The Conduit (2016) Movie Script

It's an awfully nice house.
Unfortunately it's empty.
Your aunt was planning to sell
it just before she passed away.
Un... fucking... believable!
You own this?
Your house has a fountain.
What's it feel like to have
a house that has a fountain?
You're going to have one hell of
a water bill, that's for sure.
This place is out of control.
You know what you need?
A roommate.
No, thanks.
How are you gonna afford
this place all by yourself?
Come on Mark,
you know it's already paid for.
Just think about it.
The parties we could throw here.
Who's this piece of ass?
That's my ex-wife.
Oh, I'm sorry, man.
She's beautiful.
Who took those?
I did.
They're good.
Yeah well, I don't
do it anymore.
I used to take
pictures all the time.
Anything that
seemed interesting.
You know, anything that
would catch my eye.
Then I met her.
Didn't care to shoot
anything else.
She was your muse.
Hey man, I appreciate
you helping me move.
I should probably
start unpacking.
You got this?
I got it.
All right.
Are you good?
-Yeah, I'm good.
You sure?
I'm fine.
All right, tomorrow we blow
some of that money and
turn this place into
a proper bachelor pad.
Then we line it wall
to wall with pussy.
Trust me bro, it's the
universal cure-all.
Does wonders for a broken heart.
I'm out.
What are you doing here?
I live here.
No you don't.
The lady who lived here died.
There you are.
I didn't realize
someone moved in.
That's my daughter
Rebecca and I'm Rachel.
We just live right up the road.
I'm Eddie.
Honey, you can't keep
coming here like this.
Because they don't
live here anymore.
The lady that lived here would
let her play on the swing.
She passed away.
She was my aunt.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
Thank you.
Welcome to the neighborhood.
Honey, we'd better get going
because your daddy's gonna come
and pick you up.
I'll make sure she doesn't
bother you anymore.
Oh, it's no bother, really.
That's really nice of you.
Thank you.
Have a great night, okay?
- You too.
- Okay.
Come on honey, it is so cold.
You should put this on, okay?
Baby girl, there you go.
Oh look baby,
you almost forgot your book.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
- Bye.
How are ya?
It's 4 o'clock in the morning.
Oh shit.
I'm sorry.
I guess I must have
just forgotten about
the time difference.
Are you drunk?
Hey, you remember that,
that beautiful green dress?
Would you believe that it
got mixed up in my stuff?
Is that why you're
calling at this hour?
Well, I called to say hi.
You've gotta stop this.
You said we'd be friends,
so I'm being friendly.
We need time.
We can't be friends now.
What the fuck?
Everything's fine.
Go back to sleep.
Lisa, who's there?
I'm sorry.
Don't call me anymore.
If you'd like to make a call,
please hang up and try again.
If you need help, hang up
and then dial--
Hey, motherfucker!
I'm here.
It's fucking cold outside.
Come on, man.
Jesus, fuck.
Eddie, what the fuck did you do?
It was just too many
things at once.
My mom, my girlfriend, my job.
At the time, I didn't see myself
recovering from so much loss.
I didn't see the
point in going on.
Yeah but a lot's changed
since then, right?
Do you want to share with us?
I've got a new job
at Pete's Hardware,
making more money than before.
And Beth and I are
talking again.
So I guess I'm hopeful.
That's great.
We're all happy for you, right?
Does anybody wanna share
about Vincent's progress?
Yeah, I'm going to say
something right now.
I think he's being stupid.
Let's think about it here,
I mean, his bitch left him
after his mom died
and he lost his job.
You should go tell her to fuck
herself man, fuck that bitch.
You don't know all the details
so you're in no
position to judge.
Okay, on that note, let's take
a break and come back in ten.
Sorry man, we started
without you.
Sorry, I didn't
mean to interrupt.
You're not
interrupting anything.
I invited you here.
This is your surprise.
Astrid, Eddie.
Eddie, Astrid.
Mark tells me you're
a photographer.
