The City of Gold (2018) Movie Script

You know good stuffs inside.
Why don't you come on in
and say hi to everyone?
Oh they're, they're
not here for me.
They're here for you.
With their idle hands
and empty pockets
looking for charity from
the great Richard Davenport.
I see.
Hm, do you?
Where's Liz?
Johnny, look how
big you've grown.
Last time I saw you
you were my height.
So, so what's next now?
You gonna join your
dad at uh, Davencorp?
Could be quite a legacy.
Well, I'm sure my father'd love
nothing more than to see that.
Hey, I just want
him happy, you know.
That's the meaning
of life, right?
It is.
See, I was taught that
the meaning of life
was power and money.
I mean that's why you're
all here isn't it?
Pretending to give
a shit about me.
- Excuse me?
- Hm.
Stop it.
Don't do this, John.
- Don't do what?
- Don't do this.
Am I ruining your party?
This is for you, John.
Everything that I have
ever done has been for you.
Is that what you
told mom when you
neglected us for the
sake of your company?
Why you failed to save her
from her own depression?
Why you failed to
save me from becoming
the one thing you
promised her I wouldn't?
Yeah, what's that?
You have no idea.
You have no idea.
And I hope you never find out.
You said you weren't
afraid of taking risks.
Afraid to risk pain?
I feed on pain.
This is John.
Leave a message.
This is Dad.
I uh, just wanted to
say that I love you.
There's so many
things that I wish
I could've done
differently, John.
If I could do it, I'd
do it all over again.
I've got a lot of
regrets in my life, John.
But you aren't one of them.
Don't let it consume you, John.
- Harder.
- You can stop it, John.
Don't let it torment you, John.
But that last one drew blood.
I said harder, God dammit.
Don't let it consume
you like it did me, John.
Don't let it win.
Today we come together
before God in grief
as we acknowledge the
loss of Richard Davenport.
May the winds guide
his spirit in peace.
I'm so sorry.
Yeah, me too.
He was a really great man, John.
And he loved you so much.
All I ever brought him was pain.
Liz, this is Jack Harper,
and he's a long
time family friend.
Elizabeth Carlisle.
I've heard a lot
about you, Elizabeth.
I'm pleased to finally meet you.
Though I wish it was under
better circumstances.
Yeah, me too.
Uh, John, if you need
a friend to talk to,
um, don't hesitate to call me.
I'll see you.
It's good to meet you.
Same here.
How you holdin' up, John?
I feel like my life
is out of control.
John, I know this really
isn't the place to discuss this.
They're trying to
bring in someone
from the studios
to run Davencorp.
Sons of bitches, this
is my father's company.
I know, I know.
You're my attorney.
Can't you do anything?
Look, it's complicated, John.
Honestly, your behavior this
past year hasn't helped things.
They've ordered a psychological
evaluation on you.
They think I'm insane.
Maybe overburdened.
You agree.
Look, I just need you to
play along on this one, okay?
Yeah, right.
Thank you.
I'm Dr. Madison.
It's nice to meet
you, Mr. Davenport.
Mr. Davenport was my father.
Call me John.
Oh, of course, John.
So, I presume you know
why you're here today.
Now that my father's passed,
the board of my family's company
wants to prove I'm not
mentally fit to run it.
And you are here to
prove I'm insane.
That's a very
critical outlook, John.
I'm simply here to
evaluate your mental state.
Hm. Right.
When you're by yourself
in a quiet space,
what kinds of thoughts
run through your head?
Peaceful fields,
trees and mountains
babbling brooks.
You're not making
this very easy.
I'm very sorry to
inconvenience you.
You see, my father is dead
and my own company
wants me exiled.
Only reason I'm here is 'cause
I care about the
employees at Davencorp.
But you, you won't be satisfied
'til I give you something that
you can twist and bend
and prove their case.
Get your pen ready, doc.
Every night I dream of
people dying all around me,
of them being tortured to death.
I have daydreams so real that,
that they terrify me.
I hear people calling to me but
I can't understand
what they're saying.
I see the pursuit of wealth
and ungodly riches and,
and the neglect of human life
that comes along with it.
I see madness, doctor.
John, this sounds
like a self admission
that you're not fit
to run a company
- that's...
- No.
No, it's not.
It's a warning.
That neither you or the board
understand what
they're dealing with.
