The Commuter (2018) Movie Script

All news, all the time.
This is 1010 WINS.
Good morning.
62 degrees at 6:00...
Go back to sleep, baby.
All news, all the time.
This is 1010 WINS.
Good morning.
68 degrees at 6:00.
It's Wednesday, August 24th.
All news, all the time.
This is 1010 WINS.
Good morning.
72 degrees at 6:00.
It is Thursday, August 25th.
This here's what's happening.
A six-alarm fire
burns down seven houses...
Two members
of the US Olympic swim team
being held in Brazil...
wind with a shower and
thunderstorm in a few places,
a high of 90.
Clinton campaign's unleashing
a new campaign ad today.
NYPD still hasn't given a
motive for the killing, so...
...immigrants, but with
election day closing in...
Danny boy.
The pipes,
the pipes, the pipes...
-I was up all night.
Hello? Hello?
What are you doing?
It's almost 7:00.
-Got a showing at noon today.
Did you ever get hold of her?
-Hey, kiddo.
Why did I get a license
if I can't get a car?
School starts
next week, right?
Syracuse application.
Early admission's due.
I spoke to Chris Simpson
about a referral.
Most of my friends
are going to State.
What? Danny, you worked
your butt off for this.
This is your next assignment.
Okay, what chapter are you on?
Halfway through five.
The part where they almost
kill that kid.
You know that I can
get through on my own now.
We made it this far, kid.
You wanna write
the book report, too?
Couple thinks 350
buys the keys
to their dream home.
-"Can you show it to us at midnight?"
And the school
we saw yesterday, yes,
it was private,
but it's worth it.
Have you seen
these estimates for tuition?
And that doesn't
include room and board.
We'll find a way.
We always do.
-It's got to be.
Unless it's written on a piece
of paper that she can hand...
-I listen. I listen.
-You don't! You don't! You...
I will not forget
the look on your...
I'll try.
-I love you.
-I sort of like you.
Please watch the gap
between the train...
Now leaving Tarrytown.
18 grand a year?
Sweetheart, it ain't MIT.
It's preschool.
-What now?
-Wuthering Heights.
-Charlotte Bronte.
I would not forget that face.
I think
we locked eyes one time.
It was like, boom, you know?
You know,
my son's on me to retire.
I don't know. Maybe.
Every day's a grind.
Begins to feel
like a countdown.
This way in the morning,
that way at night.
And then one day
it's done with you.
-What's that?
All right, see you
on the next go-round.
Take it easy.
My father died when he was 43.
Left me, my mom, my brothers
with mountains of debt.
Thank you.
I moved here from Ireland
with nothing.
Made a life for myself,
my family.
That's the reason
I do what I do.
To protect
young families like yours.
I will tell you this.
My wife Karen and I,
we worked hard,
did everything right.
401k, investments,
my son's education fund.
In 2008,
we lost it all.
Second mortgage was due.
We liquidated our assets,
cut every piece of fat
while the banks
on Wall Street got rich.
The one thing we didn't cut
was our life insurance policy.
With the higher rate.
But I know you too well.
Twenty may not even cut it.
Hey, Jeanie, would you pull
Jared Carlson's LTC policy?
I'll look over it and give you
a call later today, okay?
Alex Murphy called,
confirmed drinks
at Paddy O'Brien's on 44th.
Thank you.
You can always reach out
to Webber and Finch.
Hey, Mike.
Can I talk to you a sec?
-Sure, yeah.
-My office.
John, listen,
I'm gonna have...
Ten years. Just like that.
Your severance package.
Corporate is switching
from a financial buyout
to a medical extension.
You're giving me
insurance, Frank?
Medical's covered
for your family.
Unemployment should subsidize.
Karen and me,
we're hand to mouth.
You call HR anytime.
They'll answer
any questions you have.
I've got two mortgages,
a son who's going to college.
I'm five years
from retirement.
I'm 60 years of age, Frank.
It isn't personal, Mike.
Your salary, benefit package,
it's too much
against your return.
You work hard,
you play by the rules,
you're a good soldier,
and you don't deserve it.
But the reality is sometimes
soldiers end up casualties.
Hi, honey.
How's your day going?
Good. What's going on,
I didn't wanna bother you,
but did you happen
to go by the bank today?
No. I thought
we were gonna wait.
Yeah, until this week.
We talked about this.
Danny has to register
for classes.
If we don't get an extension
on the mortgage,
neither check clears.
I mailed the tuition check
this morning.
Is everything okay?
Yeah, yeah. Just in the middle
of it, you know.
Same old, same old.
Okay, honey.
I'll see you tonight.
Yep. Bye.
-Sorry I'm late.
-Hey, hey. There he is.
How you doing?
How long you been at it?
Only since security
escorted me from my building.
Hey, two more for him.
So how did Karen take it?
You haven't told her?
What am I supposed to say?
I don't know, man.
That some asshole suit
just fired me.
She doesn't know
how bad it is.
We've got nothing
to fall back on.
Ten years.
You build a home,
a life, a career.
And then one day
they sit you down.
"It's been a good run.
Thanks for playing.
"See you at the eulogy."
You want proof
you're a good man,
take a look at your family.
-That's what matters.
-Yeah, yeah.
You gave up the job for them.
Don't forget that.
Those seven years
we were partners,
you always had my back.
So let someone else
have yours for once.
All right.
Well, you could have
ended up like me.
Forty-five, divorced,
kids hate my guts.
Wish I was 45 again.
It's a good thing you got out.
It ain't just cops being cops
anymore, you know?
It's politics, favors,
choose a goddamn side.
-Sergeant Hawthorne?
-No, Captain Hawthorne.
-Yeah, he made captain.
Guys like you and me, Mike,
we work hard, we do it right,
it doesn't matter.
