The Corrupted (2019) Movie Script

Number Ten just approved the bid.
You should tie up
as much land as you can, Cliff,
because if the IOC go for it,
it'll be like
the gold rush all over again.
I'd hate to see
the welcome your enemies get, Eamonn.
I bought this land
fair and square, Mr Cullen.
I'm not going to sell
to anyone but the government.
It's all speculation, Eamonn,
isn't it?
Now, that's five times more
than you paid for the yard, Eamonn.
If it's still up to me,
I'll let you keep this
as a place of business,
and if the Olympic Regeneration Fund
come knocking at my door,
I'll give you 20% of the profit.
Isaac, would you witness it, please?
Thank you.
-CLIFFORD: Go! Go in, go in!
Come on!
MAN: Fuck!
He's out, boys. Let's get him up.
Move his head.
Move your hands!
LIAM: Come on, Sean. We're late.
-SEAN: Shut up, Liam.
-LIAM: Dad!
LIAM: What?
MAN: The 30th Olympiad in 2012...
-are awarded to the city of London!
GUARD: Liam! Your brother's
outside waiting for you.
MAN: Good luck, Liam.
SEAN: Liam.
I don't know what's more alarming,
that hair cut
or the fact you're on time!
What's wrong with you?
Nah, it's just, it's just good
to have you back, that's all.
Right. Where do you want to go?
Nice ride!
Worked for it.
Why don't you come up?
I'll wait here.
Tell Grace I said hello.
I've been trying to message you.
Yeah, well I had to pick my brother up
from Long Marsh, didn't I?
Oh, yeah!
Eh, you fucker!
The count's in.
When do you want to make the drop?
LIAM: Hello, mate. How are you?
ARCHIE: All right.
Here, I bought you this.
Thought we could build it together.
Archie, go to your room.
-We had an agreement.
-Yeah, I know.
I wanted to surprise you both.
Yeah, well you did that, all right.
I'm sorry.
I've had to work so hard
for me and Archie,
and I don't want it
going out of the window
because you walk through the gate.
Everything can't go back
to the way it was just like that.
Just give me
something to look forward to.
A kick about.
Give us a call once you've seen
your probation officer.
Then we can arrange a time
for you to see Archie properly.
I'm staying at Sean's
if you need anything.
I know. I had nowhere else to go.
Okay. I'll call you.
WOMAN: The issue is,
you've served
nine years of a 14-year sentence
for armed robbery.
That is why employers
are not queueing up to hire you.
LIAM: Look, I'll take anything.
WOMAN: I'm afraid
there isnt anything to take.
If anything comes up,
you'll be the first to know.
LIAM: That's fine. Fine.
Do you ever miss him?
I have trouble remembering him.
-Do you?
-I remember his laugh.
I also remember his temper.
I'd never have the courage to put
a gun to my head and pull the trigger.
That ain't courage, Sean.
MAYOR: Now, London was
awarded the 2012 Games,
because the government was promised
it would leave a lasting legacy
for, well,
one of the capital's poorest boroughs.
As Mayor of Newham, I am proud to say
that that promise has not been broken.
He's dropped the bag.
I'm on the corner of Friendship Way.
Without further ado,
I'd like to hand over
to their CEO, Clifford Cullen.
Thank you very much, Mayor.
Thank you.
Every young parent's dream,
to own their own home,
and raise their children
in a safe, secure environment.
Come here!
Move! Move!
CONNELLY: Get out!
Get out! Get out!
Stay there! Stay there!
Come here!
CONNELLY: Requesting an emergency
air ambulance.
Get down!
Move! Move!
MAN: This way! All of you, run!
Fifteen years ago, this area here,
where the Olympic Village was built,
was a contaminated wasteland,
blighted by crime.
Now, it's a desirable
new London neighbourhood,
with a sustainable community.
That is the legacy of the Games.
Air ambulance is on its way.
In my capacity as CEO
of Causeway Housing Developments,
today, I am launching
an affordable housing scheme
for the wider Stratford area,
offering subsidised rents,
and a shared ownership scheme
in new developments like this.
So local residents
and future generations
can share in the legacy of the Games.
Thank you. Thank you, thank you.
REPORTER 1: Now, on the evening news,
a special bulletin.
REPORTER 2: Details are
still coming through,
but there are initial reports
of a major incident
in East London this evening.
REPORTER 3: Any chance of a statement?
How severe are we talking?
Can you give me any updates
on casualties, inspector?
Are you guys okay?
This is a fucking mess.
We didnt know he was armed,
we wouldn't have given chase.
The man drops 250,000
in used bank notes,
and you didn't even have a hunch
he might be carrying?
Our intelligence
gave us the impression
he was a low-level dealer.
What was on Byford's phone?
Nothing. He was using
an encrypted messenger service.
-Wickr Me app.
-Any chance of retrieving any data?
Messages are decrypted
locally on the phone
and then automatically deleted, sir.