Davencorp is my legacy.
It's in my bloodline.
It's my curse.
You wouldn't understand.
All right, well,
we'll skip the
preliminary questions.
I appreciate you
listening to me, doctor.
I'm gonna take some
time off from Davencorp.
Jack, this is John.
I wanna say thank you for
everything you've done
for Davencorp, for
me, and for my father.
The board will want
answers for my actions.
You tell 'em whatever you like.
Tell 'em I'm the devil.
In yet another
stunning development
the already troubled
Davenport family,
Johnathan Davenport,
heir apparent
to the media giant, Davencorp,
is being accused of
forcing a young woman
to engage in explicit
sadomasochistic sexual acts.
The timing of these
allegations do not help
the already
beleaguered Davencorp,
the media conglomerate
who's business
holdings include
television networks,
film and entertainment studies,
and internet providers,
is poised to become the largest
media giant in the world.
The shocking suicide
of Davencorp's CEO,
Richard Davenport,
has left the company
potentially vulnerable
to a hostile takeover.
Officials have not
commented on the allegations
and Johnathan Davenport could
not be reached for comment.
Hey, John.
Can I come in?
Yeah, uh, are you okay?
Yeah, I just needed
someone to talk to.
Okay, do you want some coffee?
Uh, no, no.
Thanks, I'm fine.
Going somewhere?
Uh, yeah.
I'm actually going
on a business trip.
Uh, so, I saw the news
about you and that girl.
Old habits die hard.
Yeah, and stupid habits harm
you and others around you.
What are you doing, John?
I thought you stopped that
shit after we broke up.
Are you gonna lose Davencorp?
Looks like it.
They uh, ordered a
psych evaluation.
Hey, uh, you wanna see
something really cool?
I think you'll really
like it. Come here.
Look at these.
They remind me of what
you used to do in college.
So twisted, but so brilliant.
They're fascinating.
Uh, his name's Jorge Escamilla.
One of my dad's
business associates
sent me these from
South America.
Apparently, he was
somewhere in the Amazon
surrounded by a bunch of
violent revolutionaries.
He's an absolute
diamond in the rough.
We gotta find him.
Uh, yeah, that's why I'm leaving
on Monday to go find him.
There's no we on this one, John.
- You're going alone?
- Mm-hm.
Oh, Liz, that's
way too dangerous.
Yeah, things get way outta
control when we're together.
I have to do this alone.
Liz, I...
I gotta figure out what the
hell's goin' on in my head.
Something consumed my father.
And it's trying to
do the same to me.
I'm not gonna figure
anything out here
with everyone out for
my blood or my money.
Well, shit, I wanna help you.
I really do, but I
can lose everything
if I don't start selling again.
I know.
Liz, I need this.
I know this, uh,
I know this art dealer, Carlos,
who lives down there.
Um, he's actually
helping me find Jorge
in exchange for owning the
collection after the first run.
Um, I'll call him and see if
I can get your travel
plans arranged.
- Oh my god, Liz, I love...
- John, save it.
Save it for when
you really mean it.
Fair enough.
Just please don't
make me regret it.
I won't. I promise.
I hope your flight
was good, Liz.
This is a very nice place.
You come at a good
time of the year.
Welcome to Peru.
This is so beautiful.
You will see in a minute
some of my best mercenaries.
Oh, there comes one.
Who is that?
She's my best mercenary.
She's very good
at what she does.
She protects me, and
she will protect you.
And she will help
find your artist,
no matter where he's at.
If he were anywhere, I'd
go anywhere to find him.
He's amazing.
Ah, this is my wife, Maria.
Come greet our guests.
You're so beautiful.
Thank you.
This is Elizabeth Carlisle,
the curator from Los Angeles
seeking Jorge Escamilla.
And this is Johnathon Davenport.
You're both very
brave to come out here
at such a dangerous time.
Perhaps it's a
little too dangerous
for an art collector
to build his throne.
This house was actually
built on the exact spot
where the Spanish
Conquistadors had a fort.
Unfortunately, this is
where many atrocious acts
were committed against the Incan
empires in the name of God.
This was built to show what
human beings are
capable of creating,
out of that, which
was used to destroy.
Carlos, Shiniki's here.
Who's Shiniki?
A shaman, or a witch
doctor if you prefer.
