The Color Purple (2023) Movie Script

Hey, sister
Whatcha gon' do?
Going down by the river
Gonna play with you
Papa don't like
No screaming round here
No lip from a woman
When they chug that beer
Sho' nuff sun gon' shine
Gonna be grown ladies
Of the marrying kind
Sho' nuff moon gon' rise
Like a huckleberry pie
In the middle of the sky
Gonna be all right
Gonna be all right
- Nettie.
- Come on.
We're gonna be late.
Oh, hush.
Just live a little.
Nettie, wait!
It's Sunday morning
So make a joyful noise
Unto the Lord!
When the king threw Daniel
In the lions' den
The good Lord works
In mysterious ways
God sent a mighty angel
Brought him out again
The good Lord works
In mysterious ways
When God saw the wicked
He knew what to do
Said, "Noah, bring the animals
Two by two
'Cause I'm gonna keep
Your boat afloat
For 40 days"
The good Lord works
In mysterious ways
Yes, he works
Oh, he works
The good Lord works
In mysterious ways
Yes, he works
I know he works
The good Lord works
In mysterious ways
Yes, he works
I know he works
The good Lord works
In mysterious ways
Let's get a move on.
Celie, you're slow as mud.
She going
as fast as she can, Pa.
She say the baby been kicking.
What you gonna call
your baby, chile?
If it's a boy,
I'ma name him Adam,
like in the Bible.
Ain't that precious?
Nettie. Celie.
Get up here.
Yes'em, Pa.
God still works
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah
-He still works
-Yes, my God still works
-God still works
-He works
In mysterious ways
Yay, yay!
None of us knows
What the Lord's got planned
For us
No, sir
So stop your moaning
Quit your groaning
Throw away your handkerchief
And put your hand in his
And follow where he leads
-The good Lord's
Walkin' witcha
-Walkin' witcha
-The good Lord's
Talkin' witcha
-Talkin' witcha
God is singin' witcha
-And he's shoutin' witcha
-Shoutin' witcha
-God is
-God is
God is
God is
He's walkin', talkin'
Singin', shoutin'
He's walkin', talkin'
Singin', shoutin'
Walkin', talkin'
Singin', shoutin'
Walkin', talkin'
Singin', shoutin'
Walkin', talkin'
Singin', shoutin'
Walkin', talkin'
Singin', shoutin'
- Because the good Lord works
- Oh, yeah
In mysterious
-In mysterious ways
And with all her strength,
the girl returned to work
in the field.
But it was so hot,
she could barely stand.
The overseer yelled at her
till she got to her feet.
Frightened, she turned
to her mama and asked--
Let me say it.
This my favorite part.
Just like Mama used to read it.
The girl was floating
above the ground,
but she wasn't flying yet.
She got nervous that
the overseer would catch her,
and without faith,
she fell to the ground hard.
When can I wear it, Ma?
Not now, baby, but soon.
This color's gonna look
like heaven on you.
All right.
Now, give me your hand.
I want you to feel the needle.
Feel it?
I want you to feel the cloth.
Feel it.
Yes, Mama.
All right. I want you to try.
Now, don't be scared.
Don't be scared.
Push it through there.
That's good. That's good.
I broke my water.
Hold still.
I'll get the midwife.
You're doing just fine,
Miss Celie.
I just need you
to push one more time.
Almost there.
One more push. Come on.
It's a little boy.
There he is.
Here's Mommy.
You nursed that baby yet?
- I had a boy, Pa.
- Hand him here.
I'll give him to God.
Same as I did the other.
Let me have just one more day
with him.
I can help Celie with the baby.
I'll even help
pull some of her weight
round the house.
No. That baby mine.
I take him if I want to.
Give him here.
You think he killing my babies?
I believe he give 'em to God,
just like he say.
But they mine.
How come God
don't give 'em back?
More like early evening,
but howdy.
Early evening?
That means
it's getting late, gal.
Let me give you a ride home.
I ain't nobody's gal but my ma,
and she dead.
You can call me Nettie.
You got
Some real pretty teeth, Nettie
Oh, Lord. He singing.
And your skin dazzle my eyes
Like the moon
Light the night
And he poetical too.
That's a real pretty dress
My sister made it.
And your shoes
Look just right
On them pretty little feet
Now you lying.
I'm a tomboy,
and I likes to climb trees.
I got corns, bunions
and blisters. Ain't nothing
pretty about my feet.
Now leave me be.
Name's Mister.
Extra! Extra!
You, sir! Want your newspaper?
-Thank you, sir.
-Good day, young man.
Extra! Extra!
Who wants the paper?
You know who I is?
Yeah. I's your ma.
Get your narrow behind
back to work.
I seen my baby girl
Can't be no one else
Looking just like me
And my daddy
More us than us ourself
I sees her hand
On the lady's shoulder
She come outta me
Chewing her fist
She got my eyes
And a face I done kissed
I sews "Olivia"
On her diadies
Little stars and flowers too
I know she sees
Same things I do
Oh, the Lord done
Send me a sign
Oh, I know she be mine
When I see mamas
Holding babies
I feel pain come
'Cross my heart
Something deep inside
Been torn apart
It like a spell
Come on my body
My baby's breath on me
She gon' carry her away
But I still see
Oh, the Lord done
Send me a sign
Oh, I know she be mine
Oh, the Lord done
Send me a sign
Oh, I know she be mine
She be mine
She be mine
Where was you?
Sweeping the porch.
Get upstairs.
Morning, Alfonso.
What can I do you for?
I wants to ask
for your Nettie's hand.
Needs me a wife.
You gonna need more than that
from what I hear.
Besides, Nettie too smart.
She gonna be a schoolteacher.
But I'll let you
have Celie, though,
for a cow and a couple of eggs.
She ugly as homemade sin,
but will work hard like a man.
Celie. That's what you call
that thing walked
in your store?
I don't want that.
Then your children
ain't beating on you
bad enough, are they?
But you'll come around.
'Fore they burn your house down.
And it's only a matter of time
'fore they do.
And then what you gonna do, huh?
How you gon' bring a wife--
Who that outside talking to Pa?
The devil.
He followed me home
from school today,
and now I can't get rid of him.
He sure look nice for a devil.
Devil always look nice
till he start raising hell.
Church ladies say
he got three raggedy children
at home.
Say his last wife was shot
by some man she was seeing
on the side.
And he ain't grieve none,
'cause he got something
on the side too.
A loose woman named Shug Avery.
What's a loose woman?
A woman who won't let no one man
tie her down, I suppose.
