The Conference (2023) Movie Script

["Nocturne, Op. 9, No. 2"
by Chopin playing]
[music continues]
[machinery whirring]
[victims screaming in distance]
[glass shattering in distance]
[victim screams]
["Slavonic Dances, Op. 46, B. 83: No. 8"
by Dvok playing]
[music fades]
- [man 1] All through the town
- [man 2] All through the town
[both] The doors on the bus
Go open and shut
Open and shut, open and shut
The doors on the bus go open and shut
All through the town
The driver on the bus says
[man 1] Move on back
- Move on back!
- [man 2 chuckles]
[both] All through the town
Are we there yet?
Okay, guys. In a few minutes,
we're gonna make a quick stop.
[man 1] The daddy on the bus is saying
[both] Shh, shh, shh
- [man 1] All through the town
- [man 2] town [chuckles]
- [man 1 humming]
- Yes.
All right, guys. It's finally happening.
Kolarngen shopping center. [chuckles]
Not bad for a group of municipal workers
who mostly make coffee
and sit around
filling out forms all day. [chuckles]
No. Uh, all jokes aside,
tomorrow will go down
as a historic day for our community.
And when we break ground
in front of the entire press corps,
we should be very proud
of all the amazing opportunities
that the shopping mall
will bring to Kolarngen.
So you better fasten your seat belts,
'cause it's time for takeoff! Whoo!
Now, since we've all
gathered here together,
I want to take the opportunity
to properly thank the person who,
in spite of all the difficulties,
has pulled through
and made this project a reality.
Of course, I'm talking
about you, our dear Jonas.
- [Jonas] Ah! [laughs]
- The king! Ow!
- [Jonas laughs]
- He's fucking great!
[woman 1]
You fought tooth and nail for this.
[Jonas laughs]
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Well, as your project leader
- Strange phrase.
- [woman 1] Mm-hmm.
Project leader.
To lead a project that's what I did here.
- [woman 1] Mm-hmm.
- [Jonas] It wouldn't have been possible
without any of you guys.
Especially you, Ingela.
You've been very critical.
[Ingela] Thank you, Jonas.
Now, everyone, gather around.
Let's have some fun.
We're going to hang out
and get to know each other
a little better,
while also treating ourselves.
We're gonna combine work and pleasure,
with the emphasis on pleasure.
Uh, and if anybody asks, we're all here
for "professional development training."
[both laughing]
Yeah. It's a requirement
to make it all tax-deductible.
That's right. That's right.
Thank you very much. Mm-hmm.
- Mm-hmm?
- Kaj.
Oh! Uh, you you want a picture?
- What a journey.
- [vehicle honks]
[machinery whirring]
[dramatic sting]
[eerie music playing]
[music swells, ends]
["Peer Gynt Suite No. 1, Op. 46:
III. Anitra's Dance" playing]
[minivan honking, approaches]
[music ends]
Look at this group. You look great.
Hello and welcome
to our beautiful holiday village.
Hello, hello. My name is Jenny.
And this right here is Roger.
If you need anything, you can ask him.
Or me. Or both of us.
- But if your toilet's clogged, ask Roger.
- [Ingela laughs]
[Roger] Hey, everyone. Welcome.
[Jenny] Uh This is Cleo.
She'll take care of you
during the team-building exercise
after lunch.
I hope you brought exercise clothes,
'cause we're having fun.
[Jenny chuckles]
We also have Karl, our chef.
Well, I hope you brought Pepto-Bismol.
Hey, I'm just kidding, of course.
Uh, anyway, we work closely
with our local markets
and farmers so we can, uh...
Hey! Who the hell brought these fireworks
and put them in there
on top of my luggage?
- Yeah. Um, those would be mine.
- Why would you bring these?
[Kaj] I was planning a little surprise
for the group later on.
Okay, uh, this evening,
we're going to be serving a...
Maybe it's better if we go over dinner
at a later time, thank you very much.
Now, then,
why don't we go up to the guesthouse
and get your cabin keys?
- Follow me. [chuckles]
- [Roger] Yep.
- [Karl] Here we have a
- [woman 2] Excuse me. I'm sorry.
- For fuck's sake!
- [glass shattering]
- Hey. Cleo. Hey.
- [Cleo] Mmm?
[clears throat]
So, I recently came back to the office
after taking some time off, so, uh
Mm-hmm. That's nice.
Yeah. And I was recommended to stay away
from any kind of unnecessary stress,
so about this whole
exercise clothes thing
Right. There won't be unnecessary stress.
It'll be nice and relaxing, stress-free.
Don't you worry.
[Jenny] Let's see. Okay.
So we have Eva and Lina.
You'll share cabin one.
Aren't we a bit too old
for a pajama party? [chuckles]
Okay, then. We have Jonas and, uh...
- [bell dinging]
- Ka-Ka-Ka-Ka-Kajan! [chuckles]
- [Jenny] Yes. Cabin number two.
- Nmero dos.
- [Jenny] Then Amir and Torbjrn.
- [Torbjrn] Congratulations, Amir.
- [Jenny] You're in cabin number three.
- Thank you.
Nadja and Anette have number four.
Excuse me. Who decided
which of us were paired together?
[Cleo, chewing] You're grouped
with matching astrological signs.
[Nadja] Excuse me?
You're a Cancer,
so you should be with a Scorpio.
- Except I'm a Scorpio.
- I'm a Cancer.
Astrological signs. How exciting is that?
That means, Ingela,
that you're all by yourself
in our finest luxury cabin.
That's right.
Our group is an uneven number,
so someone's gotta make the sacrifice.
Look, Anette.
This is some cultural history, I tell ya.
Back in the day, they weren't
afraid of rolling up their sleeves.
- [Anette] No.
- [Torbjrn] How dirty they are. Crazy.
And who are these stars?
It's nice to have someone on our side
after all this commotion.
Commotion? It's more of an uprising,
considering all the complaints and...
Yeah, but I don't think most people
understand what this really means.
We believe this shopping center
will be a giant lift for the community.
- And for us. As well as...
- No need for that.
We've already read this.
- Yeah.
- [Ingela] Why do you think we came here?
[Torbjrn] It could be
because nobody else wants us.
[Anette chuckling]
["Snlla Gud Jag Vill Inte D"
by Johan Piribauer playing on radio]
[Karl grunts]
[stove igniter clicking]
[stove igniter clicking]
[Karl sighs]
[music swells, ends]
[Jenny] Where are you going?
I'm going to fill up the gas tank,
which Roger should have done.
- Where did he go?
- He's in the cabins, finishing up.
But hey!
They're having lunch in two hours!
[eerie music playing]
[announcer on radio] a petition where
the majority of Kolarngen's citizens
vote against the shopping center.
However, there are no plans
to abort the controversial construction,
according to the reports
from Backmann-Kroon.
- The groundbreaking
- [loud crash]
on Saturday, in front
of the entire press corps,
- with representatives
- [pulls parking brake]
[Karl] What the hell?
[distant clattering]
[eerie music playing]
[clattering continues]
[music swells, ends]
[pop music playing on radio]
- [sniffs] Ugh.
- [toilet flushes]
[door opens]
[Kaj] Goddamn.
[door closes]
- Sorry.
- What?
Vindaloo, it just [whistles]
Oh. No. No, it's not you.