He is my best contact
in the jungle,
and the guide to your artist.
A witch doctor.
Sounds ominous.
Seor Volkov.
Let me present
Elizabeth Carlisle.
So lovely.
Ah, thank you.
And Johnathon Davenport.
Nice to meet you, mi amigo.
We're seeking Jorge Escamilla.
Can you help us?
Jorge Escamilla?
I've heard of this man.
My tribe, they've
talked about him.
He lives deep in
rebel territory.
I do not want to risk
going to the mountains
unless we're certain
of finding him.
Seor, this information is good.
Seems that your
artist is in the heart
of where the rebels
run their cocaine.
Maybe it's best we'll
let my men find him.
Oh, but Carlos, that's no fun.
It's much more dramatic
if we can discover him,
fly him out of the country.
They'll help him with his career
and give me legitimacy
in the art world.
Okay, then.
Tomorrow, you all go
on your treasure hunt.
I uh, I just
wanted to say that I love you.
There's so many
things that I wish
I could've done
differently, John.
And if I could do it,
I'd do it all over again.
Everything good?
You sure?
I'm sorry I crashed
your little party.
It's okay, you can't really
help yourself sometimes.
It's wonderful, isn't it?
Is that the Southern Cross?
Yeah, it's beautiful.
I am so sorry that I
hurt you in the past.
- You don't...
- John.
No, it, funny thing
about the past is um,
you don't always know
quite where you left it.
John, it's fine.
- He tried to, he tried to...
- John.
- John...
- No, he tried to help me,
- but I...
- Look at me.
I wasn't listening.
- And I wouldn't listen to you.
- Stop, stop, John.
John, look at me.
You have a choice.
You're fine.
Do this for your dad.
Do it for you.
A gun for you, seor.
No, thanks.
I got my own.
I don't get one?
If you're attacked and caught,
it is much better
that they see you
as an object of
desire, not a threat.
Your death will be
simply that way.
Yeah, no shit.
There is 200 pounds
in the back seat.
Make sure it finds
the right home
while you're out there
looking for fairytales.
Let my people leave in peace,
the shaman pleaded.
But beasts cannot be lived
when dragons walk the earth.
When dragons walk the earth.
How many more must
I slaughter, shaman...
before I get my answer?
Where is the city of gold?
I will take you.
Take me?
Take me where?
El Dorado.
Run, but he
will still follow you.
From our blood, war shall
consume these lands.
May the gods poison your blood,
that infects you,
your sons, and their sons
for generations to come.
Now there is only one.
But soon there will be none.
Shiniki, how long
until we reach Jorge?
At this pace, we
should reach him by tomorrow.
His temple is just
past these mountains.
It's almost night, mi amigos.
Let's set up camp.
Good. I gotta piss.
John, this is Dad.
I uh, I just wanted to
say that I love you.
Shiniki, what is that?
- We stay here.
- John!
- There's so many things
- John.
That I wish I could've
done differently, John.
- John,
- if I could
- Thank God you're okay.
- I'd do it all over again.
Do you hear that?
- But you...
- Liz, wait.
Hey, bring them back, Vic.
- Liz!
- Americans...
Will you hold on?
- John, he's saying help.
- Stop!
We don't know what's down there.
Vic: What are you doing!
Liz, wait.
John, shut up.
- Hey.
- Don't get too close.
Don't get close.
John: No.
No, n-n-no-no.
- Get down, get down.
- Do as, do as they say.
- Putting it down.
- Drop the gun!
- Drop your gun!
- John.
Don't hurt her.
Okay, okay.
Liz, it's okay.
What do we do with them?
I get the girl first.
- She's mine.
- Stop it!
- Ow.
- Stop it, you son of a bitch!
It's okay.
She okay?
Yeah, she's just
a little shaken.
She'll be all right.
Carlotta, thanks for saving us.
It's what I'm paid to do.
You don't like me, do you?
I just do what I'm told.
If I were paid to
kill you, I would.
John, this isn't safe.
Let's go back.
It's too dangerous
to go back now.
We push forward.
Get in.
We're looking for
Jorge Escamilla.
We've been expecting
you, my friend.
These ruins are where the
Spanish Conquistadors had a fort.
Unfortunately, the
committed several
atrocities against the
Incans in the name of God.
The Inquisition.
