The Circus (1928) Movie Script

Swing Little Girl,
Swing, high, to the sky,
And don't ever look at the ground,
If you're looking for rainbows,
Look up, to the sky,
You'll never find rainbows,
If you're looking down,
Life maybe be dreary,
But never the same,
Some day, it's sunshine
Some day, it's rain,
Swing Little Girl,
Swing high, to the sky,
And don't ever look to the ground,
If you're looking for rainbows,
Look up to the sky,
But never, no never, look down...
"So you missed the hoop again."
"Father, I couldn't help it."
"For that you don't eat tonight."
"And you're supposed to be funny!"
"Look at that house; empty!"
Around the Side Shows
hungry and broke.
"Here you are, sir."
"Count it."
"Is it all there?"
"Say, gimme that money!"
"How d'you get out of here?"
"Get off!"
"Where's the funny man?"
"Bring on the funny man!"
The Funny Man.
Meal-time after the Show.
"Father won't let me."
"Do you want a job?"
"Be here in the morning,
and we'll try you out."
Early the next morning.
"Run along home!"
"I live here."
"Excuse me, my cane."
The Tryout.
"Go ahead and be funny."
"That's awful!"
"Put on the William Tell act."
"Now then, watch this
and see if you can do it."
"Go ahead and try it."
"Put on the barber-shop act."
"Now I must hit you."
"Now hit me!"
"I can't see."
"Just a moment!"
"We haven't talked terms yet."
"Get out and stay out!"
"Show's starting!"
"Aren't you coming in?"
"You're not leaving?"
"You see, we couldn't
come to terms."
"Thank you for the egg."
The Show on.
Trouble with the Property Men.
"How about our back pay?"
"Get to work!"
"We quit!"
"They've quit."
"Get anybody!"
"Do you want a job?"
"Don't touch that button!"
"He's a sensation, but he doesn't know it,
Keep him on as a property man."
The Circus prospered, but not the property man;
and the girl led the same hard life.
"Keep him busy and don't let him
know he's the hit of the show."
A Sick Horse.
"Blow this pill down
the horse's neck!"
"The horse blew first "
"Open the door, quick!"
"I told you the lions
were dangerous!"
"Where's that pill?"
"Come here!"
"I've got to see a doctor!"
"It's a shame the way
they make you work
and you the hit of the show."
"Why of course! All the crowds,
all the applause is just for you."
"I knew it!"
"If you strike that girl, I'll quit!"
"And what's more
I want what I'm worth "
"I'll give you fifty dollars a week."
"I'll double it!"
"Nothing less than a hundred."
The Next Show.
The success of the Tramp made life
easier for the girl and himself.
"Oh, Merna, you must
have your fortune told!"
"I see love and marriage with a dark,
handsome man who is near you now."
A New Added Attraction,
Rex, a tight-rope walker.
"Pardon me."
"Go right ahead."
"I'll give you Five Dollars for it."
"It's happened; I'm in love!"
"He's a tight-rope walker;
I've just met him."
"Hurry up, you're on!"
The Act Over.
"What's the matter?
You hardly got a laugh!"
"This is my friend."
"I don't like tight-rope walkers."
Time brought many changes to the Circus;
New Hopes and New Ambitions.
His New Ambition.
"Never mind the rope; You'd better
try and be funny again or you'll go!"
The next performance
and not a smile.
"I've had enough of this;
you get one more chance."
"Where's Rex?"
"Rex, the tight-rope walker,
hasn't shown up."
"Is Rex here?"
"You can do the act, can't you?"
"You'll do it or quit!"
"I'll do it; find his clothes!"
"There's the clothes!"
"You follow her!"
"He'll kill himself."
"That's all right;
I've got him insured."
"Take your time,
there's another act to go on."
"Why, what is the meaning of this?"
"I am taking his place on the rope."
"You'll get killed."
"Oh, no, I have a charmed life."
"I'll give you five dollars
if you'll do it."
"Not a word to anybody."
"Please don't do this."
"You've forgotten your tights."
"You're on!"
"You're through!!!"
That Night.
"I've run away from the circus."
"I'll never go back."
"Can't you take me with you?"
"I've got an idea."
"You stay here."
"Have you seen Merna?"
"She's run away "
"I can do nothing for her "
"Now, there's one way out."
"She's there now?"
"Take me to her!"
The Next Morning.
The Circus ready to leave.
"So you've come back You !"
"You're speaking to my wife!"
"Will you go on with the show?"
" if you take him."
"The end wagon for you."
"Come in with us."
The End