The Contract (2006) Movie Script

It's on.
You the new guy, Davis?
No, no, no way.
I'm the guy
here to ice the floor for skating.
Hope you're better
than the last guy.
What's wrong with him?
Couldn't take the heat.
Yeah, well, I'm fireproof.
Short on self-discipline?
Bobby Fischer would be
proud of that move.
You got no way out now, pal.
So where's the big tamale?
Just relax.
That's a quick way to go deaf.
What'd you say?
That's a quick way to go deaf.
You winning?
I never lose.
All right, let's get on with it.
It's a two-step contract.
Everything you need to know is there.
Memorize it.
By tomorrow morning.
After that, it'll corrupt
and nuke your hard drive.
You're Davis.
I didn't think you knew I was here.
I knew.
Something wrong?
I don't see-
There's no exit strategy.
The operation has
been planned in detail.
I'm glad
you're confident.
But if we need to abort
or if we miss the target-
We're not gonna miss.
You intending to miss?
Not me.
I can't vouch for anyone else.
I can.
We travel on separate airlines.
IDs and tickets from Turner.
DAVIS: First class?
I bet you're going first.
Yeah, but I'm the big tamale.
All right, that's all.
Oh, hell, I can't believe it.
He got me. Checkmate.
Good play!
Come on, Matty,
keep your head down.
Attaboy, Matty.
Turn two.
Hey, come on,
sit down.
What do you have to say
for yourself?
Nothing, Dad.
What do you want me to say?
To start with? Apology.
An apology to who?
Your teammates, to me.
Lucky you got off
with a three-day suspension.
Yes, you're lucky.
Dad, it's not a big deal.
Everybody smokes pot these days.
Oh, don't give me that bullshit,
Chris. Do I look like a chump?
You know I don't care what
other kids do. You're my son.
I know what this is about.
It's about your mother.
Chris, let me just-
let's just get it over with right
now! Tell me everything I do wrong.
Knock yourself out,
I'm trying to tell you I understa-
Stop trying to help me!
Stop wearing that stupid pink wristband
like it's gonna make any difference.
You can't do anything
about anything.
Why do you keep
pretending like you can? You can't.
It wasn't all right, Dad.
You said when she was sick
it was gonna be all right...
...and it wasn't.
Lydel Hammond?
Take a look at this.
I got better pictures than these,
Mr. Hammond. Know what I mean?
My wife hired you.
Of course she did.
Do you know who my father is?
That's why we're talking to you.
Thought maybe
you could make a better deal.
What's it gonna cost me?
You're gonna be late for school.
No, I'm playing hooky.
You're playing hooky?
Hey, listen I thought, you and
I, we could do something together,
you know?
Something you like doing.
Well, the cop took all my reefers,
Well, besides that,
you know?
What about camping?
You like camping?
That's not the point, you like it.
You loved that Outward Bound
thing you did.
What do you say?
I don't think you're serious.
So what do you do for a living, Mr...
I sell computer equipment.
Peripherals, we call it.
Not computers,
but the stuff that goes with it.
You know, cables, software,
mini storage systems,
things like that.
I'm afraid it's not very interesting.
Oh, no.
It's fascinating.
Right. There we are, Mr. Ellwood.
Utilities included, rent due
on the first of the month.
Very good, thank you.
You get use of the garage.
There's an electric opener
on the shelf in the kitchen.
Trash service
Mondays and Thursdays.
Good luck.
Thank you very much.
Act one is complete.
No problems?
That's correct.
Curtain going up on act two.
I wasn't talking to her at all.
She wanted to give me her number.
I said, "Sorry, honey.
I already got a girlfriend.
Great girl.
That's her, just over there. "
Whoa, did you see that?
Stay back, man.
Auto accident.
No kidding.
You got any more?
No, other guy's a pile of ash.
Vitals are stable on this one.
Did he say anything on the way in?
No, he was out of it
when I got to him.
Call security.
How you feeling?
My name's Wainwright.
Ed Wainwright. Chief of Police.
Come on, guy drove straight at me.
Oh, sure, yeah. It's not that.
Your gun?
We did a little checking.
Tried to get in touch
with Robert Ellwood's next of kin.
Turns out he didn't have any.
And he died when he was three.
Ran a set of your prints,
Mr. Carden.
Apparently, you've been
missing in action for many years.
But you're not missing anymore,
Mr. Carden.
Not too often we get somebody
your caliber up here in our little burg.
You know, frankly, Frank,
I can't think of anybody-
Hey, frankly, Frank.
Is that- Is that a pun?
It's an alliteration, chief, not a pun.