That sounds nice.
I wants to be a loose woman.
No, you don't.
Let me teach you something.
Today, our teacher taught us
about a place called Africa.
She say that's where
our peoples is from.
She say our mommas
come from queens over there.
You know what that means?
That means that we...
Pack your things, Celie.
Time for you to leave.
You marrying Mister.
Who Mister?
The devil.
Mama's sewing kit.
Don't let him
walk all over you, hear?
You keep your head held high.
Just like Mama taught us.
I'll come visit you when I can.
Even if we have to part,
you and me,
us have one heart.
Us have one heart.
You think this is bad,
wait till you get upstairs.
Y'all come down here
and greet your new mama!
Hey, come on now. Come on.
You could, um...
get to cleaning,
and then fix supper.
Mercy to glory, Miss Celie.
This food so good,
it got my eyes watering.
- I gots to have seconds.
- Harpo!
You done already had seconds.
Well, thirds then.
When you gonna give
these children a bath?
It'll have to wait till morn--
Pa tried to touch me.
I can't live there no more.
Come on.
Where she gonna sleep?
I won't be no trouble, Mister.
I goes to school during the day,
and at nights I study.
You gonna have to
pull your weight
around the house.
And whatever I say go.
Yes, sir.
Fair enough, then.
I'm going to town.
Gather me some firewood
'fore I get back.
- Nettie!
- What?
Where we going?
We gots to get firewood
'fore Mister come home.
We will. But first,
we gots to have us some fun.
But, Nettie!
Come on!
We'll only be gone a spell!
Days keep rolling by
Just trying
To keep your head up
Lift it to the sky
When you get down
Just dance around
Like you're a child
I'll never let you
Get too low
If you could be a butterfly
Then I know
God will take you far
Life can never
Break your soul
Every day the sun don't shine
But, oh
We keep it movin'
Keep it movin'
It's up to you
The way you choose to go
Keep it movin'
Keep it movin'
Nothing's gonna take you down
But, oh
Just let it go
Life can never
Break your soul
Takin' it all in
-I'm takin' it
-All in
Every day the sun don't shine
But, oh
-We keep it movin'
-Keep it movin'
-Keep it movin'
-Keep it movin'
It's up to us
The way we choose to go
-Keep it movin'
-Keep it movin'
-Keep it movin'
-Keep it movin'
Nothing's gonna take you down
But, oh
Wherever we go
Life can never
Break your soul
- Come on!
- I'm coming!
Celie! Get me my pipe.
Hurry, now.
-What you doing?
Be sweet, now.
Oh. A possum can't run
from a big dog.
Let go, please.
Come on.
Why you fighting?
You know how I feel about you.
I don't feel the same.
Come here!
Get out of here!
Get! Get! Get!
Nettie! You okay?
That's the thanks I get
for letting her stay!
No, no!
Go on, get!
Get off of my land!
I'm sorry! I didn't mean it!
- Come here, girl! Get over here.
- No!
Nettie! Write me!
I'll write you every day.
Nothing but death
can keep me from it.
Get off my land!
You ain't never
gonna hear from her again.
She come back here again,
I'll kill you both.
You hear? I'll kill you dead!
So many winters gray
And summers blue
Another endless day
To suffer through
She must be dead.
What kind of God are you?
- Sir.
- Morning.
All right.
Looks like spring
come a little early this year.
Well, small miracle,
if you ask me.
Anything come for me?
What you asking about things
that don't belong to you for?
That mailbox is mine's.
When you gonna start
listening to me?
You chirp more than the birds.
Sofia, I mean it.
Don't you go no further.
That's where I'm going.
I'ma put my foot down!
What that foot
supposed to do, Harpo?
I bet it won't walk over me.
Howdy, ma'am. Is Mister around?
Oh, come on.
Nah, he at the ale house.
Ale house.
No, no. He ain't there. Sofia!
Give me ten
like you drinking gin.
When your daddy go out,
guess who go in.
You got it, baby.
Dirty 30! Really.
-Put it down.
-I'm gonna put it down.
- You can't go in there.
- I'm going in.
No, you-- You ain't supposed
to be in here, girl.
What's wrong with you, gal?
Can't you read?
"No fighting, no killing,
no women."
Yeah, I read what pleases me.
All right. Now, come on.
You gonna have to
get her out of--
Howdy, sir. High time me
and you was introduced.
Tell him who I is,
Uh, well, uh,
Pa, Grampy, gents.
I wants to introduce y'all
to my girl.
This here's Sofia.
Mmm. That's a lot of woman.
Whose kin are you, gal?
You seem like trouble.
Oh, no, sir. I'm one
of Argus Butler's daughters.
No trouble at all. Just big.
Who the daddy?
How we know that?
Harpo know. That's what matters.
See, me and him,
we more than a whimsy.
We's in love.
Okay, now.
Come on, Sofia. Stop it.
This is better
than a radio show, man.
This good as hell. Come on.
I ain't gonna let you
marry my son
'cause you in the family way.
Pretty gal like you
can take his mind,
but you can't have his money.
He ain't got no money.
See, my sister and her husband
say I can live with them
as long as I please.
Now, I come here out of respect.
But if there ain't none to get,
there sure ain't none to give.
Let's get on up and away
from here.
I'm coming, sugar dumpling.
Don't you move a muscle.
Fine. Stay then, Harpo.
But when you gets cold at night,
you know good and well
who heats up your bones.
Don't keep me waiting.
That gal ain't welcome
in my house.
Pa, she carrying my child.
She ain't worthy of ya.
What is that?
What in tarnation...
You get my permission
to build down here?
You get my permission
to build down here?
Oh, you know Grampy gave me
this land when I turned 16.
I'm building me and Sofia
a home on it.
Boy, you carrying your brains
in your back pocket?
You can't build no house
on no swampland.
If you were smart,
you'd use it to plant rice.
Well, maybe I ain't smart.
That's the wisest thing
you done ever said.
Maybe I gots a dumb heart
'cause I's in love.
You ain't in love.
You just in way over your head.
All the learnin' I put
inside you, you still don't know
how to be a man.
I'm building my woman
a house, Pa.
Now, you can stay and help
if you want.
And if not, well,
this conversation
finna be shorter
than the time it took you
to walk down here.
- Is that so?
- That's right.
