The Climax (1944) Movie Script

Good evening, Doctor.
- Doctor?
- Yes.
Dr. Hohner.
The theater physician.
He lives just around the corner. What's
he doin' around here this time of night?
Uh, somebody sick?
Yes. He is.
Oh, yes.
Uh, did the police ever find her?
After 10 years,
they've given up trying.
Marcellina, it has come.
At last, it has come.
What, Luise?
I couldn't wait. I opened it.
The king invites you...
no, commands you to sing for him.
Luise, I'm going to faint.
Not now, my sweet.
After you sing for the king,
you can faint all you like.
Will you find the maestro?
I want him to hear the good news.
This is the biggest
moment of my life.
#Ah, we bid you welcome
to this fete #
#Ah, we're sorry if we made you wait #
#Ah, let violins begin the dance #
#Ah, let there be joy
and gay romancing #
#Ah, tell me why this doubt #
# Should fall to me #
#Whose tragic power
seems to call to me ##
Friedrich, I asked you never
to come here again.
I had to see you.
Well, I don't want to see you.
I thought you understood that.
But I love you, Marcellina.
No, Friedrich. You love your
own private, selfish world.
You want to lock me up
there with you,
give up my career.
That's what you've got to do.
I can't bear the thought that
any man can hear you sing for him,
feast his eyes on you...
just for the price of a ticket.
I worked hard for my success,
Tonight, there were 11
solo curtain calls.
More than any other singer's
ever had in this theater.
The king commands me
to sing for him.
Why, I'd be a fool to give that
up for you. Darling, listen to me.
No, Friedrich. I've listened to you
for the last time. Now please go.
This isn't really you speaking,
You've forgotten how happy
we've been and will be again.
Now let me hear you say
once more, just as you used to,
"I love you, Friedrich. "
I can't say it...
because I don't love you.
I hate you.
I don't hate you.
I only hate the thing
that's come between us... your voice.
Yes, I know.
You were out front tonight.
I felt your eyes on me.
Like you're looking at me now.
Go away.
Get out of here!
I'm afraid of you.
You needn't be.
I love you, my darling.
You know that.
I'd give my life for you.
This thing that shuts me out...
I won't let it.
I tell you I won't let it.
It's here,
now, between my fingers.
I've only to close them
to silence it forever.
Friedrich, you're hurting me.
Friedrich, you're...
We'll always be together now.
Your voice will never
come between us again.
Dr. Hohner,
are you all right?
Yes. Yes.
I'm all right.
Good morning, Count Seebruck.
Good morning.
Good morning, Count
Seebruck. Good morning.
Good morning, Count
Seebruck. Good morning.
Good morning. Good morning, Jean.
Good morning, Count Seebruck.
What a lovely morning.
The air is like wine.
Chestnut trees are in bloom.
All nature is in harmony.
Well, even our friends the critics
have been kind to us this morning.
Oh, it's good to be alive.
Everything is serene, peaceful, quiet.
- I have never been
so insulted in all my life.!
I positively will not stand for it.
I am the prima donna of the Royal Theatre,
not a barmaid in a cheap beer hall.
And I won't be insulted by...
I was not insulting you.
I was merely trying to show you...
You show me.
Why, the insolence.! Now, children,
children. Please. Please. What's wrong?
Stop it! Stop it!
Now, you, Brunn. What
is it? And stop bobbing.
Yes, madame.
Uh, Count Seebruck, if you please.
We were just rehearsing the duet between
MadameJarmila and Signor Roselli...
when for no apparent reason,
MadameJarmila... For no apparent reason?
Why, this... This creature here was
handling me like a pan of unbaked dough.
I was not. I merely
put my arm around your waist.
- Carl, you were in the prompter's box.
You saw it all. - I'm sorry.
You know how it goes,
Count Seebruck.
# I love you
La-la-la-la, la-la-la #
Will you take your hands
off my stomach!
Perhaps you'd rather I didn't touch you
at all. Nothing would please me better.
For 20 years, the baritone embraces the
prima donna at that particular moment.
- Now she's trying to tell...
- I defy anyoneto sing in one of your deathlike grips.
My dear, if you are unable to sing,
I refuse to take the blame.
Unable to sing? Just what
do you mean by that insult?
Oh, stop it. Stop it.
Roselli, you're as temperamental
as a prima donna.
And as for you, Jarmila, I'm getting a
little bit tired of your constant bickering.
So am I, Count Seebruck.
And if you, as the impresario of this theater,
don't do something about it, I shall.
All right.
Is madame's understudy ready?
Yes, Count Seebruck.
Miss Metzger, please.
Miss Metzger.
Yes, Count Seebruck.