Yeah, well, anyway.
So come on, Frank,
what are you doing around here?
When are they coming for me?
I'm gonna have two men here all night.
Just for you, Mr. Carden.
Keep your eyes open.
I'll be back in the morning.
Sure, chief.
What in the hell is it can't
wait for an hour and a half?
Cops in the Northwest picked up
this guy in some kind of accident.
Better be good.
Well, I ran his prints
through a database.
Got a match
with a Major Frank Carden
from his military records.
Frank Carden?
You know him?
He was Defense of Intelligence,
MIA in 1974.
Take it he didn't die in the accident?
No, he's in the hospital.
Somebody hit
the Homeland Security button.
The FBl has gotten all excited.
The other agencies are lining up
behind us.
This guy is a hot potato.
Is he?
Just about everyone seems
to ring alarm bells these days.
All right. Let me know
when he gets here.
See you later.
What have you got? Is it him?
Yes. It's definitely Carden.
FBl liaison officer
just came by to tell me.
I don't want this going any further.
No, sir.
It won't get out of hand.
I'm on top of it.
How do you know that?
He called me.
DAVIS: He called you?
How did he manage that?
Ask him later.
We're gonna have to improvise.
Okay, rule one.
We don't go back
for him.
We leave him down.
That's not rule one.
Same for any of us.
What are you talking about?
The old man got caught,
that's his problem.
This is Frank's command. We've
been with him a long time.
Yeah, everybody but you.
Ever hear of loyalty?
Yeah, I read about it
in a book once. Look,
I'm not getting paid
to save his ass.
You're not getting paid
unless we save his ass.
You know that offshore account?
Only Frank can access it.
No Frank,
no money.
Now, you see, that argument
appeals to my sentimental side.
Local celebrities and officials
are reported to be lobbying for seats
at a dinner for the president,
to be held following
his upcoming speech
at Woodburn College.
Death has been reported
of a well-known local personality,
Lydel Hammond, Jr.,
in what appears to be
a hit-and-run accident
outside the Rosemont Apartments.
Reporter Melanie Stewart...
We're really doing this, aren't we?
No, I figured we'd just wake up,
make breakfast and go back to bed.
MELANIE Lydel Hammond, Jr. is the
son of the reclusive billionaire.
Hammond Sr. is expected to make
a rare public appearance
at the funeral of his son
in a few days.
That's the same Hammond
as the street, right?
And the stadium.
- Hammond Sr., a contributor
to the current administration,
has caused an embarrassment
recently, by his alleged support
of direct action, violence,
against doctors and scientists
involved in stem-cell research.
Sorry about the cuffs, Frank.
Rules, you know?
Yeah, sure.
Can't be too careful, can we?
STANFIELD: So what are you
doing around here, Frank?
Nice part of the country.
I like the scenery.
Well, take a good, long look.
Might be your last chance.
So the team lost, huh?
You know, we showed up. We tried.
That's what important, isn't it, Chris?
You ever wonder
about your coaching ability?
No, that's not
what I'm wondering about.
So you ready?
Sure we don't need
that map?
I told you I know this area, okay?
All right, all right, all right.
CHRIS: Yeah, but it's just
the same as your alcohol,
and your beer-
Good point, but so what?
I don't want you drinking, either.
It's legal in some countries.
It's not legal here.
It could be.
That's true, but it isn't.
So you've never tried it?
I didn't say that. I tried it. I
didn't like it. Didn't like the crowd.
They were a bunch of losers. Pot
makes you stupid, lowers your IQ.
So you smoked it
more than I did, huh?
Very funny.
Yeah, I don't like it.
RODRIGUES: What exactly
don't you like about it?
I don't like to read
while I'm watching a movie.
You get used to it.
It's all right for you.
You speak Spanish.
Not that well.
Face it. You just don't wanna watch
a foreign film, that's all.
I just wanna watch.
If I wanna read,
I buy a book.
Christ. Give him a hand, will you?
Hey, you're blocking
the whole road.
You sure there's no
alternative pay arrangements?
You and Davis get down
there. Royko, get rid of that.
RAy: I thought these old
bridges were supposed to be built
over gorges and canyons
and things, you know?
CHRIS: You've been watching
too many old movies on TV.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
You remember that one, Gunga Din?
Where they had the elephant
and it was crossing that-
Come on.
All right. Give me your hand.
I got you.
I got you. Come on.
I'm a U.S. Marshal.
My prisoner.
My prisoner. Keys.
Take custody.
My gun. Gun.
Call 911.
Don't let him go.
Don't let him go.
