The Contractor (2022) Movie Script

friends or... or family members
who are struggling.
That means a lot of people,
even in our church,
feel really alone.
So lets show them our love
and send these boys off
in the embrace of Gods love.
Joe Lee, Michael Randolph
and Benjamin Ellis.
-[pastor] Come on.
-[churchgoers cheering]
Yeah. Thats right.
Gentlemen, please
join me up here on stage.
[thunder rumbling]
[James panting]
[pastor] We pray, dear Lord,
for those that wield
the swords so that...
that righteousness
may triumph
and wrongdoings
may be vanquished.
For these men
are our protectors.
Lord, please
comfort their families
while these men
are deployed.
Bestow special grace
upon all these children.
[fading] May God bless you
and protect you.
And may God bless America.
[churchgoers] Amen.
[panting, sighs]
[person singing in Farsi
on earphones]
[singing continues]
[James sighs]
[dogs barking]
[James] Sorry.
I didnt want to wake you up.
Thats all right.
I was already awake.
[Brianne] Hows training going?
[kisses] Do we have time
for night sex or no?
I think hes awake.
Doesnt he have school today?
No, its Saturday.
[chuckles] Arent they
in school on Saturdays?
Not since 1953.
I liked 1953 a lot.
Its a great year.
Want to say hi to Dad?
Hey, Dad.
What you got there?
Oh, look at that.
Thats you in the airplane.
And those are the clouds.
Hes been working on that
all week for you.
Thats incredible.
Give us a hand. Okay.
Come on. [grunts]
Jack? Jack?
Im right behind you,
Jack? Jack?
Dad, Im right here.
Come on. You got this.
I believe in you.
Im gonna be right here,
If you need anything,
Im gonna be right here.
All right. You ready?
Yeah, you are.
No. Please dont leave me.
[James] Im not leaving you.
Im right here.
Jack, look at me.
Three... two... one.
Now, let go, son.
Swim to me.
Youve got this.
Thats it. Let go.
Eyes on me.
Use your feet.
Thats it!
Youre swimming, Jack.
Youre swimming. Come on!
Youre doing it, Jack.
Youre swimming. Come on!
You did good, son.
Mom! I did it!
[Brianne] Yeah, you did.
I did it!
Dad, I think I can swim now.
Look at that.
An inch in seven months.
An inch in seven months.
How about that?
Is that enough?
Thats a lot. Thats perfect.
[Jack sighs]
[James sighs]
[phone chimes]
Hi, this is Sheila
from Bills Recovery.
I just wanna check in with yall
on your past due paym...
[automated voice]
Message deleted.
Hey, James. Listen, man,
Im sorry to ruin your weekend,
but the CO is testing
the whole team.
Uh, you better get down here.
[soldiers chattering]
[PA announcer]
Army Sergeant First Class
James Harper.
At ease, Sergeant.
This is our new CO,
Lieutenant Colonel Roberts.
Knee was shredded. Again.
Great job with the rehab.
Thank you, sir.
Your lung precludes
high altitude
or underwater operations.
Ive done four combat
rotations in five years
with that lung, sir.
You can relax,
Sergeant Harper.
Blood work came back
filthy with Stanozolol,
phenylpropionate and HGH.
Youre an SOF medical sergeant.
Should have known better.
I wanted
to stay on the team, sir.
I wanted to stay on the team.
[Roberts] I have no idea
what your previous COs
but I wont accept that
in my unit.
Big Army recommended
a revocation
of your Special Forces tab.
And although
I disagree with your choices,
Im not going to do that.
Youre leaving the army
with an honorable discharge,
but youre losing your benefits,
which include your pension
and health care.
- You dont have to
say anything.
- Look. Theyre cleaning house.
- You made it easy for them.
- Ill own up. I understand.
With your rep,
every privates gonna be
hitting on you the second
you walk off post.
[horn playing]
[James] I took shit for my knee.
They found it in my blood.
Thats what it was.
So thats it?
And theres nothing
you can do?
So, they just
basically made up
a new bullshit rule...
- They didnt make up a...
- Test...
No, they didnt make up
any bullshit.
You said they havent
tested anybody in years.
They havent tested
anyone in years.
But its legal.
Its the new CO that
has a fucking hard-on
for just...
I dont know,
he just wants to clear house.
Thats what the captain told me.
They wanna clear house.
Whats this?
Its, um, debt collectors.
