The Confession (2013) Movie Script

No, give it gas... No, give it gas!
Put your foot on the gas pedal.
Uh... Okay.
Miss Lapp, why are you
taking your driver's test
on a car that has a stick shift?
I'm sorry. It's my girlfriend's car.
She ain't no friend.
Okay, now...
Now turn up here.
Where are you going?
You can't go this way!
I have right of way. Ain't so?
Not ain't so when you're going
the wrong way down a one-way street!
Hey, come on, lady.
What are you doing?
Come on, move your car!
Katie, order's up.
Here's your change.
Two cheeseburgers.
Thank you, dear.
I hope everything tasted wonderful gut.
Yeah, it was amazing gut.
I know, right?
Oh, wow.
I think I left my wallet in the car.
Is it okay if I run out and grab it quick?
Yeah, that's no problem.
Okay, good.
I'll be right back. Thanks.
Hello, is this
the Laura Bennett residence?
Is this Laura Bennett?
I'm Katie Lapp.
You don't know any Katie Lapps.
I'm very sorry to bother you.
The owner says you letting that jerk
walk off without paying
is coming out of your paycheck.
Did you tell him he said
he'd be right back,
that he just left his wallet in the car?
It's called the dine-and-dash.
You're too trusting, Katie.
Alexis, where I come from,
people keep their word.
What have I been telling you ever
since you started working here?
You can't be gullible.
You're not in Hickory Farms
Hollow. Hickory Hollow.
Look, maybe in Amishland
people are good to their word
but everywhere else,
Englishers are liars and thieves.
And the sooner you accept that,
the better off you'll be.
Any luck?
Not yet.
How many Laura Bennetts
in New York can there be?
A lot.
Break's over in five minutes,
Where are you, Laura?
I need to find you.
While you delayed surgery
for the tumor on your spine,
the cancer was quietly spreading
I've had three top oncologists
consulting with me on this.
The tumors are both supratentorial
and glioblastoma multiforme.
So it's not over?
I'm afraid it's much worse.
That doesn't make
any sense.
She's been fine since the surgery.
Yes, but unfortunately these
cancers can turn at a moment's notice.
Other than all of a sudden I have to wear
these silly things to read a menu...
At least one of the tumors has
worked its way to the optic nerve.
So how long do I have?
It's a very aggressive cancer, Laura.
Maybe months. It's hard to say.
Wait, wait, wait.
What, that's it?
Other than my eyes failing,
what else can I expect
to happen to me?
Probably your balance first.
Then muscle weakness.
Then your memory
and speech will go.
Everything will escalate
rapidly at the end.
Well, as much as I would like to
stay and talk about tumors,
I've got to get back to living.
Thank you.
Laura, what are you doing?
I'm not leaving. Not today.
Laura, stop it!
Let go.
Stop it! I need you
to get your life together.
I know what you need me to do,
but I need to be here with you.
We need to fight this together,
beat this together.
Did you hear Dr. Stein?
My problem is terminal, yours is not.
Look, I know you want me to get help,
and I promised I would,
but not today, please, Laura.
No. No more delays.
Besides, I need
some time alone to think.
To make decisions.
I love you, you know.
I know. I love you too.
Fresh pot,
brewed especially for you.
- You want anything?
- Uh...
Thank you, no. I won't be long.
Well, if you need me, just whistle.
Or I'll be back.
I'm real good with accents.
All right, two shots. One
on the rocks, one straight up.
You don't have it,
do you?
There's a lot
going on right now.
Well, we want our money.
I just need a little more time
to raise the capital, that's all.
Capital? You played
the ponies and lost, Bennett.
It's a gambling debt,
not some investment.
Your wife,
she's old money, right?
Get it from her.
I can't.
I promised her I was done with this.
Ah, come on.
You know? Shake her
for the money and then,
I don't know,
go get counseling or something.
That's where
I'm supposed to be now.
At the best Manhattan therapist
money can buy.
Fifty K, end of the month.
And, uh, what if I can't get it?
It's not the '60s, Dylan.
We don't kneecap people anymore.
We have lawyers now.
But I can guarantee you this:
We will tap your wife
for the money,
one way or another.
All right.
Good talk, huh?
You want a refill?
No, thank you.
Gin and tonic, please.
A spoonful of sugar
helps the medicine go down, right? Heh.
Let me guess, Alyson.
A chronically
underemployed actor
waiting to make it big
on Broadway?
How did you know that?
Honey, come on. I'm in a sports
bar in the middle of Manhattan
with a waitress making cheesy
movie lines to the customers.
I mean, how predictable
can you be?