It's a big waste of time.
Carden's got nine lives,
didn't you know?
You wanna point that thing
somewhere else?
Get your phone out of your
backpack. Call 911 right now.
Just stay-
Just stay there, mister.
Hang back. Hang back.
All right.
There's no service.
We're gonna walk to the highway.
The phone is gonna work there.
That's what we're gonna do.
Listen. You'd be wise to let me go.
You try to bring me in,
you're both gonna die.
How's that?
My men are following.
Ex-military. They'll be here soon.
Listen to me.
Hey, stay back.
Stay back, man!
Listen, will you?
Let me go.
Stay here for an hour
and then go home.
It's the best choice.
It's your only choice.
He's right. Let's just let
him go. We've got the gun.
He not gonna hurt us.
Just let him go.
Be quiet.
What's your name, son?
Chris is right.
Let me go.
Look, you look like a nice guy.
What's your name?
He's Ray.
You don't wanna
be involved in this.
You're way out of your depth.
You said the wrong thing, mister.
He'll dig his toes in now.
We're gonna go up
to the highway.
Chris, you stay
behind me.
You stay in front of me
the whole way.
All right, let's go.
Come on.
Holy cow.
They can't have just vanished.
Well, they seem to have.
It's unlikely he'll be
working alone.
What gives you that idea?
We've got a lunch.
See what you can find out.
Chris, give me that phone.
Keep moving.
Come on, come on,
come on.
Told you.
That's the end of him.
Carden's still in that car.
Maybe not.
Three people walked off over there.
One's a woman, maybe a kid.
Shit, man,
I hate scenery.
Dad, we're
- We're close. The parking area's just down there.
Chris, run ahead.
He'll have a radio. Just
tell him to call the police.
Tell him what happened. Go ahead.
That's not good idea.
Just- I wasn't asking
your advice. Go.
Let's keep going.
Car went over the embankment,
into the river, about a half-mile up.
Sounds bad.
The current'll pull it down here.
May still be somebody inside.
Listen, can you guys help?
We can take the trail.
It's only mile or so
down the river from here.
Did you report it?
Yeah, I called it in.
What's wrong?
Dad. They shot him.
They shot him.
On the parking lot.
They shot him.
Take a deep breath.
Take a deep breath.
What happened?
Where are you now?
Enjoying the hike.
They must be near you.
No one here yet.
Well, just wait.
They'll show up.
They'd better.
You sure it's them?
I mean, it could have been anyone.
Couple of fag nature lovers.
From the river? It's them.
I told you you were in too deep.
All right.
Just let me think.
We can go up he-
Those your friends?
All right.
We're gonna go that way.
Just do it. Go.
Where are we going?
Away from here.
Come on, faster. Faster.
They never got to the airport.
Yeah, that was the message.
You think it was them
that went over?
Could be. Unlikely they'd stop for a
turkey dinner and a couple of drinks.
DAVIS: What have you done with them?
Well, where's Carden?
Never made it here.
You said there were three of them
on the trail.
Yeah, they were.
They must have gone off the trail.
They must've seen us.
Gunga Din's
found something.
They went that way.
Gunga Din was a water
carrier, not a tracker.
They were right here.
You didn't see them?
You need to back off, Davis.
Why don't you open your eyes?
We got problem? We got a problem?
Shut up!
That truck driver reported the
accident. We're gonna have company.
This screw-up's growing by the
minute. We should cut and run.
We got a big payday coming.
They can't be too far ahead.
We're going after them.
Get rid of that van.
I'll do it.
I like driving.
Whatever, man.
Go on.
What makes you think
we'll see him again?
Who cares if we don't?
His cupidity will overrule
his qualms.
Yeah, I suppose that mean
he only wants his money, right?
Right. Come on.
Pick it up, Chris.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on, move.
MILES That you, Davis?
Yeah. They're looking for Carden.
Can you talk?
Get rid of Carden.
He has to go, understand?
Can you do it?
Well, it's possible. It won't be easy.
Half a million.
How much?
You heard me. Half a million.
You got my attention now.
Okay. All right.
This isn't looking good, Chris.
You got any idea
where we're going yet?
That's where they
dropped us off for orienteering.
You sure?
They got any roads there?
Got a Denny's, a Pancake
House, coffee shop, anything?
There's a firebreak road
not too far on the other side.
Yeah, I...
I got there first out of everybody.
Did you?
Leave me here, you keep going.
They'll find me and you'll be gone.
Dad, you know what happened
to the guy up in the parking lot.
We- They'll follow us and-
Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know.
Till we're safe, you're with us.