Thank you.
I've got to go.
Vultures are circling, right?
Just do me one favour.
Get this callous bastard.
Sir, I have to pick up Jodie
from my mother's.
You're going late.
REPORTER: Warren Byford, a convicted
armed robber from Bermondsey,
opened fire in a school
and shot two pupils
as detectives tried to arrest him.
A 12-year-old girl
and a 15-year-old boy
remain in critical,
but stable condition.
Warren Byford is
a highly dangerous individual,
who has proved he will
stop at nothing to evade arrest.
When was the last time you saw him?
ELLERY: If anyone sees this man...
Not since he got out.
If you know of his whereabouts,
or recognise him,
you must notify
the police immediately.
-Fucking idiot.
-ELLERY: Thank you.
REPORTER: Detective Ellery
also confirmed the police...
...have launched a nationwide man hunt
for this armed drug dealer.
If anyone has any information,
please call this number.
Hiyah, Charlie.
Your mum getting better?
CHARLIE: Yeah, she's on the mend now.
Yeah, good. Give her my love.
All right, boss.
All right, Rog.
Pigs are sentient beings.
Do you know that?
Scientists have proved that
they possess emotions and empathy,
similar to dogs.
That means
when they come into a place like this,
they know what they're in for.
WARREN: I promise I'll keep
my mouth shut.
That's what they said
about Mickey Farrow,
and he rolled over on everybody
when they offered him a deal.
Please, there's nothing
they can offer me that will...
(STAMMERING) make me betray you,
sir, Mr Cullen.
A 25-year recommended sentence
would change
your sense of loyalty to me,
-I assure you.
-I'm not a grass!
You're a liability.
(WHISPERS) Please.
Please let me live.
Please, I'm begging you.
Please, Mr Cullen. Please. Please.
Please let me live.
I know.
WARREN: No, no, no! No, no, no!
I'm really very sorry, son.
I am.
I'm going to have to let you go.
No, no, no! Fuck!
Who's that?
What do you want us
to do with him, then?
Make it look like
our friend from the Eastern Bloc.
CLIFFORD: No. All right, yeah.
ANTHONY: Feeling old, young man?
Age is an issue of mind over matter,
Anthony, isn't it?
If you don't mind, it doesn't matter.
-PAM: Ready, Tony?
-Yes, yes.
One thing, the Greater London Police
Orphans Fund.
They've got an event coming up.
It's a boxing thing.
-And they asked me to ask you...
-Count me in. Of course.
Top man.
PAM: All right, sweetheart?
-CLIFFORD: All right, darling.
-PAM: You're on.
-ANTHONY: Right, here we go.
-PAM: Yeah.
-You all right?
ANTHONY: Ladies and gentlemen,
thank you.
Ladies and gentlemen,
now, as you know
we're here to celebrate
a very special day
in this young man's life.
Although I'm not sure
he's actually let on how old he is.
But put it this way, Pam told me
the candles cost more than the cake!
So you can read
into that what you will.
No, but what I can tell you is that,
Cliff started with nothing
and he built up a property empire
that, well, it's the envy of us all.
But he's never forgotten those people
less fortunate than himself.
He's always put his wealth
and good nature to good use.
Cliff, we're lucky
to have you as a friend.
ALL: Here, here!
Happy birthday, Cliff!
ALBERT: Keep your guard up, Liam!
Move inside, move inside. That's it.
Keep the footwork simple.
You want to dance?
Take up the bloody Tango!
Tony! Tony! Stop loading up, otherwise
you're going to run out of steam!
How are you, Mr Cullen?
ALBERT: That's it, that's it.
-Who's that?
-Liam. McDonagh's boy.
I thought so.
I knew him as a kid.
How long has he been out, then?
ALBERT: Two weeks. One of the best
amateurs I've had through here.
All right, boys. All right. That's it.
Lovely. Very nice.
Welcome back, man.
Stick the kettle on, mate, would you?
Oh, yeah.
Hello, Liam.
Mr Cullen.
Very glad to see you out, son.
You looked very good up there.
You still looking to fight?
Besides, I ain't got a licence.
You don't need one, son.
Well, I've got this white collar
charity do coming up.
If you're interested.
Yeah, thanks, but I'm busy.
It's totally kosher.
It's a big fundraising event
for the police.
They want a bit of entertainment.
Be a very good night's work for you.
Forgive me, son, but...
I should imagine
things are a bit tight for you
at the moment, aren't they?
here's a bit of folding money for you.
To see you through.
I ain't a charity, Mr Cullen.
Course not.
Just look at it as an advance.
All I ask
is that you put on a good show.
Hiyah, mate!
I really appreciate this, Grace.
Well, look after him.
He's all I've got.
All right. You ready?
Here you are. Take this.
What's that?
I took a fight.
Aren't you a bit past all that?
Thank you.
All right.
I'll have him back before 6:00.
All right.
All right, have a nice time.
-See you.
