The Combination Redemption (2019) Movie Script

Toes, toes, toes.
Come on, get on your fucking toes.
Mate, off your fucking heels, will ya?
Off your heels, off your heels.
Come on, get off those heels.
Don't look at me. Am I the bag?
-Get on there.
Why you pushing the kid so hard for?
He needs to be pushed.
Fuck, just tone it down a bit, man.
You're the boss.
I'm gonna eat you for dinner.
It's been three fucking weeks
and nothing.
You bring me this cunt.
This fucking has-been.
We looked everywhere.
You can't have fucking looked everywhere.
Okay, where the fuck is he?
I swear.
Swear to God, I don't know.
I haven't seen him in months.
This is Ibo.
Fucking remember Ibo.
This guy used to be top dog.
Oh, look at him now.
Fucking grub.
Jail didn't do you no favors, idiot.
I'm telling you man,
I haven't seen him.
Okay? The little prick,
he owes me five thousand.
What's he owe you five grand for?
They're my fucking drugs.
-Put the motherfucker down.
-No wait...
Maybe he got hit.
Maybe someone else has got our money.
Oh, it's your fucking money, is it?
Didn't know it was your fucking money.
When did you start your business?
-You in business now?
-Boss, boss--
Shut the fuck up.
Now you two better find me some answers.
If the little fuck's dead,
bring me a body.
But more than that,
I want my fucking money.
You fucking killed him?
Did I tell you to kill him? Did I?
I was trying to fucking tell ya.
Are you that fucking retarded
you couldn't have just pulled him up?
You know what, just get the fuck
out of my face.
Move the fucking body.
Fuck, man.
And find that little prick.
First, go get me a fucking coffee
and a paper.
I'll go get the coffee.
What, you're not gonna fucking help me?
No, I'm gonna get the fucking coffee.
Fuck you then.
What up G?
-Hey brother, how are you?
-Anyone follow you, man?
No, no, no.
Look man, what the fuck is going on?
Nas and his boys
have been asking about ya.
I got a few issues ya know,
nothing I can't handle.
Whatever it is bro.
If I were you,
I'd go see Nas and work that shit out.
I owe him money, G.
If I turn up without it,
I'm a dead man, ya know.
Maybe leave town for a while, bro.
Fuck that.
I'm not running.
Just get me what I need, G.
-I'll have it in a few days, yeah?
-For sure.
Hey, they'll be watching you.
So be careful.
Shit, bro. I'm too smart
for those dumb asses, bro.
-Don't worry, man.
-Love ya, G.
-Take care, brother.
-I'll catch ya around, yeah?
-Yeah. Be safe, man.
-Yeah. For sure. You too, bro.
What's this?
I took the liberty of making
an appointment for you.
I'm not going.
Yes, you are.
No, I'm not.
Yes, you are.
Good girl.
Work the body, work the body.
Low blow.
Why weren't you
at the meeting last night?
You were at that fucking gym again,
weren't ya?
Yeah, so?
You're just another paying
customer there, Mark.
He's the best fucking trainer
in the district.
That camel jockey, John?
Mate, I can light his arse up any day
of the week
-and you fucking know it. Hey!
-That's bullshit. You know it.
-You fucking know it, mate.
He's the best thing for my future.
I'm your fucking brother.
Who was there for ya the whole time
you were getting your face
smacked in, pal?
It was me.
It's always fucking been me
and you know that.
Do you wanna box?
Yeah. Fuck yeah.
All right.
Find another gym, mate.
What are you making?
Fuck that.
Why you talk to me like that for, man?
What do you want, man?
I'm looking for a job,
like you wanted, man.
I don't wanna work with you, man.
'Cause I don't want to.
There's twenty minutes left.
Do you wanna say anything?
How do you know Wes?
We met through a program
working with troubled indigenous kids.
You know he paid for this session
because he cares about you?
How old was Charlie?
Young man.
You must miss him?
We're just talking.
My brother's dead.
My mother left and went back
to Lebanon for good.
They're just dreams.
I've been having them for years.
Haven't put a gun to my head yet.
There ya go.
Got any solutions?
I can't imagine your mom
wanting nothing to do with you.
You don't remember me, do you?
I worked with your mother at Lashish.
I served you and your wife.
She was very beautiful.
Yeah, well she's gone.
So am I.
So, you walked out on her, eh?
I'm done. I quit.
You're not quitting.
I know you lost your brother,
that sucks.
But you didn't kill him.
Well, I flushed the drugs
down the toilet.
We paid the money.
I was there, remember?
Should've killed the dog.
Should've killed him.
