The Coldest Game (2019) Movie Script

What came first?
The chicken or the egg?
Its important to see things as they are.
On one hand you have
an awkward feathered thing
and on the other you have the most perfect
aerodynamic shape that's ever evolved.
The answer is...
answer is obvious, right?
Everythings simple with you, professor.
Maybe you can explain my wife to me.
- It was the egg, not the chicken, right?
- That depends.
On what?
On whether I'm having breakfast or dinner.
Get out of here, professor.
We now know that the Soviet Union
has decided
for putting all of the Americans
under the nuclear gun.
Their major weapon systems,
which would affect this capability,
appear to be nuclear propelled
and supersonic bombers.
The aggressor would go as far as he could,
to the very brink of war.
Kennedy said that their administration
must take responsibility
for the loss of Cuba.
The free people of Cuba,
people who want to be free
are going to be supported
and that they will attain their freedom.
In international news
the chess match of the century
between grand master John Konigsberg
and the Soviet challenger
grand master Gavrylov
has finally been scheduled. The Chairman
of the American Chess Association,
Mr. Griswald Moran,
made this announcement.
I would like to personally thank
President Kennedy,
who spoke to First Secretary Khrushchev
on our behalf
and helped us come to an agreement
with the Soviets.
The date of the tournament
remains unchanged.
Both sides have agreed
to hold the games in Warsaw, Poland.
Yeah, well. I can't play
with all that crap in my ears.
All they've been talking about
for the past two days
is Konigsberg and that Russian,
as though thats going to bring
the Commies to their knees.
Dealer takes one.
Did you guys hear about
that Russian bomb called Tsar?
- All in.
- They exploded one
and the mushroom cloud was 40 miles high.
- All in.
- Manhattan would be destroyed in...
two seconds.
And I call.
That's always a pleasure.
Three hundred and 32 dollars.
So my 15 percent would be
49 dollars and 80 cents.
Here's 50 bucks.
This Saturday
we're going to play blackjack.
You are going to lose the
first two rounds
and then make a miraculous recovery.
You got it.
Evening, miss. What'll it be?
Double bourbon. Neat.
Professor Mansky?
You crossed my mind today
when I heard about that chess match
between that Russian and Konigsberg.
I remember when you were playing him.
Everybody admired you.
I was your student.
That was a long time ago.
Professor, I have a proposition for you.
Pardon me.
Excuse me? I think you forgot your...
Hes waking up.
He needs another shot.
Hes not due for another 45.
Hes got a strong liver.
He woke up half an hour ago
in the safe room.
He doesn't know where he is.
We waited for you before talking to him.
Taught math at Princeton.
During Einsteins tenure, no less.
Dismissed for punching a Nobel laureate.
You brought a winner.
Hes a genius at chess, sir.
He defeated Konigsberg twice.
Yeah, 20 years ago.
And this is the guy
you want to win the Cold War for us?
Go ahead.
Professor Mansky, can you hear me?
I taught for nine years.
I never had a female student.
What I'm about to tell you, sir,
is highly confidential.
The President and the State Department...
You'd come up with the genius plan.
- We have a lot to tell you...
- You gonna tell me
that I should pretend to be Konigsberg
or maybe ask me
to send messages
about different moves he can make
by tapping Morse code
by the teaspoon or something.
And this all in the name
of the State Department
and the President of the United States,
and it happens in a sound-proofed box.
- Guess what? I'm not interested.
- Impressive. Everything you said is true.
But theres more. Konigsberg suffered
a stroke a few days ago.
Hes dead and nobody knows about it.
A loophole in the regulations allows us
to replace him with another player.
The Russians have to accept
or they face a forfeit.
There is no plan B.
We need you to be a patriot.
Oh God. That word.
Why isn't my cell touching the ground?
You're worried about whats underneath us.
We're not on home territory, are we?
No, professor.
Thats the other thing.
We're in a safe room,
U.S. Embassy, Warsaw.
This just came in. Encrypted, code orange.
We're not thirsty.
The Soviet's ship will dock earlier
in Cuba. We have only four days
and Konigsbergs autopsy shows
traces of ricin in his system.
The same kind the Soviets use.
If he was poisoned, that means
the Soviets know about our mission,
- so we have a mole in Washington.
- I need to know every detail
- of this operation.