-Why did you steal all that money?
Because I wanted things
that I thought were important.
And when I realised they weren't,
it was too late.
What the fuck you doing, pal?
I could ask you the same thing, mate.
DRIVER: Fuck off!
Not worth it.
Leave him.
DRIVER: Wanker!
ARCHIE: He's the wanker.
What did you say? (LAUGHS)
This one.
Put it on.
And these, too.
I'll wait for you up there.
Get in.
Once we're finished in here,
I want this place spotless.
CONNELLY: Give me a hug.
A squeezy one.
That's nice.
It's all right. Go on then.
Bye, Mum. Thanks.
She's a sweet kid.
She's got a stubborn streak.
No idea where she gets that from.
So, who found him?
Dog walker.
Bruises to his eyes and face
suggest he was tortured
before he was shot
and dismembered.
I can't see Byford working for
a Russian crime syndicate.
They like a carve up.
Good bit of PR.
They don't work for outsiders.
WALSH: Morning.
This isn't local anymore,
we'll be taking over from here.
You've got to be fucking kidding me.
This is our case.
Let's try and keep this
out of the playground, shall we?
This is bullshit.
You're being stood down, detective.
ELLERY: Take a walk. Both of you.
BECKETT: Get this out of my way.
REPORTER: You must have
something to say now?
All right, detective.
Is that Warren Byford over there?
Fuck off!
Anything you can give me?
Any comments?
You're a long way from home, Khaliq.
Just following the story.
-OFFICER: Police! Armed Police!
Armed police!
Stay where you are!
Stay where you are! Armed Police!
-Leave him!
OFFICER: Back off! Back off!
Besmir Rugova!
We are arresting you on suspicion
of the murder of Warren Byford.
You don't have to say anything.
OFFICER: Behave yourself. This way.
Now, to a man who has not only
very generously donated 10,000
to the fund,
but has also supplied all the boxers
for this evening's entertainment.
Ladies and gentlemen,
please put your hands together,
for a real friend of the force,
Mr Clifford Cullen.
Thank you very much.
Thank you, Anthony,
fine fellow he is. Thank you.
Mr Anthony Hammond, very fine fellow.
Who's this guy?
ELLERY: Property developer
from Bethnal Green.
Loves the camera.
In 1871,
John Somers,
nicknamed Carrots, was refused entry
to 18 Stepney Causeway,
because the orphanage was full.
Now, tragically, two days later,
he was found dead,
from malnutrition and exposure.
And the following day,
Dr Thomas Barnardo,
the founder of the refuge,
put a sign above the door saying
"No destitute boy ever refused entry."
Now, lucky for me,
in 1959,
I was one of those boys...
that found shelter.
So, it's not hard to work out, is it?
Why when Anthony asked me
if I'd like to get involved
with this marvellous charity,
of course I said yes!
children without families are the most
vulnerable people in the world.
But that's why I'm asking you tonight
to dig deep
and give as much as you can.
Because no child,
no child,
should ever be turned away.
Thank you very much,
ladies and gentlemen.
Enjoy yourselves tonight. Dig deep.
Dig deep. Give as you can.
You don't need me to tell you,
you entertain them.
Liven up, mate.
We're here to put on a show.
Fucking hit me!
Come in.
You looked sharp out there, Liam.
Now, if you're looking
for any more fights,
I know plenty of people
who'd be more than willing
to use you as a stepping stone.
Yeah, well, I'll take anything
I can get at the minute.
I'll see what I can do.
Is that your lady I saw out there?
Yeah, sort of.
She brought my little boy down.
Sort of. Yeah.
Family. It's what drives us, Liam.
Where they living at the moment, then?
The Holbrook Estate.
Yeah, she's put in for a move,
but they've had her
on the waiting list for ages.
You know how these things are.
Let me make a few phone calls,
see if I can get someone
on the council
to make her a priority
for one of my new developments.
You don't have to do that...
you done enough for her.
The least I can do.
Good work, son.
Hey, thanks, Mr Cullen.
-BECKETT: What do you want?
-Besmir Rugova's been fitted up.
Your mob arrested someone
for a crime they didn't commit.
-His DNA was all over it.
-Yeah, that may well be,
but he doesn't
fit the brief, and you know it.
Look, Rugova is a cigarette smuggler.
His most violent crime to date
has been throwing a carton of Dunhill
at a Customs Officer.
The forensic evidence
was overwhelming.
So, why don't you fuck off?
You know,
I can't work you out, detective.
You're either stupid...
BECKETT: You watch
your mouth, boy. Clear?
No, you need to open your eyes.
What are you talking about?
Ghost squad uncovered largescale
corruption in Scotland Yard,
but they were silenced.
We're not just talking about a few
bad apples here, detective, all right?
What they found was endemic.
Where's your proof?
It was shredded, along with 10 years
worth of incriminating evidence.
The question is, detective,
what are you going to do about it?
All right.