But I already
talked to them.
And, uh, they said
they could help us
with a plan.
Whats the interest rate
on it?
Its 18%.
Yeah. There is...
Theres real work out there
with real money.
Private contracting?
Why not?
No. You said you werent
gonna do that...
I know what I said.
I know what I said.
Mm-mmm. [sighs]
I love you.
This is Bruce Michaels
with Executive Protection.
Congrats on your years
of decorated service.
Wed love to discuss
Mr. Harper, my name is David.
Im calling from
the Department of Water
and Power.
[automated voice]
Message deleted.
[phone chimes]
What are you doing?
Just putting up
some shingles before...
before we get weather.
Wheres our son?
Oh, hes asleep.
Hes down for the count.
Took him a bit, but...
How was, uh...
How was school?
- Can you come down?
- Yeah, Ill come down
in a second.
I just have
a couple more to do.
Honey, I got something
to tell you.
- Ill be down in a minute.
- No. Like, now.
Ill be down in a minute,
Masons gone.
Mason. Hes gone.
I... I just talked to Suzanne.
[sighs] How?
How do you think?
- Whens the funeral?
- Its tomorrow.
Maybe we should call your mom
and see if she can take Jack.
Im not gonna go.
Of course
were gonna go, Brianne.
No, Im not gonna go.
Cause I cant go
to another one.
What are you doing?
-What are you doing on the roof
in the middle of the night?
Im fixing the roof.
Im okay.
Im just...
Thats exactly
what Mason said to Suzanne.
Im really fucking scared.
Im not my father.
[announcer on TV, faint]
He wouldve hated this.
The ceremony or dying?
Just being fat and ugly.
How do you figure
they shoved his giant butt
into that grave?
Hes wearing a thong.
[both laugh]
[James clears throat]
Howd he do it?
What do you mean?
He died in his sleep.
The family get full payout?
Full payout.
Thats good.
- Why dont you come over
for dinner?
- No.
You havent seen
the new house.
Youre coming to dinner.
Youre as moody as he was fat.
-Fuck you.
-[Mike] Fuck you.
Good to see you.
Glad youre here.
Appreciate it.
You have a beautiful home.
Hey, bud.
Hows it going?
You wanna play a video game?
When do I...
When do I not wanna play
a video game? Look at this.
- Hey.
- The White Sox.
- Yeah.
- Nice.
- I love the White Sox.
- [chuckles] Yeah. Apparently.
- What? I like the White Sox.
- Hey, Kelly.
Hi, Uncle James.
[Mike Jr.] You got that?
You gonna give me a tour,
or should I just get a map?
I guess so.
Watch this. [pants]
Yeah? Well, watch this.
- [James] Really good arm.
- Roger Clemens over here.
Thank you for this meal
and thank you for bringing
Uncle James back safely.
[Christine] Amen.
[Mike Jr.]
Who was a better soldier,
you or my dad?
Well, uh, your dad
was my chief, so...
[Mike] Careful.
[Christine chuckles]
I was his superior.
[Mike Jr.] Oh.
But we were, uh...
How would you say?
We looked after each other.
[Mike Jr.]
Oh, kinda like brothers.
[Mike] Yeah,
kinda like brothers. Uh...
Is it true you actually
saved my dads life?
No. Yes.
[all laugh]
Once. He pulled me
out of a bar once.
[James] Yeah, he was a wreck.
Your father
was an absolute wreck.
I hate to break it to you
this early. [laughing]
-[Mike laughs] I... No.
-[Mike Jr.] Bummer.
[all chuckling]
Well, uh, Mikey loves baseball.
Hell never play.
Hes fighting it. Hes...
No quit in his DNA.
Theres no beating it.
Well, best case,
hell need special care
for the rest of his life.
How are you doing?
Good. Yeah, good.
Yeah, good. I mean, sure.
You dont fall off the grid
for two months if youre good.
Whats up?
What do you look forward to?
Watching my kids grow up.
Seeing em smile.
Making sure theyre set.
Giving them the things
I didnt have.
I gotta get my shit straight.
Theres help.
[sighs] No.
Kill any operational future?
No, not a chance.
Privates contacted me.
Yeah. No, fuck yeah.
You deserve a paycheck.
Bank is on my ass,
and I just...
Hell yeah. Take it.
I pulled a couple
of cowboy tours.
You know,
banked some decent cash,
put a down payment on the house.