- You know the protocol, agent Novak.
I don't even have all the details.
Agent White is gonna contact our source,
- I will support him, you will protect us.
- We're buying time.
Even if Mansky loses
the first three games,
that gives us five days
to contact John Gift.
You understand you're risking
more than my men or this station.
They hang people here
for this kind of business.
The convoy approaching Cuba
may indicate change
in the Soviet strategy
and an unannounced, rapid attack
using medium-range missiles
deployed on the island,
which would break U.S. hegemony
in the Western Hemisphere
and shorten retaliation time
to four minutes.
Mr. Mansky?
Professor? May we come in?
You know I will agree to play.
Who told you what happened in 1945?
What do you mean?
You dont know.
Can we brief you about today?
You want me to win,
I gotta get some rest.
- We leave at 3:00.
- Go away.
Mr. Novak, sir...
Mr. Chairman, ladies and gentlemen.
Please, I recognize you all
from your passport photos.
My name's Donald Novak.
I am the embassy attach
in charge of your stay in Warsaw.
You've been briefed on the plane
about our difficult situation.
We've decided to keep the Soviets
in the dark to the last minute.
We will arrive just before
the opening ceremony begins.
And then, Mr. Moran will present them
with the announcement.
- We'll see what they decide.
- Thank you.
As chairman
of the American Chess association...
Excuse me.
Sir, we have a problem.
You need to be in a guest room.
Dr. Stone and Mr. White
from Life Magazine.
Could you come with me, please?
We've had an issue with their visas.
Well be just a minute.
Christ, not another one.
Hes alive.
Hes alive, alright and three sheets
to the goddamn wind.
We are lucky his heart is still beating.
An amphetamine derivative.
We won World War II thanks to this.
Itll put a spring in your step.
Itll take effect faster if you gum it.
- I don't get anything...
- Ok. Just give it a moment.
The Mazowsze folk band!
How long does it last, this stuff?
Everything looks strange.
Whats that?
This will be our home
for the next few days.
It's The Palace
of Culture and Science.
Stalins gift to the people of Poland.
Ladies and gentlemen!
I would like to welcome
Yuri Siergeyevich Gavrylov,
representing the U.S.S.R., to the stage!
Thank you!
May this chess match,
played in the heroic city of Warsaw,
aide in the perseverance of peace
and friendship among nations.
- Thank you!
- Bravo!
Thank you for those wonderful words.
Your statement.
The Soviet Chess Committee agrees
to your substitute player.
What about Grandmaster Gavrylov?
He'll agree as well.
I will now read a statement
I just received
from the American delegation.
Here we go.
Here we go.
We regret to announce
that the US representative,
grand master Konigsberg,
has passed away.
As stated in the ordinance
of the International Chess Federation,
either side has the right
to appoint a replacement
if the replacement was the last one
to defeat the original contender
in a sanctioned match.
Grandmaster Konigsberg
was defeated 17 years ago
by professor...
Joshua Mansky.
Before I invite
professor Mansky to the stage,
I would like to propose
a moment of silence
to honor the late grand master Konigsberg.
Since the Soviet delegation
is not protesting,
we can move on to the symbolic
first move of the tournament,
which will begin tomorrow!
There will be five games.
Each game that's won is worth a point.
A draw is worth half a point
for each player.
The first player to reach three points
will walk away the victor!
As agreed, grand master Gavrylov
will make the first move
and will use the white pieces.
And now, the representative
of the United States, Mr. Mansky.
Your answer, sir.
Your answer, sir.
What the fuck.
Once more for your pleasure:
the Mazowsze band!
A dramatic turn of events in a match
deemed more important
than the World Championship!
Office. Write down!
Joshua Mansky,
a wunderkind that debuted at 13...
Gavrylov was not provoked
by the Americans' deceptive tactics...
I was going to apply the I.V.,
when professor Mansky grabbed
the rubbing alcohol and drank it.
His reaction was out of the ordinary
to say the least.
He calmed down and became focused.
I pass it he needs psychoactive agents
to block the communication
between his dendrites
and neurons in his brain.
The alcohol straightened him out,
slowed down his brain activity
to that of a normal person.
So, you say normally hes not normal?
In the same way that you could say
Einstein wasn't normal.
We're almost done.