Come in, my dear.
- Do you know the soprano role?
- Oh, yes, sir.
You shall sing it tonight
in MadameJarmila's stead.
Tonight? Oh!
If some composer would only write me an operetta
without any women, I'd make him immortal.
Count Seebruck.! Count Seebruck.!
Count Seebruck.! Well, what is it?
There's a... There's a... Well?
There's a dead man
in one of the dressing rooms.
A dead man?
In which room?
T- Twenty-two.
But, Jarmila, darling.
Oh, it's you, Dr. Hohner.
I must have fallen asleep.
Thank you. Brunn, continue
with the rehearsal.
I'll be there as soon as I can.
Yes, sir.
On stage, please.
Are you all right now? That was silly of
me to fall asleep in the dressing room.
Oh, I understand.
Carl, get some black coffee
and bring it to my office.
And as a doctor, you must realize that this
constant brooding over Marcellina is bad for you.
You've had a brilliant career.
Your clientele is most distinguished.
But you must put this tragedy
out of your mind.
- #Ah, tell me why this doubt #
- Who is that singing?
- You hear it too?
- #Should fall to me #
# Whose tragic power #
# Seems to call to me ##
Who are you?
Who are you? She's Angela Klatt, a
music student. We are both students.
Do you know what you were singing?
Of course. It's from The Magic Voice.
That music is sacred.
Sacred to the memory of Marcellina.
No one must ever sing it again.
Do you hear?
No one.
And now may I ask what you're doing
in my music library?
Count Seebruck, forgive me, please.
I am altogether to blame.
You know these young people?
My nephew, Franz Munzer.
And this is Angela Klatt.
I've been smuggling them in here
to study these old scores.
I shouldn't have done it
without your permission.
It's quite all right, Carl.
There's no harm been done.
But Dr. Hohner.
I met him in the corridor.
Yes. Why was he so angry with me?
He was in love with Marcellina.
Ten years ago, she disappeared.
But I still don't see why.
You know,
it's a strange thing, my dear,
but as I came down the corridor, I
thought I heard Marcellina singing in here.
The doctor was convinced of it.
You mean my voice
is anything like hers?
It's far more beautiful.
Did you ever hear Marcellina?
No. She was before my time, but there's
never been anything like Angela's voice.
It's the most beautiful voice
in the world.
They are engaged to be married.
He could be right, you know.
How long have you been studying?
Eight years.
At the conservatory.
Franz is going to be
a great composer.
They have heard every performance in
the theater for the past three years.
They have season tickets, eh?
I smuggled them
under the prompter's box.
- There's an aria in the second act of
The Boulevardier. - "Someday I Know. "
# Someday #
# I know #
# My heart will know #
#The thrill of love #
# Supreme #
#And so until #
#I know that thrill #
# I'll dream #
#And gladly wait #
# For him whom fate #
#Has said will be #
#For me #
# In some great plan #
# Since time began #
#To be #
How are you to find him?
Where are you to go?
Will you recognize him?
How are you to know?
# Our eyes will meet #
# Our lips will speak #
#Across some crowded hall #
What's the matter, dear?
Stifling in here. Don't you think?
- Not for baritones.
- # I'll touch his hand ##
Ah. Jarmila, Roselli.
Come in. Come in.
MadameJarmila, Signor Roselli.
Miss Angela Klatt. Mr...
Munzer. Franz Munzer.
I'm sorry you didn't hear Miss
Klatt sing. Ah, but we did hear.
May I congratulate you?
Thank you, signor.
And MadameJarmila is just
as enthusiastic as I am.
I am indeed.
You show promise, my dear.
Great promise. Your voice is lovely,
but don't force it.
Today, it would be a folly
to give it to the public.
Believe me. Don't you
agree with me, Seebruck?
I do, Jarmila. As you say,
today, Miss Klatt is not ready.
Not nearly ready.
But next week, Thursday,
I will present her in The Boulevardier.
And please don't faint...
either of you.
Mama Hinzl.
What have you got there?
Angela's supper.
Nightingales must have something
solid to eat if they are to sing.
Solid is right. Fat sausages,
buttered buns and rich chocolate.
Take it away. You mean you are going to
let her go to the theater without eating?
That's no good for Angela.
It'll only make her fat.
Suppose it does. Whoever heard of
a good prima donna who wasn't fat?
"Soprano" and "fat" are one
and the same thing. Look at me.
Get her lemon juice and honey.
Lemon juice.
Come in.
Angela, are you ready? Yes.
Where's my muff? My muff.
Angela, don't be nervous now.
I'm not nervous. I feel fine.
You must be. I can't blame you for it. You've
been working so hard, and you're excited.