Let's move.
What's your name, anyway?
Carden. My name
is Frank Carden.
I'm really sorry
I met you.
Not yet, sport. Not yet.
We got a body
down here, chief.
It's Stanfield.
ED Drowned?
Drowned, shot, broken legs,
you name it. He's mess.
I got bad feeling your kid's lost, Ray.
I'm not lost.
We gotta go back.
Dad, I'm not lost.
We can get down right here.
We can't do this. It's impossible.
Dad, come on.
Don't argue with me, Chris.
Shut up, Dad, and listen to me.
For once, just listen to me.
Aggressive kid, Ray.
There's a way.
You don't know it, I do, all right?
We did it on Outward Bound
and this is it. It's right down here.
You did that in the rain?
CHRIS: No, but it was easy.
Once we get down there, there's
grabs and footholds cut into the rock.
Yeah, well, you were
tied together by a rope
and you had a guide, am I right?
Yeah, but...
I know we can do this.
Look, if you've got a death wish,
I can think of
less painful ways to die, Ray.
Let's check it out.
I can't manage
with these cuffs.
If you try anything...
I'm gonna be
right behind you.
I swear to Christ,
I'll push you right off that ledge.
What are you,
a cop?
Used to be. Not now.
I teach high-school gym.
Must be a tough school.
Slowly, Chris, slowly.
Chris! You okay?
CHRIS: Yeah.
I'm okay.
Hell, man.
Did they double back?
No, we'd have seen them.
They must've gone on.
I don't see how.
All right. All right.
I got you. I got you.
There's a cave over there.
Okay. Okay. Come on.
Come on, come on.
Dad! Dad!
Hold on to him!
Get me up!
I think I heard something.
Find the toehold.
I got you.
Keep calm, keep calm.
Come on.
That's it.
Hold on, Chris. Hold on. He's got you.
All right, here we are.
Chris, will you help me, please?
Stop. Just stop.
Get up. Get the fuck off my dad.
Give me the gun.
Okay, take up the slack.
That's good.
Keep it coming.
No sign of Carden, eh?
Nah, just the two feds.
One of them's still in there.
Well, thanks. Who's
this Carden guy, anyway?
All I know is he's pretty
important to some folks in D.C.
Think he's a terrorist?
No. Doubt it.
He looked ordinary enough.
Yeah, but isn't that what those guys
look like? Ordinary, just like us.
Like me, maybe.
Nothing ordinary about you, Maury.
Tell you one thing.
What's that?
We play this right, we'll be getting
our pictures in the paper.
Let's set up for a wide shot
of the car,
and then we'll get
my close-up.
I'm back. Where are you clowns?
JOHNSON 40.083 north.
25.55 west.
You'll have to manage.
I'm not taking those off again.
Can't blame me
for trying.
You're pretty tough for an old guy.
Military training.
What's this all about?
What do they want you for?
Caught me smoking
in a restaurant.
Pretty serious about that
these days, you know?
Who are the guys
who are following us?
Not your friends.
So you teach gym?
And he coaches baseball
and basketball in the winter.
I like baseball.
So what exactly do you do, mister?
I'm an exterminator.
You mean, like, termites?
No, not exactly.
I'm contracted to eliminate...
Well, let's call them
obstacles to progress.
"Obstacles to progress. "
So you're just a mercenary?
Doesn't matter
who you "exterminate"?
There are limits.
Haven't found them yet.
He's not serious, is he, Dad?
No, he's full of shit.
Probably caught him
for insider trading.
I don't know.
Look how he
stopped me from falling.
That was just a reflex.
Wouldn't get
too sentimental about it.
Oh, I'm not getting
sentimental about it.
I think I know
what you're capable of.
for a picnic.
We lost the trail.
You sure they came through here?
Sure, I'm sure.
By tomorrow, every cop
from the state gonna be here.
Three U.S. Marshals dead?
Shit, man, they're gonna
look for us under every stone.
What's up, Royko?
You wanna quit?
I don't know, man.
I don't know.
Think I can pick up the trail
in the morning.
We all know
what you wanna do.
I say we go on.
We'll find him.
Now, that's a change, Davis.
What you about, man?
The sweet stench of money.
That's it.
Now let's give Gunga Din a chance.
We'll pick up his trail
in the morning.
ROBBINS: Who's Wainwright?
That'd be me.
ROBBINS: Chuck Robbins,
U.S. Marshal's Office.
How do you do?
ROBBINS: Gordon Jennings.
Mr. Jennings.
Gwen Miles from D.C.
Anything new for us, fellas?
Well, the boys
found some tracks.
