The Coming of Sin (1978) Movie Script

Come, Triana.
Triana, this is my friend, Mrs. Western.
She likes to be called Lorna.
Come in, please.
Triana is very shy at first,
but you'll get to know her.
Why doesn't Malcolm come in
for a cup of tea?
- Don't worry. We're in a hurry.
- At least sit down and have a drink.
Yes. Let's speak in Spanish,
Triana doesn't understand English.
You must be at peace here.
I can't complain.
A bit remote, no?
I like it.
I'd be afraid.
- Afraid?
- One reads so many things.
Those things don't affect me.
Lorna, darling,
Malcolm needs to go to England
for a few months and I'm going with him.
I would have liked to take Triana,
but Malcolm says it could be a problem.
It's hard to get visas for immigrants.
Yes, that's right.
If it's not too much to ask,
I would really appreciate it
if Triana could stay with you
until we come back from England.
She has no family
and doesn't want to work in the village.
We can discuss her salary later.
That's not important. What's important
is that Triana likes it here.
I'm sure she will.
Also, she cooks pretty well,
and she will be of great help
around the house.
That's great, then. It's fine by me.
I really appreciate it, darling.
Triana is more than a maid to me.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
I nearly forgot to tell you.
Sometimes Triana has strange dreams.
So don't take what she says
too seriously.
Be good. I don't want my friend Lorna
having problems because of you.
Don't worry.
She had a difficult childhood.
All that reflects in her...
Be good. Bye.
Poor girl.
Well I hope you won't get bored here.
Let's go. I'll show you your room.
You can go to bed if you feel tired.
- I'm not tired.
- As you wish.
- Do you like it?
- Yes, it's very nice.
She looks like you.
- Can you read?
- No.
It's called Oranges and Lemons.
I can only see oranges.
- Do you want me to teach you to read?
- What for?
I don't know. To know more things.
So nobody has to explain to you
what's written there.
Wouldn't you like to know more?
- How old are you?
- Nineteen.
What do you like to do the most?
To dance.
- Can you play the guitar?
- A little.
No, I can't.
That's not fair. You said you could.
- No.
- You said a little.
What are those dreams
Mrs. Grainger told me about?
I've always been intrigued by dreams.
- I find them scary.
- Nonsense.
Some dreams are very pleasant.
Often, I don't want to wake up
because I'm having a good time.
I don't.
- Do you have nightmares?
- I dream a horse is chasing me.
And that frightens you?
You were born in a land
of horses and bulls,
you should be used to that.
In my dreams, they're different.
Mrs. Grainger cares for you deeply,
from what she said.
I hope we become good friends.
Fine. I'll take a bath
before going to bed.
If you want, you can have one too.
I assume you're clean.
Hygiene and tidiness
are very important to me, alright?
Yes, ma'am.
Don't forget to turn off the light
before you go to bed.
I won't.
What time did you use to wake up
at the Grainger's?
At 8:00.
That's fine. It's a good time.
- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.
Are you crazy?
Give me that gun!
I'll kill him.
If he comes back, I'll kill him.
- I swear.
- You're so temperamental in this country.
- Who shoots someone just because...?
- I'll kill him.
Shut up!
Look what he's done.
- It doesn't matter. We'll fix it.
- Look at these and those over there.
They're only flowers. I'll plant new ones.
Leave that and get in the house.
It's cold and you're barefoot.
My friend Betty told me
you have strange dreams,
but she never warned me
about you waking up so aggressive.
- Do you take milk?
- Yes.
- Yes, thank you.
- Yes, thank you.
That's better.
Honestly, going around on a horse
completely naked?
It's just indecent exposure.
In my country, exhibitionists usually do it
in public parks,
but they don't ride horses.
And we don't shoot at them.
At most, if they get annoying,
we call the police.
Does that man from this morning
have something to do with your dreams?
Do you know him?
If he's coming for you,
it's a rather primitive way
to get you to like him.
Maybe that's the custom around here.
- If he bothers us again, I'll talk to him.
- No!
- What?
- Nothing.
Why are you so afraid of this man?
He's after me and wants to hurt me.
You think he wants to hurt you?
I hate him.
There's a fine line between love and hate.
The day he and I get together,
death will be with us.
It's been predicted.
Are you sure all this
is not part of your dreams?
Easy, boy.
Do you like it?
Yes, very much.
I could spend all night like this.
- Triana?
- What?
How long have you been working
at the Grainger's?
- I don't know, I don't remember.
- What do you mean, you don't know?
I think it's been all winter.
- Did you have a good time with them?
- The master didn't like me.
- He didn't?
