The Convent (2019) Movie Script

[eerie music]
[metal clinks]
[thunder rumbling]
[woman 1] Forgive me, Father,
for I have sinned.
A great guilt afflicts me.
[thunder rumbling]
[woman 1] I have witnessed
a wicked power.
One which I enticed
into this world.
It has put suffering and misery
upon my sisters.
And I fear,
there is no way to stop it.
[screaming continues]
[foreboding music]
[people screaming in distance]
[tense music]
[ominous music]
[water trickling]
[door opens]
[door clanks]
- [gasping]
- [keys jangle]
[guard] On your feet, witch.
[indistinct chatter]
[guard] Coming through.
Out of the way!
[people shouting]
- Keep moving.
- [panting]
[guard] Come on, move it!
Outta the way.
- [man] Go on! You see the witch!
- Go on.
[guard] Come on. Out of the way.
- [pants]
- [guard grunts]
This way.
[bell tolls]
[tolling continues]
Another necromancer?
[prosecutor] Yes, my lord.
[magistrate] Thank you.
[heavy sigh]
What do you have
to say for yourself?
[magistrate] Hm?
We need not prolong
these proceedings any further.
This court can offer up
no other judgment than...
a sentence of death.
Though the accused
may stand here mute,
I can assure you
that she will find her voice
when she is lashed to the stake
and put to blaze.
Whether it is her voice
or the voice of her creator
remains to be seen.
[Reverend Mother]
Who defends this woman?
Who is her advocate?
And who could, or would,
defend the indefensible? Hm?
Only Pilate was as bold.
You are blind
to both my concerns
and my business, Magistrate.
My only blindness, madam,
is to your identity.
Perhaps you can help me shed
the scales from my own eyes?
I am Sister Margaret Aquina.
Prioress to the Sisters
of the Eucharist.
How is any of this
of your concern, hm?
I provide purpose to the fallen.
Such as she,
who stands before you.
[magistrate] Well, I serve
the will of the people.
And they, nor I,
will offer sanctuary
to any of this...
this unnaturalness.
[Reverend Mother] We share
similar goals, Magistrate.
But our priorities differ.
She is to be released to me
to remain in our charge,
in perpetuity.
A penitent soul holds more value
than kindling for a fire.
Well, this is a secular court.
Here, we serve the laws
of man. If...
scripture be true,
then you and any bride of Christ
has no experience
in any of these matters.
"If scripture be true"?
You courted blasphemy
on my arrival,
and now you embrace heresy.
The inquisitors
have little humor,
and I have the ear of many.
Can the scent of the pyre
be so attractive to you
that you would willingly
invite it upon yourself?
We have no need for outside
influences in these proceedings.
Release her
into the capable hands
of the Reverend Mother.
[Reverend Mother]
Sister Lucilla,
prepare her for her journey.
[Lucilla] Come, my child.
[retreating footsteps]
May the Lord continue
to bless with His wisdom.
[indistinct chatter]
[tense music]
[foreboding music]
[foreboding music continues]
[raindrops pattering]
[thunder rumbling]
[door thuds]
[eerie music]
[Adela] Welcome home,
Reverend Mother.
[door clanks]
Sister Adela.
This is Persephone.
Follow me.
[door creaks]
[door closes]
[Adela] Persephone?
This way.
[Adela] Emeline.
This is Persephone.
[thunder rumbles]
You know we are forbidden
to have these things.
[Adela] Take better care
to not let others see it.
The Reverend Mother
often seems harsh.
But she saved us.
That's what she does.
She gathers fallen women
from town to town
and offers us a new beginning.
[gloomy music]
I pray you enjoy
our hospitality.
[thunder rumbling]
[thunder rumbling]
[somber music]
[wind whooshing]
[thunder crashes]
[fire crackling]
[fire roaring]
[tense music]
- [keys jangling]
- [door lock clanking]
[keys jangling]
[Anna] Be quick.
Are you hungry?
Did you sleep well?
The first night in a new place
can often be difficult.
I'm Catherine.
What is your name?
[Catherine] Persephone?
That's so pretty.