What sort of tracks?
Three people leading away from the
river where Stanfield was found.
What about the other two?
Forgot my crystal ball.
Thanks, chief.
You're welcome.
You gentlemen, the FBl will be taking
over the crime scene, thank you.
If that's what you want.
That's what we want.
The U.S. Marshals
will handle the search.
Well, that just leaves us
to get coffee then, doesn't it?
Be great if you
could arrange some.
Double espresso,
decaf, no sugar.
Wow. FBl.
Don't say that out loud, Maury,
or they'll think you're a hick.
Chris, wake up.
Why don't you let him sleep?
What is it,
6:00 in the morning?
We're going.
Oh, I got
a cramp.
I'm sorry to
hear that, Frank.
What about breakfast?
This look like
the Hilton to you?
I told you, there's no point
in coming here.
They must've doubled back.
Wouldn't you have seen them?
Maybe not.
Oh, Jesus.
If I'd been here, we'd have them now.
How do you figure that?
Because I wouldn't
have lost them.
Can I shoot him?
Not yet. Hey, Davis?
Don't go entering
any charm competitions.
You'd never
make the cut.
They must have
parachuted down.
They went down here.
Carden could be
anywhere by now.
He could be dead.
Don't make any assumptions
about Frank Carden.
Why not?
They usually turn out to be wrong.
Oh, do they?
You don't know him, do you?
Got his file.
Defense Intelligence
used him on covert ops.
As what, an assassin or...?
He wasn't delivering pizzas.
No expresso.
Your sugar.
Thanks, chief.
Pardon me.
Come on.
MILES: You know the worst
thing about all this?
You leave the East Coast,
coffee's no good, food's all sugar.
So why is Carden here?
The president of the United States
is coming to Woodburn tomorrow.
You think the president's the target?
Why not?
Okay, so who wants
to take out the president?
You're kidding.
Keep going, Chris. Keep going.
He'll come back, don't worry.
I wouldn't count on that too much.
Why's that?
Well, my men would have figured
out their mistake by now.
They won't be far behind us.
One of them's
a professional tracker.
Trained in Australia
by aboriginals.
Frank. Frank.
You know those aboriginals- Huh?
Shut up.
Time like this,
you're playing chess.
I'm gonna get this guy.
DAVIS: Pussy game.
You and I finally agree
on something, Davis.
Let's move.
Take it easy.
We'll get them.
I'm sure of one thing.
Frank will find ways
of slowing them up.
How long have you been a teacher?
Just a few years.
Must be good at it.
I'm all right, I guess.
Is he, Chris?
He seems to think so.
He's kind of strict.
Hold up.
Wait a sec.
Want some?
You lose your wife to cancer?
Yeah, I did.
Two years ago, actually.
Are you really?
I find that kind of hard to
believe. I don't know why.
Because of my profession?
They used to give me
medals for it.
Do you believe that?
RAy: And now?
Well, now with political correctness
and all, it's best to keep a low profile.
Heroes are out of fashion.
You telling me
you're a spook?
Military? You work for the
government? CIA guy, is that it?
Used to.
No more.
Who do you work for?
I really don't know, Ray.
Pressure groups.
People with an agenda.
People who can afford it.
And you just don't
question the agenda, huh?
Well, as time goes on,
you know,
you realize that the issues
are just too complicated.
Who's right, who's wrong.
So you just...
Just wind up doing your job.
And you do it the best way you can.
Like everybody else.
Okay. We should move on.
I mean,
it's kind of late for me
to be thinking about changing.
I mean, hell, what would I do?
I don't know, Frank. Let's go.
Come on, move.
Come on, man.
Sell insurance?
I don't care, Frank.
Maybe go back to school.
Get a law degree.
Hey! What do you think
you're doing?
I grew up in Cedar Pine-
Can't you get some more choppers?
I put in a request.
It's not that easy up here,
Mr. Jennings.
This isn't D.C.
It's Washington state.
Ain't that the truth, chief?
I don't believe any of this.
And anyway,
it's got nothing to do with us.
It had nothing to do with us
24 hours ago.
Told you we should have
gone to San Francisco.
Oh, and be pestered
by your mother?
What's he done, anyway?
I don't know, but it's screwed up.
I'm telling you, his men are coming.
You go your way.
You move this way. Now.
We'll go ours.
We see the police, we'll tell them.
I don't want to get involved with this.
Come on, Sandra.
I think it's a mistake.
Didn't he say those men
are coming this way?
How do we know that's true?
Well, how do we know it isn't?
They're headed here. There's
a ravine or something.