A city planning official
commits suicide
after the DA announces
an investigation
amidst swirling accusations
of illicit payoffs
for the approval...
It's a corrupt world,
my friend.
No good being the little guy.
He's coming over.
-Here we go.
-Been a while.
Yeah, yeah.
Captain David. Congrats.
Well, I spend
more time in City Hall
than I do on the job.
-That goes with the stripes.
-Yeah. Yeah.
-Still selling insurance?
-Sorry to interrupt.
-No, no.
Lieutenant, a word?
Cap, I just pulled a 12-hour
back to back. Can it wait?
Anyway, good to see you, Mike.
Yeah, you, too, David.
-Be careful with this one.
-Yeah, I will.
You prick.
Listen, the Michael I know,
he doesn't hide things
from his wife,
and he isn't too proud
to ask a friend for help.
I'll be fine. I'll be fine.
That's your
Irish pride talking.
-You should know.
-I gotta go pick up my kid.
Don't you have
a train to catch?
-Yes. Jim, what's the damage?
-No, no, no, I got it.
Promise me that when you
get home, you'll tell Karen.
What, that you finally
paid for something?
What's the old Irish saying?
If you wanna know
what God thinks about money,
look at who he gives it to.
Look at who
he gives it to. Yeah.
I'll catch you.
Jim, I'll catch you.
Boarding call for the 6:25
Hudson North
to Poughkeepsie. Six...
Excuse me. Thank you.
Sir, can I see
your bag, please?
Ma'am, this way, please.
Can you believe this?
They're doing bag checks
at goddamn rush hour.
Step forward, ma'am. Sir.
If something's ticking,
let it through.
Forward, sir. Open up.
I can't do it.
Hey, Mike, you wanna do me
a quick deal on some insurance
before I have
a friggin' heart attack here?
Sir, your bag, please.
Thank you.
Suspicious or
unattended package, please...
watch where you're going.
is everyone's responsibility.
If you see something,
say something.
I want to.
Stand clear.
My phone.
Look, man,
I'm already on the train.
If it's gonna happen at all,
it's gonna happen tonight.
No more excuses.
-Hey, Walt.
-You get me a name?
Well, that woman's
staring at you
like she knows
something we don't.
I don't see anybody.
Everything all right?
Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Tried in the next car?
No, I've gotta take a leak.
My prostate's bigger
than your head.
Look, Manny, I'm telling you,
the lines are fine,
but there's no power.
Have 'em fix it
when we get in, okay?
-Copy that.
-What if I try this?
-Jesus, Jimmy. Come on.
-Hey, I did nothing.
Hey, Tarrytown.
AC's out in this coach.
Get a seat up front
while you can.
-You look worn out, Sam.
-Yeah. 32 years.
If the train don't kill me,
the people will.
-Tell me about it.
-Do it for me.
-Stop it. I don't want...
-Take the bag.
-Let... Stop it. Get off.
Now, that's exactly why
I never got married.
Just... God.
JP Morgan and Chase
all over it. Open your eyes.
I told you to buy low,
didn't I? What?
Are you serious?
I said, are you serious?
This is a Gieves
& Hawkes suit.
Does that mean
anything to you?
Of course it doesn't.
Yeah. If he's a piker,
get rid of him.
Wipe him off the table.
Put him in the trash.
Find someone
who can trade size.
This gives me F.U. money.
I caught big.
You can't afford a suit,
you don't get in. I told him.
Tickets, please.
Let me get your tickets.
Thank you very much.
Thank you. You got a ticket
there, young lady?
You buy a ticket on the train,
I gotta charge you a penalty.
It sucks.
I know. Tell me about it.
Tickets out, everybody.
Thanks, Gordon.
Thank you very much.
Knicks game. Knicks game.
Hey, get your feet off
the seat there, sweetheart.
You got a ticket?
It's a goddamn shame.
Shut your mouth. Of course
I know what I'm talking about.
How many years have I been
doing this? Tell me.
Do you mind?
I mind your 99-cent perfume.
-Tickets, guys.
-No, now I'm talking to you.
Thank you.
Come on, come on. Bye-bye.
Go ahead. Send it through.
I'm looking
at the numbers now.
Now arriving
68th Street Station.
Now leaving
68th Street Station.
Next stop,
86th Street Station.
Some say his greatest work
was a letter
he wrote to his son.
-Your book.
I beg your pardon.
Thank you.
It's my first time
on a commuter train.
It's eclectic.
-What about you?
-Every day. Last 10 years.
Ten years?
You must know
everyone on this train.
The regular commuters,
I guess. Faces mostly.
-I'm sorry. Have we met?
-No. I'm Joanna.
How long is it between stops?
Four minutes?
Yeah, give or take.
Four minutes.
On and off, on and off.
It's so miscellaneous.
-I'm bothering you, aren't I?
I am.
You just wanna read your book.
It's... I'm married.
I... Me, too.
-I study human behavior.
-It's an occupational hazard.
-Being married?
No, bothering people.
I'm a conversationalist.
So, in your job, you sit down,
strike up a conversation.
Then what?
Okay, let's say there are
100 people in this car.
There are
16 personality types,
as defined by psychology.
And so I can assume
that there are about
six people of each type,
with varying
degrees of response
to any particular situation.
My job is to answer
one basic question.
-What's that?
-What kind of person are you?
Me? You should
probably ask my wife.
-Let's do an experiment.
It's painless.
It's just a simple
hypothetical question.
What if I asked you
to do one little thing?
It's something that you are
uniquely qualified to do.
It's something
that's meaningless to you,
but it could profoundly affect
an individual on this train.
Would you do it?
I'd want to know
what kind of thing.
-Does it matter?
-Well, I think it does.