There's nothing to worry about.
- You're doing a great job.
- I need a drink.
Our Palace is radiating over Warsaw,
has 46 floors,
three thousand 288 rooms,
theaters, swimming pools,
and museum of technology.
As the director
of Palace of Culture and Science,
I like to greet our visitors
with respectable traditional offering...
Welcome and good night.
Traditional offering starts with bread
and salt.
And, of course, welcome drink.
we have of course
army of people for our guest.
But for great masters like professor,
I personally take care.
Someone from the embassy will bring
a suitcase with everything you might need.
I really don't know
what happened out there.
He made his first move,
I thought of about 8900 responses.
- I haven't been playing very much lately.
- You did well today.
Try to get some sleep.
It might come down to the Rousseau
or the Two Knights defense.
Do you know what the difference is?
There isn't any. And that worries me.
We've got a big day tomorrow.
Good evening.
- You probably know who I am.
- I do.
What they say is true:
a man's name precedes him.
And whatever you heard I am,
I am just that.
Well, maybe...
a little worse.
Do the Americans like their rooms?
Very much so.
Will you be the best host to our guests?
This is Poland.
Hospitality runs in our blood.
And it will as long as it does not disturb
the friendship among our nations.
Thank you for extending
the use of your office
during my stay.
- I'm glad I could help.
- Today was a good day.
Tomorrow will be a better one.
Check what they're saying
on the American floor.
Yes, General Major.
Its 11:30 p.m., not a.m. What happened?
What happened with what?
That director came over with breakfast.
Morning, it's good breakfast.
...and we had this cultural exchange.
Best juice for breakfast
is not from orange,
but from... potato.
What happened with the game?
Professor, you won.
I won?
It was incredible.
They called it a "classic knockout".
Gavrylov gave up after 32 moves.
At the very beginning,
you sacrificed a knight
for Gavrylovs bishop.
And then I sacrificed
my bishop for his knight.
And then you took his queen
and immediately he took yours.
And I gave up my knight,
Gavrylov gave up his other bishop
and we both ended up with a rook.
So, you do remember?
Not at all.
- Can I have a beer? Please.
- Of course.
Thank you.
I think I'm beginning to understand.
- What?
- You.
You gave away the rook
and your other bishop.
You were impervious to his moves
and didn't attack any of his pieces.
Everyone thought you are going mad.
But then, you made one move
and it all made sense.
It was unbelievable. Everyone screamed.
Moran said, "We just witnessed
history in the making."
I think you're underestimating yourself,
but I always believed in you.
You're quite the genius.
You would have made a good student.
But I think...
I got to have a beer for the road,
if you don't mind.
Thank you.
Good night, professor.
Good night.
He swears he was
so drunk he wasn't even conscious.
Never underestimate a man
that can drink you under the table.
Anything else?
Comrade Gavrylov asked to see you.
Interesting. And bold on his part.
Come in!
Dear Yuri Sergeyevich!
Why the sad demeanor?
Chess isn't the five-year plan.
You can't foresee everything.
One can argue
that it's good that you lost.
Your inevitable victory must come
from a hard battle.
Otherwise, what will winning be worth?
I understand. There's something else.
After the first few moves,
I thought he was some...
Don't look at him this way.
See him as a part of a greater whole.
I know I disappointed you.
I've already learned an important lesson.
The Party is behind you
and the Party will always help you.
We are fighting
for the freedom of humanity.
The truth can only belong to us.
Thank you, comrade Krutov.
Get the Palace Director on the phone.
Not a chess player,
but a whiny little cunt.
Good morning, comrade director.
To make sure we keep chess
as the highest priority of this game,
I'd like you to stop providing alcohol
to the American delegation's quarters.
They might complain later that we won
because we got them drunk.
That's an order!
I dont really do this.
Men of a distinguished age
look good on you, Dr. Stone.
Excuse me, professor.
The ambassadors arent coming.
A reporter
in Washington got the White House leak
and asked Khrushchev point-blank
about missiles in Cuba.
He must have got pissed.
He is threatening to pull
his ambassador from D.C.
- Any contact with Gift?
- Negative.
Any contact with anyone?
Some Soviet officer
drifting off by himself?
We're under a time constraint.
- How long do we have?
- 48 hours.
What about the mole in Washington?