I'm not excited. Good. I'm not either. I'm as calm
as can be. There's one thing I must impress on you.
When you cross in the beginning of the number...
When you cross to the girls... Cross. Yeah.
You get the mirror from the girls and go
over and hold it in front of you.. Yeah, yeah.
Please, Angela. Hold the mirror low. We
want to see your face. Yeah. The mirror.
Oh, Franz.
Oh, Angela.
Oh, you're going to be wonderful,
and I'll be very proud.
Angela, Franz.
The carriage is here.
Carl, a carriage?
Such extravagance.
Certainly. Whoever heard of
a prima donna walking to the theater?
Here you are, my little thrush.
Lemon juice and honey. Drink it all.
Of course, I wouldn't put this mess in
my stomach, but the maestro knows best.
Come, come, children. You can't
be late, Angela. This is an event.
Good luck, darling.
Good-bye. Bye, Mama.!
Lemon juice.
Excuse me. I'm s-sorry.
Oh. Sorry.
Angela Klatt.
The greatest voice in the world.
All right, girls. All right.
Places, please.
Thank you. Thank you.
Jill. Jill. J...
Hello, Jill. Curtain.
#When madame is getting ready
for her heavenly impression #
# Then as models of discretion
we attend her #
# Making madame beautiful #
# Making madame sleek
There's a final bit of fixing #
# That we have to do with lip rouge
so her lover doesn't sip rouge in his ardor #
# Madame must be beautiful #
# Madame must be chic
So we carefully apply it #
#With a bit of lace, we dry it
Not too much #
# Or not #
# Too little #
# I'm an artist #
# This is art #
#And, at last, madame #
# Is ready #
#For the conquest of #
#A heart #
# But, oh, before she goes #
# Look #
#The tip of madame's nose #
# The tip of madame's nose
The tip of madame's nose #
# It's shining
Now how could we #
# Disgraceful #
# Powder for madame
Yes, powder for madame #
# Oh, hurry, he's here
He's here #
#Powder for madame #
# Oh #
# Make me really beautiful #
# Make me glamorous #
# Make him think that I'm divine #
# Oh #
#Make me irresistible #
#Make him mine #
#The hours of waiting
seem worthwhile #
# Now I'm here #
# Oh #
#Take me in your lonely arms#
# I love you only #
# Heart of mine #
# Make me thine #
# We were certainly successful #
# Yes, madame has made connections #
# But we're left with our reflection #
#To console us #
# I'll find consolation #
#In my favorite dream #
# Someday #
# I know #
# My heart will know #
#The thrill of love #
# Supreme #
#And so until #
# I know that thrill #
#I'll dream #
#And gladly wait #
# For him whom fate #
# Has said will be #
# For me #
# In some great plan #
# Since time began #
#To be #
How are you to find him?
#How are you to find him #
Where are you to go?
# Where are you to go #
Will you recognize him?
# Will you recognize him #
How are you to know?
#How are you to know #
# Our eyes will meet #
# Our lips will speak #
#Across some crowded #
# Hall #
#I'll touch his hand #
#And understand #
# It all #
# When he comes near #
#I know I'll hear #
# Sweet music #
# From above #
#Till then, I'll dream #
# My dream #
# Of #
# Love ##
Miss Klatt alone, please.
Good-bye, my dearJarmila.
Oh, are you going away?
No, but you are.
What do you think?
Count Seebruck, I don't think. I know.
A new star is born. It's unbelievable. Her voice...
I could close my eyes and swear it's Marcellina.
You must feel it too.
I'm seriously thinking of reviving The
Magic Voice for her. Wonderful. Wonderful.
Come to the office tomorrow. I
need to talk to you about something.
Meanwhile, tonight...
Franz. She was magnificent.
Weren't you nervous, excited?
Both. I ate my program.
Oh, Leon, I forgot to
buy her a present. Oh.
A jeweler open till midnight?
Yes. He sells gifts to the men while they
wait for their sweethearts to come out.
Then, next day, he buys them back
from the girls at one-half.
Each piece he sells over and over. Well,
he won't sell my present over again.
Oh. Is he expensive?
But men in love don't question prices.
That's right, Leon.
I beg your pardon.
But you're Miss Klatt,
aren't you?
I'm Dr. Hohner.
Oh, yes, Doctor. I'm sorry.
I didn't recognize you.
It's a rule of the theater to have your
throat examined after each performance.
Now, if you don't mind,
my office is just around the corner.
I'm sorry, but... but I'm waiting
for Franz. Franz Munzer, my fianc.
He should be waiting for you.
But if I'm not here...
He'll wait.
