The Conspiracy (2012) Movie Script

We are human beings!
We're not symptoms
of overpopulation
for you to deal with!
We're not cannon fodder
for your wars!
We will fight
for our freedom,
because we know
what freedom feels like,
and this is not it!
This is not it!
People think they're free,
but they're not.
We've been given
the illusion of freedom,
the illusion of choice.
It wasn't so much
conspiracy theories themselves,
as it was the people
who believe in them
that attracted me.
You know, it
really is a fascinating
societal phenomenon,
and it's one
that we have to
try to understand
in order to dispel it.
We made a mistake.
We made a huge mistake.
That's the genius
of these rulers,
that they've--they've
created this society
that's conditioned to deny
what's right
in front of its eyes.
Which is what?
That we're slaves.
It's us, Terrance.
How you doin'?
Oh, buddy.
How are you?
Come on in.
Come on.
I didn't,
um, clean up
or anything.
That's all right, man.
It's okay if we
just grab lots of...
Yeah, yeah.
Take a lot, yeah.
I feel pretty exposed.
It's all right.
No, we're just gonna...
Excuse the mess! |
Hey, Firefly,
this is T-Rex.
How you doin'?
This is, uh...
This is what I call
The War Room,
where I put up
anything I read,
any information I find,
any event that occurs,
any legislation
that gets passed,
I put up here.
Okay, anything that I find
to be significant.
Let's look at some recent
significant events
from our friends,
the Government
of the United States
of America.
'06, the Military
Commissions Act passes,
which allows U. S. citizens
to be detained
in undisclosed locations
indefinitely. Boom!
And people always ask,
how do I know that there's
this huge conspiracy going on?
If these all-powerful rulers
are all-powerful,
how come they let me
stumble onto this information?
FEMA conducts training
exercises for clergymen
on how they can
help the government
quell dissent
in the case of the enactment
of martial law. Boom!
The answer's simple.
I mean, it's easy to do
the research that I did
to find out the things
that I did.
It's easy
to turn you into me,
but you don't want to be me.
'09, Bill H. R. 645
the Department
of Homeland Security
to set up a network
of FEMA camps
to intern U. S. citizens
in the case
of a national emergency.
Right? You can justify
them separately
for all kinds of reasons,
but when you
connect them all up,
the pattern emerges.
You can see
where it's leading.
Well, it was actually
this guy who
first discovered
I was sent a clip,
uh, you know,
to some random stupid thing.
Please do not slow down.
Continue scurrying
to your places of work.
Continue consuming.
Hey, hey.
You are not people.
You are sheeple.
Baa! Baa!
They are watching you.
They are monitoring you.
Oh, you're listening to me.
That must mean
you are a psychopath.
Slaves! Slaves! Slaves!
Oh, by the way,
they're building camps
for when the shhhh
hits the fan.
It wasn't so much
the video that fascinated me,
as much
as it was the comments.
It wasn't people
making fun of him.
It was people agreeing
with him.
Like, a lot of people.
There's this entire group
of people online,
this underground that believes
the world is controlled
by secret forces.
RON: For generations,
the people who
secretly ran things
have been able to hide
because they owned
all the traditional
forms of media.
The Internet changed
all that.
We get all kinds of people
from all walks of life.
The one thing that really
ties our customers together
is the fact that,
you know,
they all have
this devotion to truth.
Everybody has questions
that aren't being answered.
The key is
the Federal Reserve.
The U. S. Government
is assured
financial stability,
because the Fed can
just print more money
out of thin air,
but the government's
always gonna be
in debt to the Fed.
Why come
into a store like this
if the main source
of your information
is online?
Well, because
the Internet
may be a threat
to those in charge,
but it's also
their greatest weapon.
Every single thing
you do on the Internet
is monitored.
Every email you send,
every website you visit,
every picture you look at
on your wife's Facebook,
all of it is.
George Orwell predicted
that Big Brother
would be watching us
one day,
but what
he didn't predict
is that we'd create
Big Brother ourselves
and then willingly give
ourselves over to it.
WHYTE: If you're
searching keywords,
if you're looking up
hot material,
if you're scouring
Internet conspiracy sites,
you're of an interest.
