The Corruption of Chris Miller (1973) Movie Script

Where the hell are you hiding?
If you think that bed scene
changed my mind, forget it!
You saw the telegram yourself.
My husband's arriving tomorrow.
That'll really make my day.
If you don't want to say
goodbye to me,
I couldn't give a damn.
Get your things
together and split.
Oh Elliot, what do you
think you're doing?
Where'd you find that costume?
Been raking through my
trunks again?
Oh cut out the clowning.
It won't do you any good.
Did you think this
would last forever?
That rainy night you
knocked on my door.
A stray dog shivering with cold.
I took pity on you and you've
been here two weeks.
But it's all over.
There's a train leaving
in 20 minutes.
Don't miss it.
It isn't much, but it's
all you're worth.
What have you got in that pack?
Open it.
Didn't you hear what I said?
Open it.
Good afternoon Mrs. Miller.
Good afternoon.
Good day for a change.
I'll never get these
drawings finished.
London seems to be the only
place I can work.
Whenever I'm away from the rush
and nervous strain,
I get lazy.
Maybe that's why I don't
want to go back.
Give me the letter.
What letter?
You're always waiting in the
garden for the postman,
so I never know who writes to me.
Do you think I haven't noticed?
They're all right over there,
I haven't even opened them.
I saw you hiding one
in your pocket.
You mean this one?
Give it to me.
You think it's from your father,
don't you?
Would you believe me if I tell you
it's not from your father?
I'd rather see for myself.
If you're so mistrusting, why
don't you open it?
Or are you afraid?
I don't care what they say.
Forgive me Chris.
Sometimes I'm not very
I forget you're not well.
I don't believe you ever forget.
We should be closer, you and I.
We only have each other.
You're wrong to keep on hoping.
Your father will never
write to you.
We'll probably never hear
from him again.
He left you, not me.
I know he'll write to me.
You can't get over it can you?
The rain still frightens you.
What did the letter say?
The last examinations didn't
show much progress.
But you'll recover, gradually.
Do I have to go back there?
No, this place is ideal.
Orderly life, peaceful.
And boring.
You'll stay here
until the autumn.
Then before we go to London,
we can spend
a few days in Rome, Paris.
Would you like that?
I should have stayed
at the clinic.
I'm sure my father's gone
there looking for me.
They would have told us,
wouldn't they?
Ruth, why do you
bother about me?
Why do you think?
I really don't know.
The first time I saw you, you
were only 10 years old.
You were riding behind your
father on his motorbike,
hugging him tight so you
wouldn't fall off.
If you had fallen off, he
wouldn't have even noticed.
Now he's let us both fall off.
He's been gone
nearly a year now.
Do you still think of him a lot?
You have the same eyes.
The same mouth.
You must think about him a
little every night.
Even just to hate him.
You brought me here in the hope
of seeing him again.
How many times do I
have to tell you,
your father will never
come back here.
Aren't you afraid to be
alone with me?
You wouldn't hurt me.
A man, maybe, but not me.
Men don't love, they possess.
They injure, they invade.
It's always cruelty and
violence with them
Good night Chris.
Even if I call you,
don't come tonight.
Sleep well.
Please, come here!
Ruth, please!
Ruth, please!
Stop it Chris.
Stop it.
Don't be afraid.
Give me the knife, give it to me.
Give it to me Chris, there's
no one here but me.
Give it to me.
Don't be afraid, don't...
It's just you and me and
I'll stay with you.
Rest now.
I'll stay with you.
Good morning, how do
you feel today?
Who are you?
What are you doing here?
I don't want tramps
around my house.
Pack up your things and
get out of here.
I said get out!
I like to take my time waking up.
If you don't leave immediately
I'll call my husband.
What are you so mad about?
I haven't done any damage.
Look, I got lost in the
rain last night.
It was late and I didn't want
to bother anybody.
Do I have to call the police?
First you're gonna
call your husband.