You think you know my life?
Juggling three jobs
so I can pursue my dream.
Uh... Listen, um...
It's okay. I...
Alyson, that's your name, right?
Um, I'm sorry. I didn't mean
to offend you. Okay?
Could have won a Tony
with that performance, huh?
I'll be right back with your drink, love.
What about
the Amish marmalade?
We ran out.
She's not going to like that.
She loves her Amish marmalade.
You don't need to lecture me,
Fulton Taylor.
I know what she likes
better than you do.
I'd have to agree with that.
Would you like me to bring the car
around for you?
No, thank you. My appointment
will be here any minute.
I'll serve your breakfast
in the parlor, then.
Just tea this morning, Fulton.
I'm not very hungry.
Besides, there's no
Amish marmalade.
I'm so sorry, Mrs. Mayfield.
It's okay. It's okay.
Forgive me. I know that.
I've been praying for God
to heal you.
He will, on this side or the other.
Speaking of this side, Fulton,
I hope we haven't lost
any momentum
in the preparations
for my annual foundation dinner.
Uh, ma'am, we assumed you might
want to postpone, considering...
No, not at all.
Selig, you have two weeks
to outdo yourself with this menu.
Spare no expense.
Yes, ma'am.
I want this event to be bigger
and better than ever.
This is my chance to outlive myself.
I'll do my best.
So that's my decision.
Of course we'll make
the changes, Laura.
But I prefer to think that you're going
to be with us for a long time yet.
I appreciate that, Harold.
But I can't leave this
to wishful thinking.
Everything goes
to the foundation.
I understand.
Mrs. Bennett,
I'm a little confused.
What about
your husband?
Justin, you've done such a wonderful
job running the foundation
which is why you're here.
And I don't want to hide anything
from you.
I'm grateful for the trust
you've placed in me.
Mr. Yates,
over the past several months,
I have learned that not only
has he liquidated all his stocks,
cashed in
his personal retirement plan,
but borrowed against my estate.
I do love my husband,
but I am not going to lose the estate
my grandparents worked so hard for,
along with my foundation,
to a horse track or a casino.
I will, however, leave Dylan a
modest monthly allowance for a year.
It's tough love,
the only kind of love I'm told
that will end his addiction.
All right, we're clear, then,
that Dylan will no longer
be heir to the estate.
But what about
your biological daughter?
Don't you want to
reconsider her?
No. As hard as it was
trying to find her,
never being able to meet her,
I realized it was wrong of me
to interfere with her life.
And that's how it has to stay.
I'm good for it. What are the lines?
Not happening, Bennett.
Your credit's no good.
Never mind.
Yates? Why are you calling me?
I just left a meeting with your wife.
Because of your
little gambling problem, she's...
She's cutting you out of the will.
She's leaving everything
to the foundation.
You still there?
Yes, I'm here.
Thank you for not letting me
get blindsided by this.
If I can figure it out,
I'll make it up to you.
I'm counting on it.
Another spoonful of sugar?
You all right, sir?
Heh. You don't want
to know my problems.
Try me.
Bennett residence.
Hello. I'm sorry to bother you
but I was wondering if this
is the Laura Bennett residence?
Yes, it is. Can I ask who is calling?
My name is Katie Lapp.
Wait. Can you say that again?
Yeah. It's Katherine.
Laura Mayfield's daughter.
Oh, my.
Who is that?
Please hold.
She says she's
Mrs. Bennett's daughter.
What should I say?
It can't be.
I'll take it.
This is Mr. Bennett.
Yes, sir. This is Katie Lapp, sir.
I was hoping to speak with Mrs. Bennett.
I'll just go now.
No. Stay right there, Camila.
Sorry. Um, yes, I'm sorry,
that won't be possible.
But I've come all the way
from Lancaster County to meet her.
When she was in Pennsylvania
recently looking for me,
we missed each other.
Well, it's too late.
I see. I can phone back later,
tomorrow, if that would be better.
No, young lady,
you're not hearing me.
You must have known
she was sick.
It's too late.
You mean, she's...
You should have met her
when you had the chance.
I'm sorry you came all this way,
but there's nothing here for you now.
Sorry. Goodbye.
I'll just get back to my work now,
Mr. Bennett.
No, um, Camila. Uh...
Have a seat.
Can you be a sweetie
and help me get this stain out
with one of your Amish concoctions?
What's...? What is it?
My mama told me Mrs. Bennett
was powerful sick, but...
I didn't know it would happen
this quickly.
She passed away?
Are you serious?
Oh, Katie, I am so sorry.