Think that would have made you
feel better? Hey?
You need help.
Hey? And these pills.
Found them on the desk,
you left there.
You're not quitting.
No, you're not.
You're gonna get your life back in order.
Okay? Go back to work.
Stop feeling sorry for yourself, John.
Because you'll be with this on your own.
It's all in your head, eh?
Need a cuddle?
Want a cuddle?
I'll make us a cuppa.
Firstly, I wanna thank all you supporters
who have been in this thing
right from the beginning.
I know you are making sacrifices
to be here.
On this stinking bastard
of a hot day.
A time is coming where you might need
to make an even greater sacrifice.
We're on the edge of losing everything
that was great
about Australia.
It's time, ladies and gentlemen,
to put a stop to the Islamization
of this beautiful country.
Now, the government's
not gonna help us.
So, it's up to us, the people,
to stand up and be heard.
This is our land.
-Our land!
-Now, even our own Vegemite
is now made Halal.
We've got boat loads
of illegal immigrants
coming to these fair shores.
And what do the government do?
-No. They do worse than nothing.
They give them a house,
they give them benefits,
while you hardworking Aussies
work your arses off, pay your taxes
just so these wog bastards can benefit.
Well, you know what I say to that?
-Fuck that!
-I don't just say fuck that.
-I say no more!
-No more. No more.
It is time to reclaim this country,
ladies and gentlemen.
Reclaim the great southern land
that our fathers, our grandfathers,
and our great grandfathers
fought on the shores of Gallipoli
and died for!
-Are you with me?
-Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!
-Oi, oi, oi.
Now lest go do and this
for the great southern cross.
-Thank you for coming.
-Fuck yeah!
That cunt speaks the fucking truth.
I'm sorry, did we have another session?
No, no.
I owe you an apology
for the other day.
-No, you don't.
-Yeah, yeah, I do.
I, um...
I shouldn't have walked out
on ya like that.
It was a shitty thing to do.
That's okay.
Um, I was thinking maybe,
if you want to, I don't know...
maybe some dinner.
That's a really sweet gesture.
But, I don't date clients.
I'm not a client.
And it's not a date.
Either way,
no need.
Apology accepted.
You know, I'll just keep coming back
until you say yes.
You a stalker?
I think I am.
Might need help with that.
You eat Thai?
Saturday, seven o'clock.
Just down the road from Lashish.
-See you then, okay?
-I don't date clients.
I'm not a client.
Come on.
Left, right.
Ah, there ya go. There ya go.
Hey Mark, let's go. Get your stuff.
-Let's go.
-Yeah, I'll be done in ten.
No, mate. You're done now. Let's go.
That's my brother, Bryan.
You box?
Notice how this gym smells like shit.
Yeah, it's when you mix the ethnic
and the Arab and the Abo.
Hey, fellas.
Please, just leave.
Is falafel is getting angry?
Talk later, John.
-See ya, bro.
-Yeah. See you, Wes.
-He's not your bro.
You black cunt.
Hey. Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Door, door. Out. Out.
Stay the fuck away from my brother, mate.
Door. Out.
What are you looking at? Fuck.
What the fuck happened then?
You gonna let some white redneck
piece of shit come into our gym
and disrespect us like that?
But that's not what we show
the kids here.
We don't train them that.
And in this gym, we don't train
what happened here.
Do you's understand that?
Yes, Wes.
Okay, back to it.
Thank you.
You know, we're teaching them boxing.
They're learning to hit people.
Yeah, but with some self-control.
Which you didn't have.
Fuck self-control, man.
How 'bout some self-respect?
He called you a black cunt to your face.
I mean, the whole fucking gym heard it.
Yeah, they did.
I've been called names all me life.
Bonga, nigger, coon, monkey, gorilla.
Ya know, you don't see me going around
belting people up.
I wouldn't be sitting here.
You're an ass.
Shut up, ya dog.
Oh, God, that's hilarious.
Wanna puff?
No, I'm good.
So, what we gonna do
about that John prick?
Mate, don't even start.
You guys walk into the gym,
disrespect the owner, disrespect me.
There's fucking kids in there.
Did you not hear what Malcolm said?
Sacrifices have to be made.
We have to take back what's ours.
What do you mean ours?
Look around.
This place used to be all white.
How many white faces
do you see in the street now?
You're a dickhead, Rick.
It's not ours anyway,
-unless you're Indigenous.
-Here we fuckin' go.
Think about it, mate.
Those coons came over here
from Africa
and took over the place
from whoever the fuck was here.
They didn't even have houses, mate.
And have look at 'em now.
They're fuckin' drunks.