Now the cops.
What's up, don't you trust
your husband anymore?
My name's Barney Webster.
Pleased to meet you.
I'll give you five minutes.
Well I'll be off then.
Oh, I don't suppose you
called the police.
Not yet.
Look, I'm sorry if I
caused you any bother.
I'm just making some coffee,
do you want a cup?
Why not?
Is this your house or
do you rent it?
I own it.
Nice place.
If you want some ham and eggs,
help yourself.
Oh thanks.
How long have you been in Spain?
Oh, four or five months,
maybe six.
I don't quite remember.
Where are you going?
No where in particular.
Just wandering around.
I've come from a place where
it rained a lot.
They told me I'd find
good weather here,
so I took the first train.
It's still pissing down.
What do you do?
I study anthropology.
Human beings interest me.
Oh, too many.
Nice to see you again.
I hope you don't mind me
barging in like this.
I called you from the garden.
You haven't been inside
my house before.
Mm mm.
What a pity.
Let me show you the art collection
of my ancestors.
Poussin, Lorena, Valdes Leal,
and here, the family jewel,
You can ring this bell all day,
nobody answers.
You know what servants are
like these days.
Things change.
I'm doing my best to
keep up the stable.
How many do you have now?
Only eight and two colts.
Those are beautiful.
When I'm with them, as if my
father was still alive.
Meadow's the same, the horses.
When I go into the house, I
remember I'm alone.
Are you going back to Switzerland?
No, not at the moment.
- Have a good time.
- Thanks.
That breakfast was.
Do you have any help
around the house?
Are you that exaggerated
about everything?
Oh yeah.
Just about.
And your husband?
Is he coming back soon?
Not for a while.
In a foreign country
without a job,
how do you manage?
I'm not that bad looking am I?
There's always some odd job I
can turn my hand to.
Maybe you can think of something I
can do around here.
You know, I haven't
had a breakfast
like that in a long time.
Any coffee left?
You know what I thought
when I first woke up
and saw you in the barn?
It would be great if
you were thinking
the same thing that I
was thinking.
Hey, not so many.
What did you think?
Were you scared?
I don't scare easily.
Mm oh yeah.
And thanks.
My stepdaughter's gone riding.
When she comes back, you'll be
gone, understand?
There's a man in the garden.
He's chopping wood.
I told you to leave.
You've had your breakfast,
now get out.
How can I possibly leave
after something
as tasty as that?
Ham and eggs were great,
and the coffee.
But I'm not satisfied yet.
Your stepdaughter?
I don't want you around here.
You know, if I ever reach
a ripe old age,
and find women a drag,
I'm going to have a car like this.
With a uniformed chauffeur.
If you think you
can dominate me,
you're very much mistaken.
Oh you've already dominated me.
I'll do anything you want me to.
I have enough problems.
You have to leave.
Nobody ever comes around here.
Who's gonna find out?
Maybe I can help you out
with a few things.
So, the hole in the roof's
fixed, the gate painted,
the wood chopped, and
the lawn cut.
Anything else?
You've done enough for today.
Take it easy.
What's for dinner?
It's getting late for you Chris.
I fixed up a bed for
you in the attic.
I hope you'll be comfortable.
You shouldn't have bothered.
I slept fine last
night in the barn.
Ruth wants you in the house.
Don't you Ruth?
You're tired, why don't
you go to your room?
I'm not tired.
I am, very.
Thank you Chris.
If I had to, I could
take care of you.
I'm sure you could.
That song, I sang it about
a thousand years ago in school.
Have you ever noticed how erotic
children's stories and songs are?
Nonsense, there's nothing
erotic about that.
My father thought so.
He used to act Little Red Riding
Hood with the puppets.
Your father always had a
flair for the absurd.
Grandma was having an
affair with the wolf,
but the wolf was greedy.
And seduce Red Riding
Hood as well.
And then grandma
killed them both.
Oh Chris please.