And you would never know
the consequences
of what you did.
Then why would I do it?
Because there
would be a reward.
So, What's the reward?
In the bathroom, carriage two,
maybe there is a package.
It's hidden,
and inside that package
is $25,000.
That money is yours,
plus another 75 cash,
if you do
this one little thing.
I don't understand.
Someone on this train
does not belong.
All you have to do
is find them. That's it.
This person is carrying a bag.
You don't know
what it looks like.
But inside that bag
is something they have stolen.
This person goes
by the name of Prynne.
It's not a real name.
They will be on this train
until Cold Spring.
You find them,
you find the bag,
that $100,000 is yours.
Don't leave the train
before finding the bag.
Don't tell anyone
about this offer.
Wait a minute. Wait a minute.
I thought
this was hypothetical.
It's just one little thing.
It shouldn't be too hard
for an ex-cop.
-Arriving at...
-How did you know...
- ...86th Street Station.
-That's me.
-You're being serious, right?
You have until
the next stop to decide.
What kind of person are you?
Now leaving
86th Street Station.
You're kidding me.
Tickets, anybody? Ticket?
Excuse me.
You're gonna
wanna move on, pal.
The AC's out in here.
Actually, I was hoping
you could help me.
I'm looking for someone.
A friend.
They're going to Cold Spring,
and I was wondering
if you keep track
of where everyone
gets on and off the train.
Yeah, I take pictures,
I hand out surveys, you know.
I didn't mean it like that.
Dude, it's tickets
and zones, okay?
They buy a ticket
for a station,
I punch the zone stub
and put it on the seat. Boom.
Is that just day riders or...
You said you're looking
for your friend, right?
You don't know
what they look like?
You're asking me questions
about passengers,
about protocol?
I know, it's stupid.
We only talked online.
She said she'd be here.
Lives in Cold Spring.
You're meeting an online date?
On a metro train?
Yeah, I can't help you, pal.
No one can.
-All right.
You take it easy. Good luck.
Now arriving
110th Street Station, folks.
You Michael?
Michael MacCauley?
You found
what you're looking for?
Yo. Are we doing this?
No. No, I can't.
Yeah, they thought
you might say that.
-Wait a minute. What is this?
-It's a warning.
In case you haven't
figured it out yet,
they're watching you.
Now leaving
110th Street Station.
Next stop,
125th Street Station.
-Tony, can I use your phone?
Your phone. Mine was stolen.
I have to make a call.
It's an emergency.
Please. Please.
Yeah, okay.
There's no service till 125th.
Sometimes in the back,
if you're lucky.
Thanks, Tony.
Don't quit outta my game.
You figure out
who she was?
The woman we saw earlier
that was eyeballing you.
I figured
that's where you went,
looking for her.
Hey, no judgment. I mean...
Mind if I borrow
the sports section?
-No. Yeah, sure. Here.
The Yanks are playing the Sox.
Five wins to clinch.
I'm feeling very confident.
You know, my boy,
he won't let me
watch it on TV.
He says it's bad
for my blood pressure.
As if the Yanks winning would give
me a heart attack or something.
Don't know why the kid
is so worried.
Kid spends more time watching
me than he does at work.
Yeah, and that is what I get
for teaching the kid
to do the right thing.
Listen, I'm gonna stop
by a bar and get a beer.
-Why don't you come with me?
-I can't.
I gotta make a call.
Come on, Karen, pick up.
The mobile number you are
trying to reach is unavailable.
-2-3 Precinct.
-Detective Murphy, please.
Please hold.
He's not in. Can I transfer
you to his voice mail?
His cell, please.
It's an emergency.
I'm a friend.
Hey, Murph. It's Michael.
Listen, I'm on the train
just before Harlem.
I don't know
what the hell's happening.
This woman
approached me out of nowhere.
She wants me
to find a passenger
carrying some kind of bag.
Murph, I think I've...
Just send someone to my house
and call me back
at this number, okay?
Now arriving
125th Street Station, folks.
I'll see you
on the next go-round.
Now leaving
125th Street Station.
Next stop, Yankee Stadium,
folks, Yankee Stadium.
Murph? Hello?
You accepted
the offer, Michael,
and then you broke the rules.
Sorry, folks.
We're stopping due to a red signal.
We should be on our way
in just a few minutes.
What the hell is this?
Look outside. Corner of MLK
and Lexington. Quickly, now.
Southeast corner.
What do you want from me?
I want you to accept
We all suffer
the burden of choice.
No one forced you
to take that money.
Do you see him?
We can't have your friends
talking to the police.
-I didn't tell him anything.
-We both know that's not true.
Somebody get some help!
My God.
What have you done?
You did this.
You made your choice.
Find Prynne. Find the bag.
Or there will be further
-Did you see what happened?
-You listen to me. Listen.
No, you listen.
I can get to anyone anywhere.
Your wife Karen,
your son Danny.
You touch my wife, my son,
I swear to God...
I asked you to do
one little thing.
Don't make it
more complicated than that.
Don't make me
hurt someone you love.
Wait, wait, wait.
The day riders all have ticket
stubs in the back of their seats.
I can narrow down
which passengers
are going to Cold Spring.
-Now we're getting somewhere.
-What's in the bag?
What do I do when I find it?
Check your
right jacket pocket.
-Do you know what that is?
-It's a GPS tracker.
Clearly your time as a police
officer wasn't for nothing.
Plant the device on the bag,
and it's all over.
Dobbs Ferry Station,
that's three stops,
arrives 7:00 p.m.
-And, Michael?
Give the gentleman
back his phone.
Do you know
who's sitting here?
Excuse me. Does this train
go to Tenmile River?
-I thought that.
Thank you.
Now arriving
Yankee Stadium, folks.
Yankee Stadium.
