The Christmas Toy (1986) Movie Script

Am I the Christmas toy?
Am I the Christmas toy?
Am I the Christmas toy?
I'm the...
The Christmas toy.
# Something special happens #
# When you leave our room. #
# You may think it's magic, #
# We don't. #
# Sometimes when you leave us #
# We still feel like playing. #
# You'll be feeling tired, #
# But we won't. #
# If we can't play
with girls and boys, #
# Then it only make sense
for toys to play with toys. #
# Toys love to play, #
# Toys love to play. #
# Toys love adventure! #
# Toys can be very brave. #
# Like me! #
# Toys can be so conceited,
like he is. #
# Toys can be pretty funny, #
# Toys can wear pretty clothes. #
Don't I look excellent?
# Toys can be pretty pretty,
like she is. #
# Toys love to play, #
# Toys love to play. #
People coming!
People coming!
Everyone back into place!
Everyone back into place!
Rugby, hurry up!
If you get caught
out of position,
you'll be frozen forever!
But I'm a tiger.
I'm too fast to get caught.
Come on, Jesse!
Let's play!
Watch this.
I can't wait to see
what Santa brings us.
Can you?
I just know
it's gonna be great.
I guess so, but how can any toy
be greater than Rugby?
He's the most special-est toy
in the whole world.
No, he's not.
Jesse, Jamie, time for bed!
But we want to play!
Well, stay up if you want to,
but you know Santa won't come
until you're both fast asleep!
Let's go.
Come on, Weegee.
# Toys are for cuddling, #
# Toys are for riding on. #
# Toys have electronic circuits
to find their own way with. #
# Toys are for loving, #
# Toys are for having fun. #
# Toys are for toys
and people to play with. #
# Toys love to play, #
# Toys love to play, #
# Toys love to play. #
Hey, everybody! Everybody!
Listen up!
I've got something important
to tell ya!
This is big! Really big!
Oh, I hope
it's nothing stressful.
My seams aren't up to it.
Oh, believe me, Balthazar,
it's not.
In fact, it's something
so stupendous,
so extra-special fabulous...
Well, let me just set the stage.
You see, I was downstairs,
as you know...
in the living room,
to be precise.
And to my amazement...
Output your input.
You can be so rude sometimes,
Oh, Belmont! Belmont!
Just tell us what you have
to tell us!
Well, in fact, I can't think
of anything more wonderful,
more fantastic, more...
Cut the rap, sap!
All right.
It's Christmas Eve!
Oh, boy! Oh, boy!
I forgot all about it.
Aw, get off the track, Jack.
Oh, tell me what's going on.
I have to know
if I'm dressed right.
All our circuits are busy.
You'll have to dial
your call again.
Oh, I hate it in there.
Now, will somebody please
tell me what's going on?
It's Christmas Eve!
Christmas Eve, huh?
Yeah, that's really great.
We toys really love
Christmas Eve.
Yep, we sure do.
We to... ooh!
What do you mean "we"?
Well, I'm a toy, too, you know.
But you're a cat toy.
So, you're a cat.
But I'm no ordinary cat!
I'm a tiger.
And besides,
you smell funny, too.
I don't...
I don't smell funny!
I smell... I smell like...
like catnip.
Cat toys are supposed
to smell like catnip!
Well, people toys
don't smell at all!
And they don't m-m-m-make me...
Eww! It's Mew!
Yeah! It's catnip!
Just catnip!
Ah, brother.
I'm as good as any people toy.
Real cats like it!
Gather 'round, everyone!
Everybody, gather 'round.
I wanted to... oh-oh-oh-oh!
I want to talk to you all
about Christmas.
I'll be ready in a minute!
Let's see.
Too casual.
Too formal.
Too sporty.
Oh, this, definitely!
Or maybe not.
I didn't know it was going
to happen again.
# I'll always remember #
# How everyone cheered #
# That wonderful moment. #
# Yours truly appeared #
# Open the ribbon, #
# And on with the show. #
# Could anyone ever
love anyone so? #
# No Christmas tree
ever felt so tall. #
# I was the greatest
Christmas toy #
# of all. #
Wake up.
Balthazar's gonna tell us
about Christmas.
I said we're going to learn
about Christmas.
Or don't you think you need to?
What's to learn?
I know everything about it.
You do? Like what?
Well, like,
I'm the most important part,
because I'm the Christmas toy.
Ahh, yes, you do know
all about Christmas.
I can see that now.
You know, it's all about you.
