The Cleaner (2021) Movie Script

(electronics whooshing)
(air rumbling)
(car beeping)
(coffee peculator bubbling)
(train horn blaring)
(hot plate sizzling)
(water dripping)
(air rumbling)
(door creaking)
(footsteps squeaking)
(air rumbling)
(gentle music)
(dog barking)
(wind chimes tinkling)
I Foolish girl
7 Just a fool
(feint smooth music)
(wind chimes tinkling)
Maybe you put the blame on
(wind chimes tinkling)
(door thuds)
(spray bottle hisses)
(glass squeaking)
(vacuum cleaner humming)
(dog barking)
- [Mikey] Dude, my
brother got robbed.
- No way.
- No for real.
This guy comes in with a
semiautomatic and a ski mask.
- [Trent] They catch him?
- No, luckily nobody got hurt.
- [Trent] No-hander-lander!
- What?
- No-hander-lander, dude!
- Shut up, Trent.
(Trent laughs)
(dog barking)
(door slams)
- [Sharon] Will you not
slam the door like that?
- Well I'm surprised
you can hear anything.
The TV's so damn loud.
- [TV Speaker] Yeah I heard
him a million times too but..
- [Buck] Made ya
something, ham and cheese.
- [Sharon] Hmm,
- [TV Speaker] I never thought
much about the people before,
they were always just somebody
to put up the bleachers.
(Buck groans)
(incoherent TV chatter)
And when they didn't come in
to see me pitch, you know.
(Buck sighs)
Lately I've been watching.
- What are you watching?
- I don't know.
- [TV Speaker] They
were hungry for-
(Buck sighs)
- All right.
I'll be in the RV if
you need anything.
- This is good.
- [TV Speaker] I
know how they feel.
I've been lonely and
hungry for something
practically all my life.
(door clicks)
(crickets chirping)
- How you liking
that Swedish massage?
Nice body high, right?
- Yeah.
Good name.
Legalization happening is just,
it's all about branding now.
(fridge door thuds)
Oh, you still owe me 30 for
that eighth, by the way.
- Hmm, shit I'm sorry.
Things have been kind of slow.
- I wouldn't bring it up, but,
I got a car payment now.
I just bought a Nissan.
Oh, and I got your biz card.
- A Privit Custodian?
Is that right?
- Huh?
Shit, should be private.
I'll get that fixed.
- You know, it's really
Ma's company, it's not mine.
- But she's retired, right?
As your personal
marketing advisor,
I think you should be
getting your name out there.
Lean and clean, baby.
(gentle music)
(Buck exhales sharply)
(van door thuds)
(keys jingling)
(gentle music)
(wind whooshing)
(gentle music)
(bike tires squeal)
(phone ringing)
- Great shield signs, huge.
(Doug laughs)
Hey, listen guys,
take a look at it.
Might be able to
show you one here.
I'll just be right back.
- [Doug] Just stopped by
to chase away my customers?
- I think I got these two
on the hook, seriously.
- How you been, bud?
- I've been good,
how about yourself?
- Ah, we got a recall on
all the Adventurer Classics.
- [Buck] Oh shit.
- I think I'm pre-ulcer.
Come on in my office.
- Okay, yeah.
(phone ringing)
- Sit down.
How's your mom doing?
- [Buck] Oh, Ma's doing good.
You know, she's still
piss and vinegar.
- I'll bet.
- Hey, remember that
day I told the lady
I'd help reseal her driveway
if she signed on
the dotted line?
- You told her I was
gonna help you too.
(Doug laughs)
- That's it. (laughs)
Five Comfort Deluxes
before sundown.
- It's still a
dealership record.
- Yeah.
So listen, Doug,
what do you say?
1 think it's time for me to
get back out there on the lot
and help you sell some RVs.
You saw me with those two.
- Still too soon.
Rob Stahlman's still
a loyal customer.
He gets his RV serviced
here even after you..
Look, I don't blame you, Buck
We all have bad days, but.
- Well,
(upbeat music)
- You shouldn't have invited
them without asking me.
- Come on, you're going to
change your mind later anyways.
You just want me to
tell him not to come.
- I don't care.
- Hi
- Hi.
- I'm Becky,
we just moved in
across the street.
- Hi Becky, I'm Sharon.
- Are those tomatoes?
- Yeah,
try that.
- Just take a bite?
- [Sharon] Yeah,
like it's an apple.
- Okay.
Oh wow, that's incredible.
(Sharon laughs)
- The secret is that you
bury the stems sideways.
- Okay.
Do you want any help?
- No, I'm good.
It's good for my arthritis.
Is that your boyfriend?
- Yeah that's Trent.
We're having a house warming
party at our place tonight.
Do you wanna come, maybe?
- You got a cold beer?
- Yeah.
Yeah, for sure.
I'm the walking damned
7 Tethered from the
stand and dread ;
I Fettered from this plan
And let a canvas
damaged handed down
From what's been said
Handling the past
as if masochist ;
A jab a fist, the rad exists
It's taking all this time
But now the passion lives
Now the passion lives
In Christ upon me at again
I An icon to these
fashion kids
And all of this
can figure out
That what she
had was link 'em
Well low poor me
Just pour me
another boring story
I Sol can drink it
down and be astounded
When I'm snoring
- [TV Speaker] Told
you he'd go running.