Yes, the Inquisition.
Esta bien.
What in the world?
Bones of our
brothers who have passed on.
Seor Escamilla.
Seor Escamilla.
That is so beautiful.
Thank you, miss.
But it is far from finished.
Oh good, you speak english.
Uh, I am a long time
admirer of your work,
eve though I've only
seen a few examples.
It's amazing.
Thank you, miss.
Uh, please forgive me.
I'm Elizabeth Carlisle,
and this is Johnathon Davenport.
Pleased to meet you.
Pleased to meet
you, Mr. Davenport.
Call me John.
And call me Liz.
Uh, Jorge, I own an art
gallery in Los Angeles.
And John and I have come to Peru
for the sole reason that we
admire your work greatly.
We wanna introduce you
and your art to the world.
I am very flattered but,
I am just a simple carver.
I have had no formal education.
And that's why
you're so special.
That's why your work is
so fresh and exciting.
Where do you get
your inspiration?
I have long been
fascinated by the way
human beings treat those
over whom they have power.
I get my inspiration from
books on the Inquisition
and other records
of human atrocities.
Your friend is looking at
one of those books now.
John, don't be rude.
Come talk to Jorge.
That book...
It's very interesting.
Jorge, we can arrange for you
to have your own show in
Los Angeles in a month
if you come back with us.
I'll make you famous.
I am not interested in fame.
But it's not just the
fame, it's the fortune.
You could help your family with
the money that you'd earn.
I have not family.
You really got him now, Liz.
Jorge, wait.
Jorge, wait.
Please, miss.
I do not wish to discuss
this further with you.
Jorge, what about your people?
You can now bring
them out of poverty.
My wife and my
children were killed
in front of my eyes by the
revolutionaries, Del Luminoso.
My people did
nothing to stop it.
Too consumed by their own fears.
Sorry, I didn't
know that, Jorge.
You don't.
You also don't have
any idea of the danger
you have put myself and your
friends in by coming here.
Please, be gone by sunrise.
You are face-to-face with evil.
Who was he?
Francisco Palma Asturias.
A conquistador with the
Inquisition against the Incas.
I feel as though
I've seen him before.
Hm, I hope not.
He is the devil.
Is this man so much
worse than the others
that call him the devil?
I don't know who you are,
and I don't know
what you believe,
but I can sense
something is wrong.
All I can tell you is this.
The heart of evil is selfish.
It's possible to become
lost in your desires,
blind to the answers
that lie before you.
We're making a
mistake staying here.
Those Americans won't
leave without that artist.
Do they wanna leave
without their artist
or without their lives?
I hope your shot is
as sharp as your tongue.
We're not alone.
What if we've
come this entire way
and he doesn't wanna
come back with us?
You realize that he's in
huge danger here, right?
We could kidnap him.
John, I'm being serious.
Shiniki, he doesn't
wanna come back with us.
Well, Americans selling
visions of grandeur,
they have not had the
best track record here.
Okay, so any advice.
Have you thought
about kidnapping him?
I'm happy that you all
seem to think this is a game.
Thank you.
American girls, my friend.
They're very determined.
You have no idea.
Are you afraid to take risks?
Pizarro is a damned fool.
We've come so far for so little.
Pizarro has taken
24 tons of gold
and silver in the name of Spain.
That is good for
the name of Spain,
but what about the name
of Francisco Asturias?
You are jealous, my friend.
That gold was taken on
the blades of our swords.
And yet, we leave with no
more than when we left Spain.
He has a point.
I have a wife and son in Spain.
They are sick of
sprinkling herbs and spices
on the rats that they
catch in my home.
So, what are you gonna do?
Steal from Pizarro?
I am not a thief.
I am a conqueror.
I will take El Dorado.
You believe the native's lies?
Every lie starts with truth.
The both of you, you will
help me find which it is.
And if we refuse?
Oh, but you won't.
All right?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Jorge, we have to
get you outta here.
I told you this is happening
because you came here.
She's not your enemy.
John, where were you?
They stole our vehicles.
We're outnumbered.
- Which way outta here!
- I know a back route.
I'll show you all.
I'll hold them off!
Go! All of you!
You are coming with us.
No, my friend.
We, we knew this.
You couldn't hide here forever.
Beware of John.
I've seen into his soul.
He's the one.
Go, go.
