The Contractor (2013) Movie Script

Suspect is heading
down the back alley.
I'll try to intercept.
Let me go!
- Get down!
- No! No!
Omar Reyes, you are under arrest
for the murder of Ed Perez.
You got the wrong guy!
Shut up, punk.
I was just protecting
my girlfriend.
Tell that to the judge.
Anything you say or do
may be used against you
in a court of law.
You have the right
to an attorney.
If you cannot afford
an attorney...
We've apprehended suspect.
We're taking him in.
Copy that.
Let's go.
Who's that?
No one. Hmph. Didn't
look like no one.
So I was talking to
Kimmy, and she thinks
that we should get a horse
for the new stable.
Really. Is Kimmy
gonna pay for it?
No. Mm.
Now, I know I can't get you
to sit, but you can eat.
Thank you. And you are not
wearing that to school.
Why not?
Because you look like
you charge by the hour.
All right, Mom, that's gross.
Exactly my point.
Now please go change.
Hey, are you missing anything?
I don't think so.
Ten minutes. We gotta go.
Hi, Daddy.
Good morning.
Uh, she's not going to school
dressed like that, is she?
Oh, my goodness, no. I just
sent her up to change.
I've got the craziest day. I've got
to get this plea bargain worked out.
And my old boss, the D.A.?
Don't do that!
Trying to back me into a corner.
You're gonna be here this
afternoon, though, right?
We have the meetings with the
contractors to get some quotes.
Oh, no. No, no, no, no. Uh...
Don't worry about it.
I'll do it this weekend.
Honey, you work all the time.
It's not happening.
I know you wanted to do this yourself,
but we really have to hire someone.
We have a deadline.
All right, fine. We will.
But we might need to hire
someone for you, too.
Come on!
You can spend some
time with McKenzie,
you can get some of your
work done at the hospital.
It'll be great for you. No.
I can't even think
about that right now.
I just want to stay focused and...
Oh, hi. Good morning.
We need to finish the remodel.
The event is in two weeks.
This is a mess. Please be here
to meet with me this afternoon.
Fine. Fine.
Fine. Fine. Go. Love you.
McKenzie! We gotta go!
You did not put that lace
mini dress on, did you?
Followed by a keynote address
from our chief of
pediatric medicine.
You see, by focusing our
attention on outreach
as much as fundraising, then we'll be
able to tell the people of our community
what Hope West Children's
Hospital really stands for.
And I just want to
add, thanks to Liz,
not only do we have a new
venue for this year's event,
but we are on track for our
biggest fundraiser year.
So, that's it. Thank you
so much for coming.
And please don't forget to take
your packet on your way out.
Thank you.
Hoo! Wow!
Hey, the new house is
looking incredible.
Is there really an indoor pool?
Yes, but let me tell you,
we got a great deal on it
because it was a short sale, but there
is still so much work to be done.
I thought Paul was doing it.
Ugh, he was.
But I think he's finally realized he's
bit off a little more than he can chew.
I don't remember the last
time he was home for dinner,
or a weekend he didn't
have to work through.
Well, I can't imagine it's
easy starting a new firm,
but, hey, at least he's not
on city payroll, right?
That's gotta be an improvement.
Ooh, speaking of payroll.
I talked to Halligan.
Ed Halligan?
Apparently he's looking for the right
charity to sink a few mill into.
You're kidding. I told him
about the fundraiser,
and he said he'll be there.
Seriously, if you
don't slow down,
they're gonna end up
naming a wing after you.
I don't care about my name
on the side of a building.
I just want to make this happen.
And now all you have to
do is finish the house.
There's that.
Listen, I gotta go, okay? Okay.
Thank you for everything.
You're welcome.
Hi, you've reached Paul Chase.
Please leave a message.
Thank you. Hey, honey, it's me.
I'm heading back to the house
to meet with a contractor.
Remember Elliot? He did
Marilyn's kitchen.
I would really love it if
you could be there, okay?
You know, this place has
got a lot of potential.
All you need is a few
choice upgrades.
For instance, this
island right here.
A little TLC, this could become a
real focal point for the kitchen.
Like I did for your friends.
You know, my husband's been
trying to do this on his own,
but with his job, there's just no way
he has enough time to finish it,
and we have to get this done.
I understand, I understand.
Listen, I was wondering,
have you thought about
adding a wall there?
Create two separate
living room spaces?
No, no, I hadn't, but that's
actually a great idea.
What you need to focus
on is energy efficiency.
Those are the improvements that'll
pay for themselves in the long run,
and they're great for resale.
I'm thinking tankless
water heater,
all new energy-efficient
new HVAC system.
Have you ever thought
about solar?
I have thought about solar.