I need to let my mom and dad
know, write a letter.
Do you remember me telling you
about the Amish boy I loved,
Daniel Fisher?
The one who drowned.
How could I forget that?
One night, before I came here,
I was feeling so lost and lonely.
I went for a ride in my buggy,
I know you'll think I'm strange,
but I imagined him
sitting next to me.
I found myself talking to him
like he was there.
And he talked to me.
And it all seemed so real.
And after, somehow I knew
what I needed to do.
Come to New York.
Find your birth mother.
But now all that means nothing.
Wake up, sleepy head.
At work yesterday, I couldn't stop
thinking about your bio mom passing away.
While you were sleeping,
I got the last number you dialed
from my phone
and found the city in New York
by the area code.
Then I searched for any
Laura Bennetts,
even by her maiden name,
Laura Mayfield, in the area.
I found her, Katie.
She's a socialite, from
a town called Canandaigua.
What's a socialite?
Rich, influential, powerful.
And if that's so,
with money like that,
her death would have been
all over the news.
And there wasn't one mention
of it anywhere on the web.
Someone's been lying
to you, Katie.
Remember what I told you
about Englishers?
Then I still need to go
and find her.
But how? I only have
her phone number.
And something called
Google Earth.
I need you to tackle the chandeliers
on the main floor.
I want them shimmering
for Mrs. Bennett's big event.
Excuse me. Last time I checked,
I was the head butler,
not assistant to the chief maid.
Don't you remember the rule?
Oh, right.
Happy wife, happy life.
Ha, ha. Thank you. Besides,
if you don't like the workload,
talk to Mr. Bennett.
He's the one who fired Camila
for no good reason.
At least he's been away for a week,
so he couldn't fire anybody else.
The chandeliers, please.
Oh, yes, ma'am.
Is Mrs. Bennett
expecting any guests?
Well, maybe it's Camila's
replacement from the agency.
Or maybe it's a miracle.
Mrs. Bennett.
You have a visitor.
Oh, uh, no. Please, no,
I'm not even dressed for the day.
This is a visitor who can't wait.
Miss Katie Lapp!
- Mama?
- Oh.
Is this where you've been
all week?
Well, I wasn't exactly working
my program like I told you.
But I thought this was one excuse
you'd be all right with.
He came to Lancaster County
and found me, Mama,
and brought me here.
You deserve this, sweetheart.
Anyway, everyone,
let's let these ladies alone.
They have a lifetime
of catching up to do.
Mama, I...
I don't think...
I'm sorry. You first.
There's something
I want to show you.
This is what
you were wearing
when I put you
in Rebecca's arms.
Do you know that she gave this
to me after I left Hickory Hollow?
You know, a day hasn't gone by
that I didn't think of you.
I believe you, Mama.
You don't know how I've dreamed
of hearing you call me that.
There's something else
I want to show you.
All these years
I've collected newspapers
from all over Lancaster County.
I would pore through them,
hoping there would be a photo
of a little Amish girl.
And I would fantasize that
that photo might be of you.
Whoa. Rebecca!
It's her, Samuel.
A letter from Katie.
I can't open it. What if
she's found Laura Mayfield?
What if she decides
she doesn't want to return?
We have been her parents
for 20 years.
She knows who we are
and what we believe.
She knows we love her.
Dear Mom and Dad.
I hope and pray all is well with you
and Benjamin and his family.
I have found out where
Laura Mayfield Bennett lives.
There may be a chance that I am
too late and she has passed away,
but I must go and find out
for sure and for certain.
I also worry that I may not
be getting the whole truth.
I must confess, the English
and their ways confuse me sometimes.
But I will write to you again soon.
Please always know that
though she is my birth mother,
you will always be my true parents.
I miss you all so very much.
Your daughter, Katie.
Hello. I'm here to see Mrs. Bennett.
I'm Katherine...
Finally. Where have you been?
I'm not sure I...
How did you know I was coming?
Did Alexis call ahead to tell you?
Must have been. Rosie took
the call and said the agency
was sending you over.
Come on.
we're in a doozy of a rush
so we need to get you
plugged in right away.
Garlic. It needs some garlic.
Everyone, meet Katherine.
It's in the fridge.
Katherine, this is Rosie.
She'll point you
in all the right directions.
Selig's back there.
Now, stay away from him right now.
He thinks he's Chef Ramsay.
We'll have time for all the usual
pleasantries later, Katherine.
We just need to make it
through the evening.
Mrs. Bennett, she's...
Getting ready
for the biggest night of the year.
So she's okay, then?
She is now
that her daughter's home.
