The Conspiracy of Torture (Beatrice Cenci) (1969) Movie Script

Are you sure this concerns a Cenci?
We know even less than you.
- All four?
- That's what I heard.
I spoke to a sympathizer,
a few minutes ago.
And he mentioned the Cenci?
Yes, two in Tor di Nona
and two in Corte Savella.
Yes, that was it.
Two in Tor di Nona
and two in Corte Savella.
The other brothers
went to visit both jails.
One group went to Tor di Nona,
where Giacomo and Bernardo Cenci
were held prisoner.
The other group went to Corte Savella,
where Beatrice and her mother-in-law
were kept.
The rumours weren't wrong.
According the usage,
a duplicate of the judgment
had been sent
to Prospero Farinaccio,
the lawyer who had been in charge
of the defence.
The lawyer was now reading it
to his colleagues
Giorgio Diedi, Rutilio Altieri
and Planca di Coronata.
And so the young Bernardo
will also get up
on the scaffold.
But only to witness the execution.
He'll be locked away for one year.
And then he'll row on the pope's galley
till the end of times.
You can hardly call that an act of clemency.
A life worth nothing but pain and agony.
Death will come as a sweet deliverance.
There's no need to get heated,
fellow colleagues.
You can't win all the time.
You, Farinaccio,
read the judgment.
- Do I really have to?
- No, it's useless.
It's the same old song:
assets and goods will be seized.
That's the way it always goes.
All goods, assets, real estate
and private property
will be handed over to the Treasury
and the apostolic chamber.
That's 500000 gold coins for the Treasury.
is innocent!
I understand.
The sentence will be carried out
tomorrow morning.
Madam, your mother-in-law
and your sister
will be beheaded.
You, sir Giacomo Cenci,
will endure torture
and be dismembered publicly.
Embrace it, poor thing.
Embrace the image of Christ Crucified.
He was innocent and he suffered
a lot more than you did.
Ask St Paul for forgiveness
as he was also beheaded.
Beg him to assist you during the
ultimate hour.
Ask God for forgiveness.
How can you pray to God like that, so detached?
Didn't you offend him enough already?
There's no sign of remorse in your prayers.
Without remorse, you'll be damned.
You're here to comfort me,
The only comfort
we can offer to your soul
is to take it away from Satan!
God won't absolve a parricide
unless he truly repents himself.
Ciro di Ponte should have concealed
her true identity.
Ciro di Ponte is at Francesco Cenci's service?
Are you sure?
It was him all right.
We all recognized him.
Yes, it was him.
He did it because of his master.
Cenci ravished the daughter,
she was barely 14.
Her father found out where she was kept and
what she went through.
We rallied many people and
went to free her.
Cenci did let her go but he threatened Tommaso.
Why would he have waited as long as a year?
Because Tommaso addressed himself
to prince Colonna,
who granted him protection.
He told Cenci who kept quiet.
Are you going to throw him in jail now?
This is none of your business.
If I were as cruel as it is rumoured,
I would let him die very slowly.
But I'm merciful.
Finish him off.
Finish him off.
- Excellency...
- And you know nothing about his whereabouts I presume.
He hasn't confided his sins yet.
You should pray we won't coerce your confession.
A barigel (the chief of the archers) at Cenci's villa...
What brings you here?
I'm here to arrest your master, lord Francesco.
Are you one of his henchmen?
I certainly would like to have the honor.
Unfortunately, I'm...
his son.
I'm his oldest son.
I guess I'm not dressed properly.
You should tell my father.
If you find him.
You have the duty to collaborate,
even if you're his son.
Even more so, I'd say.
Is there a son Francesco Cenci
loves more than any other?
No, my friend. He hates us all.
In return, we despise him.
His money is only meant for those scoundrels
whom he so desperately needs,
to commit his villainous deeds,
just like the one he committed this night.
Except this time,
he stomped on
prince Colonna's feet.
I'm sure his loud voice will
come to the pope's ears.
Unless, he manages to escape.
We have to act quickly and seize this opportunity.
My father knows that.
That's why he left Rome in the first place.
I wouldn't like to be considered as a traitor,
but if I were you...
I would send some troops somewhere
around Rocca di Petrella.
