The Combination (2009) Movie Script

What's up, bro?
Good to see you, brother.
You grew.
- Going to school?
- Yes, I go.
But now you're
there not going anywhere.
Go to school, see you later.
Well, mom is inside. Damn!
See ya, bro.
Here are Charlie?
Not anymore!
It's good to be home.
Give me the ruler.
You're so naive.
Mr. Mrk.
This should interest you.
Is algebra.
Comes from the "Arabic" Al-Jabra.
Which means restoring
something that is broken.
The combination here
and then that's what
we have here, Mr. Mrk.
- Combination.
- Give
The numbers are unnecessary.
Just neinteligeni.
You hear, Scottie?
You're good for nothing, man.
Directly in the head.
- Idiot.
- Dog.
Mom is a bitch.
- What's up beautiful?
- I do not think you should talk to me.
I know that you want.
My friend does not let me speak
the others guys.
Forget your girlfriend.
- What are you doing?
- Man is his girlfriend.
- Enjoy it.
- I think it is better to leave.
Yes. Him
head crushed.
Go away.
Why talk to "my face"?
Sorry man,
just trying to make friends.
- You're a liar.
- Back!
Get away from here, imigrantule.
- Is there a problem here?
- You have one minute.
See ya.
- Call me.
- You got the number?
Everything is up here.
That guy is a loser hell.
What we offer is a
damn job, man.
- And I hope to do our job well.
- What job?
And then ... well?
Good to see you, brother.
Charlie, you have to split
with that asshole?
Problems at school, bro.
To hell with this.
Do you not worry, brother.
We will protect.
- Thanks, man.
- No need to fear.
Leave it.
Hi, how are you?
Let me.
- Who are you?
- I do not mean twice.
- What?
- Two options.
- Switch off your or I will shoot c. What?
- I'm sorry man.
- Not me, sorry girl asked him.
- I'm sorry.
Thank you.
- Are you in town?
- Yes
- It's different.
- Is unique.
- While I was going to shoot you?
- You looked too much television.
- Did you call?
- What?
- Do you believe in fate?
- Why?
Left or right?
- You gonna be okay?
- Yes, thank you.
Take care.
When you back?
I need someone willing
work hard
and be reliable.
What job?
I need someone to open
gym in the morning.
This includes cleaning the bathroom.
Everyone to be happy here
you must give everything you can offer.
$ 350 per week.
- And of the program.
- What time you want to open and close?
From morning until nine o'clock
new night
or there.
Can I train after work?
- Do you train? You can train
I'll finish where you
did the first time.
- Are you interested?
- I'll try.
- See you tomorrow.
- Thanks.
See you tomorrow.
A. Close the door
Leave things the way it was.
To work all
- This is not dangerous?
- Like everything else.
- Hi guys.
- What took so your brother?
We had hours, brother.
- And that asshole?
- Forget it.
I was talking to her.
My fault, I knew
that is a friend.
But that does not give
right to be given to you.
- We should respect
- It's trick.
- We can not allow needles are
guys do not respect us.
- We waste time
speaking. Come on, man.
- Charlie, do not think twice.
- Come on.
- Hey, asshole.
- Forget it.
- What?
- This sucker has a girlfriend, man.
- Why so many?
You can not one to one?
- It's your second chance.
- Come on, man.
- Your scared?
You seem so afraid.
- Are you sure you're brave?
- Yes? But you are a dirty immigrant.
Stop it!
- Damn!
- Are you okay?
- What are you doing?
- What the hell, man.
Respect me when I talk to you.
Welcome, brother.
- Why did you hit the boy?
- What guy?
- Boy from school
- I did immigrant.
Do you want to bath with me?
Do you want to bath with me?
Did immigrant so I did you you
got beat.
Damn! You the shit
were you, Johnny?
Do not tell me what
hell I did.
Was you, not me.
- Want to get in prison?
- No
End and are there or in a coffin.
I've earned respect, bro.
- You think like that I'll respect you earn?
- Yes
First, respect yourself.
I do not want to see you that you
bath again.
How about your friends, let them.
Leave them!
I'm your brother will kill me.
I do not want to do what I did.