- What the hell is going on?
- [TV Speaker] Well when he
aint up there on the video
and he had to do it to say
the whole thing's a frame-up.
- [Buck] What happened?
- Oh, the remote died.
And 1 got up to change the
channel and I rolled my ankle.
- Let me take a look at it.
Jesus, it's swollen.
- It's fine, it's fine.
- No, this needs
to be looked at.
- Oh, we'll do it tomorrow.
- Where'd you get the beers?
- Ah, well,
the new girl across
the way, Becky,
she gave me one.
- One?
What, one six pack?
I All round
Tow it down, change it back
I Been going insane
from the day I started
- You Becky?
James and the
giant peach, yeah
- You girls know who Becky is?
I'm a grain of sand
that revolves around
Everything I learned
from you as a man
- Do you know Becky?
Now if I ever get sleep
I I dream of the same old
- Who's Becky?
As a kid I
received what it is
What it could be, should be
Stuck in the mud trying
to catch that bug
- You know Becky?
1 already sold my soul today
- All of that time.
Also doesn't mean that you
can be a bitch to my face.
It's not fair.
- [Buck] Are you Becky?
- Yeah.
- I'm Buck, I live
across the way.
- Oh, you're Sharon's son.
- Yeah.
- Yeah,
she was talking about you.
- Listen, how many beers
did she have to drink?
- Um, I don't.
I mean four maybe,
I don't really know.
- How do you know she's not
on medication or a diabetic?
- Oh, she's diabetic?
I didn't know that, I'm sorry.
- (sighs) No, but she
just had a bad fall
and we could use a
lift to the hospital.
- You can use my van.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- Okay, thanks.
I'm gonna go get my mother.
watch your step here.
- I know, okay.
- Well, Ma, I hope
it was worth it.
- Oh shut up.
- Hey listen, we
appreciate the ride.
- You guys don't have a car?
- Ma had a Jeep but the
transmission blew last summer.
- What about that RV?
- Look, might as well be a boat.
- Doesn't run.
Okay, Ma, take it
easy getting in.
All right, watch the ankle.
- You got it.
- Oh, oh, oh.
- Easy, easy.
All right.
(car door thuds)
- That doesn't work, gotta
get in through the back.
All right,
oh shit, keys are inside.
- So is it just you two?
- Pretty much, yeah.
- (sighs) I'm really
sorry that this happened.
So if you need any help or
another lift or anything.
- Don't worry about it.
Listen, I'm sorry I came
on so strong up there.
- No, seriously, please ask,
please ask.
- Thanks.
- Let it rip.
(van doors thud)
(soft jazzy music)
(Buck sighs)
- Good morning.
- Morning, prescription
for Enderly.
- All right.
Twice a day as needed.
- Wait, that can't be
right, it's under Medicaid.
- They put it on the
excluded drug list last year.
- Son of a bitch.
- Are you getting those two?
- No I'm gonna put those back.
Ah, 75.
- There you go.
- Thank you.
(phone ringing)
- Excuse me.
- Yep.
- [Pharmacist] Hello, pharmacy.
- Sir, come with me, please.
Bring your stuff.
(deep ominous music)
(police radio chattering)
(deep ominous music)
(police radio chattering)
- You should be embarrassed.
- You think I'm proud
to be sitting back here?
(police radio chattering)
- The manager isn't
pressing charges.
- No?
Then why am I cuffed?
(car door thuds)
(Buck sighs)
(police radio chattering)
- To show you how lucky you
are that I got the call.
Otherwise you'd be on your
way to processing right now.
Then what would we do?
- We, we, Craig?
We are broke man.
And speaking of broke,
Ma broke her ankle.
- What?
- Well, it's a hairline fracture
happened when she got
up to change the channel
on her god damned TV.
The batteries were
for her remote.
- Why didn't you just call me?
- [Buck] I haven't
seen you in months.
-I'm sorry I
haven't been around.
- Am I free to go?
- I bought these for you.
- Thanks.
It says take with food.
- There is no food.
- Got plenty of food.
What do you want?
- Chinese.
- [Buck] I'll make
us some pasta.
- We just had pasta.
- Ma, I'm not ordering Chinese.
Guess who I ran into
at the pharmacy?
- Jimmy Carter?
- [Buck] Nope.
- Is he sick?
What was he doing
at the pharmacy?
- I don't know.
Picking something up, I guess.
- [TV Speaker] I don't
want you hanging around.
- This should work now.
(bright music)
(Laura laughing)
- [Laura] Ah.
- [Jim] How's that?
- [Laura] That's great, babe.
- [Jim] Not too much pressure?
- [Laura] Oh no, feels so good.
- [Jim] Because I don't want
your hammies tender, isn't it?
- [Laura] You're the best.
- Ah.
- Now just go a little deeper.
- [Jim] Okay, it
just hurts my back
when it goes like that.
- [Laura] Did you
call the chiropractor?
- No.
Oh, hey Bucko.
- Guys.
- You ah, you not get our note?
- Note, oh shit.