Excellency, I bid you welcome.
I thank God for your splendid health.
- What about me? Do you thank me?
- Of course.
You've already lied twice.
What about you?
Why don't you pay me your respects?
I bowed my head.
It seems more appropriate
to pay tribute in silence.
Watch that poisonous tongue of yours
and we'll get along just fine.
- Can I salute you, father?
- Done.
And you, chaplain,
aren't you going to ask me
to repair the church's roof?
No sir. I was looking forward to hear
some news about your sons.
Giacomo, the elder, is healthy as ever.
I'm talking about Rocco and Cristoforo.
I have to say...
I'm quite pleased with these two.
They gave up
asking me money all the time.
I hope Giacomo
will soon follow in their footsteps.
Are they coming back from Spain?
Who knows!
Your father fears
to be taken away in chains.
Did they talk about that
in your presence?
They didn't know I was listening.
You won't live long if my father finds out.
I only told you,
so that you knew exactly what to do.
About what?
You mentioned a petition which you sent to the pope
through the intervention
of your brother Giacomo.
What would you do if your father...
spent the rest of his days in jail?
Would you still confine yourself in a convent?
Even if my father ceased
tormenting us
I'd be more at peace in a convent
than anywhere else in the world.
But madam,
forgive me if I say so,
life is far from being peaceful.
Life is also about happiness and love.
Why would you give that up forever?
Olimpio, I'll never forget your sincere friendship.
Nothing makes me more happy than that.
If only for this evening,
let's call things by their true name.
That's impossible.
You're a Cenci
and I'm your servant.
If you know what I'm feeling deep down in my heart,
forget about our rank and status.
Dear child,
I asked for you
in order to announce you the good news.
Your sister's wish
will be granted.
I presented
her petition to the Holy Father,
who was kind enough to accept it.
Eminence, you are the
benefactor of our family.
None is more obliged to you
than my father.
No, my friend, your father
can't count on my help anymore.
If that's the reason of your visit,
I advise you to mislead him.
How can you even think he sent me?
My father's followers are nothing
but villains and scum.
I certainly look like one,
thanks to his stinginess.
However, my soul doesn't belong to him.
Thank God.
I'm just curious... His name is on every Roman's lips.
I would like to know the truth though.
The truth is the Holy Father
is outraged, with good reason as it seems.
It is rumoured that Prince Colonna has
managed to catch the pope's full attention.
It's not prince Colonna who guides his grace
but the Holy Spirit.
And it's fair enough.
When a man as powerful as Cenci breaks the rules,
the punishment should serve as example.
Don't get your hands dirty.
Justice will be done.
He's going to face his sentence
with the most bitter tears.
Check out if he forgot me!
I fell into the trap just like the idiot I am.
Don't tell me you want to go underground?
It's hard to live a crook's life.
You think a prisoner's life
is more enjoyable? Moron!
A single army whose only purpose is
to extort money from me!
The pope's nephew has commissioned
an architect to check on my Vines.
I gather he's anxious to build a new villa.
I damn you pope Aldobrandini
and I damn your kin as well!
You should damn Satan
who prompted you to sin.
And you, you should
build an altar in Satan's name
as he provides you with wealthy sinners.
My Porta Pinciana fief
accounts for the third of my fortune!
And you should praise the heavens for that.
You'll be somewhat poorer but
you'll also lead a more pious life.
And now you're going to tell me that
the pope's only purpose is to save my soul?
This is quite an extreme measure
if one considers that it hurts you
at your most weakest point:
your purse.
In order to convince his grace, I had to prove him
that the punishment was harsh enough,
considering your proverbial stinginess.
Believe me, he was inclined to
lock you up in jail without further notice.
I already went to jail.
It's no big deal. And it cost me less.
I believe you.
Impunity costs less
in justice's lower circles.
But you went so far beyond this time
that the Supreme Court
had to take on your case.
It's only fair that you should pay the high prize.
Come to think of it and considering what's at stake,
a third of your fortune,
that's not too much to ask.
Except that it took a long time
and hard work to get there.
Yes, certainly.
That's a very nice boar.
You killed it only because I missed it.
You do catch a lot of preys
these days,
don't you, Eminence?
It's easier when there's plentiful of game.