[Catherine] I am unaware
of that saint.
There isn't one.
It is a heathen name.
One that has no place here.
Our new ward needs to learn
to be less clumsy.
I will not tolerate
such wastefulness.
[Reverend Mother]
Back to work with you.
Yes. Of course, Mother.
[retreating footsteps]
Pick that up and return it
to the kitchen.
Sister Anna Francis
will show you the way.
[Bernadine] Praise be.
[foreboding music]
We have been blessed
with a new soul.
- [Anna] Persephone.
- [gasps]
The kitchen is this way.
[Adela] We need to be strict
- with her, Catherine.
- She knows her place.
She will learn.
[approaching footsteps]
- [shatters]
- [Emeline gasps]
[Anna] Idiot child!
Familiarize yourself
with the grounds.
Does your carelessness
have no limits?
[gloomy music]
[bird squawking]
[bird caws]
Do you know why you're here?
To serve penance.
The Reverend Mother is a beacon
to those such as us.
Such as you.
Where others would shun,
she embraces.
Where others condemn,
she offers forgiveness,
Those outside the walls
have condemned you.
We will redeem you.
So, contact from beyond
these walls is forbidden.
And this rule
is rigorously enforced.
[Anna] The sister you spoke to
was Sister Bernadine.
She has responsibility
for the care of our sick.
But the freshly broken soil
taunts her.
[Anna] Monument to her failure.
Our fellow sisters.
Our fallen.
Gathered to God, all too soon.
Of all the grounds,
it is here you must favor.
Food is scarce.
You must tend to it
as well as you can,
to provide for us all.
[wind howling]
[soft grunt]
[somber music]
Hello there.
I wonder if you could help me.
I'm forbidden to speak to you.
What's happened to Catherine?
[Ellis] The girl who tended
the gardens before you?
I used to enjoy my talks
with her.
- We were quite close before...
- Hey!
Wait, I was only trying
to talk to...
You scatter your affections
broadly, don't you?
You've been warned before.
Leave us be.
Save your tongue.
[Persephone pants]
What has happened?
She engaged with a young man
beyond the wall.
- [thumps]
- [Persephone groans]
[Reverend Mother]
Take her to the cellar.
[Persephone sobbing]
[tense music]
[Reverend Mother]
Sister Anna Francis,
fetch two pails of water.
Have you forgotten already
the consequences
of your dealings with those
that sought your flesh?
First, to feed the fire.
And now with lust.
You may think I have
granted you a reprieve.
But you are misguided.
You shall burn, Persephone.
Unless you choose
a different path.
Our path.
- [splashes]
- [Persephone gasps]
[Persephone whimpers]
- [splashes]
- [Persephone gasps]
[Anna] Lucilla.
[Persephone whimpers]
[door thuds]
[Persephone crying]
[eerie music]
[thrilling music]
[gloomy music]
Stay clear of here, tradesman.
They won't last long.
A greater infection
than their faith comes close.
What do you mean?
It is not something
any soul should witness.
So, please, stay clear.
[foreboding music]
- [door lock clanking]
- [keys jangling]
Show Persephone
to the wash rooms.
[birds squawk]
[Catherine] His name is Ellis.
We were witnessed
speaking together.
I was told
that I was encouraging both him
and myself to sin.
And that was
when the Reverend Mother
reassigned my duties
to the laundry.
He wanted to take me away
from this place.
He would...
tell me these tales.
Something horrible had happened
here many years ago.
That this place is damned.
Have you ever seen
anything here?
No, of course not.
This is a holy place.
His tales were just
to lead me away.
[Adela] Persephone.
What are we doing with these?
The Lord chooses
not to keep us idle.
[woman coughing]
[door closes]
[muffled groaning]
[woman grunting]
What happened to them?
Struck down with a fever.
[Bernadine] But of its origin,
we are not sure.
All we can do is comfort them
in their suffering
and pray for their salvation.
They can't have much longer now.
Sister Bernadine. Lucilla.
[muffled whimpering]
I need help.
[tense music]
[grunting, retching]
[eerie music]
[Anna] Get her out of here!
