The Clone Returns Home (2008) Movie Script

"The Clone Returns Home"
Film Partners presents
Executive Producer Wim Wenders
Kiyoshi INOUE, Rie YAMAMOTO, Yoshiaki TAGO
Written and directed by
Mitsuhiro OIKAWA
Mr. Takahara.
How's Kanemoto's condition?
He didn't make it?
No. Maybe if he'd been inside
the protective capsule but...
He couldn't take the stress
of atmosphere reentry.
Excuse me.
Did you hear?
Just now.
Never thought a veteran
like him would...
Even with 120% safety measures,
outerorbiter ops accidents do occur.
Does this mean my number is up?
The next mission might be postponed.
In addition to space station ops costs,
a new unit will be launched.
We're having enough budget problems...
without this accident.
I have to handle the media on this.
Investigate the origin of the accident.
Yes Sir.
I'm Kanemoto Akira's mother.
Where's the operating room?
Mrs Kanemoto. This way please.
To begin with clone technology...
is actually often easily misunderstood.
Ultimately, our goal rests in
ensuring your life.
Our clinical tests are complete.
cloning is 100% possible.
We're just waiting for a legal means.
We can't have more victims
like Kanemoto.
We at the Space Development Society...
have requested cloning help for
unforeseen death in the line of duty.
But, even with my DNA, you can't
bring the same me to life, right?
We can return you to life
just as you sit there now.
Mr. Takahara, this isn't like
creating a child from a cell.
Ultimately, this is medical
treatment for you.
We have been reproducing...
damaged organs from patient DNA
for transplant for a while.
Our technology is simply cutting edge.
Even in life threatening accidents...
you can be treated thanks
to our body reproduction...
and memory backup.
If you desire this "life insurance"...
the data banks lining these walls...
will be Filled with your memories.
But, doesn't this seem like
I'm being experimented on?
I know how you feel.
"Preparing to duplicate yourself"
leaves a bad taste in your mouth.
But everything has to start somewhere.
For top astronauts like you
on the forefront of space exploration...
it's essential to eliminate
all conceivable risks.
Of course, the decision lies with you
and not me.
Please don't misunderstand us.
We are not seeking "eternal life".
Humans must conclude suitable lifespans.
for people die from unrelated
accidents and crimes...
saving them is more humane than
treating a lung cancer patient...
who smoked, don't you think?
I'll answer all your questions anytime.
Please let me know.
Oh, Ko-Chan.
What's up? Calling me Ko-Chan
like when I was a kid.
I was dreaming about when we
lived in the country.
When Noboru and you were kids.
Noboru was such a crybaby.
Mother, you never once mixed us up.
But we tried to fool you
by switching places.
Who can fool their own mother?
It was a lovely place.
But inconvenient too.
A bit of inconvenience
is what we all need.
Your hair has grown. Cut it.
Short hair looks better on you.
Stay with me a little longer.
I'm still here.
I wanted to live in that house again.
Grasshoppers come in two colours.
- Black-spotted and...
- Any around?
- Yellow locusts.
- There's one!
What flower is this?
A chrysanthemum I guess.
Hey, fire, fire, fire.
Look out.
Do like this.
What're you doin'?
Look. A boat.
Take this...
fold it like this.
Then fold it into three.
Here it goes.
Grab it bro. Grab it.
Go! Hurry!
That's mine! Give it back.
Trapped you! Trapped you!
Trapped you!
What are you doing, Kohei?!
I'm Noboru. Kohei's the one crying.
Silence Kohei!
Don't cry now. Don't cry.
It doesn't hurt.
Don't cry. Don't cry.
If he cries, ripen him sweetly
Bodhisattvas at the village crossroads
please laugh if he cries
All better now.
You won't get in until
you refill that hole nicely.
Think about what you did. Got it?
Mother! Can I come in?
Ko-Chan, apologize.
I'm sorry.
Not to me, to Noboru.
Sorry Noboru.
Come in. Play nicely now.
- You got in trouble.
- Nothing to cry about.
Now it's my turn.
Mommy, Ko-Chan cheated.
Well, time to eat.
Oh, Ko-Chan, you ate
all your carrots.
Good boy.
Yeah, 'good boy'.
Huh? Kohei?
That's not the "re" note. This is.
This is wrong.
Line them up.
- It broke.
- You broke it.
What now?
You're in trouble.
What should I do?
Don't touch! It's dangerous, Noboru.
I'm Kohei. Noboru didn't break it.
