The Claim (2000) Movie Script

All right, boys, the far end of town.
Keep 'em going!
All right, ladies, let's go.
I'm Vauneen.
I take care of you from now on.
You get down, and we'll
get you to work real soon.
All right, gents, hand over your firearms.
- Why?
- It's the town's rule.
These firearms belong to
the Central Pacific Railroad.
It don't matter. Mr Dillon says "No
firearms in town", so no firearms in town.
- You can't take these weapons.
- I said leave them.
Then you can't come
into Mr Dillon's town.
We're happy to cooperate.
- Boys, hand him your firearms.
- Help me with that one.
Just get back! They have to be
cleaned and washed.
- That one's clean enough.
- Well, she's not with me. Let's go, girls.
Give me a ride and
I'll give you a gold dollar.
- I don't know what you mean.
- Just a little one. Come on! One little ride.
Hey! Break it up!
Hey, break it up! Walk away!
- How'd he get the firearm?
- Help me get these harnesses off.
OK, guys, break it up.
Walk away. Walk away!
Thank you.
Didn't like seeing him
give you trouble, miss.
- You're from the railroad?
- I am.
I'm the chief engineer of
the Central Pacific survey party.
- I'm here to see Mr Dillon.
- That's right.
- He didn't say you'd bring family.
- They're not my family.
- But you can take their bags anyway.
- You're very kind.
Least I could do, ma'am.
Did you hear, Mother?
He's here to see Mr Dillon too.
- Boys, we're movin' to the warehouse.
- Move!
- What's your name?
- Hope. Hope Burn.
- That's a fine name.
- Thank you.
- So what brings you to Kingdom Come?
- We're visiting a relative.
- How many people live here?
- 1200.
- I'll wait here for the bags.
- Thank you.
I can't find the right herbs, Hope.
I'll take care of it.
Dalglish, if you wait here, I'll go
and see if Mr Dillon's ready to see you.
Fernando, give this man a drink.
A whisky.
Come in.
Railroad fella's here.
- What's he like?
- Just a young pup. He'll be no bother.
Mr Dalglish, Mr Dillon will see you now.
Is that what you like?
Mr Dillon, this is him.
Pick a number. We're all set to roll.
- I don't gamble. It wastes drinking time.
- Place it all on one.
It'll be over before your drink's here.
- I'd only lose your money.
- It's not mine. I just gave 'em to you.
I don't accept gifts, Mr Dillon.
Gets in the way of business.
- You think I'm trying to bribe ya?
- You wouldn't be the first.
Oh, and he booked into the hotel too.
I told him you'd got a new bed,
but he wouldn't listen to me.
- When's your birthday?
- September.
by Percy Bysshe Shelley.
23. 23.
I met a traveller
from an antique land
Who said: Two vast and trunkless
legs of stone stand in the desert.
Near them, on the sand,
Half sunk, a shattered visage lies
Whose frown, and wrinkled lip...
Single zero.
- I lost your money.
- Don't worry. He owns the casino.
- Your song was beautiful.
- Thank you.
- Mr Dalglish is from the railroad.
- Dalglish?
- What kind of name is Dalglish?
- A Scottish name.
Oh, Scottish. How romantic.
Look on my works,
ye Mighty, and despair!
The town of Kingdom Come welcomes
the Central Pacific Railroad survey.
In their honour, all dancing is free tonight.
Find some women, boys.
Gentlemen, I'd like to introduce you
to two beautiful ladies.
This French one is named Sue. She'd
be an education for you. This is Annie.
- Good evening.
- You think I need an education?
He's had lessons in every town
to San Francisco.
You've come far.
- Are you gonna refuse these ladies?
- He's sweet on someone.
- Oh. A girl back home?
- No, here in Kingdom Come.
She come in on the stage.
An Easterner. Not the type.
I will make him forget her.
Do you dance?
Only with Mr Dillon.
- Oh, I meant no offence.
- I'm not offended.
- I am extremely offended.
- Oh, no, baby. I meant no offence to you.
How am I gonna cope with it?
I apologise. I'm so sorry,
from the bottom of my heart.
Oh, God, what a voice.
He's young, huh?
- Younger than you.
- He's handsomer than you.
No one is handsomer than me.
He's not more handsome than you.
Ow! Ow! Ouch, my hair!
- Ow. You're hurting me.
- Mmm.
- You like to hurt me, huh?
- No.