I been workin' and workin'
And workin'
Till that sun go down
Till that sun go down
See my baby there
Standing on the corner
And she looking so fine
Looking so fine
Lord, if I ever get my hands
On a dollar
-I bet I blow her mind
Bet I blow her mind
-Till then
I just keep on workin'
-'Cause I ain't got time
-'Cause I ain't got time
-Workin', workin', workin'
-I'm workin'
Workin', workin'
-I'm workin', workin'
Lord, I'm workin', workin'
Mm-hmm. Hmm.
Yeah, what you think?
We got this. Go on, now.
All right,
leave that on over there.
Give me
that piece of wood.
Oh, Sofia.
I guess that means
That you are just
Too beautiful for words
Who that singing?
That's Shug,
the woman I should've married.
Sounds pretty.
I knows it.
Shut up and go to sleep.
Been courted like a queen
But when I see
What's in your heart
Oh, Miss Celie!
Come in.
Harpo, we got company.
I brought curtains for the house
and a blanket for the baby.
Well, don't this beat the band.
Harpo said you could do magic
with a needle,
but I do declare...
Harpo! I said we got company.
Come on! I'm coming.
I'm right here.
Take the baby.
Me and Miss Celie
need to converse
like womens. Mm-hmm.
And make us tea.
Come on.
I'm holding the baby.
How I'm supposed to make tea?
- I'll make it.
- Oh, no, you won't neither.
You's a guest.
Figure it out!
I'll figure you out.
Come on, baby. I got you.
I'm so tickled you come by.
You my only friend
in these parts.
How come you so nice
when the rest of Harpo's kin
so mean and surly?
I don't know. I figure if I--
Maybe you too nice.
You must ain't got no kinfolk
round these parts.
Only kinfolk I had
was my sister.
And I ain't seen her in years.
- That's sad.
- Tea!
You wanna make my wedding dress?
I'll pay you
good money for it.
Ooh! Thank you.
How come the tea ain't hot?
Well, you didn't say hot.
Everybody know
tea's supposed to be hot, Harpo!
Don't be sassing me
in front of company!
I just wanted hot tea.
You my hot tea.
Give me a kiss.
Come here.
- I now pronounce you
man and wife.
I's married now!
I take it you and Miss Sofia
having a rough honeymoon.
How come I can't get her
to mind me like you do Pa?
I don't know.
Every woman ain't the same.
You want some water?
I wants her to jump when I say.
Maybe she ain't a jumping woman.
I fear we ain't gonna last,
Miss Celie.
She mean as a train, but I...
I loves her.
What I'm gonna do?
Beat her.
You told Harpo to beat me?
No, ma'am.
You's a damn liar.
I didn't mean it.
Then why'd you fix your mouth
to say it, then?
I say it 'cause
I jealous of you.
You do what I can't. You fight.
I loves Harpo. God knows I do.
But I'll kill him dead
'fore I let him
or anybody beat me.
All my life
I've had to fight
Had to fight my daddy
Had to fight my brothers
My cousins
My uncles too
But I never, never, never
Never, never, never thought
I'd have to fight
In my own house
I feel sorry for you
To tell you the truth
You remind me of my mama
Under your husband's thumb
You under
Your husband's foot
What he say go
Why you so scared
I'll never know
But if a man
Raise his hand
Hell no!
Hell, hell, hell no!
-Hell no!
-Hell, hell, hell no!
Girl child ain't safe
In a family of mens
Sick and tired how a woman
Still live like a slave
You better learn
How to fight back
While you still alive
You show them, girls
And beat back that jive
'Cause when a man
Just don't give a damn
-Hell no!
-Hell, hell, hell no!
Hell no!
Hell, hell, hell no!
No, no
No, no
Hell, hell, hell no!
Hell no!
Hell, hell, hell no!
When that man
Used to touch me
He'd climb on top
And start to rock me away
Lord knows I still love him
But he tried to make me mind
And I just ain't that kind
-Hell no!
-Hell, hell, hell no!
Don't be no fool
Don't waste your time
Hell, hell, hell no!
Any man that hurts you
Ain't worth a dime
Hell, hell, hell no!
No, no, no
You too good for that man
-Hell, hell, hell no!
-Hell no!
Oh, you got to say
You need to say
You better say
You oughta say
-Oh, hell, hell, hell, hell
What happened to you?
Oh, nothing.
Nah, I was just, uh--
was kicked by a mule.
Was this mule wearing a dress?
Ah, you gon' be all right.
Some women you just can't tame.
What you need to do
with that home you built
is turn it to a smoke house.
You and me
can grow us some tobacco.
Yeah, well,
maybe I was, uh...
I was thinking maybe
I'd turn it into a juke joint.
- Juke joint?
- Yeah.
Don't nobody want to dance
by no smelly swamp.
-Not unless Shug Avery singing.
That's-- That's good, Celie.
That's a good idea.
Reverend husband,
I think you's right
about these being the last days.
Lord of mercy.
Of all things to be right about.
God help me. That's my daughter.
- Howdy, Pa.
- That's Shug Avery!
- How you be?
- Shug Avery!
Shug Avery's comin' to town
Shug Avery's comin'
Shug Avery's comin' to town
You know that she's comin'
She sting like a honeybee
Sweet pain comin' over me
Skirt so short
Gonna shock your ma
Make a man
Wanna break the law
-She's a trollop
In a tight dress
-Crying shame
-Looking like a hot mess
-Shug's her name
-Bouncing in the bed
-Drinking all your gin
-Bumpin' in the shed
-Lovin' all the men
Ain't no other woman
Like Shug
You know she's comin'
Ain't no other woman
Like Shug
Shug come across
That county line
-County line
Oh, Shug Avery's
Comin' to town
Shug Avery comin' to town
Lock up all your mens
And your young boys too
Got no friends
'Cept the ones she screw
Shug Avery comin' to town
Shug Avery's comin' to town
Shug Avery's comin'
Shug Avery's comin' to town
You know that she's comin'
That Shug
You know she no good
A snake in the woods
Gonna poison you
You don't understand
What it do to a man
When you in her hands
And she turn that screw
Better say farewell
'Cause you're going to hell
But a man feel swell
When he in her spell
Better lock your doors
Better change your drawers
She's comin', comin'
Comin', comin'
Shug Avery comin' to town
Shug Avery comin' to town
Lock up all your mens
And your young boys too
Got no friends
'Cept the ones she screw
Shug Avery comin' to town
Got about
A million questions
Rolling around my head
What she wear?
How her hair?
Is she skinny?
Is she stout?
Must be something
To fuss about
Ain't no other woman
Like Shug
Don't you know
It ain't no lie
When Shug come 'cross
That county line
- Hey!
- Hey!
We made it.
There she!
There she!
We made it.
Hey, baby.