We hear a lot of people
talk about "they. "
Who are "they"?
In my opinion,
the Bilderberg Group.
The Illuminati.
Bohemian Grove.
The Council
on Foreign Relations.
The Kailow Group.
Military-industrial complex.
The IMF.
WOWorld Bank.
How do you handle
all of this information?
What does one person
do with it all?
What I always
tell my friends online is,
it's not enough to stay
within our group,
to discuss these issues
only within
our own circles.
We have to go
out into the world.
We have to break
into other people's circles,
uh, let others know
the truth
by whatever means necessary.
What is it specifically
that you hope to achieve?
They need to know
that I know.
Alone, as one man,
I'm no threat,
but what I am
is an idea.
What I am is
the embodiment of an idea,
and if it occurred
to me,
it will eventually occur
to other people as well,
and then there'll be
two people on the street
with megaphones.
Then there'll be
10 people on the street
with megaphones.
Then there'll be
100 people.
But what if they're
not even listening?
Are you listening?
What, you mean,
me personally? Am I--
That's what matters,
if you're listening.
If they're listening.
Are you listening?
Looking back on it,
I wish we had never listened
to a thing he said.
Hey, Terrance, just checkin' in.
Um, haven't heard
from you in a while.
Hey, T,
just want to know
that you're all right.
Just let us know
that you're okay.
Hey, Terrance.
Hey, Terrance, um...
Hey, T.
Hey, Terrance,
it's Jim here.
No idea what to do.
We're just really
concerned about you.
Just please let us know
that you're okay.
He's not here.
Well, we've tried,
like, every possible way
to get a hold of,
uh, Terrance.
So should I just go up
and talk to them?
Just ask them.
Okay, okay.
We checked
with the cops.
No cops.
I mean,
we checked the hospital.
We checked
the hospital.
No hospital records,
no known family members
that he could have
disappeared to.
Just go up to them.
Here we go, okay.
Hey, I'm a friend
of, uh, T-Rex.
T-Rex, he's
a regular in this room?
What the fuck?
Oh, great.
Never mind.
We call, we knock,
So, uh,
what do you do?
Are you just
throwing all his stuff
in the garbage or... ?
You see this?
what are you doing?
Just... It's gonna
take forever.
Yeah, all right.
CAMERAWhat exactly
am I looking for here?
Come on.
Open up.
Ah! Two more minutes.
Just two more minutes,
Next they'll
want a ride home!
Like, I don't know
what more we can do
in reality
to find this man.
We should take
into consideration...
that the mother ship
came back.
You know that's funny.
It's okay to laugh.
What are you
gonna do, man?
Are you gonna give up
or... ?
I honestly don't know.
Did you hear
what I just said, buddy?
Don't question
what I've seen with
my own eyes, all right?
And there's
that fuckin' guy.
Get that guy.
Get the guy right
on the corner there.
This guy's
been shadowing me.
He's a spook.
I think the guy's
just out for a ride.
I seen him everywhere.
Hey, fuck you!
Fuck you!
People don't
just disappear.
Too Asian?
No. Don't get this
on camera.
Don't get this
conversation on camera.
Look, say hi.
Say hi
to Daddy's movie.
Delta Phi, baby!
Hold me.
I don't think--Hey.
The Pentagon,
the plane crash--
quote-unquote plane crash
at The Pentagon--
the footage from over
100 cameras was confiscated,
and the only piece
of film we see
shows an explosion,
but no plane.
The head of security
in Pakistan
wires $100,000
to Mohamed Atta
just prior to the 9/11 attacks.
Then on the morning
of the attacks,
Ahmed is in Washington
Shut the fuck up!
I have not seen that report,
and he was certainly
not meeting with me.
Why is the guy
who bankrolled 9/11
meeting with the CIA
before the attacks?
9-fuckin'-11, right?
United Flight 93.
Show me a picture
of any plane crash--
3,000 people
were murdered that day,
all right?
3,000 people.
Nobody could fuckin'
plan somethin' like this!
How many people
died in World War I?
What? What are you
fuckin' goin' on about now?
World War I, 1913.