I forgot about that, I'm sorry.
- Yeah, we might actually, well,
we don't need you
for a few weeks.
- A few weeks?
- Yeah, we might be going
on a little bit of a trip.
- Oh wow, okay.
Well, since I'm here, is there
anything you guys need, or?
you got five minutes
to chat in the garage?
(garage door humming)
Thing is, we've known each other
a long time, you're family.
Your mom cleaned our house,
now you clean our house,
you know?
- Right.
- And you do a good job.
This has nothing to do
with that, trust me.
- Thanks.
- It's just the thing
is, last few weeks,
things have seemed a bit
unprofessional, you know.
Laura and I, we keep very
particular schedules,
and when you're running behind
it really tends to
interrupt our flow.
And then today.
- Jim, I'm sorry about today.
Things have been hectic.
Ma hurt her ankle.
- Oh shit.
- [Buck] Yeah.
- She okay?
- Ah, she'll be fine.
- [Jim] That's good.
- It's pretty potent
Swedish massage.
Listen, I get it.
It won't happen
again, I promise.
- No, I know.
It's just, the truth
of the matter is, Buck,
we've had to cut way back.
I wish things were different,
but Laura, she's a
real penny pitcher.
I mean, she's got it
down to a science.
And hey, no hard feelings.
And we'll let you know
when we need you back.
- Okay.
- Okay?
Don't get down.
And those two boxes
going to Goodwill,
four of those hit the rack,
we're gonna give you
first crack at em.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
Oh, reminds me.
Carlene Briggs, our neighbor,
she was asking about you.
She might need a housekeeper.
- Which house?
- Down at the end
on the right side,
about four houses down.
You oughta follow up.
Maybe land a new client,
what do you know?
- Think I will.
- Okay.
- Does this work?
- I don't know what that is.
(gentle music)
- [Carlene] Jim and
Laura mentioned to me
that you take care
of your mother.
- [Buck] Um, you
know, do what I can.
- Oh.
- Heh.
Oh, is this you?
- Ah, yes.
I sang at the Officer's
Club down in 29 Palms.
That is until I had my son.
- No kidding.
- Hmm.
- Wow, what'd you sing?
Like classic rock or disco?
- Oh.
Oh goodness no, now the
officers may have wanted it,
but not their wives.
- Ah,
I see.
- Would you like for
me to sing you a song?
- Sing me a song?
- Yes, Buck.
- Well, yeah, sure.
That'd be great.
(smooth jazzy music)
Baby, don't put
the blame on me
I'm only human,
can't you see
I I never meant to
break all the promises
I made to you
Oh, its..
- Don't stop.
(hands clapping)
Wow, you have a
great singing voice.
- Thank you.
Well, Mrs. Briggs, you
have a lovely place.
I have to say it's spotless.
I'm surprised you don't have
a cleaning service already.
- I don't want you to
clean my house, Buck.
I want you to find my son.
- Your son?
- Andrew.
I haven't seen him
in quite some time.
He used to stop by
when he needed money.
And then he stopped.
- Right.
(Buck sighs)
Well to be perfectly honest,
I don't think I'm
qualified for this.
Shouldn't you hire a
detective or someone
who finds-
- No, no, no.
I can't have anyone involved
that could get Andrew
into more trouble.
- More trouble?
What kind of trouble
are you talking-
- Buck,
I'm going to pay you $1,000.
- Okay.
(distant voices yelling)
(ominous music)
(bike rattling)
(ominous music)
- Did you hear me yelling?
- Oh shit, I'm sorry.
- Oh.
- What happened?
- [Sharon] I fell, ugh.
- [Buck] Where's your cane.
- I couldn't find my cane.
- Geez, you okay?
- Do I look okay?
- Well, I don't know.
- Get me to the toilet
- Okay.
- before I piss myself.
- [Buck] All right,
get the light.
- [Sharon] Oh.
Okay, good.
- Okay.
- All right.
- I'll be right here.
- [Sharon] Get me to the toilet.
- You don't want me to be
in there with you, do you?
- Oh don't make a
big deal about this.
- I'm not making a big deal.
Okay, hang on.
(Sharon sighs)
- Buck, I don't like being
cooped up here all the time.
- [Buck] I'm sorry, but
you know, I gotta work.
Maybe this'll help though.
- Hmm.
- If you need something,
you just yell into that thing
and I can hear you on
the other end here.
- Okay.
- Need anything?
All right, good night.
See you tomorrow.
(Sharon sighs)
(TV background chattering)
- Buck!
(static crackles)
The lamp went out.
(dog barking)
(door knocking)
(dog barking)
- Hey.
- Morning.
- [Trent] Who the fuck is it?
It's too early for this shit.
- [Becky] It's our
neighbor, shut up.
- I'm sorry it's so early.
- It's okay, don't
worry about it.
How is Sharon doing?
- She's doing all right.
That's actually why I'm here.
I hate to ask this, but would
you mind keeping this nearby?
- Is that a baby monitor?
- [Buck] Yeah.
- Like, for a baby?
- Yeah.
It's in case my
mom needs anything.
She probably won't.
I just have to run a few errands
and I'd really appreciate it.