Lets just worry about Gift,
then about the mole.
Wait. See the guy
that the Russians are standing around?
General Major Krutov.
Hes Russian counterintelligence,
responsible for
the sting operation in Moscow.
When did you plan on telling me that?
Maybe this is a good moment
to start breaking procedure
- and tell each other what we know.
- I can't give any details of my mission
- to anyone, even you.
- Can he recognize you?
If he could,
I'd be dead in Moscow like the others.
I'll see you at the game tomorrow.
- Excuse me, gentlemen. It's time to go.
- I guess that means the partys over.
A lot of things are over.
- We have to get back to the Palace.
- If you would just excuse me.
- I'll get a little food for the road.
- Nobody asked me...
What's going on here?
- Its okay.
- They're showing whos in charge.
Its okay.
Let them go! Move it!
The US has begun military
maneuvers designed to hide the fact
that our entire army on the east coast
is been mobilized.
Our ambassador here is ready to evacuate.
All classified papers are to be burnt.
The Warsaw Pact has put its troops
on military alert.
The Soviets have already sent
more than twenty ships towards Cuba,
all of them are carrying
radioactive cargo.
The U.S. Navy has designated a zone
that the Russian convoy cannot cross.
It looks like war.
Hows our dark horse?
Not bad.
God protects children, drunks,
and the United States, as they say.
I hope thats true and he doesn't fail us.
Mansky will be fine.
I was talking about God.
Im sorry.
Genadiy Stepanovich,
the rat will show his head
in the next 48 hours.
We're counting on you.
The Americans recognized you.
Good. They'll have
something to be afraid of.
He's ahead again.
t's like in the first game.
Those moves were strange.
Like he changed his whole strategy.
I'm gonna walk down to him
during the break.
Today's winner
is the grand master Gavrylov.
This happened in Switzerland.
They hired a hypnotist
to distract our player.
Lets go!
Your wife is due to deliver any day.
You have a family, daddy.
If I understand correctly,
your job is to protect our player.
- Please...
- And what you don't understand
is to win this match the Soviets...
What you did was unacceptable!
- Accept the defeat.
- Take your hands off me!
How dare you?
Stop! No!
No! You can't!
Checkmate! The lift's waiting.
Chess. Good manners.
They even know shes pregnant.
Dont worry.
We'll find Gift and we'll be out of here.
- You'll go back home to your wife.
- I saw him.
You saw Gift? When?
Before I got stopped.
This is good.
That means hes in Warsaw.
How can we identify him?
Id have to contact headquarters.
I understand.
The bar.
Pure. Varsovian.
- Toilet!
- Secret system of communication.
My idea.
One, two, three, four.
Number three.
Medicine for morning.
After chess...
or during.
Germans destroy everything.
Hitlers personal order.
To destroy. But we build it again.
I am starting to see some lights.
I show you, here look.
Ehm. Here.
Palace of Culture,
big river, Wisa...
and here American Embassy.
It's okay...
D4, F6, C4,
E5, E6..
You play chess always.
C5, D5...
- The Blumenfeld Gambit.
- Bruderschaft.
I show you. Polish tradition.
Vodka and now drink.
And kiss. One, two, tree.
Alfred. My name, Alfred.
- Joszek.
- Why, Alfred?
Why do you take this risk?
It's so much trouble.
Joszek, you're a good man.
You are my guest.
I show you my Warszawa.
We are two floors underground.
And upstairs is stage
where you play with Gavrylov.
Our history of Poland
very complicated.
All time between Germans and Russia,
fighting for freedom.
I was communist before war
and I am proud of it.
I never believed Stalin, never.
And now
these servants of Soviets made me?
In my own country?
Director of their Palace of Culture?
colonel of underground army!
Welcome to Warsaw.
How we call, "the Paris of the North."
Oh, here.
Children, women,
civilians here.
And there...
15 German soldiers.
Me and my gun only.
Only one gun.
So, I shot.
Bam, bang.
Eight German bastards
The rest run.
Women and children...
The Soviets wait
on the other side of river
for half year.
Half year.
Not giving us any help.
Looking, as Germans...
As Germans...
How do you say,
"bleed us dry"? Fuck.
you cannot imagine.
Dead bodies everywhere.
I lost my faith.