I took some courses, but
you know, I'm no photographer.
You should see
some of his stuff.
I'd love to.
Really I should go.
You should sit.
Mark, please.
Eddie, it's been really
slow at the studio,
it would be really cool if you
came by and checked things out.
You know, I'm just busy.
Doing what?
Doing stuff, Mark.
Like what?
Look, it's okay.
But if you decide you want to
come by, the offer still stands.
I should go though.
Absolutely not.
Your money's no good here.
I told you, this was my treat.
Thank you.
It was very nice
to meet you, Eddie.
- What did you do that for?
- What did you do that for?
I just that it'd be nice if
you got out and did
something for once.
It wouldn't kill you
to get laid, either.
Mark, I don't need you
to be my matchmaker.
It won't happen again.
I've been thinking.
It's been so many years.
He's moved who knows where.
Probably done it to a
bunch of other kids.
Probably forgotten all about me.
And if he's forgotten,
then I'm the one that's
keeping it alive, you know?
So it made sense what you said.
I can give it power,
or I can take it away.
And I choose to take it away.
How does that make you feel?
Good, good.
Thank you, Patrick.
I know that wasn't easy.
Does anybody else wanna
share something about
themselves tonight?
Amy, how about you?
Would you like to
share with the group?
Okay, you don't have to.
That's bullshit right there.
Patrick, that's not how
we do things here.
She's been coming
here for weeks.
She hasn't said a goddamn word.
You know how hard it was for me
to tell you people what that man
did to me?
Patrick, you know we don't
pressure people here.
I don't like people knowing my
shit when I don't know theirs.
That's not what it's about.
It's about trust.
Trust takes time.
And it takes more time for some
of us than it does for others.
Amy will share in
her own time, okay?
Is there anybody else
who'd like to share?
Would you like to share?
It's okay.
You're amongst friends here.
My wife divorced me.
And I don't blame her.
I wasn't easy.
Relationships are hard,
they take a lot of work.
Yeah, but, I...
I have issues.
Why do you think it was
you that was the problem?
I always left the
light on at night.
She hated it.
Are you afraid of the dark?
There's no shame in that.
Is it the darkness, or is it
what you can't see in the
darkness that scares you?
The last time
I was in complete darkness...
...I was just a boy.
My parents were arguing.
They were always arguing.
This time it was different.
She wasn't the same.
My dad was pleading for us.
Then I heard my sister.
And two more gunshots.
I knew my sister was dead.
I heard the door
to my room open.
I heard her footsteps
as she drew closer.
That was something, huh?
I'm Amy.
Yeah, I know.
I'm Eddie.
Yeah, I know.
You wanna get something to eat?
Did your mom really do that?
Why would I make that up?
Be surprised the things
people say for attention.
I'm not looking for attention.
How did it end?
She walked into my room,
and put two bullets in my chest.
That was the last
time I saw my mother.
What happened to her?
I don't know, I woke up in
a hospital a month later.
My aunt raised me until
I went off to college.
That's heavy.
Do you want to go
back to my place?
What is this place?
Home sweet home.
There's no way.
This place looks abandoned.
It's not.
Come on I'll show you.
What's the matter?
Can you turn on a light?
There's no electricity.
You live here without
Yeah, without A/C, heat,
or running water either.
Come on.
Look, I don't do
well in the dark.
Look, it's dark.
Are you scared?
How come?
I don't know.
Because you know
you're safe with me.
Come on.
Look, I can't go any further.
But we're almost there,
it's just up ahead.
No, seriously.
I can't.
I just can't.
Besides, it's really
cold in here.
Why don't we just go
back to my place.
Just give me a minute.
I need to grab
something, stay here.
What? No I can't.
Relax, gimme your phone.
There, now you have a light.
Stay here.
Is that you?
You scared the fuck out of me!
I'm sorry.
You okay?
- Yeah.
Let's get out of here.
Home sweet home.
It's not furnished but
at least it's warm.