Vauneen. Give us
another whisky, will you?
- You have got one coming.
- This is Mr Dalglish from the railroad.
- Pleased to meet you.
- Welcome, welcome.
- Would you like something to smoke?
- A cigar.
- Vauneen! Come on!
- Jesus Christ!
Stop it! What the hell are you doin'?
Hey, hey, hey, hey!
- What's the row?
- He tried to pay me with this.
- It's my dust.
- He lost it to me playin' cards.
Never heard of Delaney
playin' cards before.
Maybe that's why he lost it. Inexperience.
You'd better both call on Mr Dillon
at my office, first light tomorrow. Get lost.
Party's over.
Let's get back to work.
Another shot for you?
Yeah. Got that coming.
- Why don't you lock them up?
- No need.
A man gets told to call on Mr Dillon,
he calls. Either that or leaves town.
It's a tidy little town, Mr Dalglish.
Suit the railroad just fine.
Hey, you! Hey, get off there.
I'm sorry, he's mine.
- How about both of you?
- Hey, hey, hey!
Down the hall on your left.
Give him the feather bed.
We want to treat him well.
- Go to your feather bed.
- Have a nice week! See you next week!
Go easy on him, girls. He's only young.
- Where's he goin'?
- He's goin' down the hall.
- I've been waitin' for hours.
- Well, you're gonna wait a while longer.
- You didn't bring the railroad into town.
- Missed the boat again, Jim.
Ah, wipe
the sourness off your face.
Is it true you get to name the station?
- You could name it after me.
- What's your name again?
He's gonna call it Sue, because
he's gonna name it after me.
- Sue City.
- Sue City.
The railroad is the greatest
enterprise in America.
You can't just want your name on it. You
have to deserve to get your name on it.
- Really?
- Yeah, I'm sorry to say.
Sue? Why would I name it Sue?
Because I'm gonna fuck you
so deep... so, so deep,...
..your dick will come out
somewhere in the middle of China.
Come here, Hope, quick!
That's him. That's Mr Dillon.
That's him on the horse?
Here, take these.
You give them to Mr Dillon. Nobody else.
Are you all right?
Go hurry.
I, Harry Grimes
of the Roughwood Claim,...
..on the 30th of November of this year
was found to have knowingly removed...
..colour and dust from the person of
Mr Delaney while he was asleep drunk.
I know what I did was wrong...
..and I deserve to be punished.
Standard sentence is 50 big ones.
Mr Dillon has commuted that to 25,
cos he knows it won't happen again.
Right, boys, show's over. Go home.
Mr Dillon?
Mr Dillon?
- I've been asked to give this to you.
- What's this?
It's from Mrs Burn.
You're Hope?
Mr Dillon.
Miss Burn!
- Can I walk you home?
- Yes.
- Mr Dillon's your relative?
- Yes, he is. Our rich relation.
That's a good relative to have.
Unless he runs us out of town
with his bullwhip.
Most towns would've lynched
that man for what he did.
Mr Dillon's whippin'
probably saved his life.
- Did you really see a lynching?
- Nearly got lynched myself one time.
- Really?
- Town was expecting to get the railway.
I had to tell 'em it was gonna pass
15 miles to the north.
They thought the prospect of a rope
might change my mind.
- But it didn't.
- No.
It must be exciting to be in the wilderness
with lynch mobs, bears and wild Indians.
Oh, it is.
Can I come with you?
- It's not a pleasure trip.
- I'm strong. I won't slow you down.
- All right, then.
- When?
Tomorrow morning. We'll go to the pass
above the town. We'll be back by evening.
I'd like that. Thank you, Mr Dalglish.
See you tomorrow.
I got food, fire... if you want.
It's pork fixings.
I've only got one bowl.
- Where are you from?
- Dublin.
- You?
- Poland.
Something to drink?
Ain't seen a woman in...
..quite some time.
That's all right.
- Find anything?
- There's no gold in America.
No more gold than there is elephants.
There's no pleasure in it.
A man loses heart.
Even if he makes a strike,
he loses heart.
Is there more?
I don't need more gold.
- I need a woman.
- Take that one.
- I'll trade ya.
- You wouldn't part with her.
For six months I've dragged her
behind me across this godforsaken land.
I started out with two mules.
Had a wagon and kit.
- Now I own nothin' but her.
- You don't own me.
The claim.
I'll give you the claim.
- Daniel...