Couldn't help
but overhear earlier.
You're a broker, right?
Can I help you with something?
I haven't seen you
on the train before.
There's a reason for that.
You riding for business or...
Well, I... My wife and I
are getting ready to retire,
and we're looking
for a new broker.
I work for one of the largest
investment banks in the world.
Great. That's exactly...
We don't represent
people like you.
You're headed to Cold Spring.
I figured maybe you were
seeing a client out there.
What makes you think
I'm going to Cold Spring?
-I don't know.
-What's your deal, man?
Let me guess.
The suit,
the shoes, the watch.
You've probably
worked sales the last 20 years
and now you wanna turn your nest egg
into a three-week timeshare in Maui.
No, you got me
on a train to nowhere.
Seriously, I never should
have left Goldman Sachs.
Hey, Goldman Sachs.
On behalf of the American
middle class, fuck you.
Sorry, Ma. Go ahead.
No, it was nothing.
-Long day, Sherri?
But you've been busy,
up and down
the aisle the whole time.
Karen's been on at me
to get more exercise.
It's either the train
or Pilates.
-How is the family?
-Good. Good.
Danny's headed off
to Syracuse.
You must be really proud.
Yeah. He's trying to decide
between the dorms
or an apartment,
the dorms or an apartment...
Excuse me. Hello?
You go to Columbia, right?
Are you a photography student?
I noticed your camera case.
I don't know... I'm sorry.
Excuse me.
Could you just wait?
-Now arriving Dobbs Ferry.
I only wanna talk.
What are you doing?
Are you crazy?
What is this?
Nothing. Can you just...
Stop it.
Fake IDs?
They're not mine,
I swear to God.
They're my boyfriend's,
and he asked me
if I could carry it
because he would get caught.
Are you a cop?
No, I'm not a cop.
But, listen,
if he really cared about you,
he wouldn't ask you
to do something like this.
Yeah, okay.
Now leaving Dobbs Ferry.
Next stop, Tarrytown.
Are you sure?
Maybe it's nothing.
Look, they were all sitting
together, three of them.
-At 125th they split up,
each to a different car.
I don't know, it felt weird.
I'm only authorized
to search a bag
if it's been left behind.
You know
I ride this line every day.
Like I said,
maybe it's nothing,
but "see something,
say something," right?
-You point 'em out to me?
The woman there.
The nurse.
Man in the second car,
with a guitar.
Another in the last car.
All going to Cold Spring.
Excuse me, ma'am.
I have to carry out
some random security checks,
and I just need to take
a look in your bag.
I just need to take
a look in your bag.
Hey, hey, hey! What do
you think you're doing?
-It's a random security check.
-I know my rights.
Get back to your books.
I just need to take
a look in your bag, ma'am.
Why me?
Seriously, why me? Why my bag?
You're disturbing
everybody, ma'am.
Please just keep it down.
Now, please,
just open your bag.
I asked you nicely, ma'am.
-Just, please, open your bag.
-I'm a nurse. Come on.
Sorry, sir.
I help people.
I don't kill them.
I just told you, ma'am,
it's a random security check.
Do me a favor, will you?
Just open your bag.
I'm sorry, sir.
Just open up your bag,
and I'll be on my way.
Got a visual, but I
can't get to anything yet.
I just need a bit more time.
-Who are you?
-Calm down.
Why are you following me?
Are you the reason
they're searching passengers?
-What did you say?
Who are you? What do you know?
Whatever you think
you're doing,
you know what's good for you,
let it go.
Hey, man, are you okay?
You see that? Scumbag.
Tried to steal my wallet.
This train's freaking me out.
Hello? What?
Who is this?
All right.
Mike, it's for you.
Some guy says he's a cop.
You don't look so good.
Everything all right?
Give me a minute, will you?
You sent someone to the house?
Tarrytown local.
They're on their way.
What the hell's going on?
This woman sits across from
me, calls herself Joanna.
She offers me 100 grand
to find someone on the train.
-They want his bag.
-100 grand? What kind of bag?
I don't know.
Look, it sounds crazy.
They threatened
Karen and Danny.
They killed a man, Murph,
pushed him into the street.
Jesus Christ. Okay.
You still on the train?
-All right, don't do anything.
I'm gonna call a friend at
the transportation authority.
I found him, Murph.
I didn't have a choice.
-What did you do?
-They gave me a GPS tracker.
The kid's late 20s,
black duffle bag.
A snake-head tattoo
on his neck.
Goes by the name of Prynne.
Did you take the money, Mike?
You want my help
as a detective or as a friend?
'Cause it's two very
different things.
What are you
not telling me, Murph?
Two nights ago,
a buddy of mine in the ninth
caught a suicide downtown,
a staffer in the city
planning office.
It's all over the news.
Thing is, this kid was in deep
with the wrong kind of people.
There's a witness
who saw two guys
drop him 35 stories
out a window.
Witness goes by Prynne.
And I identified him.
Someone on this train's
gonna kill him. Jesus.
I had an altercation
with the guy.
I got a bag full of cash.
I just lost my job.
She's trying to set me up.
All right, this is
what you're gonna do.
Next stop, get...
Murph? Hello? Murph?
You done?
Come on, man. What the
hell is wrong with you?
Sorry, Tony. Thanks.
Great. Thanks for using
my battery up, asshole.
Why are we meeting
a witness outside the city?
It feels wrong.
Twenty minutes.
All right. I'm checking in
with Agent Foster.
As long as the witness
gets off that train.
Everything all right?
Look what you did, Michael.
Another dead passenger.
This man was a federal agent.
Yes, but he's not Prynne.
You marked the wrong man.
-You killed him.
-Whose fault is that?
-I didn't agree to this.
-You tell yourself that.