- Yeah, no problem, yeah.
- Yeah, it's okay, really?
Thanks, Becky.
- Yeah.
(door thuds)
(bright mariachi music)
- [Buck] You ever sell to
a guy named Andrew Briggs?
- Thanks, man.
Nah, I don't think so, man.
- His mom's trying to find him.
She asked me to help.
- Why you?
- I don't know.
She's paying me though.
Oh yeah, that reminds me.
- Oh, dude!
- Yeah.
- I respect the hustle.
Yo, you check his Facebook?
Is he on that Tumblr shit?
- I don't know what Tumblr is.
(James sighs)
- Listen, I run background
checks on new clients,
might be able to
dig something up.
- Background checks?
- [James] You know,
market research.
- Could you run a
background check on me?
- Bucko.
No way.
Andrew fuckin' Briggs.
2883 Cathedral
Drive, apartment 104.
- What are the chances
that this is him?
- I don't fuckin' know.
- Thanks, man.
It's worth a shot.
- And speaking of worth a
shot, I got this fresh batch
of warm bubble bath
sitting in the car
just waiting for us to blaze it.
(gentle music)
(car horn beeping)
(gentle music)
(door knocking)
(gentle music)
- Excuse me.
Here to clean apartment 104,
they booked the basic cleaning.
Should only take an hour or so.
- You spelled private wrong.
- Yeah, I know.
I'm getting that fixed.
- That tenant is locked out.
- Apartment 104,
Andrew Briggs.
- Yeah, owes three months rent.
- Oh, if you see Mr. Briggs
you tell him that he has
till the end of the week
or I'm pitching his shit.
- All right, thanks.
Say, do you have a
phone I could use?
- Yeah, I knew you
were bullshitting me.
Tweakers don't usually
get their floors mopped.
You narcotics?
- Ah, no, no, not officially.
Just here on a tip.
- Yeah, well I figured it
was only a matter of time
before you guys showed up.
- Have you ever seen him
deal out of the apartment?
- Naw, but you could tell
he was into some bad shit.
- When's the last
time you saw Briggs?
- I gave him his
notice last week.
- Did he tell you
where he was going
or leave a forwarding address?
- He didn't say a word.
- We'll let you know
when we're done in here.
- Don't bother.
(ominous music)
- [Craig] Dammit, Buck, you
said you needed your shop vac.
You didn't say
anything about drugs.
- Okay, relax, I'm sorry.
I'm trying to help
a lady find her son.
- What lady?
- Carlene Briggs, lives across
from the Russells,
remember Ma's old clients?
- Yeah.
- She wants me to
help her find her son.
(ominous music)
I Search the world
for eternity
- [Buck] Hey, Craig.
- Yeah.
Just remember
- Check it out.
This is him.
7 And I'll be here
- He looks like shit.
- [Police Dispatch Officer]
14, there's a 459 in progress
at 1550 West Cabrillo.
Repeat, 459 in progress
at 1550 West Cabrillo.
Please advise.
- Copy that, I'm in route.
Time to go.
Can't help you anymore.
If you keep at this,
you're gonna end up in handcuffs
that I can't get you out of.
- Hey, what's a 459?
- Breaking and entering,
which is exactly
what we're doing,
now let's go.
(smooth jazz music)
Every journey it
comes to an end I
- [TV Speaker Boy] What's wrong?
- [TV Speaker Man] Kayla.
- Voila.
- [Sharon] No, no
that's too bright.
Turn it off.
(TV background chatter)
- I'll be in the RV, Ma,
if you need anything.
- Listen, I want you to hose
down underneath that thing,
otherwise we're gonna get mice.
- There are no mice, Ma.
- [TV Speaker Boy] Shep's
your dog, and nobody else's.
So I'm giving him back to you,
right now.
- [TV Speaker Man]
Nevermind the dog, Tommy.
Tommy you go collect some wood-
(door thuds)
(crickets chirping)
(Becky clears throat)
- Hey.
- Hey.
- [Radio Speaker Man] Rusty.
- [Radio Speaker Man 2]
Well, Joseph, how are ya?
Merry Christmas.
How about it, on the house.
- Hope you traded
that for a shiner.
- I started it.
- Listen, we have a
couch in Ma's trailer,
she wouldn't mind.
I sleep out here.
- Thanks.
- Where did you two meet,
you and your boyfriend?
- Ah, at like, a show.
He was in the opening band.
- Yeah?
They any good?
- (laughs) No, they suck.
(Buck laughs)
(Becky laughs)
Who is that?
- That one?
- Mm-hm.
- [Buck] That's the ex-fiance.
- Can I guess?
you were like an insurance guy,
um, and then she,
like, worked next door
at a nail salon or something.
And then one day you guys
met in the parking lot
and you talked for a little bit
and you asked her out on a date.
- That is unbelievable.
- Really?
- Really.
You're not even close.
- I'm usually so good at that.
I mean, I'm pretty good at it.
- Yeah. (laughs)
Well, the story goes I was an
RV salesman at a dealership.
That was the New
Year's Eve party
tight before I bought
this baby. (fist thumps)
We were gonna fix it up,
take a trip cross country,
you know, go to Niagara Falls,
stuff like that.
