The Clown (1917) Movie Script

Joe Higgins played by
Mr. Valdemar Psilander.
Daisy played by
Mrs. Gudrun Houlberg.
Circus is in town.
Joe the clown is good friends with
Daisy, the circus owner's daughter.
Afternoon joy in
the performers camp.
That night.
The famous theater impresario, Wilson, is making a stop
in town from his excursion and pays the circus a visit.
The song of Pjerrot's love.
He has talent. I'll make
him world famous!
I'll accept your offer on one condition:
That I can bring these three people with me!
Two years later.
Daisy and Joe are now married.
Joe's dressing room at the music hall.
Count Henri.
The song, that helped Joe
conquer the whole world.
The contract for one more year!
Forgive me Joe! I never
meant to hurt you!
Daisy, do you love him?
Then there's but one thing to do;
Go be with him!
At Count Henri's...
I've come to stay with you!
Next morning.
No, don't go after her! Let her stay
where she has chosen to be.
If I ever see her again, I will.
One year later. Count Henri's feelings for Daisy have grown cold, and
when she realized his true being, she deeply regrets leaving her husbond.
So, this is how I meet you again.
In a crowd like this!?
How dare you show up here?
The same night an unconscious
woman was brought to the hospital.
Noon next day.
Last night, a woman wearing fur and dress, tried to commit suicide by drowning in the canal. She was
saved by some people passing by at the very last minute, and brought unconsciously to the hospital.
She was here?
I have a message from your wife, who
wishes to speak with you before she dies.
Forgive me Joe!
It was always you I loved!
I ever meet that man, I'll kill him.
I swear by your name!
Many years later: The old Bundings passed away long
ago, and Joe is back performing with a touring circus.
Every once in a while, Joe remembers and
relives the happiest moments of his life.
This is your punishment
for betraying her!
Daisy, please let me join you!
A stroke put an end
to Joe's life -