When you see,
I remember your father.
And how I get on his guilt.
He once said that everything
happens is God's.
And advice is always the same i.
So, blame it on God
And all good things
that we gave them?
Like what?
First your father died.
Or that you have been
prison and now Charlie?
And your not to tell.
But when you are arrested
none of his cousins did not come
to see if we needed anything.
His friends stopped coming,
not even drink coffee.
Walk down the street and people
I know of a lifetime
cross the street and claimed
I do not see me.
Even the priest Joseph does not look
There was none.
You did the shame.
Tell me why you should
Thank God?
Fuck all!
What the hell should I do for $ 50.
Thing worth $ 100.
And how many damn you got?
- I have to do something else.
- Want to go? Want to go?
No more certai for money.
Give me your wallet, brother!
I can not believe it, man.
Hold Charlie.
We have here some cash?
Take you and Bring us some drinks.
And let's not your turn without them,
Hurry, and if something you
and we sugei.
It noastr.Haide machine.
What's up, man?
- He is your friend?
- Yeah, man.
- Do not say anything?
- So you want to work for me?
Yes, please.
- Bring it on Tuesday evening.
- Okay.
Now the valley.
And not to us and us?
I'm a taxi?
Fucking exit my car.
- Looks like an idiot.
- It's an idiot.
Want to lupi there?
Or want to fight here
with boys?
You know the rules.
We believe that you have great potential.
- What?
- A girl comes to a coach.
Do you mind if I do it?
This room is not for beginners
but only for professionals.
No problem.
Bring it.
Well, my friend.
Go Back and Do what you do know better.
- What?
- Just trying to talk to you.
And you and expecting you to talk to you?
- A merit.
- Do me a favor.
- Do not talk to me.
- Go to hell, then.
- Go you.
- No, you.
Charming Charlie.
Cheers, Charlie.
- Hello.
- Hey.
- Are you ready?
- I hope so.
- You're right-handed or clumsy?
- Clumsy.
Show me your position.
That's good.
Relax your shoulders.
Now to sweat.
Left and then right
Hold your hands up.
Hands up.
Hold it up.
Okay, great.
Ignore them.
Stops you!
I do not bring with you.
- Guard and get it!
- How much Rookie!
Better go do your own bathroom
as pui.
- Let me kiss my ass.
- Anytime.
What happened, recrutule?
Hey, you left the door open!
No girls, man.
- I gave him my number.
- And mine too.
- Go to hell!
- Are you ready to see?
He is John, my brother.
Hello, brother.
- You want an IP, guys?
- What you need, friend?
- Hello
- Zeus.
Come on, guys.
- Where's Mom?
- Shh.
Could you announced that you now.
She was worried.
I am not a child, brother.
You could have called.
She should be worried May
more for you than for me.
- Worried?
It's Mom.
- Next time you call.
- Yeah, whatever.
- To show you something.
- What?
Let me see.
- You'll be two partners. What
means that I will give you more cargo.
If a download mock me
kill you both.
And then kill their families.
- I do not think
gonna happen like that something.
You can trust us.
Yes, you're responsible for it.
- Is your friend.
- Okay.
We just want to make some
- What?
- Ice.
- Ice?
- Ice.
He give you what you need.
I hope you give your money
in four weeks.
No extra day,
you understand?
Four weeks.
- No problem.
- Yes
So ... Chuck, Chuck, Chuck ...
Tell me ...
- Can I trust you?
- Yes.
Do not you?
He and I want to "nigger."
"Fuck you, man."
"Fuck you!"
"No, your move! Put your hands behind your back!"
"Yes, and you bitch!"
Here a "real gangster".
- Charlie, what are you doing?
Can I come?
A second, Mom.
A second, Fri.
- Why the locked door to door?
- Single ended.
Where were you tonight?
I went with some friends.
What happens
between you and your brother?
He wants to dominate me, Mom.
And not seen his brother for 2 years
and he simply does not know me
tell you what to do.
- I want you to make same mistakes
that he has done.
I know, I know.
Not fair!
I'll sleep now.
- Okay. Promise me that you
talk with your brother tomorrow.
Okay, I promise.
- Okay?