He's out.
It's my purse from tonight.
I want you to have it.
Thank you.
Let me put some ice
and antiseptic on that.
Well, it's kicking out time, isn't it?
I'll fit right in.
I have missed you.
I miss us.
# For all you see
# All you know
# Mountain high and valley low
# From golden stars comes silver dew
# Every morning waking next to you
# I'm a pop another one
And weave the thread #
MAN: All right, that's us done, mate.
Toilet's all fixed.
Cheers, man.
Hello. Good evening.
Good morning, yeah.
This is Detective Neil Beckett.
I'd like to request an interview
with a remand inmate.
Yes. Besmir Rugova.
Well, thank you.
I like a bit of Verdi, not this.
Earlier this evening, Rugova was found
swinging from his cell window.
the man's gone up in my estimation.
I didn't think he had
the balls to do something like that.
Anthony, what's going on with Ahmed?
He feels he ought to
keep his distance for a while.
I couldn't care less
if he's holed up in Timbuktu,
as long as he makes sure
my planning application goes through.
He wants to take a rain check, Cliff.
What is he? A fucking weatherman?
The more visible you become,
the closer the scrutiny.
Now, that's got him spooked.
Your greatest asset
was always your anonymity.
Yeah, well you tell our Asian friend,
the Worshipful Mayor Ahmed,
that he's the one
who's becoming too visible.
And either...
he pushes my application through,
or this
is going
on the front page of The Sun.
# I've played my hand
# I've played the victim
# I've played the sound of your voice
# Over and over again
We agreed you wouldn't be here
when Archie woke up.
Yeah, well, I'm making breakfast.
Liam, this is going too fast.
It's going to confuse him.
Yeah, right. Sorry.
All right. Just hear me out, right.
-And then... and then I'll leave.
-All right.
Mr Cullen said
he was going to pull some strings,
and try and find you a flat in his new
housing development on Forest Lane.
He's all right. Come on.
-He's got a past.
-Well, who doesn't round here?
All he's doing
is bumping you up the list.
That way the Council can't ship you
off to the arse end of nowhere.
Archie doesn't have to move schools.
And he doesn't
have to make new friends.
Just promise me you'll think about it
All right, I promise.
-I'll grab my stuff. Okay.
-Yeah. Okay.
KHALIQ: It's quite the place
you have here, Mr Cullen.
Thank you.
Not too shabby, is it?
So, obviously your legacy
is very important to you, Mr Cullen.
Well, you show me a man over 60
who isn't worried about
what he's going to leave behind
-and I'll show you a liar.
-Yeah. (LAUGHS)
Look, um,
I come from nothing, son.
All this is 50% hard graft,
and 50% luck.
I mean, it wouldn't be right
if I didn't share
my good fortune, would it?
And try and help those in need.
I mean, it's my privilege
to be able to give something back.
I guess it must have come
as a real shock, then,
to discover that
one of your former employees
had been found
murdered and dismembered
under the Queen Elizabeth Bridge.
I don't know
what you're talking about.
Warren Byford?
He worked for Urban City Maintenance
since five years ago.
According to Companies House,
that's a company you're still
a majority shareholder of.
Now, according to my source,
it's funny,
Urban City Maintenance has held
a one-million-pound-a-year contract
with the police
to service police stations throughout
the capital for the last 15 years.
Come on. It's time for you to go.
Did you know that Warren Byford
had previously
served several custodial sentences
for commercial burglary
before you gave him the opportunity
to work inside police stations
throughout the capital?
Come on, on your way, son.
Well, could you at least, Mr Cullen...
could you at least give me a comment
on your relationship
with the Mayor of Newham?
Because, you know, he's been awarding
some lucrative building contracts
to companies that you've had
a direct financial interest in
for the last 25 years.
Is everything all right?
Listen to me. Okay, son, listen.
You print a word,
and I'll put you
and your family in the ground
and no one will ever find you.
You understand?
Yeah. Okay.
CLIFFORD: Up you get.
Go and sit down.
Go on.
I'll clean this mess up.
ANTHONY: Cliff, calm down.
If he shows any intent
of writing a story,
you send in the lawyers.
Right, right.
Well, with all due respect, Anthony,
we need to silence the fucker.
Cliff, this isn't Malta.
The press are off-limits.
Now, listen to me
very carefully, Anthony.
I stayed afloat for 40 years.
And that takes some doing
in this business.
But if this ship goes down,
there ain't going to be any life rafts
floating about, do you understand?
Everyone goes under,
including you.
Oh, it'll all be taken care of.
CONNELLY: You need to leave it, Neil.
You can't start
investigating senior policemen.
Why not? Ghost squad's investigation
uncovered up to 250
serving and retired officers
up to the rank of Commander,
that were all involved.
I can't afford to lose my job.
I certainly don't want
to be looking over my shoulder
-every day of the week.
Gemma, they organised robberies.
They stole and re-sold drugs.