They rape their kids.
They live off our fucking taxes.
That's bullshit, Bryan.
White people do the same thing.
Not like they do, mate.
If I was living in America,
I'd build a wall
to keep the fuckin' Mexicans out, too.
Fuck, we should do that here, mate.
Big wall all the way around the outside.
Keep the cunts out.
I'm gonna crash.
-See you.
Bryan, mate.
Your brother really likes
that John cunt, hey?
You think?
He has a hard on for him.
He gets it, mate.
Don't worry about that.
That Leb will be dealt with.
They all will.
This is fucking war.
Can I help?
Is Mo home?
No, he's not yet.
Check it out.
Excuse me.
How long have you been in this country?
-We speak English here. Huh?
Oh, fuck me dead.
You talk to them.
How much?
Hundred thousand dollars.
-One hundred dollar?
-Oh, fuck this.
No. Please.
-No, please.
-We'll pay.
-We'll get you the money. Please.
-No, please.
You see?
Everyone understands gun language.
It's an international language.
This is gonna hurt a little bit,
but it's a message for your son.
You deliver to him? Huh?
Shh, shh, shh.
Check his face out.
Shh, shh, shh.
Tell your worthless son
to return what's mine, okay?
I don't wanna have to come back.
Shh, shh, shh.
Hush now. Hush now.
It's only a leg wound.
-No police, huh?
No. No police. No, no. No good.
Let's go.
Piece of shit.
Thank you.
You're late.
I felt sorry for you.
I spoke to mom today.
Is she liking Lebanon?
She's happy.
So, tell me.
What's your story?
What do you wanna know?
Why ain't you married?
Usually, Leb girls your age are married
and running around with six kids.
Maybe if I lived in a village
somewhere in Lebanon.
I was engaged to a guy from Lebanon.
I couldn't do it.
I barely knew him.
He wasn't a cousin, was he?
He was?
Well, at least you're keeping it
in the family.
Shut up.
I don't have much luck with men.
I was dating my brother's best friend
and broke it off three months ago.
What happened?
Caught him cheating...
with my best friend.
That's fucked.
Was she hot, at least?
That is not funny.
It's a joke.
You're laughing.
This is not a real laugh.
So, what happened with your ex?
After my brother's death...
I became very distant.
We just grew apart.
One day, I come home after work
and she was gone.
Did you try to find her?
I figured she'd made her decision.
You hungry?
Yeah, I can eat.
Yeah. Let's eat.
I am a barbecue beef kind of girl.
What would you like?
I don't know what I want.
I'll order.
Hey, give me some of that.
Why would she call you back,
you dickhead?
I'm fucking starving.
Hey, hey, hey.
What have we got here?
Going for a stroll, towel-head?
Hey, rag head.
Wanna get through?
Take that of your head,
and we'll let you through.
-Wanna get through?
Why do you wear that shit on your head?
This is fucking Australia.
Well, I'm sorry. I didn't realize.
Take that shit off.
-I was born here.
-You and your kind can fuck off
back to where you came from.
This is fucking Australia.
Fuck you looking at?
Fuck you looking at?
Fuck off, you Asian sluts.
You wanna go too, huh?
-Fucking chink sluts.
-Keep walking, you Asian fuck sluts.
-Are you guys for real? Just let me go.
-No. You and your kind can fuck off
-back to where you came from.
-I was born here.
Stop it, please.
See, how do you like that?
Don't, don't, please, please.
Fucking mine!
-Mine now!
-Fuck you looking at?
Fuck off you cunts,
this is none of your fucking business.
-Hey, the fucking cops are coming, mate.
-All right.
-Is she all right?
-She's fine.
What are you gonna do,
throw a phone at us?
Let's go, boys.
You all right, darling?
Look away!
So, did I earn myself a second date?
Hey, what happened to one dinner
and it's not a date?
I lied.
Ah, you lied?
A little white lie never hurt no one.
I can actually roll with that.
-You can, can ya?
Listen, we just shouldn't, okay?
You know your problem?
What's my problem?
You think too much.
Ah, this Muslim Christian thing,
it's a bit of a situation-ship.
I like that.
-You do?
-Yeah, I do.
It's tempting.
I'm fucking over this shit.
The burgers?
They're fucking great.
Not the fucking burgers,
you numb skull.
-What then?
-This shit.
No honor anymore.
Fucking hoods.
That fucking weird faggot shit
he goes on with.
Yeah, he gets a bit like that sometimes.
Tell ya what.
I wanna fucking knock him.
They reckon you need 1.2
in super to retire.
I've got 1.9.