[Jonas] We're out of toilet paper,
in case you gotta go.
[Kaj] Thanks.
It's the cabin. It smells like, uh,
moldy cardboard or something. Smell it?
Super depressing cabin.
[Kaj] But
the standard at next year's conference
will be higher, right?
I mean, fuck, I heard that Backmann-Kroon
flew their entire crew
down to Dubai for theirs.
Ah, ah, shh, shh, shh. Please
Don't talk too much about that.
Until it's official.
Ah. Okay.
- [Jonas clicks tongue]
- [chuckles]
But but it will happen, right?
[scoffs] Of course it will.
["Copplia, Act I: No. 1, Valse" playing]
[Anette] Hey. Have you seen this?
"Today's agenda"? "Environmental goals"?
You playing your six-string
tonight, Torbjrn?
Yeah, but I haven't played in a long time.
- [Ingela] What are we gonna do about this?
- [Jenny] I understand. I am so sorry.
Look, I mean, you can't have
a conference facility without Wi-Fi.
- [Jenny] No. No, we But we can't
- No. No, you can't.
No, but we have it. I said we have Wi-Fi.
It just disconnects occasionally.
But but Ingela, we'll sort it out.
- Roger, stop.
- What?
[Jenny] Go fix the internet.
- Again?
- Yes!
- You're joking. Again?
- Hurry up!
- Go now!
- [Roger] Okay!
[music continues]
What's this?
[Jonas whistles]
[marker squeaking]
[music swelling]
[music ends]
[narrator] More and more families
are beginning to report
an increase in threats to their safety,
which is something
that shouldn't be taken lightly
in our communities.
In a world plagued
by violence and gang-related crime,
it's becoming more difficult
to find a safe place to call home.
[gunshot echoing]
[narrator] But there still remains
one neighborhood that strives
to maintain solidarity and compassion.
A community where you
and your family can start anew.
- Hey!
- How have you been?
[tires screech]
[narrator] Here,
community and neighborliness
are combined with traditional values.
Hey, there.
How's it going?
[woman laughing]
[narrator] If you're young and dreaming
about becoming a drainage engineer,
then send in an application
to our construction high school.
Your future is only limited
by what you can imagine.
[narrator] A community
that you can call your home,
your family,
your life,
your work,
or you can simply call it "Kolarngen."
Welcome home.
[Ingela] "Welcome home."
A little bit of inspiration
to kick off the day.
[exhales] So, come on.
Did you get goose bumps? [laughs]
Sorry, but did neo-Nazis produce
the commercial you just played?
There are some
white gang members in there too.
Is everyone who lives
in Kolarngen white now?
I mean, not in real life.
No, no. It this wasn't real life.
A bouquet of flowers
doesn't just consist of of of roses.
It's all kinds of flowers.
It's important
that every flower can bloom.
Hey, Ingela. I have to ask you something.
What channel is this crap going to air on?
Torbjrn, we're not going to air it
on a regular TV channel.
- No?
- We're gonna upload it to YouTube.
I don't fucking understand
how we can waste resources
on these kind of things.
I mean, back in my day,
we all personally handed out...
Yes, Torbjrn.
Everything was better back in your day.
You and the other guys could sit
in the break room, looking at porno,
eating liver pt straight out of the box.
[Nadja] But, seriously, we should consider
if this is how we really want to advertise
Kolarngen to other communities.
No, but maybe we could just cut some out
and shorten it a little?
Just remove the beginning,
the middle,
and the end.
- [chuckles]
- [Torbjrn laughing]
- [Ingela] Guys, you're too funny. Like
- [laughing]
Come on. You're truly, truly funny.
But how about either of you follow through
with your work tasks for once?
Everything just fizzles out all the time.
What happened to the invites
you were gonna send out
for tomorrow's ceremony?
You guys were supposed to handle that.
Or did that just fizzle out too?
[Jonas] All right.
Now, how about everybody sing a song
called "We Shall Overcome"?
[Kaj laughing]
No, we should take a little, uh,
break time to gather some energy.
- [Ingela] Yes. Great minds think alike.
- I've gotta take a shit.
There's some coffee in the lobby.
How ridiculous is this company?
[Torbjrn] Will you grab a cup
for me, Eva?
- [Eva] Oh, yes.
- [Ingela] Come on, everybody.
- We shall overcome
- [Torbjrn] That's great, Anette.
[Kaj] Yeah.
We shall overcome
One day [echoing]
[dramatic sting swelling]
[blow lands]
[Jonas] We got, uh, what was it,
uh, 15 million for the land.
All of the big chains
will set up shop there.
I also convinced Backmann-Kroon
to keep all the rent prices low
so that local entrepreneurs can also
establish themselves in Kolarngen.
[Eva] So which large chains are coming?
A small furniture store that makes you
screw your own shelves together.
- [whispers] IKEA.
- But we don't talk about that.
[Amir] Hey.
- Hey.
- [Amir] Hey.
How does it feel to be back? [chuckles]
Couldn't stay away from us? [chuckles]
Not from you, of course.
- [Jonas] So then I told them
- The rest, I don't know.
[all laughing]
[Jonas] No!
I really regret not standing up for you
when you were on sick leave.
I mean, I-I saw how overworked you were,
so I really wanted to talk to Ingela,
but you you
- Amir.
- [Amir] You know, it's just
It's okay, it's okay, it's okay.
She wouldn't have listened anyway, so
Okay, guys. Let's get back to it.
- Glad you're here.
- You're the best.
[Kaj] We were sharp before. Reflexes!
[Anette] Come on and settle down,
you young bucks.
- [line ringing]
- [Ingela] Okay.
- Let's go, guys.
- [line ringing]
[camera clicks]
[Jenny sighs]
[Karl on phone] Hey, this is Karl.
Sorry I missed your call.
Please leave a message after
[Ingela] So since we'll have
so many new residents in the community
Hey, what about my proposal
for the new bus routes?
We'll look at that later.
Did you even really present it?
I presented your bus route request
to the shopping center.
It's been presented. Thanks.
Um I can't find anything
explaining the actual costs in here.
It sure must have cost a pretty penny.
I'm just saying,
we know blueprints aren't free.
And to build the road there
Then you have the water
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
[singsong voice] Wait!
Of course costs are incurred from that.
It's investing in the future.
It takes money to make money.
You've gotta be crazy to get the dollars.
But the land is worth more
than what you sold it for.
Nadja, I've gone through the numbers
multiple times, and everything adds up.
[Ingela] Exactly.
So there's nothing more to discuss.
But come on. The shopping center
hasn't even been built yet.
But we are breaking ground on it
tomorrow, are we not? Tomorrow?
In front of the entire press corps?
Remember, Nadja, that you haven't
worked with us for that long.
No. So what?
So, you may not be familiar
with the way we do things here.
Don't worry.
Jonas has full control of the situation.
Word. Boom. [chuckles]
- Nadja, could I take a quick peek at that?
- [Nadja] Yes. I'll be quiet.
[Ingela] Hmm.
With population increasing regionally,
we're experiencing
a very interesting situation
with regards to the housing market...
But wait, wait.
I actually don't recognize this, either.
My God. Is it never enough?
[Lina] But where is
a compensation agreement
for the farmer and his family, Plsson?
I mean, we demolished his whole farm.