Can I sleep?
- Yes, yes.
- Okay.
- Do not lock the door, right?
- Okay, but locked alone.
Would you lupi few rounds?
- Refusal.
- Come on, get some gloves i
I prefer not to fight.
- I'll say Tony
not to abuse you.
Come on, get some gloves i
- Okay.
- And a mouth prosthesis, too.
- Okay.
Each in his corner.
Now attacked.
- Why?
- Do it.
All right.
- Hello?
- Enough!
I said to you separated.
- I said to you separated.
- Stop!
Are you deaf?
- Are you deaf?
Get your glove and exit i.
Are you okay?
- And he is believed to be
machine, fucking?
Only two? No?
- You can not not beat me.
- Idiot lucky.
Do not give up, never?
Go and buy some chips.
- Come on, man.
You think I let you play?
- It's not your machine.
- And what's with that?
- What?
Your afraid of a challenge?
- We will see in Street Fighter.
- No need to worry, right?
- Cut it and come to play.
- Come on.
You and me in the wrong.
Street Fighter, right?
That's laughing
your broke ass!
Come, run!
- What happened?
- He lost the game and stabbed.
What the hell did you do, man?
The boy could die.
Go to hell!
- Sit! Ask your
hands behind your back!
- I said the earth!
Come idioilor.
Look at me!
Hold your mouth! Hold your mouth.
What happened to you?
Look at you, brother.
Always earn money easy and
now you have a job.
- I'm happy. I do not need me to
keep behind.
I want to be like you.
- Do not want to work in a
sports hall for a few U.S. dollars
Cleaning, shit.
For one type of shit.
-Gonna let me ask a question.
- What?
- Have you visited someone in jail?
My friends did the same.
They did it once.
I have not seen him since then.
- But my friends are various fields.
- You think I lost minds?
What I think is just my family.
You, Mom.
- How do you have
daily bread?
You know? Everything is a reason.
You do not want me to have friends.
I want to have normal friends.
You and your friends why you are
for your mother not sleeping well.
Yeah, well, brother.
I ask.
Hello, I'm John.
Can you help?
I came to Sydney.
Can expect?
Sydney, John is at the door.
He said he had come to take you.
He arrived earlier.
- What?
- Nothing.
- Mom?
- Nothing.
Just to be careful.
Here are.
I love this place.
When you want to escape
My problems come here.
- What kind of problems?
- Whatever.
Here is a different world.
And you?
- Boxing.
- Tired just thinking about it.
Since you have not had a girlfriend?
For almost two years.
- Jokes are?
- No.
- This one night to spend with her
I never thought not.
May not want to think about it.
What do you think?
You're Australian or Lebanese?
- My dad took me to Lebanon
to please his family.
I was about 16 years.
Lebanon People called me
- And here the Australians
call me an immigrant.
So, tell me.
- An Australian with
related to the Lebanese?
I do not know.
Try to hit me?
- Why did and do that?
- I do not know.
- Where's Mom?
- You have arrived earlier.
What are you doing?
Must be
a good disposition, man.
- Why?
- Did you talk to me, man.
- You fool it?
- None of your business.
- When will it know, bro?
- Never.
- What, your afraid that if I see
gonna leave you?
What beautiful, fun!
- I genes. You know I'm
most beautiful family, right?
- You have nothing.
- It has atins.O you smell.
Charlie? What's happening?
What is this?
Stops you!
- If you want to go and must take
some girls.
- How are you?
- Okay.
John, my love.
- Sydney, she is my mother.
- Nice.
Hello and welcome.
She is beautiful.
Please baby, please.
- Thanks.
- Sit down.
Make yourself at home.
Amira, what?
Come on, put everything on the table. Now
- You are the owners of this place?
- No.
- Okay.
- Thanks.
Come, eat.
Look at it. It's beautiful.
Yes, it is very beautiful.
But not for him.
- Believe you're beautiful.
- Thanks.
- It was delicious.
- Sure.
- It seems that is a puppet.
Look at it.
Yes, I understand.
Let them clean.
- Want some coffee?
- A Lebanese coffee?
Yes, please, would be nice.
- It's unbelievable.
- Seriously, do you?