I know you think
you're a good man,
but some part of you
was willing.
Some part of you capable
of condemning a stranger
to an unknown fate.
I'm done playing games.
The mobile
number you are trying to...
- ...reach is unavailable.
I wanna talk to my wife.
Stay with me, Michael.
You still have a job to do.
I will not do a goddamn thing
until I know my wife
and my son are okay.
They're just leaving
the house now.
Mom, come on.
We're gonna be late.
have you seen my ring?
I swear I left it
on the bathroom counter.
Have you asked Dad?
He's not
picking up his phone as usual.
Mom, who is that?
Danny, get in the car.
Lock the door.
Can I help you?
-Are you Karen MacCauley?
I'm here because
of your husband.
I'm sorry. Do I know...
You have
a beautiful family, Michael.
Now arriving Tarrytown.
There are police
on their way right now.
If your men try anything...
Yes, they were, Michael.
They were.
Until you called too much
attention to yourself.
-Look outside.
Someone reported a dangerous
individual on the train.
Now you're standing over
a corpse. Do the math.
What do you want me to do?
Don't leave the train
and don't get caught.
I've been doing this
a long time.
I'm telling you,
he's a regular.
I don't think he's dangerous.
The guy claims he's looking
for someone onboard, right?
He makes up
some bullshit story
about suspicious bags,
and then he gets into a fight.
Sorry for the delay, folks.
We'll be on our way very soon.
one and two all clear.
-Call the captain.
-Yes, sir.
Got two and three clear.
Three and four clear.
five and six clear.
No, he's not here.
Okay, wrap it up, boys.
That was impressive, Michael.
I almost thought
you were gonna miss the train.
I wanna talk
to my wife and my son.
I wanna know they're safe.
There are two more stops
before Cold Spring.
Garrison Station
is your last chance,
if you ever wanna
talk to them again.
I need more time.
There isn't enough to go on.
You've proven
yourself capable.
Figure it out.
Hey, Manny, AC's cut out.
I'm gonna check
the hub in three.
-Copy that.
-Hi. Excuse me.
It's, like,
90 degrees in here.
Yeah, working on it, ma'am.
Working on it.
I thought you got off.
You lucky son of a bitch.
My dad said it pays
to make new friends.
-You wanna go again?
Ladies and gentlemen,
I'm sure you've noticed
we've lost AC in all cars
except the last one.
If you wanna move, please,
remember your belongings.
Thank you.
Ladies and gentlemen,
I'm sure you've noticed
we've entered the seventh
circle of hell. God damn it.
Gonna be a hell of a ride
to Cold Spring.
All right.
Two pairs. Queens. Fours.
-Hey, Tony, deal me in?
-Your money to lose, pal.
Come on in, Mike.
I got 100 to my name.
All right, Texas hold 'em.
Okay. Gentlemen.
Take a peek.
-Doing all right there, pal?
-You don't wanna know.
You should have got off
two stops ago.
Ten years I ride this train.
Maybe one time I wanna see
the end of the line.
-What about you, friend?
What about me?
Never seen you
on this train before.
Well, I've never
seen you either.
-You're not a regular.
-What is that to you?
All right.
I think your friend here's
got a problem with me.
-Just making conversation.
That's all.
Well, if you wanna
say something,
why don't you say it?
It just occurred to me
that most of us,
we ride this train every day.
We nod. We say hello.
But how much do we really
know about each other?
What about you, Mike?
What do we know about you?
Fair enough.
I got fired today.
Yeah. Didn't have the guts
to tell my wife.
Yeah. Have to go home,
look my son in the eye.
What am I supposed to say?
"I'm not the man
you thought I was"?
What kind of father?
What kind of husband?
60 years old.
What have I got left to offer?
-That was extremely honest.
-And I thought my life sucked.
Are we gonna play or what?
I'm out.
So, I heard something
earlier today,
a hypothetical question.
What was the question?
What if someone asked you
to do one little thing,
something that's
meaningless to you,
but would affect another
passenger on this train?
Would you do it?
I don't know.
What's in it for me?
You don't
even know what it is.
It doesn't matter. Come on.
So what is
that one little thing?
A passenger on this train
doesn't belong.
They're carrying a bag,
but you don't know
what it looks like.
All you have to do
is find them
before they get off.
That's it?
It's not much to go on, Mike.
Tell me about it.
What happens
when you find 'em?
They die. Hypothetically.
So what would you do, Mike?
I'd get all the people
left on the train in one car,
propose that very scenario.
No, no, no, no.
I mean, would you
take the money?
You know what? I already did.
-You see, I count five.
-Five what?
Five people left
that don't belong.
Five people on this train
that I've never seen before.
The lady right here.
The young girl with the
pink hair at the window.
Mr. Goldman Sachs over there.
My friend with the guitar.
And you.
I'm Jackson.
-You know what I would do?
-Tell me.
I would pocket that 100 grand,
find the guy,
tell him to
take a different train.
All right.
All in.
For real? All right.
So, you never
answered the question.
What question?
What are you doing
on this train?
Maybe I'm like you.
Maybe I wanna
see the end of the line.
Wait a minute. Excuse me.
I call.
This is a monthly pass.
You're a regular commuter.
Yeah. And I have a full house.
-What do you have?
-That's it for me.
I'm sorry.
So what if I'm this guy
you're talking about?
-Are you?
-If I was?
Someone wants you dead.
I can help you, but I
need to know what you know,
why you're going
to Cold Spring,
what's in that case.
-It's just a guitar.
-Open it.
You wanna help me?
Why should I trust you?
Open the case.
So what do we do now?
You and I go to carriage one,
barricade ourselves inside.
And then, what,
you gonna find this killer,
take him down yourself?
Gonna try.
Obviously, I'm not Prynne.