When they get there,
they'll be trapped.
Maybe there's a bridge.
It's not on the map.
Yeah, but whoever's got Carden,
he knows this terrain pretty good.
Otherwise, we'd have caught him by now.
We better think of something
quick or else we'll lose him.
Well, what do you suggest?
Whose idea was it
to go camping?
You think-?
You think that I planned
for us to meet these lunatics?
Or just to make the hike
more exciting?
San Francisco would have
been breakfast in bed,
tennis in the afternoon,
a few cocktails...
Yeah? And lots and lots of-
Lots and lots of great seafood.
And wine.
Yeah, go ahead.
We got something up here.
Yeah, what is it?
Sorry, false alarm.
Just a couple of hikers.
Looks like one of them's hurt.
Yeah, well, check it out
and get back to me, all right?
Copy that.
We'd spend weeks
searching this-
It's okay, buddy, just stay calm.
I'm gonna help you ou- Ugh!
Aerial 4, come in, please.
Marty, can you hear me?
Marty, come in.
Aerial 4. Come in, Marty.
Marty, can you hear me?
Now, don't tell me
you don't know how to fly this thing.
No, I don't.
Get in the freaking chopper, man.
Less-traveled path, eh?
"The Road Not Taken. "
You like Frost, do you, Ray?
Yeah. I'm surprised you do.
Doesn't seem your speed.
Yes, one of my favorites.
I took the road less traveled by,
and it made all the difference.
A lot of forks in the road. You seem
to have taken all the wrong ones.
Is this a good time
to discuss poetry?
The hell is this?
It's from an old glacier.
That's what they told us last time.
It's called a moraine.
Rocks brought down in the Ice Age.
CHRIS: He's right.
Moraine, that was the word.
If I don't do this,
they're gonna kill me, right?
There's a good chance.
I think so.
I'm not gonna be able to do this
with cuffs on.
I need the balance.
But you can cuff them in front.
CHRIS: Hey, Dad?
I just wanted to say that I'm really
sorry that I got you into all this-
I was the one who said
we should go camping.
Yeah, but only because
I was being so stupid and-
Well, look,
the situation could be worse.
You think?
Actually, no.
Okay. Carden, stop.
If he moves, I want you to point
that at his legs and shoot him.
Now, hold on.
I don't wanna kill the bastard,
I just wanna slow him down.
Hey, this thing
is kind of flimsy.
I could...
Wanna help?
I won't destroy government property.
Oh, for God's sakes.
I'm a stockbroker. I'd lose my license.
Don't be such an ass, go help him.
Come on, man. Come on.
Okay, what?
You push from up here.
I'm gonna go
down here.
All right.
All right.
Yeah, it's pretty loose. Ready?
Fine. Yes.
Chris, you all right?
Coming out.
I don't have to help.
RAy: One.
I'm the bad guy.
RAy: Two.
Watch it.
All right.
Got them.
Over here!
CHRIS: Right here!
RAy: We're right here!
Here, take this. Just watch him.
- Hey.
- Over here, come here.
RAy: All right!
CHRIS: Come here. We're right here!
CHRIS: Come on. Come on, hurry!
Hey, here we are!
Over here!
Get the guy with the gun.
Don't miss.
Hey! We're right here! Come here!
CHRIS: Over here! Right here!
Bye, old man.
Think you can hold this thing steady?
I'm trying, man. There's an updraft.
Chris, go to the trees.
Get down.
We gotta get out of here
now. Come on. We gotta go.
You okay?
I can't get a clear shot.
I'll fix him. Find somewhere to drop me.
Got him.
Good man.
I hate amateurs.
I thought Johnson took him out.
Where is he?
That mother's hitting the tail rotor.
Get us the hell out of here. Come on.
Can't you set it down?
I can't control it.
Hold on.
Where did you learn to
fly, man? Disneyland?
Jesus Christ!
What'd you say?
For chrissake, kill each
other later. Get out!
You wanna piece of me?
Hands off.
Son of a bitch.
What about Lochlan? We
gotta go back and get him.
Can't. I saw them in the helicopter.
We can't leave him.
Your friend's beyond help, miss.
And this may sound
a bit insensitive,
but you two didn't seem
very well suited.
Come on. Come on.
What an incredibly screwed-up
thing to say, Frank.
Get your sorry ass up.
Here come
Laurel and Hardy.
Here, Ed. Here.
Here you go.
Oh, no more coffee.
Did you find the croissants?
No one in town's ever heard of them.
I've got some news. A pilot
reported that missing chopper.
No one's there, and he
didn't see any bodies, either.