When do you think
I'll meet her?
Oh. Very soon, but right now
we're behind schedule
and we could really use your help.
Can you polish silver?
I'd be happy to.
The plates. Here,
Fulton, can you bring more?
Oh, yes, yes. Right, dear. Right.
- I need more butter over here.
- Yes, chef.
Excuse me, everyone?
May I have your attention, please?
Just for a minute. Thank you.
Selig, come quick.
Katherine, you don't want to miss
the big introduction.
- Protecting and nurturing
vulnerable children for the past 15 years.
And that is because
of your generous gifts.
There's also something else I would
like to share with you this evening.
As few of you may know,
over 20 years ago, I gave up
a child, a baby girl, to adoption.
I was a lovesick teenager
in trouble,
just like some of the young people
we help with the foundation.
I was ill-equipped
emotionally and financially,
if you can imagine that,
to care for her.
So I gave her
to a wonderful Amish couple
and they have loved her
and they have cared for her
these past years,
and for that I am forever grateful.
So it gives me great pleasure
to introduce you tonight
to my long-lost daughter.
English by birth,
Amish by adoption,
Katie Lapp.
Let's go say hello. Let's
go over there and say hello.
Thank you.
It is a pleasure to meet you.
Uh, something to drink?
Uh, sorry. I saw you
standing alone over here
and I thought I'd offer you a drink.
No. Thank you.
I'm Justin.
- I'm...
- Come, Katherine.
I need you back in the kitchen.
Yes, yes.
I'm the help.
Beyond helping
with the meal services
you'll be responsible
for laundering the linen
and the bed sheets
on a daily basis
along with maintaining
all of the bathrooms.
With Mrs. Bennett's condition,
we need to keep all of
the surfaces spic and span.
Here's your room.
I know it's small, but it's cozy.
The list of house rules is there
in the desk drawer.
I hope you're an early riser.
Yes, ma'am. Up with the cows.
Are you sure you're okay, dear?
I'm fine.
I was just surprised tonight
by everything.
Weren't we all?
Mrs. Bennett's daughter, Katie Lapp...
How was she found?
I don't have all the details.
It was Mr. Bennett's doing.
But however it happened,
she couldn't have come
at a better time for Mrs. Bennett.
How sick is Mrs. Bennett?
She needs a miracle
to beat her cancer.
We're all praying Katie's
homecoming is that miracle.
Well, good night, Katherine.
Just one more question.
Won't I need a uniform?
Heh. Oh, yes. It'll be ordered
first thing in the morning.
Oh, Dylan, I can't get over
how perfect this evening was.
May I have this dance, Mrs. Bennett?
I haven't seen you like this since
that weekend at the Adirondacks.
Remember, we were the only
couple there in that lodge?
And they had a band
playing just for us.
I just feel...
It doesn't matter
what happens to me now.
You know, darling, I've been
thinking about something.
I know that you've designated
a portion of your estate
to your foundation,
and a large portion to me. But...
There's something I need to tell you.
Let me finish, darling.
I still am trying to come to grips
with who I'm supposed to be.
And how I've hurt you
over the years.
I realize I still have
a long way to go.
But I need to start by admitting
to you that I...
I don't trust myself.
And I want you to consider giving to
Katie what you were going to give to me.
I don't know what to say.
Say yes.
I need to prove to you
that I'm sorry.
I need to prove
that I am a changed man.
Beyond that, I mean, who better
to leave the stewardship of your estate
to someone who lives a simple,
generous life?
You keep surprising me,
Mr. Bennett.
Just give it some thought.
I will.
It's a lot to ask of a girl
who's lived so modestly.
I'd be asking her to give up
the only family she's ever known.
I don't know
that she could do that.
Well, maybe start
by hosting a luncheon.
Get Justin to come over
to help her understand
the goals of the foundation.
That's a perfect idea. I will.
I love you. You know that?
I love you too.
- Yeah?
- It's very fulfilling work we do.
We've made significant contributions
to a variety of charities,
all of which serve the needs
of marginalized children.
Well, carry on, Justin.
Right. Sorry. Um, anyway,
we try to make an impact
in children's lives
with worthwhile programs,
covering a broad range of needs,
in education, health
and even the arts.
He that hath a bountiful eye
shall be blessed
for he giveth of his bread
to the poor.
Proverbs, chapter 22,
verse nine.
We Amish also believe
in having open hands
for those in need.
You must be Camilla's
new replacement.
What's your name?
Uh... It's Katherine.
Katherine. Really?
Have we met before?
I'm sorry! I'm so sorry.
Um... I'll just... I'll go...