Cash is real.
You know, five, six a day.
Bonuses, you know,
it adds up.
Its okay to cash in.
You know,
its pure fuckin Darwin
out here.
And we are trained
to be ruthlessly adaptable.
Use it.
Were all just mercenaries
in the end.
[sighs] So what
do you got going now?
Is it JSOC? Agency?
Uh, in between.
It doesnt pay
as good as private,
but its legit NatSec work.
Hes one of us.
Good people. Rock-solid.
How much?
Oh, 350.
Can you get me in?
Fucking hero?
President shook your hand.
Fuck off.
He shakes a lot of hands.
They pulled my clearances
because of blood work.
At this level, as long
as youre good to go,
Rusty doesnt care
what you put in your body.
Im in.
- Is that what you want?
- Thats what I want.
Im broke, Mike.
I need this.
Ill send your name up.
All right.
Ill set up a meet.
Yeah. Thanks.
Of course.
[song continues]
[dog barking]
[song stops]
- Whats up, fellas?
- Hey, man.
This is James,
old running mate of mine.
Where is he?
You know where hes at.
Why dont you give us a hand
every once in a while?
[Mike] Yo, Chief.
Got anything tasty for me?
Like fucking candy.
Hmm, Cherokee Purple.
Its an honor to meet you.
Thank you, sir.
You can cut the "sir" crap.
My name is Rusty,
Rusty Jennings.
Thanks, Mike.
Hey, you mind grabbing my boots?
Hey, Dave.
You want a beer?
Im good, thank you.
Thank you.
Mikes the best
I ever worked with.
He says youre the best
hes ever worked with.
Yeah. Well,
he, uh... He taught me
everything I know.
[inhales] Our reputation
is the only commodity
we got left in this game.
You reading my story?
Yours, mine, Mikes, Masons.
Its all the same fucking story.
Shit, even your fathers.
My father has nothing
to do with this.
Due respect.
And due respect...
sure he does.
[sighs] We gave them our minds,
our bodies and our spirit.
And they chewed us up
and spit us out.
Left us with fear,
rage, uncertainty,
a sense of abandonment,
And finally,
self-loathing and guilt.
As if somehow,
everything that happened to us
was our own goddamn fault.
I know exactly
where you are right now, son.
I was you.
Hell, we all were.
Thats why we started
our own tribe.
I know you got options
in front of you.
And if youre looking
for a big payday,
the top tiers
can give it to you.
Triple Canopy, Aegis
and that soulless fuck-pig,
Erik Prince.
But I need you to hear me
cause I mean this.
The stink from those gigs,
it will rub off on you.
So what is it that you do?
You offer up
something different or what?
Damn straight.
I can give you a real home,
honorable work.
No corporate interest,
no babysitting billionaires,
no bullshit.
We operate with direct
presidential authority
under Title 50.
Deal strictly with matters
of national security.
A deep black OGA offshoot.
Title 50. I know those guys.
We worked together
We import and export coffee.
Man, what you did in uniform,
sledgehammer shit.
Our thing, scalpel work.
High-speed, low drag,
fangs only come out
when they have to.
Theres a situation
in Berlin that threatens
our national security.
The team led by Mike
will be fully black
since our presence
is not approved.
How long?
Two weeks. Three, tops.
So what do you say?
You down for the cause?
Yeah. For sure.
Mike and Dalton will walk you
through the paperwork.
In the meantime,
Brianne and Jack obviously...
Uh, what do they have to do
with this?
Well, when you get back,
be nice if we all got together
and broke some bread.
But for now, Daltons gonna
cut you a check for 50K.
So youre not sweating them
while youre working with us.
Thank you.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Why was your phone off?
I got a job.
You got a job?
What kind of job
did you get?
That kind of job.
Its babysitting corporates.
Its not dangerous.
Dont tell me that.
Now I know youre lying.
No, Im not.
Look at me. Im not.
Baby, I need to take care
of my family.
Youre gonna miss
Jacks birthday.
[Tired Eyed Man]
Flight departs in eight hours.
[flight attendant
speaking foreign language]
It take you longer
than 15 minutes to get here?
Only took me eight.
Salim Mohsin, 42.
Professor Emeritus of virology.
Humboldt-Universitt, Berlin.
He lectures there
a few times a month,
but his primary focus
is research work
which is conducted
at a private laboratory
40 kilometers east of town.
Threat level?