[woman screaming]
- [door clangs]
- Her eyes.
- [Persephone] She could see me.
- That cannot be true.
I tell you,
she looked right at me.
[Adela] Sister Bernadine?
[Bernadine panting]
[panting continues]
I pray you rest easy, sister.
[Anna] Your efforts
were invaluable, as ever.
Go and pray for that lost soul.
We will prepare her for burial.
[Anna] Attend to these.
[Bernadine] Dear Lord,
you have taken away
another soul from us.
I question why You do this.
These girls are innocent.
They do not deserve
to be punished in this way.
Whatever sins they bear,
they cannot deserve
the afflictions they endure.
[Bernadine] I beg forgiveness
for my own past.
Our desires,
which gave birth to sin,
I have now given myself to You.
I beg of You. Please do not
take another one
of these poor souls from us.
If this is a test
of my own perseverance
and faith,
I fear my strength runs dry,
my vision blinded,
my faith wavering.
I joined this priory,
this flock, to find salvation.
To find forgiveness.
But I have not found either.
I have only found doubt
within these walls.
I need strength.
I need nourishment.
Provide me with a sign
that my path
is one of righteousness.
That, come the day of judgment,
I shall be spared.
[gloomy music]
[Reverend Mother]
For the sustenance
we are about to receive,
we are truly thankful.
In the Name of the Father,
the Son
and the Holy Ghost.
- Amen.
- [all] Amen.
[utensils clinking]
What happened to that soul
in the infirmary?
We do not talk of these things.
Have prayers
been said for her yet?
And why has Sister Bernadine
not prepared her for burial?
It is not our concern,
Why does Sister Bernadine
stare at us so?
[loud thud]
Those idle whispers tell me
you've enjoyed sustenance
enough this evening.
[Anna] Go to your rooms.
[raindrops pattering]
[thunder rumbling]
[soft fluttering]
[fluttering continues]
[distant thumping]
[thumping continues]
[metal clanks]
[thunder rumbles]
[door creaks]
[Catherine] Sorry, Persephone.
I could not sleep.
I lived with my parents
before this.
Did they send you here?
[Catherine] No.
They had no real faith
to speak of.
No prayers were said
at our house.
I do not judge them.
Not all are blessed as we are.
But I would pray
so hard for them.
And my prayers were answered.
I met the Reverend Mother.
[sighs] is not as I expected it
to be here.
You should not let me
talk on so.
What about you?
[Catherine] Do you have family?
I used to live on a farm.
With my parents.
It was just the three of us.
I didn't have any
brothers or sisters.
But my mother said I was
all the blessing they needed.
She sounds lovely.
[Persephone] She was.
And I was so very happy until...
one night,
I had a terrible nightmare.
[thunder rumbling]
[Persephone] I dreamt that
our cattle shed was set afire.
Our herd, inside, screaming.
My parents calmed me.
Told me it was just a dream.
The next day,
the barn burnt to the ground.
But what I hadn't seen,
what my dream hadn't shown me
was that my mother was inside.
There was nothing we could do.
My father was distraught.
He blamed me.
Thought I'd brought a curse
upon them.
Village feared I was a witch.
So, after we buried
my mother's remains,
I was chased away.
I will never forget
the intense heat.
[Persephone] That putrid smell.
Or the sound
of my mother's screaming.
I'm so sorry.
- [door lock clanking]
- [keys jangling]
[keys jangling]
[keys jangling]
[door locking]
[raindrops pattering]
[thunder rumbling]
[wind howling]
[wind whooshes]
[thunder rumbling]
[foreboding music]
[ominous music]
[thrilling music]
[eerie music]
[thunder rumbles]
[ominous music]
[woman snarling]
[thunder rumbles]
- [rapid pounding]
- Let me out!
[Persephone] Please, let me out!
Let me out!
- [Anna] What in heaven's name?
- Let me out! Let me out!
- [thudding]
- [Persephone panting]
[panting continues]
[tense music]
[disembodied voices whispering]
[whispering continues]
[ominous music]
- [Anna] Out!