Kitchens and bathrooms. That's where
you need to spend your money.
We can manufacture granite, replace
the existing kitchen countertops.
How do you feel about heated
tile floors in the bathrooms?
I honestly don't know how I feel
about heated tile in the bathroom.
Heated floors.
I know.
Ninety thousand.
Yeah. A hundred thousand.
IHVA. What is... What is this?
Uh, duh!
Hundred twenty thousand.
Okay, now you can see why I
wanted to do this by myself.
I know, I know.
That being said, you know, Elliot did do
a really nice job on Marilyn's kitchen.
Yeah, and she paid for it.
Maybe this is all too much.
Maybe I just change the venue.
I rethink the whole fundraiser. We can
do it somewhere... No, no, no, no, no.
We're doing it here. You want it here.
It's end of story.
We've already spent so
much on the house already.
All right, well, maybe we don't
need to reinvent the wheel.
Let's just have everything that
has been started finished.
Yeah. I'll ask around.
Hold on.
Ah, it's partner. I
gotta take this.
Okay. Hey, what'd they say?
All right, all right, all right.
Let me just go to my office.
Make sure we get them to...
Yeah, trust me, I know all the
tricks that work down at that office.
Hey, uh, can you help me out?
I'm looking for a contractor.
I need to have some work done over at the house.
You know of anybody?
I thought you were
taking care of it. Yeah,
I was gonna try to, but Liz has this big
event coming up in a couple of weeks,
and she wants to get
everything done.
She's had a couple
of quotes done.
Ninety thousand?
I was hoping to get it
done for more like forty.
Expensive, isn't it?
We're putting ours off
until business picks up.
Ah, well, thought
it was worth a try.
Hey, you're gonna call me after
you talk to the D.A., right?
You got it. All
right, sounds good.
In addition to our
award-winning product design,
our firm has earned an A+ rating
from the Better Business Bureau,
so you know you're
in good hands.
Mr. Chase, if you've taken
a look at our proposal,
I hope you'll agree that you're
not going to find better design
or higher quality at
this price point.
Mr. Chase, are you still there?
Yeah, yeah, I'm still here.
Yeah, you know what? I think
50,000 is a little bit much.
Um, I'm not really looking for anything
Better Homes and Gardens, but, uh...
These figures are very competitive.
Oh, I know, I know.
It's just, uh, I was not
looking to spend that much.
If you change your mind, let me know.
All right. Yeah, thanks.
Desert Sun Contracting.
Oh, hi, uh, my name
is Paul Chase.
I was looking to get some
remodeling work done,
and a friend of mine just sent
me the link to your website.
It really looks great. You're
doing great work. Thank you.
The site was my wife's idea.
She's always telling me I
gotta market myself better.
How can I help you, Mr. Chase?
My wife and I
just bought a house, and, uh, there
was some work that needed to be done,
and I was trying to
do it, but, uh...
You need someone to finish it. I know.
Happens all the time.
Exactly, and nothing too complicated. We're
looking for countertops, a little tile work.
There is one catch, though. My wife's got a
big event coming up in a couple of weeks.
Well, actually, I'm starting a new
job over in Valencia on the 22nd.
So, uh, that'd be perfect.
Oh, fantastic. When can you
come by and look at the house?
Pretty much anytime you'd like.
Hello? McKenzie?
Who are you?
Hi, babe.
This is Javier.
He's a contractor.
Oh. Hi. Sorry.
Would've been good if you told me that
'cause you just scared the hell out of me.
I'm so sorry. You've been so busy, I just
figured that you wouldn't want to know.
I'm sorry. My husband didn't
tell me you were coming.
No worries. You
must be Mrs. Chase.
I am.
Get you water? You? Yeah.
No, I'm good. Thanks.
Lovely house you have here.
Beautiful piece of property.
Thanks. About three acres?
Oh, uh, five, actually.
Like I was telling your husband,
generally the house
is in good shape.
Just need to concentrate
on the little things.
Finish the island,
put in a backsplash,
and lighting and electrical.
That's exactly what
I was thinking.
Should be about 40,000.
How's that sound?
That sounds great. Fantastic.
Honey? Yes. We'll talk.
We'll talk about it.
Yeah. Sounds good. Okay.
Wait, wait, wait. My license.
Right. Oh, excellent.
Thank you very much.
Very good.
Thank you, sir.
So, did he look
familiar to you, or...
I think he just
looks like someone.
So what do you think?
Uh... It's fine, I guess.
Forty thousand. That's half of
what Marilyn spent on her kitchen.
Yeah, I know. It's like half
of what everyone else quoted.
I don't know how he does that.
Well, he comes highly
recommended by Parker.
Well, if Parker liked him,
then he's fine by me.