After this job, I'm fucking out.
I'm out.
You can't, you know that.
-One way in, one way out.
-I'm fucking out, all right. I'm out.
And don't you fucking say a word.
You owe me, remember?
I remember.
My own kids are scared of me.
Gonna miss Jimmy's, though.
I'm gonna fucking miss you.
One, two, three.
-John, help me. Help me.
-What's going on?
-They're trying to kill me.
Some guys, man.
This isn't your business.
We just want the kid.
-And you are?
-That's my business.
But I'm not leaving without the kid.
The kid comes with us.
Kid stays.
Is that right?
Says who?
I'm taking him,
whether you like it or not.
Look around ya.
This is my fucking house.
Kid stays.
I'll be seeing you around, Mo.
Watch your back.
Merry Christmas, boys.
What's going on here?
What did we just get into?
I don't know.
What the fuck did we just get into?
-I owe some money.
-How much?
-Hundred grand.
-A hundred grand?
What for?
For what?
Where's the fucking money?
What do you mean fucking gone?
I got jumped on my way to deliver.
By who?
I don't know.
He had his face covered.
It sounded like Ibo.
You remember Ibo?
Bull fucking shit.
He's fucking dead.
Who do ya owe the money to?
Who do you owe the money to?
-Who the fuck is Nas?
You don't wanna know.
Were they his fucking boys?
This is what ya gonna fucking do. Okay?
You gonna leave town and
you're gonna fucking lay low for a while.
Okay? Now fuck off out the back.
You ever come here again,
I'm telling ya.
I've had enough going on here.
Don't fucking come back here
ever again.
You hear me?
Now fuck off.
Wes. We boxing or what?
Yep. Ready? Let's go.
Who's there?
No. Who told you that?
Those motherfuckers.
-I'll fix it.
-Fix it?
And I told ya I'll fix it.
Fuck off, leave me alone.
I don't care if he worked
like a dog, all right? That is his choice.
Fuck off!
How long have you been in Australia?
I been here now, eight months.
Do you like Australia?
Yes, she very beautiful country.
Uh, you no speak any of Arabic?
And, why you not speak it, Arabic?
Thank you.
Mom, are you serious?
-No way.
Why? Where do you want me to start?
I'm not attracted to him.
And he's an import.
I said no imports.
He can't speak English
and he has more hair on his eyebrow
than he does his whole head.
He learn English. Then...
he wax his eyebrow.
And give him a chance.
No, Mom. Forget it.
Who's this?
It's a client.
One eyebrow?
I mean, it makes me feel desperate.
-Have you told them that?
I don't want to get married
for the sake of getting married.
I want to find someone who I wanna spend
the rest of my life with.
You know, someone...
who I'd die for,
someone who'd die for me.
Got mates who got married overseas
and they're like a baby factory.
-Why what?
-Why did you have to be Christian?
This is so wrong.
Reckon they got him?
Hope not, man.
But we gotta lay low, too. Eh?
They've seen us with him.
That Bulldog is a ugly
looking prick, hey?
Fucking right about that, man.
Bye-bye, kebab.
Come here!
I can see ya, ya little cunt.
Nigga, nigga, nigga,
nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga.
You know, if you touch me...
No hard feelings, darky.
We're just cleansing the country.
From what, bro?
You're a sheep fucker.
And he's not your bro.
-Leave it.
Time to earn your stripes, mate.
Knock this cunt out.
Whoa, whoa, whoa. Bryan.
You got something you wanna say?
Stay down.
-What the fuck?
-I didn't fucking think so.
We made our point. Yeah?
We're done.
Let's fucking go.
Look at me.
Come on.
Yeah, he's fucking awesome.
You're fucking awesome, mate.
You should have seen
that fucking guy's head
when you snapped him, hey.
-It was like... boom!
-Fuckin' priceless.
-This cunt not got the best right hand
you've ever seen?
You are so fast, brother.
He's so fucking fast, isn't he?
If I had 20 or 30 blokes like you, mate,
I'd have a fucking army.
Three hundred Spartans, fucking warriors.
Hoo! Hoo!
You got our respect, bro.
Shut the fuck up, Toby.
Who the fuck have you ever hit?
He's right, mate.
He's a mad cunt.
He's a fucking mad cunt, I'll tell you.
I can fucking fight.
He can fucking fight.
I've seen your step dad
lick your fucking ass, mate.
Mate. Have another fucking cone, mate.
He's right, brother.
He's a mad cunt.
He's a fucking mad cunt.
-What the fuck happened to your face, G?
-Ah, man. It's nothing, man.
-He got jumped.