- Shut up and let me think.
I'll take the child too. Be happy to.
You want to sell your child?
I'm talkin' straight.
It's the blow.
See how it catches, on the charcoal?
That got it.
Probably softer.
Yeah. Warm this up on the outside...
..and eventually this'll warm up,
and you put it on your face or hands.
- It'll keep you warm all day.
- Thank you.
- We've got snowshoes, if you want.
- I'm fine.
- You're not too cold?
- No.
- If your feet go numb, you let me know.
- Don't worry. I'm from pioneer stock.
Father was a forty-niner. Mother too.
I was a baby here when the whole
of California was as empty as this.
- Did they find gold?
- A little. Not enough.
- They never told me it was this beautiful.
- It's wonderful.
How will you get a railroad up here?
You'd have to knock down the mountain.
Maybe that's what we'll do.
Blast a tunnel through.
Could I please have
some more water for my mother?
- Sure.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- Oh!
- Miss Burn?
- Yes.
We have a mutual friend.
- One Mr Dalglish?
- Oh, yes.
My name is Lucia.
- Pleased to meet you. I'm Hope.
- Hope. It's a beautiful name.
- Thank you.
- You can call me Lucy.
Well, I've come to ask you if you'd like to
join Mr Dillon and I for a visit at our home.
Oh, yes. Thank you. When?
- Here's your water.
- Thank you.
Any time, really. Now, if you want.
I'm not... I'm not sure. My mother is...
Oh, you can bring your mother too.
- I'll ask.
- I'll wait here.
All right.
Mrs Dillon is downstairs.
She wants me to call on her. You too.
Mrs Dillon?
She's downstairs.
- How does she know we're here?
- Mr Dalglish told her.
- Shall I go?
- Yeah.
- Go fix your hair.
- No time. She's waiting.
She can wait some more.
Come here.
Don't talk too much when you're there.
Don't talk out of turn.
About Dillon, I mean.
If she doesn't ask, don't offer.
Don't worry, Mother. I know what to do.
- Where are you from, Hope?
- Boston.
Oh, Boston.
I would love to go to Boston.
Tonight Mr Dalglish is gonna fall
hopelessly in love with you.
I don't think so. Why would he do that?
Because you're gonna look ravishing.
Leave it to me. You'll captivate him.
I tried to make it as much
like San Francisco as I could.
- I think I have it.
- Let's do it from the beginning.
What do you think of the shape?
I've never worn anything
like it. I don't know.
- Here's the skirt that goes along with it.
- It's so beautiful.
- We could change some of the lacing.
- Won't it be too big, though?
Oh, Li can fix that for you.
OK, boys. Get the boxes
and boards movin'. Come on!
Thank you.
Come on, boys. We want to get there
before dark. Come on!
Keep it comin', keep it comin'.
Ladies... Ladies and gentlemen.
We have a guest tonight.
A pianist of great distinction,
as you've just heard, and an actress,...
..and a reciteuse, known throughout
the Americas: Miss Hope Burn.
There's a glen in old Tir Conaill...
- That was a wonderful song.
- Thank you.
- What was it about?
- It's about my father's home, in Portugal.
Wanna know something?
She's got a mole on her ass.
..loved the widow's winsome
daughter, Noreen Bawn.
All of you.
Carry on.
Then one day there came a letter
With her passage paid to go
To the land where the Missouri
And the Mississippi flow.
Soon she'd packed and all was ready,
And one morning at the door,
The widow, brokenhearted,
Parted with her Noreen Bawn.
- Excuse me. I'm gonna go change.
- Weary years the widow waited,
Till one evening through the door
Slowly walked a slender female,
Costly were the clothes she wore.
She said "Mother, don't you know me?
I've only caught a cold."
But two scarlet spots upon her cheek
Their own sad story told.
There's a grave in old Tir Conaill
Where the wild flowers gently wave.
There's a grey-haired woman weeping,
lowly kneeling on the grave.
She says "Noreen, can't you hear me?
I'm so lonesome since you've gone."
"'Twas the curse of emigration
Placed you here, my Noreen Bawn."
Daniel, stop!
Come on!
So hear you, tender maidens,
Ponder well before you go
From your humble homes in Ireland.
What's beyond you little know.
For what is gold and where's the pleasure
When your health and strength are gone?
When you think of emigrating,
Then remember Noreen Bawn.
Haven't heard that in years.