I'll call him in the morning.
Great. Good night, sweetie.
Good night, hon. Love you.
You, too. Sleep well.
Thanks for finding him.
You're welcome.
Look, I know it's her birthday,
but I think it's a bad idea.
You let me go to
camp every summer.
It's not even remotely
the same thing.
San Diego's too far, and the 20th is my
benefit, and I really want you there.
I think I'll call it
a night, Mrs. Chase.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Okay. Thank you, Javier.
Good night.
Remember what I taught you.
Buenas noches.
You're gonna get an "A" on that test.
Mark my words. Oh.
I found this in the other room.
Good night.
I'm gonna tie that thing
around your neck.
Hey, Javier. Working late?
Mm. Hello.
Someone else is, too.
It's okay.
There's leftovers,
but I think it's mostly cold by now.
Oh. Okay.
Where you going, sweetie?
Uh, to finish my homework.
All right. Well, then you're gonna miss out
on something that you may want to hear.
We're moving back
to Sherman Oaks?
Ah, very funny.
Uh, if we did,
we would not be
able to keep him.
A horse?
Paul, we talked about this.
It's Charlie.
He's a Belgian quarter horse.
Six years old.
He's apparently amazing.
Very sweet.
Wonderful with
first-time riders.
Thank you, Daddy.
You're welcome, sweetie.
I love you.
Call your friends.
Hey, Kimmy, guess what.
A horse!
It's Charlie. Honey,
horses are really
expensive to maintain.
No, no. This is a rescue, and
we're just gonna house him.
We'll get some used tack,
and it'll be all good.
And, plus, it'll teach
her some responsibility.
What, we just feed
it the leftovers?
I think so. Yeah. Very
good with chow mein.
Look, babe, just please know
that we don't need
horses and housekeepers.
We just need more of you here.
What? What?
Eating mediocre Chinese food.
What? What?
Stop! Come here.
Charlie. Charlie. Oh.
Mm, Charlie, Charlie.
Aw, shoot.
Aw, come on! I know, I
know, I know, I know.
I just am expecting a call, and
this guy's been... I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I'm gonna
take this in the office.
Right. Yeah.
How was your day?
Oh, it was swell!
I got so much done
for the benefit.
Didn't even have time to cook.
Hey, Parker, before I forget, let me
thank you for that recommendation.
That was awesome.
What recommendation?
For the contractor.
The guy you sent me the
e-mail with the link.
I didn't send you anything.
What are you talking about?
I got it right here.
It's in my e-mail.
Or I thought it was here.
Hold on.
Don't worry about it. I get so busy, I don't
even remember what day of the week it is.
Yeah, right.
Huh. Uh, hey, man, let me
call you back tomorrow.
Hope West had over
70,000 children
come through last year
seeking treatment.
And not only do we
provide top patient care
and medical training in
the pediatric field,
we spent over $40 million in
research alone last year.
Yes, and we're doing some
really cutting-edge therapies.
Now, our oncology division
is developing
personalized therapies
to fight malignant tumors
at a molecular level.
We're also performing a
revolutionary new surgery
to repair heart
defects in the womb.
Mm-hmm. Yes, all of
this is made possible
through the generosity
of our donors.
Mm-hmm. Of course.
You would? Oh, that's wonderful.
Thank you so much. I will send
the forms over right away.
Right. Yes, of course, and two
tickets for our fall benefit.
Great. Thank you.
Look at you and your
castle in the mountain.
Girl, you are living the dream!
Oh, please, this old thing?
Oh, no, I love it. It's
so peaceful and quiet.
Well, almost.
And am I crazy,
or was that a riding arena
I saw on the way in here?
Oh, yeah, yeah. And
stables in the back.
Has McKenzie asked
for a horse yet?
Oh, sister, please.
And Paul caved.
Yep. Charlie arrives
this afternoon.
You see? This move was
good for the whole family.
You haven't seen
the kitchen yet.
I know.
Yeah, so just, you
know a few things.
Just a couple. Yeah,
should be done by dinner.
Hi, Javier. Hey.
This is my friend Kate. Hi.
Hi. That's him?
Yeah, that's him.
Ooh! Yeah, it's
beautiful, isn't it?
Nice fridge. But,
uh, no countertops.
No backsplash. It's okay.
Just a few things. Stove
is awesome, though.
I can't wait to get cooking on that.
It's blue.
I know. It's
just that I...
I have to trim those back,
turn over all this earth,
and get some color
in here, you know?
It's just so drab back here.
It'll look beautiful.
Um, so Paul really leaves you
alone in the house
with that guy?
Seems harmless enough.
Right. Delicate
little butterfly.
Be nice.