What's happening?
Hello imigranilor.
- I just want to know that I do not
forgot that we were attacked.
- Threatens us?
- Threatens us? "
- He spoke the most intelligent of the group.
- What?
Later, later.
- There are so curajo and,
I attacked the group.
- What did you say?
- Are you deaf?
I want to eat them mothers.
Speaks English, dude.
Dude, you're dead like that and neither are you.
We're gonna shoot you that, man.
- Did you hear?
- Talk to you later, "Love."
- Of course.
- Later.
Crossed the line, man.
- Damn, we need
regard to his punishment now.
You're right, man.
- No, man.
No time.
Should I plan first.
- A to "do" later.
- Good thinking.
- That's all.
- A to "do" later.
A to "do" later.
- What's up, cuz?
- Well, well.
Give me a second.
So now I'm your cousin?
Where were you when I arrested?
I lost my license.
Do not talk to me.
At least you or your parents
could go to my mother.
You do not need permission
for this.
Go to hell, you're my cousin now?
- I was in your class.
- Yes
- I'm sorry.
- Okay.
- Ready?
- See ya.
- What did you discuss?
- I just discussed.
But what you discussed?
If you touch me, you're dead!
This is our country.
I grew up here.
- We came in airplanes.
You have arrived in chains.
Fuck you you fucking terrorists!
What are yours saying?
What say?
- You have to have a relationship for six months
before you marry you are.
- When you realize you did it
He made a mistake,
take immediate steps to correct it.
I'm going to make shower.
What happens here?
Syd, this is Charlie, my brother.
Good Knowledge.
- I heard a lot about you.
- Good things, I hope.
- Yes, Johnny told me you're good,
but ... Bullshit.
Are you jealous?
- Jealous of him?
- I'm the best, brother.
Yes? What?
When? Are you okay?
Glad you came, brother.
- What happened?
- Scott and the boys beat.
- Go home to his house, anywhere.
- Tell me, brother.
One moment! You do not go!
- Nonsense! I will go.
- Have to go home earlier.
Not trying to stops you, brother.
Are you ready? Come on, troops.
- What is this?
- A fix me, bro.
- Get in the car!
- Calm down, brother.
- Get in the car!
- None of your business.
- What do my business.
Okay? Come with me.
- Get your hands
of me, bro.
- Forget it, man.
- Not your job!
Go ahead, man!
He is my brother, what the hell ...?
Put the gun down, man.
I do not care what you do here.
- Zeus's brother, man.
Put the gun down.
Damn, man.
Suppose a kill.
So what?
- Prison?
- That does not scare me, man.
Should be.
Be Smart.
It's okay, guys.
- You'll get him in November. That will not
and remains a.
- Look, man.
I will not kill anybody.
Neither do I.
- Count on me if you want to bath him.
- Yes.
- To hell with "Chuck" and his brother
and to hell with you!
You must kill him.
Do not you think we should
to kill him, brothers?
Go to hell!
I shot him directly in the head.
Where's Mom?
I was in the canteen.
- Where were you?
- It does not matter.
... When you're talking
on arms
talk to people face ...
... This is the tradition, but is only
way to do the job finished ...
And will not end the a. ..
... I will be sure to be eye
eye ...
What are you doing?
Looking for a book on Alexander the Great
and looking for a book about it.
- Where's your boyfriend?
- We desprit.
- But how?
- Because we do not fit.
What mismatch?
- Must not one card are you doing?
- Yes.
- See ya.
- If you get lucky.
- You wish.
- No, ye like you.
- How are things?
- As usual.
- What is my new employee?
- I'm fine, man.
- Yes? I have another
work for you guys.
- What?
- You know?
It's a store right here
Billy the supermarket, you know?
- And I want to join me
contact money.
- What money?
- When?
Now. And do not give your bar.
I can not do it, man.
- Can one and do it.
- A do it, man. How many money?
- What are the box.
- Everything?
- All you have cash.
- Okay.
- But do not give your bar.
- No, man.
- If we're gonna reject me-your
heart out.
Micky's gonna give you everything you need.
Thank you.
What is this?
Raw meat.
- Want to try?
- Yes.