- [Persephone gasps]
Stupid girl!
You break your curfew
and now my vigil.
My patience with you
grows thinner by the hour.
[lock clanking]
[thunder rumbling]
That girl is accursed.
That claim was once made of you.
Forgive me, Mother.
I forget myself.
Then you are fortunate indeed.
[retreating footsteps]
[disembodied eerie voice]
[wings fluttering]
[birds squawking]
[Lucilla] Persephone?
This is for your own good.
You will understand in time.
[Reverend Mother]
Sister, would you be so kind
as to delegate this morning's
duties to everyone?
[Anna] Of course, Mother.
Both of you,
follow me to the kitchen.
The provisions that this soil
provided for us
have dwindled.
To the gardens.
The day is wasting.
[Ellis] Hello there.
Engaging with you
is costly to me.
I'm sorry. I had to come back
to warn you.
[Persephone] About what?
Last time I saw you,
there was a woman outside.
She spoke of infection.
There is worse than that.
There is a wretchedness here.
Something lurks
within these walls.
Of its intentions,
I am not yet sure, but...
we are not safe here.
If you are not safe here,
then neither is Catherine.
You both must leave this place.
Catherine said you told her
of something
that happened here
a long time ago.
[Persephone] What do you know?
Just whispers and rumors
in the village.
It happened before I was born.
Nobody will talk of it.
I need to find out
what happened here.
The woman, who I saw before,
she knew.
She tried to warn me.
[bell tolls]
You must go.
- If we are caught...
- [Ellis] Wait.
For Catherine.
[wind howling]
I have just seen Ellis.
He wants to help us.
Help us?
If I'm caught with this...
[approaching footsteps]
What are you concealing from me?
[Catherine] Nothing, Sister.
[Lucilla] Catherine.
- Give it to me.
- Please.
The Reverend Mother
need not know any of this.
Need not know of what exactly?
Must you find
perdition so tempting?
Take them.
[tense music]
[Bernadine] ...against
the schemes of the devil.
Even though I walk through
the shadow of death,
I fear no evil,
for You are with me.
Your rod, Your staff,
they comfort me.
[Bernadine mumbling]
[mumbling continues]
Why is it every day
you feel compelled
to challenge me?
- It was just a note.
- We will put an end
to your distractions.
And you. You little harlot.
You need to learn this
will no longer be tolerated.
- [thwacks]
- [Catherine gasps, squeals]
- [Catherine wailing]
- No!
[Catherine panting]
- [sobs]
- [wails]
...that you may be able to stand
against the schemes
of the devil.
- [Catherine screaming]
- [whimpers]
- [Catherine wails in distance]
- [gasps]
- [loud thwack]
- [Catherine wails]
- [Catherine screaming in pain]
- [sobbing]
[ominous music]
[ominous music]
[screaming continues]
- Come on, Catherine.
- [sobbing]
What's happening?
[gloomy music]
[Persephone gasps]
Some possess
more strength than others.
Mother, uh, I don't understand.
It is not for you to understand.
Only God.
[Reverend Mother]
Has this not been spectacle
enough for you?
Of all the things encouraged
in this priory,
an appetite for the suffering
of others is not.
Pray for this lost soul.
And your own.
[Lucilla] Leave us.
[retreating footsteps]
[foreboding music]
[door closes]
[retreating footsteps]
[suspenseful music]
[door creaks]
- [squelches]
- [gasps]
[suspenseful music]
- [panting]
- [bell tolling]
- [tolling continues]
- [retreating footsteps]
[door creaks]
[foreboding music]
- [clanks]
- [farmer] Same again next week?
Just one more thing.
What is it?
I'm looking for someone.
An old woman.
She dresses in black.
I don't know her.
Please. She has scars
on her hands and...
She's best ignored, son.
She's not all there.
Where can I find her?
I know where she is.
I need to talk to her.
[Ellis] I need help.
It's urgent.
Just tell me.
The old abbey.
The ruins to the east.
[young woman] But without
a horse, it's a day's walk
through the forest.
Thank you.
Leave her be. We've done enough.
What is happening to us?
