The Coed and the Zombie Stoner (2014) Movie Script

- Oh, my God! - They do not stop.
What the hell is going on here?
- The doors must be kept locked. - Oh, my God!
No one is locked out. Out to celebrate it!
Find suddenly weapon.
There you are. View the results of the survey!
I'm a slut. Yes, of course. Awesome!
Oh, shit.
Hi there! Would you like ice cream? You look pretty hungry.
Maybe you have lactose intolerance or something.
Do you want this? You need it more than I do.
Today is my birthday!
Happy Birthday!
Let's hit them.
- Who called them? - I'll take care of the matter.
And who are these plumbers? Girls are dancing with them.
I said that I take care of the matter. Out of the way, hell!
Do you want a clean place?
Come on, good boy.
What happens now?
You get out when you will kiss a girl.
Yuk. Congratulations to the company, a loser.
- Spike! - Hi there, Bambi. Nice tits.
Does your sister have already hyyteldrinkkej? I need to get them a laxative!
Those Paskov on synttreideni. And soon they Pakov I really was.
They do not talk veljeskuntalaisille.
For the last time: where Chrissy is?
Disodium phosphate and gelatin coagulation takes three hours.
Or what?
A drop of liquid nitrogen is here and here.
And you're done! Chemistry it be able to amaze.
Do you see?
No, Romero! Naughty pussy.
- Puriko Romero you? - Yes.
Is the cat is not a good listener? Ear Leaves turn 180 degrees.
Here is your favorite food. Eat.
You make my My favorite.
This is a excellent.
Vodka tastes great and prevents contact with shock.
As the festivities begin with?
I forget that we moved the clocks.
Why do we follow the practice, which was launched in Germany in 1916?
You may be the smartest young lady I have ever met.
Why, then, reputin Romance Languages course again?
Is not my brain capacity sufficient to learning new languages?
I do not know enough Spanish tilatakseni Taco Bell Brussels.
Is Morse a foreign language and the country, and can I vacation there?
You can do whatever you want.
But you can not keep your mouth shut.
- Slow down, Miss Chrysanthemum. - Professor Hagfish!
I need to make Alumni Hall, before these drinks are melting.
- There must not be used for parties. - Bunny was sleeping with Roy.
Roy Jay knows who knows Lee, who is familiar with Mike, which gave the keys.
- What? - Have a nice day.
- Wait! - See you in an hour.
They do not dare ...
Who's ready for a wet T-shirt -competition?
That's a lot of human beings.
Wow, what tits.
Spike. Spike!
I brought the jelly.
- Sting! - To.
Give me a kiss. We've been here over an hour.
- Are those herpesrakkuloita? - Do not.
They are birth signs.
- Where is PJ? - There lather.
- He's been pretty molop. - MOLO has his Brotherhood.
- MOLO is a Brotherhood symbol. - Is not it great party?
- Peekaboo! - Chrissy.
Check out which party. My head is all messed up.
When such a room is more than 90 people, the oxygen runs out.
I'll leave you.
- Can I say anything? - You do not.
I want a girlfriend who uses his mouth on one thing.
- I do not mean talking. - I tried to explain ...
Not interested. None of the guys do not care. Get out of here.
Whatever. Oh, my God!
Bambi! I guessed that it's you.
- Did you hear that? - What?
- Does it to you? - What do you whack?
How big does it grow?
Oh, my God! The campus police?
- Are those tampons? - Why it does not cease to speak?
- Who? - My dick!
- What have you pulled? - Can I get it?
Contact to tell the world what you know.
You will hear delusions, Spike.
My cock is selected.
Oh no! Hyyteldrinkkini.
Professor Hagfish here. Send someone over here right away.
Chrissy? Do you have a menkat?
I have to tell the world.
There is no real Fuck.
Pull them out.
Nobody has menkkoja. Red is the color of the food ...
Did someone say something? I'm not talking vajakkikielt.
I speak horopersiaa.
O-l-e-t-t-e s-y-v--l-t-.
You can not even having the cheek.
You do not hang out with the Brotherhood types, -
but muhinoitte with plumbers.