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.
Where are they?
Beyond your reach.
And will you do
to me like you did
to the rest of his family?
My friend.
It is unwise for you
to tread forward alone.
We can offer you protection.
With a group like this?
I suppose something
will happen soon.
At the very least, one of them
will shoot himself in the foot.
It doesn't seem like you
have much respect for us.
I respect real soldiers.
But I have seen mercenaries
like you before.
Where I am going, you
would be devoured whole.
Is that you what
you think, artist?
It's what I know, butcher.
You wanna leave, then leave.
One less mouth to feed.
Let's go.
Hey, Jorge.
Jorge, wait!
Haven't you Americans
caused enough bloodshed?
We came here so
what happened tonight
wouldn't happen to you.
Your story and your art needs
to be shared with
the world, Jorge.
The dragon in your paintings...
Why is it so
prominent in your work?
It is the mark of
Francisco Palma Asturias,
the Inquisitor.
You're honoring a madman?
What are we talking about?
Francisco Palma Asturias was
one of the grand inquisitors
of the Incan people
under Pizarro.
You are familiar
with the history?
Not only did Asturias torture
and murder many of
the Incan people,
but he also killed my father.
How is that possible?
That was centuries ago.
The soul of the
living is passed on
to the next generation at death.
It is eternal, unbroken,
with a memory of
past good and evil.
Passed on through the bloodline?
Asturias befriended the
shaman of my ancestral tribe,
a man who foolishly
believed that Asturias
would spare his people if
he give him what he desire.
But Asturias betray him,
butchering his people
before turning his blade
on the shaman himself.
The shaman use his
last breath to put
a curse on Asturias's soul,
forever condemning his
lineage to eternal torment.
What was it Asturias desired?
The location of El Dorado.
The lost city of gold?
Well, that's what the
Spaniards called it.
But it means much,
much more than that.
Isn't that right, my friend?
El Dorado is a
sacred place where
anything you wish
will come to reality.
You guys can't
possibly believe that.
Asturias believed in it,
enough to slaughter a nation.
Escamilla believes in it,
enough to pursue
it for seven years.
Is this true, Jorge?
Do you know how it feels to
watch your loved one bleed
to death in your arms,
powerless to save
her as she whispers
your name in her dying breath?
Do you know the madness
that plagues you
in the days, months,
and years after?
If not, then you
will never understand
the sacrifice that one
is willing to make.
I cannot come to
America with you.
We'll help you.
We'll help you find El Dorado.
But you have to help her.
She came a long way
to find you, Jorge.
Who are you,
Johnathon Davenport?
Someone who also knows
what it feels like to...
to be haunted by the
death of a loved one.
You are very persuasive.
I guess I have little to lose
except some of my
independence, huh?
Oh my God.
Thank you, Jorge.
I promise you won't regret this.
I suggest that we
keep this pursuit
of El Dorado a secret from our
trigger happy friends, huh?
The dragon has returned my love,
for my revenge and
your resurrection.
Rebels again?
John, I think that
we should turn back.
No way, I'm staying
to help Jorge.
Help him what?
Find El Dorado?
It is useless.
There's no sign of the him.
It's possible he
was eaten by a jaguar,
Or a puma.
The jungle is very hungry.
You and I both know
this ain't no puma.
I've often wondered about how
paranoia sets in, before death.
Back to base!
You and I both know that you
can't bring people
back from the dead.
Yeah, but what if
the dead can bring
themselves back
through the living?
You know those
nightmares I have?
- Yeah.
- Becoming more and more clear
since I've gotten to Peru.
What do you mean?
I feel like something's
trying to warn me.
Warn you about what?
Let's go!
What are you gonna do?
Look at this.
I wanna help you.
Do you know what it takes
to kill somebody, my friend?
I know what it takes to live.
John, what are you doing?
I'll be alright.
Oh, it's hot.
It's so hot.
Oh, it's caliente.
Oh, that lucky.
Very nice.
Gun down!
Where are my seeds, mi amigo?
With your mother in hell.
Don't be stupid, boy.
For you and your men,
do the right thing.
Ash to ash, dust to dust.
Say hi to my mommy.
Come on.
What's the matter, huh?
Never kill anybody before?
Come on.
Come one!
Right now! Do it!
Come on!
You can't do it.
You can't do it.