I've never seen such things.
I pray and I pray...
But clearly not enough.
All of this, I have foretold.
Now it has begun in earnest.
[Reverend Mother] Has your faith
not been strengthened?
By what we have seen.
What we have endured.
These sisters have been cleansed
in the blood of the Lamb.
Their sacrifices
gained them the keys
to the kingdom of heaven.
Let us pray
that we have the strength
to follow.
[foreboding music]
[indistinct chatter]
You'll be all right.
We need to leave this place.
And where would we go?
- Does it matter?
- We're safest here.
[Persephone] Was Bernadine safe?
We are not alone here.
I've seen someone.
Who do you see?
How? What do you mean?
[Persephone] A girl.
A young girl.
An entity.
I see things.
That's why I'm here,
why I was branded a witch.
We are in great danger.
Stop this.
You're upsetting Emeline.
The Reverend Mother
harvested Bernadine's eyes.
Do you not see?
If we don't leave this place,
we will all suffer
the same fate.
We have to stay.
We have a higher purpose.
This order is damned,
and us, with it.
The only purpose we will serve
will be as carrion
for the crows.
Silence! You're scaring Emeline.
Look what you've done.
[foreboding music]
[Emeline panting]
Do not worry so.
Persephone was just trying
to frighten you.
Nothing is coming for us.
I've always protected you,
and I would never leave you.
What is going on here?
Forgive her, Sister.
Emeline has had a turn.
Persephone has told us...
What has she told you?
spoke of...
Go on.
Nothing of consequence, Sister.
Just tall tales.
Return to your chambers.
It is forbidden
to congregate like this.
[Emeline whimpers]
Please, don't take her lamp.
[Adela] She's afraid
of the dark.
This was a luxury
afforded by the Reverend Mother
out of kindness.
When you are disobedient,
privileges are rescinded.
[keys jangling]
- [Emeline sobbing]
- [banging on door]
- [lock clicking]
- [banging on door]
Now, to your rooms.
There is little profit
in questioning my actions.
[Emeline whimpering]
- [banging on door]
- [Emeline sobbing]
[knocking on door]
- [Emeline sobbing]
- [banging on door]
[disembodied voices]
[disembodied voices continue]
[keys jangling]
[door slams]
[ominous music]
[soft whimper]
[ominous music]
[Emeline gasps]
[thrilling music]
- [thwacks]
- [gasps]
[Persephone gasps]
[ominous music]
[ominous music continues]
[eerie music]
[Elizabeth] I had a feeling
I would see you again.
What do you want?
When I saw you at the priory,
you told me to stay away.
[Ellis] What is happening
in the order?
What do you know?
Nothing that will benefit you
or your friends.
[Ellis] I believe
they are in grave danger.
When I was young,
younger than you are now,
my desire to serve Christ
was overwhelming.
[thunder rumbling]
[Elizabeth] I joined
the order to fulfill God's wil.
And there,
with my fellow novices,
we did just that.
We were a close group
led by the eldest novice.
When she arrived at the order,
her soul was weary
and full of sorrow.
She told us, only her devotion
and sacrifice
to the Lord had saved her.
She had been in the order
longer than any of us,
and we, therefore,
believed her to be wiser
and closer to God.
His mighty power
had given her strength
and enlightenment.
She felt a purity
only possible
from continued spiritual harmoy
with God.
We aspired to be as close to Gd
as she was.
She told us
our faith had to be complete.
A belief unparalleled.
But she claimed our faith alon
would not grant us salvation.
We had to be tested
to prove our worthiness.
We were willing to face
any challenge for His love,
His grace,
His mercy.
We performed a conjuring.
Believing our faith,
and the power of the divine,
would protect us
from whatever spirits we woke.
The most innocent of us
was chosen to be the seer
and to make a sacrifice
in blood.
There would be no turning back
after the first drop of blood
was offered up.
But we worried not.
Our combined faith
was to shield her,
and all of us, from harm.
We waited.
[foreboding music]
[Elizabeth] And waited.
But eventually,
thanks to our strength
and devotion,
it arrived.