-By who, bro?
Some guys that went to our school, bro.
Few years older, bro. It's all good, bro.
Don't worry about it.
We'll get them later, yeah?
-Love ya nips, ya honk.
You got what I asked for, G?
I'll catch ya later, yeah?
You know where to find me.
All right. Cool, man.
I'll pop in and see ya, yeah?
I'll bring a 50.
Read the emails.
You know you're playing with fire,
don't ya?
I sent you to talk,
not have a love affair.
We talk.
Most of the time.
Don't say I didn't warn you.
-This them?
-Yeah, that's them.
I fucking know you.
Rad, do you remember this fucking guy?
Don't tell me, don't tell me,
don't tell me, don't tell me.
Fucking Johnny Morkos.
Fucking hell.
You could have been a world champion.
Is this what's become of you?
You know Kid?
Yeah, I do.
You know how good he is?
I do.
Fucking feel the tension?
-Listen, we--
-Shut your fucking mouth.
I'll tell ya what.
You and Kid,
two rounds.
You don't even have to win.
Just stay standing.
If you can do that, then after I get that
little fucking rat Mo,
I might just overlook
your little indiscretion.
-Amira, go home.
Join us.
We're about to find out
how good your old man actually is.
Ladies and gentlemen.
Let's get ready to...
In the red corner,
introducing the fast
and the ferocious,
The Kid.
And in the shit corner,
we have John the Has-Been Morkos.
Let's go, Kid.
Two rounds, two rounds.
Kid, let's get the...
Okay. Just jab, jab, jab.
Two rounds, don't forget, eh?
Two rounds.
Come on, I don't have all fucking day.
Come on, Kid.
Get in there, Kid.
Come on, young fella.
Come on, Kid.
Fucking sack of shit.
Come up.
That's it.
Come up.
Stay on your feet.
What was that, Johnny?
Get him.
I'd get up if I were you.
-One, two, three, four.
-Pick him up. Pick him up.
That's the spirit.
Jab, jab, jab.
Remember. Come on.
Get him!
All right, stop toying with him now.
All right. All right.
Back to your corner.
That's gonna fucking hurt.
That is gonna hurt.
-Get up, old man.
-Nice one, tiger.
-Oh, he's up.
Oh, he's up. Yeah, he's up.
-Finish him off.
-Come on. Remember.
Right here.
Come on, John.
Keep it up, keep it up. Come on. Please.
All right?
Come on. One more. One more.
Just stay on your feet.
Just stay on your feet.
Come on, fella. Attaboy.
All right, let's go.
Come on, hurt him.
-Fucking hell. My mom could do better.
-Come on, remember.
Come on, John. Come up.
Hey, come up.
Come on, get him.
Good stuff, Kid. Good stuff.
Get up. Come on.
Come on, Kid.
Okay, he's done. Now finish him
when he gets on his feet.
If he gets on his feet.
-Once more?
-Finish him off, Kid. Finish him off.
Hey. All right.
That's it.
All right. Let's go.
Fucking knock his head off.
Get him!
Come on, hurt him.
Come on.
-Yeah, that's right.
That's fucking right.
-Show him. Fucking show him.
-What we trained, remember?
-Get him!
Come on.
Finish him off.
Yes. Yeah. Yeah.
-Hit him. Yes, get him John.
-What are you bloody doing?
Get him! Get him! Hit him! Yes!
-Get up!
-Fucking finish him!
-Yes! Yes!
Come on, Kid.
Come on, yes!
Fucking hell.
Ding, fucking ding.
One week.
I want my money.
Babe, you gotta go to the cops.
No police.
He's right.
They don't care about the kids
in this neighborhood.
I know a fed that we can talk to.
You grew up here.
Look around ya.
Drive-by's, drugs, gangs.
You think the cops don't know
what's going on?
Been through this with Charlie.
What are we gonna do?
Find Mo.
And what about the money?
Let's just find Mo.
I got the money.
No, no.
I wanna help you.
Let me.
I'm not paying.
Last time I paid, my brother died.
I'm not making the same mistake again.
You're beautiful.
Come on.
Hey, Amira.
You gonna tell Mom and Dad?
-Tell them what?
-I don't know.
About your boyfriend?
What are you talking about?
-Amira, who was that guy you were with?
-What guy?
We've seen you.
Have you been following me?
-Yeah. So?
-I knew it.
I knew you were up to no good.
-Amira, what are you thinking?
-Oh, please. You should talk.
What about the Italian girl
that you've been seeing?
You know what? You speak to him again,
I'm gonna personally hurt him.
Is that understood?