It's a fact that
Woodrow Wilson's senior advisor,
Edward House, deliberately
sent a passenger ship,
the RMS Lusitania,
into German-controlled waters
with the intention
that it be hit by a U-boat,
which it was,
and that brings America
into World War I.
Gulf of Tonkin!
Gulf of Tonkin!
Two U. S. boats
are attacked
by three Vietnamese boats,
and that's what brings the U. S.
into the Vietnam conflict.
In 2005, the NSA releases
a classified document
that states the Gulf of Tonkin
incident never happened!
Never happened!
If you look at 9/11
in isolation,
it's unbelievable to think
that we could be told
such a huge lie,
but if you look at
the broad picture of history,
you can see
that staging attacks
against one's own country
is one of the oldest
and most commonly used
tactics for starting war.
It's fucked up.
What is?
If Terrance
and guys like him,
you know,
if they're wrong,
then it's
really fucked-up
that they could be
so delusional.
But if they're not...
You want to do it.
You want to do it.
You know
you want to do it.
Fuck it.
Okay, just start this.
I mean, like,
for me, right? |
I mean, I'm looking
at, like, right now,
it's as desperate
as, like, matching,
like, the hues
of highlight.
And also looking
where the pins are.
Like, my project today
that we're gonna try to record
is, like, putting the pins
exactly where the holes are
and just seeing,
'cause he's got, like,
this string of dates here,
and he's
clearly connected them
to, like, important events
of some sort.
Look, I... Yeah.
You know, so, I mean,
that's what he was
so it's pretty...
I know, but, Aaron.
I just don't see
the point, dude,
of you trying
to pursue a--a...
an unbalanced man's,
you know, rambling.
When did you decide
that for sure,
that he's unbalanced?
Um, what is it?
What is it
you're looking at?
What is it you're
piecing together?
I don't know yet!
I don't know
what it is!
We don't know
what it is! We're...
Every other time
that Terrance put
one of his blue thumbtacks
into the chart,
it's because he was
connecting some event
to a greater pattern.
Go ahead, yeah.
Please, can we do this?
Whether you agreed
with the pattern that he saw,
it doesn't matter.
The point is, he always had one.
He has every major
conspiracy theory
on there!
If you stare at it--
If you stare at it
long enough,
you're gonna see
whatever you want to see!
I don't know.
Have a nice holiday!
Good holiday?
Have a nice holiday.
Yeah, all right.
Man, I need a break.
WOYou see, the thing
about the belief
in conspiracy theories
is that you can't
disprove them.
You can't prove that
there aren't secret masters
trying to control
and manipulate us.
Paranoid schizophrenics
will often
create delusions
that can't be disproved.
This allows them to have
the delusion go on indefinitely.
Now, I'm not saying
that all people
that believe in conspiracy
theories are schizophrenics.
However, if the delusion
goes unchecked,
the result
can lead sometimes
to very dangerous
as it did in this case.
What's up?
Didn't know
we were filming this.
He said he'd guarantee
it'll be worth it.
Okay, at first I was
too focused on the events.
You know, formation of the Fed,
World War I, 9/11.
Then I decided to refocus
on these string of dates, right?
All of which take place
before major world events,
so I decided to put
it into Google.
Dude, if you put
those dates into Google,
it's gonna spit out
all kinds of crazy things.
I found this article.
It's written in 2003,
published in Time Magazine.
It's all about this thing
called the Tarsus Club,
which is like a retreat
for politicians,
for corporate leaders,
people like
I mean,
major world players.
A guy named Murray Chance,
he's the founder
of Chance Investments,
and they also had offices
in World Trade Center
Building Seven.
Okay, so...
So, the article refers
to specific Tarsus meetings
in April 1946,
May 1962, May 2001.
So, April '46, May '62,
May 2001.
This got the ball rolling.
All of Terrance's dates
refer to specific meetings
of the Tarsus Club,
all of which take place
right before major world events.
That's what the dates are.
That's what Terrance
was looking into.
It was loose...
assumptions built
upon other assumptions,
but, you know,
I'll give it to him.
He found a pattern.
He connected the dots.
Terrance would have
been proud of him.
"The Tarsus Club
is a membership-only
"annual retreat
for global innovators
"with an emphasis
on strengthening
global networking,
leadership skills,
and relationship building. "
What does that mean?