I'm sorry.
Oh, did you get the e-mail this
morning with the new numbers?
Ticket sales are 105% to goal.
Yes, I did.
I know, and that's not
even with Halligan.
That's amazing. Mm-hmm.
Well, I may have
maybe forced Paul
to have everyone in his law
firm buy tickets, but...
He's such a suck-up. Yeah,
he should be sucking up.
He's been working every
night for months.
Well, he could be
like my husband,
who plops on the couch and plays his
fantasy football all night long.
Uh, yeah, you have a handsome...
good-looking husband...
Is everything okay?
Uh, yeah. Yeah, sorry.
Do you want to see the stables?
Yeah, love to.
Walk this way.
Hi, I'm hoping you
can help me out.
I'm the office manager
for Chase law firm,
and for some reason we didn't receive our
billing statements for the last two cycles.
Is there any way you can reprint
them and e-mail them to me?
Great. Okay, my e-mail
is Liz dot Chase...
at Gobble dot net.
Thank you. Thanks very much.
What are you doing in there?
I tripped the circuit. I was
looking for the breaker box.
Breaker box isn't in there.
It's in the garage.
Thank you, Mrs. Chase.
What's going on?
I think we have
to let Javier go.
Why? What's happening?
You're gonna think
I'm being paranoid,
but something's not right.
I was out by the
pool the other day,
and I could swear
he was watching me.
And then I caught him
eavesdropping on Kate and I.
And last night I heard a noise
outside the bathroom window,
and when I went to look, someone
had knocked a pot over.
And then to top it off, I caught him
coming out of your office today.
Something's not right.
I know he was the
most affordable,
and maybe he does good work,
but when you're at work
and McKenzie's at school, I'm the
one who's home alone with him.
Yeah, I know. I know.
I just... I'd feel better if we could
hire someone else to finish the work.
Really? Okay.
Yeah, um... Yeah.
Oh, thank you. Thank you.
Just call Marilyn's contractor
and get that set up.
I'll take care of Javier.
All right.
Let's go. All right.
So, Casey, can you cancel all
my appointments this afternoon?
I've got to deal with
something at home.
Okay. Thanks.
Hey, you're home early.
I'm afraid I'm gonna have
to ask you to leave.
Your work is done here.
You gotta go.
I don't understand.
I think you understand
it perfectly.
You understand that what you've been doing
in this house is totally inappropriate.
You know, I'm afraid I don't
know what you're talking about.
My wife said she saw
you in my office.
Yeah, I was looking for
the breaker panel.
In my home office? Really?
What about last night?
What were you doing
outside the house?
Look, I'll write you a check for
everything that you've done,
but you gotta go.
You know, you got a
nice thing here.
Gorgeous house, nice family.
Be a shame to lose that.
You threatening me?
I know a thing or
two about loss,
and a man like yourself
better think twice about
making rash decisions.
Do I need to call the police?
I'm not gonna repeat myself.
I'll be seeing you.
Thank you.
You won't see him again.
I just need you to take care of those
three things, and we'll be good.
All right. Thanks.
Wow! You look like an
expert out there already.
Oh, thank you.
Thank you.
Hey, have you had a chance
to think about
that party at all?
Yeah, Kimmy's
birthday is the 20th,
so she's getting a beach cabana
down in San Diego that Saturday.
Yeah, and I told her that I didn't
think it was a very good idea.
But I told her that I'd
bring an extra inhaler.
Look, you have to stop losing
the one that you have.
Is her mom gonna be down there?
Yeah, of course. And
it's just one night.
And you guys are just gonna
hang out in the cabana?
Yeah, that's what I told Mom.
So what do you think?
It's fine by me.
All right.
Yes! Thank you, thank
you, thank you.
What are you doing? I
already told her no.
I don't know, just with
everything that's going on,
maybe she's better off just hanging
out with her friends for a night.
Yeah, you might have a point.
Yeah, and the benefit's
probably going to
be boring for her.
Bunch of old folks. I guess.
The benefit.
Yeah, you wouldn't believe how many
times I've heard the same old story.
Contractor just gets up and bails
before he even finishes his job.
Yeah, I figured that
one out the hard way.
Well, you definitely
get what you pay for, right?
Yeah, don't rub it in, Elliot.
Well, listen.
Don't worry about it.
I think we're gonna get
everything done in time.
That would be great.
Okay, guys. Elliot, thank
you for saving us.
You're welcome. Appreciate it.
Everything okay?
Yeah, I think we're
good here, right?
Yeah, under control.
All right. Try and
be home by dinner.
You might want to consider reporting
this guy to the license board.
That's a good idea.
I'm not gonna admit to
something I didn't do.
Okay, you didn't do it?