You cheater!
Noboru didn't break it.
Stop it! I said it was dangerous!
Some dropped here too.
Dry them first.
Now it won't break, right?
It's hard to do but give it a try.
Stop or the fish will hide.
Ko-Chan, stop there!
Mommy said don't get too close.
Hey, Ko-Chan!
I'm fine. Let me go.
It's freezing.
Ko-Chan, I said don't do it.
Mommy, I can eat all my carrots.
Mommy, mommy.
I'm Noboru. Kohei is the one who died.
Don't say that!
If I hadn't gone in the river,
Noboru wouldn't have died.
I'm sorry, sorry, sorry.
Sorry Ko-Chan. It's my fault.
Sorry Ko-Chan.
Mommy's all better.
All better now. Sorry Ko-Chan.
You gotta live long,
enough for Noboru too.
I won't permit you
dying before me.
Let's go. It's cold.
You okay?
It's nothing.
Just a dream.
You've been tired lately.
No wonder you have bad dreams.
I'm fine.
Dinner is ready.
Oh, forget it.
What's wrong? Tell me.
Hello... Yes it's me.
Okay. Understood. I'm right there.
Mom's condition isn't good.
I gotta go to the hospital.
I'll go with you.
Don't worry.
I'll call if anything happens.
We'll work this out.
I appreciate everything.
Don't worry. There will be no victims.
We have no intentions
of offering condolences.
Let me see my husband's remains.
The accident occurred outside
the Earth's atmosphere.
Please try to understand.
He's not your tool to play with.
Dead or...
resurrected to life?
Don't play with him because you can.
If... my husband is really dead then...
his soul should've gone back
to his dead mother's side.
Your husband... by his own will, in the
case of death in the line of duty...
chose to be restored as a clone.
Don't you think he probably did it
for your family's future?
With the intention of telling you
at some future date.
I can't consent to this.
To your selfish will.
Why was I left out and have to consent
to this impossible situation?
I understand your confusion.
But your husband will return
to you just as he was.
Then you can hear the whole
story directly from him.
Coming back as a clone?
How do we know if he's my...
husband or not?
I'd imagine that you'll know
better than us.
Please calm down and sign the forms.
I don't trust you.
Then I will have to offer
our condolences.
Is that what you want?
The test results are normal.
Two days have passed
but still no consciousness.
How about sensory stimulants?
Too great a risk.
If his memory malfunctions,
we'll lose everything.
Let's observe him a while.
You should take a break.
Mr. Kohei Takahara...
How do you feel?
I didn't break it.
Noboru did.
Kohei... it's me. You know me, right?
Mr. Kohei Takahara.
Do you remember anything at all?
Relax and tell us please.
Noboru is...
Noboru is gone.
Noboru was...
washed down the river.
He's fine. Just temporary
memory confusion.
You're fine. Don't worry.
Mother? I wanna... go home.
You're okay. It's over.
Try sedatives.
Please stop!
Mrs. Takahara, please calm down.
This is too cruel.
Bringing back a memory he
tried so hard to forget is...
too much!
This man has suffered enough.
All of you...
are too cruel.
Leave my meal over there.
It's been a while, Doctor.
What is it?
I'd like your cooperation.
Too late for that. Get out.
Doctor, you're the one
who wants out of here, right?
It's not a bad trade-off.
Or should I leave you?
Finally we have a legal subject
that answers all requirements.
If this succeeds as the world's
first legal human clone...
he'll probably be the biotech Gagarin.
Gagarin wasn't the first in space.
The records of those who
didn't make it back were erased.
He succeeded so he's said to be the first.
I see.
So like Gagarin...
here's a chance to clear your name.
That's how you see it, eh?
Let's be brief, Doc.
You illegally recreated your dead
granddaughter before.
Your clone had no
memory malfunctions.
Why was that?
You rip the brain's memories and...
love arranging them like
a jigsaw puzzle but...
human memory isn't that simple.
If bad memories they tried
to forget are dug up...
memory regression is unavoidable.
If you know so much, provide us with
your memory control data program.
In exchange, I'll take responsibility
in ending your confinement.
Would you agree to this?
Under one condition.
Our cooperation should be enough -
I accept the deal.
You'll get the data.
But I want to know
what lies beyond.
Let me meet the clone
after its regeneration.
I want to check something.
What is resonance?
What echoes?
If dead persons...
learn they're still alive...
can their soul reach Nirvana?
What on God's Earth
are you talking about?