It was revealed only to her,
but we felt its presence.
Its immense power.
I can see it.
[nun 1] I can see him.
[Elizabeth] Whatever it was,
whatever she could see,
its attention was fixed
solely on her.
We could not have predicted
what happened next.
Her body fought
for all its might
as a fever beset her.
She flinched and rocked.
Speaking in tongues,
uttered blasphemy.
But the conflict proved
too much for her.
We feared she had passed.
Her soul given refuge
by the good Lord.
But how wrong we were.
[Elizabeth] She rose.
Her eyes filled
with a wrath beyond limits.
A craving for death
and destruction.
- A thirst for flesh and blood.
- [nuns screaming]
- [screaming continues]
- [nun 2] No!
She rained hell upon us.
[nuns screaming]
[nuns screaming]
- [bones cracking]
- [splashing]
- [thwacking]
- [squelching]
- [flesh squelching]
- [bones cracking]
[Elizabeth] That night,
we witnessed evil
in its purest form.
[Elizabeth] Surrounded
by my fallen sisters,
I was to face the consequences
of our heresy.
My time had come.
But in a cruel mockery
of our faith,
the malevolent spirit
left her body
and entered
those of her victims.
Her doom was sealed.
It is said, her soul
was stripped from her body
and left to wander the corridos
- in perpetuity.
- [nun 1 wailing]
[Elizabeth] I left.
Vowing never to return.
The eldest novice remained.
And for years,
I watched from afar
as many women
went into that place,
never have I seen
any leave alive.
They don't deserve this.
I have to help.
You must come with me.
For what purpose?
How can you not want to help?
People are going to die.
I've answered your questions.
Now leave.
Have you no conscience?
Then you are truly damned.
Of that, I have no doubt.
[Adela] Wake up, please!
No, wake up!
Wake up!
Wake up. Wake up.
Please, wake up!
Wake up, Emeline!
Wake up, please!
Oh, no!
This is your fault!
- Adela...
- All your talk of darkness!
Since your arrival,
you've brought nothing
but poison to us.
[Reverend Mother] Enough.
Go to the chapel.
You are both to prepare
Emeline for burial.
[retreating footsteps]
[gasping continues]
[Lucilla] Catherine?
- Where are you?
- [Catherine gasping]
- Catherine?
- [door creaks]
[Persephone] Adela.
We have to leave.
This is my home.
This is home to more
than just you and the sisters.
Whatever else is here,
it means you nothing but harm.
I tell you this,
Catherine and I are leaving,
with or without you.
You can't.
I will tell Reverend Mother.
Sister Lucilla?
[Lucilla] It's Catherine.
She has the fever.
I need to speak
to Reverend Mother.
She's in her quarters.
[retreating footsteps]
[Reverend Mother]
Our Father who art in heaven,
hallowed be Thy Name,
Thy kingdom come,
Thy will be done on earth
as it is in heaven.
[Reverend Mother] Give us
this day our daily bread.
And forgive us our trespasses
as we forgive
those who trespass against us.
But deliver us from evil.
For Thine is the kingdom
and the power and the glory
forever and ever. Amen."
[door opens]
- [door closes]
- [gasps]
[Persephone] Catherine.
Can you hear me?
[Persephone] Catherine.
What did they do to you?
I have seen now.
What have you seen?
[Catherine] I must be with him.
His is the only way.
[Persephone] Who?
- [Persephone] Catherine!
- [gasps]
[Catherine] Persephone,
I'm frightened.
Do not be fearful.
[Anna] What are you doing
in here?
Leave her be.
Why is she bound
to the bed like this?
- For her own safety.
- But...
You are not needed here.
Get out.
[Catherine whimpers]
What is it?
The Reverend Mother,
she was burning the eyes
of Bernadine.
Now do you believe?
Adela, I need your help.
We do not have much time.
You untie her,
I'll get the keys.
How? Sister Anna Francis
holds them.
Do not worry. I'll find a way.
We have to get her out of here.
[Lucilla] Mother.
Do you think it would benefit us
to seek help from the village?
Do you question my judgment?