They got your prints all over the weapon.
The guy identified you in a lineup.
I look like a lot of people.
You're lucky they're even
offering you this deal.
I don't think you understand
the difficult situation
that you're in right now,
but considering the fact that
you pay me a ton of money
for my advice,
I'd suggest you listen to me.
Gage, you do not want
this to go to trial.
Why does nobody listen?
It's their loss.
Where is everybody?
They left. Oh, my gosh,
it's that time already?
I need you to sign these.
What do you got?
You're so tense. You
need to relax more.
Thanks. Thank you.
Was that Dad?
Can you grab the
glasses off the table?
Yeah, sure.
You missed dinner again.
Uh, yeah. Can you, uh,
can you pick me up?
What happened?
All my tires are flat.
Call the Auto Club.
Something wrong?
No. No.
All right, I'm gonna get
it towed over to Tony's.
Can you pick me up
there in a half hour?
Yeah, sure. I'll leave now.
I gotta go pick up your father.
Be back in a bit.
Do you have any idea how
much those tires cost?
I probably had three or four
hundred miles on each of them.
Now I have to replace
every one of them.
Maybe you should be more
careful where you drive.
I drive from home to work, work to home.
That's it.
Is Chez Louis on
the way to work?
Chez Louis Beverly Hills?
Ah, what?
I found the receipt.
The receipt for what?
Champagne. Really?
Fondue for two.
This isn't mine.
I've never even been
to this restaurant.
You're seriously gonna deny it.
Deny what? This isn't mine!
Someone else's receipt just
made its way into your pocket?
I don't know.
Right. And what about
the phone calls?
Are you serious?
You know, late at night,
unlisted numbers.
Liz, you know, I
sit in my office
till one, two o'clock in
the morning sometimes,
calling clients who have unlisted
numbers for very obvious reasons.
You think I'm sleeping
with someone else?
I don't know.
Are you?
I'm not even going to dignify
that with a response.
Come here.
There's someone over there.
Liz, there's no one there.
I think it was him.
Who? Javier.
Javier is gone.
I'm going inside.
Okay, so I've connected all your
doors and windows to the system.
You've got four zones.
Front, the rear,
and the two sides.
If anyone opens anything, you've
got 15 seconds to enter the code,
or our call center will
notify the authorities.
Okay. Here. It comes
with a special app,
so you can track
it from anywhere.
Oh, wow, that's great.
Contractor State License Board.
Hi. I'd like to file a complaint
against a contractor.
How do I go about doing that?
First, can I have
your name, please?
Yes, it's Elizabeth Chase.
Thank you, Mrs. Chase.
And your address?
It's 85 Deerfield
Road in Malibu.
Okay. And the name of the contractor
you'd like to file a complaint on?
Javier Reyes. R-e-y-e-s.
Um, one second.
I'm sorry. There's no one in
the system with that name.
What do you mean? I've got his
license right in front of me.
I'll read you the number.
It's 0-1-5-4-5.
I'm sorry. That license
number is invalid.
That doesn't make sense.
I'm looking right at it.
Would you like to file a complaint
for unlicensed activity?
No, never mind. Thank you.
What the...
Thanks for bringing the car over.
Yeah, no worries.
Did you figure out what
the problem was? Nails.
Nails? Yeah, nails.
Now, I can understand
one or two,
but, Paul, I counted 15.
You been driving through a
construction site or something?
Uh, not that I remember.
Javier. Excuse me?
This contractor who's been doing
some work over at the house.
We had a bit of a falling out.
Paul, we're talking over a
grand worth of rubber here.
That's a hell of a falling out.
Son of a bitch.
Look, if that's the case,
just be careful where
you park her, huh?
You're lucky it's
just the tires.
Thank you, sir. 'Course.
Anytime. You know that.
Come on. Answer.
We're sorry. The number you
have reached is not in service.
That should do it. Perfect.
Thank you very much. Yeah,
that's what we're here for.
And listen. Don't stress
out about the kitchen.
I'll get that done really soon, okay?
Thank you.
Thank you. I appreciate it.
So what was it?
Was it a clog or something?
Well, if I didn't
know better myself,
I'd say somebody tampered
with your lines.
What do you mean, tampered?
Somebody who knew
what they were doing
really messed up your
drainage system.
Right. Of course it was someone
who knew what they were doing.
What? You think you
know who did this?
Yeah, I have a pretty good idea.
I don't know if we're
going to find anything.
It's probably not
even his real name.
Don't worry about that.
I told you you can find almost
anything on the Internet.
Right. All right,
I'll tell you what.
Why don't you...
put in his description
as best you can...
Mm-hmm. and see what
comes up, okay?
I'm just gonna get some more coffee.