- No.
They're a weird couple.
Don't look for a real couple
in a marriage.
But the gentleman really disliked me.
- Could you tell me why?
- Yes...
He was jealous because he said the lady
was spending too much time with me.
Jealous? That's nonsense.
That's why he didn't want
to take me with them.
He said he was fed up
and wanted to get rid of me.
- Did he say that?
- Yes.
But the lady got very angry
and they argued all night.
Do you think my friend
was in love with you?
That's not serious.
With eyes like yours, it's not surprising.
Why are you nervous?
Why are you looking down?
I like people to look at me when I speak.
Was she in love with you?
I'm not surprised.
- What's wrong, ma'am?
- Nothing.
Then, why are you so serious?
Are you sad?
I'm not sad. Come on, eat.
You haven't eaten anything.
Don't you like what I cooked?
It's not that. I'm just not hungry.
Come on, try it.
I made it especially for you.
When you go out into the countryside,
take me with you.
I don't like to be home alone.
I'll get some wine.
- Wait.
- What?
I saw the man on the horse.
By the river,
this afternoon when I was hunting.
He was right in front of me
and I saw him like I see you now.
He was riding his horse, naked,
looking at me.
- Weren't you afraid?
- No.
I was shocked, but not afraid.
I was shocked
because he took me by surprise.
The situation was awkward.
But I was calm.
He's a very handsome man.
Did he say anything to you?
Not a single word.
He just stared at me,
with those eyes so similar to yours.
- And nothing else?
- We just stared at each other.
Then he turned his horse
and disappeared into the reedbeds.
Please, be careful, ma'am.
It was all very strange.
I've been thinking,
you two would make a good couple.
I would like to paint both of you.
I really would.
Thank you for everything.
Don't mention it. It was my pleasure.
I'll always wear this necklace.
Until I die.
You'll get tired of it before then.
You'll see.
Come on, my beauty!
- There's no power.
- What do we do?
What can we do?
Go in and use candles.
What terrible weather.
Are you afraid of storms?
Do you want something to eat or drink?
- No.
- Yes, no, yes, no. Geez!
Here, open them.
- Have some ham.
- Very well.
In my village, a man got killed
by lightning whilst hiding under a tree.
I saw him burnt. You could only see
his teeth glowing so white.
That's sinister.
That's why I'm afraid of storms.
I won't go to bed until it stops.
Don't be silly.
How can you stay up all night?
If you want, you can sleep in my bed,
so you won't be scared.
Thank you.
Luckily, my bed's pretty big.
Though I warn you, I'm used
to sleeping alone and I use all the bed.
Be ready to get kicked.
If lightning strikes,
being next to me won't save you.
I'm not insulating material!
Though I may be on the way,
with the life I lead.
What's wrong?
Are you sure?
- Are you coming?
- I'm looking at the shoes.
You'll have plenty of time
to look at them.
- They're very pretty.
- Yes.
And they were very expensive.
Thank you.
Are you going to sleep
with the necklace on?
Do you have nothing to wear
or do you like sleeping naked?
I always sleep like this.
The horse rider and you
make a good couple.
Like Adam and Eve.
Tailors would go broke with you two.
Goodnight, Triana.
Goodnight, ma'am.
Wait, ma'am. Don't put it out.
- Aren't you tired?
- Not yet.
This way, my thoughts will join yours.
Why have you come here?
I led a solitary life here.
I got used to it.
Now you... have ruined everything.
You're a demon.
Let me go!
Let me go!
Let me go, you beast!
I don't want this!
I want to leave.
Aren't you happy here?
Yes, but I want to leave.
- And why is that?
- Because he's always around me.
You don't notice, but he follows me.
The other day, when I was by the river,
he tried to rape me.
I'd prefer to leave
before something else happens.
What's wrong?
What is it?
Did you hear that?
Just a dog looking for something to eat.
They come all the time.
They come from the town.
It's your imagination.
Don't get nervous.
Good evening.
I brought this.
I found it by the river.
- Send him away, ma'am!
- Calm down, girl. Wait.
This is not how we treat somebody
who's returning something you've lost.
- Come in.
- Don't let him in!
Don't shout, please.
Can't you be polite?
- If you let him...
- Triana!
Please don't be so rude.
Would you like to come in?
Have a seat.
- Are you hurt?
- It's nothing. Just a scratch.
My horse didn't notice a low branch,
but I did.
Get more coffee.
And whilst you're in the kitchen,
get the cigarettes I left on the table.
I really like horses.
I see you ride very well.
It must be hard to ride naked
without a saddle.
Uncomfortable, no?