But, Doctor, I...
I'm sorry, my dear, but Count
Seebruck expects the report tonight.
I won't keep you a moment.
You know,
I heard you sing tonight.
I haven't heard a voice
like that in 10 years.
Thank you, Doctor. You have a
great career ahead of you, my dear.
I hadn't thought a throat examination
would be necessary after the performance.
It's a rule of the Royal Theatre.
You are part ofthat theater now,
my dear, and you must obey its rules.
From now on, your music
must come before everything.
But what about Franz? Oh, Franz,
of course. But that will come later.
It's hard to believe that it's 10 years since
I brought Marcellina here after a great triumph.
Ah, Luise.
This is Miss Klatt.
How do you do, Luise?
Is that Marcellina?
Yes. Perhaps I shouldn't say it...
and I don't say it boastfully...
but Count Seebruck told me
that my voice reminded him of hers.
It's true. That's why I behaved so
rudely that morning in the library.
I was certain it was Marcellina's voice
come back to life again.
That's a wonderful compliment,
You knew her very well, didn't you?
No one knew her better.
Now will you come with me?
Excuse me.
Don't mind Luise.
She was Marcellina's maid
and companion.
She worshipped her. And as a reward for her
devotion, I brought her here to keep house for me.
You're handy to the theater,
aren't you? I have to be.
You songbirds
are my official responsibility.
And if I'm too busy to get away, I can still
hear the opera through these ventilators.
It's like a private
performance, isn't it?
Oh, this is lovely.
That's Marcellina as Isolde.
She sang it beautifully.
She must be very real
to you, Doctor.
Yes. Let me show you.
I have souvenirs here
of every role she ever sang.
What do you think
became of Marcellina, Doctor?
That is a mystery
that has never been solved.
She used this fan
in Romeo and Juliet.
And this slipper is one of a pair
she wore in Mozart's Nozze di Figaro.
What tiny feet she must have had.
Like a child.
That's true. A child.
What exquisite pearls.
She always wore them
in The Magic Voice.
She had them on
the night she disappeared.
How would you like to wear them
when you sing The Magic Voice?
I? Perhaps I'm talking out of turn.
Seebruck told me tonight
he plans on reviving it with you.
Oh. Oh, I can't believe it.
Shall we try them on for luck?
She always wound them
around her throat.
Like this.
Her slender,
graceful throat.
Exquisite to the touch.
- I shouldn't keep Franz waiting so long.
- I'm sorry.
I forgot all about him. Now
let's take a look at your throat.
I won't keep you
another moment.
You'll be coming here
regularly, you know.
From now on, I'm responsible
for your physical welfare.
Oh, just sit down there,
my dear.
Then you're not going to
operate on me? Of course not.
Well, all these things
are rather frightening.
I know exactly what you mean. I feel
the same way when I go to the dentist's.
Now then.
If you'll remove your hat...
and loosen your cape.
Now then. Sit back in the
chair and be comfortable.
This is only a routine examination.
It won't take long.
The light.
We're ready.
Now watch the light.
No, no. Watch it.
I... I can't. It hurts my eyes.
It'll only be for a minute.
I want to relax you
before I examine your throat.
You don't mind it now, do you?
Rest, my dear.
Restore those tired
and broken nerves.
Drive out all fear and weariness.
Chase away the shadows and forms...
that exhaust our emotions
and enfeeble us.
That's better.
You're relaxing now.
Body, muscles, nerves, brain.
You're gliding away
into pleasant places.
You don't resist anymore.
Gently slipping into another world...
a world of my design
where you will be helpless without me.
Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?
I hear you, Doctor.
You don't want to sing again. Ever.
Tonight, you give your voice
and your will to me.
I'm in control.
Your voice will no longer
answer your brain.
It will obey mine instead.
Look at the mirror.
Keep looking at it.
You will never try to sing again.
Say it.
I will never try to sing again.
That voice was never yours.
It belongs to Marcellina,
but it's leaving you.
I'm sending it back to her.
It must be silenced forever.
I forbid you to sing again.
My throat.
I'll take care of that.
You will take this atomizer with you
and never be without it.
It will remind you of my control.
Shall we get up now?
I... I must have fallen asleep.
Just what I wanted.
And my throat?
I don't think it's going
to give us a bit of trouble.
Can I help you, Doctor?
Yes, Luise.
Send Miss Klatt home
in the carriage.
#Ah, tell me why this doubt
should fall to me #
# Whose tragic... #
#Ah, tell me why
this doubt should... #
#Ah... #
#Ah, tell me why this doubt
should fall to me #
#Ah, tell me why this doubt #
#Should fall to me #
# Whose tragic power #
#Seems to call to me #
#Ah ##
Marcellina, it's come back.