I'll get something to... Oh.
Justin, I think
you made her nervous.
We call that ferhoodled.
I guess that's what I do,
ferhoodle women.
I'm just gonna quickly dry off.
I'll be right back.
Hey. Ha, ha.
Mr. Wirth,
I'm not usually this clumsy.
It's okay. You can just
call me Ice-T.
Heh, heh.
You know, Ice-T, the rapper...
spilled drink.
No? Okay.
I have no idea
what you're saying.
Do you want to get a cup
of coffee or something?
No, not now. Not this second.
You know, sometime after work
or on your day off?
Thank you,
but I'm certain it wouldn't...
Actually, yes, I'd like that.
Saturday is my day off.
All right.
Katherine, dear, could you...?
Now I'm the one
who's ferhoodled.
Yeah? May I help you?
Mrs. Lapp.
It's me, Daniel Fisher.
Pardon me?
I didn't drown in that river.
Hello, Mr. Lapp.
It is you.
Yes, sir.
You drowned.
No, sir.
That was a lie,
so that it would be easier
on my parents.
A way for them to save face
with the people.
Easier? I held your mother
in my own arms as she sobbed.
Night after night.
We all did.
What truth were you hiding?
To leave
so I could serve in the military.
But you know it's forbidden
for the Amish to fight.
Yes, ma'am.
Then why would you?
A few years ago,
an Englisher cornered me.
He said that we Amish turn our noses
up at the sacrifices of others,
and that we were weak because we don't
believe in picking up the sword.
He said he had a son
who died in the war
so that we Amish
could have our freedom.
Boy, it takes
just as much courage
to turn the other cheek to an enemy
as it does going into war.
I know that.
But I also know that I had
a calling to serve my country.
The country that we call
our home too.
And after two tours of duty,
I reckoned I'd done my part.
So you're coming home
to repent of your ways?
No, ma'am.
Why do you come to us?
With your permission,
to see Katie.
After disappearing on her too?
I know my actions must have
hurt her something awful.
She pined for years.
She was so beside herself
with grief,
she ran out on her wedding
to Bishop Beiler.
She had to be shunned.
Katie, shunned?
She's left Hickory Hollow.
Where is she, then?
I'll never tell you that.
Please, Mr. Lapp.
Go on. Leave us now!
Unless you come back with a contrite
heart, you're not welcome here.
Mr. Lapp, you have to
let me see her.
I just want to tell her that I'm sorry.
I said no!
Go on with you.
I understand your contempt
for me, Mr. Lapp,
but what I've been through,
holding onto my memories with her
is the only thing that got me home.
Even without your help I have to
find her, to tell her that I'm sorry.
Take it.
It has a return address.
West Seneca, New York.
Please, I need to know where she
is and that she's all right.
Yes. Okay, I will find her.
Promise me,
promise for the time being,
that you won't enter Katie's life.
She's gone through
so much already
and seeing you,
it could scar her even more.
I promise.
What are you doing?
Sorry, I...
Give me that.
I'm sorry. I didn't mean to pry.
It's just I grew up
in Pennsylvania too
and I've always been
fascinated with the Amish.
It's okay.
You can go now.
For sure and for certain.
Dear Mom and Dad.
I write with the news
that Laura Mayfield is very much alive.
But something strange is happening.
There is an imposter here
posing as me, as Katie Lapp.
She dresses in Amish clothing,
speaks with our accent,
but I can tell she is pretending.
Everyone believes she is me,
especially Laura.
But Laura is so fragile and sick.
If I were to come forward
with the truth,
I'm certain it would cause her
much distress.
I just don't know what to do.
It's a beautiful day,
isn't it?
Yes, ma'am.
I don't think we've properly met.
Katherine, right?
Are you enjoying working here,
being part of our little family?
Very much.
Huh. Katherine is the name
I gave to Katie when she was born.
You know, there's a whole
secret language of flowers.
In the Victorian times,
people coded messages
in flowers
and floral arrangements
expressing their feelings
for each other,
feelings that otherwise
had to remain silent.
Like blue violets
meant faithfulness.
Almond flowers, hope.
Red roses always mean love.
I didn't know that.
Be like a flower, Katherine.
Ahh. Be beautiful, rain or shine.
There you are.
I've been looking everywhere
for you.
Do you like it here?
Yeah. Very much.
Because I'm with you.
Oh. It's a lot to take in, isn't it?
Even after my grandparents passed
away and left this entire estate to me,
I guess I could never see myself
as lady of the manor.
Oh... Do you mind
if we sit down?
I'm a little fatigued.
No, of course not.