They were full of guys sexy.
They should not tamper with vessojamme pillujamme.
Or do you paskannatteko pimppinne through?
- You do not hear swallowing, Bunny. - I'm on a diet.
Hit yourself in the appearance, so I do not need.
And you're with the sister of the municipality, in order to avoid losing the scholarship.
But in each of your scholarship is in danger.
You, you and you. The equation is simple.
Deittailkaa Brotherhood of the law, then you will stay.
Otherwise, I hit you with a fist pussy and I will cast you out of my house, -
which I got from my mother 18-vuotissynttrilahjaksi.
Look, I got a new boyfriend.
You are so cute, PJ. I love you.
If you do not get a new boyfriend within the next 24 hours -
you will sell your egg cell, so that you can continue your studies.
You will have to sell pimppinne.
I do not even have an egg cells.
Then you can fuck all sink into the fingers.
Get the finger, and then do it again, horot!
"There is no egg cells. Pimpissni do not have anything."
Who boys dating for me? They think that I have menkat.
- I can not get out of here ever. - Terrible emergency pee!
I am forced to pee.
- Hello? Brad? - Get us out of here.
- I gotta get to pee. - Injuring as the urine.
- How to deliver you? - Open the latch.
Advances have tosissanne.
- Well? - I could not to date her for you, even if I wanted to.
Father ordered a birthday present for my bride from Russia.
Girl fly off the handle when she sees this.
It is really depressing to be a virgin, who has herpes.
Oops. Sorry.
I make you a herpesvoiteen, if you do you get me a boyfriend.
You '. We are looking brotherhood of sorts.
Excuse me?
- What are you doing? - I force you to remove their bra.
Jess! Se toimi.
I made anti-herpes -
and then dating for guys that are not interested in me at all.
I thought that I could find guy who tykkisi listen to me.
He would be hydrogen peroxide me.
Are all the good guys dead?
Is there one?
Dr. Avon?
Woe to you, Pedro.
Dr. Avon?
Stay away from! I've been training taekwondo east Africans.
Pelastit minutes.
Are you a Doctor of Avon's new assistant? I have not met you.
And I do not "chemistry father," Antoine de Lavoisier.
He was executed in 1794, that he would be difficult to meet.
Lavoisier on
huulipunamallistoni nimi.
Kosmetiikkatuotteeni adorn -
and also slow down the degeneration of cells.
You have been real easy to talk to.
What is your name?
Probably you are suffering from dehydration. I'll get the water. The bill is on me.
These are a bit like a date.
What a beautiful evening.
Is not it awesome in cannabis, THC substance?
My brother Spike to burn all variations of grass.
He lives in a dormitory on the other side of campus.
And I thought that chivalry is dead.
Thank you could you take me home. See you tomorrow at the lab.
I do not even know your name.
Rigo Fabian, vuosikurssi 1985.
Rigo Fabian kuoli" -
"Doing laboratory experiments with Pierre Avon."
Dr. Avon!
- Tell Rigo Fabian. - Who?
- According to this, he is dead. - I do not know that man.
- He brought me home. - Did he escape from here?
- So you know him. Rigo! - Shh!
All right, I'll tell you.
- But do not breathlessly here. - I can keep my mouth shut.
Can you?
We have to go back to -
The year of the Lord 1985.
Rigo was the best student of mine. He helped develop the machine -
which extend human life.
He was like my own son.
He was so dedicated to his head for mixing -
that developed its own cannabis variety.
It was so strong that Romero came to the cloud exposure to smoke.
I did not know that Rigo was also a pothead.
Bongimestari. Hatsis maksimus.
Jointtijtk. Dr. Ruohonen.
One evening, Rigo was around the cloud -
and thought zombikonetta dorm jet.
The device was launched, and then began to happen.
Marijuana mixed with Rigon DNA and caused a chemical reaction.
The best pupils became ...
- A zombie. - And her cat, too.
Romero jumped into the plane at the last moment.
But Rigo's really cute.
Of course! Marijuana mixed with hybrid DNA -
to keep her strong and young.