They're entitled to get something.
[Jonas chuckles]
We all agreed, and you were with us.
We did?
[Jonas] You signed the contract yourself.
Sure, it's my signature,
but it's the wrong contract.
It's the wrong contract.
I wouldn't have signed this.
- I would not...
- So then who signed it if it wasn't you?
[Ingela] Here we go again
with the speculation.
It's speculation and more speculation.
We're supposed to be a team, you know?
We can't keep questioning every
little thing if we're to make progress.
Remember what happened last time
we started bickering about petty things?
- [Nadja] What happened?
- [pen clicks]
[Ingela sighs]
[pen clicking]
[Anette] Hey, Frans.
- [Jonas] Frans!
- [Ingela screams]
- [pen clicking]
- [Ingela] I was attacked.
Tearing down a family farm to build
a shopping center is not petty stuff.
- It's capitalist, sick vulgarity.
- [Jonas] Ah.
The shopping center is
part of the community's welfare structure.
[Kaj] Listen. Sometimes in life,
you have to break a few eggs
so you can make a pancake, right?
See what I mean?
- [Nadja] What are you talking about?
- Hey, hey, hey. "Pancake."
I heard the word "pancake."
Let's have lunch.
["Symphony No. 2, Op. 52 'Lobgesang':
Allegretto un poco agitato" playing]
[Ingela] Okay. So we'll reconvene
after we get some food.
[Jenny sighs]
[flies buzzing]
[Jenny sighs]
[Kaj] Hot dogs! Is that, uh,
all we're having for lunch?
Yeah. Um, we've been having issues
with food deliveries recently.
- Here you go.
- Thought it'd be fish.
[Torbjrn, muffled] Damn.
This hot dog is cold. Cold as ice.
[Eva, muffled] Yeah. Mine is too.
[music slowing down, distorted]
[Jonas, muffled] Lina.
- Lina.
- [Lina gasps]
[music stops]
- [Jonas] Hi.
- God, you scared me.
[Jonas] How are you?
[sighs] Well, it's it's fine.
[Jonas] Hmm.
Can we just have a quick word in private?
[Lina] Mmm.
- Sure.
- Cool.
What are you doing?
I don't know what you mean.
You know, questioning the contract
in front of everyone. Huh?
Don't you realize
that this is very embarrassing for me,
like I fucked up or something?
And Ingela gets so anxious.
I think this is really, really awkward.
Okay, then,
but I just told you what I saw.
I I didn't sign those papers.
I don't recognize them at all.
- Not even one.
- So who signed them, then?
[laughing] Some kind of ghost?
Or could it just be
you don't remember? Right?
It's normal for your memory to fail
after an extended period
undergoing stress.
And then you start to disassociate
or fabricate your own stuff up there,
so think about what you say
from now on. Okay?
[bell dinging]
[Roger] Yeah?
[Jonas] Uh, we're out
of toilet paper in cabin two.
- Ah. I'll get some. No worries.
- Yep.
[music resumes normally]
[Jenny sighs]
[microwave beeping]
- [Torbjrn] So where's the chef?
- Uh He's getting prepared for supper.
[Nadja] Ingela,
my main question is, really,
who is the one
who had final authorization...
Nadja, this is really starting
to feel like the Nuremberg trials
with all the questions you're asking.
Well, excuse me, but I have to be able
to ask questions, right?
I mean, aren't we here for discussions?
Yes, but remember
to discuss things the right way.
The last thing we want
is another Frans situation.
[Nadja] Who's Frans?
Frans? Who's Frans?
[music ends]
[Lina] Did I miss something?
[zipper opens]
[eerie music playing]
[door opens, closes]
[music ends]
[can opens]
[Roger sighs]
[twig cracks]
[Roger sighs]
- [footsteps running]
- [Roger groans]
[disturbing music playing]
[music stops]
[Torbjrn] Oh God.
What a fucking farce this is.
[chuckles] Remember back in the day, Eva,
when us municipal workers
really cared about farmlands?
And that just isn't the case anymore.
[Nadja chuckles] Look, Anette.
What the hell is going on?
Yeah, I think it's supposed to
look like a charcoal burner.
[mascot, high-pitched voice]
Howdy, gang! Ha ha ha ha!
Well, my name is Sotis!
Yes! I'm here to inaugurate
a shopping center here in Kolarngen!
- Ha ha ha!
- [Kaj laughs]
[Sotis] We're gonna have so much fun.
Has anyone by any chance seen
a tiny, little shopping center
that looks ready to be inaugurated?!
- [Ingela laughing]
- [toy hammer squeaks]
- [Sotis] Ha ha!
- [Ingela] It's Sotis!
Kolarngen's very own mascot.
Torbjrn, what's a charcoal burner?
[Torbjrn] Charcoal burners
were the proletarians of the forest,
who supplied furnaces
with coal back in the day.
The forest and the land we're now
pillaging to build a shopping center on?
Just fucking stop it, Anette.
Our municipality has the most ambitious
climate goals in all of the country.
Climate goals? Uh, hey, Ingela,
do you know the difference
between climate and environment?
You don't have to bring politics
into everything.
[all arguing, overlapping]
She does have a point.
- Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello!
- [arguing stops]
What's with the shitty,
fucking bad attitudes around here?
When I make an effort to dress up
and put on a fucking show for you?
All I can say, pearls before swine.
[toy hammer squeaks]
[Jonas grunts]
[Ingela] You happy now?
[ominous music playing]
[music swells, ends]
[Ingela] There's cheesecake
and jam out there.
Hey, don't worry
about what others think. You hear me?
I, uh
[chuckles] I don't care.
I feel sorry for them.
I do.
No sense of humor.
The problem with them
is they lack creativity. Originality.
Jonas, listen to me.
Those who truly mean something
know exactly what you've accomplished.
And that's what's important.
jealousy can come into the equation.
When somebody is as successful,
young, and visionary as you,
they can't handle it.
And you know what?
[clears throat]
I've decided that I'll let you get
the first crack at the shovel tomorrow.
[Jonas chuckles]
[both chuckle]
[Jonas chuckles]
[Ingela] Try it, Jonas.
- Try shoveling a bit.
- [Jonas grunts]
Just like that. Awesome.
That way. Like so.
A little harder.
[both chuckling]
[whistle blowing]
A strong team is the grounding
of a successful organization,
so through communication and cooperation,
we will increase
our understanding of each other.
Yes. Absolutely.
- Dream work makes the teamwork.
- [Kaj] Yeah.
Fucking well said, Ingela. Like this
Ask not what you can do for your company.
Ask what you can do,
and then you go and do it together.
Hmm. And by communication,
I mean to say real communication.
Conversations, human interaction, right?
So that means
no cell phones allowed for today.
Here you go. Thank you.
So we could be more present together.
Good. Go ahead and put it in there.
- [cell phones clattering]
- [Cleo] Really great. Just like that.
We'll take that. And you can smoke
some more when you're home.
God, that's lovely. Yeah.
Now you can listen to me for a while.
- [cell phone clatters]
- Hey, what lovely energy.
And now I want you all
to run back to your cabins
and switch into your exercise clothes,
because it's time for team-building.
[gong rings]
[Anette] Excuse me.
I made a quiz with some topical questions.
[Cleo] Wow. We won't have time for that.