I have no fucking clue.
There's absolutely
no actual information
on this site.
Well, they have
a phone number.
That's your number,
isn't it?
Did everything
we could think of
to track down, uh, this guy,
Mark Tucker,
who'd written the article.
I contacted Time.
They said that he had
left the magazine years ago.
Literary agencies,
publishing houses,
the article seemed to be...
the sole evidence
of this guy ever existing.
You think
that Mark Tucker
is an alias?
So then
we had the crazy idea
we would take everything
that we had found out
about the Tarsus Club,
put it online,
and see what came
out of the woodwork.
Come here.
What is this?
Fuck off.
What are we on?
This is
my, like, little escape.
Oh, this is the farmer
website thing
you're always on.
It's called
an off-grid community.
It's being built
in northern Alberta.
Dude! Oh, fuck!
You're assholes!
Fuck off, man! Come on!
It's, like,
completely self-sufficient.
We're gonna grow
our own food,
like, dig our own wells.
There's a group
of 50 of us planning
on building this thing, so...
You know, it's like
sometimes I just feel like
just... start over.
Get away from
this whole fucked-up world.
Last night, Aaron
got an email, um, from someone
saying that
he wanted to meet
on the conspiracy
chat room site.
Said we can talk
about Murray Chance
and the Tarsus Club.
The thing is that Aaron
in what he posted online
never mentioned
Murray Chance.
So we'll see.
Mmm... 'kay.
Uh, we're making
a documentary film.
Why? Who are you?
How do we know
you didn't just Google
the article in Time?
How do we know
that you didn't just
the TiMagazine article?
Well done, Bernstein.
Who's Bernstein?
Woodward and Bernstein?
Just give me
a VU reading over here.
That's good, yeah.
I was doing a bio piece
on Murray Chance
and his family,
and quite by accident,
I stumbled on the fact
that the Chance family
going back generations
had attended
this annual retreat
held by an organization
called the Tarsus Club.
Now, I was told
that these meetings
were not about setting
policy or agenda.
But the more
I looked into them,
the more I realized
this couldn't be further
from the truth.
Very real
and tangible shifts
in world financial markets,
in foreign policy,
and even in
so-called random events,
with these retreats.
But in your article,
you make it sound
like it's just a group
of rich white men
getting together
and having a good time.
It doesn't seem really
all that nefarious.
That's because when
my editor at Time Magazine
found out
what I was reporting on,
he butchered the article.
Then why not get rid
of the article entirely?
Well, it's in the group's
best interest to have
a little bit of information
out there about themselves.
A total media blackout
is a void
just asking to be filled
by fertile imaginations.
I wouldn't be surprised that,
in the very near future,
that Tarsus purposely
lets a little bit
of information out there--
um, news story,
press release,
something that
has the appearance
of being objective,
but has been
engineered by them.
So that they can
control the message?
And it also acts
as a little bit of a warning.
You know, they allow you
to get a glimpse
of how powerful they are.
A warning for who?
People like yourself.
People who have
discovered the truth.
Did this man
ever contact you
about the Tarsus Club?
Couldn't honestly say.
But your friend
may have tried to contact me.
But you have to understand
that my article
is the only mainstream
document out there
that people can find
actual information of Tarsus.
But the truth is,
most of these guys
have monikers
and they're far
too suspicious ever to meet.
So where is
all of this leading?
What is it specifically
that the Tarsus
organization is after?
Three words:
new world order.
We have before us
the opportunity
to forge for ourselves
and for future generations
a new world order,
a world
where the rule of law,
not the law of the jungle,
governs the conduct of nations.
When we are successful,
and we will be,
we have a real chance
at this new world order.
A blueprint
of a one-world government,
a single organization
that controls every nation
and every person
on this planet.
Alice Bailey, H. G. Wells,
Adolf Hitler, Gorbachev,
George Soros,
Herbert Walker Bush.
Um, all these people have
at some point or another
called for
a new world order.
A new world order
is likely to emerge
from the current
economic crisis.
It's about the future
of the whole region.
It's about the future of Europe
and a new world order.
I think a new world order
is emerging,
and, with it,
the foundations
of a new and progressive era
of international cooperation.