You know I don't do
well in the dark.
Please leave it off.
You're safe with me.
Are you still afraid of
the dark little boy?
So do you really live
in that horrible place?
This isn't exactly the Waldorf.
At least it's a proper house.
It needs work.
Well you know I have
a lot of space.
Are you asking me to
move in with you?
Yeah I guess I am.
I hope you're not just saying
that in the hopes that I'm gonna
politely decline.
No, I'm not.
Why don't you tell me anything?
There's a lot I
haven't told you.
Why don't you get some help?
A grown man afraid of
the dark telling me I need help?
I'm an asshole.
I want to kick.
I'm just so tired of clinics and
doctors fucking with my head.
Why don't you help me?
I wouldn't know what to do.
What's to know?
People go cold
turkey all the time.
You just gotta break
on through, you know?
What if something happens?
What's gonna happen?
I'll get my things.
I'm sorry I bothered you.
I'll help you.
She's pretty.
My ex-wife.
A woman worth dying for.
I see it, though.
I can see where someone
would become obsessed.
I wasn't obsessed,
I was in love.
Love, obsession,
what's the difference?
It's viral.
One minute you're fine,
next thing you know
you're infected with someone
and you can't function
without them,
you'd risk everything for them.
She was my best friend.
She knew me better
than I knew myself.
Nobody really knows anyone.
These aren't bad.
Did you take these?
I want you to see me like this.
Will you take my picture?
Were you sleeping?
It's barely seven o'clock.
Dude, it's a bad time.
A bad time?
Yeah, I've got a friend over.
You don't have any friends.
Have you got a chick in there?
Who is it?
It's a friend.
Fuck you, who is it?
You don't know her.
Where'd you meet her?
I met her at therapy.
That can't be healthy.
So I'll come back later.
Well she's actually
kind of staying here.
Staying here?
Yeah, she's kind of homeless.
Dude, she was squatting
in an abandoned building,
I couldn't leave her there.
Your best friend asks you
to stay here in your
big fucking palace
and you say no
you need your space.
And some little hood rat
shakes her tail in your face
and you roll out
the red carpet for her?
I see how it is.
Wait, are you fucking with me?
You know what?
Have your fun but remember,
rats carry disease.
Careful you don't
catch something.
-Bon appetit.
Come on.
Good night!
Where's the girl?
The girl, Amy, where is she?
Who are you?
My name is Gabriel,
but that's not important.
What is important is that
you tell me where Amy is.
Look, man, I don't know who
you are or what you're
talking about--
You know exactly who
I'm talking about.
Why have you taken her?
You better back off, man.
You don't have any idea what
you've gotten yourself into.
Have you been intimate with her?
All right, listen, man,
you better stay the fuck
away from me.
Listen to me, you fool.
No, you listen to me.
Don't make me hurt you.
You're in grave danger,
and I'm trying to help you.
Is Amy still on the drugs?
Stay away.
Whatever happens, make sure
she stays on the drugs.
Just stay away.
Do you know a Gabriel?
No, why?
Well I had an interesting
conversation with a man today.
He said his name was Gabriel.
He said he knew you.
He seemed to know
a lot about you.
What'd he say?
He wanted to know where you
were and he also said that
I was in danger.
Really, how so?
I don't know,
we really didn't get that far.
He got a little aggressive so
I told him to go fuck himself.
He also knew about your
little drug problem.
I'm sorry, I just find it
hard to believe that you
don't know this guy.
You think I'm lying to you?
Well, I don't think you're
being completely honest with me.
Amy, Amy!
Amy, wake up.
Wake up!
What the fuck?
You hurt?
No, I don't think so.
Stop, Jesus, relax, I'm fine.
Where did this come from?
I don't know.
Just relax.
Are you--
Are you?
Are you sure?
I would know if I
was on my fucking rag.
Where the fuck did
this come from then?
How should I know?
Just fucking calm down.
Son of a bitch!
Hey, seen Bailey?
My dog.
You all right?