- Sit down.
- It was enchanting.
Thank you.
- Sing, Dalglish!
- Sing! Sing!
- No!
- Come on, sing!
- No.
- Sing! Sing!
I know that ballad.
I used to say it for my father.
He used to always cry at the end.
What was he like?
My father?
I thought he was your relative. Mother
said you were our relation by marriage.
Oh, Shenandoah
I long to hear you
It's too high.
- Go again.
- Right now?
- Do you have any children, Mr Dillon?
- Hm?
- Do you have any children?
- No. No.
Oh, Shenandoah
I long to hear you
Away, you rolling river
Oh, Shenandoah
I long to hear you
I've gone away
'Cross the wide Missouri
Stop it.
You're special.
- Am I?
- Very special.
No. You say that,...
..and then you'll go off with your big box
of nitroglycerine and never come back.
- Of course I'll come back.
- No.
Why are you out here?
You've got men in there.
Go and do your job and smoke later.
Bellanger! Time's up!
I wanna see some more money.
Annie, you're not givin' it away. Come on.
- On the table!
- I know!
- Right now!
- Hey, where are you at?
- She's a good ride, Joe.
- I need another $30.
- Mary's not with you?
- I paid for a girl...
Mary! Get your skinny ass in here.
This man's waitin' for ya.
- I was gettin' a drink.
- Just go and do your job.
Dillon was askin' me about you.
What did you tell him?
I told him you were a gold-digger
and he should steer clear of you.
That's very perceptive of you.
I have to leave again tomorrow morning.
I have to survey the next valley.
Are you coming back?
- What are you looking for?
- My bustle.
It's here.
It was a good night.
- Yeah? How much?
- $900, four ounces of gold.
That's good.
One of them's paying Annie for
every breathing minute of the day.
I liked your song.
You should keep an eye on your man. The
way he was looking at that young one...
- Oh, please.
- Ooh la la!
- Come on. She's a child, for God's sake.
- So were you when he found you.
She's gonna marry her off
to the railroad man.
I think I know what I'm doing.
That's for sure.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Come on. Back to work.
- I don't think you'll ever come back.
- Of course I'll come back.
We're leavin' our kit here.
What about me? Hm?
You'll come back for your kit,
but leave me behind.
- I'm comin' for you as well.
- Yeah. Yeah.
You're thinkin' more of that kit than me.
Go to sleep.
Goes into Mrs Burn's room.
Through the lobby, up the stairs. OK?
Damn near frozen.
It's beautiful.
- Does it look silly?
- It looks beautiful on you.
Where do I leave this, ma'am?
Oh. Over here.
Mr Dillon wants to see you, ma'am.
He sent me to fetch you.
- I'm not a parcel, Mr Sweetley.
- No, ma'am. I'll wait for you outside.
Mother. Look at this.
Here. I'll help you down.
All right?
- You stay there.
- All right, Dan.
They said you were sick.
I'm dying.
When Burn died...
..he left us with nothing.
I want to do right by Hope.
I hope you feel the same.
- Coffee?
- No.
I want $200 a year. That's all.
If 200 is too much, we can argue.
Whatever it is, I want it in writing.
I don't drink any more, Elena.
I want you to know that.
I need money.
I need money for Hope.
Does she know?
It's cold up here.
Sweetley'll show you down.
- Mr Dewolfe.
- Ah. Mr Dillon.
- Sit down, sit down.
- Afternoon, Mr Dillon.
Open the door.
Oh, Dillon. Oh, my love.
- What is it?
- A present.
What are these?
The deeds to the saloon. It's all yours.
We have to end this.
- What are you talking about?
- It's a handsome settlement.
- You've no need to work...
- I'm not a goddamn whore!
I don't want your money.
You tell me why.
- Deeds to the tobacco house too.
- Stop saying that!
- Why?
- It can't be.
I know what's going on!
You wanna fuck that little girl!
You pig! You bast...
As soon as we're through the mountains,
I'm leavin'. You'll see.
- You always say that when you get a girl.
- She has a child.
Left him with a woman in Sacramento.
We're gonna get him back.
Ain't gonna be any kind of life
for him, livin' with her.
Gonna get a piece of land,
and I'm gonna build her a home.
Bellanger, you're so full of shit. You
haven't been able to sit still since '62.
- Yes, I have.
- Yeah? Where?
A whorehouse in San Francisco.
It's too narrow, boss.