Do you want anything?
No, I'm good. Thank you. All right.
Be right back.
All right.
"Age range."
Forty-eight to fifty-eight.
Five-seven to five-eleven.
"Hair." Brown.
"Eyes." Brown.
"Name or known aliases."
Well, might as well.
Javier... Reyes.
Twenty-eight pages?
I'm going cross-eyed.
I can't look at any
more of these.
We're never going to find him.
Just one more page, okay?
Just one more.
All right.
Look at this guy.
Oh, yeah, that's him.
"Jorge Reyes.
Arrested for contempt of court."
Is there anything else?
Well, at least we have a name.
Well, now what?
You know what? Let me see
something for a second, okay?
Let's see.
What is this database?
Something my hubby
uses at the office.
He lets you log in to it?
Steven uses the same
password for everything.
Huh. Okay.
Let's see. Jorge Reyes.
All right, look.
Here's something.
Is that a news article?
Yeah. "Arrested
two years earlier
"for the murder of a gang
member, 27-year-old Omar Reyes
"was killed in a gang fight in a
California state prison in Lancaster.
"His father, Jorge Reyes,
50 years old, from Pacoima,
"expressed his
anger at the news.
'My son was innocent, and
the system took his life.'"
This article is from
two months ago.
But how do we know that
this is the same guy?
All right. Here's another one.
"After a six-hour deliberation,
"Omar Reyes was found guilty
of first-degree murder.
"Applauding the jurors'
decision, prosecutor...
"Paul Chase...
"said this was a major victory
in the city's fight
against gang violence."
That's why he's doing this.
Paul was the prosecutor that
sent his son to prison,
where he was killed.
Oh, my gosh.
We should call Paul.
Not yet. I need
to find out more.
Do you think she
still works there?
Excuse me? We're closed.
Come back at 5:00.
Maria Parra?
Do I know you?
Um, my name is Elizabeth Chase,
and I was hoping I could
talk to you about Omar.
Get out.
We just need a few...
You two got a hearing problem?
My husband, Paul Chase,
he was the prosecutor
on Omar's case.
Just five minutes. Please?
The night Omar was arrested,
you were with him, weren't you?
I already told the
police everything.
We're not the police.
We just want to
know what happened.
We were just walking,
minding our own business.
Then all of a sudden,
these guys came up.
I'd seen them around
the bar sometimes.
Latin Princes.
One of them comes up to me,
tries to put the moves on me.
Starts touching me, groping me.
He pulled out a knife.
Next thing I know,
Omar's on top of him.
It all just happened so fast.
I looked up and...
the other guy was on the
ground, and Omar...
was covered in blood.
The cops caught up to
him down the block.
Didn't even give him a
chance to surrender.
They just started beating him.
Well, you told them that he was
just trying to protect you.
It doesn't matter. He was in the
wrong place at the wrong time.
Your husband should have known, if only
he actually cared about something more
than getting a quick conviction.
Are you still in contact
with Omar's father, Jorge?
We get together once in a while.
He didn't really have anyone.
His wife died of cancer
when Omar was six.
But when Omar died
two months ago...
he was so angry.
He became a different person.
After he lost his job
at the phone company,
he just became scary.
Kept talking about revenge.
What did he do for
the phone company?
Installation. High-end systems.
He's a really smart guy, but...
he's got a bad temper sometimes.
Hey, Liz.
What are you doing out
here in the cold?
Jorge Reyes, that's his name.
His real name.
Sound familiar?
No. Should it?
Oh, yeah. That
Eastside gang kid.
Got killed. I remember this.
Omar Reyes is Javier's... his...
Jorge's son?
And he was killed in
prison two months ago.
Apparently there was
a fight in the yard.
He was just in the wrong
place at the wrong time.
I spoke to Omar's
girlfriend today.
'Cause I'm trying to understand
what's going on here.
I thought maybe if I
knew more about Omar
or more about the case...
Omar killed a rival gang member.
She said it was self-defense.
And you believe her?
It's possible, isn't it?
Omar's girlfriend says
that it was self-defense.
The D.A.'s office says
that it was murder.
But it's the system that
decides ultimately.
There were 12 jurors that
convicted him, not me.
I did my job. You
gotta believe me.
I don't think it matters
what I believe.
Jorge believes that
his son was innocent.
Maybe that's why he's here.
It was Jorge that faked
the recommendation
for the contractor from Parker.
Oh, Paul.
We're in way over
our heads here.
He's blaming you for
the death of his son.
He's going to try and
destroy this family.
We... We have to
call the police.
I'll take care of it.
All right. I'll take care of it.
You gotta get some rest.
Got your big event tomorrow.
Be in in a minute. Okay.