- [Lina] Amir.
- Yeah?
- You believe me, right?
- Yeah. About what?
I didn't sign those documents
from earlier.
Right. So who did?
Fuck if I know, but
we have to compensate the farmer.
It would be evil not to.
And how would that work?
[Lina] We'll squeeze it into the budget.
- We have to contact him.
- Contact who?
- Plsson?
- Yeah.
Yeah, but, Lina
Plsson's dead.
Didn't you know?
What? When did he die?
After they demolished the farm.
He killed himself.
[disturbing music playing]
[music stops]
[Amir sighs] Ingela doesn't want us
talking about it, because it's very
"negative talk."
[scoffs] Of course.
[inspiring music playing]
Each team is going to build a raft.
At your disposal
you have two wooden planks,
sixty plastic bottles,
two rolls of duct tape,
the strength of your ingenuity,
and an extra large bag
filled with fighting spirit! Let's go!
Rock and roll!
- [Cleo] Come on, guys!
- Yeah!
["Messa da Requiem: Dies Irae"
by Verdi playing]
- Tape it! Tape!
- Here!
Tape that! Tape it!
Come on! Come on!
- [Torbjrn] I've got it!
- Grab more bottles!
- You're getting in the way.
- And now a shitload of tape.
[music continues]
- Jonas? Hello, do you hear me?
- Yeah! Yeah, yeah!
[Eva] Take this.
[Cleo] Come on, Blue team.
[Kaj] Pass me the tape! Come on. Come on.
[Torbjrn] Let me fix it.
- [Ingela] Put those on the side. Tape it!
- [Kaj] We're not going fast enough!
[music continues]
[Jonas] Come on! Screw that! Carry!
[Blue team arguing, overlapping]
[Jonas] The guys go! The guys go!
[Ingela] Those two
are already on the water.
We're gonna fall behind.
[Torbjrn] Hand me the roll.
[Amir] Okay. Lift on three. One
[Jonas] Come on! Faster!
[Cleo] Go faster!
[raft cracks]
[Jonas] Paddle!
This is so fucking stupid.
[music ends]
[both cheering]
[Nadja] Whoo!
- We won, Anette!
- Yeah, yeah, yeah. Great.
To hell with this.
[groans] Come on. Let's have a beer.
[Nadja] Hell yeah. We killed it.
[both cheering]
- [Jonas] Yes!
- [Kaj] In your face!
[cheering continues in distance]
[foreboding music playing]
[menacing music playing]
[music stops]
[object clatters]
[Jenny] Roger?
- What the
- [door banging]
[Jenny] God
- [wind howling]
- [door banging]
[Jenny sighs]
What the fuck is this?
Why would
[door creaking]
[chilling music playing]
[Jenny sighs]
[creaking continues]
[dramatic sting]
- [Cleo] Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump!
- [Kaj] Jonas! Jonas! Jonas! Jonas!
- [Cleo] Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump!
- [Kaj] Jonas! Jonas! Jonas! Jonas! Jonas!
- [tense music playing]
- [gasping]
[Jenny screams]
[music fades]
[Red team cheering]
[music continues]
[Jenny gasping]
- [screams]
- [pan clangs]
[Jenny wheezing]
[pan scrapes]
[blows landing]
Oh, oh
Imagine that you are at sea
on a sinking ship.
In your hands,
you've been given a list of items.
During the limited time you have,
you as a team
need to make a joint decision
about which items
on this list you will save.
You're going to have to prioritize
and compromise under immense pressure,
which generates stress.
You will need to create a plan
for dealing with that stress.
You have one minute.
[gong rings]
[clears throat] Okay. Um
Toilet paper seems important.
So that's a given.
Uh These cans of food, on the other hand,
might be tricky, so maybe we ditch that?
And what are you going to eat, then?
I can drink to fill myself up.
It's a skill I have.
Yeah. Me too.
The laptop is definitely coming.
Oh, so you're going to swim
with a laptop under your arm? [scoffs]
Why is it so important
to bring the laptop?
Well, I guess it's an individual matter,
but for me, it's very important.
So you'd rather bring a laptop
than a life jacket?
[Jonas scoffing]
Yeah. I know how to swim. I'm not as good
at recovering failed hard drives.
But I can recover them, can't I?
Yes, but no.
A Amir, the laptop is coming on the boat!
But, Jonas, you can just pull out
the hard drive and bring that part...
So let him take his fucking laptop.
If I can bring a bottle of wine,
I'll be fine.
[Kaj] Here we go again.
[all arguing, overlapping]
[arguing continues]
Hold it. Hold it. Hold it!
- Hold it! Shh!
- [Cleo] Zero!
[gong rings]
[silences gong]
Hasn't anyone thought
about how to deal with the oil spill
that happens when the ship sinks?
[Ingela] You're analyzing
this task all wrong.
- Ring the gong again!
- [gong rings]
[Jonas] I'm so done with this!
[eerie music playing]
[killer grunts]
- [Jonas] Costa Rica, in the jungle.
- [Kaj] Damn, that's cool.
- [Jonas] It was fucking awesome.
- [Kaj] Yeah. I can imagine.
[music continues]
[Jonas] Watch this.
[grunting, panting]
- [Ingela] Go, Jonas!
- [Jonas] You guys can't keep up?
[Ingela] You've got awesome thighs!
[music swells, ends]
[Cleo] Guys, you ready
for the baptism of fire?
- [Ingela] Yes!
- [Kaj] Yes!
Any volunteers?
You, over there.
Up for it?
There'll be no stress. It's just for fun.
All right. Isn't it time to just rip
the band-aid right off already?
We're here to challenge ourselves.
To step out into the unknown.
Out from the comfort zone.
- [Kaj chanting] Lina! Lina! Lina!
- [Nadja chanting] Lina! Lina! Lina!
[Torbjrn chanting] Lina! Lina!
[chanting continues] Lina! Lina! Lina!
[Jonas] No, no, no.
Hold on, hold on,
hold on, hold on. You guys.
Not like that.
It's great that you want
to encourage Lina. It really is.
But we know how fragile she is.
This is no fucking game.
So if it's the case that she doesn't dare
doesn't want
she doesn't need to.
- [Kaj imitates chicken]
- [Jonas clears throat]
[Kaj imitating chicken]
There's no shame in giving up.
Sometimes you win by giving up.
- Right, then.
- [Kaj imitating chicken]
- [Jonas] Hey.
- [Lina] I'll go.
Hey, Kaj. [chuckles] Stop.
[Kaj laughs]
[tense music playing]
Don't you worry.
[music swelling]
[music stops]
[Lina] Yeah, no. I don't want to.
[Kaj imitating chicken]
[Ingela] I do wanna remind all of you
that this is the kind of stuff
that makes you grow as a person.
We're here to have fun, right?
[Torbjrn] So, Cleo, I'm thinking about
How often are these facilities inspected?
I've heard that in other places like this
But how reliable can they be
after so much time
exposed to the elements?
[suspenseful music playing]
[Kaj screaming]
[Lina panting]
[music continues]
[Lina grunts]
[Amir] Whoo!
Holy fuck. [exhales]
[music continues]
[Lina typing]
[Torbjrn] Back in my day,
we went on conference trips
to get a break from our everyday lives.