Shoot me!
Carlos Volkov
comes here with you
and kills all of my brothers!
Kills everybody!
Fuck you!
Fuck Volkov.
You don't know what I've seen!
Do you!
You forgot what you are.
What are you waiting for!
I got nothing left!
Listen to me, John.
Hey, Alonzo.
What the hell are
we doing out here
Mr. Carlos is gonna be paying
our asses overtime for his.
Yeah, I'm telling you, man.
I'm gonna work overtime on the
- American girl, brother.
- Ooh.
Muy caliente.
What is wrong, Elizabeth?
I feel like everything
that I've done
since I've been here has
been completely wrong
since working with
Carlos and bringing John,
- and...
- Me?
No, definitely not you.
Hey, Alonzo.
Did you hear the
white boy went crazy
on that?
I told you there's
something off about him.
That mother fucker needs Jesus.
But I tell you
what's even crazier.
I used to run with those
, and I swear to you
I think we killed Jorge's
wife back in the day.
Crazy shit, right?
Hey, Alonzo?
You lost, American?
What are you gonna do with that?
What the hell are you doing?
I heard what that rebel said.
He said Volkov's name.
As an artist, I must rely
on my feelings to guide me.
I always trust my soul.
These trees, they speak to me,
as do the mountains
and the water.
My soul tells me you
have no need to worry.
I uh, though you
only drew inspiration
from human atrocities.
You bastard.
Mi amigos.
The mercenaries went back to
Carlos with his transport.
Come sunrise we
head to El Dorado.
Uh, excuse me, Jorge.
I see you've woken the dragon.
And he is very, very hungry.
We must move quickly.
He will only grow stronger.
Our time is now, brother.
The heart of evil is selfish.
It's possible to become
lost in your desires,
blind to the answers
that lie before you.
Jorge Escamilla is a wanted man.
He's not just an
artist, my friend.
Maybe he knows the
way to El Dorado.
I'm sorry, that's
completely bullshit.
Well, that information
could be a little valuable.
You know it's
amazing the trouble
you can get yourself into when
you're looking for answers.
We got lucky.
For the first time in
my life I have a clue
about what's been tormenting
me since I was a kid.
I have a chance to
figure out this curse.
It's a chance my
father never had.
Oh, this is so beautiful.
It's El Dorado.
Johnathon! Join me!
You seem like you've
been here before.
I have, seven years ago.
I watched as my
family was slaughtered
in the name of sacrifice.
It is not by coincidence that
you are here,
Johnathon Davenport.
My tribe, as well as Shiniki's,
have long known the
location of El Dorado.
And for far too long we have
been hunted for this knowledge.
But today we turn the tide.
I don't understand.
Seven years ago I was
forced here by the rebels
who sought to acquire
power they could use
to defeat a foreign
presence in Peru.
A Russian crime lord.
Your friend, Carlos.
I could not satisfy their wish
as I was unaware that
the land's sacred powers
have been locked by the
blood of Francisco Asturias.
The Inquisitor.
My family was butchered as
punishment and inspiration
to force me to find the
bloodline of Asturias.
For their greed
and so that I could
revive the powers of
El Dorado and bring
my family back from the dead.
Shiniki has spent
almost a decade
researching you, your
lineage, your lost love.
How is this possible?
Everything was calculated
to raise the spirit
of thee Inquisitor that's
festered inside you, John!
Do you think it was
just a coincidence
that you received that
email of Jorge's paintings,
or that you are seeing
Asturias in your dreams!
You have performed
well, Johnathon
slaying those who dare
to stand in our way.
You're coming into your destiny,
- John!
- No.
The evil that we need!
John, no!
- You're crazy.
- Finish your journey!
It ends here, John!
No, John!
Shiniki, no.
You are the direct descendant of
Francisco Palma Asturias.
Your life will be used to
bring joy for so many, mi amigo!
Your life for hers.
Your life for hers!
Your life for hers!
I'll give it to you!
I love you.
Do it!
You have no idea, and I
hope you never find out.
Where is the city of gold?
El Dorado.
There's only one god.
Does this look like madness!
This is Dad.
Don't let it consume you, John.
Don't let it consume you
like it did me, John.
Don't let it torment you, John.
Please, John.
Don't let it win.
Don't let it win.
Don't let it win.
Don't let it win.