You'll never build here.
I've built on worse.
Boys! Bring
that nitro around, across to here!
Come to the edge!
We could blast a shelf.
- Where?
- Right there.
Come on. Giddap.
Jesus Christ! Thomas!
We're comin'!
"Surely goodness and mercy
shall follow me all the days of my life,...
..and I will dwell in the house
of the Lord for ever. Amen."
There's no way through here.
You know that.
Then the railroad won't
go through Kingdom Come.
- So?
- So what about Annie?
Plenty of Annies.
But it ain't Annie you're worried about.
Hey, watch where you put that.
- TJ, are we nearly there?
- Almost ready.
All right, men.
Keep a straight line.
Ready? Pull!
Straighten it up down there!
Keep them goin' there, TJ.
Straighten it up down there!
- Pull!
- Put your backs into it!
There's music outside.
Mr Dillon requests the pleasure of
the company of Mrs Burn and Miss Burn.
- When?
- Now.
Mr Dillon wants to
tell you himself, personal.
Keep the line straight there!
I need to talk to ya!
What's all this for?
I want us to get married.
- We're already married.
- No one knows that.
It would make everything right.
You'd have all the money
you ever wanted.
I've no other kin.
Hope would stand
to take it all when we died.
- What about your little lady?
- She's got nothin' to do with this.
- You didn't marry her, then?
- I was already married.
We could be a family again.
I could be a father to her.
There's just one thing.
I don't want her to know what I done.
Well, she won't hear it from me.
Is it settled?
It's settled.
How can you marry him?
I don't understand.
They were never married.
Hardly explains why he's marrying you.
I knew him from before.
Before Father?
Before Father.
Hey, boys!
The surveyors are here!
- Bellanger!
- Annie!
- Come on, hurry up.
- I'm hurrying.
Hello, Dalglish.
We've been waiting for you.
- Where is everybody?
- They're at a wedding.
- Why aren't you there?
- It's Mr Dillon's wedding, to Mrs Burn.
Come on, boys!
- I want you to be happy.
- I'm happy.
- Are you all right?
- Yeah.
How are you doin'?
Look after it.
Bellanger, come and dance.
Excuse me, ma'am. Excuse me.
- Hello, Miss Burn.
- Hello.
- How are you?
- Will you dance with me?
I would love to.
- How have you been?
- Very well.
We're starting on the fast part.
Kingdom Come needs a railroad.
Everyone needs the railroad.
The nation needs it.
This'll all be Hope's
one day. Think about that.
I don't want it, Mr Dillon.
It's yours, want it or not.
Now, will you dance with me?
- You all right?
- Yes.
OK, folks. I'd like
a lovely wedding picture.
Please stand in front of the house.
You sit here.
- You want me sittin' down?
- Yes, please.
Um... Perhaps the bride
should be sitting down.
The bri... Yes.
- Do you love me?
- Yeah.
- Do you?
- Sure.
- You're not teasing me?
- No.
I have to leave again tomorrow.
Yeah. We have to survey the other side.
But I'll be back.
- When?
- Soon.
Is Dillon going to get what he wants?
I don't know.
- Everything would change.
- For the better.
- There'd be a school, church...
- Maybe even pavements?
It'd need a new name.
Dillonville, most likely.
Dillonopolis, or Dilladelphia...
There are so many possibilities.
Hope is a good name for a town.
Are you building the railroad
right to the Atlantic?
It's already there.
The idea is we meet in the middle.
Oh. Right.
It's not so very far away, then.
Miss Burn.
- Come on. We're in the saloon.
- No, no. I'm too tired.
- We're engaged.
- You got engaged?
- We're havin' a party.
- Come. You too, miss.
Sorry, I can't. I promised my mother
I'd help her. Thank you, though.
- Bellanger, come on. I want to tell Sue.
- Come on, boss. You have to come.
- All right.
- Congratulations.
- You sure you don't wanna go?
- I'm sorry, I can't. I'd love to.
One drink.
I really have to help my mother.
Thank you.
I understand.
All right, all right!
In honour of the engagement
of Mr Bellanger...
..and this certain lady of the parish,...
..the Central Pacific
Railroad Company... buyin' the drinks!
And tobacco!
And a certain quantity of tobacco!
- I'm gonna see Sue.
- You do that.
- Hey, you bitch.
- Don't be sad, Sue.
You're gonna make me cry.