Mom, he's a good man.
Papa, I just wanna marry someone I love.
Malcolm, how are you, mate?
Do you want a drink or something?
What the fuck are you up to, Bryan?
Are you killing people now?
Didn't fucking kill anyone, mate.
I got no idea what you're talking about.
I just had young Matt on my doorstep.
And he gave me an insight into the manner
in which you decided
to take things upon yourself
in representing the organization in.
At least I'm doing something.
Fuck, something.
I got these bastard press reporters
all over us looking for a slip up.
This is not about beating up women.
and it's sure as fuck not about fucking
knifing people in alleyways.
This is a legitimate political movement
that is gonna change the face
of this nation.
And I'm the only one fucking moving.
Fuck your movements.
I could be prime minister of this place
one day.
You think I wanna be associated
with this kind of shit?
Prime minister my arse, mate.
Forget it. Pull your bloody head in.
Actually, you know what?
You are fucking out.
You're fucking out.
You think it's gonna make a difference?
You've been preaching your shit,
and nothing's fucking changed, right?
Fuck that.
I'm actually gonna get out there
and I'm gonna take this shit
into my fucking hands.
I'm gonna make these cunts listen right.
White fucking Australia.
Remember us?
We'll teach you to show us
the fucking door.
Where is he?
Where the fuck is he, gorilla?
You fucking Abo's.
We give you everything, don't we, hey?
All you fucking do is whinge and complain.
You're a fucking cave man.
Where is he?
I'm here.
Here we fucking go.
You like baseball rag head?
You slippery Arab cunt.
My turn.
John, don't.
Fuck off.
Fuck off.
Get the fuck out of here.
Please, God keep you. God keep you.
Number 13.
Here you go, Mark.
-Look after yourself, brother.
-Thanks, man.
Be safe.
So, tell me.
How does a person go into a place
with his mates and beat up an old man?
'Cause he ain't white?
I didn't do anything, John.
You did nothing.
So how did they find out?
Brothers saw us together.
What did they say?
End it.
What'd you say?
Come on.
We both knew this wasn't going to be easy.
-I don't do easy.
-Yeah, well.
I'm Muslim and you're Christian.
So you keep telling me.
Why can't we be together?
I mean it's not as though
I'm asking you to convert?
Will you?
Does it bother you?
I don't want you to change a thing.
Not a thing.
What about kids?
We'll figure that out. You and me.
Try telling that to my parents.
You want me to?
Look. We just gotta be discreet.
I know what I want, okay.
But the question is...
what is it you want?
Here's ya fucking burgers.
Oi! What the fuck's wrong with you?
What happened to his arm? Hmm?
What happened to your fucking arm?
Fucking hurt it playing baseball.
You attack an old man?
-It's all for the cause mate.
-No, fuck you and fuck your cause.
Malcolm said you're fucking out.
You fucking idiot.
Fuck Malcolm.
I'll show him.
I'm just getting started, mate.
We are just beginning.
This fucking government
and its political fucking correctness.
-Oh, fucking hell.
-You gotta tip toe around
-like a fucking faggot.
While they build their mosques
and prayer halls, mate.
-Listen to yourself.
-You walk down the shops now mate,
and it's like playing spot the Aussie.
We are the minority.
If anyone gets in my way,
I'll fucking kill them.
Yeah, I got that.
Hey. Where you going?
Don't you want your burger?
Fuck ya.
Fucking love these burgers.
Jimmy's mate. Best fucking burgers.
Hey, swing us me chips.
You spoken to Mo?
They were innocent, man.
Want some of this?
Sure. Thanks, man.
Hey John.
-Oi! Hey, what the fuck is going on?
-Shut your fucking mouths.
You. Come here.
What the fuck?
Take me to Mo now.
Open your fucking mouth
and I'll break your fucking jaw
then I'll drag you to him.
I don't know where he is brother.
Give me that. Move.
Get out of here, come on. Move.
Relax, brother.
The fuck you doing sneaking up
like that, man? I almost shot ya.
What the fuck is he doing here?
Ya heard?
Yeah, I heard.
It's alright, man.
I'm gonna kill him.
The money was never stolen was it?
Fuck Nas, man.
I've been dealing drugs for him for years.
I made him a lot of money.
All right. I'm taking what's owed to me.
I earned this money. It's my money.
This isn't your fucking money.
It's my money.
And it's staying here.
Is that what your parents are worth?
-A lousy hundred fucking grand?
-Brother, you don't know me all right.
All the boys used to put on me.
They used to call me you little bitch,
you little gronk this that, brother.
No one is gonna put it on me, no more.