[Katia] Its bioterrorism.
Category A.
Car is in the parking lot.
Fiat Tipo.
[thunder rumbling]
[camera shutter clicks]
[camera shutter clicks]
[vehicle approaches]
[vehicle departs]
[camera shutter clicks]
[camera shutter clicks]
[camera shutter clicks]
[speaks French]
[Salim speaks French]
[continues speaking French]
[Sylvie] Salim?
[phone vibrates]
[train announcer speaks German]
[Mike] Wakey-wakey,
eggs and bakey.
Time to wake up.
Baseball cards stay here.
Salim Mohamed Mohsin.
Age 42.
Syrian descent.
61", 190 pounds.
Dyes his beard.
Heart-shaped birthmark
behind his left ear.
Round-shaped birthmark
on his right wrist.
Harvard Med.
Graduates and receives
a federal research grant
to study pathogenic
influenza viruses in humans.
H1N1 and avian flu mutations.
His grant was not extended.
His family relocated here
to Berlin where he continued
his research.
Financed by Farouk Ojjeh,
the founder of Al Dawaa,
a charity with known links
to al-Qaeda and Syria.
This is a layout
annotated by our inside asset.
The lab only has
moderate security presence
since the guard shack
is connected to Berlin police.
-What kind of doors are they?
-No idea.
- [James] How are we breaching?
- Biometrics. Guards thumb.
What happens
when we hit jackpot?
We conduct
a tactical interrogation,
then contact higher
and wait for further
back through the woods.
Link up with you here.
And then its straight
to the airport.
Plane will be ready
at Airfield Alpha.
We all know what one
motivated radical can do,
so lets cowboy-up, get it done
and go home to our families.
[gun cocks]
- Go live.
- Wolf Two.
[Carlos] Fox Three.
[Katia] Sierra One.
[James] Coyote One.
[Katia] Get ready.
[crowd on radio cheering]
[biometric scanner beeps]
[locks clicks]
[Mike] Seven minutes.
[piano playing classical music]
[Mike] Up!
[gasps] Was ist das?
-[coughing, panting]
-[James] Stand up.
[Salim grunts]
Six minutes.
Need to ask you questions.
Who has access to the lab?
Oh. [pants] Only me.
I have access. Its...
[Mike] Maggie Bolevska.
Y-Yeah. Shes my...
Shes my research assistant.
She has access.
Who else knows the specifics
of your work?
Nobody. Who are you people?
Your financier?
Y-Yeah, he knows about my work,
but he...
Hes not a scientist. Hes a...
Hes an investor. Hes...
Where do you back up your work?
[scoffs, grunts]
Theres another team on standby
a block away from your family.
Cooperate. There is no limit
to what we are authorized to do.
Where do you
back up your work?
Its all in here.
Its in these computers.
There are no lines in or out.
We got it. Payday.
If its money you want,
I can arrange money.
Its really not a problem.
Head against the wall.
I mean... I can really...
[phone vibrates]
[Mike] Oh, shit.
Sierra just got a hit
off the scanner.
Police are inbound
from Berlin.
Awaiting instructions
from the ranch.
[phone vibrates]
Code X.
All the way?
All the way.
Industrial accident.
We got five minutes.
Bag the laptop.
Lose the cuffs and hoods.
We were never here.
Get Salim.
[breathes heavily]
Sir... Sir. Sir, please.
This whole thing is...
Its a misunderstanding.
Im a... Im a man of science.
This is... This is
a huge misunderstanding.
Sir! Im a man of sci...
Im a man of science.
I have a family, please.
[pants] Sir, please.
I have a family. Please.
No! No! No, no, stop,
stop, stop, stop! [grunts]
Who sent you?
Do you even know
who youre working for?
You dont know
what youre doing.
Stop! Please, listen.
The research Im doing
will save millions of lives.
[sobs] Stop!
Stop. Stop, please.
If you wanna say a prayer,
now is the time.
A prayer?
I dont believe in God.
I believe in science.
Listen to me.
I keep a copy of all my data
in a safety deposit box.
If you have a conscience,
get it out.
The world will need it.
[sobs] Stop, stop.
Please, stop.
Please dont hurt
my family.
Dont hurt my family.
Stop. Please.
Dont! Dont. [grunting]
Sierra One, RV in two.
[Katia] Copy.
[Mike] Were in OT. Move out.
[Katia] Sierra One. One minute.