And conference trips were for getting out,
eating good food,
and drinking drinking beer.
Sounds a little backwards.
Or is it just me?
Hey, I'm hearing some disagreement
in the group,
and therefore, I just wanna say
that an honest disagreement
is often a sign of development.
Who do you think said that?
- Phil Collins.
- Tony Robbins.
Hmm. Those are great guesses,
but it was actually Mahatma Gandhi.
And what do you think he meant by that?
If you can't stand the heat,
put on a jacket?
No. He meant that respectful disagreement
and conversation between two people
is a method to achieve success
in any path of life.
That's goddamn right.
[music continues]
[Lina typing]
[Lina] Got you now, bastard.
[music ends]
Hey! Hey, guys. It's about damn time
we took a group photo, don't you think?
I need the content.
Because without content,
who are we really, as a group?
- Cleo, can you give our phones back now?
- Yeah.
[Kaj] Okay. So, the taller people
in the back, and the shorter ones here.
Let's bunch up a little.
- Cleo?
- Uh, yes? No. Uh
We, uh, should wait
until there's been time
for the withdrawal to completely wear off.
So you guys can all talk
to each other instead.
Why don't you take the opportunity
to analyze your your disagreements a bit,
and I'll be right back.
- Where the fuck is my head?
- [Amir] What's going on?
- [laptop chimes]
- [USB disconnects]
Bro. I'll see you at the hot tub, right?
Where the fuck is my head?
[Cleo] Is that a trick question?
What do you mean?
- It's there between your shoulders.
- Very funny!
- I brought a huge huge fucking head!
- [Cleo] No, I haven't seen it.
[suspenseful music playing]
[Jonas] What the fuck.
Make me lose money on this bullshit.
[music swelling]
[Jonas mocking]
"It's between your shoulders." Yes, it is.
My head is between my shoulders.
Where the hell is yours? Up your ass?
Should have said that. [grunts]
[exhales sharply]
Screw that now.
Fuck you. Fuck you!
No, it's fine.
[exhales heavily]
- [door opens, closes]
- [Lina sighs]
[menacing music playing]
[hammer hitting]
[music ends]
[dramatic music swelling]
["Dansar I Mnens Sken"
by Suzzies Orkester playing]
- [Kaj] Here we go!
- [Torbjrn laughing]
I spent about two days
creating a playlist on my phone
that is perfect
for exactly this one moment.
[Torbjrn] Yeah,
that's the team-building exercise.
They're trying to see who goes mad first
without being able to use their phone.
- No. I think it'll be Kaj, actually.
- [Torbjrn] Yeah.
[Eva] What a shame it would be
if your 12 followers on Instagram
couldn't experience
this exciting life of yours.
Ha ha, Eva. Cute,
but I actually have 83 followers.
[Eva] Okay.
Besides, no one even says "YOLO" anymore,
so you failed there too. [scoffs]
- [Torbjrn] Oh, oh, oh!
- [Kaj] Ooh!
- Ledin!
- [Torbjrn] Oh yeah?
- A part of my heart
- A part of my [chuckles]
- Will always beat for you
- [Kaj] Ow!
- [Torbjrn] Hey, hey, hey! [laughing]
- [Jonas] Whoo!
[Torbjrn laughing]
- Go! Go, go, go!
- [Torbjrn laughing]
- [Eva laughs]
[Torbjrn] Hey! [laughing]
- Ah!
- [Jonas] Ah!
[Torbjrn] Mmm.
- Cheers.
- Yeah, cheers to you.
And cheers to us, guys.
- [music stops]
- [Cleo] Jenny?
[bell dings]
[Cleo] Roger?
Damn it.
- [feet slide]
- [Cleo gasps] What the hell?
[chilling music playing]
[door creaking]
[switch clicks]
[dramatic sting]
[Cleo screaming, grunts]
[tense music playing]
[Cleo screaming]
[Cleo grunts]
[whistle blowing]
[blow lands]
[music stops]
[Cleo groaning] God God
- [blow lands]
- [Cleo groans]
[blows landing]
- [cork pops]
- [all cheering]
[Nadja] Now this is
what I'm talking about.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! Ah!
- [Nadja] Finally, some R & R.
[all] A little flower! [laughing]
Everybody, it's a perfect opportunity,
uh, to reflect
on this day we have just spent together.
It's been incredible. And we all
opened up ourselves to each other.
We've taken off our masks.
And together,
we became the people we really are.
Oh, you've opened yourselves up,
opened up your innermost parts
for each other.
- I have to go to the bathroom. Amir.
- [Ingela] The masks have
And all this opening up
will give us the chance to do wonders.
[Torbjrn] Yeah.
[Ingela] Tomorrow will be
an absolutely fantastic day.
Because now,
we're so much closer to each other.
See? We're touching skin.
- [Torbjrn] Hey, Ingela.
- [Ingela] Mmm?
That scar, do you still feel it ever?
I mean, yeah, physically,
I still feel it sometimes.
But emotionally, it makes you afraid
someone could attack you like that.
Really hurts.
That a coworker
could just randomly attack you.
You have to be able to feel safe
in your workplace.
[Torbjrn] Well, now we are.
It it doesn't ever really go away.
[Lina] I went through Jonas's computer.
The compensation agreements,
the land sale,
the email correspondence
between Jonas, Backmann-Kroon, and Kaj
Something is seriously off here.
Let me see.
All of my documents in there are dated
a week before I went on sick leave.
But all of the contracts that they used
were created
only a month before they were signed.
What, so they backdated the contracts?
And must have forged my signature.
- And one more thing.
- What?
There are no contracts
with any store chains whatsoever.
Nobody has shown interest.
What about IKEA?
They were going to open in the big space.
And when it all goes to shit,
Jonas will already be working
for Backmann-Kroon.
They signed a contract.
- [USB disconnects]
- [laptop closes]
It's all in there.
["Fiskarna I Haven" playing on speakers]
Damn it. My stomach is starting to growl.
What time is it, Eva?
The time is
seven o'clock.
- [Torbjrn] Seven? It's seven already?
- [Eva] Mmm.
Christ, that's an hour late at this point.
Why can't they just stick to the schedule
at this fucking place?
[shudders] It's getting cold.
Wanna come to my cabin?
Well, are there any snacks at your cabin?
Chips, red wine?
- [laughs] Well, it's a deal.
- [claps]
[Jonas humming] Hoo!
- [humming] Ha!
- Ha.
[both humming]
- [Jonas] Wolf of Wall Street.
- [Kaj humming]
- [Anette] Ugh.
- [Jonas] You need an IRA.
IRA? IRA. IRA is a thing?
- [slurps]
- [Jonas] Mmm.
But if you're really tough,
then you better go with a crypto wallet.
[Kaj] Damn.
Did you convince Kaj
to forge my signature?
Yeah, you're good at that.
Letting others handle your shit, right?
Uh, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hold your horses.
What the hell are you talking about?
[scoffs] Yeah.
What the hell are you on about? [laughs]
Were you also offered a job
at Backmann-Kroon or what?
A nice raise
and conference trips to Dubai?
That is not official yet.
I don't think it's...
Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh. Uh uh
- Lina Damn it...
- I know what you've done.
IKEA's not coming.
No one's coming.
[can clatters]
Can you and I talk privately?
Uh, bro, do you, uh, want me to tag along?