Thank you.
Come on!
Yeah! How you doing?
Hey, hey! Hey, hey!
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Whoa, whoa. Hey, Celie!
Grab her head.
What's wrong with her?
Nothing. She just gets thirsty
and like to drink a little.
What-- Oh, shit.
Quick, grab her leg.
Grab her leg. Oh, sh--
Hot nuts!
Take care of that for me.
Hey, baby.
I made you something special.
You trying to poison me!
It ain't so bad, baby,
iffen you put
a little hot sauce on it.
Hot sauce, my ass!
Didn't I say
I wasn't hungry?
Hello! I'm out of giggle water!
Right away, baby.
Somebody come turn my crank!
Well, don't just stare at it.
Turn the handle.
Where you going?
I need somebody to wash my back.
Mmm. Mmm.
Got about a million tingles
Sneaking on up my spine
I wash her body
And it feel like I'm prayin'
Try not to look
But my eyes ain't obeyin'
Guess I found out
What all of the fuss
Is about
Shug Avery
This who they talking 'bout
And everything they say
Is true too
Shug Avery
Oh, you got good hands.
Ooh, you scratched a song
right outta my head.
How long you and Albert
been a thing?
Your husband.
You tryin' to tell me
you don't know
your own husband's name?
I thought his name was Mister.
Mister ain't no name.
It's a title.
Just another way of saying
"master," if you ask me.
That man can't even stand up
to his own daddy,
but got everybody
calling him "Mister"
like he the only one in town.
Let him tell it,
he'll try to convince you he is.
That man get to
How come you don't laugh none?
You know,
if you ain't gon' laugh,
you need to sell
your funny bone.
Smile. It's healthy.
Ain't you got something
to make you hop out of bed
every morning
and just smile?
Ain't you got children?
I had two.
And I'm not sure if they alive
or where they are.
when you think about 'em,
does your heart get full
like the first time
you held 'em?
Yes, ma'am.
Well, then they still alive.
That's nature's way
of telephoning. Mm-hmm.
That's how I know my pa
still in this world.
When I get to
thinking about him,
and how he used to sing to me--
How come you just don't go
and visit him?
He live just yonder
by the church.
He don't wanna see me.
He ain't forgave me
for choosing the blues
over his religion.
Funny thing is,
God ain't never left me.
I figure,
if God understands why
I sings the blues,
then maybe one day my pa will.
Let's see this smile in color.
Ooh, sweet
and lovin' God.
Now we're talking.
Albert ain't gon' be able
to keep his hands off you.
Maybe we should try
another color.
Oh, my--
Mm-mmm. Mm-mmm.
Ooh! Oh!
Heard you brought
your ho back here
and brought the plagues.
Don't start
that foolishness, Pa.
You want a glass of water,
Ol' Mister?
I don't mind.
When I look over this land,
I think about my daddy
who slaved it.
To think of bringing a ho
to this place where
your ancestors died and bled...
Must be ashamed of yourself.
Daddy, Shug ain't no ho.
She got a wild heart like me.
You ain't got
the head to understand
I never stopped loving her.
The woman's cursed.
You ain't seen those robins
covering the sky last week?
Heard that's when she arrived.
Not to mention
the swarms of 'squitoes
and this here heat wave.
Here you are.
I sweetened it for ya.
Thank you. You have
my sympathies here, girl.
You one of the few women
in this town
that allow your husband's ho
to sleep in your bed,
spreading legs...
Daddy, it's time to go.
You ain't even gon' let me
finish my water first?
- Daddy, go on.
- Oh, shut up.
Come on. Come on.
How do you know
which one is ripe?
I don't know nothin'
about picking no peas.
You got to feel 'em.
If they rough around the edges,
they probably soft
on the inside.
Whew, would you look at all
of God's beautiful creation.
You know,
God loves admiration. Mmm.
You saying God is vain.
No. Not vain, Miss Celie.
God just wants
to share a good thing.
You see,
I think it pisses God off
if you walk past
the color purple
and not notice it.
You saying God wants to be loved
like it say in the Bible?
Oh, everything and everybody
wants to be loved.
Especially God.
That's why God be in everything.
And see, when you love
what God has made,
you is loving God
and God is loving you.
You see, God is in music
and the water,
in the sunlight.
God be...
he be as big as the sun,
yet small enough to fit
in all our hearts.
I been wondering...
if God love me,
then why he take my babies?
And why he take my Nettie?
Sound like men did that.
Not God.
Miss Shug! Celie!
Look at you.
Oh, my goodness.
It sure is nice to see you
not just following
your pa's footsteps,
but building something
of your own.
Thank you, Miss Shug. Thank you.
We opening Friday night.
well, me and the boys,
we was kinda thinking
you might like to come
and sing a little.
But if you can't, don't worry,
'cause I gots a voice too.
Well, uh-- This my girl, Squeak.
Sounds nice.
You fellas gon' be ready
for me to sing come Friday?
-Sho' nuff we will.
-Oh, well, yes, ma'am.
Well, all right.
I guess I'm singing.
See, I told y'all.
Now, come on.
Show me this juke joint.
- I'll show you.
I'm so glad y'all came by.
- Oh, my goodness. Yes!
You got that jungle juice
I like?
I got it.
I made it just for you.
- I knew you was coming.
- Oh, did you?
Y'all see my name up there?
- Oh, I do, baby.
Harpo, this is something else!
- I got something for ya.
- I wanna see it.
I got something for ya.
I wanna see that now.
Yeah, I did pretty good
with that, huh?
Hey, come on. All right.
Y'all come.
Go on and hang it up
right there.
That look good, don't it?
- Hey. Come on.
- Come help me out, man.
They ain't ready for us, y'all.
I don't know
if they ready.
It's your time now, man.
- Here.
- Thank you, man.
-Toss one here.
-All right.
- Yeah.
- Hey.
Hit it. Yeah.
They gonna like that.
You already know that.
They gonna like that!
-There you go.
Hey! I want y'all to come on.
Come on see Shug Avery!
Y'all gonna love it.
I'm telling you,
she coming to Harpo's Juke.
It's go time!
Come on.
I laid you out something.
Oh, that's fancy.
But this ain't me.
Put it on.
You gonna be my guest tonight.
Mmm. We need to look
like we belong.
Shug say for us to go on ahead.
Say she wanna make an entrance.