Have a good night.
Come on Bailey.
Let's go home, boy.
Are you looking for me?
Come on.
This used to be department store
before the economy tanked
and it closed down.
Changed hands so many times,
everybody seemed to wanna
do something different with it.
Previous owner,
they gutted it really badly.
The new owner,
she rents it to me.
And although it's not
a proper studio,
you will see that it gives me
all the space I need to create.
Have a look around.
So what do you think?
They're amazing, it's just a
little shocking that's all.
May I?
Yeah, that's why I brought them.
You're really good.
It was a good camera.
I've seen some god awful
pictures taken
with a good camera.
Have you ever used
one of these before?
No, I've seen them but
I've never use one.
You should try it.
I'll teach you.
So do you wanna use it?
The studio.
You said, you might
wanna use it.
Yeah, I wanna photograph
a friend and in a more
controlled environment.
Cool, when?
At your convenience.
I mean, I know you're busy,
so I don't wanna put you out.
I wish.
Pick any night next week.
Who is this?
That's Gabriel.
He's kind of a recluse.
He works at the service
station at the edge of town.
Kind of a strange cat,
but he's harmless.
Eddie, are you okay?
Oh my God, I'm sorry.
It's okay, stop.
You're gonna cut yourself.
I can't believe I did that,
it's your work.
It's all right,
it's just the frame.
Eddie, you're bleeding.
Come on.
What happened?
I don't know.
It looked like you
were having a seizure.
Are you epileptic?
No, no, nothing like that.
Are you sick?
There's a bug going
around, you know?
No, just, I haven't been
sleeping well, bad dreams.
What kind of dreams?
Well, it's strange.
It's more like episodes
rather than dreams.
How so?
It's like I wake up in my bed.
I'm in my room.
I can see everything around me,
but I can't move.
I can't speak.
I can feel things
in the darkness,
I can hear things, voices.
It's called a hypnopompic state.
A what?
Postdormital sleep paralysis,
you regain consciousness
while your body's sleep
mechanism is still engaged.
They're two main states
of consciousness.
You're wide awake,
or you're sleep.
When you're asleep,
you're essentially paralyzed.
Say, you're dreaming
and you're in a fight.
This is what keeps you
from punching your lover
sleeping next to you.
Sometimes, however,
we become conscious
while the sleep mechanism
is still engaged.
It's like a waking dream.
Your mind is wide awake,
but your body's still asleep.
Yeah, that makes sense.
How do you know so
much about this?
I have a morbid
fascination with the occult.
What does this have
to do with the occult?
Be grateful you're not
living in the Middle Ages.
You'd be diagnosed with
the early stages of
demonic possession.
All right, now you're
creeping me out.
I should probably go.
Yeah, I'll walk you out.
Is that okay?
Oh yeah, it's great.
Listen, I'm sorry about today.
No, don't worry about it.
It's okay, really.
So, next week then?
Oh, yeah right.
Yeah, I'll give you a call and
we'll make a plan.
Yeah, that sounds good.
Cool, good night.
Good night.
Hey, would you like to go
have a drink some time?
I think it'd be really nice
for us to chat again.
I'm sorry.
I'm sort of seeing someone.
I should have--
I knew that.
Yeah, this is really awkward.
I feel really stupid
-No don't please don't really.
I should have said something.
I'm sorry.
No, don't worry about it.
Have a good night.
What are you doing?
Amy, honey,
you're freaking me out.
Everything all right in there?
We thought we heard a scream.
Yeah, I was having a bad dream.
It's like 1pm.
Must be nice.
It was a late night.
What can I do for you guys?
I'm Detective Warner.
The big guy here is
Detective McConnell.
We were hoping to ask
you a few questions.
Yeah sure.
What's this about?
Mind if we come in?
Honey, Amy wake up.
The cops are here.
So moving huh?
Looks like you got
more space than stuff.
Yeah, I guess.
You two married?
No, no.
We're just friends.
Can somebody please tell
me what's going on here?