[Jonas] No. No, no.
Hell no. I've got this.
You just sit there and enjoy.
- Enjoy!
- [Kaj chuckles]
[Jonas] Come on.
What's up?
[Lina] Now I see
why you gave me all that extra work.
Yeah, you had Ingela give me lots
of unnecessary tasks to distract me.
Yeah, and then you used my sick leave
to manipulate everyone
into believing that I was in the wrong.
[Jonas] Lina
Look at me.
I like you.
You're smart.
Up here.
I just wonder,
what are you really doing here?
You're not supposed to be here.
You should be there.
You belong
on a much larger playing field, Lina.
This just hit me,
and it has to stay between us
but I happen to know that Backmann-Kroon
are looking for new employees.
In my position, I could pull strings
and get you a fire job over there.
That pays really well.
And one where you'd actually be happy.
Huh? [laughs]
And let's forget
all this bullshit. [chuckling]
Screw that, then.
Why do you say that IKEA's not coming?
- Well, are they?
- [Jonas] Yeah, they are.
But they'll come when they come.
And I don't need someone
who ba ba ba ba ba talks like that.
Because it's thanks to me
any of us are here, so it's mine!
I'm under tremendous pressure!
And I'm going to dig tomorrow
with the shovel!
Do you get that?
Standing for the press and digging!
[Lina] There won't be any revenue,
no tourists.
- The shopping center will be a fiasco.
- [Jonas laughing]
[Lina] The whole community
will go bankrupt.
[Jonas laughing]
Where the hell
are you getting this from? Huh?
Your extremely important laptop.
[tense music playing]
You're way beyond your ability.
So stop. Right, Lina? You know that.
Either you admit and stop groundbreaking,
or I'll call the police tomorrow.
[door opens]
- [Jonas inhales heavily]
- [door closes]
["Se p mig" by Jan Johansen
playing on speakers]
Oh, I love this song.
Anette, turn up the volume.
- Anette!
- What?
Turn up the volume.
This song means a lot to me.
Du r trtt
[cork creaking]
Men du mste nd g
Och nr skuggorna
Brjar vxa och f liv
Och nr natten skrmmer s
[glasses clink]
r jag bredvid dig
Och jag fljer varje steg du tar
Och hos dig stannar jag kvar
S se p mig
Och hll min hand I stormen
Som en vg som fds att bra dig
Ja, se p mig, h, I ljus och mrker
[Jonas screaming]
Och aldrig lmnar jag dig
What kind of bullshit song is this?
Hey, if it's too loud old,
you're too loud, biatch! [cackles]
Well, tomorrow's another day.
["Om" by Niklas Strmstedt
playing on speakers]
- [motor cranking]
- [Anette] Huh.
And here comes that one.
[cranking continues]
Hey, Sotis! Bro!
[motor starts]
[Kaj] Hey, Sotis, my man!
It's all cool. I'm just paranoid
about this stuff with Lina and
[music swells]
What the fuck is that? [chuckles] What?
Om du var ett hav vore jag en vg
Om du var himmelen
Skulle jag ha vingar
Om du var ett regn
Hade jag vart hav och land
[Anette screams]
[Kaj gurgling, gagging]
Om du var musik vore jag en sng
Om du var vidderna ville jag va vinden
Men jag skulle inte va nting
Om du inte fanns
[music continues, fading]
[motor rattling]
[music stops]
[menacing music playing]
Hello? Jenny?
- [bell dings]
- We're starting to get hungry here. Hello?
[switch clicks]
[dramatic sting]
[chilling music playing]
[breathing heavily] Almighty
Dear God, please save us.
Lord, please have mercy.
Jonas! Jonas, you have to...
- [punch lands]
- [Ingela shrieks]
[menacing music playing]
[Ingela screaming]
[killer breathing heavily, muffled]
[Nadja] Oh, shit!
- [Amir] Hey
- Fuck! Somebody stop him! Fuck!
Who is that?
[Jonas] Sotis? What?
- [Torbjrn] Oh no!
- [Nadja screaming]
[Jonas] Run, run! Come on! Run, Lina!
[Torbjrn] Run! Run!
[music swells, ends]
[suspenseful music playing]
[Jonas panting]
[music stops]
[Jonas groaning]
[Lina] Come on. Get up. Get up!
[Jonas whimpering]
[music resumes]
- [Torbjrn] What the fuck is going on?!
- [Amir] We have to call the police!
Call the police!
[Eva retching]
Hello? It's fucking cut off!
[music continues]
[Jonas] Fuck! What do we do?
The raft. Come on, the raft.
[both grunting]
[Jonas] Lift! Lift!
[music swells]
[Jonas] Fuck!
I'll go first. I'll go first!
[music fading, continues]
- [Torbjrn gasping] Oh my God. Oh my God.
- Oh my God.
[Nadja] What the fuck.
There's blood everywhere.
- [Eva sobbing] Oh no. No, no.
- [Torbjrn] Eva. Eva!
Let's calm down, Eva.
Everything will be all right.
- It's gonna be okay.
- Let go of me! Let go of me!
[Nadja screams]
[music stops]
[Eva whimpering]
[metallic grinding]
[Nadja retching]
[chilling music playing]
[Amir] What sick bastard
would do something like this?
[Torbjrn] It's that fucking Frans
from the environmental office.
[music swells, ends]
- [Lina panting]
- [Jonas panting]
[Lina] What are you doing?
Keep paddling.
[Jonas] Give me the flash drive.
- What?
- [Jonas] Give it to me.
We'll paddle to land, call the police,
and forget our old grudges.
Back to normal, okay?
Give it to me.
Give it to me!
You're fucking crazy.
[grunting, panting]
[Jonas grunts]
[Lina breathing heavily]
[Jonas] Imagine
if you'd have just listened to me, Lina!
What a fucking team
we could have been, huh?!
Such a fucking
Goody-fucking-Two-shoes, aren't you?!
Why the fuck is everyone against me?!
[raft creaking]
[Jonas screams in distance]
[Lina panting]
[axe swooshes, hits]
[disturbing music playing]
[wood cracks]
[Lina grunts]
[breathing heavily]
[anxious music playing]
[Lina straining]
[music swelling]
[Lina grunts]
- [blow lands]
- [Lina grunts]
[music stops]
[music swells, ends]
Let's see here.
We have to inhale through our nose
and then exhale through our mouth.
- We're on a we're on a sinking ship.
- Yeah.
What do we need
to survive together on a sinking ship?
Think. What things do we need?
[ominous music playing]
[music swells, stops]
- No, I think you need to take the...
- For fuck's sake, Amir.
But... but... but you have to turn the
Quit nagging me, goddamn it!
I know what I'm doing.
- You done?
- There.
[Eva whispering] Do you see anything?
- [Torbjrn whispering] No.
- [Eva] Okay.
Hey, listen, guys.
We need to work together
and come up with a damn good strategy now.
- The minivan.
- What about it?
- The minivan.
- Yes?
Jonas has the keys.
We take it and get out now.
You can't go to the minivan, please.
I'm not leaving this house.
I'm not taking one step outside.
How can it be so fucking hard
to understand?
- [Nadja] Are you coming or staying to die?
- [Eva] I'm staying here.
- [Nadja] Torbjrn?
- Yeah?