They planted and destroyed evidence.
Anything that you can think of,
they had their fingers in.
Where were they operating out of?
Specialist units, mainly.
Anyone with access to big league
villains that needed a helping hand.
How many got arrested?
(SIGHS) None.
Before ghost squad
could present their evidence
to the CPS, it was all shredded.
Fifteen years of proof
and witness statements,
and it all ended up in the bin.
BECKETT: Here we go.
-What is he doing here?
That's the boxer from the other night.
Oi! I want a word with you.
I know you know something.
They've arrested the man responsible.
-You liar!
-LIAM: Oi, oi, oi!
-Leave it!
-I can see it in your eyes!
WOMAN: You got to leave it, all right?
I know that you know something.
-And I tell you what...
-Come on.
I want to know who they are.
Neil, this isn't our case anymore.
LIAM: Sean? You in? Sean?
I've been trying to call you all day.
Where have you been?
Please don't tell me
you went to pay your last respects.
Look, I grew up with him, Isaac.
He was a fucking mate.
You need to get
your fucking head straight.
We've got a count to do. In.
This is Sean and Liam McDonagh,
paying their respects
at Warren Byford's wake.
I put Liam McDonagh away
for a 14-year stretch,
for a cash-in-transit robbery.
What the hell
has he got to do with this?
It's not Liam who's of interest, sir.
It's his brother.
ELLERY: Never heard of him.
But you've heard of
Isaac Gale, though, right?
This is Sean
visiting Gale four hours later.
Where are you going with this, Neil?
Byford was laundering money
for Isaac Gale, right?
And when he became a wanted man,
they killed him.
We already have a man in custody
who is bang to rights.
Fibres found on Byford's clothing
proved he'd been
in physical contact with Rugova.
Rugova killed himself in Belmarsh.
That's a little convenient,
don't you think?
Are you fucking mad?
Use your fucking head!
I'm on licence, Sean.
If they find
a loaded strap in the flat,
I'm back inside for life.
It's just for protection, all right?
Look, I don't know what you're into,
but you're getting rid
of that fucking gun, understood?
Archie's not growing up without a dad.
SEAN: What's up?
LIAM: Don't turn around.
SEAN: What is it?
Liam, I'm carrying.
LIAM: How much?
Five kee.
Fuck, Sean!
LIAM: Fuck! Sit fucking tight!
BECKETT: McDonagh!
-Give me a fucking name!
-Isaac Gale!
What about Jonjo Dixon
and Gerry Dwyer?
-This ain't a firm you fuck with.
Now, you get that shit
back on the street.
You need to speak to me,
you call that number.
You're working for me now, Sean.
SEAN: Look, it's all right.
I've taken care of it.
If you don't know anything,
they can't accuse you of anything.
Who can't accuse me, Sean?
What the fuck have you done, Sean?
Look, I'm going to
take care of it. I promise.
I'm just trying to get ahead.
Nobody gets ahead in this game, Sean.
Only the people at the fucking top!
Ah, fuck!
You're not cut out
for this life, Sean.
And nor was dad.
Don't compare me to him!
He couldnt cope!
That's why he killed himself.
He was weak.
Whatever you're involved in,
get the fuck out now.
Because there's only two places
you're going to end up.
In a wooden box or a concrete one.
Yeah, it's me.
There's a ship coming in
from Venezuela.
Thursday night. Tilbury docks.
Around 8:00.
This is high quality information
involving big league players.
When cut and sold on the street,
this shipment could yield a profit
of over 50 million pounds.
When is it coming in?
-Thursday night. Tilbury docks.
By a consignment from Venezuela.
-Are Customs all over this?
-Yes, sir.
Okay, everybody. You know your jobs.
Thank you.
Money's in from Kitson and Porter.
Both sides peddled lies
about NHS funding, didn't they?
I mean, consecutive governments
have been economical
with the truth about immigration,
we know that.
But that's...
that's not why I voted out.
No, I mean, you have to be
master of your own destiny, right?
And if you don't want
to change the world,
the world's going to change you.
PAM: Absolutely.
I got to deal with this.
Excuse me.
Does anybody want more coffee?
Or port? Ready for port?
ANTHONY: Dixon, Dale and Dwyer
are the only names they've got.
CLIFFORD: The only names?
Hang on, Anthony.
I pay you a monthly retainer
to put out fires.
And all I can see
if my cargo going up in fucking smoke!
Our man in Customs assures me
they don't have the drills
to penetrate the lead.
Once the stuff's through Customs,
you're home and dry.
There's nothing to worry about, Cliff.
Who's the grass?
Detective, these ingots
are solid lead.
You listen to me.
There was
a large consignment of cocaine
concealed within this cargo.
The shipment papers are all in order.
Well, get a diamond-tipped
coring drill.
-We don't have one.
-Well, fucking find one!
MAN: Tony Palmer is situated
within the Queen Elizabeth park.