It's okay, Eddie, relax.
Say, do you recognize this girl?
I forget her name.
She's the girl that lives
right up the street.
Rebecca Green.
How exactly do you know her?
I don't. I met her
the day that I moved in.
Did something happen?
That's what we're
trying to figure out.
Turns out she came up missing.
Well, that's terrible.
Yeah, it is.
When was the last
time you saw her?
The day I moved in
she was playing in my
back yard on the swing.
What date was that?
What date exactly?
I-I don't know.
I can't remember.
I'll have to check.
Anything out of the ordinary?
Anything suspicious in
the last couple of days?
No, nothing that I can think of.
How did you two meet?
We met in group therapy.
So then you two dating?
No, just fucking.
Well, I think that
pretty much covers it.
But if you can think of anything
else, just give us a call
at that number.
Have a good afternoon.
Thanks ma'am.
Have a good afternoon.
That was weird.
What's that?
-A book.
I mean, where'd it come from?
How should I know?
It's your house.
Hi there, I was just setting up.
I thought this would look cool.
It looks great.
It's good to see you.
You must be Amy.
Well, should we go get
you all dolled up?
I guess I'll set
something up here.
You should do that.
Have a seat.
Have you ever done any modeling?
That's a shame.
You have a great face.
You're shy?
All right.
You're a woman of few words.
You want him, don't you?
I thought he was cute when
he was so vulnerable.
I'm a sucker for that.
Anyway, he said that
he was seeing someone
so I left it alone.
I'm not trying to start shit.
I mean that.
All set.
Thanks a lot for your help.
You look great.
What are you gonna wear?
Oh shit!
The fuse.
I'm really sorry.
I'll be right back.
Eddie, you scared me.
Wait, she's just
right up stairs.
What happened?
Jesus Christ, talk to me.
What happened?
It was her.
I thought it was you,
but it was her.
She's dangerous,
you have to get away from her.
I have to go.
Astrid, wait,
I don't understand.
I have to go!
What just happened?
What the fuck happened?
I have no clue man.
What'd she say?
She said you made a pass at her.
Then your girlfriend
made a pass at her.
And then your girlfriend
got all fucking crazy.
She's not making any sense.
What happened?
Look I was taking pictures of
Amy, but the light goes out,
so Astrid goes down to check on
the fuses, next thing I know
I just hear a scream.
I go down and check up on her,
she's crying hysterically.
So I try to calm her down,
she takes one look at Amy,
and just storms out the
fucking building, man,
that's all I know.
It's crazy.
Look, there's something
really weird going on.
What do you mean?
The other day, the cops came
by my place asking questions.
Turns out there's a little girl
in the neighborhood missing.
Well, guess what?
I found her book in my house.
How do you know it's her book?
Because I've met her once.
She would come by,
sit on the swing and read.
I know it was hers, man.
I saw it.
Doesn't mean anything.
She could have left it there.
It's not just that.
Ever since she's moved in
I've been having these
really crazy dreams.
The other morning I wake up
and our fucking bed is
covered in blood and
neither of us is hurt.
Then I walk to the yard
and my neighbor's dog is just
torn to fucking pieces.
Do you think Amy--
Just last week, this guy
who I've never seen before
walks up to me in the middle of
the street and starts
asking me about her.
Then he tells me
that I'm in danger.
Who was it?
Who gives a shit, man?
The point is that I'm
freaked the fuck out.
I can't even sleep at night.
I don't wanna go home.
Are you fucking kidding me?
I wish I was.
That's your big
fucking house, man.
I know.
Tell her to get the fuck out.
- I can't, Mark.
- Why?
Because I don't want to see her.
She scares me.
Man, I told you not
to get involved!
I don't need that
from you right now.
Sorry, you're right.
Do you want me to talk to her?
- No.
- Why not?
I'll tell that little
bitch to pack her bags.
Look I just need you to
be my friend right now.
Okay, I gotta get back to work.