I don't really know the things you saw,
maybe little with the...
in terms of the whole game
only sacrifice can bring you
great strength.
I lost my soul.
This is mad world, Joszek.
You must be careful.
Trust me.
Militia! Drop the gun!
Drop the gun!
Give the comrade his gun back.
I'd like to sincerely apologize.
I'll write a grievance report on myself.
- I have a wife and kids. A flat...
- Attention!
About face! Get the fuck out of here!
They run like fascist.
We are here. Almost here.
- Fredek!
- Mieciu!
Hi. Oh, my sweet.
You have a lot of friends here.
They are good people.
And they cheer for you. Not that Rusek.
Excuse me.
I've brought you beef goulash.
I made it myself.
- Won't you introduce me?
- Professor.
This is Gienia and she is my...
She's nice and...
I love America and James Dean.
I'll bring you better vodka.
Kryka! Get me the special one!
Tell your friend
he should not take the next card
because statistically,
hes not going to get a face card.
- How do you know?
- I know, right now!
Damn it! It's the fourth time!
Joszek, you're amazing.
We drink and I'm drunk...
you're drunk and still genius.
How do you do it?
Pure math and pure vodka.
Maybe you wanna play?
- Hey.
- Good morning, professor. How are you?
I'm... Fine.
Left these outside your door last night.
You weren't thirsty?
I hadn't got to them. Are you alright?
- Yup, I am well.
- Aha.
The others dont know Im here.
- I see.
- Do you mind if I seat down?
- Are you ready for todays game?
- I have been preparing...
Why don't you open up a beer?
During the game,
someone might approach you
could be in a Soviet uniform,
but hes a friend.
Besides me, the only other person
he knows he can trust is you.
How about if I open up
another beer for you.
Who is this?
This man has a scar
on the back of his right hand.
He might give you...
this is difficult, but very important.
Why did White come to your room?
- Did he tell you anything?
- No.
- No. This place might be bugged.
- No. This room is clean.
We checked it.
And the Soviets know everything anyway
- since they're the ones who did this.
- How could they do this?
Its just a game.
He didn't even see it coming.
I'm gonna call agent Novak
and we'll decide what to do next.
I won't leave you for a second
while you're in the game. Alright?
- We're gonna have to leave in 30 minutes.
- No. I'm not going anywhere!
They're psychopaths. Murderers.
They're going to kill all of us.
That kid. He was a human being.
They killed a human being.
I am gonna go to the press.
I'll go and tell them everything.
- When they hear me...
- Thats enough.
I'm going to buy us some time.
I'm just going to buy us some time.
We'll transport you to the embassy
and we're going to say
that you're not feeling well.
You're safe.
You're safe.
Professor Mansky is under medical
observation at the U.S. Embassy.
Cancelling this game will not
affect the rest of the tournament.
Andrey Savchuk,
Komsomolskie Vremia.
Are his heart tremors
possibly caused by alcohol?
I think we've reached a level
of conversation that would dictate
the end of this conference.
We will see the next game
as posted in the schedule.
When do you plan to tell me
what is really going on?
Konigsberg died in the same way he did.
He was poisoned.
They used ricin.
Thats what the Soviets use.
That's not an answer.
Three weeks ago, our surveillance
discovered Soviet silos
with fully operational missiles in Cuba.
Do they have nuclear warheads?
That's the question.
One of our analysts noticed
that these hips were too small
to carry nuclear warheads.
But at this point, thats just a theory.
We don't know
the dimension of the warheads.
We don't know
if they already have nukes in Cuba.
But we're pretty sure
they're on their way.
In fact, another Soviet convoy
is set to dock within a matter of hours.
Surveillance photos revealed
that the ships are larger
- and are carrying radioactive cargo.
- No.
Don't please. Don't brief me.
I don't want to hear about it.
We can't predict what will happen
if we turn back that convoy,
but if the Soviets already have
nukes in Cuba
and want to make a strike,
the East Coast will be hit in minutes.
Ninety million people will die.
We have less than 36 hours
before they dock.
Well, I'm sorry about that.
John Gift. You know John Gift?
No. We're here because of John Gift.
Thats his code name.
He is a high-ranking Soviet officer
who is involved in dealings
with the countries in the Warsaw Pact.
Over the past year he's risked his life
putting thousands of pages
of documents into our hands.