That voice... That voice
to take you away from me.
But I won't let it.
I won't let it.
How can you sit there when we don't
even know what's happened to her?
We know what happened.
She made a great success.
That is no reason to disappear into
thin air. I'm going to the police.
Here she is.
Angela, where have you been?
I'm sorry, Franz. Really.
We were worried about you.
Please forgive me.
Of course, but...
Won't you tell me what happened?
I... I don't know.
You don't know?
Angela, I waited for you at the theater
for hours. You must have gone someplace.
Let's not talk about it
tonight, Franz.
I... I'm very tired.
Some other time.
Angela, forgive me.
L... I was so worried
about you,
I forgot to tell you
how wonderful you were.
I was in the audience, you know.
You... You got five curtain calls.
Then when I left
and waited for you...
I didn't wait so long.
Leon told me that across the street
there was a little jewelry shop...
where men bought their present,
and then they...
For you.
To remind you of your first success.
My first success.
Oh, Franz.
Oh, my darling.
Please hold me tight.
Franz, I... I'm afraid.
Afraid of what?
I... I don't know.
They tell me she's young, beautiful
and really can sing.
Good morning, Count. May I have a statement
for my newspaper? Now, gentlemen. Please.
The Magic Voice has been out
of the repertory for 10 years, hasn't it?
Yes, ever since La Marcellina's
strange disappearance.
Then you found the new soprano.
Then I found Miss Klatt.
Did you say "Klatt"?
#Warriors bold
We are come to this garden fete #
#Marching to love
as we march to war #
Good morning, my dearJarmila.
Well, our baritone is positively
glowing this morning.
Glowing with new admiration
for you, my dear.
Few prima donnas would confess
so openly they had anything to learn.
I salute you.
Anything to learn?
It takes character
to understudy a newcomer.
Your new soprano will never
sing The Magic Voice. Oh, no?
No! Seebruck's insane to even consider
letting a young, inexperienced girl like that...
You forget, my dear,
that once upon a time you were a girl.
#... the greatest game of all #
#Love is no trifling thing
to a maid in the spring #
#So best be wary, lad
or you will be had #
# Yes, you'll be had
and that is bad for men of arms #
#Ah, yes, that is bad
for mighty men of arms ##
Thank you, gentlemen.
Thank you.
This is followed
by the baritone solo and ballet.
We have the sketches of the set.
Would you like to see them? Not now.
The ballet is followed by the soprano aria.
We'll omit the baritone solo and the ballet.
I want these gentlemen of the press to
hear Miss Klatt. Of course. Gentlemen.
We take it
from the soprano aria.
Signor Roselli on stage, please.
Attention, gentlemen.
The ladder back, please.
Miss Klatt! On stage, please.
# I was all alone #
#A blindly groping maid #
# My heart was still my own #
#Just hoping, yet afraid #
- # Oflove #
- #Then I came and found you there #
# I called your name
and breathed a prayer #
# I began to live #
# The moment that I knew #
#The clouds began to give #
#The sun came shining through #
#Above # # You were
mine to have and hold #
# But even then
the sun grew cold #
#Ah #
# Tell me why this doubt
should fall to me #
#Whose tragic power... ##
"Whose tragic power calls for me. "
I... I'm sorry.
May I try that last part again?
Of course, my dear.
Of course.
#Ah #
#Tell me why this doubt... #
Why, darling, what happened?
Quite the real thing.
Angela, what happened?
My voice... It's gone.
That's ridiculous.
My voice... It's gone!
Stop saying that and come here.
Franz. What's the matter with me?
Nothing. People don't lose their
voices like that. You've got to sing.
I... I can't, Franz.
For some reason, I don't want to sing.
For me, darling.
Now, from the same place.
#Ah #
#Tell me why this doubt
should fall to me #
#Whose tragic power... ##
Young man, how did you
get in this dressing room?
Do you realize that by forcing her
voice, you might ruin it forever?
- I'm only trying to help. She lost her confidence.
That's all. - Is that true, Doctor?
Why do you think her voice broke?
High tension, nerves.
And it could be serious?
It could be if not taken care of.
What do you advise, Doctor?
A few days, at least,
of absolute rest.
But rehearsal... You can
rehearse with the understudy.
But you won't have to.
I tell you she's perfectly all right.
It's quite obvious
she's not perfectly all right.
Her voice did break.
We all heard it.
I would suggest that we leave it
to Miss Klatt herself.
What with your nerves in this condition,
do you think you ought to sing?
I don't know.
I never felt like this before.
We'd better send her home, Brunn.
Where does she live?