You go to my place,
get some sleep, we'll figure
this out later, okay?
You look like shit.
Eddie's not home.
Yeah, I know.
Eddie, wake up.
Easy, easy, easy!
It was just a bad dream.
It's just a dream.
- Thanks.
-You all right?
Yeah, what time is it?
It's about nine.
Why didn't you sleep in the bed?
I don't wanna put you out.
You look like you
could use a beer.
You went and saw Amy,
didn't you?
I asked you not to.
Sorry man, I couldn't
just stand by
and watch some crazy bitch
put my best friend
out of his own home.
What did she say?
-She'll be gone
by the time you get back.
You can sleep here tonight.
I really need to see Astrid.
Not a good idea.
I feel terrible.
How do you think I feel?
I introduced you to her.
Give it some time man.
You guys really freaked her out.
I didn't do anything.
Give it some time anyway.
You wanna watch some tv?
I'm sorry, man.
Get some sleep,
we'll figure this out later.
Well, hello again, Mr. Marquez.
We didn't wake you, did we?
What can I do for you?
Your cell is a 646
number, correct?
Yeah, it's a New York line.
Do you know an Astrid Flowers?
Yeah, why?
Exactly what is your
relationship with Ms. Flowers?
She's my friend.
Can you account
for your whereabouts
between the hours
of 7 and 10 PM last night?
I was at my friend Mark's.
Mark, what was his last name?
Mark Gaines.
Can somebody please tell
me what's going on here?
Astrid Flowers was found
raped and murdered in her studio
this morning.
We're genuinely sorry
to bring you
such terrible news like this.
But when was the last
time you saw Ms. Flowers?
Mr. Marquez?
I'm sorry, I saw her
a couple days ago.
She let us use her studio.
Yeah, me and my friend Amy.
Your girlfriend?
She's not my girlfriend.
But she lives with you?
No, she doesn't
live here anymore.
You guys break up?
Look, am I under suspicion
or something?
Why would you come to me?
In cases like these,
we can't afford to leave
any stone unturned.
Your number came up on a list
of calls to Miss Flowers.
We're just checking
it out, Eddie.
Standard procedure,
I assure you.
Thank you very much
for your time.
You're not planning on
traveling any time soon,
are you, Mr. Marquez?
No, no.
Have a nice day.
So what do you think?
I think that's our boy.
Astrid's dead, dude.
The cops came by and
they think that I did it, man.
Fooled you!
Ha ha!
Leave a message.
You're so gullible, I can't
believe you fell for that.
God damn it, Mark,
answer your God damn phone!
Are you ready to hear me now?
She's been looking
for you for a long time.
For me?
Someone like you.
What do you know about me?
It's a small town, Eddie.
When one of its own
comes back after 20 years...
and tries to kill himself,
people talk.
I know all about you.
I know about your family.
And I know what your mother did.
What does this have
to do with Amy?
Are you gonna tell
me what's going on?
Amy... is a conduit.
A conduit?
A spiritual channel,
a gateway to a dark evil
that exists only to
possess and destroy.
I don't believe in that shit.
Yes, you do.
You've seen it.
You felt it and that's why
you came looking for me.
What does this have
to do with me?
I think it's a crack in your
psyche, that's what's
attracted Amy to you.
She's drawing you in,
bonding with you.
Intimately, carnally.
Trying to pass this thing off,
like a disease.
What thing?
A demon.
A demon?
Amy grew up in a small
town not far from here.
Her family, they were members
of the local congregation.
Good churchgoing people.
Church is a big deal in these
small towns, isn't it, Eddie?
But she was different
from the other girls.
Blossoming almost before
she was aware of it.
But the men, the men in town,
they were aware of it.
Including the parish priest.
His faith was no match for the
lust that she inspired in him.
He seduced her.
The old fool,
he fell in love with her.
And Amy, she too soon fell in
love with one of the local boys.
The priest, he was
insane with jealousy.
He threatened to
tell Amy's parents.