[Lucilla] No, Mother.
[Reverend Mother]
Have you forgotten the pledge
you made to me
and to this order?
[Lucilla] Of course not, Mother.
I'm sorry. I...
- [shushing]
- I have the divine right
to act as I see fit
for the safety of this priory,
and all within it.
- [clanks]
- [Anna grunts]
[Lucilla] I do not doubt
your judgment.
But there are so few of us
left now.
As the Lord decrees.
Just do as I say.
[foreboding music]
[foreboding music continues]
- [Catherine gasps]
- Hurry.
[Reverend Mother] Stop!
Come back here at once.
Where do you think
you're taking her?
[keys jangling]
- Do not dare open that door.
- [Adela] Hurry, Persephone.
[Persephone] I'm trying.
[Persephone] Yes!
[eerie music]
[Persephone] Catherine?
[suspenseful music]
[Persephone] Catherine.
What can you see?
- What have you done?
- I...
- [door closes]
- [Catherine] Get away from me!
Get away from me.
Catherine, look at me.
[disembodied voices]
They're not real.
[indistinct whispers]
[disembodied voice]
You cut them to pieces.
[disembodied voice]
Catherine! Take them.
[indistinct chatter]
They're visions.
[Persephone] Catherine, please,
you must hear me.
[distorted laughing]
Catherine, look at me.
[Persephone's distorted voice]
Look at me.
I'm real.
I'm real.
[in normal voice]
I beg of you.
Give me the knife.
What are you doing?
- [thwacks]
- No!
- [gagging]
- [knife clinks]
[Persephone sobbing]
- [gagging]
- [sobbing]
[somber music]
[Reverend Mother]
She's lost to us,
and to the grace of God.
I don't understand.
[Reverend Mother] How could you?
I offered you a reprieve.
I offered you purpose.
I offered you redemption.
And in return,
you have condemned us further.
I witnessed you burning
the eyes of Sister Bernadine.
After she suffered so much
to be relieved of them
and their wicked visions,
would I return them to her
when she finally found peace?
[thunder rumbling]
[rumbling continues]
[thunder rumbling]
[wind howling]
[thunder rumbling]
[Reverend Mother]
I have preached to you all
of penitence.
To place all others before you.
And in the eyes of God,
this will grant you access
to paradise.
To life eternal.
You need not mourn
your fallen sisters.
They have been freed
from the shackles of their sins.
Their sacrifices gained them
a state of grace.
And now, it is your turn
to follow their example.
Because if you do not,
you will never gain access
to the kingdom of heaven.
Instead, you will bear witness
of the resurrection
of both the righteous
and the wicked.
Many of those who sleep
in the dust of the ground
will awake to everlasting life,
but the others will return
to disgrace
and everlasting contempt.
will compel us to glory.
[thrilling music]
[door rattling]
[rattling halts]
[approaching footsteps]
[Bernadine in demonic voice]
Felicitations, my sisters.
[in demonic voice]
I have returned to you.
I have returned to seek alms.
You will find no satisfaction
with us here.
Do not engage with it.
But are we not sisters?
Will you offer me no solace?
Have you not missed me?
- [groans]
- [thunder rumbles]
I am even less fond of you
in death than in life.
- [squelching]
- [Anna screaming]
[Anna wailing]
- Adela, no!
- [Lucilla] Stay with her.
[Anna wailing]
Behold what my devotion to you
has gained me.
This was not my doing.
[Lucilla] Wait! Mother!
Where are you going?
Don't you leave me.
My beloved Lucilla.
Where is your savior now?
Holy Mary Mother of God,
pray for us sinners
now and at the hour
of our death.
Weren't you always just
the fucking child?
- [thwacks]
- [gurgles]
[Bernadine gasps]
- [thwacks]
- [Bernadine snarls]
Go to the others.
[thunder rumbling]
[foreboding music]
[thunder rumbling]
[creature laughing maniacally]
[Ellis grunts]
- [growling]
- [grunting]
[tense music]
- [thumps]
- [Ellis grunts]
[Ellis grunting]
- [grunting]
- [bones cracking]
[bones cracking]
[Persephone] Adela,
where are you?