Buns your searches Chrissy.
You do not smell the dead.
Is that kurpitsapiiraan fragrance?
It is a blend of nutmeg, cinnamon and Old spice.
I got the recipe many years ago when I dated Julia Childs.
Rigon substance is injected into the sebaceous glands.
On both sides. He is a neat young man.
He used floss after every meal.
Have you ever bitten anyone?
One of the very unfortunate incident -
occurred in a nightclub in 1986.
It was Christmas Eve, and Rigo went to a nightclub.
Young woman cast her eyes on him -
and wrapped him captivated. Rigo bit the woman.
Woman bitten someone else, and everyone started to bite each other -
until the nightclub was full of zombies.
The new wave of music died because of Rigon -
and he no longer afraid to go out.
He is afraid of purevansa someone, if nervous.
So he lives here.
Does he eat people?
No, only in laboratory rats.
But they will die anyway.
Marijuana is the decisive factor.
It dilutes Rigon blood lust.
Whenever he makes a mind to indulge in -
he gets raw chopped liver. It's his favorite food.
But he is so endearing.
Oh my God, this is terrible!
Are you off the upset simply because he is dead?
It does not matter whether he is a zombie. He is not the sort of brotherhood.
If I do not find the kind of brotherhood in the next 24 hours -
I lose my scholarship.
My heart, I would already be lost.
If not, then ...
Chrissy! I do not wait to get rid of this.
For the cream on one condition.
What is the face of that effort?
Huhuu? Texts, texts.
Ladies and gentlemen, here speaks Professor Hagfish.
I have important things to notice in this week's events -
Ziering University.
Vilkaistaan rooms.
It's perfect.
The first event is -
be the second annual lingerie running.
Dismantled clothing will be donated to charity.
And then the annual beauty contest.
The winner will receive -
kaksitehoruiskeen Dr. Daniels, a plastic surgeon's office.
I participated in the races themselves.
It is a pathetic case is finally gone.
Will Chrissy still my lesson and he gives a hand treatments?
I do not. And then put it back.
- I do not. You know the rules. - I want to introduce one person.
- He's talking to himself again. - Come on in.
- What the fuck? - This is the Rigo Fabian.
The newest member of ZBE Brotherhood and my boyfriend.
That dude needs the sun.
Votes are given, and the school's cutest couple is -
Christina Chrysantemum
ja Rigo Fabian.
"ZBE is now the most popular Brotherhood Ziering University's history."
I look like a real moloplt.
It is time to put an end to this power couple.
- Fuck them! - Do not annoy me.
We have to manipulate Rigon and Chrissy nut.
Tein kannabiksella
hystettyj suklaapaloja.
Chrissy will be so high on drugs that will do what we want.
As to deceive Rigoa.
- Grow your cock and fuck me. - I'm trying.
Like marry paahtopaistileip, with molten cheese.
- 1, 2! 1, 2! - I'm inside.
I am inside.
Please wait ... MOLO forever and ever!
That it took something like two minutes.
Two minutes? It is a personal record.
Drop alkkarinne in the name of charity.
The race will start in five minutes.
- This is an underwear running. - I do not wear underwear.
Oh yeah. Neither do I.
Who is ready to suck and blow the game?
- I liked that. - It was a dirty trick.
Today eaten delicacies. Congratulations spimmlle pair.
- Are not you jealous? - Why would I be jealous of you?
Cut up these chocolate pieces.
Introduce me houses, Rigo. It was an architecture magazine.
- But ... - Shh!
- You are now the GM with the EU. - I do not want to be.
Although the name is Bambi ...
Im called "rancid Temmelsreksi".
Chocolate is a natural anti-oxidants ...
- Chrissy?
- No?
Bring your tastes seepranpaskalta.
Wait Rigo! I'm really sorry.
You are fucking hard.
Come back.
The third installment, now let's go.
You do not have to be stoned to want this body.
And you're at it, except my ex.
I now have a new man, and you two are quite different.
Whoops! They are not there. Do not worry, I eat pills.
Did you sleep with Bambi?