- Do not move!
Give me all your money!
Take the money!
Come on!
Come on!
Want to dance?
- It's easy, I'll learn.
- I can not do that.
- You'll be fine.
- Later, maybe later.
Look, just follow me.
- Let me watch the first time,
can not ...
- Yes, you can.
You're gonna learn.
What is called dancing?
A and a.
- Or you will never see it or stop
I'll find you somewhere else where to live.
Me out.
What did you say?
I told your bitch.
I love you, Mom.
Syd, they just have fun with us
but are married to each other.
- He is so a.
- All are must.
- What you're talking?
- Muslims.
You have no idea.
If you are to live in my house
not to see him.
- And if not?
- The decision is yours.
When I was in the department
I had a partner,
was Lebanese.
It was good, you know?
Without any problems.
I'm not a racist.
I fired him because
that did not face at work.
I expected the parking
and believed that he is entitled to me threatens.
Daily return
threatened me.
Saying that is going to kill me,
Do I shoot you.
In other words, there are various fields.
I remember when this whole district
was full of Australians.
Problems have emerged with the Lebanese.
Not that it worried me,
but the place was full of weapons.
People were njunghiai.
And you knew not
if you were safe.
And that's not racism.
It's just the way it should be.
I mean not see a stranger not a
strip or not to abuse people.
Not you?
It's all about integration.
- If you were to live in
another country, we live them.
If it's this country,
act as an Australian.
Or not count.
It is a fact.
I have nothing against John.
I do not even know him.
You were in my room, my brother?
You lose something something?
- Where are my things?
- I threw them down the toilet.
- Are you crazy?
Cost around 50 thousand, you idiot!
- Where did you get?
- I knew a guy.
- What's his name?
- His name is Igbo.
I die if the money does not go, man.
- For when you take drugs?
- I never touched that shit, bro.
There are healthy head?
- When?
- After school?
- In the hospital?
- Zeus the machine?
- Get out of my eyes
before I hit you.
Go to hell!
- Hey John.
- A second.
- What?
- Want to fight?
Want to fight?
52 wins and 30 knockouts.
Not bad. Not bad at all.
- So?
- And what happened?
We lost. What's wrong?
- Well, how long
you retired?
Do not understand, man.
- Not come back.
- Good thinking.
Stay away from trouble.
May I'll not give you license.
- Let me think.
- Do it.
- Can I go now?
- Of course.
Except where your desires
to stay awake all night.
- What are you doing here?
- I expected.
Are you okay?
I wanted to tell your
We can not let us see.
- Why?
- I really wanted to say your staff.
- You know? Lebanese
have a question.
- "If the mother is good,
daughter also "
I'm sorry.
- I guess I would.
May never invited into your home.
- I understand.
- No, you do not understand, Sydney!
Can not be loved
a Lebanese!
- It is what it is!
You and your fucking culture!
I never considered it mine.
- What is culture? Football
cricket and to make cakes?
- Fuck you!
- It is a racist.
And you do not?
A damn easy to eat.
- I got to the gym to learn
a dirty white how to fight.
You think you've used for sex?
I was easier to have raped you.
- You know why?
I wanted to do so.
- So do not blame you,
because they're not better than me.
Everything is full of racism.
That's bullshit, John.
Look at the world.
- You can see examples of
against black men!
Can you get stops and you're listening?
- Me I only despari
because I am Lebanese.
I'm done because you're gonna uses me
and one to help me and for something better!
That's what you think.
This is the problem.
Never tell me everything.
I wanted to know everything about you.
Why do not you tell me that you
been in prison?
None of your business!
See your work, idioilor!
- He wants you, brother.
- Not as much as me.
- Where's Chuck?
- Give him hell.
May wait a little.
- Not expecting much.
Let's do this.
Think about it, Scott.
Talk now, motherfucker.
What are you doing, man?
Fucking idiot.
- Do not do it, Zeus.
Think up a bit.
How the hell do you know what I do?
Us against them, not see?
- There is no them.
- Look at her.
Blond, white eyes and three.
This is nonsense. It's silly.
- Ask!
- What?
- Ask! Ask
son of bitch you think.
