
Yeah, okay.
So I know everybody.
But that's kinda the best
part about living here, right?
Look at it.
It's so cold...clinical.
It's a clinic.
You know what
I mean.
I mean look.
There's no Christmas tree
in the waiting room.
Well, it has
Probably the most
important feature.
It's just not
the same.
Maybe not.
But new things come.
And people get
used to them.
Pretty soon they'll barely even
remember we're gone.
I don't think you realize
how important
your family's clinic
is to this town.
Hey, have you ever had
a peppermint cider?
I don't think
I have.
I know where
to get one.
We want some
figgy pudding
We want some
figgy pudding
and a cup of
good cheer
You ever had it?
Figgy pudding.
I don't really
like figs.
Well, it doesn't
have any.
Yeah, it's like this steamed
cake with raisins.
My grandma used to make
it every Christmas.
Wait, wait wait.
You're telling me that
figgy pudding
is neither a pudding nor
has any figs in it.
Next thing you're
gonna tell me
is that Frosty's isn't
a snowman.
Wow, I hate to be the bearer
of bad news but -
I don't even think
he's real.
(feigns gasp)
My whole childhood
is a lie.
So do you have any big
plans for Christmas Eve?
Is your mom making
your favourite stuffing?
We're going to try,
but the toy drive
is gonna keep us busy
for most of the day.
Oh right.
We're really just trying to
spend as much time together
as possible before I
have to head back.
Um, how much time is
left on your meter?
Fifteen minutes.
Okay, I'm gonna just run
to the book store
because I thought of a
last minute gift for Kyle.
Oh, hey!
That reminds me.
I've been driving around
with this for days.
You got me a
Christmas gift?
I did.
Ten years ago.
I don't understand...
I was planning on
giving it to you
the Christmas
before you left.
You kept it this
whole time?
I guess I always
thought I'd have
the chance to
give it to you.
No, no, no.
No peaking.
Not until Christmas.
What are we doing?
I mean nothing's
You're still here.
And I'm still three
thousand miles away.
Yeah, no.
You're right.
You're right.
No, we've been
out for a while.
We should definitely
get you back.
I'll wait while you
run in the store.
Do you want to
come inside?
Kyle DVR'd Frosty
The Snowman.
He said mom did it, but we
know he's not fooling anyone.
Um, I should...I should
probably get home.
I'm sorry, Mitch.
No, no.
Keep it.
How'd it go today?
I could use some
good news.
Well she said she was feeling
better so she stayed home.
I'm sorry.
I sprinkled some extra
sugar on it, Charlie.
You've always had
a sweet tooth.
Merry Christmas,
my love.
I can't believe
it's really over.
It's the end of an
era my darling.
What are you going
to do with yourself?
I'm gonna play golf.
You don't know
how to play golf.
Now I have plenty of
time to learn, don't I?
Hey, You promised
me Paris.
Okay, golf
in Paris.
Thank goodness
you're still here.
Oh, hey, hey, hey.
Casey ate something.
I think she's having
an allergic reaction.
Hang on a
second here.
Has she had any
trouble breathing?
No, but she's covered
in red splotches.
And itchy.
Oh look at that.
Isn't that pretty?
Go 'ah' for me.
I'm so sorry,
Dr. Turner.
I know this was
your last day,
but I just didn't know
what else to do.
No, no, no.
You did exactly the right thing,
and there's no problem here.
We're gonna take
care of this.
Will you come
with me please?
Here we go.
Right in here.
This is gonna be just
a little pinch, okay?
It'll be alright sweety.
What's your
friend's name?
Bear the bear, huh?
That's a great name.
Do you know what?
I used to have a bear just like
him when I was your age.
His name was Frederick.
Looks like Bear has an
owy of his own, huh?
Hm...I have
an idea.
How about we get you
feeling better?
And then we can
fix him up, too?
So, I'm gonna have
you close your eyes.
Take a deep
breath in.
All done.
You did great.
So how about you help me
with the next patient?
Okay, I will make an appointment
with the allergist.
We'll find out what's
causing the reaction.
It's that simple, okay?
And here she comes.
Well, Miss Casey,
how are we feeling?
A little better now?
Bear's better, too.
I helped!
She sure did.
Best assistant
I ever had.
Merry Christmas.
To both of you.
Merry Christmas.
Everything's gonna
be fine, buh-bye.
Thank you Dr. Turner.
You're welcome.
Okay here we go.
Yeah, as I'll
ever be.
Let's go.
Come on!
We're going to
be late!
Move it Scrappy!
Sorry bro.
You're not wearing
that shirt!
I have some very
exciting news.
I've been told we have a
special guest with us today.
Can anyone guess
who that might be?
(chanting Santa)
Who called my name?
Look at this group
of boys and girls.
I've been told that we have some
very good boys and girls today.
Is that right?
Okay elves, let's reward them
for being good all year long.
Hello Mrs. Claus.
Hi Santa!
Here you go.
You all get a little something
from Santa this year.
Look at them.
Aren't they good
looking young people?
Well we're gonna sit
down here in a minute
and you're gonna tell me what
you asked for Christmas.
Martha: Who's ready
to tell Santa
what they want
for Christmas?
Here we go!
Okay, what's
your name?
Here you go bud.
I didn't realize they
roped you into this.
I offered.
Of course you did.
Well looks like you're
feeling better.
You know I had a
very good doctor.
Um, I think we've got a
wallflower over there.
Hi, Casey.
Aren't you gonna go
say hello to Santa?
I'm too nervous.
Well, you know what?
He told me to
give this to you.
Mitch: Sure did.
A new bear!
I think Santa knew that Bear
the Bear might like a friend.
So what are you gonna
name this little guy?
That is a great
(excited chatter)
There you are.