- Stop that poked in. - For the full pyllysi wounds.
- Get your hands off, PJ! - Are you going to hit? Do it!
Calm down. High noradrenaline and cortisol ...
Be quiet! It makes you want to hit your face up.
What's new record attendance today, dude?
What are you going to do? Bite me?
- Are you going to hit me? - Rigo need to calm down.
Does that guy pulls a cloud before a fight?
10 seconds left.
- Do not condescend to this, Rigo. - Do it!
- You do not know what he can do. - X, X, Y.
Come on, albiinomulkero.
Anna tulla! Pure!
Huutakaa B! Huutakaa I!
Huutakaa B! Huutakaa...
- What am I tavasin? - Your name.
- It is two letters. - It is hell your name!
- Give me a break. - You're right.
Are you ready?
3, 2, run!
What are we going to do?
I think I should run.
What the fuck did you do?
Are you okay, PJ?
No problem, let's get you Dr. Avon creates.
Where's the goat's food is?
My neck! Please help!
Please help! Blood burst into the point.
I removed the price tags, so that I could return the suit.
Fucking ZBE-boys and their stupid bileens.
Fuck off it. And the smell fuck you too.
- Did someone say the V-word? - Do not come here.
Brotherhood of the houses are over there!
How's it going, PJ?
Zombie virus is an insane sociological side-effect!
They might be monsters, but they are still students.
They will continue the same stupid rvellyst -
and socially bold use than when human beings.
We do not have to worry as long as they feel comfortable.
They just do not get to leave the house.
What is that?
Oh gosh!
Go away! Do not come here.
Go away!
Get out of here.
Die, mulkero.
Do not touch these. My grandfather paid them.
Thank you, sweetie.
Use this as a weapon, Bunny.
I fucked zombies. Pull your hand!
Show tissisi, Becky!
Zombies may death of my chest means.
I promise that it will work!
That's it.
Return to KY-house, and do not let anyone inside.
We have to go KY-house.
They come.
Oh, my God!
What the hell is that?
They do not stop.
What the hell is going on here?
- The doors must be kept locked. - Oh, my God!
No one is locked out. Out to celebrate it.
Do you realize how much you complain of boredom?
Do you realize how embarrassed you are?
What now? Is pimppini really big?
Perhaps the Sandvich leave residues, as pimppini is so big.
Eat me, if you are going to just stand there with open mouth.
Eat me!
Oh, my God!
We have to apply for Spike.
What's the matter, honey? This is ruohosi. Calm down.
You're better than the others.
You are my hero. You saved me, and you can save again.
Let's go!
Be A safety measures, so as not to fall prey to the zombies.
Do not move in areas that have had attacks.
Mene it.
- Call for help, a professor of Hagfish. - Do you smoke marijuana, young man?
- You have to get out of here. - Not have to.
You have to go to the library, if someone's got to do something.
Or reputanko you?
The library? Oh, my God!
- Zombies are coming! - Shh.
- Zombies are coming from. - Do they have a visitor badge?
I dislike cramming for exams. I wish I could cram this information kallooni.
Adolf! Is that a student's car?
Can you look at, whether in the center console coins?
Or chewing gum?
Or maybe a soda?
- Yes. - Does not it?
Good evening, then.
I am so close to vakivirkaa that I can taste it.
Who's there?
Imagination gallops.
Tell me now.
Stop it, boys.
You can not do this.
This is an abuse of the elderly.
Who are you ...?
Oh no! Too late.
- Spike? - Bye, Systeri.
- Take this. - You are right.
Loistokondiksessa. These are my friends.
They're not your friends. They are zombies.
And no.
It makes 7.50.
Are you going to pay for it?
Let's say that you're right.
- What we do? - Let's get out.
Let's get out before they become munchies.
- I'll mess grasses. - Leave them!
I paid good money for these.
- Come on, Rigo! - I think he'll be fine.
- What now? - Oh, Jesus!
- It does not let go. - I'll help.
This is not Kentucky.
- To get you to a doctor. - But I'm so young!
To the hospital. You're gonna be all right.
Chrissy, ksi...