Which is exactly what will save me.
Otherwise, I would need to go on a diet,
after leeching off my fortune.
Freedom is priceless.
You can't compare a cell
at Tor di Nona
or Corte Savella
with the woods of Petrella
and this fresh air.
Find an agreement
and send me a safe-conduct.
I'm sick of this air!
I fear Rome's air is quite
unbreathable during the summer.
All summer?
I can't go back to Rome then.
As if plundering me were not enough.
You also want to ban me?
To each his own, my friend.
The land of Porta Pinciana
will be handed to the Treasury.
but the people also want their share.
Mind you, they don't ask for much..
They just don't want to see
you for a little while.
Very well.
But let's get this clear...
Only until autumn.
And I want to be there
when the Holy Father's nephew
will lay the first stone of his villa.
Have you any other bad news?
Beatrice's calling
should make you happy
as much as it would please the Holy Father.
Is that a wish or an order?
Coming from the Holy Father
I don't see the point arguing about it.
His grace sure knows
how to take advantage from this situation.
He takes a third of my possessions,
bans me all summer
and wants to keep me away
from my beloved daughter,
who, for some reason, has
put her mind to singing in a convent.
If he needs
virgin nuns so badly,
why doesn't he spawn a daughter
and send her to the convent.
The angels won't
your profanity.
The hell with them.
And you too.
Tell the pope
he can count, as always,
on his most devoted servant's obedience.
Francesco Cenci.
You send a request
to the Holy-Imbecile
because you thought I wouldn't
let you join the holy orders.
I gave my word and will grant your wish.
Here's to you...
Come in.
Look carefully.
This looks a lot like a
convent cell.
Is there something missing?
Yes, something's missing.
A crucifix.
We'll give you one and you'll stay here
until I die.
You came back to attend the funeral.
Falling from the balcony,
that's peculiar, even for a Cenci.
When did that happen?
The other night.
People say he drank a lot.
He must have leaned on the railing,
while taking a breath of fresh air.
The railing gave way and he fell.
The wood...
didn't seem to be rotten.
That doesn't prove nothing, in my opinion.
It looks like sometimes happens that the wood
is without being rotten.
Hey, you...
What are you doing with this coat?
Give, it's mine.
- It's mine.
- Leave it be, it's so beautiful.
You gave me this as a gift, didn't you?
The Catalan!
Do you hear me?
Wake up!
Get up.
It's me, Olimpio.
Do you recognize me?
Come, I told you
he was a crook.
- I'm afraid.
- Let's leave.
Are you listening to me now?
Are you listening?
Gasparo came back this morning.
He's suspicious, he already left.
We're afraid, we have to follow him up.
- Which way did he go?
- He took the route to Rome.
That doesn't sound too good.
There are way too many henchmen over there.
I beg you to forgive me
but if the fire goes out
I'm afraid, in my condition, that I'm done.
The Cenci, as I told you,
the widow and her two sons-in-law,
came back to Rome late in october.
Don Francesco died
several weeks before or so it seems.
He barely had the time to unpack his luggage.
It's all in the denunciation letter.
Can I see it?
You know
the essential facts.
It's just that I'm curious...
about the style.
Your role is to find the culprits,
if there are any, not the informant.
Certainly, your Excellency.
if I could find out
who wishes ill to the Cenci...
One is not compelled to hate the Cenci
to love justice.
Yes, your Excellency, of course.
But we have to consider that
an anonymous accusation
always serves the beholder's interests.
In this case, it clearly looks like the work
of someone who's educated and cultured.
In my humble opinion
this can't be the doing of someone who's illiterate.
It's up to you to find out the truth
in Rocca di Petrella.
Yes, without a doubt.
Of course,
you'll have to go there.
Bearing the cold...
And the thieves...
- An escort would be of great help.
- Leave as soon as possible.
Your Excellency, I need some time
to check the equipment and prepare the trip.
Snow falls as early as november
in the Apennines.
I can't stand the cold.
Good, prepare yourself then.
But I expect you to settle this matter
as quickly as possible!
We should have entrusted this case
to a more expedient barigel (the chief of the archers).
You don't know him.
Let him do it his own way.
Crossing the Apennines
in this weather and cold...