That's right!
And I want you to know
that I don't blame you
for being jealous.
It would be very hard
not to be.
- Rugby?
- Hmm?
You are unbelievable.
I know!
Settle down, everyone!
Settle down!
Now, Christmas is a very
important event in the playroom,
and I want to make sure you all
know what it mea-a-a-a-a-ans!
I can't wait till she opens
the box and finds me inside.
That's the best part.
Balthazar, are you all right?
No, of course I'm not all right!
Well, should we help you up?
Unless you want to wait
for me all night.
It means Rugby the tiger cub
is going to be a star.
He shouldn't do that.
He's gonna get caught!
Now, what Christmas means
here in the playroom
is that we will have new members
entering our little community.
The children will be receiving
new toys,
toys that will be confused
about the ways of the world.
What we must do is open
our hearts and welcome them
just as we did last year
and every year before that.
- Oh, don't remind me.
- Yeah.
Well, we all know that Apple
didn't like it very much
when Rugby came along
and took her place as Jamie's
favorite Christmas toy.
Well, uh,
nobody likes it at first.
Anyhow, anyhow,
I think I did a lot better
last year
than Rugby's gonna do this year.
- Oh?
- Yeah.
He doesn't understand anything
at all about Christmas.
Rugby, is this true.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Excuse me!
Eww, it's Mew!
Catnip! Just catnip!
Yes, uh, what is it, little Mew?
Uh, well, I probably
shouldn't tell you this,
'cause he probably
isn't supposed to,
but I think I'd better
tell you anyway
because if I don't tell you...
come on, Mew!
Get on with it!
Dah, Rugby's in danger!
He went out the door.
No! Out the door?
Oh, dear!
The living room never seemed
so far away
when Jamie was carrying me.
Still, far or not,
I've got to get there.
You can't have Christmas
without Rugby tiger,
bravest little tiger cub
in the world.
We must be bananas.
How many other families are
doing laundry on Christmas Eve?
Too much stress.
Much too much stress.
I can't believe Rugby would do
something that stupid!
Did somebody call me?
Oh, no, Ditz.
Belmont was just saying
that Rugby was stupid
for going out the door.
Well, gee, that doesn't sound
so stupid to me.
- It doesn't?!
- No!
Well, what if he got caught
outside and was frozen forever?
- Oh, you're right!
- Yeah.
But when are you gonna get
to the stupid part?
Oh, oh, Ditz, please.
Could I explain it to you
some other time?
Right now, I have to figure out
what to do about Rugby.
Well, I don't know
what's so hard to figure out.
I mean, if Rugby
went out the door,
then we should just stick
our heads out and call him back.
Where are you going?
Ditz, where are you going?!
- Oh, emergency!
- Ditz has run out the door! Emergency!
People coming!
People coming!
Hmm, a toy to trip over.
Probably lots of laundry, too.
I thought so.
Uh, Ditz?
Sorry, the number you have
dialed is no longer in service.
I'll go check Molly's room
and see how much of her
wardrobe's hidden under her bed.
Good luck.
And you can do Weegee a favor
and put him outside.
Weegee? Weegee?
Here, Weegee.
I got to find him first.
That cat never wants
to go outside.
Here, Weegee!
Oh, poor Ditz, frozen forever.
It's horrible.
I hate seeing things
like this happen.
Hmm, fear is very bad
for my seams.
I duplicate your response.
I'm too t-t-t-t-terrified
to have a r-r-r-response.
Uh, I can't believe it.
They've forgotten
all about Rugby!
What if the same thing
happens to him?
Oh, well.
If nobody else
is gonna help Rugby...
Then I guess I will.
Did the kids remember to put out
some milk and cookies for Santa?
You've got to be kidding.
Can you imagine them forgetting?
Not really,
but it's worth checking.
Eva, what kind of cookies
did you buy?
Never you mind.
Now I'll just use
my incredible speed
and courage to get downstairs
before they
ah-ah-ah-choo! Mew!
- Hi.
- Shh!
Mew, what are you doing here?!
I thought you might need
some help.
Well, I don't,
especially from a cat toy!
What I need is to get
to that Christmas tree.
Someone took an enormous bite
our of one of the cookies.
Sure it wasn't you?
Of course I'm sure.
But I did finish it
and put another one out.
- Are they gone?
- Ah-choo!
You're all heart.
This isn't how it's supposed
to be at Christmas.
Guess I wouldn't really know.
'Course not.
You're just a...