Don't let it win.
Don't let it win.
Don't let it win.
Don't let it win.
Don't let it win.
What have you done, John?
What have you done?
Don't let it win.
We're dying, John.
You've bartered
our life for what?
They were gonna kill Liz.
Weakness killed Liz.
You've made a
fatal mistake, boy.
You've already let it win.
The desire for those
to bath in our blood.
You failed her.
Just like your father failed
to strike down his enemies.
What enemies?
You know absolutely nothing.
Help me.
Help me to destroy my enemies.
What do I get in return?
What do you want?
It was never about gold, John.
It was about power,
the power to ensure my
legacy was long protected,
to ensure my legacy reigned
throughout the generations.
Their blood, John.
Not ours.
Then help me, and I
will give you rebirth.
Death is only the beginning.
My god is thirsty for treasure.
Not water, shaman.
The treasure that you seek
is all around you, Spaniard.
But before you can take from
the gods, you must give.
Give what?
Forgive me.
Bath your desires in
the blood, Spaniard.
You have done well, shaman.
My god is pleased.
I am very, very pleased.
Now let my people
leave in peace.
May the gods poison
your blood that
infects you and your
sons and their sons
for generations to come
until there are none.
There's only one god, old man.
After seven years,
give me what I desire!
Give me my family back!
What is happening, shaman!
Why isn't it working!
It needs more than his blood!
It needs his flesh!
Has you hunger for gold
not been satisfied?
You've taken enough
to feed your family
for generations to come.
Stop this madness.
Does this look like madness!
Why not wish for a mountain
of gold and call it?
I prefer to earn my pieces.
Bring me the next.
Why don't you go
back to Pizarro?
I need conquerors, not cowards!
The pretty one.
Oh, the pretty one.
I, I will have to think,
to think of something
grand for your death.
Get her!
Get her!
I will use her blood to save me.
Get her!
Are you prepared to take risks?
You are the Conquistador.
You are the Inquisitor!
The bastard's spirit is
trying to protect itself.
Finish him!
I only want my family!
John, no!
John! John!
John, no!
Look at me, John!
This is not you!
This is not you.
Look at me.
You know you don't
have to do this.
I love you.
I love you.
Don't do this, John.
Earlier this morning the
board of directors of Davencorp
moved to appoint
Michael Streeter,
board member and
industry insider,
to the position of
CEO of Davencorp.
The move was made after
a two week absence
of Johnathon Davenport, son
of the late Richard Davenport
and heir apparent
to the media giant.
Johnathon Davenport's
attorney, Jack Harper,
commented to reporters
that Mr. Davenport
is doing well and
taking some time off
following the death
of his father.
Jared Martin, 6K
News, Los Angeles.
Look how big you've grown.
So, so what's next now?
You gonna join your
dad at uh, Davencorp?
Could be quite a legacy.
Hey, I just want
him happy, you know?
That's the meaning
of life, right?
He was a really great man, John.
And he loved you so much.
I've got a lot of
regrets in my life, John.
But you aren't one of them.
- John.
- I uh...
I just wanted to
say, John, that...
That I love you.
- Hey, hun.
- Hey, honey.
Seor Volkov, we must speak.
What do you want
to speak to me about?
Your cocoa fields.
I pay you well, shaman,
to keep the piece.
Yes, well, it's not that
easy to keep the piece
when you deal with
revolutionaries, my friend.
Just go head and
ask Jorge Escamilla.
Where did you get that?
Well, that information
is very valuable.
Do not play games
with us, shaman.
The legend is true.
Good things happen
to those who are
faithful to my tribe.
I'm not a fool, Carlos.
My people have
suffered too long.
We just need the protection.
Tomorrow, you will carry out
a new load of cocoa
into the fields.
Do not fail me, shaman.
I can be trusted, Carlos.
Thank you for your time.
You okay?
Uh, no, not really.
There's um, a Russian drug
lord scouring the earth for us.
Uh, a vindictive
shaman who knows
more about us than
we do ourselves.
Oh, you're possessed by
a 15th century spirit,
and I killed a man in Peru.
And now I have to
shut down my only.
At least you got me.
Why are we going
to Mexico, again?
I found this in
my father's office.
For that brief moment
that I died in Peru...
I learned something.
Asturias didn't
die at El Dorado.
He was reborn.