That's it.
A blood-stained sheet.
Lady Beatrice
sent it to a washerwoman.
Did you know about this?
No, sir.
You see...
I'm a barigel (the chief of the archers).
Nobody tells me anything.
People feel more at ease talking to
a complete stranger.
Someone who's just passing by.
Someone like...
A trader,
a doctor,
a coal-man.
People whom you can confide in.
This is the reason
why I never haste myself.
First, I send
a few trustworthy men,
disguised as coal-men or traders
or doctors.
You get the picture?
When I arrive,
I already know lots of things.
In these circumstances
you certainly know more than I do,
No, I don't quite agree.
I'm most certainly sure
that you know more than everyone.
- No, I assure you...
- Yes, yes.
You and the bandit with the coat...
what's his name again?
A bandit? With a coat?
I know nothing about these things.
After Cenci's death,
he was seen strolling around
with a coat that everybody knew.
A coat which belonged to the deceased.
Then, he started throwing money around.
How did he become so rich all of sudden?
You know something about that?
You're certainly talking about...
Marzio Floriani.
The one who's called...
the Catalan.
I haven't seen him
in ages.
Another lie.
- No, listen...
- You were seen together.
Two whores claim that
you looked for him in his hide-out,
while they were there.
I'm sure you had a good reason to look for him.
Won't you tell us?
We'll see if the Catalan will remain
as mute as you are.
There he is. Catch him.
Look out and search through the bushes.
He's there, quick!
It's too bad the barigel wanted him alive.
Quartering would even make the mute speak.
You have a tongue, use it.
Pull him down.
Is he the prisoner
from Petrella?
Yes, your Excellency.
It seems he's involved in the Cenci case.
He's stubborned, Excellency,
exceedingly so.
How many pullings
did he endure?
A lot.
His shoulders are broken.
You need to try something different.
If you had any common sense,
you'd put the registrar to work.
One could buy a few moments of happiness
with his own life.
Alas, mine wouldn't be enough
to buy back your love.
I would like there to be
a good far greater than life.
If only you'd ask me to give it to you.
It exists, Olimpio.
Tell me what it is.
I could only tell you if I weren't
in love with you.
Forget that you love me then.
Whatever it is,
I'm ready to sacrify myself for you.
It's impossible, Olimpio.
No one can dispose of himself
against God's will.
One can sacrifice his life out of love.
His earthly life I mean.
Not his eternal life.
My own paradise is the one
you're giving me here on earth.
Is it worth damnation?
If I begged you
to deliver me from this hell
I would ask you to damn your soul.
Tell me how to deliver you.
There's only one way.
It happened the day after the cardinal's departure.
Your father, outraged
by your sister's wish to become a nun,
locked her up in a dungeon.
I know the cruel reason why he let her go.
Yes and this is why your sister decided to...
I mean...
this is why
her heart bore
such an unspeakable feeling.
I know exactly what she asked you to do,
if that's what you're talking about.
I talked about it with Beatrice.
It was the right thing to do.
Being the elder, I had to give her my advice.
And you...
what's your take on this matter?
Since we're talking about my father,
there's nothing shameful about it.
You have to do it on your own.
I'll be in Rome all the while.
My presence would inevitably
arouse suspicions.
Why should we wait early september?
This is the time of the year
when sir Francesco collects taxes
from his fief in Calabria.
He'll send Gasparo,
a loyal henchman who follows him everywhere.
He could seriously hinder us.
Got it?
I understand.
Sir Giacomo!
This is just a small foretaste.
Once the deed accomplished,
you'll get more.
Once you're ready,
you'll find me here.
Over there...
I'll send you a signal from this window.
He didn't drink
more than usual.
Don't worry.
He's more tired maybe.
Go to bed and take some rest.
- Do you want us to undress him?
- No.
Don't trouble him.
Cover him up.
What's with the nails?
It must look like an accident.
Using a dagger won't do it.
One for you, the other for me.
You have to do it yourself.
That's why you're being paid.
Come on!
Make up your mind.
Look, I killed a lot of people,
but never in their sleep.
It's easier.
Take advantage of it. Do it!
This is an act of cowardice.
He says he can't kill a man in his sleep.