He was going to deliver
the blueprints with the warheads
to our guys in Moscow,
but there was a sting.
Gift almost got caught.
We moved the game to Warsaw
using diplomatic means,
knowing Gift would be here
for the Warsaw Pact conference.
White was the only one
to have contact with Gift.
Now I understand.
Someone in your operation is a rat.
Gift knows this.
After there was that sting.
I'm the only one that Gift can be certain
wasn't planted by the Russians.
Correct, professor.
So we need three things:
ID Gift, establish contact with him,
and get us the microfilm.
- Thats not going to happen.
- This is how it could work.
We will back you up.
We pass Gift coded messages
to make contact during the party
hosted by the Russians
after the next match.
He will give you the microfilm
in a champagne cork.
I know what you want.
Gavrylov can't lose the next game.
- At least, it has to be a draw.
- Why?
So that the Russians show up
at that mixer party thing afterwards.
So can you make it a draw?
Stepan Alekseyevich,
nothing will stand in our way.
We have eliminated the American contact.
We're closing in on our traitor.
Our plan is moving flawlessly ahead.
On the chessboard and beyond it.
Soon, they'll be eating
out of our hands on their knees.
Wait! It was not to you,
Stepan Alekseyevich.
And thank you
for the wonderful gift from Havana.
I'm enjoying them.
Fine. Goodbye.
You were instructed not to interrupt...
Please accept my apologies.
- The Americans...
- Attention!
Three steps forward!
Oh, so you can hear when spoken to!
I've just finished this American book
about post-war history.
They write a lot about us.
And we're always shown as goons
that mindlessly follow orders
or do what we're told
by bloodthirsty psychopaths.
Give me your hand.
America is based on one big lie.
That lie is called "democracy".
A rich man has the right to everything,
while the worker has nothing.
They treat women like servants
and won't let a black man
use the same shitter.
They spread "democracy" to nations
that give away their riches for pennies.
But if those countries nationalize
their mines and factories,
the Americans send their armies
to protect "democracy".
We believe in the value of a man,
while they only care about his price.
We will never understand each other.
What do you think I should do?
We couldn't do this without you,
- Theres still hope.
- I've heard that before.
Towards the end of the war,
a friend of mine from college
came into my classroom.
He was a physicist
and needed help with a problem.
I found a mistake in his calculations.
I wrote a new equation
and he said it made his project possible.
This was Robert Oppenheimer.
He said, "Why don't you
come to Los Alamos.
You can help.
Its our best hope.
We can't do it without you."
And when we saw what we did...
A flash, warm breeze,
everything in flames,
sucked into a mushroom cloud.
Nothing made sense anymore.
So you brought me here
and I'm going to play chess
because I know how to do it,
and I'm playing my own game.
Thats it, thats all.
You have your secret life
under your sweetest lie
My love castled king
Finding your perfect file,
Please baby keep in mind
That I'm still your queen
I know your tricky game,
I know you so good
Come in, make your move
Oh baby, make your move tonight
Oh honey, take your side right now
Cause it's getting so high
Tell me your sweetest lie
In that secret game
Professor, its time.
Now it's time for a 15-minute break.
Did you consider
the Queens Gambit, professor?
- You're the guy.
- Take it.
Its him.
- Where is it?
- I got it here.
I got to go. You take it.
- Keep it. We have to go.
- You need it.
Ladies and gentlemen,
this is the second part of today's game.
Judge, please.
I would like to propose a draw
to grand master Gavrylov.
- Professor Mansky...
- I understand.
The situation on the chessboard is clear.
Lets not joke.
- No.
- Please continue.
Judge, please.
I would like to propose a draw.
Grand master Gavrylov...
Ladies and gentlemen, it's a draw!
- the Russians are waiting to start.
- I have to go to the embassy.
Didn't Miss Stone tell you?
Something happened out there
and we've been quarantined.
We can't leave the palace until tomorrow.
They've locked us in.
Shall we?
Thank you, I am sorry.
Excuse me sir. Thank you.
Excuse me.
Unfortunately, professor Mansky
is unable to attend the mixer.
- Would you translate?
- Unfortunately,
professor Mansky is unable
to attend the mixer.
to our wonderful players.
We are happy that chess won over politics.
Tomorrows game
will decide the champion.