I guess it's not just my eyesight
that's going.
Katie, there's something else
I want to tell you.
I want to leave all of this
to you.
I don't understand.
I mean when I'm gone,
I want you to have this entire estate.
I want you to run the Mayfield
foundation, to live here,
fall in love, raise a family.
Is that something
you think you would
ever want to do?
I don't want to think about you
not being here anymore.
Neither do I, sweetheart.
And now that I have you back,
you have no idea how I wish that we
could have every second together.
The choices I've made
have robbed me of years,
and I don't want to miss
one second with you.
But the decision is yours.
I would have to think
about what it would mean
to leave Hickory Hollow,
to leave my family,
Mom and Dad.
Yes, yeah, yes,
of course you would.
This is a very big thing
I'm asking.
And I want you to make
the best decision for you.
Not what is best for me.
And know that I love you
no matter what you decide.
I will think very hard.
And pray, right?
Oh, yes. And that too.
Pardon me. I'm sorry,
I didn't mean to frighten you.
I have pepper spray.
Easy. I just want to know
if this is where Katie Lapp lives.
Who are you?
A friend of hers from back home
in Hickory Hollow.
Yeah, right.
You don't look Amish.
I was Amish.
Not looking that way right now.
Yeah, the hairdo's off
for starters.
What does that mean?
It's Pennsylvania Dutch for "I'm
missing the hat and the beard too."
She's gone. And I don't know when
she's planning on getting back.
Do you know where she is?
Not happening.
Amish are funny.
Ain't so?
I was wondering
if you thought about
what we discussed in the garden?
Being heir to the estate.
I prayed about it after our walk,
Mama, and I have peace in my heart.
Yes. I will accept your kindness
and hope I can make you proud.
Oh, no, you already have.
Well, perhaps we should set the date
for the event, make it official.
What better for that than your birthday?
Wednesday, next week, you'll be 21.
Well, I'll call Sealey and Yates,
get them to arrange to come by.
- Good.
- I'd like to make a toast.
To my dear, beautiful daughter,
may your life
as heir to this family be full...
Are you okay? Ma'am?
Yes, I'm just clumsy. That's all.
Thank you.
Are you all right, darling?
Thank you.
Oh. Pardon me, Miss Katie.
I was looking for you
and heard someone in here.
Yeah. I came to ask the maid if she
would be changing my sheets today
then remembered
it was her day off.
Ah. I'll get Rosie right on that.
Uh, meantime, you have
a visitor waiting to see you.
A visitor?
Yes, from Hickory Hollow.
You know,
with Mama not feeling so well,
maybe it's not such a good time
to be having...
Actually, Mrs. Bennett's already
with him in the garden room.
She told me to bring him right in,
and they're off to a fine start.
Yeah, of course.
Katie, look who's here.
Your cousin Jacob Glick.
Hello, Katie Lapp.
I can tell that I'm no more
than a stranger to you, Katie.
I probably should've mentioned,
my family and me moved to the
Amish community in Holmes County
when Katie and I were just pups.
Well, it's good to see you
after all this while, Jacob.
You too, Katie. You too.
So, by the look of you,
are you on your Rumspringa?
Yeah. I suppose I am.
Mama, do you know
about Rumspringa?
We call that our
"running around years."
It's for young people to see the English
world and help them decide if they...
If they want to commit
a lifetime to the church.
I learned all about it when
I was reading about the Amish.
And what have you decided, Jacob?
Still working on that, ma'am.
I went to visit my family
in Lancaster County for advice,
and I saw Katie's family
while I was there.
What about you, Katie Lapp?
Your parents told me
that you're baptized
so are you going to return
to the community?
She's going to stay here,
become heir to my estate.
Ah. That's wonderful gut news.
But it's important for me to explain
it to my folks, you understand?
I don't want them to worry.
For sure and for certain.
I suppose it's best,
considering your shunning
and all.
Katie, you didn't tell me that.
Well, I don't really...
What did you say?
I apologized for bringing up
such a painful topic.
Well, I have an idea.
Why don't you get reacquainted
with a walk in the garden?
Oh, that's very kind
of you, ma'am.
I actually have to be on my way.
I just wanted to stop by
for a quick hello.
Well, I'm so grateful
you did, cousin.
Let me walk you out.
By the way, Jacob,
how did you find me?
Your mom told me that you were
looking for your birth mother.
So I just did a little digging
of my own and tracked you down.
You don't think she'd come
looking for me herself, do you?
Mm. Don't know.
If it were my daughter
all this way out in the world,
I'd want to make sure
she was okay.