It fucked me with his finger.
Come on.
The last competitor Swimsuit Competition is -
neiti Honey St. Bunny.
Bunny is ... a devout carnivore.
He likes long, dark, and dead men.
He appreciates lover, who looks soft side.
Especially insides.
- Women ... - Get out before we noticed.
Next, it's time for a question and answer section.
Miss Bambi Hrnpalli.
Famine is an ongoing problem.
What is your solution to it?
Good good.
Nurse Escandalo?
Did we come at a bad time?
And this is happening at service stations toilets.
Come on.
What's the matter?
Yeah, my ass is the zombie's hand.
You have received a valuable lesson.
Now I know where the prostate is.
Let's get you in shape.
- Outside, there are zombies ... - A nice story.
I'll take care of one crisis at a time, and now it is your friend's hand in my ass.
There is talk of salts later.
Rigo! Are you okay?
Oh no! Do not Cry.
I know that the intention was not to cause all of this.
You just lost your temper.
I too have lost my temper.
I told the age of five to the mother that I would microscope.
When he did not buy it, I said that I did not want to see him anymore.
He died that night, a hand massage device in an accident.
I can not ever ask for forgiveness from my mother.
But of this we can fix it.
We can make things better footing.
You Rigo!
- That came in handy. - How can you think about sex?
It was a medical procedure.
- I have to go back to the lab. - Two henkosta yet.
There must be some way to change the zombies back into humans.
Last Stressasin saw a lot of exam week.
Contact this. You long for something more relaxing.
Every fourth student has chlamydia.
"College student is ..." Gonorrhea?
That it is the answer!
- Gonorrhea? Tell it to them. - I know how zombies are changed.
We gotta get out.
Maybe they do not want me, if I acquired a sexually transmitted disease.
I'm not that kind of girl.
What should I do so that I could get gonorrhea?
Pull naked before the zombies come.
What are you doing? You are not gay.
Cut off the hand fucked me with his finger. I can go on until the end.
Let's escape through the back door!
I do not want to die.
Do not kill me.
Do not eat it, please.
If this works, I apply for postgraduate studies.
I can not wait, I can tell that Dr. Avon.
Dr. Avon?
Dr. Avon!
Dr. Avon?
Do not shoot or move around.
Scared so that the fire clays lahkeeseen.
- Where is the toilet? - Over there.
Jesus, what a day.
- Do you know what my problem is? - Kynsinauhakrampit?
To complicate things too much. Can you shut the door kropallasi?
I know how to improve zombivirus.
The elastic film is too thick, a command to keep the cell to relax.
For this reason, soothing marijuana to suppress Rigon blood lust.
But how do you get the drug from the cloud?
If the virus spreads through the saliva, why I'm not a zombie?
I have changed a lot of spit with Rigon -
and other bodily fluids, by mutual consent.
Why I am not a zombie?
- You gave me too much information. - Read my lips.
The answer is meikkimallistoni. I thought Preparatory something pretty -
but took particular huuliini hyaluronic acid and peptide B3 -
with oat bran and wheat germ.
Together with the marijuana they prevent the zombie virus spread -
and turn their symptoms on their heads.
- Are you sure that it works? - There is only one way to find it.
Bring me a zombie.
I hope this works.
A key ingredient Meikkimallistoni is estrogen.
- I'm sexy. - Physical education teachers.
Correct the thing, Chrissy.
I need to make estrogen-secreting hormones into non-toxic -
so that I can refute gender reassignment process.
Spike! Go to watch the door.
The bolt that no more zombies get inside.
We need to fix the thing -
or all the students look from the Russian female gymnasts from whom.
Okay, I'm trying to think.
- Think faster! - I'm trying.
- Brad?
- Olen nyt Brad Lee Ann.
Herpes has disappeared completely. It is the answer!
Marijuana soothing properties -
and the development of anti-herpes are the perfect combination.
This may have an adverse reaction to Botulism or suffering from polio.
- Dr. Avon? - What?
Search Romero.
It worked.
Used in serum Rigoon -
so that he can help us to fight against zombies.
All right.