Now there's something
'Bout good lovin'
That all you ladies
Should know
If you wanna
Light yo' man on fire
You gotta start it real slow
Keep on turnin' up the voltage
Till that man begin to glow
Like you switching on
A light bulb
Watch the juice
Begin to flow
Now that I've got
Your attention
Here's what you men
Need to hear
You want your lady
Racing with you
You got to get her in gear
Well, here's the key
To rev her motor
Find the spot
She loves the best
If you don't know where it is
Give her the stick
She'll do the rest
- Push da button
- Push da button
-Push da button
-Push da button
You gotta push it
If you wanna come in
-Push da button
-Push da button
-Give me something
-Push da button
To let ya baby know
It ain't no sin
Well, if you wanna
Feel the train
A-comin' your way
Baby, push da button
And pull the window shade
Come on and--
Whoo. It ain't over yet, y'all.
-Now, ladies
I need you to work
A little harder, okay?
-I want you to reach down
-And find your inner Shug
-Push, pull
There ya go
There ya go
All right now
-Push da button
-Push da button
-Push da button
-Push da button
You gotta push it
If you wanna come in
-Push da button
-Push da button
-Give me something
-Push da button
To let ya baby know
It ain't no sin
Well, if you wanna
Feel the train
A-comin' your way
Baby, baby, baby, baby
-Whatta you gotta do?
-Push da button
Push da button
Hey, y'all!
Hey! Listen up!
Drinks on the house!
Oh, Miss Celie!
You look good!
- Whoo-wee!
- Look at you.
Who is this?
Henry Broadnax.
But my people call me Buster.
He's a prizefighter.
But the man ain't never been
knocked down until he met me.
Shouldn't you be at home
taking care of your baby?
Shouldn't you be somewhere
with folks your age
like a cemetery?
- Harpo!
- I tell ya, I come in peace.
I don't want no mess,
Miss Celie.
Ain't it just a scandal,
you gallivanting
round town with another man
when you still married to me?
And I hear
you raising his chil'ren too.
And he got
four mouths to feed...
plus mine.
Six, if you count
our new baby.
- New baby?
- Yes, Lord.
Me and Buster
went and had us a girl.
Excuse me.
I'm sorry I got us off
on the wrong foot just now.
You, uh...
care to shake a leg?
Come on.
I'ma steal her
for just one minute.
- Careful.
- Oh, yeah. I'ma be careful.
You still my sugar plum.
- Harpo!
Who this woman?
Lord. You know who she is,
all right?
We just found our rhythm.
You ain't listening!
I wants to dance too!
- Fine with me.
- Oh, no, no. No.
This used to be your house.
You ain't gots to go nowhere.
She walked away,
left you a crying shame,
now you mine.
- All right.
- Like I said, fine with me.
Don't touch me,
you snaggletooth heifer!
Oh, God!
Sofia, what is wrong with you?
Get your hands off of me!
Buster, I'm sorry.
Not my piano!
Now where are you going?
Whoo. Sofia crazy!
That's enough!
Did you see Sofia?
You keep singing at the juke,
Harpo make a whole lot of money.
Oh, that boy don't need me.
'Sides, as much as
I'd like to stay,
Memphis is calling.
I got to remind these folks
I'm still alive in the big city,
or they gon' forget me.
Hey. I ain't ready
for you to leave.
Mister much nicer when you here.
He don't beat me as much.
Beat you?
Why he do that?
'Cause I ain't you, I guess.
You gots to stand up to him.
You gots to try.
When you leaving?
Tomorrow afternoon.
But I'll be back
in a month or so, you'll see.
You gone a hour...
...feel like forever to me.
I know. I know.
That's why I gots to come back.
Nobody loves me
like you do.
Where's we going?
it's time for you
to see the world!
Come on.
Well, we're here.
Thank you.
-Hi. May I help you?
Two tickets, please.
Enjoy the show.
Thank you.
Let's go.
Is that me
Who's floating away?
Lifted up to the clouds
By a kiss
Never felt nothing like this
Will you be
My light in the storm?
Will I see a new world
In your eyes?
With you
My whole spirit rise
-And what about hope?
-What about hope?
-And what about joy?
-What about joy?
What about tears
When I'm happy?
What about wings
When I fall?
I want you to be
A story for me
That I can
Believe in forever
-And what about...
-What about...
What about love?
What about...
What about...
What about...
What about...
What about love?
You and me
-You and me and love now
-You and me
Sing to me
What about...
-What about...
-What about...
Uh, Albert around?
Oh, no. He probably
somewhere passed out.
I'll take the mail.
Take care now.
Mercy to glory!
Celie! Celie!
Celie, get up!
You got a letter.
Get up!
It's from her.
Your Nettie!
Come on.
"Dear Celie,
I hope this reaches you,
as I've been writing you
every week f-- for years.
I suppose you didn't get
any of my letters because--
because you ha--
haven't written back."
Nettie alive.
"You probably
won't get this either,
because Mister is still probably
the only one who takes mail
from the box."
"But if you do get this,
I want you to know,
I love you, and I'm not dead."
There's got to be more of 'em
somewhere around here. Come on.
Hey, Pa. Come on, now.
-Pa, get up! Come on, now.
-Oh! Oh, shit. Oh.
Come on. Come on.
Well, hey.
Hey, why you gotta
wake me dr-- Oh!
Ooh! You almost stepped
on my toe! Come on!
Well, hey, hey, you know,
Shug leave for Memphis today.
Come on.
We gotta hurry up.
No. Steps! Come on.
Oh, shit.
Hold this.
All of 'em.
-He'll be back any minute now.
-Yeah. Take all of 'em. Go.
Push da button!
Where Shug at?
Hey, Shug!
You still leaving today?
Take all the time you need.
I'll have Albert help me pack.
- You up there?
- I'm coming!
Down the street?
Stay a bit longer.
For what? It's okay.
Stay a little longer.
I'll be back.
Hey. Take me with you.
Next time.
I'll be back before
you can spell Mississippi.
Come on, fellas.
Dear Celie, when Mister
forced me off his land,
I got a job working for a pastor
across town.
I help take care of their babies
for food and shelter.
They told me they were going
to Africa as missionaries.
While we were on a great boat
to Africa,
the reverend told me
he and his wife
couldn't bear chil'ren.
But God sent them two.
They showed me the name
you had sewn
on the baby's blanket,
and I knew
the babies were yours.
It's a miracle!
Adam and Olivia are right here
with me.
My babies.
They alive.
And they with Nettie.
It was like
Black seeing Black
for the first time.
Celie, we are more than
just kings and queens.
We're at the center
of the universe.
Dear Celie,
I hope this letter
finds you well.
Life has become dire for us.