It's just a stone throw
from the stadium,
if you're a West Ham fan.
He's been a Hammer since he was born.
When will we know
if our application has gone through?
Oh, it's just a formality.
Mr Cullen assures me
that it's just a case of putting in
a moving in date with the Council.
See, I told you he'd come through.
Well, I'll show you
the rest of the apartment.
I just got to take this.
I'll catch up with you.
Look, I know I fucked up,
but I'm working it out.
What? What are you talking about?
If it doesn't play out
how I want it to,
go to our locker in Repton.
-Everything you need is there.
Look, I got to go, Liam.
Sean McDonagh? I'm with the South East
Regional Organised Crime Squad.
-SEAN: Who are they?
-They're my officers.
-Where's Beckett?
Beckett's at Tilbury.
He's looking for that consignment
of drugs you told us about.
Son, your life's in danger. Trust us.
-Come on.
-Where are we going?
You're okay, son. You're going
to a government safe house.
You're too important to us. Go on.
Come on. Quickly.
GRACE: What's wrong?
Sean just broke down. He needs me
to go and give him a hand.
-MAN: Get up.
-(MUFFLED) No! Please!
GERRY: You're late.
We were only asked to deliver him.
Then fucking deliver him!
ELLERY: Where?
GERRY: Take him down there.
(MUFFLED) Please! Please!
No, please! Please!
ELLERY: This isn't what we agreed.
Ungag him.
-Why did you do it, Sean?
-I didn't have a choice.
He's still breathing.
Then you'd better make him stop.
I can't do that.
I'm a Detective Chief Inspector.
No, you stopped being that
the day you took
your first brown envelope.
Now, fucking dig. Pig.
-ALBERT: Night, son.
-Yeah, night, Albert.
Sean McDonagh has
gone off the grid, sir.
ELLERY: Why am I not surprised?
It's probably a decoy run.
The real shipment's
already gone through.
He had no reason to lie about
an incoming shipment.
Don't be so fucking naive!
He's got every reason.
I know there's drugs in those ingots.
All you need to do
is authorise full surveillance
on Jonjo Dixon,
Isaac Gale, and Gerry Dwyer.
Yeah. I'll see what I can do.
Who is this?
Who is this?
PAM: What's the matter?
Come back to bed.
Put your hands on your head, Beckett.
CONNELLY: What the hell are you doing?
I said put your hands on your head.
You want to tell me
what this is all about?
We have reason to believe
you're in possession of a large
quantity of controlled substances.
You fool. Shut the fuck up.
Don't you fucking move.
Detective Sergeant Neil Beckett,
I'm arresting you on suspicion
of being concerned in the supply
of Class A drugs.
You do not have to say anything,
but it may harm your defence,
if you do not mention
when questioned something
you later rely on in court.
Get your hands off me.
What now?
Put the gun down or she's going to
get it in the top of the fucking head!
-OFFICER 1: Keep back! He's armed.
-OFFICER 2: Yes, Sarg.
Don't you fucking move!
You're going to drive the car,
you understand?
-Yeah. Open the fucking door.
Open the door.
police vehicles in pursuit.
OFFICER: Call more back up!
What we need is support. Right now!
GERRY: It's done.
But we've got a problem.
Terry Kitson, Billy Clark,
and Jimmy Porter
are all saying
they delivered money to Sean,
just before
he got picked up by Ellery.
-CLIFFORD: How much?
-Just shy of three million.
How the fuck did that happen?
He must have been planning
to have it on his toes.
What, you didn't think to check
before you put him in the ground?
He told them you'd ordered
the collections a day early.
Did he now?
Last person he called was his brother.
Well, then, find him.
Do I have to draw you a map,
you three cunts?
Right, go to Sean's flat,
if Liam isn't there,
pay his wife and son a visit.
-LIAM: Grace.
Grace, let me in! It's me!
I really need to talk to you.
Yeah, come on in.
I know you're not guilty, Neil.
But if you run, you're only going to
make it worse for yourself.
If I don't, they'll put me away.
And I can't expose anyone
from behind bars.
-Expose who?
-Walsh, Patterson.
I know someone
in the anti-corruption unit.
-I could speak to them on your behalf.
You can't put yourself in that danger.
I don't know
how far up the chain this goes.
-They're policemen, Neil.
-They're organised criminals.
With badges.
Call me if you need anything.
WOMAN: Anti-terrorist hotline.
Can I help you?
What's going on?
I need you and Archie to pack a bag
and go to your mum's right now.
He's got himself
involved in something.
I just really need you
to get out of this flat. All right?
No. No. We need to go to the police.
We can't. We can't trust them.
What the fuck is going on?
Just fucking stay here, Grace.
BECKETT: Grace McDonagh.
I'm Detective Beckett.
I'm looking for Liam or Sean.
You fucking come here!
You lot already picked him up.
So why are you here?
-Who? Who did?
-Someone saying his cover's been blown
and he's been taken to a safe house.