Extracting the memory
and exposing of the corpse...
won't erase the scars on the soul.
The aimlessly wandering soul...
is drawn near the clone and...
haunts him like a guardian spirit.
Enough of your occult hypotheses...
You plundered my granddaughter...
and murdered her with your tinkering!
Stop bringing up that same old story!
Her death was an accident.
Besides, her recreation was illegal and...
there fore her death can't
be considered as murder at all.
You made an error by not considering
the soul's resonance.
If she'd lived, I'd have solved
the enigma of resonance!
What did you learn
while I've been your prisoner?
How pathetic.
You think that science is toying
only with cells and machines.
But the cloning of human beings is beyond
the realm of current technology.
Why can't you see that?
If he cries, ripen him sweetly
Bodhisattvas at the village crossroads
please laugh if he cries
Sleep fast in the moonless night
Don't let the God of the mountain take him
What? Where'd you come from?
Anyway... put this on.
You'll catch a cold.
Thank you.
Are you a foreigner?
With that baggage and outfit...
just where are you headed?
Home... going home.
I think he wandered from a hospital.
No, a mental hospital.
Nothing like that...
No, he doesn't seem to be
dangerous to others.
No, he won't hurt anyone.
Hey, you better come back!
Yes. Word had gotten out.
Activate the recovery unit.
Hurry. A civilian already
called the police.
I'll take care of it.
Was his "medication" finished?
Yes. I dosed it so that
no evidence will remain.
Is the spare body set?
All set.
But Chief... I...
Don't sweat it.
This isn't murder.
The second clone will be a success.
If we succeed, think how many
precious lives can be saved.
Think it over.
How'd you get in here?
No trespassing! Get out!
That's... mine!
Leave! No dumping!
Get out!
I'm throwing this out.
We're... almost home.
We can see mother.
Dying alone was scary I bet.
I'm sorry.
If I hadn't gone in that river...
Mr. Kohei Takahara.
Do you know who I am?
Where... am I?
In a room at the cloning lab.
You remember requesting
clone regeneration, right?
Yes... I remember.
You had an accident in space
and have been treated...
Chief, it's too soon.
Take your time and try
not to confuse him.
Did I... die?
Sorry... to have worried you.
Never thought this would
occur so soon.
I... don't understand.
I have no trust in anything...
Not even you.
I thought that you'd
be against it.
But... I must keep on living.
Welcome home.
I'm home.
how'd mother make out?
Now complete "life insurance"
has been established.
Clone technology can contribute
to society opening many roads.
That's it from the press conference.
The legality of it bothers me.
The ethics of these scientists
were not considered a problem.
As for medical treatment...
we can't ignore the contributions
of clone tech to patient care.
Sure, these exist, but...
"life management" crosses
ethical lines.
Public debate and research are more
important than publicity.
This crazy law is moving ahead alone.
That very meaning was
stressed at the conference.
As for how much clone tech
has contributed to medical care...
No clones! No clones!
I'd like to talk to you a bit.
Fine. I could use some distraction.
They seem to go crazy outside.
The public is easily
excited and quelled.
My memory is still stored
in here, right?
Sure, but...
If so, I'd like to talk
with my other self in here.
Was I... wrong about something?
What do you want?
As one of the researchers here,
I want to...
check about something.
I've taken all your tests.
What more do you want?
Since you've been cloned, is there
anything unexplainable around you?
Haven't you experienced any
unfathomable phenomenon?
Interesting question, eh?
But unfortunately there's nothing.
I knew it.
Resonance can't happen to you.
What's this "resonance"?
It's the effect of the original
soul on the clone.
I want to verify my hypothesis that...
the clone is a spirit connecting
life and death.
But, why didn't resonance happen to me?
Because you're not the second but
the third reproduction of yourself.
The second test case only lived
a few days after waking up.
Now, he's MIA.
No way.
Your test case, number 2 of you...
showed a strong reaction
to his childhood memories.
You're probably the only one who knows
where he disappeared to.
I want to know the truth
behind his strong resonance.
Not again.
Can you hear that sound too?
Lately, I hear that all the time.
I doubt my ears aren't working.
You can hear it too, right?
Hey, I knew I'd seen you before.
So you're okay?
Did you forget me?
You stopped at my house the last
time you passed by. Remember?
You carried that big scarecrow.
You acted strange and had me worried.
But today you're looking well.
That wasn't me.
that was my twin brother.
Why's... this here?
did it... happen again?
Executive Producer Wim Wenders
Written and directed