Our village was bombed
in order to make way
for a road to grow cocoa trees.
The British
colonial administrators
ignored our pleas
to let us keep our land.
We couldn't fight 'em,
so now we walk to a refugee camp
across the border.
I have faith that God
will let us see each other
before we die.
I only hope when that day comes,
we are not too old
to recognize each other.
Why supper late?
Because I--
I lost track of time--
I works the land
from sunup to sundown,
breaking my back.
All you gots to do
is cook and clean,
and you can't even do that.
I-- I'll do better.
That's what ya mouth say.
Clean it up!
If I gots to eat late,
you won't eat at all.
There we go.
Y'all, scoot on real good.
Make sure there some room.
Miss Celie! Hop on in.
We going into town!
I can't.
I got work round the house.
Work can wait.
Come on, girl.
I ain't seen you
since Jesus wept. Come on in.
- Come on, now.
- My treat.
Get in here!
Oh, girl, these kids
ain't driving you crazy,
are they?
- No, I like your kids.
- Yeah, yeah.
- I don't know, sister.
- Oh!
Yeah, sure.
Y'all want some ice cream?
- Ice cream!
- Let's go get some ice cream.
-Y'all been so good today.
-I want an ice cream.
Now hold on, lil' junior.
Let me get you now.
There you go.
Now don't be asking this man
all these questions.
He only got vanilla.
He ain't got no chocolate, okay?
-How you doing, sir?
-Hey, folks.
-Uh, can I have
two vanilla ice creams?
-Sure thing.
- Are those yours?
- Mm-hmm.
They so chocolate
I could just eat 'em up.
And so well-behaved and clean.
You should come be my maid.
No, thank you.
You sure?
That's a lot of mouths to feed.
I'm Miss Millie,
the mayor's wife.
I'm sure you've heard of me.
If not, just ask around.
The colored love me.
I'll pay you fair.
-Just get in the car.
-Yeah, go on back
to the car now.
Hey! I'm talking to you, gal.
You wants to be my maid or not?
Hell no.
What's that you said to my wife?
I said hell no.
- Mama!
- Come on, Sofia.
Just get in the car!
Buster, get my children
out of here!
Don't you touch me!
Don't touch me!
Get my children out of here!
Buster, get my children
out of here!
Shut her up!
Get away!
- Don't touch me!
- No!
-Don't let 'em see.
- Stop it!
- Gotta know your place, girl.
Hey, Sofia.
Hey, Sofia.
How you been?
Sorry I's late.
But you know
I won't miss our visits
come hell or heaven take me.
Sheriff say I could bring you
a plate for Thanksgiving.
He say you ain't ate in days.
Harpo and Squeak
keep a close eye
on your children.
And-- And then Buster,
he help out every now and then.
Though I fear
the incident broke him some.
But Harpo love his kids
like they his own.
He make a whole lot of money
down at the juke
since Squeak been singing--
Time to go.
I just got here, sir.
I said time to go.
I'll be back next week.
Now you eat something
for me, hear?
I'ma get you out of here,
God's my witness--
I said time to go!
Don't leave me.
Don't leave me!
Girl child ain't safe
In a family of mens
I'm sick and tired
How a woman still live
Like a slave
We better learn
How to fight back
While we still alive
So all of us girls
Can beat back that jive
'Cause when a man
Just don't give a damn
Hell no!
Hell, hell no!
No, no, no
My Lord! My Lord! Hell no!
No, no
Aren't we proud of our Sofia?
She's come so far
these past six years,
I have agreed to allow her
to live and work for me
till she's back on her feet.
Well, come on then.
Let's not dawdle.
I made this for you.
Dear Celie...
...there must be a God,
because I finally
heard from you.
When your letter arrived
in the village,
I stared at it for an hour
before I could open it.
My hands trembled so.
I cried enough to make--
I thought I told you
not to touch the mail.
Shug's coming shortly.
Come shave me.
Get the molasses out your ass!
Keep your hands steady.
Yoo-hoo! I's home.
Come on.
Introduce you to my folks.
The minute after
me and Grady got married,
Grady said,
"Honey, what you want
for your honeymoon?"
I say, "Two things."
"I wants a new car and a drive
to see my two favorite peoples
for Easter."
Yeah, Shug talk
about y'all so much,
I feel like we already kin.
Miss Celie.
We's married ladies now.
- Come on. What you got to eat?
- All right.
Nice to meet you.
Mighty fine supper, Miss Celie.
I'm full as a tick
on a big ol' dog.
That's it. Yeah.
Well, Sofia, I think we, uh--
We all glad you finally home.
Yeah. Welcome home, Sofia.
You sure you don't want
nothing to eat?
Well, the time has come
for me to tell y'all,
me and Grady can't stay.
Mmm, yeah, we gotta
get on the road 'fore dusk.
Y'all just got here.
I know, but, uh,
Grady gotta get back
to work tomorrow.
we taking Celie with us.
Ain't that right, Cel?
Come again?
Celie is coming to Memphis
with us.
It's time she saw more
of this world.
-I'd die
before I let that happen.
That's just
the going away present
I been needing.
-Hey! Watch yourself!
-You better handle your woman.
She done found her mouth.
She's just being stupid.
-What's gotten into you, dummy?
-I done had enough of you.
That's what's gotten into me.
It's time I be free from you
and enter to creation.
You ain't gon' be talking
to my boy that way.
Not in my house.
Maybe if he hadn't been
your boy, he might at least be
an inch of a man.
-Watch your mouth!
-You took my sister Nettie
away from me.
And you hid her letters
all these years,
and you knew
she was the only person love me.
But Nettie alive.
She is.
And my chil'ren
with Nettie in Africa.
And when they get home,
us all together,
we gon' whup your country ass!
Watch your mouth in my house!
It's about time
to load the luggage.
No, no.
Come on, Miss Celie,
why don't you go and have
some peas and be civil now?
Harpo, your daddy made my life
hell on earth.
He ain't nothing
but a sack of dead horse shit.
And horse shit belong
in the ground.
She called him
a sack of dead horse shit.
Now if that ain't worth
the joy of laughter,
I don't know what is.
Harpo, pass me them peas.
I wanna thank you, Miss Celie...
for everything
you've done for me.
I was feeling mighty bad,
rotting in that prison cell.
But you came and seen about me
every week
without fail.
That's how I knows
there's a God.
'Cause he's living in you.
The women at this table
have lost their minds.
Shut up, you old toothless goat!
You leave me,
you're not gettin' a thin dime.
Not a red cent.
- Come on! Come on!
- Celie, no!