How can you be sure?
I was on the phone to him
when they picked him up.
Well, I'm his handler.
And I don't know anything about that.
Where the fuck is he?
You said it was all under control.
Someone made an anonymous call
to the Anti-Terror hotline.
Told them
there were plastic explosives
hidden inside the lead ingots
bound for an ISIS cell in Sheffield.
That was half a fucking ton!
And our Latin American friends
aren't jumping for joy, either, Cliff.
Well, how long have I got
to settle the debt?
-A week.
-A week?
That's five million pounds, Anthony.
You're going to have to give me
more time than that.
They may speak Spanish, Cliff,
but maana isn't a word
they understand.
What are you now, a fucking linguist?
You supercilious cunt!
I apologise.
Tell them to send me another parcel.
With regret,
they asked me to tell you,
you've reached your credit limit.
What do they expect me to do?
Find the money.
Are you sure
it was Clifford Cullen's voice?
A hundred percent.
MAN: Police.
MAN: Grace McDonagh!
Please open the door!
It's the police!
It's for your own safety!
We know you're in there.
Please, open the door
and we can have a chat.
They're not police officers.
MAN: We have a warrant
to search the premises.
Come on, cunt!
Come on, you bastard!
Come on, darling.
Grace! Archie!
Are you hurt?
I need you to take him
to your mum's, all right?
Don't answer the door to anyone.
Don't leave the house.
Don't you fucking come any closer!
It's all right, babe.
GRACE: Go on.
You stay away from us!
You're a brave boy, Archie.
Everything's going to be fine.
I will call you a fucking ambulance
if you tell me where my brother is.
In a fucking hole.
He's a fucking grass.
Cunt stole all the fucking money!
-Who's money?
And who's on the payroll?
Who's on the fucking payroll?
Walsh. Ellery.
The whole shop!
Hey, if you go after Cullen,
you're going to do life.
But men like Cullen are not scared
of a bullet in the head.
They're scared of dying behind bars.
Use your brain!
You have a wife and you have a son.
Okay? The way we beat
people like Cullen
is by exposing them
and everybody who works for them.
Well, we got this for a start.
Okay? Come on.
I just need to know you're safe.
GRACE: We're okay.
And you never, ever call again.
CONNELLY: Sorry I'm late.
I came as soon as I got the call.
What have we got?
Isaac Gale and Jonjo Dixon
turned up for a fancy dress party.
Looks like they got more than
they bargained for.
Let's get it out there
that Detective Beckett
and Liam McDonagh
were in this together.
Yeah. Two men fitting
their descriptions were seen
running across the estate together.
Who's that?
My mother. Do you mind if I take this?
ELLERY: I need you to keep
an eye on this.
BECKETT: Who's on the fucking payroll?
JONJO: Everybody. Walsh, Ellery.
BECKETT: We have everything you need
to bring him
and everyone around him down.
-Meet us at the statue.
-KHALIQ: He'll kill me.
And you and McDonagh.
And he'll take his time doing it.
The only way this stops
is if we expose him.
You can't just turn your head
away now and walk away.
He's coming.
CLIFFORD: I understand that,
but the plot is worth three million.
What? Fine.
Fine, all right, call it two.
But I'm going to need
the cash tomorrow.
You're retiring in a couple of months,
you can leave all this behind you.
Behind me!
Every morning, you wake up and realise
that deep down
you're rotten to the core,
and you can smell
your own fucking stench.
Theft. Murder.
Corruption, Tony.
This fucking city thrives on it.
Once you're part of it,
there's no way out.
So, what you got?
Everything you need on Cullen.
His income, expenditure,
debts owed, debts settled,
names, numbers, money,
the murders, the trafficking.
-KHALIQ: Now, listen,
when the government first announced
that Stratford was going to be
the site of the Olympic Games,
Cullen secured as much land
as he could,
so he could sell it on
to the East London Development Agency
for a huge profit.
And it was... it was
this particular plot of land
which was
a crucial piece of the jigsaw.
So, if the ELDA hadn't been able
to acquire this plot,
none of this would have been built,
and everything else that Cullen owned,
it would have been worthless.
That's right where
my dad's scrap yard was.
So, this is the land transaction
I got from the Land Registry
between your father
and Roman Road Holdings Limited.
Who are they?
A property company
that's owned by Cullen's wife, Pam.
I don't believe
your father killed himself.
Cullen forced him
to sign over the land,
then had his murder
made to look like a suicide.
And who do you think
was in charge of the investigation?
Raymond Ellery.
-Yeah, Gemma, it's me.
Neil, Ellery's dead.
DI Sykes from the Anti-Corruption Unit
wants you to come in.
I showed her the video
and they want to nail
those corrupt bastards
as much as we do.
-Where do you want to meet?
-Last Pass Junction.
Let's go.
ANTHONY: (ON PHONE) Anthony Hammond.
Please leave a message.
LIAM: Why is she alone?