Just a cat toy.
How would you know
what it's like
to have a special day
just about you?
Guess I couldn't.
What's it like?
# You know a big band
was playing #
# With trumpets a-blare. #
# Spotlights were shining. #
# You shoulda been there. #
# Streamers were flyin'
and banners unfurled, #
# And guess who was feeling
on top of the world. #
# No Christmas tree
ever felt so tall, #
# I was the greatest
Christmas toy of all. #
Gee, Rugby.
You really are the most
special toy in the world!
Thank you.
All that's gonna happen
tomorrow morning?
Well, sure.
It will be just like I told you.
But that's why I've got to get
out of here into that box!
But we're locked in.
Fear not!
- Where there's a cat toy...
- Ah-choo!
...there's a way!
Okay, now, just pull.
Yep, pull.
That's it. That's it.
That's it.
That was great!
Well, that always works
for the cat.
Maybe being a cat toy
isn't so bad after all.
No, no.
It really isn't.
Except for the smell.
He could be a lot nicer,
but he's the closest thing
to a friend I've got.
We've just got to do something
about Rugby.
- Oh, I agree.
- Yeah.
If it was possible to go out
and rescue him,
well, that's exactly
what I would do.
Yeah, right...
If it was possible,
which it most definitely is not.
Who says it's not?!
Hey! Hey, everybody!
Belmont has a great idea!
We're gonna go rescue Rugby!
But... but it's...
it's not possible!
# When there's a big job
to be done, #
# Or a race that must be won, #
# No matter how impossible
it seems. #
# If there's a feeling
in your heart #
# On your mark,
get set to start #
# And head on out
to try to reach your dreams. #
# You've got to #
# Try the impossible. #
# Dare the incredible, #
# Climb aboard
and take a ride. #
# Hope that luck
is on your side, #
# Try the impossible. #
# 'Cause if you do #
# You can make the impossible
come true #
Yep, and that's just what
we're gonna do.
Belmont, you and I are going
on a rescue mission!
Oh, my!
Rescue mission?
I'm not dressed right at all!
Request permission to join
the mission as robot guard.
Well, affirmative, Bleep.
Rescue missions need guards.
Did I hear somebody mention
a rescue mission?
You sure did.
We're going out of the playroom
to rescue our friend Rugby,
and we've got to be
quick about it.
Well, cruiser's the name,
and speed is my game.
Well, it...
it could be dangerous.
Baby, you just said
the magic word.
Ooh, wow.
This rescue business
is very nice,
but don't you realize
that what happened to Ditz
could happen to us?
Oh, Belmont, well...
well, we just won't let it.
Oh, well...
I hope not.
I mean, uh, absolutely not!
# There's a wise
and simple lesson #
# When your hopes
are growing dim, #
# Simply take
the word impossible, #
# And throw away the "im". #
# You've got to try
the impossible. #
# Dare the incredible, #
Come on, toys!
# Climb aboard and take a ride #
# Hope that luck
is on your side, #
# Try the impossible. #
Come on, everybody!
# 'Cause if you do #
# You can make the impossible
come true. #
We can do it!
Come on! Let's go!
Come on, Mew.
We're almost there.
Santa Claus came already!
Jamie, wake up!
It was terrible,
even worse than when I got put
in the washing machine.
Yeah, it's a good thing
toys can't feel any pain.
I'm not sure about that.
Uh, I think he's gone.
Let's go.
Come see for yourself.
I've never seen
so many presents.
Shall we go see them?
Mom, the brats are awake,
and they're out in the hallway!
Molly, I told you not to call
your brother and sister brats!
The monsters are awake,
and they're in the hallway!
Jesse, Jamie, get to bed
or I'll tell Santa to take your
presents back where they came from.
Forget about pain.
I just wish
we didn't feel fear.
Oh, that was nothing.
Where are we going?
This is going to be so great!
That was fun.
Not for me.
I usually travel
to the living room by mouth.
Now, I've just got to find
the right box.
There it is.
Now, I've just got to figure out
how to get inside.
This isn't the way
I remember it.
How do I get in?
Maybe you're not
remembering it right.
Look, Mew. You don't know
anything about it.
Remember, you're just a cat toy.
Cat toy.
I know. I know.
No traffic.
I like that.
Let's hope it stays that way.
I've got it.
I just get this
little ribbon thing off.
But how?
Let me try!
Oh, sure, Mew.
You're going to do something
I can't do?
You watch me, people toy!