- No, no!
- It ain't worth it, Miss Celie!
Did I ever ask you
for anything?
Not even your old sorry hand
in marriage!
Come on, Celie. Let's go!
Let's go!
Sofia can take care of this.
Oh, yeah.
Sofia born to take care of this.
Y'all go on!
It's always something.
Now where you going?
I wants to go to Memphis too.
And do what?
-Oh, come on now. Squeak!
-My name ain't Squeak.
It's Mary Agnes.
Come on now. Come on, Squeak.
Old Sofia home now!
There's gon' be
some changes made!
She'll be back, Pa.
She'll be back.
You'll be back!
Where you gon' go?
Shug got talent.
And looks.
All you fit to do
is clean her slop jar
and cook her food.
And you ain't even
that good a cook!
Until you do right by me,
everything you think about
gon' crumble.
You Black,
you poor,
you ugly,
you a woman.
I should've kept you
under my shoe
like the roach you is.
Everything done to me,
already done to you.
I may be Black,
I may be poor,
I may even be ugly,
but I'm here!
I'm here!
You'll be back!
We made it.
We are here.
All right.
Home sweet home.
Come on. Let me show you around.
Go on and make yourself at home,
Mary Agnes.
All right, let me take you
up to your room.
I ain't never had
my own room before.
I probably wouldn't even know
how to act.
Just act natural. Come on.
Come on!
- Boss!
- Yeah?
You might wanna
come take a look.
What's going on? I'll be there.
What's going on?
I think we gon' have to
burn these again, boss.
It's like this here land cursed.
- Shug?
- Come on.
- One more.
- Oh, what?
Almost there.
Happy birthday, Miss Celie!
Here, let me take that.
Here. It's that little something
you scratched out of my head.
Lookee there.
Shug Avery.
You did that.
You've been on my mind
Oh, sister
We're two of a kind
So, sister
I'm keeping my eyes on you
I bet you think
I don't know nothing
But singing the blues
Oh, sister
Have I got news for you
I'm something
I hope you think
That you're something too
Oh, scufflin'
I been up that lonesome road
And I've seen
A lot of suns going down
Oh, but trust me
No lowlife's
Gonna run me around
So let me tell you something
Remember your name
No twister gonna steal
Your stuff away
My sister
We sho' ain't got
A whole lot of time
Turn it around, fellas.
So shake your shimmy, sister
'Cause, honey
The Shug is feeling
Oh, yeah
Miss Celie.
You got a call.
Who is it?
Don't know
but sounds urgent.
Evening. This is Celie.
Sweet, loving God,
we thank you for the life
of Mr. Alfonso Harris.
And we thank you
for his daughter Celie,
who we welcome back home.
And likewise,
we thanks you for his wife,
dear sister Mary Ellen,
who we are praying for
in her hour of bereavement.
Mr. Alfonso was a man.
A hardworking man.
Now, sure, he was difficult
and, uh, stubborn.
Now you're preaching.
And I'd be a liar
if I told you for certain
that Mr. Alfonso made it
to the pearly gates.
What I do know is
we must forgive,
and ask forgiveness from others,
or God will be hard-pressed
to show his mercy toward us.
So don't tarry, church.
For no one knows
what day, what hour,
we will see our Father again.
- Amen.
- Amen.
Ezekiel, if you will.
- God bless you.
- Good to see you.
God bless you.
Bless you.
Really enjoyed your sermon, Pa.
Especially what you--
what you said
about forgiveness and--
Ain't the time right now.
Reverend's busy.
God bless you, baby.
God bless you.
Good to see you.
Good to see you.
Meet me at the store.
I got something to tell you.
What's this for?
The place is yours.
He didn't leave it to you?
No, ma'am.
It wasn't his to give.
You didn't know?
We wasn't quite
on speaking terms.
Well, when I went
to settle Alfonso's will,
I found out from the lawyer
that this wasn't his land
nor his store.
Your real pa built this place.
was my pa.
No, ma'am.
When your daddy died,
your ma married Alfonso.
After she died,
Alfonso took over the store.
Your real daddy even put you
and your sister's name
on the deed.
That's how I know
this here land belongs to y'all.
I had a ma...
and a pa that loved me.
Dear God...
I hope this place brings you
and your sister comfort.
Hey, sister
Whatcha gon' do?
Going down by the river
Gonna play with you
I got ours house back.
Now what's I gonna do?
I want you to feel the needle.
Feel it?
I want you to feel the cloth.
All I need's a needle
And a spool of thread
Got about a million patterns
In my head
All the ladies' legs
Are gonna love to dance
When they
In Miss Celie's pants
Gabardine, velveteen
Satin or lace
Buttons and bows
All over the place
Styles that'll make you
Feel like a queen
That woman's a wiz
With the sewing machine
Who dat say?
Who dat say? Who dat?
Who dat say?
Who dat say? Who dat?
Who dat say? What you say?
In Miss Celie's pants
Who dat say?
Who dat say? Who dat?
Lookit here, get out my way
Sofia's back
And I'm here to stay
In Miss Celie's pants
Girl, you swept out
The memories
Filled this place with joy
In this big ol' store
Got your sewing machines
Mirrors shiny clean
And a fitting room
Smell like sweet perfume
That man might have
Done you wrong
And brought you to tears
And made you believe
That you're not strong
But look
I said look
Are you looking?
We all looking, honey.
Look who's wearing the pants
-Hey, who dat say?
-Who dat say?
Who dat say? Who dat?
Who dat say?
Who dat say? Who dat?
-Who dat say?
-Who dat say? What you say?
In Miss Celie's pants
Clean this up
for me, Jimmy.
Thank you.
Where you going?
- Hey, hey. Don't mind if I do.
- Uh-uh-uh-uh-uh.
Sorry about that.
That's okay. I know.
Hey, hey, hey!
You need to do something
about your pa.
He been in here every night
this week causing a ruckus.
I know.
I'll take care of it. Hold on.
All right.
Oh, come on. I'll count you in.
- No, no, no.
- And five...
No, no, no.
That's not happening tonight.
Hey, hey, Son. How you doing?
-Not this time.
-We about to play a little set.
-You're fitting
to embarrass yourself.
-I'll count you-- Hey! Oh!
You all right?
Ah, it's all right.
They don't know about
no good music no how.
Get off the stage.
I used to break hearts
back in my day.
Women used to toss off
their drawers.
Hey, hey! Come on.
Tell 'em, boy.
Tell 'em who I was.
Could've been in Shug's band
if I wanted to.
If I didn't
have to farm...