Gage, it's Paul Chase.
You have some friends in some
pretty low places, don't you?
Yeah. I need to ask you a favor.
Jorge Reyes? A friend says hi.
You're going to drive them off over
there and then around the back,
but you gotta leave a little corridor
between the fountain and right there
so people can get through.
You got it.
That's going in the
backyard behind the pool.
Got it. All right.
Hey, you all set already? Yep.
Let me take that. Thank you.
Grab that. Oh, did
you pack sunscreen?
Yes. And you got
your inhaler, right?
Yes. And the backup?
Yes, Mom!
I can't help it. It's my job.
Uh, ooh, I need you to
text me when you arrive,
and then check in every
couple of hours or so.
Hey, Mom, it's one night.
I promise everything's
going to be okay,
and I'll be back
before you know it.
All right. Have fun.
Thank you. Good luck.
Don't worry about Jorge Reyes.
Took care of it.
What do you mean, you
took care of it?
Took care of it.
Hey, Ms. Chase. Hi.
Think that about does it.
We got everything done.
Everything looks amazing.
Thank you, Elliot.
This is for you.
I appreciate it.
You have a good time at your
party, all right? Thanks.
Let's get out of here.
Thank you again. You're welcome.
Hey, Liz. Snap out of it!
Your guests are gonna
be arriving soon.
Right. Yes, thank you.
The veggie platter has to
go out and so does this.
I'm going check the heaters on the chafing dishes.
I'll be right back.
Why don't you please enjoy some
champagne, and I'll see you later.
Thank you.
Mr. Halligan. Thank you
so much for being here.
My pleasure. Mrs. Halligan,
it's nice to see you.
Oh, thank you so much. We're going
to get started shortly, okay?
Thank you.
Mr. Halligan looks happy. Hmm?
That's wonderful.
Thank you.
What's wrong?
Nothing. Just jitters, I guess.
I guess I better do this.
Good afternoon, everyone. Could
I have your attention, please?
I would like to welcome
you to the fifth annual
Fall Into Caring
Charity Cocktail Party
to benefit the Hope West
Children's Hospital.
When our daughter, McKenzie,
first suffered an
attack of acute asthma,
we were terrified.
We went through a number of doctors,
some we had known for years,
but no one could help.
And that's when I
found Hope West.
Excuse me.
That's when I discovered Hope
West Children's Hospital.
And thanks to specialists like
Dr. Harding and Dr. Daley
and the Asthma Action Team,
McKenzie is now leading the
life of a normal teenager.
She's running track at school,
she's riding her new
horse, Charlie, and, uh,
against my better judgment, she
is at a party on the beach
in San Diego with
her best friend.
So I would so appreciate it if
you would give a warm welcome
to the chief of pediatric
medicine, Dr. Arthur Wright.
How about that Elizabeth
Chase, everyone?
What an amazing woman.
Elizabeth Chase...
What's going on?
I like your wife's speech.
Excuse me?
How-How... How
am I still alive?
Because you're still
cutting corners,
hiring the wrong people.
Did you know Omar had
gotten into college?
He was going to study computers.
He was the next generation,
and you saw him as
a common criminal.
He was my son.
Look, coming after me and my family
isn't going to get your son back.
Do you know what it's
like to lose a child,
your own flesh and blood?
Of course you don't.
You don't know what it
feels like to lose.
Well, let me tell you.
You feel helpless.
Like there's nothing in
the world you can do.
Well, there's something
I can do now.
All right, what do you want? Ten thousand?
Fifteen thousand?
What'll it take for you to
leave me and my family alone?
Just tell me. Whatever you
need, I'll give it to you.
I want you to feel what it's
like to be helpless, Paul.
I'm going to make you understand
what it feels like to lose.
Thank you very
much, and thank you for coming.
I hope you're having
a wonderful time.
Sorry I'm late. I had to walk
all the way from Kimmy's house.
Your folks really think you're staying
the night in San Diego with her?
Let's sit down here.
So pretty. I know. So quiet.
I know.
Hey, Liz.
You lied to me.
You lied to my face!
And then you bring her here?
You bring her here on
this day into our home!
Liz, yes, Casey came on
to me, but I said no.
How stupid do I look?
Clearly... Does it look
like you're protesting?
Don't you think if there
was something worse
that they would have sent
you a photograph of that?
Maybe you took it
somewhere more private.
Maybe that's where you've
been every night of the week.
Nothing happened!
She rubbed my neck,
but that was it!
Liz, don't you see this guy's
trying to drive our family apart?
He's trying to push us apart!
Don't put this on him!
Liz, you know me!
No, I don't.
Not lately.
Not the way you've been acting.