And then I lost all my money
and things didn't
last long after that.
- Sorry, I'm sorry.
I don't, I don't mean to pry.
- It's okay.
Let me ask you something.
You ever seen this guy around?
ah, no.
- No?
- No, I don't think so, mm-mm.
Did you try the Stardust?
- Stardust?
- That is the painting
that they have on, like, the
back wall of the Stardust
-It is?
(water hissing)
- Coffee?
- That'd be great, thank you.
- Mm-hm.
- Oh, can I ask you a question.
- Hm?
- This kid work here?
Andrew Briggs.
- Briggs, yeah.
He was a line cook.
Picked up his check one
day and never came back.
- He say anything about
where he was going
or another job or something?
- You some kind of a
relative or something?
- Sort of.
- Hmm.
Sorry to hear that.
- Hey.
- [Buck] Hey.
- I know Andy.
- You do?
- Yeah,
he used to work here.
- Any idea where he went to,
another job, anything?
- Nah, I haven't
even talked to him
in like months.
- [Buck] All right, well thanks.
- Good luck.
- Thanks.
- You know he used to talk
about this bar all the time.
The Deviled Egg.
No, no pickles.
Pickled Egg.
He went there all the time.
- Okay, right.
Hey, thanks.
- Yeah.
(gentle music)
- Here put your sunglasses on.
- You know it's hot as hell
out here, I could use a beer.
- Do I need to take
you to another meeting?
- No.
(basketball thumping)
You gotta follow through, Bucky.
(basketball thumping)
Oh, will you water my
tomato plants please?
- Okay.
- Don't overdo it.
-I won't.
- And wait until-
- Yes, until morning.
I've gone through
this drill before.
- Well do it right.
(basketball thumping)
- Hey, Chuck.
- [Sharon] Who's Chuck?
- He's our neighbor, been
there for eight years.
- [Sharon] Oh, I don't know him.
(basketball thumping)
- [Craig] So what did you
drag me out here for anyway?
- (sighs) I was curious.
If someone has a criminal
background, traffic tickets,
things like that, would I
be able to find that out
down at Public Records?
- Is this about the missing kid?
- Yes, it's about
the missing kid.
Listen, I'm just trying to help.
I'm not asking
you to do anything
and I just need your advice.
What's this?
- [Craig] I already
ran his info.
- [Buck] You did?
- Battery charges in 2008,
unlawful possession of a
controlled substance in 2009,
grand larceny in 2012,
filed by Carlene Briggs.
That one landed him in
county lockup for six months.
- Wow.
- This is messy, Buck.
You don't need to
get involved in it.
- I gotta get going.
- [Craig] Wait.
I asked Vanessa to marry me.
- Already?
- Just don't tell Ma, all right?
I wanna tell her myself.
- I'm not gonna say anything.
- Hey, thanks.
- All right, I'll see you later.
- See ya.
(gentle music)
(dog barking)
(radio background chatter)
- [Radio Speaker Boy]
So where is Shep?
I'm gonna found out
about that noise.
(door thuds)
(gentle music)
- [Sharon] Paul Aikers
took me to see this
on our first date.
Tried to feel me
up the whole time.
(laughs) Ah, we
didn't last long.
He was too short.
- You don't like short guys?
- [Sharon] Well I,
no, I like short guys,
it's just that that's all
I can remember about him.
- So what happened?
- We didn't fit.
- Can I tell you something?
- [Sharon] Mm-hm.
he's, um
I don't think we fit.
- Sounds like you
know you don't fit.
- Yeah, but it's better than
being alone, I guess, right?
- I don't know, kiddo.
I don't know.
Let's get some cold beers.
(mid-tempo music)
If 1 holding alone
There any worse
Only to be there, he
(Buck sighs)
(mid-tempo music)
(slot machine beeping)
- [Bartender] What can I get ya?
- Hi, cold bottled
beer, whatever you got.
Thanks, hey, let me
ask you a question.
You ever seen this
guy around here?
- No.
- What about you, sir?
You ever see this
guy around here?
7 The devil, he lost his coat
And whole show me my mouth
(slot machine beeping)
(pricing gun clicking)
- Hey, you're Bethy, right?
- Becky, yeah.
- Yeah, Becky.
I'm Donnie.
I was at your party last week.
- Yes.
- Oh, oh, sorry.
Is that your mom?
Becky didn't have a
party, that was Bethy.
- Bethy.
- Yeah, Bethy.
Um, (chuckles) no,
this is Sharon.
We are gonna shotgun these
beers in the parking lot.
- Or we might even
machine gun em.
- Oh, you might want to
go around back though
so the cops don't see.
- For sure, thank you.
(smooth mid-tempo music)
Tonight I burn up
old love letters
- Nice choice.
- Thanks.
- My name's Buck.
- Buck.
Is that a name you use
to pick up the ladies?
- No, it's the name
I use all the time,
it's short for Warren.
- Hm, Warren, that sounds
like somebody's uncle
(Buck laughs)
- I'm Kristi.
- Kristi.
- Now Kristi sounds
like somebody's cousin.
(Kristi laughs)
Nice to meet you.