You just missed Santa.
Oh no.
It happens every year.
Don't worry.
I told him what you
wanted for Christmas.
Oh really?
It's a new set of
golf clubs, right?
She's pretty amazing.
I've always thought so.
You know.
Four years of collage.
Medical school.
Endless internships.
And your mother taught me
the best lesson of my life.
What's that?
There are many different
ways to save a life.
Bruce: Here we go.
We're home.
Just have to warm
up the leftovers.
Oh, I got that.
Thank you Kyle.
And Vanessa and I will
go get a fire going.
How about that?
That sounds like a perfect
beginning to a Christmas eve.
Good, okay.
Here we go honey.
How are you doing?
Well, it's a little
Waking up every morning and
not heading into the clinic.
You having second
I knew it was
gonna be hard.
It's been a big
part of my life.
But all good things must
come to an end, right?
I just hope I made a
difference, that's all.
Hey Dad, did I ever tell you
why I became a doctor?
I don't think
you did.
Back in high school, when
Mitch's mom first got sick,
and he would tell me
how scared she was.
How scared he was.
The other doctors had just
given her a short time.
It all seemed too
fast, you know?
And I remember when
she came to the clinic.
And you took her hands
and you told her
that you would help
her through it.
Anything she needed.
I didn't realize
you saw that.
You gave her hope.
And I just knew that I wanted
to be that for someone.
Let's go in.
(doorbell rings)
Everybody: Merry
What are you
doing here?
I bring you good
tidings of great joy.
Merry Christmas!
Come on in.
Mitch: We knew you were busy and
wanted to bring dinner to you.
Mitch it's gorgeous!
And Baumkuchen!
No you didn't!
I did, I did!
(excited chatter)
Mom, what's going on?
Are we having a party
or something?
Looks that way, huh?
(excited chatter)
Martha: We have the
best neighbours!
(clinks glass)
I'd like to say
Now I've been around
for a very long time.
And if there's one thing
I've learned, it's this.
There is nothing more
valuable than kindness.
A little bit can change
a whole day.
A whole year.
A whole life.
We are all here because of one
man who has extended it
to each and
every one of us.
He is more than
just a doctor.
So, I want to
propose a toast-
To our good friend.
Dr. Turner.
All: Dr. Turner.
(glasses clinking)
Hey buddy.
His name's Max.
He's cute.
Yeah, he loves
attention too.
Hey, uh, I'm really sorry
I ruined your book.
You didn't ruin it.
It still had some
Oh yeah.
Like the whole--
I have like two
chapters left.
And uh, I ended up
making you cookies.
But I ate them.
But I could make you more
cookies if you want.
You don't have to
make me cookies.
It's okay.
We should hang
out sometime.
I think that you made
my dad's year.
I hope so.
Your family has done
so much for me.
And clearly I'm
not the only one.
I just wanted to show
you all that.
Well, thank you.
When's your flight?
Tomorrow afternoon.
I'm so proud
of you.
You're following your
dream Nessa.
And that's all I ever
wanted for you.
I know you're going to do
great things out there.
I know it.
Go save the
world, Nessa.
You know you're
eighteen, right?
Sweetheart, It's beautiful.
Thank you darling.
Merry Christmas.
You too.
That one's from me.
It's the last of
the series.
I thought you might
want to brush up.
Thanks, sis.
Okay, I have some cinnamon
buns cooling in the kitchen.
Thanks to Mrs. Willis.
No, wait, wait.
There's one more present.
Oh there it is.
This is to Vanessa.
Is it the pony I
asked for?
She got it.
So clever.
Your stethoscope?
Your stethoscope.
My parents bought me that when I
graduated from medical school.
It served me very well
for many years.
And since you're carrying on
the Turner medical legacy,
it's only fitting you
should have it.
Merry Christmas.
I won't let
you down.
You never have.
Count to three and then
say Merry Christmas.
Here we go.
One, two, three.
All: Merry Christmas!
That'll be perfect for next
year's Christmas card.
Okay, now I
really gotta go.
Okay, you have
your ticket?
Okay, you have
your phone?
And yes.
Okay, and I filled
this travel mug
with eggnog
for the flight.
Oh yeah.
They're not gonna let me
on the plane with that.
Oh I forgot.
Oh I'll take it.
You call when you
get to California.
I will.
And when you pass
your panel review.
You'll be my
first call.
You knock 'em
dead honey.
Thanks Dad.
Bye Mom.
Love you.
You drive careful.
Will do.
(deep sigh)
I hope the wait's
not long.
It's pretty cold out.
Hey, do you have
any gum?
Um, sorry.
But I swiped the clinic's candy
cane stash before I left.
Hey now we're talking...
Forget one?
I guess I did.
Are you gonna open it?
Hey, that's pretty cool.
Who's it from?
I bring forth the...
(clears throat)
What are you
doing here?
I'm your ride.
Oh hey!
Whoa, whoa.
You okay?
What if where you fit
in is right here?
This is Mitchell.
He's a wise guy.
Very wise.
He brings the Mirrh.
Here it is.
I would've let you look
if you just asked.
But where is the
fun in that?
You're telling me that
figgy pudding
is neither a pudding nor
has any figs in it?
(feins gasp)
No, no, no, hey.
No peeking.
Not 'til Christmas.
What are you
doing here?
I bring you good
tidings of great joy.
Go save the
world Nessa.
I was thinking that we could
tear down this wall to expand
the waiting area
for our patients.
And maybe give this
place a fresh coat of paint.
What are you
doing here?
I thought about it.
And you were right.
I love this clinic too
much to see it close.
So you're staying?
You told me to go
save the world.
This seems like a
good place to start.
What are you doing
for New Year's?
Whatever you want.
Good answer.