Let the best man win
and long live peace between our nations.
In Poland,
we never forget about friends.
Please. It's bad. I need some assistance.
I need to make contact
with someone outside.
How can I help?
Can you take me?
- Now?
- Yeah.
I can't.
I have to go back to the party
with Krutov and prime minister come.
Its bad.
This little red book
opens every door in this country.
If they catch you...
No-one is certain how many of them
are headed for Cuba
with cargoes of prohibited weapons.
All that is sure is that
within 24 hours a confrontation
between the searching forces
of the United States
and the Soviet missile heading for Cuba
must take place.
The world awaits the outcome.
- He came alone? Wheres Stone?
- I dont know.
Mansky snuck on to the premises
when the laundry truck arrived.
Go to the boiler room.
Make sure they burn every file
with an orange stripe on it.
- What happened?
- Stone is dead.
This guy in a suit tracked me down
and he gave me this cork.
Then Stone came. She wouldn't take it.
All of a sudden,
they're both down on the ground.
This guy in a Soviet uniform.
I thought he was going to...
I was waiting for him to kill me.
He found this needle on Stone.
She prepared last vodka for you.
She was going to use it on me.
And then he gave me this.
Remember. Bad one, good one.
Rakirovka. Tell them.
He killed two people.
I think he saved my life.
I've got to figure out
whether Stone was a traitor
or a hero who died for God and Country.
And I've got four hours to determine
whether or not to tell the government
to order a blockade of Cuba.
White, before he died,
he must have not trusted you,
because he told me
that Gift would have a scar
on his right hand.
It made me wonder about you two.
I guess I was half right.
She's the one who thought of Warsaw,
and this plan of using me as a contact?
If Stone was a traitor,
the Soviets know too much.
- We have to evacuate the embassy.
- If she was a traitor,
that means you guys are
ahead of the Soviets for the first time.
I'll be there in five minutes.
Don't touch anything.
We're ready.
Okay. It's just like you said.
One film from the cork with Stones blood
shows that the Cubans have the nukes
aimed and ready.
The other says the Soviets are bluffing.
Washington wants you on the line.
Holy shit.
This is President Kennedy. Stop.
Stop. Do you trust the man
who killed our agent, question mark.
Maybe its a ruse, question mark.
Their agent might have eliminated
Gift and Stone,
and given you the wrong film. Break.
He reads your lips
and sends the messages to Washington.
Youve seen how they reply. Just...
speak clearly.
And say "break" when you're done.
There's the riddle about two brothers.
One always lies,
the other always tells the truth.
You meet them at a fork in the road
and ask one of them how to get to town.
The answer is,
you ask one of them
what road the other brother
would suggest you take
and then you take the opposite.
The algorithm is very similar.
If that were the case,
they would have taken
the path of least resistance
and eliminated me.
They've already got
everything they want.
They have their traitor dead,
a U.S. agent eliminated,
they have ships in Cuba,
and they have a chess victory.
That man was Gift.
I think he saved my life.
Godspeed, gentlemen. Stop.
End of transmission.
Hes still thinking it over.
I think hes going to make his play
right before the clock runs out.
Let's just hope hes right.
Wait. Where's everybody?
We have orders to keep everyone
in the embassys bomb shelter
until two hours after Kennedys speech.
- That means if we get hit...
- Itll be one of ours.
Good evening, my fellow citizens.
This Government, as promised,
has maintained the closest surveillance
of the Soviet Military buildup
on the island of Cuba.
Acting, therefore,
in the defense of our own security
and of the entire Western Hemisphere,
and under the authority
entrusted to me by the Constitution
as endorsed
by the resolution of the Congress,
I have directed that the following
initial steps be taken immediately.
First: to halt this offensive buildup,
a strict quarantine
on all offensive military equipment
under shipment to Cuba is being initiated.
All ships of any kind bound for Cuba,
from whatever nation or port,
will, if found to contain cargoes
of offensive weapons,
be turned back.
- Congratulations.
- I dont know why.
And thank you.
Don't thank me. It's him. It's Gift.
Whatever his name is.
So, what did he mean by "rakirovka"?
What did this mean?
That means "castling", why?
I already told you.
Gift wanted you to know that.
- He told you that?
- Yeah.
Means imminent danger.