- No.
- [Nadja] You are unbelievable.
- [shouts] Nadja!
- [whispers] Nadja! Shh!
And Amir. Where's Amir? Huh?
- [Eva] What?!
- Jesus.
[Amir whispering] Lina? Lina!
[Lina breathing heavily]
- [breathing shakily]
- [footsteps departing]
[Amir whispers] Lina!
[Amir] Lina!
- [line twangs]
- [Amir grunts] Ah, fuck!
Lina! Lina!
- [screams]
- [Lina] Shh.
- Turn off the light. Turn it off.
- [flashlight clicks]
[tense music playing]
[music fades]
[Nadja] Fuck.
[glass shatters]
[tense music resumes]
[Nadja screaming]
[scissors snipping]
[music fades]
- [door bangs]
- [Nadja screams]
[electricity crackles]
[Nadja grunting]
- [screams]
- [blade slashes]
[music resumes]
[Nadja panting]
[killer grunts]
[scissors thud]
- [Torbjrn] Did you see him?
- [Eva] Is he out there?
[minivan honking]
- No! No! No, no, no!
- What? No!
- No!
- No!
- Fuck!
- No!
[fireworks whistling]
[Nadja] Fuck.
[fireworks crackling, muffled]
- [door banging]
- [all gasp]
- What is that?
- Oh shit.
No. Someone's here. Someone's here!
[door handle rattling]
[lock clicking]
[all shuddering]
[dramatic sting]
[all screaming]
Calm down! It's us!
[door closes]
[fireworks crackling in distance]
[killer panting]
[breathing heavily]
- [grunts]
- [backpack thuds]
[cell phone ringing, muffled]
[ringing stops]
[blister pack crackling]
[menacing music playing]
[music fades]
This is fucking insane.
Listen All of you
From now on, we stick together.
- We stick together. Okay?
- [Lina] Yes.
Oh dear God.
[eerie music playing]
[Anette breathing shakily]
[dramatic sting]
- [Anette screaming]
- [Jonas shushing]
[Anette screaming, muffled]
[whimpering, muffled]
[music ends]
[Anette] Who was that?
With the mask What the fuck?
[Jonas yelping]
[Anette] And little Kaj. Oh my God, Kaj!
[breathing heavily, groans]
Did you see what happened to Kaj?
Did you see what happened to Kaj?
He just laid there like
Like, it was just so horrible.
Kaj Oh my God. Oh my God, oh my God.
[groaning] Ow! Shit! [winces]
- [Anette] What are you doing?
- I need to put my head back into place.
Let me see.
No, wait. Come here. Let me do that.
I'll do it for you.
There, there.
Ooh, that's nasty. Ooh.
[Jonas breathing shakily]
- [Anette] Are you ready? Ready?
- [Jonas] Yeah. No. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah.
[Anette] This will sting a little.
- [Jonas groaning]
- [Anette grunts]
- There
- [Jonas] Mother fucking bitch!
Just hold still for a second, will you?
[Jonas] Fucking shit! [groans]
My Go [groaning]
[Anette] Here comes another one.
- Are you ready?
- [Jonas] Yes.
- Easy, now.
- [Jonas groans]
- [Anette] Yeah?
- [Jonas breathing shakily]
- [groaning]
- [Anette] Mmm. There we go.
- I'll pull a little now.
- [Jonas] Yes! [groaning]
- [panting]
- [Anette] There we go.
Fuck. I look terrible.
Oh fuck. [sobbing]
[Anette sighs] Oh my God.
What kind of fucking psycho, huh,
would do all of this?
It could be
It could be my fault.
- [Jonas] What?
- It could
[Jonas] What are you talking about?
I, uh I, uh
- [Jonas] You did what?
- Yeah, I, uh
Yeah, I
I think I told him
we were coming here for our conference.
- I, uh I told him
- For fuck's sake, who who's coming?
I told Frans.
- [Jonas] Frans?
- Yeah.
Why would you ever try to contact Frans?
We we we we're friends.
- [Jonas] You're friends?
- Uh-huh.
Wow. Oh my
That explains it.
- Wait, what?
- [Jonas] Yeah.
You're fucking untouched. Aren't you?
Yes. Yes.
- I'm sorry.
- Everyone's out to get me.
Everyone's out to get me.
Everyone is fucking stupid.
- I have to get out. I have to get out!
- Wait.
Wait for me. I-I need to come
I I need to come with you!
[Anette] Wait for me, Jonas! Wait for me!
Wait for me, Jonas!
Wait for me!
[tense music playing]
- [Anette screaming]
- [Jonas] Push! Push! Push!
Push it now! He's coming! Push it!
Push, for fuck's sake! [screams]
He's coming! Push it!
Make yourself useful and push!
- [engine starts]
- [Anette screams]
Stop! Stop! [groans]
Jonas! No! Wait for me!
Wait for me! Jonas! [breathing heavily]
[breathing heavily, groans]
I know why you're doing this, Frans.
But please, listen, listen.
It's okay now. Yeah? It's okay now.
I I [grunting]
I I'm on your team.
I have really tried to
make them understand the effects
this shopping center will have for for
for the citizens and environment, and
nobody ever listens to me.
I can see why you're angry, and I am too.
It's okay.
Here, you want me to help you
take this silly head off? Huh?
It must be heavy.
Hard to breathe with all that on you.
Hey, you're not Frans.
Who are you?
[eerie music playing]
We shall over
[Jonas screaming]
[tense music playing]
- [air hisses]
- [tires screech]
[Jonas grunting]
[music swells, ends]
[eerie music playing]
[Nadja] We don't have any vehicles
to get us out of here,
we can't call anyone,
and there's a fucking killer waiting
for us somewhere out there in the woods.
Yeah, if we're lucky.
He might as well be in here with us.
I still think we should stay here
till someone comes.
Hey, there's plenty of time
to kill us before that.
That chef must be coming back
some time, damn it.
I mean, come on.
How delayed can a dinner be? Am I right?
Zip line.
The zip line would take us
right across the lake.
We'll go there together, guys. Come on.
Come on, Eva.
[paper rustles]
Amir, what the fuck? Come on, now.
What's going on? Come on.
[Amir] I don't think
it's Frans who's doing this.
Why? What's that?
Oh, fuck me. It's Plsson's son.
[disturbing music playing]
- [chickens squawking]
- [livestock bleating]
[Amir] He was the one
who found his dad in the stable.
- Fuck.
- [Nadja] Come on, Amir.
Yeah. Let's go.
[frightening music playing]
- Let's fucking do this.
- Ugh. Is there any gasoline in this?
[music swells, ends]
[Eva breathing heavily]
- [Torbjrn] Can anyone see anything?
- [Nadja whispering] Shh! Don't.
[Eva shushing]
- [twig cracks]
- [Torbjrn grunts]
[coughing, wheezing]
[Eva shushing]
[Nadja whispering] Shh! Be quiet.
- [Torbjrn breathing heavily]
- [Eva breathing heavily]
[tense music playing]
[Eva] There he is! There! There!
[screams] There! Run!
- [Torbjrn gasping]
- [Lina] Run! Run!
- [Eva screaming]
- [Torbjrn] Eva!
- [Lina] Let's go!
- [Amir] Eva!
[Lina] Faster! We have to get out of here!