Okay. Okay. Now.
And 1, 2, 3!
Thanks, Mew!
That was great.
Nothing's too hard
for Mew mouse,
smartest cat toy in the world.
Oh, no!
What are you doing?!
I'm having Christmas,
that's what.
And no jealous little doll
is going to stop me.
Cruiser, I need you.
Belmont, you wait here.
Where to, lady?
To the Christmas tree,
and step on it!
You got it.
Let me just see if I can, uh...
Nothing to it.
Rugby, you leave that box alone!
Why, so you can get
in there instead?
No way!
Aw, I don't want to get
in there, you crazy tiger!
Oh, sure.
You wouldn't love to be
Jamie's Christmas present
and have her get all excited and
promise to love you forever and ever?
That's right.
I wouldn't.
Why should I believe that?
Oh, because I've already
done it before!
That's why!
That can't be possible.
Um, then how do you
explain her?
I don't understand.
I can see that, Rugby,
but it's about time
that you did.
I've never seen anyone
like her before.
She's wonderful.
I am Meteora,
queen of the asteroids!
Take me to your leader,
you sorry excuse for a Grizzbot!
I... I don't have a leader.
I have a c-c-c-c-cat!
What planet is this?
It is the... the...
the living room.
And what is
that horrible smell?
Up! Away!
Did you see that, Rugby?
Oh, isn't she something?
Oh, Rugby!
- Oh, no!
- Rugby!
Interesting transport pod.
What's your power source?
$1 on the drop and 10 cents
for each additional mile.
Rugby, you come out of there!
Hey, maybe you can talk
some sense into him.
You're his friend.
You're right. I am.
Hey, Rugby, come on!
Why don't you just be
a nice little tiger
and get out of this box, okay?
Go away and leave me alone,
cat toy!
Um, we're friends,
but it's not
a perfect relationship.
Really, this could go on
all night.
I mean, we're not doing any good
standing here.
Hey, why don't you and I just
roll on back to the playroom?
Maintain position.
Aww, why me?
Rugby, this has gone on
long enough.
I'm gonna get you out of there
if I have to drag you out.
Now, you listen to me,
and you listen good!
Okay, but just let go
of my elbow!
Now, Rugby,
last Christmas may have been the
most wonderful day in your life,
but it was a terrible day
for someone else.
Do you know
who I'm talking about?
I don't know, and I don't care!
Well, Rugby, just think back
to last Christmas,
the way it really was.
# I'll always remember
how everyone cheered #
# When they opened the ribbon
and Rugby appeared. #
# Yes, they were happy
and laughing a lot #
# Except there was one
little thing they forgot #
But I don't understand.
Why were you so unhappy?
Because the Christmas
before last,
I was the toy that Jamie said
she would love forever,
and I didn't want anyone
to take my place.
Then, if you were Jamie's
Christmas present before me...
...Meteora must be her...
Her Christmas present after me.
And she really
should be in the box.
Yes, Rugby!
You finally get it!
You may have been willing
to give up without a fight,
but I'm not!
I don't care what happened
in the past.
Nobody is taking my place.
Rugby, listen to me!
Meteora belongs in this box.
Then what's gonna happen to you
when Jamie finds you here
instead of on the floor
where she left you?
you'll be frozen forever!
That's what I've been trying
to tell you!
What was that?
Taldan of the Megadors!
- I face you at last!
- Meteora, no!
Reveal the secret
of the Cosmotron, Taldan,
or your man here will meet
the same fate as his comrade.
What was that?!
I don't know,
but your father will find out!
Don't worry, Molly.
I'll go and see.
We're doomed.
I'm sorry, everybody.
It's nothing... just the cat.
Mew, that was fantastic!
You got smarts, kid.
I like that.
That was pretty good.
For a cat toy?
For any toy.
Aw, thanks, Rugby.
Now we've just got one
little teeny problem.
What have we here?!
Oh, no.
Interesting vegetation.
Don't do that!
You dare to touch the queen?
Inhabitants of many planets
have died for less!
No, they haven't!
You're calling Meteora a liar?!
I'm calling you a toy!
A toy?
And the best place for a toy
is back in her box
where she belongs.
Return to that prison?!
Prison?! Prison?! You call
that box a prison? Ha!
Isn't it?
Uh, M-M-Meteora...
I mean, your majesty,
that box is no prison.
That box is a one-way ticket
to the fame and glory
a toy like you deserves!
It is?
Rugby, we've got
to get out of here.