Well, didn't he land
and check it out?
"Nowhere to put it down," he says. It's
rough country out there, Mr. Jennings.
So now we need
Lewis and Clark.
I'll put some men on it.
It'll take awhile, though.
Is that a country "while",
Jeez, for crying out-!
Gee, I'm sorry, Mr. Jennings.
You know, we're kind of
clumsy out here in the woods.
Damn it.
And there's a phone there?
CHRIS: Yeah. This is where we
slept when we went kayaking.
Let's go.
All right.
It's dead.
It's what?
Chris, you said there was a phone.
That is a phone.
I didn't know it wouldn't be working.
Sorry, it's too early in the season.
All right.
To the bed.
Come on, Frank!
What are you, new? We shou-
Chris, what about kayaks?
CHRIS: They're not there. I'm sorry.
It's too early in the season.
It's too early in the season.
So what do we do now, Ray?
No idea.
Well, I've had it.
I need a rest.
DAVIS: This guy was supposed to
be red-hot. Some amateur got him.
Probably just a lucky shot.
Even a blind hog
finds some acorns.
If we don't get Carden
before tomorrow,
we miss the window
for the contract.
What, he send you
an e-mail?
Maybe as good as.
Well, look at that.
And that's a dead end.
What? I- Ray.
Oh, for shit's sake.
What do you think you're doing? You
think this is some sort of a game?
You think this is O.K. Corral
and you're an action hero?
You're a teacher, for God's sake!
Wise up!
Chris, talk to your dad.
Try to talk some sense into him.
He seems to listen to you.
You think so?
It's funny, I...
never thought he did.
Okay, so you want me to
convince him to let you go?
Yeah, something like that.
Yeah, but then what's stopping you
and your friends from killing us all?
No. That won't happen.
My word on it.
You've been real good
at stopping them so far, Frank.
Oh, shit.
Now what?
There's nothing
but classical music on this thing.
I knew there was something wrong
with that guy.
You sure
you know what you're doing?
Shut up
and keep walking.
You know, the funny thing is...
Lochlan and me,
we'd kind of broken up.
This camping trip was his idea
to get us back together.
I hate camping.
He knew that.
The woods are beautiful, I just-
I don't wanna sleep in them.
I want room service.
What do you do?
You know, back in the real world?
I produce TV commercials.
That's great.
You ever met an advertising man?
The worst.
I have no idea
how to use this thing, Ray.
There's no safety on this. You
just point it and pull the trigger.
They'll wait until dark.
So I'm gonna make you
my final offer.
Take these handcuffs off of me
and let me walk out of here
before the shooting starts.
Practice on him.
It's getting dark
out here, chief.
Give it awhile longer
and then bring it in.
Roger that.
You and your dad
do much camping?
No, not really.
Guess we're kind of...
Kind of bonding.
You don't say.
Maybe you're wrong.
No, they're there.
Hey. Wait for my signal.
Chris. Hey. Chris.
We just want Carden.
Frank, you in there?
Yeah, I'm okay.
Give us Carden,
we'll leave you alone.
Last chance.
Give us Carden.
If it's just you, Ray,
hell, it's your choice.
But it's your son.
A woman.
Look, you don't have to prove anything.
You've already done that.
I'm convinced.
Be careful, son.
Royko. Royko.
Let me see.
Damn it.
Get down! Now!
Chris? Chris!
Dad. Dad!
Put the gun down.
Put it down. Come on.
I'm taking the kid, Ray.
If you wanna see him alive,
don't come after me.
Coming out!
All right, now listen.
You try to call out in any way,
or run, I'm gonna snap your neck,
you understand me?
Don't confuse me with a nice guy.
No. You listen to me, this thing
has to stay outside the Beltway.
If the White House got implicated-
I said I'd handle it.
I've been informed the president
will not change his plans.
They don't want panic.
We're gonna have to move
all resources to protect him.
But Carden's hardly likely
to make the attempt now.
He's lost his backup team for starter-
He's got a contract,
he'll try to fulfill it,
that's what he's like.
How do you know that?
We've had dealings with him.
What about the boy?
What boy?
The boy he took with him.
Chris... something.
Main thing is to protect the president.
This is Mr. Keene.
I'm sorry?
Ray Keene.
Ray Keene. His son was taken hostage.
Of course.
What are you doing
about my son?
We're looking for your son.
We are doing everything
we can, rest assured.
I know how difficult
this is for you.
Son? You okay?
Is everything all right?
You know, Ray,
we're gonna do everything we can.
But most of my men are diverted
to the president in Woodburn.
But after that...