- [Torbjrn] Wait, Eva!
- [Amir] Come on! Run!
- [metal clangs]
- [Nadja screams]
- [Amir] Run, Lina! Keep running! Let's go!
- [Nadja] Guys, I'm hit! I'm hit!
[music continues]
[Nadja screaming]
- [blow lands]
- [killer grunts]
[music intensifies]
- [killer grunts]
- [screams]
[mask cracks]
[killer grunts]
[music fading]
- [Nadja groaning]
- [metal rattling]
[footsteps depart]
- [door bangs]
- [Eva grunts]
- [door bangs]
- [Eva grunts]
[breathing heavily]
- [door bangs]
- [Eva grunts]
[whimpering, gasping]
[unsettling music playing]
[both panting]
[Amir grunting]
- Okay.
- [Lina] Yeah.
- Here. Here.
- [Amir] Yes, yes.
[music swelling]
Come on. Come on.
[music fades]
[Torbjrn] What the hell
[coughing, gasping]
Oh fuck. [breathing shakily]
Eva? What the hell?
[Eva] Then I'll load
and start the washing machine.
Then I'll pour myself a glass of wine.
Then I'll sit down on the couch
and put on the TV.
And then I'll watch something.
Then I'll call Mom
and hope she's in a good mood,
and if she is, I'll take her for a walk.
Eva. What
What are you doing, Eva?
You can't be here.
You have to come with me right now, okay?
- Come on.
- Don't touch me.
- Come on!
- Don't touch me!
[Lina panting]
One more step, Lina. Come on.
[music resumes]
Come on.
One more step. You can do it.
[Lina gasps]
[music continues]
[zip line screeching]
[Amir grunting]
[music swelling]
[Lina gasping]
[music ends]
[Lina screams]
[both grunt]
- [Amir gurgling]
- [Lina coughs]
[Lina gasping, sniffling]
[sobbing, groans]
[coughs, groans]
[floorboards creaking]
[both breathing shakily]
- [switch clicks]
- [Eva gasps]
[switch clicks]
[Eva gasping]
The fuck?
- [door knocking]
- [Eva whispering] Maybe it's Anette.
Torbjrn, be careful.
[Torbjrn] Anette?
[Eva] Who is it?
Oh my God, Torbjrn.
Oh my God.
- Anette?
- [Eva] Is it Anette?
- Anette...
- [chainsaw revs]
- [Torbjrn screams]
- [Eva screaming]
[menacing music playing]
[Torbjrn screaming]
[both screaming]
[Torbjrn groaning]
Run, Eva! Damn it, run!
You perverted fucking bastard!
[chainsaw stops]
[Torbjrn] Come here! [scoffs]
Ah! [scoffs]
Come on, now!
[Eva whimpering]
[breathing shakily]
[distant clattering]
[coughs] Mo mosquito season
definitely came early this year.
- [Eva shrieking wildly]
- [blow lands]
[continues shrieking]
[breathing heavily]
[lost voice] Tor Tor Torbjrn.
[Torbjrn breathing heavily, groaning]
- Torbjrn.
- [Torbjrn] Yeah?
- I almost had the bastard.
- [Eva] Yes, you did, Torbjrn.
[Torbjrn] Yeah. [groaning]
You did great.
- [Eva] But, hey.
- Yeah?
Let's go now.
- Come on, Torbjrn.
- Eva
- [Eva] Come on.
- Wait, Eva. Wait, Eva.
This isn't over yet.
We're gonna finish this
once and for all, Eva.
[Eva whimpering]
[Lina breathing heavily]
[breathing heavily]
[breathing heavily]
[eerie music playing]
[music fades]
[Lina sighing]
[cell phone ringing, muffled]
[Lina grunts]
[music resumes]
[Lina groaning]
[keychain rattles]
[music fades]
[line ringing]
[operator on phone]
911, what's your emergency?
[suspenseful music playing]
[music stops]
Are you ready?
- Yeah. How's your ear?
- What?
- Your ear.
- One more time.
- Your ear!
- My ear? Oh, it's okay.
- I put a Band-Aid on it, so it's Yeah.
- That's good, that's good, that's good.
- Let's do this.
- Let's do this.
[eerie music playing]
[metal clatters]
- [cookware bangs]
- Shh! Shh!
- If you open, then I'll attack.
- [Eva shushing]
On three. One
- Two
- Do it.
- [Eva yells]
- [Torbjrn] Huh?
[Eva breathing heavily]
[door creaking]
[Eva screaming]
Ah! Eva!
Take your fucking hands off her!
[Eva screaming]
Stop! Right now!
Let Eva go!
Let her go!
- [screaming]
- Let her go!
[glass shattering]
[killer grunts]
[continues screaming]
[tense music playing]
[music swells]
[Eva screaming]
[music continues]
- [fork swooshes, thuds]
- [Eva] Ow! [grunts, groans]
[music fades]
[Eva] No!
- [killer breathing heavily]
- [Eva] No!
- [drill whirring]
- [screaming]
No, God!
[drill stops]
[Torbjrn] It's all right, Eva.
Now we fucking have him.
We fucking have him, Eva!
- [Eva screaming]
- [Torbjrn] Now burn!
[muffled] Yeah. Yeah.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Fucking burn!
[killer breathing heavily, wheezing]
- [Eva screaming]
- [Torbjrn gasping, screaming]
- [Nadja grunts]
- [metal rings]
[eerie music playing]
[both gasping]
- [Eva] Oh! [laughs]
- [Torbjrn laughing]
- Na Na Na
- [Torbjrn laughing]
- [Eva] Nadja!
- [Torbjrn laughing]
[uplifting music playing]
- [Eva] Nadja! Oh! Oh!
- [Torbjrn laughing]
[Lina panting]
[uplifting music continues]
[sirens wailing in distance]
[Lina] Here.
[music ends]
[Jonas roars]
[Lina grunts]
[tense music playing]
[both panting]
- [Jonas grunts]
- [Lina groans]
- [grunts]
- [Jonas groaning]
[Lina] You fucking bastard!
[both grunting]
[Lina] You bastard!
- [Jonas groaning]
- [Lina grunting]
[music fading]
[Jonas screams]
- [groans]
- [Lina grunts]
["Nr du gr" by Fred kerstrm playing]
Nr du gr
Kommer mnen I mitt sinne
Det blir kallt
Och ljuset flmtar matt
Jag trodde att vi hade nt
Som skulle ta ett tag
Men ingen av oss orkade
Att leva dag fr dag
Nr du gr
Kommer morgonen I ditt sinne
Det r sant
Ur en strid
Kan det komma reflektioner
Det r fel
Att kasta bort sin tid
Inget r vl vrre
n att leva som en slav
Man mste kunna rra sig
Och stlla vissa krav
Ur en strid
Kan det komma reflektioner
Som r bra
[police radio chatter]
[officer] How much backup are we getting?
Men nr du gr
Kommer mnen I mitt sinne
Det blir kallt
[Lina sighing]
Och ljuset flmtar matt
Och jag som trodde att vi hade nt
What the fuck happened up here?
It was a professional
development training.
Nr du gr
[Lina sighs]
Kommer mnen I mitt sinne
Det r sant
[music ends]
["Slavonic Dances, Op. 46, B. 83: No. 8"
by Dvok playing]