[alarm blares]
[blaring continues]
-[Mike] Cops,00.
[police officer]
Halt! Polizei!
[Mike] Move it!
Moving! [breathes heavily]
[Mike] On your left.
[breathes heavily]
[Katia] Fox Two is hit.
[officer speaks German]
-The bag. Throw it to me.
-[Carlos] Copy.
Throw it to me.
Fox Two down.
Cover fire.
[James] Status?
[Mike] Left leg.
New contact!
[officer speaks German]
-Sierras hit.
-Put her down!
Lets get out of here.
Come on. Lets go.
[grunting] Fuck!
[straining, grunting]
My knee is fucked.
Im gonna have to set you down.
Ah, fuck!
[pants, sighs]
[Mike] Dump the gear,
save the drive.
[dog barks]
I got you. [grunts]
Come on, come on.
[helicopter whirring]
[whirring continues]
[strains, grunts]
[James grunts, pants]
[pants] We shot cops.
Did what we had to do.
Is the laptop secure?
[James] Its secure.
We got the laptop.
Mission first.
[James grunts, sighs]
I have to give you blood.
Confirm A-pos?
[James sighs]
One of us
has to walk this in.
If you dont get blood,
youre gonna die.
You bring it in.
Fuck you. Im not leaving you.
My family.
I want Christine
to hear about me from you.
You tell em yourself, Mike.
Youre gonna tell em yourself.
I want it to be you.
[breathes heavily]
[James] Im gonna get us home.
You hear me?
[reporter] With us now to shed
more light on the explosion
and gunfight in Berlin
is security expert
William Sonobe.
Uh, William, can you... can you
give us any new information
on this critical scene?
Thanks for having me on, Erica.
US officials have been
active in offering aid
and intelligence support
to our German friends.
[helicopter whirring]
You have to stop
saving my ass.
[James grunts]
That makes two you owe me.
How the fuck
did you carry me out?
So whats the plan?
We get the laptop home.
Lets get paid.
Lets have a beer.
Roger that.
[screams, grunts]
[breathes heavily, grunts]
Im down.
You take it in.
No, no. We go together.
Ill compromise
the mission.
We dont know
whats in that bag.
Get it home. You go.
Ill catch up.
Ill make contact.
Ill come back.
[chuckles] Yeah.
Back to the Four Seasons
of Tunnels?
Come on. Ill be fine.
Ill move in the dark.
I just need 24 hours
to rest up.
[clears throat]
Get the fuck outta here.
[zipper closes]
[breathes heavily]
- I head to Berlin.
- Mmm.
- Hand this off.
- Mmm.
Make contact. RV in 48.
Hotel Salvina.
Im gonna get
everything we need.
Captures not an option.
[sniffs] Not an option.
[sniffs, grunts]
[breathes heavily]
[muffled] I swim out
until I start to wonder
if I can make it back.
[grunts, breathes heavily]
[loud whimper]
[dog whimpering]
[Jamess father] James!
[Jamess father] Come on!
Get back here, son.
[singing in German on speakers]
[in German] Hallo.
Uh, Ketner.
Reisepass, bitte.
Danke schoen.
[speaks German]
[speaks German]
Mmm. Danke schoen.
[speaks German]
[James grunts]
[water running]
[hotel guest speaks German]
[breathes shakily]
[reporter speaking
German on TV]
[grunts, sighs]
[hotel concierge] Hallo?
[speaks German]
[concierge speaks German]
Where the hell are you?
- [speaks German]
- [speaks German]
This is Rusty. Go.
Im on a burner.
Its not secure.
Copy that.
We dont have a choice.
Physical condition?
but not critical.
Did Wolf Two make contact?
[Rusty] Wolf Two
never made it to Berlin.
Ive got an extraction team
en route to the hotel,
get you over to the airfield.
Confirm location.
Hey, stay with me.
Confirm location.
[James] Ill do that
when you brief me on Wolf Two.
[Rusty] Youll get a full brief
when youre secure.
Right now everything
is extremely fubar,
and we are highly exposed.
Listen to me.
Everything I am doing right now
is to get you home.
Back to the ranch
safe and sound.
You feel me?
-Yes, sir. Of course.
-Then confirm your location.
Alexanderplatz. Heavy police.
[Rusty] Alexanderplatz.
Copy that. Stand by.
How long to reroute them
to the Elsen Bridge?
Fifteen, 20.