I told you to stop.
Do you think I ever had a choice?
MAN: McDonagh got away.
-What do you want to do?
We've got to clear the scene.
What happened?
-Beckett's been taken care of.
Liam got away. They missed. He ran.
Walsh? Patterson?
-They didn't make it.
-Never mind.
What about Cullen?
I think he's outstayed his welcome.
ANTHONY: 36 Talbot Road.
That's where they are.
Grace? Archie?
Fuck! Fuck!
CLIFFORD: I've got some people
who want to say hello.
-GRACE: Liam! Liam! Help us!
-ARCHIE: Dad? Dad!
-GRACE: Liam!
-GRACE: Liam!
Dont you fucking hurt them!
Well, that depends on whether
you behave yourself or not.
GRACE: Liam! Please!
Look, I have your money.
Just... just tell me where to meet you
and I'll bring the money.
Just don't hurt them.
GERRY: That's him.
CLIFFORD: Go on, then.
Out of the car.
That's far enough!
Let me see the money!
Now, move away!
It's all there, Cliff.
Please let them go, Mr Cullen.
I've done what you asked.
That's what drives us, isn't it, Liam?
And what weakens us.
Don't hurt them.
Kill him.
And the mother and son.
I can't fucking see them.
Move another muscle
and I'll blow your fucking head off!
I spent
my entire adult fucking life...
I've hated the man I grew up loving.
The man I thought abandoned us,
chose the easy way out.
But he didn't abandon us, did he?
You fucking took him from us.
And now you've taken my brother.
They made bad choices, Liam.
But you're smarter than that.
-Stay the fuck back!
-All right.
But if you shoot me, son,
that's not the end, you know.
You don't think they're going to
leave you alone, do you?
No. Stratford, it's half built.
We could build it up.
The only thing I want to see go up
is your fucking tombstone.
Ah, you don't see it, do you?
You will one day, son.
Promise you.
If you're going to do it,
you'd better fucking do it!
Grace! Grace!
Grace! Archie!
-LIAM: You ain't hurt, are you?
-Your shoulder.
-LIAM: I'm fine.
GRACE: Oh my God, Liam!
There's nothing more cowardly
than a criminal hiding
behind a uniform.
But sadly that has been the case
with a small number
of senior police officers
who conspired with Clifford Cullen
for monetary gain.
But I want to reassure the public,
in my capacity
as Deputy Chief Constable,
that this was an isolated case.
And that
the corrupt officers in question
have paid the ultimate price.
Thank you. Any questions?
One at a time. Madam?
Oh, Jesus!
ANTHONY: Well, you could say that
arguing against globalisation
is a bit like
arguing against the laws of gravity.
It's not something you can just stop.
I think we should grab
every opportunity that's afforded us
and keep building.
Ah! Mr Vesselovski, Eva,
I'd like you to meet Mayor Ahmed.
MAYOR: Such a pleasure to meet you.
Hello, Ava.
Lovely to meet you, too.
Thank you so much.
Anthony tells me a great deal.
Liam McDonagh?
He won't talk.
How can you be sure?
We let him get away with murder
and he knows it.
If he does become a problem...
we know where he is.
Rest in peace, Dad.
-Are you okay?
Let's go and pick up the little man.
# I'm only here to serve the rich
# Serve the rich
Serve the rich
# I'm only here to serve the rich
# Serve the rich
Serve the rich
# I'm only here to save the kids
# Save the kids
Save the kids
# I'm only here to save the kids
# Save the kids
Save the kids
# In this neon paradise
# Everything comes alive
# I lay my hands out to the rich
# And say, "Is this it?"
# I'm only here to serve the rich
# Serve the rich
Serve the rich
# I'm only here to serve the rich
# Serve the rich
Serve the rich #
# I've played my hand
# I've played the victim
# I've played the sound of your voice
# Over and over again
# Inside my head
# There are these voices
# Telling me things might have changed
# They can still rearrange any time
# What am I to you
# Am I still all you dreamed of
# Are you still the man
# That I always knew
# Something's corrupting your soul
# And I wish
I wish I could help it
# But the truth is
I just can't resist
# The pull of you
# I fall to my knees
# I fall for your stories
# I fall for you time and again
# All the hurt and the pain never ends
# I'm losing my mind
# And making bad choices
# Knowing I can walk away
# Though it kills me to stay even so
# What am I to you
# Am I still all you dreamed of
# Are you still the man
# That I always knew
# Something's corrupting your soul
# And I wish
I wish I could help it
# But the truth is
I just can't resist
# The pull of you
# How many times must I fall
# And how many times must I cry
# I'm done with all the pain
And the sorrow
# But I'm drawn
To the look in your eye
# What am I to you
# Am I still
Am I still all you dreamed of
# Are you still the man
# The man I once knew
# Something's corrupting your soul
# And I wish
I wish I could help it
# But the truth is
I just can't resist
# The pull of you #