MILES I can't believe
you screwed up again.
Look, I need Carden gone.
I don't want him back in Washington.
I don't want him talking to anyone.
I hear you.
And if the boy's alive,
make it look like Carden killed him.
The boy's father, Ray Keene,
God knows what Carden told him.
Isn't he an old pro?
He'd tell him nothing.
Can't risk it.
Erase everything.
And Davis, don't let me down.
Hey, what do you look like?
I'm only asking because it sounds
like you're pretty hot.
Bet you got a great tush.
I can't believe she went
back to Washington.
With Miles,
you just never know.
I guess she figures
she's done all she can.
It's not every day the president
visits this part of the country,
and just about anyone who's
anyone local will be here today.
The president is bound
to come under fire
for cutbacks his administration
has made to the education budget.
Be interesting to see how he handles
that one at the press conference.
Back to you, Bob.
Thanks, Dana.
In other local news,
Lydel Hammond, Sr.,
the reclusive billionaire,
will be attending the funeral of his son
in Cedar Pine this afternoon.
Hammond Senior's
outspoken criticism
of government
stem-cell research programs
has caused him to be labeled
by a White House spokesperson:
an obstacle to progress.
Hammond Jr. was killed last week
in a tragic accident
outside an apartment building
in Cedar Pine.
Yep, Deputy Evans.
Give me a minute.
Let me see if I can find him.
Excuse me, Father.
Just a minute.
Yeah, what's up?
Ray Keene's on the phone.
Says the president's not the
target at all, wants to talk to you.
Oh, come on, no. He's
just beat and upset.
Just tell him you
couldn't find me.
"The president's not the target"? Jesus.
Hey, Ray.
Sorry, Father.
I can't locate him right at the
moment. Let me call you back.
You just won't let a man get
on with his work, will you?
Where's Chris?
I'm busy. I've got a job to do.
After, we can talk.
Where's my son?
Son of a...
What was that?
Somebody shooting.
At me?
No, me.
Is it the police?
I think it's my friend.
Your friend.
Well, more of
an acquaintance.
Keep your head down.
Jesus said to her,
"I am the resurrection and the life.
He who believes in me will live
even though he dies.
And whoever lives and believes in me
will never die.
Do you believe this?"
"Do you believe this?"
This is not a rhetorical question
that Jesus asked.
These words are just as relevant
in the present day
as they were to Lazarus.
Why? Where is the hope,
come from God in despair?
Rather, the hope is in the one
who performed the miracle.
It is found in Jesus himself.
"I am the resurrection and the life. "
This occasion served to show
that those who believe in him
need not fear the grave.
He holds the power-
Hey, smartass?
"He who believes in me will live,
even though he dies. "
It's just so tragic.
I had a perfect record
until today.
Where is my son, Frank?
I know you didn't hurt him.
Oh, you do, do you?
Where's my son?
Alright, you ready?
On three.
You all right?
I'm fine, I'm fine.
It was really boring, though.
He put the TV
on the business channel.
All right. All right.
All right.
Hi, can I help you?
Can I get a double latte?
And your name, please.
Gwen? Non-fat decaf latte.
Excuse me.
Is this yours?
By the way,
if anything happens
to Ray Keene or his son,
I'll be coming after you.
Depend on it.
The unsung hero
in this amazing case
is our own local police chief,
Ed Wainwright.
Tell me, how did you know where
young Chris Keene was being held?
Well, I'm not at liberty to disclose
the sources of my information,
but when you've been in charge
for as long as I have
you build up connections in town
and earn the trust...
of people of the community.
And I hear you're up for another
promotion, is that correct?
Well, I am, but I'm thinking
about running for mayor next year.
Well, congratulations.
That's excellent.
Keep going.
Here we are.
You guys okay?
Yeah. Yeah, yeah. You?
Thanks for inviting me.
RAy: Oh, sure.
Barbecue's about as close to
camping as I ever wanna get.
I second that motion.
He only invited you
because he can't cook.
Now, you can't tell her that,
it's a family secret.
Well, I figured it couldn't be
for any other reason.
I'm gonna get you a plate.
Okay? Hold on.
WKGB-104. This is the news at 2.
The death has been reported
of billionaire, Lydel Hammond,
in a tragic boating accident
while on holiday at Whidbey Island.
Coincidentally, Hammond's son,
Lydel Jr.,
died in a hit-and-run accident
less than two weeks ago.
Hammond Senior
was a controversial figure,
whose views on many issues
were considered extreme,
though he always denied
the alleged links with violent factions.
The administration, however, has
taken steps to distance themselves...