No. Riding bareback is easier.
I'd appreciate it if you didn't ride
all over my flowers.
If you want, you can come and visit us,
but in a more civilized way.
Without breaking anything.
Well, I'm sure it won't happen again.
Would you like one of these?
It's black.
Thanks. That's what I smoke.
Being a foreigner...
Many of my friends in England
smoke this kind of tobacco.
Thank you.
Come sit with us, don't be unfriendly.
- What's your name?
- I'm Chico.
He's called Rafael.
- Chico or Rafael, what is it?
- Chico.
Very well, Chico. You should know.
I see you two know each other.
A little.
Well, I don't want to meddle
in other people's business,
but if you want to win Triana over,
you're not going about it the right way.
She's afraid of horses.
And you're always riding.
Don't you ride?
- No, I can't ride.
- If you want, I can teach you.
It's not hard.
It's just a matter
of letting go of your fear.
The horse can feel it.
As soon as you get on it,
it senses if you're afraid or not.
- Learning to ride would be fun.
- I'll teach you.
Yes, but not on that nervous horse,
always snorting like a train.
That's because it's playful.
No, you'll have to find a calmer one
for me to learn.
I promise you, you'll be fine.
It's just playful.
- Camborio is well trained.
- Fine. We'll see.
- Do you live in town?
- No, I live in a cottage by the river.
- I haven't seen you around here before.
- He's come here following me.
I like living alone.
Me too.
We're solitary by nature.
Why are you here? You already know
what's written on your palm.
Or are you hoping to have better luck
with the cards?
Sit down and tell me
what's troubling you. Come.
Tell me.
I want you to put a curse on someone.
Some of your curses worked,
some even killed.
I know it well.
You cast an evil eye.
He follows my trail like a dog.
He controls me in my sleep.
- What's wrong with the cat?
- It's afraid of you.
Look at it. Don't you see it?
Why do you want me
to curse somebody?
Anybody who gets close to you...
Look what's there. I told you,
it's always been written there.
And it always will be.
There's nothing human in you.
I don't know where you came from.
But there's nothing human in you.
I don't think you have any family
or friends.
Even though you're one of us,
you come from a dark corner.
And him, when will he stop chasing me?
When you stop running away from him.
But you told me there will be death
the day we get together.
Look at it.
Thank you.
That head looks like mine.
I'm looking at it and it's just like mine.
And the woman looks like Triana.
It's Salom.
That's what Triana would do to me,
if I let her. I can well imagine it.
You'd be very impressed
if you saw the original painting.
Have you ever been to a museum?
No. It's not my thing.
He likes bars.
What a pity.
Saint John's head, bleeding,
on a silver platter,
and Salom's body,
naked and kneeling,
as if she's praying.
She has a beautiful body, doesn't she?
Very nice.
The model was a gorgeous woman.
A wealthy woman from Madrid.
I thought rich people didn't pose
for naked paintings.
Wealthy people do
whatever pleases them.
They even pay for it.
That's what money is for.
That's true.
What else could it be for?
The drink... the last drink...
- What's wrong?
- I feel dizzy.
- Turn it off!
- Turn it off, it bothers her.
I've had too much to drink.
I feel awful.
This feels nice.
What a lovely feeling.
You need to rest, ma'am.
But we're here to make love.
Let's do it.
We'll do it some other day.
Tomorrow. We have time.
My friend Betty is really missing out.
She's such a fool, going to England.
Have a good night's sleep, ma'am.
Just for a little while.
Why are you taking my clothes off?
You'll be more comfortable.
I'm comfortable. Don't be so rough.
I'd like to know the weather forecast.
No damn weather forecast!
I'm sure Betty doesn't have
such nice weather in England.
I'm sure she does.
What are you doing with my ring?
Why are you taking it off?
- She's watching us.
- She can't see us.
She's awake.
We'd better tie her legs.
She might start kicking.
Yes. Yes. We'd better tie her up.
But don't hurt her.
Stay calm.
You look tired.
Are you surprised after last night?
I don't remember anything.
The last thing I remember is the walls
falling and me trying to hold them up.
- It was something like that, wasn't it?
- Close.
I always feel terrible
after an experience like that.
Let's talk about something else,
shall we?
The gypsy saw death
written on my hand.
What are you thinking?
I need a theme for a painting.
What theme?
I don't know. That's why I'm thinking.
What do you usually paint?
Not much, apart from the odd copy
from a museum.
- Why don't you paint Jesus Christ?
- There are too many already.
If I was able to paint,
I'd show you what I think.
What I dream.
You're still on about that?