I'm so sorry. grandaddy's land--
All right. Sofi--
Come on.
- Come on.
Come on. Get up.
- All right. All right.
Get off.
Come on. It's time to go home.
I had my doubts...
about you building that juke.
But you done good, boy.
You done good.
Pop, you, um--
You all right?
Why you got your arm around me
like I'm old?
I can get home by myself.
Until you do right by me,
everything you think about
gon' crumble.
I'll do right.
Dear God, I'll do right.
I'll do right.
I'll do right.
Hey. Hey.
You all right, Albert?
Albert, you all right?
I'm fine.
Uh, yeah. Yes, sir.
Uh, I fell asleep
looking at the stars is all.
You take care of yourself.
Go on.
Dear Celie,
the letters you've sent
fill my days with joy.
I know it must've been hard
finding me.
We've had to relocate
several times over the years.
The British
have seized the east.
We lost our passports
and documentation
when our village was burned.
I've decided it's best
that me and your children
make our way back home to you.
we need your help
getting back to the States.
As soon as you get this,
please go
to the immigration office
to prove our citizenship.
You're our only hope.
Mr. Johnson?
Even if we could find them,
which I doubt,
it'll cost you hundreds
to get 'em here from Africa.
Well, uh...
-I thanks ya.
Say, uh...
I gots me some land.
I could sell some of it
and get the money.
Think that'll help?
that would definitely help.
My secretary
can start the paperwork.
We're closed.
Hate to bother you.
This gon' sound odd, but, um...
I came to buy some pants.
I can come back later
if it's too much trouble.
I also brought you this.
See something you like?
Oh, uh...
Why don't I just take
one of the ones that
no one else buys?
Help your business out some.
You looking nice.
You sure you wanna be seen
in these?
I don't mind.
Give folks
something to laugh at.
I best be locking up.
It's getting late.
That it is.
Thank you.
Say, uh...
maybe someday, uh,
you and me, we could, uh--
I don't know, if, uh--
if you feel like it sometime...
Let's just us be friends.
I've got my sister
I can feel her now
She may not be here
But she's still mine
And I know
She still love me
I got my chil'ren
I can't hold them now
They may not be here
But they still mine
And I hope
They know I still love them
I got my house
It still keep the cold out
I got my chair
When my body can't hold out
Got my hands doing good
Like they s'posed to
Showing my heart
To the folks
That I'm close to
Got my eyes
Though they don't see
As far now
They see more 'bout how things
Really are now
I'm gonna
Take a deep breath
I'm gonna hold my head up
I'm gonna put
My shoulders back
And look you straight
In the eye
I'm gonna flirt
With somebody
When they walk by
I'm gonna sing out
Sing out
I believe
I have inside of me
Everything that I need
To live a bountiful life
With all the love
Alive in me
I'll stand as tall
As the tallest tree
And I'm thankful for
Every day that I'm given
Both the easy and hard ones
I'm living
But most of all
I'm thankful for
Loving who I really am
I'm beautiful
I'm beautiful
And I'm
Oh, yes, I am
Speak, Lord
Speak to me
Speak, Lord
Speak to me
Speak, Lord
Speak to me, yeah
Hi, Pa.
Go on.
Maybe God is
Tryin' to tell you somethin'
Maybe God is
Tryin' to tell you somethin'
Maybe God is
Tryin' to tell you
Oh, look at this.
My Lord.
I can't believe you wore those.
Oh, I thought it'd help
scare away some of the flies.
That ain't all
it gon' scare away.
You shut up now.
- Oh, Lord. Hey, Pop.
- Hey.
My Celie.
How you doing?
We got lots of food.
Why you put my pop
in them pants? Hey, Miss Shug.
He asked for those.
Yeah, I did ask for these.
Yeah, that's right.
Everybody look at 'em.
That's right.
Now, who that coming?
Half of the town already here.
I thought
I'd invite a few folks.
I hope you don't mind.
We got enough room.
Y'all slide over.
Hey, sister
Whatcha gon' do?
Going down by the river
Gon' play with you
Sho' nuff sun gon' shine
Gonna be grown ladies
Of the marrying kind
Gonna be all right
-Gonna be all right
My Nettie.
I've missed you.
These are your children,
Olivia and Adam.
It-- It us.
It is us, Mama.
We love you.
Adam. Adam.
This is my wife, Abena.
Your presence blesses us, Mama.
You have grandchildren.
My family home.
Dear God
Dear stars
Dear trees
Dear sky
Dear peoples
Dear everything
Dear God
God is inside me
And everyone else
That was or ever will be
I came into this world
With God
And when I finally
Looked inside
I found it
Just as close
As my breath is to me
Like the sun
Is the hope
That sets us free
Your heartbeat
Make my heart beat
When we share love
Like a blade of corn
Like a honeybee
Like a waterfall
All a part of me
Like the color purple
Where do it come from?
Now my eyes are open
Look what God has done
-It take a grain of love
-Grain of love
-To make a mighty tree
-To make a mighty
Mighty tree
-Even the smallest voice
-Smallest voice
-Can make a harmony
-Like a drop of water
-Like a drop of water
-In the river high
-It can make the river high
-There are miracles
-There are miracles
Look what God has done
I don't think us feel
Old at all
I think this is
The youngest us ever felt
Ooh, ah
This is no way to start
The story of us
Damn, I miss your face
These moments so hard
Passed us all
But we always make our way
Just when I feel that
I need to feel something
A feeling pulls me up
Deep in my heart
And amongst these lost lands
I kept my faith in us
No way
No days I didn't think
About you
On my soul
You're the reason
I made it through
Every drop of a tear
Every ounce of my heart
You're the reason I'm here
- Oh, I...
- I...
- Oh, I...
- I...
All I ever needed
- Ever
- In this world
- My superpower
- Power
- My fight
- Fight
- Mmm, my love
- Love
To be alive
No way
No days I didn't think
About you
On my soul
You're the reason
I made it through
Every drop, every tear
Every ounce of my heart
You're the reason I'm here
- And I...
- I...
- Oh, I...
- I...
All I ever needed
All I ever needed
In this world
- My superpower
- Power
- My fight
- Fight
- Mmm, my love
- Love
To be alive
It was always I
It's not about
Where I've been
It's not about
Where I've been
It's about
Where I'm trying to go
By the time I'm golden sand
I want the world to know
Ooh, I was here
I was right here
in the darkest hours
You believed in me
Till I believed in you
All this time, your love
My love for me
Through us
I just wanna kiss your face
I just wanna hold you tight