To paskiainen?
The body fucked me today with his finger.
on paskatahroja.
And all the good ruohoni is at the end -
because you haisevahengityksiset and keskustelukyvyttmt -
you do not PREVENT Santa, even though you paid for it.
Who among you will replace this stuff?
I thought so. Implement smell.
A as orange, B as the bazaar.
And I'm a tiger, to whom Siegfried & Roy lost.
Spray you Rigoa agent. Is not this what you have wanted.
- Change him back into a human. - Do you love me as man?
I am in my love for you?
What are you waiting for, Chrissy?
Damn! It was good stuff.
Are you the guys there you are, girls?
Until I die, I'm KY, tastier than gingerbread untouched.
- I'm sorry. - It's all right.
I've been waiting a long time that I would hear what you have to say. Speak!
- Why is he talking about? - He is French.
Did not you know it?
I knew that I forgot to tell you something Rigosta.
Rigo was an exchange student from France. He studied here in scholarship.
Whack, or is this dude the cleanest bastards on earth?
Rigo turned into a zombie, before he understood English.
Virus froze his brain, and he never learned English.
That is, he is not the whole period could not read or understand English?
That is, the whole time everyone gets along -
he has not understood anything, what I have said to him?
Pull yourself together!
You have an overactive woman, and you will not be able to communicate with men.
We must stop the zombies before they leave campus.
Calm down and do not be so hysterical!
ijisty and behave like a woman.
Take a Valium and skarppaa.
I've calmed down.
- Why did you do that? - I do not know.
I'm high. Oh, hell.
I made these hynteismyrkkypulloista zombintorjunta weapons.
This is almost as much fun as a phone sex.
Do not waste serum.
Examination of works that really.
Hold it!
Now, I'm ready.
Behind it all is a woman.
That was easy.
This is why I do not follow the crowd species.
We need to split up.
I do not know how this could work.
I can not even look at the "Moulin Rouge" to the end.
Oh, how sweet. The real-life soap opera.
We need to leave the Brotherhood of houses.
Let's go hoitelemaan guys for free.
Hei, horot!
- This gas panettaa. - Same here.
You're a sick sexy.
This is still hot.
Brotherhood. Equality.
- Is there more gas? - It is.
This is hard to say, but without you -
I think there should have been a woman who I was today.
What? What's the matter?
Oh, my God! I have to take Botox ruiskeeni.
No, your body is clearly too much BOTOX.
The serum is reacting negatively clostridia ...
Speak English, do not fucking loser language.
Zombilke and Botox do not like each other.
But they made me beautiful. Change me back.
- Why? - A zombie.
Nucleotide sequences and the DNA sequences are combined with correctly.
I'd rather be dead than ugly. Do you understand?
Get out of the way!
Are you hungry? Say something.
- What lasts? - You are immune.
- You can not change into a zombie. - Fucking moron!
You suck.
- I'm really sorry, Bambi! - You did this on purpose.
I swear that I did not do.
- Well maybe a little. - Change me back.
Onset of immunity may be lifted only by feeding your body the code -
programmed zombikoneeseen.
- Please. - Lopeta!
We do not understand each other.
We would say no, even if we speak of, we would like to talk about.
Everything has changed. We do not know each other anymore.
So our thing is over.
- Chrissy? - He is not the right man for me.
Do you want a pet or a boyfriend? Think about what you are giving up.
- Do you have a bubble gum, Avon? - Of course.
Do you like this for a moment?
Wrong pocket.
Life zombikoneelle minut.
You heard correctly. And you're in it, the Frenchman!
I'll blow her brains out and you will be too.
That is, the movement of the joints. You, too, mulkero.
Sacre bleu!
- Do not, Bambi! - Walk.
Right now!
Get in the car. Hi Chrissy? Learn to keep your mouth shut.
- Rigo! - Do not worry.
- He will soon be the same. - I do not want that, he is a zombie.
The machine can kill Rigon.
Drive on, old bastard.
You look like Margaret Truman.
Wait Rigo!
- Purivatko zombies with you? - Worse.
Hat them my back.