Yeah, okay. Goodbye.
Katherine, tell me about yourself.
Well, I love to play my guitar
and sing songs that worship God.
That must sound old-fashioned
to a man like you.
Heh. It's very old-fashioned.
But that's what I like about you,
You're not like the girls
I normally meet.
Mr. Wirth, I...
Justin. Remember?
Sorry, Justin.
I have something I need to tell you.
Something very important.
I've discovered something,
That needs bringing forward.
I'm sorry. Hold that thought.
Mr. Yates?
Right now?
You sure it can't wait?
All right. Hold on.
Katherine, I'm really sorry.
I need to take this call.
Foundation matter.
I'll make it quick, okay?
Mr. Bennett.
I thought we needed to talk
privately, Katherine.
Or is it Katie Lapp?
Why don't we just
stop pretending?
I thought I recognized your voice
the other day.
And then, last night,
when you rushed to Laura's side,
it became clear.
I'm not the only one
who's been pretending, am I?
Who's been lying.
Who told me Mrs. Bennett
had died.
I never said she died.
I said it was too late,
and that remains true.
That makes no sense.
When Laura came back
from Pennsylvania,
never having once seen you because
your parents just wouldn't allow it,
her cancer came back.
And I had a decision to make.
Never in my wildest imagination
did I actually believe
there was a chance
of you actually turning up here.
So I hired someone to be Katie.
I just wanted Laura's final days
on this earth to be happy.
I'm sorry how this turned out,
but that's why I tried to discourage you
from coming
when you called that day.
That's not the only reason.
Just because I'm Amish doesn't mean
I don't know what an heir is.
There is nothing untoward
about this.
It's a mere formality.
Laura is handing everything off
to her foundation.
Having Alyson here...
That's her name, Alyson.
Makes the legal process simpler.
It goes from Laura to the foundation
with a simple signature.
That is all it is.
I hope you understand
how devastating
this little mix-up will be
if it ever comes out.
Laura means the world to me,
and I can see you care about her too.
I do.
Well, Laura loves that girl.
She believes she's her daughter.
And that belief is more important
than turning this whole thing
upside down.
Wouldn't you agree?
I'm sorry for coming here.
I'll pack my things
and leave first thing
in the morning.
- Thank you, Katie. Thank you.
- Mr. Bennett?
Oh, uh, Justin. Hello.
I popped in for a coffee,
saw our favorite new employee sitting
here, and I thought I'd say hello.
Thanks for
keeping my seat warm.
Oh, yes, of course. And you
two have a fabulous brunch.
We will.
And thank you for the good
conversation, Katherine.
Where were we?
You had something
you wanted to tell me.
Oh, I'm very sorry.
I'm not feeling very well.
Would you mind terribly
taking me back to the estate?
Yeah, sure.
What are you doing?
We had a guest today,
a distant cousin of Katie Lapp's.
From Hickory Hollow.
Fulton told me on my way
through the door.
So you can understand
why I'm pretty freaked out.
It was a distant cousin.
Did he recognize you're not her?
I don't know!
I don't think so.
Then we're probably
all right.
All we have to do
is remain calm,
and try and make it through
the signing.
I'm not betting on probably. I can't believe
I said yes to this job in the first place.
You said yes to this job because
you're making more money on this gig
than you do as an actor.
No, no, no.
Let me pass.
Please. I can't do it anymore.
I gotta get out of here.
I feel like I can't breathe.
I don't care about the money.
I don't care about the money anymore.
Whether these little tears are real
or whether they're
an actor's trick, I don't care!
What you have to understand is, is
that we are committing a felony here.
And the only way out of it
is through it.
Fine. Fine.
I'll be back for the signing.
Mrs. Bennett?
I'm sorry, ma'am.
I didn't mean to disturb you.
I knocked, but...
It's all right.
Are you okay, Mrs. Bennett?
It's been a tough 24 hours.
Katie left to see her parents.
She needed to tell them
about her decision.
It's all in preparation
for her staying here permanently
and that's what we need to
focus on.
Isn't it, darling?
Are those for me?
Yes, ma'am.
Oh. Heh.
They are beautiful.
Thank you.
It's I who wanted
to say thank you.
For what?
For allowing me to work here
the past few weeks.
That sounds like a goodbye.
Please tell me that isn't so.
Sadly, it is.
Oh, that's a shame, Katherine.
We really do hate to see
good people leave our employ.
I'm very thankful to have
spent this short time here.
I loved getting to know you,
even just a little bit.
Well, goodbye, then, ma'am.
Please stay till Katie's birthday
on Wednesday.