I need you to start
heading for the water.
Down towards the Elsen Bridge.
Northwest corner.
Fifteen, 20 minutes.
[line ringing]
[Rusty] This is Rusty. Go.
[James] Im at the Elsen Bridge.
Northwest corner.
Brown BMW X1. Confirm.
[James] Confirm.
[Rusty] Copy that.
[James] If Wolf Two
didnt make it to Berlin,
howd he arrange my exfil then?
Look, I understand.
Right now nothing makes sense.
But you gotta trust me.
I am trying to help you.
Same way you helped Mike?
You motherfucker.
Did you kill him?
Who are we working for?
Stop acting like a child
and get in the fucking car.
[James] If this goes down,
Im gonna come for you.
Get in the fucking car.
[people screaming, clamoring]
[car alarms blaring]
[breathing heavily]
[both grunting]
[rats screeching]
[both grunting]
[breathing heavily]
You American?
Youre a fucking marine?
Are you a marine?
Was. Recon.
What was your mission?
Then the ranch
gave an audible.
Terminate after pickup.
On the bridge,
when I saw you.
My partner,
you go after him? Huh?
I heard they picked him up.
Im sorry.
They told us
wed be saving lives,
not killing our own.
My... [gulps]
...picture, please.
There is...
Theres a safe house.
Use this code for pickup.
Take my phone.
You can never go home.
The kill code is Tomahawk.
Itll stop the team,
at least for a while.
Rusty said
hed make us all rich.
[phone chimes]
Yes? [gasps]
- Shh.
- Who are you?
What do you want?
Who are you?
Im not here to hurt you
or your family.
But if you dont answer
all of my questions, I will.
Your husband secured
his work someplace safe.
I need to know where.
Sylvie, look at me.
Look at me.
For Yanis, for Olivier.
Tell me where.
- Swiss Credit Bank.
- Swiss Credit Bank?
- Safe deposit box.
- Safe deposit box.
[breathes heavily]
Dont hurt my son.
Shh, just breathe.
Its gonna be fine.
- Tell him to get ready.
- Yes.
You tell him
Im an old friend of his dads,
and were going out for lunch.
Yanis. [speaks French]
Lets go.
Hes coming with me.
Well be here
when you get back.
[speaks French]
[car door opens, closes]
[footsteps departing]
You were his friend?
Are you sad?
Me too.
Where did you meet?
Where was your first child born?
[Yanis] I was born...
[shushes] Tais-toi!
I have two boys to raise.
Everything we have
is in your hands.
Answer the question.
[inhales] Um...
Yanis was born in Boston.
[keyboard tapping]
[James] What were you gonna call
your third child?
[keyboard tapping]
[Sylvie sniffs]
Stop the car.
So, how much
did they pay you, huh?
I hope it was worth it.
[Virgil] Yes?
Recon. 6-22-34. Mayday.
[Virgil] Copy. Location?
[Virgil] Condition?
[Virgil] 0300 tomorrow.
GPS 14.98, 51.150.
[Virgil] Are you lost?
[music playing on stereo]
[James breathes heavily]
Do you mind lowering the gun?
You called me.
Its the price
of admission.
-[music fades]
[kettle whistling]
[monitor beeping]
[whistling stops]
[footsteps approaching]
[beeping speeds up]
[James yells]
Theres no need
to fight anymore.
[James breathes heavily]
Wheres my bag?
[breathing heavily]
So... are we good?
[grunts, breathes heavily]
Its okay.
Youre safe here.
I cleaned your knee.
It was badly infected.
You tore your ACL. I dont
know how you walked on it,
but you did.
The marine
who told me about you...
You know him?
Did you kill him?
No, but I know they train us
to run their errands.
Kill their enemies
and kill each other.
"National security."
Its just a rock they can hide
their dirty shit under.
I need to get back.
Back where?
[breathes heavily]
Back home.
Thats done.
Home is a memory.
[grunts, gasps]
You need... You almost died.
- Your body needs rest.
- Im fine.
- Shh. All right.
- Im fine.
[breathes heavily]
Yanis, in case Im not here
to tell you this in person,
I love you.
I know you have felt my absence
these last few years.
I need you to know why.
I made up my mind
very early
that my children
would live without fear.
And because of that,
I chose to dedicate my life
to science.
there are powerful people
who ignore science,
even subvert it
for their own personal gain.