Mysterious attacks
that justify war,
trade deals
that erase borders,
stock market collapses
that shift billions in wealth.
All these events
that gradually shifted
more power
into fewer hands,
the hands of seemingly
disconnected individuals,
who are, in fact,
all linked
by one common element:
Didn't you guys
get the idea that Mark
was, like, ex-CIA
or something like that?
Oh, man, totally.
Like, uh...
Like a retired spook
or something, yeah.
Well, I think it's...
I think it's
really important... .
No, listen to me.
I'm serious.
That we don't get
ahead of ourselves
with this guy.
For everything
that this guy
spoke about,
I can find
10 other guys
that can challenge
and refute him.
For all we know,
we're just
talking to Terrance
in better clothes.
Dude, this is real!
This is not
some fringe fabrication!
You know, he's talking
about real facts, right?
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
What are
you looking at?
Is that the same guy
that was in front
of Terrance's place?
Get that on camera.
Uh, I don't know.
It does look like him.
It is, right?
I don't know, man.
Get this on camera.
I want all of this
Yeah, yeah.
Get inside the drawers.
Hang on.
Just get the desk.
Hang on.
It looks like they got
about 40 bucks
and a pair of sneakers.
I think
this is the one time
Aaron being broke-ass
is a good thing.
I think when Aaron's apartment
was burglarized,
a line had been crossed.
At least a line had been
crossed in Aaron's mind.
The police didn't find
any evidence
to suggest that it was anything
other than common thieves.
They certainly didn't find
anything to suggest
that it was at all linked
to the film
that they were making.
But I think at that point,
it almost didn't
matter who it was.
for inviting me here.
Oh, um, probably put
your stuff on the couch.
Come on in.
Right here, dude.
No, you know,
I'm good, I'm good.
No, I'm good.
You know,
it was one thing
when we were
filming Terrance.
You know, that was--
That was
something strange,
and it was out there,
but I could
leave it out there.
Now it's
followed me home.
I just want to go
back over a few things
that we discussed
uh, last time we met.
I mean, how do you
quantify the decision of...
Why doesn't anyone
ever try to do anything
about these people?
You know,
like, uh, expose
them, uh, something?
What is it
that really happens
at these things?
You wrote, um,
"The drinking
and deal-making
"all ends at midnight
when the attendees
in the ritual hunting
and slaughter
of the bull. "
What's that about?
The ritual.
The ritual is based
on an ancient and highly secret
set of beliefs.
Which are what?
The worship of Mithras.
The cult of Mithras
was both an association
and a religious cult
focused on the worship
of this god, Mithras.
Mithras was a deity
that first appeared in Persia
over 4,000 years ago.
Now, according to the myth,
he was born
on the 25th of December.
He died and was resurrected
three days later.
Bear in mind,
this was 2,000 years
before the birth of Christ.
Many scholars believe
that this is the basis
of Christianity.
Mithraic caves,
where they secretly worshipped,
have been discovered throughout
the former Roman Empire
from, um, Scotland
to Russia,
from the Sahara Desert
to the heart of India.
This was essentially the world's
first truly secret society.
So, yes,
there probably were
quite a few Mithraists
who had the ear
of quite powerful people.
I don't know about, uh,
modern secret societies
with wide agendas.
Again, if I did,
I wouldn't tell you.
The depiction of Mithras
hunting and killing
the bull
is to the Mithraics
what the Crucifixion
was to the Christians.
It is the central image
of their belief system.
Would you like to see
the Mithraic secret handshake?
Just do what I do.
Follow my movements
exactly, okay?
It's a regular handshake.
The custom that
we have of shaking
our friends' hands
when we meet them
on the street
or when we seal
a business deal
comes directly from
the secret handshake
of the Mithraics.
The first-ever depiction
of people shaking hands
in human history
from a 4,000-year-old
carving of Mithras
shaking the hands of
the Syrian King Antiochus.
We live in a world...
We're going
to turn the bull loose.
that has been built
and guided
by cultural forces
that exist behind those
we see in the forefront.
These are politicians
arriving at or leaving
a Tarsus meeting in '06...
That's .
He's been a strong advocate
of pushing Canada
a North American Union.