- I've done stunts for 9 times. - 10th time lucky says.
Is this not more?
Have you used the serum yourself?
- Why are you talking about hard? - A terrible famine.
I could eat nachos.
- And cheese. - What's the matter?
They could not resist the manly my body.
I've made a terrible mistake.
Cheer up. Zombies have almost disappeared.
- We cleaned the corners. - The problem has been corrected.
- I need to get labraani. - Let's go to the scooter.
Let's go to your mother's car, Kamikaze.
I got to borrow it, just because of time until he gets to prison.
- Give me the keys. - It is the only four-door sedan.
We have to save Rigo.
- Mom likes the car more than me. - We do not have to worry.
His mother's car is invalid. We need some big.
And the huge and long. The campus is full of zombies.
We will change this SUV zombintappokoneeksi.
Please confirm your structures amorphous material.
Lift the car air, -
so that we can draw guns shafts.
For ye masturbaatiopstj own ajallanne.
Let's go hoitelemaan that bitch.
Out of the car.
- Just impossible to hustle. - Keep your mouth shut.
Go to hell for it.
- Close your mouth. - Close mouth itsellesi vain.
Come on.
- Step inside. - He does not understand English.
Well, then rotate.
Enter you.
I need zombipoikaa restore me into a zombie.
Die, mulkero! I do not give a shit about you.
Oh, my God!
Zombikaasu panettaa.
- Oh, my God! - These zombies are wild.
I'll go over here.
- I'm coming. - It comes.
- I'm coming! - It comes, it comes.
- I'm coming! - It comes!
We need adequate air pressure to produce a torque on the machine.
- What are you talking about? - Do not you want to know how it works?
Do I look like that it cares?
The movement joints!
Menkat would begin.
Are you okay?
We save you, honey.
We will be with you, Chrissy!
No, this is my battle.
Oh, how romantic.
Do not be sad.
I soon zombikuningatar and you rotting knights.
Hei, an hour!
You need a facelift.
Yellow teeth!
- Contact Rigo out of the machine. - I can not do that.
- You need to open that door. - I can not.
Fuck you!
Do not try it.
- Open the door and get out of the Rigo. - I can not.
You need to shut your mouth for once and listen.
Believe me, even Rigo likes this.
I do not want this to end.
You loved me, even if you understood what I said.
I know that now.
You tried to talk to me, but I did not listen to this.
Ultimately -
our relationship with the zombie was me, not you.
I love you.
- We have to leave. - We can not leave Rigoa.
Rigon has to be within the machine so that he can use it.
- I use it. - No way.
He's trying to save the world because of you.
Hold it! I want to be a zombie.
You're a dead bitch, if you stay here.
I can not live with this the sidelines.
- Go to hell. - Wait!
It for you!
Oh, my God! Did you see?
Rigo, and ...
- PJ-gold? - Grandma?
I here, Bambi.
That is not worthy of me, that is, bye.
I'm alive.
Where is Rigo?
You are not dead.
You are not dead.
And you're not a zombie. You are you.
How can I talk to him when he does not understand?
Use this translation application.
Great! I have so much to say.
And I want you to tell me things.
How do you say "I love you"?
Fuck me with a French sausage.
Porn setting was on. Please try again.
How do you say "I love you"?
I love you.
All right.
Rigo, I love you.
I love you, Chrissy.
Oh, how cute.
- I'm only 20 years old! - There's a lecherous old men.
- They are really nice. - I'll eat your baby, bitch!
He must take it easy.
Someone has to feed her cat.
- Me. - Me.
- Do you like orgies? - Share tykknk?
Did I teach you biology last semester?
- So you are no longer my student. - I do not like that.
Come on out of there!
Who's there?
Is someone there?
- What kind of movies you like? - Oh, shit!
Come on, I want to undress!
I want to go vilauttelemaan tits.
- Is that a zombie? - It seems to be in need of sleep.
It is the dick veins.
- Do you like to fuck the dead? - He looks like a alaperseeltni.
I want to do this for a living.
This is the best day ever.
Oh, my God!
This is a decent acting.