You're gone all the time. You're sneaking
off into your office all the time.
How am I supposed
to believe you?
It's not like this
is the first time.
You can't keep holding
that over my head.
It was 17 years ago!
Before we were married!
You know, maybe this Javier
guy's not so crazy after all,
'cause I don't know who
you are anymore...
'cause the man I
married would not...
would not do
something like that!
What do you want? What
do you want me to do?
Just tell me, and I'll do it.
What I need is for you
to just leave me alone.
Just go.
I can't leave you here, Liz.
Not with him out there.
It's not safe.
You've done enough for one day.
Please just get out.
Do you...
You respect me so little, you
can't even tell me the truth?
Just go. Please just go!
You're making a really
big mistake right now.
Well, you would
know, wouldn't you?
Get out!
Whoa, Chris, slow down.
Oh, come on. What's
your problem?
I just... I don't want to.
You snuck out of your house
to spend the night with me,
and you don't want to?
Wait. Is this what you
thought this was gonna be?
Yeah. Yeah, I did.
I'm sorry. I just...
I don't think I'm ready.
You don't think you're ready?
Look, why don't you just take me home?
You know what? Why don't I not!
Chris, come on!
Stupid tease!
I left my phone in your car!
Hi, this is McKenzie.
Leave a message.
Hello? Hi, Judy.
It's Elizabeth, McKenzie's mom.
I just wanted to check in,
see how the party was going.
San Diego is beautiful, and the
girls are having such a great time.
How's McKenzie feeling?
What do you mean?
We're sorry she
couldn't make it,
but the girls and I hope
she's feeling better.
You mean she's not there with you?
Wait, wait, wait.
Kimmy said she was sick
and had to cancel.
Okay, I need you
to ask Kimmy where she is.
Mrs. Chase is on the phone. Why does
she think McKenzie's here with us?
Answer me.
She wanted to see Chris,
so I told her I'd cover for her.
All right, tell Kimmy that
if McKenzie calls her,
she needs to call me
as soon as she can.
All right? Thank you.
Hi, you've reached Paul Chase.
Please leave a message.
Thank you.
Come on, come on, come on.
Mrs. Chase!
Got something for you!
I know you're inside!
Oh, no.
Come on out.
Javier, please. Ten...
Please, no. Nine...
No, Mom, don't do it! Shut up!
Eight... Oh!
Seven, six...
five, four...
three, two...
Stop, I'm here!
Please don't hurt her!
Jorge, please.
Come on.
Are you hurt?
She's fine!
Look, I know about Omar.
Don't mention my son's name.
He was a good kid.
So is McKenzie.
I'm so sorry this happened to you.
It's too late for apologies.
Let me have your phone.
Daddy's on his way.
Eliz... Paul, look out!
What do you want?
I want you to admit
what you did to my son.
I didn't do anything.
No, you just looked at him.
You saw a criminal.
That was a good kid. Had his
whole life ahead of him.
What is this about? Revenge?
This is about what's
right and what's wrong.
Come on. Go, go!
All right, girls.
Come on, now.
You could run, but
you can't hide.
Now, come on. McKenzie!
I got another Spanish
lesson for you!
Get under there.
Get right under.
Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh. Be
as quiet as you can, okay?
Mrs. Chase, where are you?
Just stay here, okay?
Stay here, be quiet.
Come on, now.
No time for games.
Come here. It's okay.
It's over. It's over.
Hey. Hi.
So, are you three all packed?
Yeah, so much as I can tell.
I can't believe you're
giving up this house.
I totally understand why.
Mm-hmm. Well, it was a little
too big for us, anyway.
Yep, we're gonna have a
fresh start, you know?
Clean slate. In a
number of ways.
Yeah, I'm actually
bringing in an associate,
cutting my hours way down, spending
a little more time with the family.
Mm-hmm. Aw!
We found this great house.
It's got a great
school right nearby,
and there's an
equestrian center,
so McKenzie can keep Charlie.
How's the kitchen?
Completely renovated.
So you don't need a
contractor or anything?
That's funny. No, no.
So maybe you'll have
time to attend this.
What is this?
Whoa! Yep, the board
of directors met,
and it was unanimous.
I know it's not
exactly a wing...
Oh, uh, I'll take it.
Oh, my gosh.
So I can count on you
to be there, then?
Uh, with bells on. And you
are coming to this one.
Well, kids, I'm gonna take off,
beat the traffic.
You all take care.
All righty. See you later.
You, too. You behave yourself.
Bye. Ohh.
- Bye. See you later.
- Bye, Kate.
Drive safe. Thank you.
Wow, Mom. Congrats.
I'm proud of you. Thanks.
You're still grounded.
Can I drive? No.
You can carry your box, though.