If you could read, I'd give you books,
so you could see that those things
that frighten you have always existed.
Women who've done it
with dogs, goats,
and even donkeys,
according to some legends.
And many men have done it
with animals.
- I didn't think you'd be so afraid.
- It's not fear, ma'am.
- It's ignorance, which is worse.
- No.
- Isn't it?
- No.
It's something that puts me
on the defensive.
If he keeps coming to this house,
something bad will happen to us.
Look, I took you in
because I thought you were nice,
but if you're going to lecture me,
go somewhere else.
I'm not old enough to give advice,
but I am too old to be lectured.
So stop the nonsense.
Let me live as I please.
And I'm not superstitious.
You don't like men. Why?
I do.
Sometimes I don't like their savage ways,
and how direct they are towards sex.
But the times I was able to find
someone who could handle me,
they left me with good memories.
The kitchen door was open,
so I let myself in.
I think I have the theme for my painting.
Do you like it?
When it's finished, I'd like to show it
to my friends, my whole family.
- Really?
- Yes.
Bring them all here,
and we'll show it to them.
- Why not?
- Can I really bring them here?
All of them. We'll have a party.
You can't be serious!
You can't imagine what those people
will be like in a house like this.
They'll break everything,
they'll steal from you.
They'll take everything.
Please don't let them come here.
Don't insult my family!
- Shut up!
- Do I insult your people?
You have nobody. You don't even know
where you come from.
- Shut up!
- Stop it.
- Shut up!
- Let her, I'm not afraid of her.
Stop it.
I decide what happens here.
Who do you two think you are?
One more word,
and I'll kick the both of you out.
I've started a painting
and you are my models.
I'm enjoying painting it.
It will be better if you help me
by behaving well.
I'll do anything you ask of me.
I only ask you
to behave like civilized people.
And that you leave superstition
and absurd hatred aside.
For the three of us to be good friends.
Is it that hard?
It was crazy, I admit.
- He just wants to have fun.
- I imagine.
He'll take advantage of you
because you're rich.
- Very well.
- He's nothing but a pimp.
What can I do?
He is what he is.
I regret nothing.
If he is like you say, too bad.
I don't expect men to fall in love with me
or anything of the sort.
To me, love and sex are
two very different things.
They don't need to go hand in hand.
Do you like him?
You may not believe it,
but he's the first man I've had in a long time.
Yes. He's a very handsome man.
And it was very pleasant.
So pleasant it was almost dangerous.
I hope he hasn't got me pregnant.
That would be terrible.
- What's wrong, Triana?
- I love you very much.
I love you, too.
I think it's only natural that you love me.
I've given you gifts
and I try to take care of your education.
And our relationship has turned
into a homosexual one.
Many women turn to other women
only because they fear men.
It's a fear that could come
from our fathers.
Maybe they were cruel at home
to our mothers.
But it's just fear, nothing else.
Thanks, but I told you, I don't want it.
Do you expect him to come back?
By now, that scoundrel
will be partying with his friends,
spending the money he got from you.
Don't worry, he'll come back
when he needs more.
I'm not worried.
I'm not expecting anybody,
do you hear me?
If I really need him,
I know where to find him.
It's not hard.
He's just there, beyond the hill.
Or are you the one expecting him?
You're the one dreaming
about horses chasing you.
Not me.
I don't have nightmares.
I let go of all that a long time ago.
Long ago.
I love you.
Don't talk nonsense.
You want me.
Yes, I want you.
I prefer it this way.
I want you, too.
I realized that I needed to be
with a man.
I've never liked them very much.
But it's different with you.
You're not a man.
You are... a green monkey.
You know that if you take a monkey
from the jungle and paint it green,
the other monkeys
will attack it until it dies,
because it's different from the others?
Not dangerous, but different.
No, I didn't know that story.
And you think I'm one of those monkeys?
Something like that.
Do you know Triana dreams
about you every night?
- She's faithful to you in her own way.
- Like bad breath.
- You don't understand her problem.
- What problem?
I never understand anything.
Not much in here, you know?
I don't think or understand anything.
To tell you the truth,
I've never needed to.
I understand from the eyes down.
The lower it is, the better I understand.
But this... truly not understanding.
I agree.
It's your fault!
It's as if you had killed her!
- You disgust me!
- Say that again.
You disgust me!
- Go on, report me!
- You know I won't do that.
You know very well I'm crazy about you.
So, her death...
Now we won't have to share her.
Nobody will ever know what happened.
She lived by herself, she was crazy.
And she was a foreigner here.
A crazy woman who took advantage of us.
Like all rich people.
Where did she keep her money?