You look lost, Lochinvar.
- You don't want a girl tonight?
- Not tonight.
Yes, ma'am.
You want to walk me home?
I can't. Big day tomorrow.
So very proper. I like that.
Does that hurt?
- Dalglish.
- Mr Dillon.
We left our gear in the warehouse.
You can invoice us.
- Ah, there'll be no charge.
- Then we'll pay what we think is right.
Dalglish, if you don't get me
a railroad, don't come back.
- Can I get you something?
- I'm fine.
Look at the piano.
Dillon got it for you.
Man has now isolated and identified...
..the force that originated
and galvanised life itself.
That force is electricity.
Look. The frog is dead.
However, if we introduce
a small electrical charge... the frog...
Of course, it is too late... rekindle that force in the poor frog
for any length of time.
Pardon me.
But the judicious imbibing
of electricity during illness...
..can rejuvenate the body's own life
juices, and reinvigorate the will to live.
Take it. Yes.
Don't be afraid. This device
produces a small electrical charge.
You feel it?
- It's narrow.
- We've built on worse.
- It's expensive.
- $80,000 a mile. Maybe $70,000.
What about this town? Kingdom Come.
What's gonna happen to that?
They can move it, sir.
- Anybody gonna give you any trouble?
- I guess so.
- Do what you have to do.
- Yes, sir.
Don't any of you try and get a day's work
without a token. I've had enough of that.
OK, boys. Here you go.
Oh, God!
Bring some water, please.
Help me take off her nightgown.
Put your arms up.
Thank you, Mr Dillon.
Thank you.
Could I get more of the herbs
that I got last time, please?
Keep your head on straight, Bellanger.
We're not here for a fight.
If I can get a little bit more
of the actual piece?
- Big one!
- Got it!
They're packin' up
and leavin' town.
If you walk around, it will be dissipated.
Dan, the survey party's here
and they're packin' their gear.
I'll be right with you.
The current needs time to circulate.
Are you leavin' us, Dalglish?
Or is the railroad comin' through now
through my corral?
- No, it's not.
- Which way is it comin'?
- It's goin' along the valley floor, Mr Dillon.
- Valley floor?
- That's a long way from my town.
- It is. But the land there is unclaimed.
- If the railroad saw a man of vision...
- You let me down, Dalglish.
Why'd you come back?
To collect railroad property, Mr Dillon.
Mr Sweetley, these men
are in town carrying weapons.
Corral's past the town boundary.
I decide the boundaries of my town.
- Hope, go home!
- Bellanger!
Stay right there, Mr Dillon!
No one else needs to get hurt here today.
Sorry about Mr Sweetley.
We'll pack up our stuff
and move out as soon as we can.
You've got till dawn.
Take him to the sheriff's office.
Take your hat off.
- Put your guns down.
- Back to work.
Let's go home.
What happened?
Sweetley's dead. Dalglish killed him.
Come here.
Sometimes you turn away
from someone...
..and you look back,
and all of your life has gone by.
Don't stay here.
Don't stay for me.
No one's very happy about this, Lucy.
Oh, boy!
Francisco, where's Bellanger?
Gentlemen, come in!
Come in, ladies. Come on.
Everyone's on the house tonight.
Well, come on! Don't sit around like
a bunch of virgins. Have a good time.
- Hey, not her! Come on.
- Yahoo!
You pay, you pay!
Don't go, Bellanger.
Please don't go.
I'm going to miss you.
You could come with us.
You could build that town.
What do you mean?
Why not?
You register land, you organise money.
You can do that.
- You'd do that well.
- Oh, I could do that.
- Really?
- Mm-hm.
You know she's dyin'?
If you leave now,
you'll never see her again.
What the hell's goin' on?
Where is he? Where's Dalglish?
Tell me or I'll shoot the woman!
He's at Lucia's house!
Move! Move!
- What are you doing?
- I told you to get out!
- Stop it!
- Shut up or I'll kill ya!
Now... get out.
Why are you here? Don't you have
a wife and daughter to go home to?
Hope's your daughter, isn't she?
- Are you all right?
- Yes.
Hey, mon amour!
- Where are you goin'?
- Holidays.
What? Wait! What's goin' on?
We're closing. We're closed.
Come on, just you and me, then, huh?
I got a stiff on I could dig coal with!
No, you'll have to use your hands now.
Get them a little sticky.
- I'd only take two minutes.