I Looks like forever
I Come undone
(both laughing)
Tonight I burn up
I old love letters
(pan sizzling)
(Sharon laughs)
- Oh.
- [Becky] You look
like shit, Buck.
- Thanks.
- What were you
doing last night?
Almost called Craig.
- [Buck] Working.
- Uh-huh, cleaning
houses at midnight.
You better not have been
hitting those card tables.
- [Buck] Wasn't at
the card tables.
(sighs) Did you stay
over last night?
- Yeah, we had fun, right?
- I can see that.
Ma, you shouldn't be drinking
while you're on your pain meds.
Becky, she's in recovery.
- I know, I'm sorry, I..
- This is ridiculous.
I appreciate you staying over
though, keeping an eye on her.
- You do don't need
to keep an eye on me.
- [Buck] Your ankles hurt.
- [Sharon] I'm in
perfect health.
- Craig wants to have dinner.
He's getting married.
- Isn't that nice.
(gentle music)
(dog barking)
(gentle music)
- I haven't had any luck.
I found Andrew's apartment.
He wasn't there.
- Hm, where was he living?
- [Buck] On the East side.
- Oh.
- I did find this.
- Oh, my boy.
- He was working at
the Stardust Diner.
- Uh-huh, he was
managing a diner.
- I think he was a line cook.
- A chef.
- Yeah, yeah he was a chef.
- [Carlene] Was he still
driving that Buick?
- I don't know what,
what kind of Buick?
- Oh, that was an
87 Grand National.
We went to the lot
together to buy it
and I of course
helped him pay for it.
He loved that Buick.
- Well, I can look into that.
- Oh, thank you.
He's just, he's beautiful.
Hold on a minute.
(lips smack)
This is for the
rest of the month.
(Carlene sighs)
- Mrs. Briggs, this is
uh, made out for $2,000.
I can't, that's too much.
- Well, I don't have much time.
- I'm sure that Andrew will
come around eventually.
- I don't have much time left.
They found tumors.
-I'm sorry.
- Yeah, me too.
What are you gonna do?
Andrew and I got
into a very big fight
that I was really angry
and I said some terrible
things to him, terrible.
(Carlene sighs)
I can't let it end like that.
I need to tell him I love him.
- I understand.
- Can I show you something?
(clock ticking)
Now this is his journal.
You might find
something in here.
Don't judge him for
it, he was young.
- I'll make sure
you get this back.
(dog barking)
(sirens wailing)
- "Ditched school today
and followed J to the mall.
I wish I could smash her
boyfriend's face in with a pipe
so she'll never want
to look at him again."
Geez, are you sure you
wanna find this guy?
- I mean everyone's morbid
in high school, right?
- I graduated high
school two years ago
and I didn't wanna smash
anyone's face in with a pipe.
- Thing is she's sick.
She deserves to see him
no matter what he did.
- "Someday I'm gonna
buy a Trans Am,
midnight black with white trim,
drive to some small town in
Mexico and run the place."
- Maybe the car thing, maybe
there's something to that.
His mother said that
he loved his car.
You think it's worth
giving a garage a try?
(eerie music)
- Yo, we should swag
the side of the RV
with some airbrushing.
Slap your logo on it.
-I don't have a logo.
- See, we gotta work
on that, brother.
- [Buck] Hey, how you doin'?
I'm Buck, this is James.
- What's up, dude?
- And you are?
- I'm Hector, how
can I help you guys?
- Well, we were wondering
if you've ever seen
this guy around here?
(Hector laughs)
- Let me ask you
guys something, man.
You guys cops or what?
- No, no.
- Nah, man.
I'm in marketing
and distribution,
and this one's on the house.
- You see his mom's
locking for him
and I'm just trying to help
her out, she's really sick.
- Right, he's friends
with a couple of mechanics
around here, but
he only shows up
like maybe once a
month, twice at most,
you know what I'm saying?
- Really?
- At most.
- Huh.
- He still drive that
87 Grand National?
- [Hector] Nah, he sold
that piece of shit.
- Why'd he sell it?
- 'Cause it's a piece of shit.
- Word.
- Any idea how we can
get in touch with him?
- Nah, I ain't got a clue, man.
I don't keep tabs on people.
- Fair enough.
Well, would you mind
hanging on to this,
and if he comes in, please
tell him to give me a call.
- Yeah, I'll see what I can do.
Ah, hold up, man.
Ah, what the fuck is a
"privit custodian, huh?
- Ah, private.
Yo, my printer fucked
up, my bad man.
- The problem with this card, man,
is there is no preferation.
You know what I'm saying?
It's not laminated nothing, man.
- Yeah, yeah, I know.
I know.
- Phone number's good
though, that's correct.
- Hey, you might as well
put your number on a napkin,
you know what I mean?
- See you around,
thanks, Hector.
- Later.
- I'll keep that
(James clears throat)
- Thank you.
- Officer Enderly,
I would just like to say
that I sleep better at night
knowing that a
hero like yourself,
an entrenched member of the
criminal justice system,
is out there
keeping us all safe.
- Um, thank you.
- Did you guys
hear about that cop
that was like giving rides
home to middle school kids?