But you seem to have
figured that out already.
That's a left-handed guitar.
What's that got to do with it?
Hey, man, are you okay?
The gun's in your right hand.
Well, shit.
I guess that's why
she chose you.
Four passengers left.
Which one is it?
I don't know.
All you got to lose
and you don't know.
You killed that agent.
No, that's on you, man.
How much is she paying you
to kill the witness?
Same as you, I guess.
But that's not really
how it works out, is it?
No matter how much they pay,
you always end up owing more.
Who's Prynne, Michael?
Tell me now.
You have no idea
who you're up against.
-Do you?
-Yes, Michael. I do.
-Drop it.
-Take it easy.
Turn around.
Who's Prynne?
-I don't know.
-You're lying.
Don't be stupid. Stop.
Not until Prynne is dead.
I can't let you do that.
You're out of time.
Who's Prynne?
It doesn't matter.
Your guy is dead.
You have the gun?
Take it, Michael.
Take the weapon.
Kill Prynne, retrieve the bag,
and your family lives.
-I am not gonna do this.
-You can't have it both ways.
You can save the witness
or your family.
You know who Prynne is,
don't you?
It's time to finish
what you started.
Now arriving Garrison, folks.
Hey, Mike, what happened
to the guy with the guitar?
He got off.
I better not be staying at
a bed and breakfast this time.
No way.
Next stop, Cold Spring.
This train terminates
at Cold Spring.
-All that's left is you.
Why are you going
to Cold Spring?
That's none of your business.
-What's in the bag?
-My God.
What is with you people
and my bag? Jeez.
What are you doing?
-Let go of me.
-I'm trying to help you.
Seriously, come on,
do something.
-Who is that?
-What's your problem?
Mike, you gotta
let the lady go.
You don't get it, do you?
She wants you dead.
You witnessed a murder.
You have something
that she wants,
something she's
willing to kill for.
Okay, Mike, you gotta
let her go. Let the lady go.
-Hand me the phone.
Mike, come on.
Don't move. Don't move.
Stay in your seats.
Please, hand me the phone.
I don't...
Look, I don't know
what your problem is,
but I am not the person
you're looking for, okay?
My... My boyfriend and I,
we had this huge fight
because I wasn't sure about
staying here and us and...
So when I finished my shift,
I just didn't
wanna go home.
Forgive me. Take it. Take it.
I'm sorry.
They're gonna kill my family.
There's no one else.
Six day riders.
Six ticket stubs.
Six going to Cold Spring.
Except... One got off
at Garrison.
Goldman Sachs.
He... He was in the aisle.
He switched seats.
Hester Prynne.
The Scarlet Letter. Of course.
You bought the ticket
to Cold Spring.
End of the line.
Cold Spring coming up.
Is it done?
-Is it done?
-I will not do this.
I thought
I had you figured out.
I really did.
After all of this, you would
choose the life of a stranger
over your own family?
You must think
you're some kind of a hero.
I won't do this.
I won't do it.
I will not do this.
Manny, Manny,
we have a hostage situation.
Calling dispatch.
This is your
last chance, Michael.
-Do it.
Prynne has evidence
-of a conspiracy.
-That doesn't matter.
The people I work for,
they will do anything
-to protect themselves.
These are
very powerful people.
They will do
whatever it takes.
They? Who?
Who are you talking about?
Even kill you, your family.
Everyone on that train.
-Do you understand?
-Who's they?
You have made your choice.
Joanna, who are
you working for?
Now everyone dies.
is contacting the police.
Stop the train.
Copy that.
You want to live, you stop
this goddamn train now.
Pull the brake. Now.
All right.
Now, everyone, hang on.
Yeah, thanks.
Train's less than
a minute away.
Marshal Service
is ready for us.
Take the statement
at the safe house.
No screwing around.
-Why is it not stopping?
-I don't know.
Sam, I swear,
I had nothing to do with this.
-Man, that's not good.
My God.
Help me get this open.
It's jammed. Come on.
The engineer's dead.
Cab door's jammed.
I can't access
the control panel.
Dispatch, do you copy?
The brakes have malfunctioned.
There's no way
to stop the train.
You what?
We'll have
to clear the tracks.
Dispatch is gonna
clear the tracks.
There's a curve
just before Beacon.
Now, we hit it
at 70 miles an hour,
we're gonna derail for sure.
All the passengers
are in the last car.
-Can we detach it?
-We have to try. Come on.
We gotta unhook the couplers.
There's a coupler
safety latch.
It can only be released
from underneath the car.
Someone will have to pull
the knuckle pin,
and one of us will have to go
down and release the latch.
No. No friggin' way.
I'm not going down there.
It's just outside...
I don't care. Shut up.
I'm not going down there.
Just outside
and down the ladder.
-I'll do it.
-Yeah, you do it.
Look, you go
tell the passengers
to brace themselves.
I'll do that.
We got about two minutes.
You make them count.
Stay calm.
Stay calm, okay? Stay calm.
-Remain calm.
I don't have time
to argue with you, lady.
Sit down. Take your seats.
-Everyone, sit down. Sit down.
-I am sitting down.
The chain is caught.
You need more leverage.
I'll get the ax.
Between the train
and the people,
I always knew
it would be the train.
All right. I'm okay.
You all right? Come on.
-Get that door open.
-Everyone okay?
-We gotta get out.
-Open the door.
Stay calm.
Don't get off the train.
Please, listen.
-Get the door open.
-We gotta get out.
Jackson, close the door.
This isn't over yet.
We're still in danger.
Everyone grab a newspaper.
Cover the windows.
Use water, soda, anything.
Mike, this is crazy.
Come on, get some water.
Cover the windows.
-Why are we doing this, Mike?
-Just do it.
We don't know who's out there.