He's also a frequent attendee
of Tarsus retreats.
Coincidence, I'm sure.
Holy shit!
Did you take these?
I've tried approaching
news agencies.
No one
will touch this stuff.
What's that one?
That's the bull hunt.
It was taken
outside Prague in 2002.
It's one of
the only known photos
of a Tarsus ritual
in progress.
This is a lens?
and it just, uh...
just clips
right on your tie...
um, just like a tie clip,
so that's it.
Oh, look at that.
Now, does that record
to the same tiny drive
as the other one?
That is badass.
So what are you guys
using this for,
if you don't mind
me asking?
Uh, no. Yeah.
We're infiltrating
a secret society.
I don't know.
Slow down. We'll see.
He's there.
He's still there?
He's still following us.
Are you sure?
Okay, make
a right up here,
make a right up here.
Let's just keep
testing this, okay?
All right.
Just keep turning.
God. Fuck. Fuck.
Can you go?
I can't go
into traffic, man!
Pull into
this parking lot here.
Just pull
into the parking lot.
There's lots of people.
Why am I gonna pull--
Lots of people there!
It'll be safe.
Just pull in here.
Okay. Okay, good.
He's there?
Aw, Jesus Christ.
He's here.
Shh. We'll just...
What's he doing?
He's leaving.
Thank God.
It clips.
Aw, fuck.
Got my fingerprint on it.
Okay, how's that?
Can you see it?
Yeah, I know what it is.
I can see it.
Of course. I'm saying
if you didn't know
what it was,
would you notice it?
How they get a camera
in one of these fuckin' things?
What are you guys
using those cameras for?
What are you
using them for, Jim?
We're not using
them for anything.
I don't give a fuck
about the film anymore.
You don't give
a fuck about the film?
This has gone--
It has gone too far.
This is not
about the fuckin'...
This is not about
the fucking film, okay?
Do you have any idea...
Dude, dude, dude.
what would happen to me--
Okay, will you please
just tell me,
are you too scared--
what would happen to me
and my family
if I would get caught?
I understand.
Do you understand?
I understand.
Are you too scared,
or do you...
I need to know
if it isn't that
you're too scared.
Or do you not believe
what's right
in front of your eyes?
I really don't think
that Jim's mind
is capable of accepting
that the world
doesn't work the way
that, you know,
he was always
told it works.
You know, okay, all right,
for a minute,
let's say that Aaron
is right, okay?
Let's say
they're all right.
It's all true.
That there are these people
that secretly run things.
Then they've
always run things, okay?
And they always will!
Is it still there?
it's still out there!
Come on,
come on, come on.
It's still
plugged in. Hang on.
You got it?
I'm coming.
All right, fuck.
Is it the same one?
Oh, yeah, definitely.
Shiny black chrome,
tinted windows.
What's going on?
Nothing, babe.
Go back to bed, okay?
What are you guys doing?
Who's out there?
No--No one's
out there.
Jim, what are you guys
looking at?
It's good.
God, Jim.
45 minutes.
May be just a hired car
for an airport run.
And we're
just gonna sit here
and watch it all night?
It isn't anything.
I'm sick of this, man.
I'm sick
of being afraid.
Fuck it.
Fuck it, you know?
This is what they want!
This is what they want,
so fuck it.
Aaron, just settle down.
keep your voice down.
Just wait a second!
Aaron, what are you doing?
Hey! Hey, asshole!
We're not afraid!
We don't even know
if it's the same truck.
It's the same fuckin' truck.
That's him.
Do you have the cash?
All right, come here.
You boys sure
you don't want to come?
All right, man.
Bobby. |
Later, dude.
We close?
We get separated
for any reason,
let's meet back here.
Is that it?
Yeah, that's it.
let's get comfortable.
You don't
have to come.
You could just leave.
Let's get
the fuck outta here.
JOHN F. KENNEDY: The very word
"secrecy" is repugnant
in a free and open society.
And we are as a people
inherently and historically
opposed to secret societies,
to secret oaths,
and to secret proceedings.
For we are opposed
around the world
by a monolithic
and ruthless conspiracy
that relies primarily
on covert means
for expanding
its sphere of influence,
on infiltration
instead of invasion,
on subversion
instead of elections,
on intimidation
instead of free choice,
on guerillas by night
instead of armies by day.