Fifteen Hahnen Street.
I'm afraid that won't do.
She must have professional care.
The hospital?
How would you like to come
home with me for a few days?
I'll come and see you, Angela.
I'd wait, my boy.
She needs complete rest.
That woman must have blackmailed
Seebruck into giving her the part.
After the papers have been full
of nothing but The Magic Voice,
Seebruck will have to produce it.
But it isn't for her.
She can never sing the aria.
They can lower the key.
But it's Angela's part.
There was nothing wrong with her...
until she met Hohner.
Dr. Hohner wants to help Angela.
Then why does he keep her locked up?
Why can't I go and see her?
She hasn't even answered my letters.
I'm going to take her back
where she belongs. Franz.
I would like to see Dr. Hohner.
Dr. Hohner never sees patients at
this hour. But I'm not a patient.
It's... It's a personal matter,
and it's very important.
What is it about?
Angela Klatt.
Angela Klatt?
I've got to see her.
I'm afraid you'll have to come
another time.
The doctor is just leaving
for the theater.
I've decided not to go
to the theater tonight, Luise.
Oh, but that was a message
from Count Seebruck.
The new tenor has a sore throat. Oh.
Why don't you go home? Now,
why don't you go to the theater?
You should be there by now.
But, Franz...
Go on. Don't worry about me. I just
want to see what happens. Go on.
She's upstairs. Hurry.
Angela. Angela, it's Franz.
Angela, what's the matter?
Don't you know me?
Good evening, Dr. Hohner.
Good evening, Leon.
Who is that singing?
That's the new tenor.
Well, there's nothing wrong
with his throat. No, sir.
Get her out of here now
before it's too late.
Angela, we're getting out of here. I
mustn't leave. He doesn't want me to leave.
Let me stay, Franz. Please let me stay.
I'll take you home to Mama Hinzl and Carl.
Hurry. Please hurry.
The back door.
To the left, out the door
and through the gate.
Dr. Hohner!
Dr. Hohner! Dr. Hohner!
Dr. Hohner, she's gone.
How? Where were you?
After you left, I went down to the
kitchen to look after some things.
A little later, I came up to see her.
She wasn't here.
I searched everywhere,
but she was gone.
They must have been watching the
house for days, waiting for a chance.
Who brought that message
from the theater?
I don't know.
I never saw him before.
Franz. The young fool.
What are you going to do?
That girl will obey me
no matter where she is.
I fixed you some nice hot soup, dear.
Put it over here, Mama Hinzl.
No, Franz. You mustn't touch it.
Angela, it's just an atomizer.
He... He told me
something about it.
Franz, what did he tell me?
Can't you remember?
I... I can't.
But I... But I must.
It was very important.
Don't worry about it now.
Mama Hinzl is going
to give you your soup.
Franz, don't leave me.
All right, darling.
Now close your eyes
and try to sleep.
Think of nothing else.
You saw the chemist? It's water,
Uncle Carl... plain everyday water.
Yes. You are sure
this came out of the atomizer?
Yes. I took it out
when Angela was asleep.
I was sure there was something in there
that stopped her from singing, but now I...
Oh, Uncle Carl, what is it...
her imagination?
When did her voice break first?
When she was singing the aria.
At rehearsal, with
Hohner watching her. Yes.
And the next time?
In her dressing room.
And Hohner walked in.
All this after she had been
to his office for treatment.
He must have frightened
the child. But why?
Marcellina. The aria.
Who can tell what goes on in a
man's mind? And who can prove it?
Oh, Carl, what are we going to do?
I don't know.
In the army, when a man
was thrown from a horse,
we put him right back on the horse
and made him ride.
And it worked?
The longer a man waited,
the more difficult it became.
Something in his mind grew
into a terrible mental hazard.
Men, horses... I know.
But it's different with singers.
Why should it be different
with singers? The same hazard.
Of course! That's it.
Franz, where are you going?
Wait for me.
What you ask is not only impossible.
It's fantastic. But the girl is very ill.
We not only ask you to save her
career, but her life as well.
Dr. Hohner tells me she's
lost her voice beyond recovery.
Dr. Hohner is wrong.
Let's be reasonable about this thing.
All I demand is a chance to hear her sing.
I've asked you to bring her
here to my office.
But, no, you must have my company,
my orchestra, lights...
a full performance for your
experiment before an audience.
It's absolutely out of the question.
That will be all, gentlemen.
But, Count Seebruck...
I told you it was
a hopeless task.
We gave him his chance. Now
he has only himself to blame.
We are going over his head.
But who is over his head?
The king.
The king?
Do you mean to say
we should ask the king himself?
Come on.