Who's watching.
They tried to kill us all.
-You all right?
I know you're all scared,
but I need your help.
None of you
can leave, not yet.
Not until I know
everyone's safe.
They murdered innocent people.
They derailed the train.
They did this.
All to find a witness.
Something she has
that they want.
They said
if I didn't kill you,
they would kill
my wife, my son.
But I would never.
I would never do
what these people want.
I need your help.
I need to know
why they want you dead.
-What's your name?
It's okay. Come here.
I'm not going to let them
hurt you, okay?
Can you show me
what's in your bag?
This? This is what they want?
Do you know why?
Because of Enrique.
It was his.
The guy who threw himself
off the 35th floor?
Ricky didn't kill himself.
You were there when he died?
It's okay. Tell me.
Tell me what you saw.
Ricky was a city planner,
and some nights
he would have to work late,
so I would go to his office
to finish my homework.
I was waiting
for Ricky by the elevator
when these two men show up.
I didn't see their faces,
but they were
looking for Ricky.
I hid 'cause I didn't wanna
get him in trouble.
But they wanted
something from him.
Then all of them
start yelling,
and I hear this noise.
They were hurting him.
I could hear him screaming.
And he tells them
that he doesn't have it,
that it's back at his place.
-You took it.
-Of course I took it.
I wanted to help.
And then I look through the
doorway and I see this guy.
He's holding Ricky,
and he hits him,
and he says something
about being noble.
He says that doing the right
thing will get you killed,
and that there's no such thing
as being noble.
And then,
they just...
I didn't know what to do.
I know.
I just took it and I ran.
Why didn't you
call the police?
I couldn't call the police.
The men
who killed him were cops.
My God.
And the next day I just...
I went to a friend's,
and she knew
someone in the FBI.
This guy, Agent Garcia,
he says that
this drive is evidence,
and that I'm a witness.
He says it's not safe for me
in the city anymore,
tells me to catch the 6:25
to Cold Spring,
and they'll protect me.
-You told no one else?
Your friend trusts
this Agent Garcia, yeah?
I don't know.
Someone out there
wants you to disappear.
And if it's not him... Who?
My God.
Go, go, go.
Move, move, move.
What the hell?
This is Captain
David Hawthorne.
I'm in command.
Entrance clear.
Let's go, go, go, go.
We have the train surrounded.
There is nowhere
for you to go.
Throw out your weapon.
My men will come aboard.
They will escort
the hostages to safety.
-It's okay. Don't be alarmed.
- You will not be harmed.
This is
normal police procedure.
It's okay.
You will all be safe.
No one will be harmed.
Jesus, there's
a friggin' army out there.
Agent Garcia, come to me.
I need tactical staged
and ready to breach, okay?
Where's Overwatch?
Overwatch, this is command.
When you get line of sight,
I need to know.
-This is bad, Mike.
-It'll be fine, I promise.
you'have an old friend here.
He wants to come aboard,
and he wants to talk.
Your tag is lit.
We are live
outside the town of Beacon,
where a Hudson
North train has derailed.
No reports
of any casualties yet.
Get back.
Go, go, go. Move back.
Go, go.
We got sound
on Lieutenant Murphy.
According to
our source on the ground,
an ex-NYPD officer
has taken over the train
and is holding
the passengers hostage.
Hey, Mike,
how we doing in there?
Listen, man,
you know how this goes.
We don't work this out, SWAT's
gonna take the train by force.
Come on, talk to me, buddy.
Where's my family?
You said police
were on their way.
They were, man.
I don't know what happened.
Look, we're doing
the best we can.
You don't know
what's going on, Murph.
Then tell me, all right?
Just open the door, let me in.
I'm unarmed. I'm alone.
How many people
you got in there?
Mike, I wanna help you.
You gotta help me out.
If I don't produce results,
they're gonna pull me out.
Now, how many
hostages do you have?
We gotta do something.
Yeah, but what?
What can we do?
Fifteen, 20.
All right, just let some go.
Whoever you want.
How do I know they'll be safe?
The hostages?
There's someone
I need to protect.
Look, if you're worried
about someone's safety,
just send them out with me.
Not yet.
Seven years we were partners.
You always had my back.
Let someone else
have yours for once.
Look, I tell you what.
I'll make an exchange, okay?
Release some hostages
and take me instead.
They're coming out.
Come on out.
Come on out.
Come on.
Come on. This way.
Watch your step.
Go that way. Follow her.
All right, stay in line.
Yes, it does appear that
hostages are being released.
It is unclear at this time
how many remain on the train.
-Is that it?
-Yeah. Come on.
All right. Patrol's on
their way to your house.
No sirens.
They have you tagged.
This goes on much longer,
they're gonna board.
They don't want a cop
caught in the crossfire.
Come on, put the gun down.
Jesus, I'm unarmed. Come on.
Tell them
to turn the lights off.
Kill the lights.
Cut the lights.
-Thanks, pal.
-Come on, you know the deal.
We lost audio.
You were right, there is
a witness on the train.
They were supposed to meet
the FBI at Cold Spring.
-FBI? Special Agent Garcia?
-You know?
Hawthorne just pulled
jurisdiction from him.
Hawthorne. That figures.
I want eyes on.
Confirm visuals.
Friendly fire tag
is lit in blue.
Visual confirmed.
Mike, what the hell happened?
I talk to you,
next thing I know
you're taking people hostage.
They killed three passengers,
including a fed.
They derailed the train.
-All to get some evidence.
So where is it, Mike?
Not until Karen
and Danny are safe.
Local PD's
calling me directly.
So, we wait.
We wait.
How you guys doing?
-Yeah, I'm good.
-Not too bad.
-Fine, but I gotta pee.
Mike, I know
this isn't you, man.