[Emeline] Adela?
[Emeline] Who do you weep for?
You should be happy
for I have something for you.
Something wonderful.
There is so little
that's forbidden to me now.
Let me provide the protection
that you promised
and failed to give.
[Adela screaming]
[foreboding music]
[Persephone] Adela?
[thunder rumbling]
[Emeline snarling]
[Persephone whimpering]
- [snarls]
- [whimpers]
- [screams]
- [growls]
[Persephone screaming]
[Lucilla] No!
[Emeline grunts]
- [Lucilla grunts]
- [Emeline thuds]
[Persephone gasping]
[creature laughing]
[Lucilla] No, not that way.
We must go to the chapel.
There is a way out
beneath the altar.
- [snarls]
- [wailing]
[Ellis] Oi.
Where's Catherine?
She is lost.
We have to find her.
If anything were
to happen to her...
You don't understand.
She's dead.
- You're wrong.
- [Persephone] She's dead, Ellis.
- She can't be.
- She had the visions.
The fever.
[Persephone] I tried.
There was nothing I could do.
We must leave
this wretched place, Ellis.
Or else we will suffer
the same fate.
Lucilla spoke of a way out.
Under the altar in the chapel.
This way.
[thunder rumbling]
How many more must suffer?
[Reverend Mother] Elizabeth.
I often wondered what happened
to the fresh-faced novice
that I once knew.
I fear that time has been
less kind to you than me.
You are not welcome here.
Your opportunity
to gain redemption
has long since passed.
[Elizabeth] You claim
to offer salvation.
I have witnessed
your foul resurrections before,
What retribution
have you now brought upon us?
What promise
did you make to him this time?
You could never understand.
He never spoke to you
the way he did to me.
His voice.
Such a beautiful voice.
He sang to me.
These women are damned.
Only through their sacrifice
can they gain the keys
to the kingdom of heaven.
To truly appreciate the divine.
One must embrace the diabolical?
Your heresy has condemned us all
to the pit.
"Beware false prophets.
They come to you
in sheep's clothing,
but, within,
they are ferocious wolves.
By their fruits,
shall you recognize them."
You dare preach scripture to me!
- [thwacks]
- [thuds]
I pray you understand.
[thunder rumbles]
[Persephone panting]
Push! Push it.
[both grunting]
[thrilling music]
- [thudding]
- [both grunting]
[Catherine] Dearest Persephone.
[thunder rumbles]
if it isn't my savior.
What has happened to you?
My knight.
My prince.
Where were you
when I needed you most?
When I was vulnerable
and I was frightened.
[Ellis] I'm so sorry.
I didn't know
what was happening here.
Please, forgive me.
no matter.
[Catherine panting]
My need of you
is greater now.
[Ellis groans]
- [Ellis grunts]
- [Catherine snarls]
[Catherine] Another one dead.
How very unfortunate,
It seems anyone
who puts their trust in you
suffers the same fate.
Even your own mother.
Consumed with fire
in front of your eyes.
To stand there
and watch her burn!
Your love for her
must have been
truly overwhelming.
How dare you speak of my mother.
[Catherine] No matter now.
You will join her soon.
She is waiting for you
on the other side.
You will like it, Persephone.
[Catherine] It's so beautiful.
Yes. Oh, yes.
Come with me.
The Reverend Mother,
she has found our true calling.
Our path to righteousness.
She said we can be...
[Reverend Mother] Persephone!
Embrace her.
Embrace her, Persephone.
Trust me.
Give your life to God.
For, if you don't, you burn,
as I predicted.
Give your life.
- [fire roaring]
- [screaming]
[screaming continues]
How very fitting
that you will join your mother
the same way
she left this world.
Leave your sins here.
Join me!
We are to be together.
Embrace me!
Embrace this!
- [grunts]
- [screams]
[gloomy music]
[thunder rumbles]
- [grunts]
- [rasps]
[squelching continues]
[thunder rumbling]
[suspenseful music]
[somber music]
[foreboding music]
[suspenseful music]