Not you, not him, not no one.
We're here to help you, brother.
That's blood money.
Brother, Charlie told us
all the bad shit you done, right.
Don't lecture me.
Yeah, I fucking paid the price.
Three fucking years in maximum security.
But I learnt my fucking lesson.
What have you learnt
since what happened to Charlie, huh?
Fucking nothing.
Brother, fuck you, fuck him and fuck life.
The system is made for us to fail.
How many boys you know grow up
to become doctors, lawyers? Zero, brother.
All the boys I know,
they're dead or locked up.
There's no choice for us, brother.
There's no choice.
You hear this bullshit?
Am I supposed to feel sorry for ya?
Well boo-fucking-hoo.
Everyone has a fucking choice.
You're one of those fucking losers right?
That blames everything but himself.
I'm taking the fucking money.
He has to pay.
You think I won't do it?
I'll do it.
Carrying a gun is one thing.
Pulling the trigger, taking a life.
Well that's another.
Go home and bury your parents.
Then disappear for good.
Abo, we ain't done yet. Let's go.
Come on, brother.
Let's go.
I'll be back, yeah?
It's my money.
It's my money.
They killed my mum.
They killed my dad.
It's my money.
Hot day mate. Bring your swimmers?
Where's Mo?
Well, so the money
just appeared like magic?
Look. What's between you and Mo,
has nothing to do with me.
We good?
No. We ain't fucking good.
Brought you the money. I'm done.
You're done
when I say you're fucking done.
Bring me Mo, then we're done.
I did what you asked.
You know who the fuck I am?
Do you wanna fuck with me?
You wanna fuck with me?
Like I said, I'm done.
You believe this prick?
You know what? Fuck him.
Kill them all.
I want John.
You think you can handle him this time?
I'm gonna make him drown in his own blood.
Because if you don't,
I'm gonna drown you
in your own fucking blood.
How did it go?
-It's all sorted.
Shit really?
-Man. I don't know how you do it, bro.
-It's not safe.
You tell him to disappear.
-I mean it.
Yeah, okay, bro. It's all good, man.
What the fuck do these goons want?
I got an idea.
Let's just go.
Yeah. Let's just get out of here.
I'm so sick of all this shit.
Just start a new life.
You're serious aren't you?
I can't do it to my parents.
It would just crush them.
You know that's the only way
we are gonna be together.
You know that.
Listen here motherfucker.
You fucking stay away from my sister.
Is that understood?
-Who the fuck are you?
-This is the only warning
you're gonna fucking get.
Wanna talk? We can talk like men.
Show some respect.
You wanna talk to me? We can talk.
Get the fuck off my car.
Get off the fucking car.
Fuck. That didn't go as planned.
You think so?
What's going on?
I've been calling and messaging.
You pulled a gun out on my brothers?
They threatened me.
What are you doing carrying a gun?
You know why I'm carrying a gun.
Talk to me.
I don't wanna be with a gangsta
who carries guns.
I'm a fucking gangsta?
I don't want this.
You don't know what the fuck you want.
You sit in your office all day,
helping people.
You can't even help yourself.
You can't stand up to your parents
and tell them what you really want.
This is your way out.
I don't know who you are.
You know exactly who I am.
Thought I did.
Yeah, you run to mommy and daddy.
Go on.
Trouble with the Missus, huh?
Time's up, Johnny boy.
-Who is it?
-It's Mark.
-You alone?
-Yeah, man.
-What do you want?
-They're gonna burn down the gym.
-My brother.
-Fucking now.
What happened to your face?
What do you think?
How many of them?
-All of them.
-Come on, Wes.
Come on.
Fuck. Police.
Come on, come on.
Let's go, let's go, let's go.
Do you know we're the only country
that eats its national emblem?
Isn't that funny?
We just love shooting fucking skippy's.
All right there? Hey!
-You wanna sniff?
-You kids love a fucking sniff, don't ya?
Burn the gym down.
I'm gonna enjoy this.
Come on.
Come on.
Burn the fucking thing down.
Drop the gun. Drop the gun.
Wes get the gun.
You two, hey. Hey.
Fuck over here now.
We're gonna change this country.
We are just beginning.
We're just getting started.
Our movement...
You took the side of this terrorist
over me?
Betrayed by my own blood.
You hear that?
The sirens are coming for you.
He's not so fucking tough
without a gun.
Take this.
And get out of here.
Mark! Fucking dead! Fuck you!
Fight like a fucking man, you immigrant.
-You Aboriginal?
-We made those cunts fucking civil.
I hate you.
You come into this country
and you take our fucking land.
No more building fucking mosques.
I'm a Christian.
Stop! Fuck!
You took my fucking brother.
He's all I fucking got.
He's all I fucking got.
Get down, get down, get down.
Hand your head.
Everybody down. Everybody down.
Get down. Who's the owner of this gym?
-Me, me.
-All right. What's going on?
The gun here,
was used in a shooting last week.
-Owned by this man here.
-Shut the fuck up.
Thank you.
Sorry to show up like this unannounced.
That's okay.
I just wanted to come and introduce myself
out of respect for you and your family.
And also let you know
that I've been dating your daughter.
Thank you.
You're a good man.
You are not Muslim
and this is the problem.
I make your daughter happy.
She makes me happy.
Isn't that what you want for her?
I love her.
Muslims marry Muslims,
Christians marry Christians.
It's not something new.
You should know this.
Too many problems.
I'm sorry, I don't agree.
People marry out of their religion
all the time.
When a partner converts.
Are you willing to revert?
-We can make it work.
-And what about the kids huh?
Will they be Christian or Muslim?
Either way.
Would you love them any different?
They'll still be your grandkids
no matter what.
Your blood.
I'm sorry. I cannot agree to this. Sorry.
Thank you for coming.
It was nice meeting you. Thank you.
You gonna answer my calls?
I will.
How's your brother?
Not good.
And you?
How you doing?
I'm okay.
I miss him.
I know he's a dickhead,
but his still my brother.
Yeah, that he is.
Papa, I know what you're doing.
You're checking up on me.
My lease expires next month
and I'm not renewing it.
I need to get away from all this.
You want me to be happy?
I can't even tell you when I'm happy.
I can't share...
the best times of my life with you.
-I'm sorry, Dad.
Hello beautiful.
Who are you? What do you want?
Can't understand
a fucking word you're saying.
Sit the fuck down.
You too.
Call your boyfriend.
We broke off.
Oh, shit, I'm sorry.
Now fucking call him,
or I'll put a bullet
in this bad accent motherfucker.
Who you call motherfucker?
You bitch slut.
A fucking bitch slut?
Well, I guess I am a bitch slut.
Now make the fucking call.
Come on, Mark.
He's only a two-time Olympian, mate.
-You come and have a go, mate.
-Loving the head gear. Loving it.
Hey, princess, remember me?
Where's Amira?
Ah, she's beside me and unharmed for now.
Put her on the phone.
-You okay?
Yeah, I'm here with Dad.
Nas, your beef is with me.
You got one hour
to get to her office with Mo.
Not a fucking second more.
Don't you fucking harm them.
Well, John, that will depend on you.
No police or I swear...
I'll fucking kill them.
Tick tock! Time starts now.
Nas. Nas.
Think he's angry.
You carrying?
Where the fuck's Mo?
I'll take you to him.
-But you let them go.
-Fuck! Oh, Jesus.
Fucking, I told you to fucking bring Mo.
I told you to fucking bring him.
Fuck, now I gotta fucking kill someone.
Yeah, which one first, aye?
Eeeny, meeny, miny, moe.
Catch an Arab by the toe.
I'll give you Mo, okay?
What if you're fucking lying to me?
I'll give you Mo, please.
Now, I swear, if you fuck with me
I will pay your little bitch a visit
and I'll slit her fucking throat
while her father watches. Yeah?
You keep her safe.
No police.
You fuck.
Bring me my fucking jacket.
The answer to your question...
Move, cunt.
Right. About fucking time, too.
You two go with him.
If he tries anything,
fucking shoot him.
Mo, it's John.
Oi. Oi.
Where the fuck is he?
Where the fuck is he?
-Are you fucking with us?
-Don't fuck with me.
Here's your toy.
Leave Mark, go.
-I'm staying, John.
This is not your world. Go now.
Now this is how it's gonna go down.
Mo is gonna walk in front of ya's,
and I'm gonna walk behind ya's.
One wrong fucking move
and I swear to God,
on the fucking spot,
I'll cap ya's both.
Let's fucking go.
Come on, princess, let's go.
-You fucking idiot.
-Calm down, puppy.
That'll do.
You thieving little grub.
After all I did for you.
This is how you repay me?
By stealing from me?
What the fuck?
Someone shoot him. Shoot him.
Ain't so fucking talkative now, are ya?
Put a bullet in him
and I'll make you my partner.
Just like you did my parents?
Bulldog did that, not me.
You fucking dog.
You're on your own.
-Good luck.
-I didn't do it.
I had nothing to do with it, man.
Bulldog fucking did that.
I told ya I'd do it.