If he were awake
you wouldn't have the courage
to look him straight in the face.
And you call yourselves men?
If you are not up to it
I'll do it.
No, not you!
We'll do it.
- Go then.
- Vas-y.
You too, come.
It's done.
I'm going...
on the balcony.
I'll take this,
he won't need it anymore.
We have to act, now.
Let's wrap him in a sheet
and carry him on the balcony.
Hurry up.
Help us.
What's he doing here?
"And then we threw the body from the balcony,
"in such a way that everybody would believe
it was an accident. "
"Everything went
the way we planned it. "
Olimpio Calvetti's full confession
condemns you.
Now, we know
that you're guilty too.
- This man is crazy.
- How dare you deny it?
I deny, yes. I deny.
I don't know what happened.
I was told, like everybody else, that
my father fell from the balcony.
Calvetti claims you were lovers.
Do you deny it?
It wouldn't be the first time that
a servant
would brag about this.
Let's see who's lying.
This lady refutes
your confession.
She pretends you're guilty.
She innocent and pure
like a lily flower.
She says the truth.
What are you saying?
I can't hear you.
Speak up. Say what you have to say.
From the bottom of my soul,
I beg you to forgive me, lady,
for all my lies.
Forgive me.
I feel so ashamed
of not being able to withstand
the pain and say
all sorts of lies...
just to please the magistrates.
You're insulting us, scoundrel!
Hear me out! My lady
is innocent.
And I call upon my only judge,
God, our Lord.
Leave God out of this.
Retracting your confession was blasphemous enough.
I am...
the sole murderer
of Francesco Cenci.
And I deny
committing this crime through his daughter's will.
Bring her out.
Look at you. You're really bewitched!
And yet she gave herself up to you
like a mere bone thrown to a dog.
You let yourself fool by a love
that was only meant to make a tool out of you.
And you want to save her!
She did not give herself up
nor did she dangle herself in front of me.
She didn't lie.
I did.
You lied all right.
You made us swallow two truths.
But only one is true:
the first one!
And you're going to repeat it,
word after word.
You'll go through far worse
torments and tortures in hell
if you keep quiet...
It's useless.
He's already in hell, I think.
The villains!
How dare he do this to a servant
of the pope's nephew.
This is nothing but an offense to
the pope himself.
I know him. He was with the Aldobrandini
for a year.
That's enough.
I doubt his master
won't be pleased to learn
he impaled himself on a blade.
He served the Cenci.
What was his name? Gasparo?
He was also at Rocca di Petrella.
He had plenty of things
to confess to his new master.
Then, he became useless.
Bury him.
He died, falling from a carriage.
What about the wound on his back?
In Rome, nowadays,
it's not unusual to fall on daggers.
Write down what I told you
and then recite an act of contrition.
A henchman shouldn't be
suspicious to such an extent.
If one doesn't confess his sins
he will keep them in his soul,
and thus face God has a sinner.
What do you expect the Lord to do?
Be sure he'll hand you out to the devils
and they'll torment you for all eternity.
Have pity on your soul,
if you have none for your flesh.
Come on, speak!
It's not faith nor innocence who
gives you this strength,
but Satan himself!
All these torments are useless,
little sister.
We were a lot weaker than you.
If it must be that way
so be it.
I'm not to blame.
They're the ones...
who covered
our name in shame.
I may die hundred times
facing all kinds of torture
but I shall stand firm
and I shall deny, until
my very last breath.
But if I have to endure the disgrace
of a conviction for parricide,
in that case
I'm compelled to reveal you the secret
I was resolved
to take to my grave.
Please leave, fair lady.
Didn't you pay attention?
You're free.
Come and take a look at the light.
Come on.
It's nice to feel the light
after such a long time.
That's unexpected, uh?
Your father is so happy about
a particular event
that he forgave you.
My friends,
I made such a good profit
that it calls for a little celebration.
With al due respect to the chaplain,
money is one's true source of happiness.
It's some sort of private income
which I'll be blessed to receive as long as
I'll be living in this valley of tears.
Life indeed is sweeter with money,
if the chaplain allows me to say so.
All right, already. Step in, ladies.
Not bad.
Come forward.
Look how pretty you are.
It's yours. Show us...