Look, you say they set you up,
you got a witness, evidence.
-I believe you, but...
-But what?
It doesn't matter
what I believe.
It's what I can prove.
Look, you want confirmation
on your family. I understand.
But from where I sit,
I say we end
this thing right now.
Just give me what you got,
nobody else has to get hurt.
You telling me that
as a detective or a friend?
I don't know, Mike.
What would you tell me?
We're running
out of time, man.
Mike, I get it. You wanna
do the noble thing here.
But I got news for you.
There ain't
no such thing as noble.
-It was you.
-What are you talking about?
You called me. You knew
about the witness. You...
You knew what they saw.
Yeah, I told you
what happened.
It was a cop who killed him.
-You set me up.
-Hey, slow down, Mike.
You killed Enrique Mendez.
You knew Prynne was
getting on this train.
-You targeted me.
An ex-cop rides this
train every day. You knew.
Mike, whoever's talking to you,
they're trying to get in your...
-Son of a...
-You've lost it, man.
Talk, God damn it. Talk!
engaged with the target.
I repeat, friendly's
engaged with the target.
Do not fire
until you get a clear shot.
And say what?
That you killed
three people, a fed?
You derailed a train and took
the passengers hostage,
all 'cause some mystery woman
threatened your family?
You did this.
Doesn't look
that way, does it?
So why don't you
put down the gun
before someone
you love gets hurt?
Where are they?
Where's my family?
I will kill you, Murph.
I swear to God.
Okay, okay, okay.
I'm trying to help you here.
A lot of powerful people
have got a lot to lose
if that evidence gets out.
They have eyes everywhere,
even inside the Bureau.
I told them to put the
witness on your train.
I thought I was
doing you a favor.
You needed the money.
But you couldn't just do
what she asked, could you?
If I don't answer that,
your family dies.
So why don't you
give me the gun?
You got no choice, Mike.
It doesn't have to
end this way.
Come on. Karen, Danny...
Don't you dare
say their names.
You've done enough, Mike.
-Is it done?
-We're good.
You know what to do.
See, the thing is, Mike...
I got a family, too, you know.
All right, who's Prynne?
Murph, listen to me.
All I gotta do
is call her back, Mike.
Come on.
All right, who's Prynne?
Who's Prynne?
Mike, who's Prynne?
Who's Prynne?
It's me.
I'm Prynne.
No, man.
She's covering for me.
-I am Prynne.
I'm the witness. I'm Prynne.
No. I'm Prynne.
They're lying. I'm Prynne,
and I know what you did,
you bastard.
I am not Prynne, so...
-No one is.
-It's gotta be someone.
-You get a shot, take him out.
Leave it.
Overwatch, do you have a shot?
Repeat, do you have a shot?
Watch the hostages.
-Watch the friendly.
-Holding fire.
What are you gonna do,
kill all of us?
No, you are.
Target is clear.
Take him out.
-No gun.
-Get down!
Do not move!
Stay down!
-Do not move!
-Against the wall!
Get down! Get down!
-All the way down!
-Stop! Stop! Stop!
He saved me!
-He saved me.
MacCauley? Michael MacCauley?
I'm Agent Garcia, FBI.
Your family's safe.
We arrested three men
outside your home.
He was your cousin?
Tell me what you saw.
This way.
Watch your step.
So this is
the end of the line.
I guess so.
Next time
I'm taking the bus.
All I know is this, all right?
That guy is a goddamn hero.
-Okay? A hero. Write that down.
H-E-R-O. Hero.
A hero. Did you write it?
-Thank you.
So, what's up?
You got a boyfriend or what?
-Yeah? Is it serious?
I wanna know what I'm dealing
with, you know what I mean?
-Hi, darling.
-Hey, babe.
My God. Look at
you. Are you okay?
-I'm all right. Hey, big guy.
-Hey, Dad.
How you doing?
Mrs. MacCauley,
I believe
you may have lost this.
I've been looking
for this all day.
-Shall we get you home?
-Yeah, let's go home.
So, this is
what you do every day
when you go to work?
Yeah, every day.
Come on, help me up.
I can't believe
what they're saying.
Is it really true about Murph?
Give me a second, will you?
Give me a second.
I have to tell you, there's
been an ongoing investigation
into Alex Murphy
and others in the department.
-There was a woman.
-Female, mid-30s.
We're checking CCTV
in and around
86th Street, right?
-When we know, you'll know.
What can I say?
I'm sorry it got this far.
Listen, Mike...
We miss guys like you
in the department.
Guys that do it right.
More details are emerging now
in the wake of that
Hudson North derailment...
A federal witness reportedly turned
over evidence to authorities...
Several NYPD officers
have been implicated.
There is no evidence...
...the murder of
a city planning official.
...he attempted to blow
the whistle on a conspiracy.
...believe this ties to
City Hall, to the Mayor's office...
about accusations
of collusion...
And now a link between city
officials and at least...
...corruption on a major scale,
and this mystery woman
who masterminded
the derailment,
does she even exist?
"What makes a man
"is what he does
when the storm comes."
Alexandre Dumas.
Read that one
a few years back.
It's got a hell of an ending.
This seat taken?
-The 6:20 every morning
to Chicago. -30 home.
You know, I never took you
for a commuter.
I'm sorry. Have we met?
The way I figure it,
the people you work for,
Alex Murphy goes down,
you win.
That 16-year-old girl
dies on that train, you win.
You do your job, disappear,
the rest of us
just collateral damage.
You didn't pick me because
the witness was on my train.
You put her on the train.
Maybe you even got me fired.
Suddenly I have motive,
just like Alex Murphy.
This wasn't his operation.
You played us both.
I'm not sure what you think
is gonna happen here, Michael.
One little thing.
And what's that?