It is a system
which has conscripted
vast human
and material resources
into the building
of a tightly knit,
highly efficient machine.
Its preparations are
concealed, not published.
Its mistakes are buried,
not headlined.
Its dissenters are silenced,
not praised.
No expenditure is questioned,
no rumor is printed,
no secret is revealed.
Can you help me?
I got you, I got you.
All right, okay.
All right, here.
Been here
the whole time, okay?
Okay, ready?
Just take evidence.
Let's, uh,
hit the bar, shall we?
Um, two gin
and tonics, please.
Thank you.
Ahem. Yes.
It's, um...
It's G & T.
Nice to meet you,
You, too, brother.
Yes. That's right, yeah.
Yes, exactly.
Well, what are
you gonna do, eh?
Still some problems
you can't solve.
You--You're good.
Yeah, that's right.
Yes. Nice meeting you,
to meet you, brother.
Look at this.
Good evening, brother.
Good evening,
Yes, definitely.
Great to have
met you, brother.
Yes, uh, thank you.
That was so fucking weird.
A community of stars
forming one constellation!
A circle of brothers
forming one family!
Hail, Mithras!
Hail, new lights!
SPECTATORS: Hail, Mithras!
Hail, new lights!
Ravens, step forward.
Don't freak out.
What do I do?
Go ahead, brother.
What the fuck?
What the fuck? What the fuck?
Oh, shit.
All right, okay, okay.
No, it's okay, brothers.
I just need to speak
with my friend for a second.
It's very important
that I talk with him.
My name is Jim.
My father's name is David.
get out of my way!
No disturbance meant.
Hey, hey, hey!
I know. I just need to
talk to him for one second!
There he is
It's okay.
There he is.
I'm sorry, brothers.
My apologies, um...
Enjoy the evening.
Thank you.
Yes. Thank you.
Um... it was unique.
I've never experienced
anything quite like it.
It was a little, yes.
My name is Aaron.
My father's name was John.
No, no. I will...
Um, I... |
Give me one second.
I have to use
the bathroom.
Be right back.
Shit, shit, shit, shit.
Come on, Trace.
What the fuck?
Tracy! |
is my only crown.
What the fuck?
No, no, no, no!
Wait, wait, wait!
Okay, wait!
Wait! I'm sorry!
I'm not a part of this!
I'm not a part of this!
I'm sorry!
Oh, no!
I'll just go!
Brother! Down here!
Oh, God.
My God.
Oh, my God.
No no no no no no!
Get the fuck
away from me!
The core value
of the Tarsus Club is
between governments,
businesses, individuals.
And, of course, we're
living in the golden age
of communications
because of globalization.
Unfortunately, with
the rise of the Internet,
there's a dark side
to globalization.
Essentially, that is
that anyone with a crazy idea
can communicate it
to millions of people
like a virus.
And the Tarsus Club has been
the target of these viruses,
including these
crazy conspiracy theories.
Well, actually,
it's become something
of a cottage industry,
I think,
conspiracy circles
to break in
to Tarsus meetings.
In fact, we've grown
so accustomed to it
over the years
that, uh,
it's almost become
part of the ritual
to scare people off
who try to break in.
I was
taken to a back room.
I was told
to let them know
where the rendezvous point
was with Aaron.
We were questioned
for a very long time,
but, uh, eventually
security let us go.
Even after Aaron realized
that they were
just scaring him,
he was still very upset.
I think Aaron
had been traumatized
by what had happened.
That was the last time
I saw him.
To the people screaming
about conspiracy...
I'll let them in
on a little secret.
It's true.
Global leaders do
get together and collaborate.
Many of them, including
my boss, Murray Chance,
are working hard
to create a new world
where all nations
and all people
can come together
in one global community.
That's what it's all about,
the creation
of a single global community.
And if
that's a conspiracy...
If that's a conspiracy,
well, then, yes, we're guilty.
Hi, bud.
Just for the record,
where do you think
Aaron went?
I guess he ended up...
in the same place
Terrance did, didn't he?
And I just hope wherever they are,
they both feel free.