Is this the cross
he gave you personally?
Hundreds of us
got the same decoration.
And it wasn't him. It was
his father who gave it to me.
Just stick your chest out.
I'm going to lose my job.
Seebruck will discharge me. You must
have been much braver when you were young.
No one is permitted in this corridor
until His Majesty has left the theater.
Oh, but... but His Majesty
will grant him an audience.
You should know better. You will
have to make your petition in writing.
Gentlemen, His Majesty the king.
- Well, one of the heroes from Sadova.
- Yes, Your Majesty.
Second Cavalry, Blue Hussars.
Yes, Your Majesty.
I am sorry, Your Majesty.
This corridor should have been
cleared of petitioners.
One of my father's old guard
may talk to me at any time.
Now, what can I do for you?
It's about a singer.
Ayoung lady.
We are in love.
No. The young lady and I
are in love.
Oh, I see. Well, in that case,
shall we step in here?
Oh, this performance will be known
as the most dismal fiasco...
in the entire history
of the Royal Theatre.
This will really make me immortal.
Seebruck.! I want to talk to you.
This is the last straw, and I don't intend
to stand for it any longer.
There's no clause in my contract
that calls for insults.
My name is on every billboard, and
this... this nobody is singing in my place.
Do you know what I'm going to do? I'm
going to leave here and never come back.
I wish to heaven
I could go with you.
Oh, you sent for me?
Yes. Here, read this.
A command performance.
It's unbelievable.
What shall I do?
What can I do?
I would suggest that you have
MadameJarmila stand by.
Stand by? And let her
make a fool of me?
You don't have to bother
about that.
It will not be possible
for that girl to sing.
How'd she take it?
I don't know.
I haven't told her anything except
that we're going to the theater.
Oh, Mama Hinzl, I...
I don't want to go.
You run along with Franz.
See your friends.
Hear some music.
It will do you good.
You look wonderful, Angela.
Good night, Mama Hinzl.
Good night.
But how will I
get to the theater?
Just walk if you have to,
but leave them alone.
But, Mama Hinzl...
Good evening, Miss Klatt.
Good evening, Leon.
Count Seebruck wants
to see you. Where is he?
Uh, Dressing Room 22.
Thank you, Leon.
Good evening, Miss Klatt.
Please come in.
This is Count Romborg,
aide-de-camp to His Majesty.
Miss Klatt, you are commanded by His
Majesty to sing The Magic Voice tonight.
I? Sing? Yes. A command performance.
But... I can't.
But it is His Majesty's orders.
My congratulations,
Miss Klatt.
This is a great honor, my dear.
But, Count Seebruck...
The king.
I'll send a maid to you.
Mr. Brunn. Now, now. Your
wardrobe is all ready.
I'll see you on the stage.
Good luck.
Franz, I'm afraid.
No, you're not.
You're... You're probably
as surprised as I am.
As Count Seebruck said,
this is a great honor.
The king sends his aide-de-camp
to command you to sing.
But that's why I'm afraid. I...
I can't sing. Of course you can.
The minute you're out there before the
audience and hear that music, you'll sing.
Everybody wants you to. Look.
They're... They're all thinking of you.
They send you their...
their good wishes. Here.
Here. Flowers from Seebruck,
from Brunn, from Roselli.
Flowers even from His Majesty.
Franz, what's that?
Another present, I suppose.
We'll soon find out.
That is... just like the one you...
you have at home.
Now I broke your present.
I... I'm sorry.
That was very clumsy of me.
Was that very important?
Dr. Hohner told me something
about it. My... My voice.
Oh, that's just broken glass
and a little colored water.
Listen. Whatever Dr. Hohner said
is past and gone... just like that.
Tonight is the night you've worked and
studied for, the night we've dreamed of.
Do you know why The Magic Voice
hasn't been performed for 10 years?
Because there was no one to sing it.
Now the king commands you to sing it.
That's what you've got to do. So
forget Dr. Hohner. Forget everything.
Everything but... but me.
Of course, Franz.
And I'll really try.
I know you will.
And you'll be wonderful.
Now get dressed.
I'll call you when I'm changed.
How is she? Fine. Everything is
going to work out as we planned.
I have fixed a place in the wings for you
where Angela can see you while she sings.
Come. I'll show you.
Just a moment. Count Seebruck
sent me to Miss Klatt.
You may help the ballet girls.
Yes, madame.
I came to help you dress.
The last time I saw Marcellina,
she was standing right here,
in a dress just like that.
You're as beautiful as she was.
Thank you, Luise.
I'll take this.
Would you ask Franz to
come in now, please? Yes.
I've come to help you, my dear.
It's cruel of them
to do this to you.