There are thousand ways
to make money.
Imagine you had a hole in your pocket
all these years, without even knowing it.
The very day you mend this hole,
you suddenly find yourself
loaded with a heap of gold coins.
Those very gold coins
which you still would loose
if you hadn't take care of the hole.
Sit down and show us.
Yes, like that.
Show us what you are made of!
Don't you think it's quite fair
to consider this a private income?
Don't cry, mother,
he'd be mad.
Where's Beatrice?
She's dressing up,
exactly as you ordered.
I hope you didn't divulge her the reason
of this banquet?
Yes, I did.
You filthy brute!
I was waiting for her to announce the good news.
You should have warned me.
Is that so? There's no need
to keep 'em waiting then.
Sirs, I am now going to tell you
the very reason of this banquet.
I heard that two of my sons,
Rocco and Cristoforo
won't ever come back from Salamanca.
They both died of smallpox.
This is cause enough for celebration.
A good christian
should always praise God
for his kindness.
You get it?
In one stroke, I got rid
of two useless and greedy mouths.
That's a burden less to live with.
The heavens were gracious enough
to mend the hole in my pocket.
You're the most ungrateful of all girls.
I forgive you,
I invite you to this banquet,
to share my joy
and you dare to present yourself
in those clothes!
You're ungrateful.
And impudent!
I'm only
a sister who mourns her brothers.
This is not the right place
nor the right moment to mourn.
You should change clothes,
bird of ill omen!
This is a celebration. Dress up accordingly.
Make yourself pretty.
Your sons are dead...
What are you doing with those clothes?
What did I tell you?
If you're offended by my mourning
why don't you send me away?
I told you to take this dress off
and to put the best one you have.
If she had
a weapon at that very moment
and had killed this monster
wouldn't you have acquitted me?
Wouldn't you have to admit
that she only tried to stand up for
her honor and her purity?
The pig deserved to die.
She killed him and she did the right thing.
Everybody says so.
- Who's everybody?
- Well, the people...
Since when do the people
have anything to say in court?
It would make things easier for us, lawyers.
They take everything Beatrice's
saying for granted.
She's a St.
That's the truth. She's a St.
The truth...
isn't necessarily the truth, even if sworn on a crucifix.
Wouldn't you swear on anything
just to save your life?
It all boils down to this: all the Cenci
are accused of this crime.
Everybody knows what happens
when an entire family is convicted.
The apostolic chamber eventually seizes
all her goods and properties.
And Cenci's fortune
is quite substantial, not to say huge.
It has been appraised at 500000 gold coins
for the very least.
"Her honor and purity... "
When a poor soul
oversteps the limits
set up by nature and God all mighty,
when he hates his creature
to the point of ravishing
her very flesh and soul,
doesn't he deserve to die?
Pray for your soul.
May the lord have pity upon you.
Is everything going according the judgment?
Yes, Holy Father.
The convicts are at church.
They will hear mass and
then brought to the scaffold.
Giacomo first.
Lucrezia and Beatrice further on.
The people are overwhelmed.
And so are we.
And we have ordered
what you know.
It will be done.
I posted two men
on top of the St-Ange castle.
When Beatrice's head will fall on the ground,
they'll send you a signal.
We'll deliver her soul from evil
and grant her absolution at this very moment.
Leave now.
According the chroniclers of these days,
the pope was astonished
and even appalled
to hear that Beatrice's mortal remains,
had been followed by a huge crowd,
as she was carried to San Pietro in Montorio.
The crowd didn't sing nor prayed
but wept silently.
For weeks and months,
the people of Rome came
and covered her grave with flowers.
Bernardo was freed
the following tuesday.
Enjoying the privilege
to free a prisoner during the celebration
of the Holy Cross,
The company of San Marcello allowed him
to gain freedom upon condition that he paid
25000 gold coins to the Santa Trinit company
in Ponte Sisto the same year.
Even the seizure of Cenci's patrimony
was revoked eight years later,
against the payment of 80000 gold coins.
Cenci's lands
were given back to Giacomo's sons,
except for the Torre Nova estate
who had been acquired
by Gian Francesco Aldobrandini,
the pope's nephew.
Adaptation.. Anna Devoto