Yanis, in your hands
is my lifes work:
the vaccine for the H5N1 virus
with a mortality rate of 16%.
It may have landed me
in this chair, staring into this
camera instead of your eyes,
but I want you to know
that your father stood
for something,
created something
that with your help
will benefit humanity
long after theyve shot me down.
It is very important
that this vaccine is available
free to the public
should the unthinkable happen.
[Virgil] Dear Lord,
thank you for this meal
and bringing my guest
here safely.
Forgive us our sins
and keep us
from the fires of hell.
May our souls
go to heaven.
Especially those
in need of thy mercy.
Your tat. OD3224.
Thats tip of the spear.
they kept us busy.
In Iraq or Afghanistan?
You ever been
to Hindu Kush?
Mountains so high,
you think heavens
resting on em.
The valleys so green,
you think its Eden.
I thought I was in Colorado
when I first saw it.
You know, we were
on a 12-day straight
looking for one of
our local guys kid.
Been gone... Gone hunting,
couldnt find him.
Poor thing.
So we broke down a door
on this out-of-the-way compound,
and then we burst in.
And once we cleared everything,
we found him, the kid.
And he was chained to the wall,
just crying his eyes out.
But in the next room,
its full of girls
all strung out, splayed out.
And in the middle
of all this was a dog.
Its just a little thing.
Mangy. Happy as can be.
Happy to see us.
All yelps and matted hair.
And all that shit,
and the thing I remember
the most is the dog.
Cause that dog
survived all that shit
without even blinking an eye.
Its much easier to kill,
but its harder to survive.
How long
you been out here?
Thirteen years.
You have a family?
Yeah, Ive got a wife,
two beautiful girls,
a nice house.
You ever feel
like reaching out?
When I reach out...
I break things.
We all know the monster.
And sometimes
he comes to stay.
Hows the steak?
Ive had better.
So... So have I. [laughs]
[record player dies down]
[gas hissing]
[hissing continues]
[footsteps approaching]
[engine starts]
[truck horn honks]
- American?
- Yes.
Safe travels, sir.
[Mike] I want Christine
to hear about me from you.
You tell em yourself, Mike.
Tell em yourself.
[James] Motherfucker.
Doing at my house?
Answer me.
You wanna shoot me?
[panting] Go ahead.
I went to your house
to tell Christine,
like you asked me to.
-Rusty said...
-Did you know
he was coming after me?
He said you didnt make it.
Why did you lie to me?
- About what?
- [James] Fuck you.
A real home. A tribe.
Honorable work.
It was a data heist.
None of this was supposed
to happen.
But it did happen.
And for what?
Payday of a lifetime.
What we stole
was not data.
Its a cure to a virus
these fuckers wanna release.
So they can make billions
off people suffering.
Did you know that?
How do you fucking
live with yourself?
I got a family
and a son with special needs.
[James] So what about my family?
My son! Their needs!
Everythings taken care of.
Theres a huge payout
to Brianne and your boy.
Four million.
Theyll never want
for anything ever again.
Except for me! Me!
You cant go home!
He finds out youre here,
hes gonna come after you
with everything hes got.
After everything
weve done,
weve been through.
I fucking bled for you!
And this is what I get?
James, dont do this.
Im sorry.
My father, uh...
He branded me to be like him.
You know, a fucking...
a fucking Ranger to the bone.
And when they cut him loose
and they cast him out,
he just never came home.
Vanished. No note, corpse.
Fucking nothing.
I finally just buried
all the... shit the fucker
ever gave me in the backyard.
Had my own funeral.
Im standing over
this pathetic little hole
filled with stupid shit.
And I swore to myself
I would never be like him.
I would never forsake my family.
[shouts] Do you understand me?
Rusty finds out youre here,
hes gonna come
after your family.
Theres only one way this ends.
Hey, whats up, Mike?
You got a beer?
Where is he?
Hes in the kitchen.
[machine gun fire]
[shells clattering]
[both grunting]
[Rusty grunting, groaning]
Always wanted to die
with my boots on.
[shell clatters]
[pants, grunts]
breathes heavily]
[James] I got a room
prepped and ready for ya.
Were going home, Mike.
[breathing heavily]
Put some fucking music on.
[radio turns on]
[country song playing]
Tell my s...
My son... [wheezes]
I didnt die in my sleep.
I promise.
I got you.
Yeah! Cannonball!
[Brianne] Good job!
[James] Jack!