General Major,
the leadership called.
Kennedy announced a blockade of Cuba.
Defeat is not defeat
if we share it with the enemy.
Get me a list of the officers
of the Warsaw Pact
who came to this match
but were not present at the party.
And have the director pay me a visit.
You know, usually women flip
for love or conviction,
but with Stone I just can't figure it.
Whatever it was,
she surely was impressive.
All that crying over White,
thinking up that stand for Gift,
and if that syringe
with vodka thing had worked,
youd have found me after the party
dead with all those blueprints
in my pocket.
We have a tail.
You're sure about this?
This isn't a job I like to give
to a civilian.
We'll have 10 seconds
before they catch up.
Ill pray for you.
Whatever you do,
circle back for me tomorrow night.
That'll be enough.
Straight from Havana. I like them a lot.
Even if you like the taste,
you shouldn't inhale.
Well, I inhale.
Personally, I am against violence,
but our youth today is so impetuous.
Come in!
The radio emitted this two hours ago.
We were able to crack the code.
You, Poles...
Reaching out to the West,
trying to stab us in the back.
But the West betrays you
and sells you out to us.
Because they know we're big and strong,
while you're small and weak.
Plus, you're similar to us.
I know everything about you.
I know your sister defected to America,
and that you've hidden dollars
in your house,
dreaming of the day you can leave
our Socialist paradise.
I even know that you put Mansky
in a room with a secret entrance.
Tell me...
something I don't know.
Hospitality runs in our blood.
Yes. The vodka's starting to work.
That Mansky, a pal of yours. He's strange.
A loner.
The Americans lack morals.
Maybe he doesn't only suck bottles?
When we were at the bar...
"The bar", you say?
Ladies and gentlemen,
in 15 minutes,
we will begin the final game
of the match which will be broadcast live.
we have the pleasure of welcoming
some distinguished guests.
of the Warsaw Pact, Marshal Grechko,
and Prime Minister, comrade Cyrankiewicz!
Long live the friendship
between Poland and the U.S.S.R.!
Long live!
You are wonderful!
Professor, a word...
I just wanted to say
that watching you this whole match...
Your play and your genius
have my total respect.
And listen, I've never told you this,
but I was there 17 years ago.
Your championship game with Konigsberg.
But the reason Im telling you this
is because we see
a totally different man before us
now, today.
Come out, whore.
Give me your gun!
Go back
where you came from, rat.
This is an illegal arrest
of an American citizen
who was guaranteed immunity
- by First Secretary Khrushchev.
- Shut up!
From this moment,
you can be afraid
until the rest of your short life.
I will find you.
Ladies and gentlemen,
and everyone present here,
at the Palace of Culture and Science,
the pride of our great capital city.
I regret to announce
that the representative of the USA,
Professor Mansky, has failed to appear,
meaning he has forfeited the final game.
the winner of the chess tournament
is Yuri Siergeyevich Gavrylov!
Looks like you lost another championship.
We will be landing in few minutes.
Has anyone told his wife?
She didnt even know he was in Poland.
Nobody knew.
I got a lot of work ahead.
Here he comes. Mr. Mansky!
Did you have a nervous breakdown?
How does it feel
to have humiliated the U.S.
while a pilot patrolling Cuba
heroically gave his life for his country?
Dont worry about it.
Leave him alone.
Was it the booze?!
Do you consider yourself a patriot?!
So, what happens now?
In our book you're a citizen hero.
Youll be taken care of.
We still do that pretty good.
We'll put on a show at the UN,
call it a crisis,
feed the press some red meat about
how those missiles were almost in the air.
No one will know the difference.
No one will know what really happened.
Wait here, please.
Oh, I almost forgot.
Welcome home.
- You've made it.
- Yes.
live thanks to you.
Not so fortunate to your friend.
Fredek... he took a big risk.
He was...
Ill always think of him. Always.
It was the only way out.
I saw the order of attack, signed.
It's a present from Novak.
He wants to let us know
that he's going to take care of us.
It's yours if you want it.
I don't want to be taken care of.
The White House has announced
its withdrawal from the INF Treaty
due to Russia's one-sided
violation of its provisions.
President of the Russian
Federation, Vladimir Putin,
announced that Russia
had also suspended the INF Treaty
and will be taking similar steps.