They found a bunch of them
tied up in his basement.
It was all over the news.
It was crazy.
- So do you two help
take care of Sharon?
- No, I don't need anybody
to help take care of me.
- [Craig] She didn't
mean anything by it.
- I just thought this was
gonna be a family thing.
- These are our guests.
(Becky clears throat)
- This is delicious, Ma.
- Oh, thanks.
I kinda burnt the
heirlooms though.
- Oh, no worries Mrs. Enderly.
I'm diggin' on the char.
- So Vanessa and 1
have some exciting news
we'd like to share.
I asked the big question and um,
she said yes.
So we're getting-
- Buck told us.
- What part of don't tell
mom didn't you understand?
- It just slipped out.
It's not a big deal.
- Where are you guys
getting married?
- We're gonna keep it simple.
Go down to the courthouse.
- Straight and legal, nice.
- You're ashamed
of your trailer trash
mother and brother.
That's what it is.
- You know that
that's bullshit, mom.
- You don't want her to
have to tell her family
that you're marrying
into a bunch of rednecks.
- Why do you always
get like this?
- I have never used
the term redneck.
- Well the correct way to put
it is rural working class.
- That's true.
- Yep.
- Okay, but I've never
said that either.
- You know, it doesn't
matter what you've said.
You're the reason that our
Craig doesn't come to visit us.
- Hm, that's..
- Did it ever occur to you
that Craig doesn't visit
anymore because he
doesn't want to.
- [Craig] No, wait a minute.
- You know, you've always
had lousy taste in women,
admit it.
- [Craig] What, what, what are
you even talking about, Ma?
- [Sharon] You always did.
- You're bitter.
- Bitter sweet, sugar tits.
- (fist thuds) That's
it we're going.
I don't know why I try.
- Come on guys, don't go.
- And you!
- What did I do?
- You told her, so she
had time to stew in it.
- [Buck] Come on,
Craig, guys come back.
Everyone just
needs to chill out.
- Officer Enderly.
- Ma, what are you,
where you going?
- To get a six pack.
- For crying out loud.
(car engine roars)
- Sharon.
Wait up.
Hey, the store is closed.
It's Sunday.
Why aren't you happy for them?
He's trying to like
share this with you
and you need to be a part of it,
even if you think he's like,
if you think he's
making a mistake,
you need to be a part of it.
- You know, I loved
Craig's father.
I really did.
But we brought out the
worst in each other.
We'd drink and we'd laugh,
and then we'd drag each
other down into the cracks.
Then one night he up and leaves
and Craig blamed me for it.
He blamed me.
He went out and he moved in
with some girl, pregnant,
not his.
Well that was a mess.
- [Becky] Let's go back.
- Becky!
The fuck were you last night?
- [Becky] I stayed at Sharon's.
- Let's go, right now.
- You are fucked up, go home.
- Stop trying to show off.
- Don't touch me!
Get your shit out of
the house, we're done!
- You don't mean that.
- Don't!
(cane smacks)
- Fuck!
Fuckin' chipped my tooth,
you crazy bitch.
- Okay, you're gonna stay
with us until he moves out.
And sometimes alone is better.
(gentle music)
(thunder rumbling)
(gentle music)
(basketball thumping)
- [Buck] Woo!
- Buckets.
- Oh, man.
- You know, maybe the
bike can be an angle.
- An angle?
- Yeah, like, you know,
we get some pics of you on it
and play up the green factor,
at least for local cleanings.
- Not a bad idea.
- Hey, Buck.
- Yeah?
- You have a phone call.
- Phone call?
(rain spattering)
- Smokin'.
(lighter clicks)
What's going on, Becky?
- Smokin'.
- Who is this?
(ominous music)
(train horn blaring)
(train chugging)
(ominous music)
(door clicks)
So listen, I went
to your apartment
and your building manager
said you got kicked out.
Where you living these days?
- Why have you been
looking for me?
- Well, your mother
wants to see you.
- What the fuck does this
have to do with my mother?
- She's sick.
She doesn't know how
much longer she has left.
I know you two have
had your history,
and I think she just wants to..
- My mother feels guilty
because she was a terrible mom.
- (sighs) Should think
about giving her a call.
- Did she tell you about
how she used to lock
me in my bedroom,
whenever she'd bring guys
home from the piano bar.
(laughs) And I always
knew it was coming
because she put on
her dangle earrings.
She used to call 'em
her little tuning forks.
She had this boyfriend,
used to knock me around
when I got old enough
to speak my mind.
She told me I deserved it.
- Maybe she wants to
apologize, you know,
work through that stuff-
- (fist thuds) Yeah, well
she doesn't get to do that!
You see this is
still all about her.
You see I'm still a burden.
I was a burden then,
I'm a burden now.
And that guilt, that's
what's making her sick.
So what are you gonna tell her?
- I don't know, maybe
I'll tell her that you're
looking good.
(Andrew chuckles)
- [Carl] Order up, Buck.
- [Buck] Thanks, I'll
get it in a minute.
- Take care, Buck.
Don't be afraid to disappear.
- You know, I find
it hard to believe
that you're willing
just to let her go.
- Yeah well, believe
what you want.
- Tell me this then.