Oh, that's a fabulous idea, Laura,
but I think Katherine is...
It's only a few days away and you've
been like part of our family,
and I want this to be
a celebration for everyone.
Please, Katherine.
For me?
Yes, ma'am. For you.
Excuse me, Mrs. Bennett.
Katie has arrived back safely.
Wonderful. Thank you, Rosie.
I'll be right down.
Dylan, we'll need you to be a
witness for the signing of Laura's codicil.
Are you willing to do that?
Yes, absolutely.
By signing this codicil,
we're acknowledging
that Katie Lapp will become
the sole heir and executor
to Laura's estate.
Sign here, Laura.
Can you show me where to sign? These
glasses aren't much use anymore.
It's your turn, Katie.
Stop it.
Laura, what's wrong?
I wanted so badly to believe
that Dylan had returned
my daughter to me,
I tried to convince myself
that my doubts were wrong.
But something inside me told me
she wasn't who she said she was.
And you
were here the whole time,
never saying a word, worried
about me, protecting me.
Beautiful Katherine.
Or should I say, my beautiful
daughter, Katie Lapp?
How could you have
been so stupid, Dylan?
You arrogant, selfish...
Theodore's waiting downstairs with
a limo to take you to the airport.
And, uh, what's happened
to Alyson?
Mr. Morris Yates will be
escorting her back to Manhattan,
which, by the way, will be his last
official duty for my law firm.
Your very generous wife will not
be prosecuting either of you.
But just so we're clear,
instead of booking you
into a treatment facility in Florida,
she could have called the police.
And frankly,
that's what I would have done.
I'm such a fool.
A worthless fool.
She's beautiful, Laura.
I just wish
I could turn back the clock.
Be the man
that you deserve.
I love you, you know.
I'll pray for you.
Mama, are you okay?
Yes. Yes, I am.
May I ask,
how did you know I was me?
Come with me.
It was this.
I don't understand.
This is the letter I sent...
To your Mom and Dad.
I know, I was confused at first too.
But how did you come by it?
The mailbox.
I have my suspicions about a young
Amish man who visited last week.
Amish man?
He said he was your cousin.
Jacob Glick.
But I don't have a cousin Jacob Glick.
Or even a cousin Jacob.
But it's this letter that
made me realize who you were.
When you came to say goodbye the other
day, I wanted so badly to tell you,
but I had to remain silent
until now.
This is my last chance to force Dylan,
to get him the help he needs.
Okay. Enough of this
doom and gloom.
Come with me.
Choose anything you like.
Yes, ma'am?
Prepare a soiree to end all soirees.
And tell Selig to outdo himself.
The birthday girl is getting ready.
Yes, ma'am.
# Be thou my vision #
# O Lord of my heart #
# Naught be all else to me #
# Save that thou art #
# Thou my best thought #
# By day or by night #
# Waking or sleeping #
# Thy presence my light #
# Riches I heed not #
# Nor man's empty praise #
# Thou mine inheritance #
# Now and always #
# Thou and thou only #
# First in my heart #
# High king of heaven #
# My treasure thou art #
# High king of heaven #
# My victory won #
# May I reach heaven's joys #
# O bright heaven sun #
# Heart of my own heart #
# Whatever befall #
# Still be my vision #
# O ruler of all ##
Yeah? Let's see it.
Yeah! All right, congratulations!
- She passed.
- Congratulations, Miss Katie!
Oh, your mom
would've been so proud.
You think so?
I know so.
I'm hoping that the newly licensed
lady of the manor
will still let me do the driving.
I would hate to have to go
looking for another job.
Absolutely, Theodore.
In fact, how about
you drive us into town
for that lunch I still owe Justin?
I'd love to.
That's what I'm talking about.
Oh, not you again.
Just one more time,
Mr. Kowalski.
I promise you, this is it.
It hasn't changed
since yesterday
or the day before, or five weeks
ago when you first came in.
Consider it officially
on layaway.
This girl,
she must be special.
I could buy everything
in here
and it still wouldn't come close
to expressing how special she is.
I'll be back soon with the other half.
Like I told you, I can't see her...
See her without the necklace.
I know, yes.
Come back soon. Quick.
Thank you, Mr. Kowalski.
Thank you.
So where to now?
Where to now... Um...
Have you ever been bowling?
But I've always wanted to try.
Okay. Ha-ha-ha.
To the bowling lanes.
You got it.
Thank you.
Katie, who'd you just see?
It was someone
who it couldn't have been.
Katie Lapp,
you are the most beautiful creature
God has ever made.
And some day,
I'm going to marry you.