- I do not care
what he thinks, brother.
- Say. Tell him.
I'm Australian.
- Tell me the truth
or I'll fly cpn.
I do not hear.
Is Australian.
See? Put the gun down, man.
- Put the gun down.
- The damned liar!
- Hello?
- Yes?
- I want to apologize.
- And me.
Can we see tomorrow?
- No.
- Please, let me I'll explain.
Here, we various fields.
I know.
But I'm in love with you.
Anything else?
You are loved me?
- It's late.
- Please tell me you love me and you.
Charlie, man.
Man, I met
with Igbo when I came here.
He said he wants to see you after school.
He knows about Zeus?
Who wants to go with me after school?
I can not. I'm busy, man.
I come with you, man.
- When Do you realize that
you made a mistake,
immediately take steps to ndrepi.
I love you, Syd.
- Bad time.
- I'm sorry brother.
- I came as soon as possible.
- You Let go from here.
It's okay, I got him.
Not interested.
Osama valley.
And go to the hairdresser.
Specialized to
hair cut on certain people.
Now you bring me money?
- I need more time.
- Time has elapsed.
- Money or my goods.
- I just need a little more time
to get your money.
- Zeus, was arrested yesterday.
- Listen, dude.
Tonight my money or goods.
That's it.
- My brother found the goods in my room
and threw it down the toilet.
- My brother found the goods in my room
and threw it down the toilet.
What? Jokes are?
No, I swear. It's just that ...
I need more time, is ...
I need more time.
I will have your money tonight.
I swear. I swear to God that ...
Or you and your family
Come on.
- Johnny is?
- No, no.
- What's that smell?
- Something fell on my head.
Your hungry? Want something?
No, I'm hungry.
- When John returns?
- I do not know.
- I'm going to take a shower.
- Okay.
- Did you tell John?
- No.
You'll be okay?
- What?
- What did you say?
- I never said anything.
- Nonsense!
- ... What do you do?
- I will not listen.
- So why ask me what I did?
It's not gonna do anything.
- ... always tries.
- Go!
I do not know?
Look ...
- ... things have caused.
- Nonsense!
- Our grandparents fought
to protect them.
So I could not take
Lebanese and give us a hand!
What's happening?
What have you done? What?
Tell me what you did.
What have you done?
- Mom, let him.
- You're guilty!
If you have not thrown my drug
not matter.
Drugs? That?
- I will help you, brother?
- What were you thinking?
mbogii that they get from selling drugs?
How would you get it taken up to sell?
- You know what? I do not want
listen to this shit from you.
- I'm done.
- What? You think you can?
- You're a dog!
- It was his friend, who did it.
It is a lie!
It's decided!
I decided my own!
They are friends,
Mom, are we.
Us, Mom!
So do not blame
people for our mistakes!
November draw conclusions and I gave
the bar!
Some people learn,
others do not.
If I have not followed the path of good and
have been arrested.
But collecting the cultivated man.
But I was sick of you to blame
his friends.
And you blame me for his mistakes!
She wants to be you. Can not you see?
You want to be bound again?
He is your brother.
Is your brother. Your blood.
You decide.
Why do you want that's what really are?
What are you doing here?
What's happening?
My brother.
What to do?
- I need 50 thousand.
- 50 thousand.?
- What?
- For his life.
It is funny, not?!
It would be better to be optimal, man.
Because if not, you have to do cleanliness
free whole life.
- Are the best they've seen
Go away.
Exit out.
We're gonna give him the money tomorrow.
Kill me.
A to rest tonight.
- You're sure?
- I think so.
- You are Igbo?
- That's me.
Here your money.
- Is everything there?
- Every penny.
Stay away from my family!
- It's a threat?
- I do not make threats.
Come on.
No more are the so brave without Zeus?
Come on.
- Can you live to me.
- And your mother?
What about her?
What's happening?
Are pregnant.
May God be with you.
This is for my brother.
Ajutai me, call the police.
Ajutai me, call the police.
- Join everyone in the house.
- That he shot the bastard.
- Please, please
sunai the police.
Come on, motherfucker.
Kill him.
Belinda dedicated Tahlia Pell,
Who knew all the colors.