- Sue, I think we found somethin' of yours!
Just the thing we need!
The Kingdom Come tobacco shop
and saloon will be closed as of today.
We're moving to the valley
near the railroad.
There'll be no women and no drink
in Kingdom Come from here on in.
If you want women, work or drink,
you know where to find them.
If you want to stay here, God bless you.
So pack up.
We'll meet you shortly.
Come look for our tent down in the valley.
We'll take care of you there, you stud.
All right, then. Don't forget about us.
We won't forget about you, I promise.
See you down there.
Don't forget thou
Do not grieve
For my heart is true
And cannot deceive
My hand and my heart
I'll give to thee
So farewell...
Are we gonna meet again after this?
Next time you see me,
you most likely won't talk to me.
You'll be the richest woman
north of Sacramento,...
..and I'm just a railroad engineer.
Wouldn't you like to stay to build a town?
I don't want to build a town.
I want to build a railroad.
You'd stay if someone else asked you.
- Who?
- Hope.
Have you thought about
a name for the town?
I'd like to name it
after my father's home.
I always dreamed of going back there.
He made it sound so beautiful.
This is my home now.
And you, Dalglish,...
..don't you want to find a home?
After the railroad's finished.
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye, Dalglish.
Back to work.
I want her to be my daughter.
Then you have to tell her the truth.
- Oh, my...
- Elena.
Oh, God! Oh!
What is it? Elena, tell me.
Come on. It's all right.
Let me give you some laudanum.
Drink as much as you can.
Drink it.
You have to keep drinking.
Please drink a little more.
Please drink it. Please drink it. I'm sorry.
You'll be all right in a minute.
Look at me. It'll be all right.
It's all right. It's all right.
Get to work on it this after...
No guns allowed.
No guns allowed in my town.
I just came to get a priest.
What do you need a priest for?
Elena died.
- Where are you goin'?
- I'm leaving.
I'm going to find Dalglish.
She told me you should never
give up on someone you love,... matter what they do.
- Goodbye.
- Hope.
I need to show you somethin'.
Will you come with me?
Will you wait here, please?
I'll be here.
This way.
Who is it?
You know who it is.
It's you.
And the baby is you.
And the woman is your mother.
I don't understand.
I sold you.
I sold your mother.
I sold you both to Burn, for gold.
Right here in this hut.
- Welcome back, Mr Dalglish.
- Vauneen, good to see you.
Bellanger! There's Bellanger!
- There she is.
- There's Bellanger!
- Been to see the priest? Where is he?
- He's not here.
- Why not?
- He had to go into Kingdom Come.
- What for?
- Well...
Mrs Dillon's dead.
He had to go for her funeral.
- Will he be back?
- I hope so.
Come and see the church.
It's not finished yet.
..we are here to witness
the beginning of a new era...
..and the beginning of a new city.
Years from now, when the story is told
of how American men and women...
..bound this wilderness
with cords of steel,... will be able to say
you played your part.
And on behalf of
the Central Pacific Railroad,...
..I wish you good fortune
and all prosperity... your new city of...
- There's the priest.
- It's Miss Burn.
I'll be back.
Let me help you.
Thank you.
Miss Burn, I'm sorry about your mother.
She'd been ill for a long time.
I've behaved badly.
When you go to a place for a short time,... behave differently than you would
in different circumstances.
It is a pity that the circumstances
weren't different.
- Hope...
- I'd like to see the wedding.
- Yes. Of course.
- Thank you.
You're man and wife.
Kiss him, Annie!
Alan! Alan, saddle up the horses!
Fire in Kingdom Come!
- I need to come with you.
- All right. I'll bring the horses.
Look for Dillon! Look for Dillon!
It's too hot! It's too hot! Get back!
All right, boys! Mind yourselves!
Get back! Get back!
We've lost her! We've lost her!
Come on, boys, come on!
Come on, boys, come on!
- Have you found him?
- No. We'll start the search first light.
What's that?
No. No.
Father, wake up, please.
Please wake up.
Will you help me turn him over, please?
Bring those horses up here.
Help me turn him over on his back.
Stop the horse. Stop it! Please.
Oh, Daniel.
They were like kings.
- Who were?
- Pioneers.
People like Dillon.
They came out here
when there was nothing,...
..built these towns
and ruled them... like kings.
- Gold!
- Gold!
- Let's go get it. It's in the bank!
- Move! It's ours now!