Why is there a cassette of her
singing in your tape player?
- My mother has a
beautiful singing voice.
- Get it in a minute.
I'm gonna use the restroom.
(heavy breathing)
(car beeping)
(ominous music)
- Money.
You, don't move.
Where's Buck?
- Think about what
you're doing, Briggs.
Now, you sure you wanna
go through with this?
- Shut up.
Money from the register.
- Okay.
- Bag it, do it quickly.
- All right let
me get the paper.
- [Andrew] Come on.
Come on.
- [Carl] Okay, just.
- Come on.
(water splashing)
(heavy breathing)
- You see, here is it, here.
(gunshots boom)
(door creaks)
(ominous music)
(footsteps squeaking)
(hot plate sizzling)
- [Buck] Jesus Christ.
- Tell her, tell her..
(soft whimpering)
(gentle music)
(car beeping)
(gentle music)
- Gonna eat those fries?
(gentle music)
Those fries?
Do you want those fries?
(gentle music)
(fire crackling)
(gentle music)
(helicopter engine roaring)
(children chattering)
- 1 think your father's
suit is in here somewhere.
- I've got a suit, Ma.
- Well, I know,
but I think you'd look
good in your father's suit.
Hey look who stopped by.
Craig came to apologize.
- Let me talk to
Buck for a bit, Ma.
- Okay?
- [Buck] What's up?
- Maybe we should
talk in the RV.
- What's going on?
- Andrew Briggs was
found dead last night.
- What?
- Robbery gone bad at
the Stardust Diner,
Two employees, an armed
customer and Briggs
all in the morgue.
- Holy shit.
- I told you to stay out of
this whole thing with Briggs.
Right, that maintenance guy,
he can place the two of
us in Briggs apartment.
What happens when
they question him?
- [Buck] Why would they do that?
- We are looking
for another suspect.
- Where did you eat
last night, Buck?
- Come on, give
me a break, Craig.
This is ridiculous.
You want me to talk
to the detectives?
- These investigations
are thorough, Buck.
They'll check purchase
activity, phone records.
They're gonna question
friends, neighbors, relatives.
- Will they question
Carlene Briggs?
- I'm on my way to
notify her right now.
- Now wait a minute.
I can tell you
sure as yesterday,
she's not gonna shed any
light on the situation.
- She deserves to
know her son is dead.
- Then let me do it.
She doesn't need a uniform
showing up at her front door
and turning her
world upside down.
(gentle music)
Craig. (sobs)
I need your help.
(gentle music)
(car engine humming)
All right, I appreciate it.
- Yeah, man.
- Come by later.
- Alright.
(engine roaring)
- [TV Speaker] When
I was a little boy,
I used to lie out the evenings
watching the shadows cross over.
I used to imagine they
were all sorts of things,
dragons fighting, giants
lying there sleeping,
and great big monster
that might come down-
- Ma.
- Mm-hm.
- I'm gonna take
a trip in the RV
and I want you to come with me.
- So you're gonna
be adventurous.
- That's why I bought
it, to see the country.
- You haven't been any
place in that thing.
Where you gonna go?
- I don't know.
Niagara Falls.
- Oh Lord, here we go again.
(laughs) Oh no.
- Hey,
I mean it this time.
- We drive each other nuts.
- I don't think we
drive each other nuts,
I think we'd be just fine.
Think about it, okay.
I'll see you in the morning.
(door clunking)
That's when I heard the shots.
I came out and I saw
Andrew on the floor.
And I went to his side
and he told me something
right before he died.
He said, tell her
not to be scared.
I thought you should have this.
found it in his cassette player.
It must have meant a lot to him
to hold on to that for so long.
(clock ticking)
Would you sing me a song?
(fire roaring)
(gentle jazzy music)
I You can travel
Over land and sea
I Search the world
for eternity
I Just remember to
come home to me
And I'll be here for you
7 You can venture
into far off lands
Over mountains and
hot desert sands
I Just remember to
come home to me
And I'll be here for you
7 I'll be here
(fire roaring)
I'll be here for you
(gentle acoustic guitar music)
Say it's here where our
pieces fall in place
Any rain softly
kisses us on the face
Anywhere means we're running
We can sleep and
see 'em coming
I Where we drift and
call it dreaming
We can weep and
call it singing
Where we pray when our
hearts are strong enough
We can bow, 'cause our
music's warmer than blood
I Where we see
enough to follow
We can hear when
we are hollow
Where we keep the
light we're given
I We can lose and
call it living
I Where the sun isn't
only sinking fast I
Every night knows how
long it's supposed to last
I Where the time of our
lives is all we have ;
And we get a chance to say
Before we ease away
For all the love
you've left behind
7 You can have mine
Say it's here where our
pieces fall in place
We can fear, 'cause the
feeling's fine to betray
Where our water isn't hidden
We can burn and be forgiven
Where our hands
hurt from healing
I We can laugh
without a reason
I 'Cause the sun isn't
only sinking fast
Every moon in cur bodies
make shining glass
I Where the time of our
lives is all we have ;
And we get a chance to say
Before we ease away
For all the love
you've left behind
7 You can have mine
(gentle piano music)