You don't want to sing, do you?
But I... I promised Franz I'd try.
Of course you did, my dear.
But Franz doesn't understand.
You're in no condition to sing,
are you?
I... I don't know.
I only know
I promised Franz I'd try.
Dr. Hohner!
Don't look at me like that.
What does Franz know about it?
Why, you're trembling, shaking.
Your nerves have gone to pieces.
I warned Franz what would happen
if he forced you to sing.
You don't want to ruin
that voice, do you?
It isn't yours. Remember?
Now tell me. Whose voice is it?
Tell me.
#Warriors bold
We are come to this fete #
# Marching to love
as we march to war #
# Ready for any fate
We await duty's call #
# Eager to meet the foe
Even though we know #
#That we may all be captured
by the lovely foe #
#We gladly go to meet
in this fairy garden #
#Where we pirouette and posture #
# Here where romance seems to call
in the measures of a dance #
#We bow and we smile and we preen
for the ladies we adore #
#And pray that they soon may heed
our pleas of love #
# Meanwhile, we know
as they sigh most romantically #
#They have their minds
on the greatest game of all #
# Love is no trifling thing
to a maid in the spring #
# So best be wary, lad
or you will be had #
#Yes, you'll be had
and that is bad for men of arms #
#Ah, yes, that is bad
for mighty men of arms ##
She ought to be ready by now.
Yes. I want to rehearse the aria
once more anyway.
Angela, are you ready?
Where is she?
Have you seen Dr. Hohner?
Not tonight.
I want to borrow this.
This time, I'll silence it forever.
I suspected you from the first and
came here as your servant to make sure.
For 10 years, I've watched and waited.
You kept your secret well until
the first night you brought Angela here...
when you showed the pearls Marcellina
had on when she disappeared.
You took them off her body.
I'm not afraid of you.
I needed more evidence
for the police.
I got it tonight when I followed you here
from the dressing room...
in time to save this child.
You killed Marcellina.
You'll never say that again.
Dr. Hohner!
Angela, are you all right?
You should be at the theater.
You're singing The Magic Voice tonight.
She can't sing. I won't let her. She
will sing, and you can't stop her.
If this girl sings, I won't be
responsible. I will. Carl, watch him.
Get back, Doctor.
This way.
My dearJarmila,
what a great night for you.
Yes, when your little Miss Nobody
breaks down, I go on to save your face.
Why, not at all. You've always
wanted to sing The Magic Voice.
This is your great opportunity.
And what an audience!
Haven't I always said that hers
is the greatest voice in the country?
In the country, Count Seebruck?
In the world. In the world.
What about your brilliant
new discovery?
Forget about her.
Forget about everything.
Go out there
and cover yourself with glory.
Thrill the king and that distinguished audience
with the golden voice of the greatJarmila.
All right. I'll do it.
But not for you or for the king.
Send the police to
Dr. Hohner's. Yes, sir.
Where have you been?
We've looked everywhere.
This is a command performance for the king.
You've just time to make your entrance.
There's nothing to be afraid of anymore.
Luise, take care of her.
What about me
and my golden voice?
Do you think I'm going to stand here
and let that little... Shh! The king.
She ought to be there by now.
Don't go on that stage.
Your voice will break.
I warn you.
Don't go on that stage.
I forbid you to sing.
Do you hear?
- I forbid you to sing.
- Sit down.
Repeat the cue.
#Ah, we bid you welcome
to this fete #
#Ah, we're sorry if we made you wait #
#Ah, let violins begin the dance #
#Ah, let there be joy
and gay romancing #
#I was all alone #
#A blindly groping maid #
# My heart was still my own #
#Just hoping, yet afraid #
- # Oflove #
- #Then I came and found you there #
# I called your name
and breathed a prayer #
# I began to live #
# The moment that I knew #
# The clouds began to give #
#The sun came shining through #
#Above # # You were
mine to have and hold #
#But even then
the sun grew cold #
#Ah #
#Tell me why this doubt
should fall to me #
# Whose tragic power #
# Seems to call to me #
She made it.
#Please listen, darling #
Her fear of you is gone.
#This says it all for me #
# I love you #
Sing, Angela! Sing!
#Now, at last #
#Everything is clearing #
#Now, at last #
#Paradise is nearing #
#I cling #
# To your love #
# While I sing #
Up the stairs.
# Of my yearning #
Marcellina, they're here.
They're here.
# Now, at last #
# Gone is all confusion #
#And the past #
#Fades like some illusion #
#And you #
#Are my life #
#And my dream #
# Come #
#True #
#All I want #
#Is you #
Bravo.! Bravo.!
- Brava.!