What do you think
I'm trying to do?
# You are lovely, #
# Meteora #
# So lovely and smart, #
# And brave and strong. #
# So exciting, #
# Meteora, #
# Even lightning bolts seem dull
when you're along. #
You're right!
# I am thrilling, #
# Meteora. #
# And my glow outshines
the planets near and far. #
# Share your glory, #
# Meteora, #
# And be our brightly
shining superstar. #
please get into the box.
You'll go in
queen of the asteroids,
but you'll come out a star.
I like the sound of that.
# I am stunning, #
# She is stunning, #
# Meteora. #
# Oh, so stunning. #
# And the world must learn
how wonderful you are, #
# How wonderful you are. #
# Share your glory, #
# Meteora. #
# And be a brightly
shining Christmas, #
# Super #
# Star. #
Wrap it up, Rugby!
My public awaits!
Bye, Meteora.
See you soon!
Uh, it shouldn't be
taking them this long.
The living room's
not that far away.
Or, at least, it wasn't
the last time I was there.
Not that I can remember
the last time I was there.
The black is perfect
for a rescue mission,
but this suit is so cute.
Don't leave without me!
I'll be ready in a minute!
- I can't take this anymore.
- Rugby?
- Hmm?
- You were pretty good.
For a people toy?
For any toy.
Aww. Thanks, Mew.
So long, Meteora.
Hang on, Mew!
Mew, hang on!
I'm trying!
Hit it, cruiser!
Mew, are you hanging on?
I can't believe
we didn't turn the tree off.
He can't move.
He's too afraid.
Oh, no!
We've got to do something!
Are you crazy?
You can't risk your life
for a cat toy!
Oh, no?
Just watch me!
Will you get me
another blanket, honey?
I'm freezing.
Oh, Weegee,
you're as bad as the kids.
Oh, no.
Don't forget the blanket.
I'm getting it now!
There's no sign
of either of them.
Mew taught me how to do that.
Well, I'm going to go find him.
Even if he won't be able
to hear me,
there's something
I've just got to say.
Oh, Mew.
I can't believe you're gone.
There's so much to tell you.
Even if you can't hear.
You see, you were the best
friend that I ever had.
But did I thank you for that?
What I did
was to make fun of you
and insult you
and tell you
that you smelled funny.
I just can't accept
that you're frozen,
because there's so much to say.
# Old friend, dear friend, #
# Friend who has gone away, #
# I want to tell you #
# I love you. #
# I wish you'd hear things #
# That I meant to say. #
# I want to tell you
I love you #
# always you believed in me #
# But you never knew, #
# Old friend, dear friend, #
# So much I longed to say #
# First of all, most of all #
# I love you. #
What are we screaming about?!
You're alive!
I know.
Aren't I supposed to be?
No, you're not!
Well, I-I look alive to me!
You were caught!
I thought you were
frozen forever!
Don't you remember that?
I... I was someplace else.
But... But it was like no place.
And it was very dark and cold.
But... but something
must have happened.
Oh, something did.
Suddenly, it wasn't so dark,
and then it was a lot warmer.
And, uh, then I woke up.
Is that right?
It's better than right.
It's the greatest
Christmas present
anyone could ever dream of!
I'm sorry, Rugby.
Oh, that's all right.
You know, the truth is,
I think I kinda like catnip.
# Old friends, dear friends, #
# Here where we ought to be, #
# We'll be together
at Christmas. #
# Old friends, dear friends, #
# Living in harmony #
# We'll be together
at Christmas #
# Some things change
with passing years, #
# Yet these feelings stay. #
# Old friends, dear friends, #
# Hoping we'll always be #
# Here with each other
together, #
# On Christmas day. #
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!
A Christmas party!
I'm not dressed right at all!
Merry Christmas!
Okay, kids!
Put your new toys
in the playroom!
Come on down for breakfast!
All right.
Come on, Weegee.
Time for your breakfast, too.
Cat's gone! All's clear!
Merry Christmas, everyone!
And welcome to our new friends!
Merry Christmas, everyone!
- Hi.
- Hi.
Uh... Hiya.
I'm Mew.
Hi, I'm Mew, too.
Jamie, what are you doing?!
I just wanted to take one more
look at my new toy.
I love you, Meteora,
forever and ever.
Just like I love all my toys.
I love you, apple.
I love you, Rugby.
# Old friends, new friends, #
# Hoping we'll always be #
# Here with each other
together, #
# On Christmas day. #
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas!