The Coming Convergence (2017) Movie Script

(wind howling)
(dramatic music)
[Girl] They say we
were made in God's image.
I believe it.
Our achievements
surpass imagination.
How creations marveled...
but our hearts are not pure.
(yelling and sirens wailing)
So in the pursuit of greatness
we built our empires
upon death and suffering
but the world we shaped
could never last.
In the end, we brought
wrath upon ourselves
(yelling and banging)
to cleanse the corruption
and I was there.
When the skies opened and fire
rained down from the heavens.
I witnessed a new leader
rise from the ashes,
promising peace,
(crowd yelling)
but only death came.
Now as the world wages war,
I hide as the innocent
are slaughtered.
(yelling and banging)
But there are those that
knew these days were coming,
speaking of
prophesies and signs.
We will be moving toward
a one world government.
[Girl] Maybe that's why
I'm still here,
to warn you how
the world really ends.
(wind howling)
(dramatic music)
This may be a lot to
take in but for me,
the world has already ended.
Well, the world
you know, anyway.
I remember the whispers
about new world orders
and the end of days.
Of course, who could
believe in such nonsense
or so I thought.
The world wanted change.
It wanted a new age of peace.
Who knew that this pursuit
would usher in the very
things we feared the most?
Now, everything I loved is gone
and I am left with one purpose,
to deliver a message,
to testify to the truth.
I know just telling
you isn't enough,
it never was.
Truth, who was it that
once asked,
what is truth
as it stood before him?
Nothing ever changes.
So, I'll tell you
what your future holds
and I'll do my best
to prove it is the truth.
Not long ago,
where you are now,
there was a message,
a warning that still
haunts me to this day.
More should have listened.
This is how it began.
(dramatic music)
How will the world end?
This very debate
has been saturated
by endless views and opinions,
consumed within a single noise.
[Narrator] For some,
the topic is nonsensical.
For others,
the answer is clear,
as millions look to
ancient biblical prophesy
as the answer to what lies
in wait for humankind's fate.
(yelling and banging)
Regardless of what you
believe, the very debate
has seen a resurgence due to
unprecedented global
conflicts and instability.
With this, however,
comes new claims
that the long-awaited
of prophesied events
destined to trigger
the end of our age
is not only entirely real
but have finally begun.
(dramatic mystic singing)
Most people agree,
the world as we know it
will come to an end one day,
just not in their lifetime
and even if the end was near,
it could never be proven,
So why is it that millions
of people all over the world
still insist that
the end is upon us?
Are they naive or misled
by skewed religious views
or is there a deeper
Whispers of truth that have
been buried in this generation
that are so profound
it would change the way
we understand everything?
But even if such
evidence existed,
its warnings will likely
fall on deaf ears.
Often, when one hears
about biblical prophesy
or the end of days as it is
found within ancient scriptures
such as the Book of Revelation
or the Dead Sea Scrolls,
many already have deeply
ingrained preconceived notions.
After all, haven't we
heard all this before?
Anything new would no
doubt just be another claim
regarding some astrological
event or rare date
as a harbinger for the end.
And it's not difficult to see
why so many have
this perception,
as endless streams of
information and media
are absorbed into a
and instant
gratification society.
News organizations and
corporations compete
to capture greater market share
through sensationalized
headlines and claims
that result in complex topics
being broken down into
eight second explanations,
replacing genuine
prophetic discussions
into viral-worthy
predictive claims
that often look like this.
(dramatic music)
[Woman] Nations
begin a new arms race
in preparation for
global nuclear war.
[Man] Prophesy experts
point to a celestial sign
as the harbinger for the end.
[Woman] Beginning of the end.
[Woman] Survival bunkers
are now big business
as preppers see the end.
[Man] Experts say
that the solar flare
will bring down the grid.
[Woman] Ending
life as we know it.
[Woman] Sources report
that a massive radiation...
[Man] Millions prepare for Y2K.
This computer bug
will collapse...
[Woman] Breaking
news from channel...
[Man] Eclipse could trigger
the beginning of the end.
[Woman] The threat
of a global pandemic
is at an all time high.
[Man] Collapsed society.
discover Planet X,
some say that--
[Woman] Millions
look to the sky.
[Woman] Divine implications.
[Woman] The Mayan calendar
predicts the world
will end in 2012.
[Man] Up next, how to make
apocalypse puppy cookies.
The Mayan prophesies,
obviously 2012,
the world didn't end.
So you look at these
things and they're so vague
and so general a lot
like astrology charts.
[Narrator] And there's
the problem.
The endless stream of claims
that have been ingrained
in the minds of the public
as billions watch predicted
events and dates come and go,
yet life marches on as usual.
And then there are claims
from infamous individuals
such as Nostradamus,
a French apothecary
that lived during
the 15th century
that many today attribute
credit for predicting
the rise of Hitler.
(speaking in foreign language)
Surely, he lends some
form of credibility
to the idea
of genuine prophesy.
At the very least,
the same level of credibility
that popularized much of
biblical prophesy, right?
most experts disagree.
In any, let's say
Nostradamus, for example.
He speaks in very broad
generalities of, you know,
things are gonna happen
and I can say the same thing.
You know, in the future,
some man's gonna rise up
and he's gonna have all
this incredible power
and he'll do this and that
and if I get, you know,
50% close, which the odds
are probably pretty good,
they say, "Oh well see,
he prophesied that."
But the Bible doesn't do that.
The Bible gives
you the specifics
about what's going to happen.
There's a lot of prophesies
that are out there.
There's the Mayan prophesy,
there's Nostradamus,
there's prophesies
about dead popes.
There's all types of
prophesies that are out there.
What makes biblical
prophesies so different
is their accuracy and we
find them in the Bible.
What's interesting about this
in teaching the Bible prophesy
is you're able to
find out some things.
Many of the prophesies
have already come to be
and when we look
at the predictions
or the so-called prophesies
of these other religions.
Sure, you can have a prediction
here, a prediction there,
one out of a hundred,
two out of a hundred,
maybe three out of a hundred.
[Jack] And that's the amazing
thing about biblical prophesy,
is that biblical
prophesy is something
that you can actually
study scientifically.
It's actually
called eschatology,
where what the Bible has
claimed to be prophetic,
in fact, 27% of the
Bible is prophetic,
that the claims that it makes,
do they come to pass?
Is it true what the
Bible has to say?
(dramatic music)
[Narrator] So, is it?
What is the difference
between the predictions
that have come and gone
without fulfillment
versus what has been foretold
in the ancient
biblical scriptures?
Non-biblical predictions,
which is what most
are familiar with,
are often made by individuals
with heightened
public attention
due to their sensational
and simplified approach
to claims regarding
a specific approaching date
or signs in the cosmos.
In addition to the
previous examples,
there were also those that
believed the world would end
during the turn of
the 19th century
and yet again just a few
years later in the year 1910
with the appearance
of Haley's Comet,
that was publicized
as a divine signal
for the end of the world.
But does any of this
have anything to do
with biblical prophesy?
Actually, no.
(wind howling)
Unlike the countless
vague predictions
made throughout
recent centuries,
biblical prophesy
contains an unprecedented
and complex tapestry of
interwoven chronological events
and details that present the
complete timeline of humankind,
from the beginning to the end.
In fact, the complete
ancient scriptures
contain over 2,500
prophetic details,
which were recorded
over a millennium
by 40 separate authors.
In fact, the records
are so complete
it's the longest running
contiguous record
of human history in
existence and as a result,
continues to be
studied by universities
and independent researchers
all over the world.
Unlike any other record,
the scriptures precede
and survived through
the rise and fall
of countless civilizations,
including the
ancient Babylonians,
Egyptian, and Roman empires.
As astounding as the
preservation of the records
throughout the
ages may have been,
it also continues to be
proven shockingly accurate
as archeologists
continue to uncover
newly discovered ancient ruins
throughout the Middle East
along with hundreds of
thousands of artifacts
that directly support
biblical history
and fulfilled prophetic events.
With all the
prophesies that came true
regarding the path,
we can go all the way back
through the Book of Genesis
and we can see
the development of the nation
of Israel over the centuries,
you have prophesies
regarding Egypt,
you have predictions
regarding these various things
that happened in
the Book of Daniel.
You have the prophesies
regarding the Greek Empire
and the Roman Empire
that came to be
and man, they were fulfilled
with 100% accuracy.
All of them were.
(dramatic music)
[Narrator] Just one example
of how accurately chilling
the events within the
prophetic timeline are,
we can look to a warning
about how just one city
in particular,
the city of Tyre,
would be utterly destroyed
by Alexander the Great,
recorded 200 years
before it was fulfilled
in the greatest of detail.
The whole city
would be so destroyed
that it would be
down to the very dust
and that he would throw
all the rocks into the sea.
Now, if you know the history
of Tyre a little bit,
you know that King
Nebuchadnezzar came
and he began to siege the city.
But what happened
is in the meantime,
while King Nebuchadnezzar
was outside attacking the city,
the people of Tyre decided that
the only option they had
was to move their whole
city to a little island
off the coast until finally,
when they just gave up the city
Nebuchadnezzar got through
and everything was gone.
Everything of value was gone.
Now, if you are a soldier
of the ancient world,
one of the reasons
you're fighting,
it's not for
the father land or something,
you want to get
those gold plates
and all the wonderful things
that are in that city,
that is their payoff.
So Nebuchadnezzar left that
feeling very frustrated
but what happened is years
later, Alexander the Great came
and he attacked
Tyre and of course,
they would not capitulate
and so he took the stones
that had been left in ruins
from the city on the mainland,
he took all those
and he threw them into the sea
to build a causeway so
that Alexander the Great
could then go and
conquer the city.
[Narrator] Not only did
every detail come to pass
as it was foretold,
but secular history confirms
the entirety of this event
as the prophesy was fulfilled
in July of 332 B.C.
You know, this is something
that's very specific,
talking about what's
going to happen
to a particular city
in a particular way.
It's not just this broad
generality of what might happen.
Where kind of anybody can make
up these broad prophesies.
(dramatic music)
[Narrator] The details
surrounding how the destruction
of Tyre came to pass
is not the exception
throughout the ancient
prophetic timeline
but rather the rule.
But even this is only
the tip of the iceberg.
The complete prophetic
timeline is so detailed
and complex in structure
that the passing of many events
rely on previous prophesies
coming to pass first
like a row of dominoes.
If just one event in the
timeline doesn't come to pass,
the entire chronological
and future sequence of events
and fulfillments would
completely fall apart.
(dramatic piano music)
In this aspect,
there is no other record
like this in existence
anywhere in the world.
(crowd murmuring)
But to understand what this
all has to do with us today
and the end of the world,
we first have to follow
the timeline through one
of the most researched
and astounding sequences
of prophesied events that
history indisputably confirms
came to pass, which
still sends shock waves
throughout global culture
and political landscapes today.
A sequence that began
around 2,000 years ago
when Jesus of Nazareth
walked the Earth.
(light dramatic music)
Based on historical records,
Jesus' birth and life
is believed by
various researchers
to have fulfilled upwards
of over 300 prophetic events
and descriptions from
the Old Testament records,
some of which were recorded
hundreds to thousands of years
before Jesus first
walked in Jerusalem.
Even the details surrounding
how he would be executed
were foretold in
the prophetic timeline,
around 400 years
before crucifixions
were even invented.
It was during Jesus'
time in Jerusalem
that his disciples came to him
and asked about
the end of the age.
They knew that if he was
who he truly claimed to be,
the prophesied messiah,
that he could tell them
exactly what
was going to happen
to the empires of the Earth
including Israel itself.
And according
to the ancient records,
Jesus answered them
in shocking detail.
Jesus told us things that
are going to take place
at the end of days,
at the end of this age.
In fact, the disciples,
when they asked Jesus about,
"What will be the
sign of your coming
and of the end of the age?"
And he goes through
and he starts to tell them
all of these different
things to look for.
[Narrator] And what
Jesus foretold
was not what they
wanted to hear.
When Jesus was in Jerusalem,
Jesus did not talk to the people
about the empire growing,
the nation ruling the world.
In fact, one of the
most frightening things
that Jesus said to
the Jews was not only that
the destruction of the
temple would happen
but that the Israeli nation
would cease to exist.
It would be scattered
and destroyed.
(dramatic music)
[Narrator] Not only
did Jesus provide details
regarding the end of the world,
speaking of concepts
and global change taking place
in the far future,
but he also warned of events
that would happen much sooner
to the nation of Israel itself.
He foretold of the complete
destruction of Israel
and the dispersal
of the Jewish people
to the four corners
of the Earth,
a terrifying warning
that most believed
would surely never
come to pass.
But almost 40 years after
Jesus' crucifixion in 70 A.D.,
the prophesy was fulfilled
exactly as he said it would be.
The nation of Israel fell
by an invading Roman army
led by the future
emperor, Titus.
The Jewish temple in
Jerusalem, a massive structure
over 40 acres in size,
was completely destroyed
so that no two stones
laid upon another,
just as Jesus foretold
and more than one million Jews
were slaughtered during
the siege of the city.
The small surviving remnant
of the Jewish people
were dispersed to
the four corners of the Earth.
The nation of Israel was
so decimated by military force
that for all practical purpose,
the Jewish bloodline was
considered virtually dead.
(dramatic music)
But following
the structural rules
of the prophetic timeline,
there was much more
to this prophesy.
Decades before the destruction
of Israel came to pass,
it was also foretold that
long after Israel would fall
in the future through utter
destruction and displacement,
the people would
later be regathered
into the original land
and the nation would be reborn.
In fact, Jesus himself,
who often spoke in parables,
gave such an example
through the imagery
of a dead fig tree
coming back to life
at the beginning
of the end of days.
Well, there's a
prophesy that Jesus gave.
He says, "Learn the
parable of the fig tree."
And he talks about
how this fig tree,
when you see it
begin to blossom,
that will be the generation
that sees his return,
very, very
significant statement.
Most Bible scholars
believe that imagery
in the parable of the fig
tree is symbolic of Israel.
So Jesus himself is saying
when you see that fig tree
budding, coming back to life,
know that my return is near.
So understanding
that the fig tree
that Jesus was talking
about is in fact Israel
and they say when it comes back,
then it will be the last days,
it will be the days
of anti-Christ.
[Narrator] Prophesy foretells
that the end of days
would begin with the rebirth
of Israel but of course,
this event could never
happen if the nation
and people were not
decimated in the first place,
presenting more
compounding evidence
as to the complexity
of the ancient prophesies.
But if this sequence of events
wasn't miraculous enough
on its own, additional
prophetic details
regarding how the rebirth
would be fulfilled
is something that would
leave anyone speechless.
In Ezekiel 37, you have
the Valley of the Dry Bones,
this picture of all these
bones of the Jewish people
that have been
scattered and separated
coming back together
as a nation.
We also have the prophesy in
Isaiah that talks about how
Isaiah is startled to be told
that somehow will a nation
be born in a single day,
asking, "How does that happen?
How do nations just be
born in a single day?"
[Narrator] As if the prospect
that a decimated nation
with the remnants scattered to
the four corners of the Earth
could be reborn wasn't
hard enough to believe,
prophesies recorded
over 2,000 years ago
clearly foretold that
this rebirth would occur
in a single day.
A seemingly optimistic view
to say the least
but surely one that
could never come to pass,
as something of this nature
has never happened in
the history of the world.
There has been no country
in the history of the world
that has ever been
completely destroyed,
scattered among all the other
populations of the planet
and then reborn in
their original homeland
with their original language,
with their original
heritage intact.
(bomb exploding)
But after 1,800 years,
the impossible happened.
On May 14, 1948,
after the Holocaust
and the end of World War II,
the nation of Israel
was reborn and
the Jewish people once again
had a land to call home.
The action was ordered
by the United Nations
and was the first and only time
the U.N.
had created a new state
by way of a general
assembly vote.
[Man] We wanna see the time come
when we can do
the things in peace
that we have been
able to do in war.
If we can put this--
So what we find is
in 1948, May 14th,
Israel becomes a nation again.
This is unheard of.
Never has a nation
been out of its land
for about 1,800 years
and then comes back
as a people group,
it just doesn't happen.
They become assimilated
and they become a part
of the rest of the world.
(dramatic music)
[Narrator] But as miraculous
as this event was,
this is far from
the happy conclusion
one might expect
and is merely a milestone
within the prophetic timeline
that continues on
through the end of days,
foretold as a sign
for things to come.
I believe the greatest
sign of our time
is the rebirth
of the Jewish nation.
The last time that there
was such a thing as Israel,
Jesus Christ himself
was walking on the Earth
and there are many
prophesies that talk about
in the latter years
and in the latter days,
God would regather his people
from the four
corners of the world.
[Narrator] The prophesies warn
that when Israel is reborn,
all of the remaining events
within the scriptural timeline
will come to pass
during what is described
as the last generation.
There's a lot of
Bible prophesy teachers
that believe the generation
that saw the rebirth of Israel,
based on the illustration
of the fig tree,
they believe that those
that see the rebirth
of the nation of Israel in 1948,
then it's that
generation of people
who will see the second
coming of Christ.
What's interesting
about Psalm 102,
"When the Lord
shall build up Zion,
He shall return in His glory."
Well, Zion is a spiritual
name for Jerusalem.
Jerusalem is being
rebuilt right now
and the Lord says He's
going to appear in His glory
as Jerusalem is
being reestablished
and rebuilt and He says,
"This will be written for
the generation to come,"
and that Hebrew
word that is used
and translated into English,
to come,
means the last generation.
means the end
or the terminal generation.
(dramatic music)
[Narrator] So according
to the prophetic timeline,
our final hours
have already begun,
triggered by
the rebirth of the nation
that is quickly becoming
a focal point
for global conflict.
(sirens wailing)
So I say this generation
will by no means pass away
until all these
things are fulfilled
and that is why
we look to Israel
as a major sign that
we're in the last days.
So if, for example,
if the definition
of the last generation
is a person born
on May 14th, 1948,
all of these remaining
prophesies will be fulfilled
before the end of that
person's lifetime.
(light dramatic music)
[Narrator] So, how long
is a generation?
This is one of the more
debated topics in eschatology,
amongst researchers which
see ancient prophesy
define a generation
in the last days
as being around 80 years
and in some examples
as long as 120 years.
Surprisingly, though the
scriptures were written
thousands of years ago,
these timeframes for
a generation appear to coincide
with exactly what modern
medical science defines
as one's average to maximum
lifespan today,
something that was
not always the case.
For example,
only a few hundred years ago
during the Medieval Age,
the average lifespan
was only around 35 years.
[Man] What we do see developing
is Israel's definitely
a nation again and
that is really the key.
I don't believe it's necessary
to go into a position
of oh, it's 80 years or 20
years or 40 years from 1948
or a hundred years,
it's just understanding
that we are in the last days
because Israel is
a nation again,
God is gathering the
Jews back from the North,
the South, the East,
and the West.
[Narrator] So if we are indeed
living in the last generation
as prophesy claims,
then it stands to reason
that we are far closer
to the end of the world
as most people would
want to believe.
There are about
500 future prophesies
that are coming together.
We are looking for these
prophesies to be fulfilled
essentially in our lifetime
because we are in
the last generation.
In fact, we're nearing the
end of that last generation
so we should start to
see the convergence
of these prophesies right now
happening around
the world in front of us.
And it wasn't until Israel
became a nation in 1948
that many of these things
could even take place.
If you were to line
up a row of dominoes,
Israel is that first piece,
it's that first
trigger that allows
all the other prophesies
of scripture to take place.
(dramatic music)
[Narrator] Of the
estimated 2,500 prophesies
contained within the
ancient biblical timeline,
only 500 of them
remain to be fulfilled.
So what exactly
do they foretell?
(dramatic music)
These final prophesies provide
a sequence of specific events
foretelling of an unprecedented
union of world relations
and economic systems that will
give rise to a new authority
with influence over
all global affairs
but as soon as the world
achieves this new union
and declares peace and safety,
humankind will be on
the brink of chaos
and unprecedented
natural events
that will usher in a period
of death and destruction
that is foretold to end
two-thirds of
the global population.
(thunder rumbling)
So if we are truly approaching
the end of the age,
then there should be evidence
that the remaining
prophesied events
are converging to fulfillment
right before our very eyes,
foreshadowing a perfect
storm of global change
unlike any other
time in history.
(light dramatic music)
SO has this convergence
already begun?
Does the foundation for
unprecedented global change
- (clapping and chanting)
- Truly already exist?
The remaining prophesies
within the ancient timeline
foretell of multiple
layers of events
that converge to trigger
what is often referred to
as the tribulation period
or the end of days.
(guns firing and shouting)
The first layer of
converging global change
is the beginning of
wars and rumors of wars
that result in peace being
removed from the Earth.
Jesus is giving signs
that would indicate
that His coming is near,
His second coming.
One of those is,
"And you shall hear of wars
and rumors of wars,"
but that is not yet the end.
He went on to say, "There
shall be nation against nation
and kingdom against kingdom."
But that particular expression,
nation against nation
and kingdom against kingdom
is actually a Hebrew idiom
and it means world war.
Jesus said, "World wars
will be the sign
of the beginning of the end."
(tank firing)
There's gonna be
some very large wars
that are gonna be
happening on a vast scale.
We recognize biblically
this is the way
that things are going.
We're not talking about
isolated skirmishes,
we're talking about
wars on a global level,
many, many wars scattered
throughout the world
so that the whole world
is essentially at war
and rumors of many other
wars that will be starting.
We're starting to
see more wars now
and more rumors of wars
starting around the world
than any other time.
(helicopter whirring)
[Narrator] In fact, many
of the conflicts we see today
are associated with
the spread of global terrorism
and the threat of attack
that could potentially
take place in any
nation at any time.
Unlike regional wars,
this new growing threat
now affects nearly
every person on Earth
and in many aspects,
directly relates to the
unprecedented concept
of humankind living in a state
where peace is dissipating
from our societies
and being replaced by fear.
The more these
radical terrorists
spread around the world,
the more people are
becoming afraid.
I mean, TSA has security,
massive security
at all the airports,
they're afraid that bombs
are going to go off in
elementary schools, in churches,
in buses,
and so the more this happens,
the more peace is being removed.
(dramatic music)
Things are getting worse
and we're beginning
to see a global outcry
for the governments
of the world to work together
in order to provide
peace and safety,
foreshadowing the need
for dramatic change.
But often,
change comes through necessity
and according to the sequence
of remaining prophesies,
that necessity
is coming very soon.
(light dramatic music)
[Girl] Is the world
really coming to an end?
That's what you
want to know, right?
Or maybe you're
just killing time.
I hope not,
that's the last thing you have.
Everything you've seen
so far is your past,
things you should already know.
And those warnings about
wars and rumors of wars,
(bombs exploding)
it's all true.
Things changed quickly
in those final years.
There were so many
conflicts in those days
that people stopped
keeping track.
Peace was something that now
existed only in our memories,
replaced by illusions
of progress.
We were consumed
by a blindness.
Other generations might
have noticed but not us,
not the terminal generation.
Conflict and change is
what we were all born into.
Isn't this normal?
Isn't this just the way
life is supposed to be?
Even as the world began
to spiral out of control,
(bombs exploding
and guns banging)
how could we have known
that this was only the
beginning of sorrows?
(bombs exploding
and guns banging)
Everything from this
point on is your future.
(missile firing)
[Narrator] There is one
foretold war in particular
that may be the very catalyst
that leads to a demand
for that change,
a conflict where the scriptures
provide such
overwhelming detail
it's as if the event was
recorded by an eye witness,
shockingly naming countries,
describing political coalitions
and reasons why the conflict
will begin in the first place
and chillingly,
the fact that this conflict
will last only one day.
The additional details
surrounding this future event
is presented in such detail
that it terrifies
many theologians,
not because of
the horrific events
surrounding this
particular conflict
but rather because many
believe the drums of war
for the start of this conflict
- (shouting and clapping)
- can already be heard.
The details,
written over 2,000 years ago,
name Iran, Syria, Libya,
and surprisingly Russia,
as coming together in
the last days to attack Israel.
Only a few decades ago,
the scenarios surrounding
this war stumped theologians,
as the idea of nations
such as Russia allying
with Iran to attack Israel
appeared politically
improbable, if not impossible
but in this last generation,
things have changed.
Russia, of course, has a
very strong Islamic presence
in its southern republics and
there are some who believe
that it may just involve the
southern republics of Russia.
Other Bible scholars
believe it's Russia itself
that will join Iran and
some other countries
involved in attacking Israel,
one of those being Libya.
What's interesting,
over the last couple years
since the death of Omar Kadafi,
is Libya has also
gone more Islamic
and you can see how an
Islamic nation like that
would be involved in
an attack on Israel.
(dramatic music)
(shouting and chanting)
[Narrator] Actually
in recent decades,
Russia has increasingly
embraced an anti-Western stand
on many political
and economical policies
and continues
to build new relations
with the very nations
listed in the scriptures,
including Iran.
In fact, Russia has
even recently used
Iranian military bases
to launch airstrikes
- in the Middle East.
- (engine roaring and blasting)
And the two nations
are working together
to build new Iranian nuclear
power plants and centrifuges.
(light dramatic music)
Russia is also known
to have provided stockpiles
of missiles and weapons
to their numerous Islamic
and anti-Israeli allies.
This is definitely an alarming
sequence of political events
that many today could
have never predicted,
and yet thousands of years ago,
this was foretold to happen
even before such
common interests
found amongst these allies,
such as worldviews
formed by Islam
and the United Front
to stand against the newly
formed Israel even existed.
Because of this,
we can now easily see
why nations such as
Iran, Syria, and Libya
would be involved in
this war, but why Russia?
- (singing in foreign language)
- Though they do
have a growing Islamic
presence within the nation,
it's clearly not as
influential as we see
within other Islamic states.
Surprisingly though,
the scriptures actually
tell us why.
Nations are set up exactly
as God said they would be.
The reason for the war
is this leader in Russia
who recognizes Israel has
something, it's called plunder,
Israel has something that
the leader of Russia wants.
And I believe, and I know
many Bible prophesy teachers
have believed this
for a number of years,
that it's gonna be
related to energy.
[Narrator] There seems to
be a lot of truth in this.
Recently, Israel discovered
massive pockets of natural gas,
a finding that could
potentially shift
economic power from Russia
and several Islamic states
in the region to Israel.
[Man] Currently,
we recognize that Russia
supplies almost all
of the gas for Europe.
So the leader of
Russia threatens,
"You know what, I'm gonna
shut off your gas supply
this winter if you
don't comply with me."
But Israel now has discovered
a massive gas supply,
one of the largest
the world has ever come across
and it appears that they're
in negotiations right now,
Israel is in negotiations
to possibly supply
Europe through Cyprus.
If that were to happen, if
Israel were to start supplying
Europe with gas,
I could only imagine
what the leader
of Russia would do.
(dramatic music)
[Narrator] Far-fetched?
Not really, there have
actually been times
that Russia has indeed
threatened to reduce
or turn off gas supplies
to various countries
for political leverage.
And history teaches
that wars are often waged
over natural resources,
including when the United
States invaded Iraq
in the 1990's to gain greater
control over oil production.
In fact, not only could
Israel's growing energy sector
directly begin to affect
the Russian economy,
many Middle East nations,
especially Iran,
would see this as a direct
threat to national security.
So it stands to reason
that a preemptive attack
that involves Russian
support in some form
can easily come to fruition.
But with all of the wars
and rumors of wars occurring
in these last days,
why does the prophetic timeline
emphasize this
conflict in particular?
What makes this war
such a crucial piece
to the end of days scenario?
(light dramatic music)
And the way it's described
in scripture as happening
in a single day,
when this conflict is resolved
in a single day, and the
way Ezekiel 38 describes
this battle with
fire and brimstone
destroying those who
come against Israel,
including those
on the coastlines,
and when this fire comes,
you have these people
who are coming against Israel
instantly dropping their weapons
and this idea that
it's instant death.
(bomb exploding)
Seems to be speaking very much
of a nuclear type vaporization,
people are being impacted
by a nuclear blast
and so we very may well
have the first instance
of nuclear weapons
being used in scripture.
[Narrator] Nuclear war, an event
that has never occurred
between the Middle Eastern
nations at any time in history.
This conclusion,
by many eschatologists,
isn't as sensational
as you may believe,
especially when considering
what the scriptures describe
as taking place after
this war comes to an end.
What's interesting is
Ezekiel 38 is one of
the few places in the Bible
that describes the
post-battle scenario
where they are told to leave
the bodies for seven months.
No one is to touch
the bodies for seven months
and then the professionals
are to come and
gather the bodies.
That there may be some
type of nuclear contamination
that's involved because
of the types of equipment
and the fact that the people
who come in to do the cleanup,
they can't do the
cleanup right away.
That's sounds very
much like a W.M.D. manual
for how you should treat
biological nuclear
weapon conflict.
[Narrator] And that's not all.
The place where at least one
blast is foretold to occur,
where bodies are
left for seven months
after the population is
wiped out by instant death
is also named in
the ancient scriptures.
A place that is said will
never be inhabited again.
A city that prophesy states
will become a heap of ruins,
Damascus, Syria.
We're looking at
a time where today,
Damascus is a city of well
over a million people.
Yet the Bible tells us in
Isaiah Chapter 17 Verse One
that there will come
a time in the last days
where it says something
will happen in Damascus
that it will render Damascus
uninhabitable forever.
It'll change the
geopolitical situation forever.
(dramatic music)
[Narrator] It is not
difficult to imagine
the inevitable global outcry
after such an event occurs,
breaking the proverbial straw
to implement new policy changes
that will prevent such an act
from ever happening again.
But even this is only
the beginning of the end.
While telltale signs or
expanding wars
and rumors of wars.
Shake nations around the world.
There is yet another
layer of prophesy
that is simultaneously
converging before our eyes.
One that already
directly affects you.
(crowd chattering)
The global financial system.
The stability of our systems
is already a grave concern
for most governments
around the world
and often supersedes the
fears of any modern-day war.
After all,
money is the one thing
that truly controls every
aspect of our world,
including the ability
to wage war
and care for
growing populations.
So if wars and rumors
of war wasn't dire enough,
what the scriptures say
regarding the world's economies
during the last
days is even worse.
In various ancient
records that make up
the prophetic timeline,
including those found
within the Book of Revelation
and the Dead Sea Scrolls,
it warns that when peace
is removed from the Earth,
(bombs exploding and shouting)
the last generation...
would witness
global economic collapse.
the scriptures do talk about
the economic situation
of the planet.
What it essentially describes
is a very, very dire situation
where people can't
even make enough money
to buy a loaf of bread
at the end of the day.
Where the economies all over
the planet have collapsed.
[Narrator] Everything
revolves around
the world's financial systems.
A collapse in these
systems would result
in the loss of
the quality of life
so many have become
accustomed to.
When it comes down to it,
most would agree
economic instability
is a threat
that far more people today fear
than even the threat
of radical terrorism.
We're seeing
a gathering of nations
where economics is failing them.
Nations are in debt,
currencies are failing.
So this is a situation
that we now start to see
happening around the planet.
The economies around the
world are starting to falter.
They're being artificially
bolstered by nations
printing tons and tons of
money not based on anything
that's substantial like gold,
just based on the fact that
we have promissory notes.
[Narrator] The frightening truth
is that the foundation and
the financial structures
of the world have been
cracking for quite some time
and many believe
that the indications
for a global economic
collapse have already begun.
These are not isolated events
but foreshadow a future
that many believe
can no longer be avoided.
But not only would
the last generation
experience global economic
instability, decline,
and eventual collapse,
but there would specifically
come a day where
the world economic systems
would completely come
crumbling down in a single day.
In all of human history,
there has never been a situation
where it was even
remotely possible
to have a worldwide
global collapse.
Never mind that this collapse
could happen globally
on a single day but today,
with the advent of technology,
through numbers,
through computers,
through transferring of funds,
there is nothing
tangible like it existed
for thousands of years.
This is the only time in the
entire history of the world
where we have had
a single worldwide economy.
(light dramatic music)
[Narrator] In fact,
even a few generations ago,
this concept was
considered ridiculous.
For example,
after World War II,
when the United States
was booming economically,
Europe was still
in a depression.
Various countries and regions
often went through periods
of economic
prosperity and decline
that were mostly unrelated to
the financial state of others.
But today,
everything has changed.
We have now created the
exact global financial system
that the prophetic records
foretold would exist
in the last days,
the creation of a single
global economic system
and examples of just how
the global economy will
collapse can be seen right now.
Well, you see a very minor
example in our stock market
and the Nasdaq and
the Hong Kong Exchange
and so that when they
have a very bad day
and say they drop,
they plummet in one day.
You see the ripple effect
happening around the world
in all the other markets.
But imagine that's not just a
small plunge of a few percent
but literally an
absolute collapse.
That ripple effect will
happen all over the planet
immediately in all
of the countries.
And so that's the type of
effect we're talking about
and that could not happen
in any other time
in human history.
[Narrator] We see this
in real world applications
every so often.
A market crashes
and within 24 hours,
that crash ripples across
the world as each market opens
until virtually all of the
world's markets have plunged.
Thanks to the modern-day advent
of instant
global communication,
this results in immediate
global panic.
The irony is that economically,
it's the pursuit of global
unity through technology
that in the end will
be our very downfall.
So the world economy
is very, very fragile
and it wouldn't take
too much to upset that.
It wouldn't take much for
the stock market to collapse
and the entire economy we know
and the way it works to change.
There are a number of people
who want to be optimistic,
who think that we can
restructure the economy,
we can restructure job salaries,
we can erase some of the debt.
We are so far beyond that,
it is not even conceivable
that the debt can be repaid.
Because of the amount of
debt currently that exists
worldwide, including
the United States,
and the revenues of all the
people of those countries,
economic collapse
on a worldwide basis
is absolutely inevitable.
It really is inevitable.
There's no possibility
of it not happening.
- [Girl] Wait,
- (upbeat techno music)
I have to tell you, I used
to be just like the world.
I was the world.
Seeking the greatest pleasures
and luxuries it had to offer.
Immersed in the pursuit
of endless celebration.
(light dramatic music)
But really, we were distracting
ourselves from the truth.
That for all the comforts
the world has to offer,
they last for only a moment.
So we consume a distraction
for each moment of our lives.
Hoping that somehow
it can last forever.
In truth, we despise the
endless toil to fill our days.
Knowing that we can't
stop the inevitable.
So what value is there in
something that doesn't last?
Even so,
I did what we all do.
I covered up my fear
with distraction.
Oh yeah, the world markets
did collapse just as He said
and all of the dreams of
success and luxuries we pursued
began to pass away,
replaced by bitterness.
But instead of seeing
how it was our own hand
that brought this
upon ourselves,
we blamed God
for our suffering.
But how can
the world blame someone
that they don't
believe is there?
That's probably why
things got worse.
(light dramatic music)
[Narrator] And though
the writing is on the wall
for approaching global change,
much of which appears to
be caused by our own hand,
(bomb exploding)
there is yet another layer
in the prophetic timeline
that we are told will prove the
last days are truly upon us.
The convergence of natural
catastrophic events
unlike anything we've
ever witnessed before.
(wind howling)
Regarding those
specifics, for example,
the Bible says there'll
be signs in the heavens.
In fact, in the context,
the Bible says,
"There'll be signs
in the heavens
and there will be
times upon the Earth
the oceans or the
seas will be raging."
The Bible says that,
"Men's hearts will begin
to fail them for fear when
they see these ominous things
coming upon the Earth."
The context is profound.
It is a quick succession
of global events
that are going to
be cataclysmic.
One thing that is
talked about quite often
and misinterpreted quite
often is the natural disasters
that will happen
in the end times.
(dramatic music)
- (crying loudly)
- [Narrative] Arguably,
one of the most commonly
discussed natural sign
in the end days is the dramatic
increase of earthquakes
around the world.
Something that
in geological time
would be statistically
if it were actually happening
during what many believe
is the last generation.
That in the last days,
there'd be an increase
in great earthquakes,
Jesus used verbiage that means
bigger earthquakes
in unusual places.
We're looking at things
regarding, for example,
greater hurricanes,
greater typhoons.
- (thunder rumbling)
- Things that in nature,
you can sense that things
are coming undone and yet,
if you look at it naturally,
you would say, "Well, this
is due to global warming," or
"this is due to man's bad
stewardship of the Earth,"
but yet the Bible said
as we approached the end,
this is exactly
what we would see.
Which by the way,
that preempts man's involvement.
The scriptures do tell
us that earthquakes,
specifically earthquakes,
will increase in frequency
and in intensity.
Now, it describes
the pattern of earthquakes
as labor pains.
But the idea here is,
when they're describing
these various birth pains,
a lot of it has to do with
natural disaster-type events
like earthquakes
and wars and famine.
And we've always had these
things so people ask,
"Well, how is now any
different than before?"
What you do have is,
as with birth pains,
is you have an increase
in the frequency
and in the severity.
At the same time as these
are increasing in intensity
and frequency, you have the
convergence of other events.
And so you see,
we have all these things
coming together
at the same time.
(dramatic music)
[Narrator] But wait a minute.
Hasn't the U.S. Geological
Survey, or U.S.G.S.
gone on record to state
that this is not occurring?
That no such increase
in earthquakes
have been detected
around the world?
Because this is
such a debated topic,
the U.S.G.S.
gave a press release saying
that this was not occurring.
As a result, we actually decided
to take the U.S.G.S. data,
millions of data points.
Spent months downloading it,
analyzing it, graphing
it, studying it.
The results were
absolutely terrifying.
(dramatic music)
[Narrator] Despite what you
may have heard in the past,
this is the compiled data
from the U.S.G.S.
from over the last 100 years.
Keep in mind that
we're not talking about
the millions of micro-tremors
that can now be detected
from the distribution
of more numerous
and sensitive sensors
but strictly data from
the larger earthquakes
that can be felt by people
beginning at 6.3 and
up on the Richter Scale
that could be easily detected
by early 19th century sensors
from virtually
anywhere in the world.
This data shows what
the U.S.G.S.
and other organizations
do not want you to see.
It shows that the earthquakes
are increasing in intensity
and they are increasing
in frequency.
This is exactly the description
that was prophesied.
I don't believe the U.S.G.S.
was intentionally lying
to the public, I think they are
in denial of their own data.
(light dramatic music)
[Narrator] In fact,
in recent years,
some seismologists
have even come forward
to admit that in truth,
there is indeed an increase
in large earthquakes globally
and even revealed cases
where big earthquakes
are believed to have
triggered additional quakes.
However, many felt there
was not enough of a concern
to present this data through
official public releases.
But there is reason for concern
and even prophetic details
within the scriptures
that this very occurrence is
the catalyst for even more
unprecedented heavenly
signs and events to come.
Mainly, prophesies
in the end of days
foretell that the stars
would be darkened,
the moon would
turn red as blood,
and the sun would become black
as if it were covered
by sack-cloth.
Unmistakable signs that
would not be regional
but rather global in nature.
[Man] But what I realized is
that the moon turns blood red
when you look at it
through a filter of ash.
And this has been
well documented.
And also, the sun looks like
it's covered with sack-cloth
when it's covered
with a layer of ash.
So where do we see
in scripture an event
that speaks about such
a thing happening?
Well, it's in
Revelation Chapter Nine.
Revelation Chapter Nine
tells us that smoke
will come out like the
smoke out of a great furnace
and that it's
gonna cover the sun
and the moon and the stars.
[Narrator] And with
what one might expect
from the details offered
within the prophetic timeline,
we are told exactly
what causes these signs.
Smoke that rises
from the Earth,
caused by an increase
in earthquakes
that trigger
unprecedented volcanism.
The earthquake data is
a precursor to something
that is even far
more devastating.
Isaiah talks about
worldwide volcanism,
volcanism that puts
ash in the air.
It's interesting when you
hear scientists talk about
the eruption of Yellowstone.
But it's just there,
it's bubbling,
they're saying it's
not a question of
if it's gonna blow up,
it's a question of when
it's gonna blow up.
And when that happens,
then so much ash
will come out of it
that it's gonna cover
all of North America.
It will kind of be like
a nuclear winter scenario.
And it'll cover it so much
that the sun will be darkened.
And of course,
if you have ash up there
and you look up at the moon,
what's it gonna look like?
It's gonna look blood red.
So we actually have observation,
this is called science, right?
When you observe something,
we can observe what happens
when the moon is filtered
by ash, it turns blood red,
when the sun is filtered by ash,
it looks like it's
covered with sack-cloth,
and you look up at the
stars and you can't see them
because they're just not bright
enough to come through that.
You can look at the pictures
of the volcanic eruptions
that took place in
Iceland and you can see
that the sun,
it's really darkened.
[Narrator] And in addition
to the thousands of volcanoes
all over the world that could
potentially be triggered
by an increase in
magnitude and frequency
of great earthquakes,
the eruption of a supervolcano
would also easily
get the job done.
And though researchers seem
to place a lot of attention
on the one located beneath
Yellowstone National Park
in the United States,
it's not the only one
and not all supervolcanoes
are on land, either.
(light dramatic music)
In fact, there is another
one that researchers
are currently
studying and this one,
named Tamu Massif,
located in the Pacific Ocean,
is currently
the largest single volcano
ever discovered on Earth.
This underwater volcano
is about the size
of the state of New
Mexico and was hiding
right under our noses.
What's concerning though
is that not only are up to
90% of Earth's volcanoes
believed to be located
underwater but most of them
are still undiscovered.
This leads to
a high probability
that other supervolcanoes,
still unknown to researchers,
are active and lurking in
the depths of our oceans.
The eruption of a supervolcano
under the ocean is
actually described
in part of the prophetic
timeline in Revelation.
Now if this happens,
it will destroy
a good percentage of the
ocean's fish and wildlife.
(light dramatic music)
[Narrator] Chillingly,
during the period of wars
and rumors of war,
economic instability
and increased earthquakes,
Revelation does indeed
foretell of not only
signs in the heavens
and disasters on land but also
one that happens underwater
that is so devastating
it results in the death
of one-third of all
sea life in the oceans.
Something that even researchers
in various scientific fields
agree could indeed
occur with the eruption
of an underwater supervolcano,
as volcanic gas and
debris will no doubt
consist of massive
amounts of toxic chemicals
and sulfur dioxide, which
is deadly to most sea life,
especially as it travels
with the ocean currents.
(dramatic music)
So what we see in the
last few hundred prophesies
are several frameworks
coming together.
Based on the future
prophetic timeline,
we see that the world is
going to be embraced in fear,
peace is removed from the world.
We see global wars popping
up all over the planet
and rumors of even more wars.
We see economic situations
all over the planet
where countries are
starting to collapse
where they will have
to do something about it.
We see an increase
in tectonic activity,
earthquake activity
around the planet.
We see the precursors of all
these frameworks happening.
(dramatic music)
[Narrator] But as
all of the pieces
of the prophetic
puzzle converge,
what is the grand picture?
Where is all this leading?
The prophetic timeline states
that these unfolding events,
the convergence of global
conflicts, economic collapse,
and unprecedented
natural disasters
is not actually the end
but will rather complete
the foundation necessary
for a swift global change
unlike any other
time in history.
Change that leads to the rise
of a one world government.
Revelation talks
about this idea
that there is a type
of global government.
And we see in our
world of instability,
where there's this desire
to link one another
for safety, for security.
When all of these
things converge,
the world will cry out
for peace and safety.
They will want to be protected.
They will want economic freedom.
They need a new world order.
There's a sense in
the world by many people
that there are so
many different areas
currently spinning
out of control.
Defense Secretary
Chuck Hagel talked about
how global chaos seems
to be the new norm.
In other words, there's
this feeling of instability
and out of instability,
people often want stability.
Out of chaos comes order.
And so people are looking
for something
to give that to them.
[Narrator] Change often
comes out of necessity
and the idea of
a global government
has actually been on the
table for quite some time
amongst world leaders and
the foundation for this
new system already exists.
The best example of this
today is the United Nations,
which was formed in 1945 as
a response to World War II
and the outcry to
prevent such atrocities
from ever happening again.
It was believed that if the
world can work together,
we could end conflict
and instability.
An idea that to this very day,
many leaders and elitists
around the world
take very seriously
as the only long-term solution
for humankind's survival
and the very concept
has been changing the
political landscape for decades
whether you know it or not.
(crowd cheering)
So the only solution,
logical solution,
is actually part of
the prophetic timeline.
It talks about a one world
order or one world government.
It doesn't mean that
there's going to be
one nation on Earth.
All the nations
will still be there
and all the presidents and all
the cabinets will be there.
However, there will be
an overriding authority,
an overriding law that will
apply to every single nation.
(light dramatic music)
[Narrator] Think the idea
is nothing more
than a radical
conspiracy theory?
The system is already
alive and well
in the form of
the European Union,
conceived and formed
in the name of mainly
financial stability.
Many European countries
have united together
while retaining
their own leaders,
cultural influences,
and borders.
However, adopting a
universal new currency
to share amongst them.
More importantly though,
they created a new court system
and authority that
can supersede the will
of each individual country.
Not only is the formation
of the U.N. and the E.U.
the very embodiments of
precisely what
prophesy foretold
would happen in the last days,
but this model, in the name of
peace, safety, and stability
will eventually be
applied on a global scale.
And there's this sense
that we're ready for it
whereas in the past, we may
have been more independent,
more free, but now, because
of the world situation,
we're willing to
accept a new order,
a new way of doing things.
(dramatic music)
[Narrator] But if we are
living in the last days,
then there must be
radical political change
occurring right now
and surely, a superpower
like the United States,
which is heavily involved
in world affairs, isn't
partaking in such an agenda.
If that's what you think,
well, you would be wrong.
One of the greatest
overseeing authorities
that you can have today is
who controls the internet
because whoever
controls the internet
controls and can
limit what you say.
Now keep in mind that almost
all business transactions
on the entire planet
are internet-based.
So whoever controls the
internet directly or indirectly
controls the world's economy.
So this is one step away from
global financial control.
(dramatic music)
[Narrator] The United
States is often referred to
as the father of the internet
and since its inception
in the late 1970's, the U.S.
has virtually monopolized
the development of all
new web-based technologies
and for the most part, defines
and controls the technology
and laws that govern banking
systems, financial transactions
for all web and
retail-based business,
and permits freedom of speech,
which is protected under
the U.S. Constitution.
One would think that
a nation with such influence
over the internet would
continue to retain
as much control as possible
but through behind
closed-doors discussions
between the U.S. government
and outside influences,
the United States has
recently decided to give up
that control to a private
organization called ICANN,
which most believe
will be influenced
by globally cooperating
and overseeing
authorities like the U.N.
And we have just handed
all of our authority
to another party.
Why would the United States
hand over that kind of control
to another entity?
It probably makes sense to
the governments of the world.
See, the governments,
they look at our trends,
they look at the
financial problems,
they look at everything
from a global perspective,
they look at nations,
economies going up and down,
they see terror, they
see all the problems
that us people don't
pay any attention to.
It's more certain than not that
they have already concluded
a while back that
there is no hope
for all the individual
nations of the world
individually being sovereign.
They must cooperate in order
to solve these problems.
So when we see that
the United States
has transferred all
control over the internet
including all of
the financial information
to another entity,
it doesn't make sense to us
but it makes sense to
the world authorities
who are now merging because
it can't be merged overnight,
it's being merged in
slow incremental values
so that in the end,
it's a very easy transition
for the average citizen
on Earth to accept.
But I believe this has been
in the works for quite a while
but they're not doing it
because it was prophesied,
it was absolutely prophesied.
They're doing it because
it's the logical thing to do
to take care of
the citizens of Earth.
(dramatic music)
[Narrator] And what of
the freedoms of Americans
regarding free speech
on the internet?
While many believe a
globally-controlled internet
will of course result in a
globally-controlled standard
of what one can and
cannot say online,
all in the name of global
stability, of course.
Essentially, what has happened
is that the United States
gave away the ability
to control the free speech
of the American citizens.
This is nothing but one
step away of censorship
where we could be,
in the future,
controlled by another authority.
They will tell us what is
allowed and what is not allowed.
In other words,
if your actual speech
is no longer under
the controls of the laws
of your country, it's moving
toward a one world government.
(crowd chattering)
[Narrator] But is it
really that surprising?
The populations of the world
have already been
crying out for change
and change is exactly
what we'll get.
And some of us just desire
a readiness for change
and the Bible says that
when that change happens,
unfortunately it's
not going to be good.
There's going to be new power
structures in the world,
a new order of
the way we do commerce,
the way the political
alignment of nations are.
Those things are
all gonna change
and I think people
are ready for it
but I don't think they're aware
of what the eventual
of those changes are.
(light dramatic music)
[Narrator] So what
are those ramifications?
After all, most people
are beginning to believe
that in theory,
this should usher in a new age
of equality and stability.
So just as it was believed
that the formation of the E.U.
would end regional instability,
doubling down on the
rise of a new world order
will also be perceived as the
solution to worldwide peace.
But according to
the prophetic timeline,
only now will
the stage finally be set
for the conclusion of prophesy
and the fulfillment
of our fate.
(light dramatic music)
[Girl] This fate was
never forced upon us.
We chose it willingly.
The one world government wasn't
like what you would expect
but nothing ever is.
There was no new
united Earth flag
or erased national borders.
There was no evil
government that enslaved
or tracked the human race.
Most of that we did
to ourselves already.
In reality, it was a unity
that felt far more natural,
like a global awakening that
we were all in this together.
In the name of stability,
we created new unions
and globally superseding laws
that everyone believed
would protect us.
We believed that the only
way to have a perfect world
was to create it ourselves
but just as with attempts
found within the pages
of ancient history,
our modern day Babel
was destined to fail.
I realized that despite
what we hoped for
or want to believe,
the world is a prison
and we are all
sentenced to death.
So, it was only after losing
everything and everyone
that I realized
the world can't save me.
It never could.
But even amongst the darkness,
there is a light
and it wasn't until
I truly let my life go
that I was able to find it.
A way and a truth that
finally set me free
from these chains.
But the world, well,
the world was still in bondage
so the people sought
to raise up a new hope
that could save us all
but in truth, we were
raising up death itself.
- (light dramatic music)
- (chattering)
[Narrator] With the
foundation complete,
prophesy warns that the
world will seek a new leader
that can solve all
of our problems.
This person is
described by many names
throughout the scriptures
but you may know him
best as the anti-Christ.
The Bible paints a picture
of what the end times
will be like in kind of
these broad brush strokes
that we will be moving toward
a one world government.
We see that eventually
a man is gonna rise up
that the Bible calls
the anti-Christ,
he's called the beast,
and in Daniel,
he's called the little horn.
He's got a number
of different names.
I believe that the world
will willingly and happily
embrace this man with a plan.
The man who's going to solve
many of the world problems
we see and there's no
shortage of problems to solve.
Not too long ago, a spokesperson
for the European Union said,
"We need a leader in the world
to deliver us from
these problems.
It doesn't matter if that
leader is a devil or a saint."
That person went on to say,
"We need a leader."
And isn't that an
interesting statement?
Because the Bible says,
both Old and New Testament,
that the world is gonna
cry out, listen to this,
"For peace and prosperity,"
that's what the world wants.
The world wants peace and
the world wants money.
When we look at it biblically,
we know that this man is
gonna come on the scene
in a time when the world is
a place of great perplexity
and it appears that
we are definitely approaching
that place of great
perplexity right now.
In fact, the anti-Christ
isn't gonna really
come on the scene until there
is catastrophe going on,
disaster going on
throughout the world,
and also when there really is
a vacuum for world leadership.
However, biblically,
this is exactly how
it's supposed to go.
[Narrator] It may seem
difficult to imagine a leader
being voted in that will
supersede all others
but history teaches us
that in times of turmoil,
drastic measures
are often taken.
Soon, the entire world will
not only embrace this man
coming to power,
they will demand it.
And his message will be such
that everyone's gonna hear
what they need to hear.
So again, all these things
have been put into place
and we're gonna see those
executed rather quickly,
the closer we get to the
time of the anti-Christ.
All these things are converging.
Imagine if you
could unite the world
and make it
equitable, fair, just,
I believe that many
of the crises and wars
will finally pave
the way for a savior to come
and say, "Here's a way that
man can actually evolve
forward in unity,
in economic justice,
in fairness,
in human rights
for all people."
It will sound so good,
it will be irresistible.
(dramatic music)
[Narrator] And even
though the biblical timeline
does foretell that
this anti-Christ indeed
establishes new peace treaties
in the Middle East with Israel
as well as implement
new global solutions
for increased stability,
it's a short-lived time
where peace and safety
is all but an illusion.
And then people can finally say,
"Peace and safety."
And when they start to say,
"Peace and safety,"
that is when sudden destruction
will come upon them.
[Narrator] The final
few prophetic events
within the timeline foretell
that the anti-Christ's
true agenda
will be unveiled within a
few years of taking office.
Appearing to change
laws and policies,
that according to prophesy,
the leaders of the East
will no longer stand for.
Revelation also
describes a time coming
when there is a final
climactic battle
with the kings of the East
marching towards Israel
to get involved in the conflict
with the anti-Christ
at that time.
What's interesting
about the description
of the kings of the
East is it describes it
as a 200 million man army
and really there's only two
militaries in the entire world
that could muster
an army that large,
both being in the East.
One being India and
the other being China.
In fact, there was a
Chinese general who boasted
that it would be possible
for them to raise an army
and he quoted 200 million
men that he could raise
to fight in an upcoming war
and so we see that
the population growth
has also converged in
our modern technology
to allow such a large army to
actually march on Jerusalem.
Whereas back then,
they might have thought
maybe that's a
figurative statement,
not really 200 million.
(dramatic music)
[Narrator] A chilling
claim from China
that an army of 200 million
soldiers can be raised for war,
as this is the precise
number of soldiers
ancient prophesy foretells
will march from the East
to wage war against
the anti-Christ
and his coalition of nations
in a conflict
called Armageddon.
A war to end all wars.
By the time
things come to this,
after years of economic
collapse, famine,
unprecedented natural
disasters, the Bible claims
that nearly three-quarters
of the world's population
will have perished
and our modern age
will have truly come to an end.
But today, even with the
remaining 500 prophecies
appearing to converge
before our very eyes,
most people are
ignoring the warnings.
You know, sometimes
I look at my TV
and I wanna yell back
at the commentator
or the person that's on the TV,
trying to get his attention
about his analysis of the world.
But then I realize
the media is just as blind
as the culture that
they're leading
and if there's
ever the statement
that the blind leading
the blind,
it is a media driven world
that's blind and the
world that follows them
is blind and what I mean by
that, I don't wanna sound mean
but there's a path that
the world is taking
that the Bible says there's a
way that seems right to a man
but that way ends in death.
And then there's a path and
a direction that God has set.
I do see the world blindly
being led by the blind.
They have an agenda,
according to their worldview,
serves a purpose
and for those who are
permeated with that, look,
you can't compete with it,
it's beautiful,
it's got the right lighting,
it's got the right sound,
it's got the right hype.
They honestly believe that
what they have to offer.
Is the answer and that is,
"We can do this as humans,
we can come together as one,
we can create our own utopia."
Which is no new idea.
"We can cause our own
republic to take place
as a one world,
man-centered governing empire
and if we just pull ourselves
up by the bootstraps,
"we can do this."
And yet it's
a modern-day dress-up
of an ancient, ancient idea
and every one of those
ideas have failed.
It will always fail.
(dramatic music)
[Narrator] Even today,
it would be difficult for one
to accurately predict
the state of the world
in just a few years from now,
never mind several millennia
into the future and
yet beyond all odds,
we are on the path to
complete prophetic fulfillment
as it was foretold within the
biblical prophetic timeline
over thousands of years ago.
Like the disciples
2,000 years ago,
we want to know what are the
signs of the end of the age?
What are the signs
of Jesus' return?
And Jesus replied, "The
number of signs to watch for
"including false prophets,
wars, earthquakes."
But the most important
thing he said
that a lot of people
miss is he said,
"When you see all these
things happen, then look up
for redemption draws nigh."
And the real key to that
passage is all these things.
So many people ask,
"What is the number one sign
we should be looking for to
indicate the end of the age?"
It's convergence,
convergence of the signs
that Jesus talked about.
It's not just one sign or
two signs, it's all of them.
And as we look at
the world around us,
we are seeing the signs
that Jesus talked about
coming together in
increasing frequency,
and increasing intensity.
That is what makes
our generation unique.
[Narrator] Throughout history,
there have always
been regional wars,
famines, and disasters.
However, the convergence
of prophetic events
in the last generation
make it clear
that all of these things would
not only be global in nature
but occur simultaneously,
beginning after the
rebirth of Israel,
a scenario that has
never existed before
in the history of the world.
Things have
snowballed in such a way
that frankly, I never thought
I would see it this way.
Global economic peril.
Global border issues.
Global lawlessness,
global threat of terrorism,
the things that the
Bible has warned about
is coming to pass as the exact
same time across the board.
We are living in the time of
the signs, it's quite amazing.
We've never been at a time
like this ever, ever before.
But what's exciting about
where we are right now
is this is the first
generation in 2,000 years
where you have a
modern state of Israel
that's been reborn.
All of this is converging
right now before our eyes.
None of the Bible
prophesies regarding
the second coming of Christ
really had a whole
lot of validity
in the sense of they could
be happening any time
until Israel became
a nation again
and we see the convergence
of all the other things,
earthquakes, pestilence,
famine, the convergence
of all these things
happening at the same time
and the world turning
against Israel
all at the same time,
which is also very prophetic.
All of these things
are happening
at the exact same time,
at a feverous pitch.
I find that the most
fascinating thing.
Jesus gave every
reason to believe.
I mean think about it,
what more could he
possible have done?
I mean, what more could
you possibly want?
- (dramatic music)
- (horns honking)
[Narrator] Even still,
some may be thinking
if the convergence leading
to the tribulation period
and the second coming of
Christ is happening now,
as most theologians and
eschatologists believe,
then why is it that
even many Christians
are turning a blind eye
to the coming convergence,
claiming that we can't
know the day or the hour.
A commonly repeated phrase
that actually comes
from Jesus himself.
He stated that nobody will
know the day or the hour
because of misinformation
about prophesy in general.
Most people will
interpret that to mean,
"Well, since we can't know
how much time is left,
what's the point of
looking for any signs?"
But in fact, Christ was
telling us, "Look for signs."
It's not that you don't
know the times and seasons,
you know, when Paul mentions
the times and seasons brethren,
you're not to be ignorant,
he's talking about
that prophetic pattern
of the signs, of the seasons,
the feasts of the Lord.
(dramatic music)
[Narrator] The feasts of the
Lord, or divine appointments,
these are ancient prophetic
dates or rehearsals
that have been passed
down through generations
and the feast days
overlay perfectly
on the biblical
prophetic timeline.
(dramatic music)
The scriptures present
seven feasts in total.
The first four occur
in the in the Spring
and foretold the first
coming of the messiah.
For example, the first Spring
feast, known as Passover,
prophesied the very day
that the messiah
would be sacrificed.
These feasts
begin with Passover
but something very special
happened on Passover.
That was the day that
Jesus was crucified.
He fulfilled these
feasts to the exact day.
For example, for Passover,
they would take a blameless,
spotless lamb
and they would use that to
sacrifice for their sins.
And so all this
symbolism wrapped up
in the Passover sacrifice,
Jesus fulfilled,
even coming and presenting
himself as the lamb of God.
John the Baptist,
when he saw Jesus,
said, "Behold, the lamb of God."
He wasn't just
speaking figuratively.
There are four in the Spring
and there are three
that are in the Fall.
And what you find
is a pattern here.
That the first
four in the Spring
were all fulfilled in the
first coming of the messiah,
Jesus Christ, but we
are now on the verge
of the beginning
and the fulfillment
of the final three feasts.
[Narrator] And this is where
things become interesting.
The remaining feasts,
all taking place in the Fall,
appear to foretell the
second coming of the messiah
during the last generation.
And new ancient
cultural discoveries
surrounding the next
feasts to be fulfilled
have been shaking the
theological community.
The next feast to
be fulfilled is called
the Feast of Trumpets
or Rosh Hashanah.
What I find so amazing
about the Feast of Trumpets
is it's the day that nobody
knows the day or the hour.
(dramatic music)
They would count from
the last new moon
until the new, new moon.
But the new moon is a tiny
little sliver in the sky
and you can only see
it from about say six
to maybe ten o'clock at night.
If you're not looking for
it, you're gonna miss it.
If it's cloudy, you're
not gonna see it.
There's all kinds of reasons
that you would not
see the new moon.
So unless you can
visually see it,
you could not
declare the new moon
but when two people
saw it, two witnesses,
they would then go
to the leadership
and once they decided,
"Yup, we really do
have the new moon."
Then they would declare the
Feast of Trumpets would begin.
So when Jesus was
answering the question,
"When are you returning?"
His answer was, "Nobody
knows the day or the hour."
He was literally saying,
"I am returning on the feast
that you have been celebrating
for 1,500 years,
that you yourselves call
"nobody knows
the day or the hour."
So I agree, we can't know
the exact day or the hour
but that phrase has been
taken way out of context.
[Narrator] So if this is
indeed what Jesus meant,
then are we destined to repeat
the mistakes of our past
like those that
were caught unaware
during the first coming of
Christ around 2,000 years ago?
Will the last generation
today also be blind
to the signs and warnings
that surround us?
Jesus rebuked the
Pharisees very sternly
for not knowing the
time of his visitation
so they should have known that.
He says,
"Look, you guys can read the sky
to see if it's
gonna rain tomorrow
but you don't know the
time of my visitation."
That's why I think
it's important
that we do take the
prophesies very seriously.
(dramatic music)
[Narrator] So at
the end of the day,
we come back to the
original endless debate
and we are left with only
one of two conclusions.
First, that everything
that has been unfolding
up to this day is
mere coincidence,
a convergence of
thousands of events
across the interactions
of billions of people
over generations of
time that are resulting
in the fulfillment of the most
astronomically divine odds
in the history of the world
or the prophesies are true
and originate from
a divine source,
a source that also
promises eternal life
for those that reject the world
to follow a greater truth.
So if this source of
prophesy is indeed divine,
then we may be missing the
most basic point of all,
the reason why biblical
prophesy exists
in the first place.
[Man] The point of prophesy is
for God to prove that he is God.
There is comfort in knowing
exactly what is happening
as you see it unfolding.
You don't have to be
afraid because you know
what's going to happen next.
Jesus said, "I've told
you these things in advance,
"so that when they come to pass,
you will know that I am he."
And it's a wonderful
thing to realize,
that God didn't give us
Bible prophesy to scare us,
he gave us Bible
prophesy to prepare us.
We get to know what's happening
next and we have great hope.
(light dramatic music)
[Girl] Hope, that's something
people no longer
have in my world.
So few will understand how the
convergence of things to come
was never meant to cause
death and suffering
but to end it.
Like the generations and
empires that came before us,
we too believed the lie
that we could make
the world perfect.
But how can perfection
ever come from us?
Our mistake was not
realizing that what we seek
could never be
obtained in this life,
only in the one to come.
Now that my time here
finally comes to an end,
I am no longer afraid.
I have fulfilled my purpose.
I have fought the good fight.
I have finished my race
and now I will seek
the face of God.
(dramatic music)