But Amy, she threatened
to expose the priest,
how he had seduced her, how they
had been carrying on for months.
It would ruin him.
So the priest, he concocted
a truly wicked plan.
He told Amy's parents
about her and the boy.
But he said that Amy was
not of her right mind.
That she had been touched by
evil, that she was possessed.
And the simpletons bought it.
And they agreed to an exorcism.
Mommy, no more.
Hush, baby.
It will be over soon.
Silence, unclean spirit.
You cannot fool us,
for we have come in the name
of the one true God,
by whose authority we will
cast you out of this servant
of the Lord.
No, no more.
Let us begin.
Christ have mercy.
- Stop it.
- Christ have mercy.
- Stop it.
There's nothing wrong with me.
- Christ hear us.
Christ graciously hear us.
God the father in heaven
-Have mercy on us.
God, son, redeemer of the world.
- It was him, it was him!
- Pray for us.
- Holy orders
of blessed spirits.
- Pray for us.
It was him.
He fucked me.
He did it to me.
He's the fucking devil.
Silence, purveyor of lies!
Hold your forked tongue.
Do not attempt to sully
the sanctity of this
most holy ceremony
with your vile blasphemies.
No, no, no, no!
No! No!
-She must be restrained.
No, please let me go!
No, no!
- Pray for us!
- Saint Andrew.
- Let me go!
- Pray for us!
- Saint James.
- Pray for us!
- St. John.
- Pray for us!
- Saint Thomas.
- Pray for us!
Saint Phillip.
Saint Bartholomew.
Saint Matthew.
Saint Simon.
And when it was over,
the beautiful and
vibrant child was gone.
And in her place, an angry and
brooding young woman.
Prone to terrible,
terrible fits of violence.
Then one by one, her family
all started dying under
mysterious circumstances.
For years, Amy was tormented.
And then she turned to drugs,
the harder the better.
And it seemed to help.
The demon didn't seem
to be able to take control
amid all the fog.
And then you came along.
I was just trying to help her.
And in return,
she's trying to destroy you.
Well, if what you're saying is
true, I have to go and find her.
No, Eddie. What you need
to do is put as much
distance as you can
between you and Amy.
They think I killed
Astrid Flowers.
I can't run now.
I have to go find Amy and
prove my innocence.
Eddie, nothing can
be gained from this.
It may already be
too late for you.
Look, more reason for
me to go and find her.
Get out of my way.
Eddie! Eddie! Eddie!
Check it out.
Merry fucking Christmas.
Eddie Marquez,
you're under arrest.
For what?
For the murder
of Astrid Flowers
and Mark Gaines.
No, I didn't do it.
Okay, then you've got
nothing to worry about, son.
Put your hands
on the back of your head
and get down on the ground.
I'm unarmed.
You can't shoot me.
God damnit.
You got nowhere to go, Eddie.
Who's there?
Show yourself.
I will shoot you.
Eddie, is that you?
Amy, where are you?
I know you're in here.
Come out, god dammit!
Dear God.
What the fuck?
What do you want?
What have you done?
Whatever do you mean?
What have you done to me?
You know better than
to sleep around.
What, did you catch something?
Why, Amy?
I tried to help you.
Because the mess your mommy
left inside your head
made it really easy.
I've dealt with this
shit for a long time.
Now it's your problem.
You bitch!
I've been called worse.
Bye, now.
What did you do
to my best friend?
Are you kidding me?
What did you do?!
- I didn't lay a finger on him.
I swear, I didn't touch him.
They're going to think
I killed them all!
What about that
little girl, huh?
The two cops that followed
you in, haven't heard
from them in a while.
What the fuck are you?
What the fuck are you?
For 15 years I've tried
to make it right, Eddie!
I've tried to protect her.
I've tried to protect
the world from her.
What I did was wrong, Eddie,
I can't undo that.
But if you kill me, the blood
will bind you together.
You'll never be free.
He is bound.
It was you.
No, Eddie, dear God.