What do you two women find to do
stuck in a place like this?
As you can see, nothing.
Ruth designs, I ride,
and sunbathe.
For amusement, we spy
on each other,
don't we Ruth?
Stop it Chris.
We wait for someone who
never arrives.
We don't know whether we love
or hate each other.
And at night...
That's enough.
Go to your room at once.
With him?
Shall I go up with him?
I know why you want him to stay.
If you want to test me, you can!
But warn him first, of the danger.
Yeah I can see you two have a
great time together.
Help me close the shutters,
will you?
Are these the keys for
all the padlocks?
Even a ghost couldn't
escape from here.
Once several years ago,
a farm worker
got locked in here.
When we came back the next summer,
he was dead.
He couldn't get out.
I can't stand you any longer,
What's all that about?
Can't you guess?
A farewell note.
Your husband.
My husband.
And you read it every night.
When I met him he was
traveling around Surrey
with a puppet show.
He already abandoned
his Spanish wife.
He was always a tramp.
Just like me.
We have a special charm, don't we?
I taught him how to dress,
how to eat,
how to behave like a
civilized man.
Then after eight years...
I can't stand you any longer,
good bye.
You didn't do a very good
job on him, did you?
Men are all the same.
I learned the hard way
but now I know
how to handle them.
He left me right here, sleeping.
We just made love.
He took all the money
he could find,
credit cards, traveler's checks,
but he never found what he was
really looking for.
I had it well hidden.
He was never very bright anyway.
Are you?
I make out the best I can.
Left me alone here
with his daughter.
Sooner or later he'll
come back for her.
And then what happens?
He'll find her very much changed.
Then we'll be even.
Come over here.
You're good looking, ambitious
and totally immoral.
I can't complain.
My stepdaughter's attractive,
isn't she?
Her bedroom door's never looked.
What is she trying to
warn me about?
Why don't you find
out for yourself.
Sometimes at night when it rains,
she has nightmares and
she calls for me.
Next time, why don't you go?
I think I'm going to amuse
myself around here.
We can all amuse ourselves.
Morning sir.
Give me those letters.
Come on.
Give them to me, come on!
Let me go.
Bom born ba ba bam
Bam bam ba ba bam.
There's Lewis.
Hi there!
- Hello.
- Hello.
Come on, good dog.
Over here.
Want some?
No thanks.
For a week now, but with
all this rain...
You know what we could do?
On our way back, we could
go a little bit
out of our way and say
hello to Mrs. Miller.
Would you like one of these?
Oh thanks!
Look here, press that and
the drum goes, see?
Chris, that young man with you,
who is he?
I'm Mrs. Miller's
favorite nephew.
I want to pay for these two, okay?
What do you do with these bills?
Nail them down so they
won't fly away?
This one's for you.
Goodbye Chris, I'm glad
you're feeling better.
You really want to stop by
and see Mrs. Miller?
That's what we said, didn't we?
Hey, take care you
don't fall off 'eh?
- Bye.
- Bye.
Come on, let's go.
I don't want to go back
to the house yet.
Not until they've left.
Okay we'll walk.
Let's take a look over there.
Would you mind
showing me the bill
that young man just gave you?
Always on cloud nine
I'm livin' it up all the time
Many of you must
have seen the show
and most of you would
remember this song.
Who could over forget Perla?
She was the undisputed
queen of musicals
in the late 503, introducing songs
which would become all
time favorites.
You remember this one?
Sadly, she is no longer with us
but we can relive her moments of
success and happiness.
The day she opened her
new country home
to the public, the
magnificent estate
where she lived in semi-retirement
toward the end of the 603,
still at the height
of her popularity.
Her brutal murder still unpunished
has rose public indignation.
Paying homage to her memory,
we have presented a few of
her spectacular
number and songs, the great
hits of her career,
now savagely, brutally terminated.
In a fond farewell, let us now see
the number which made
her world famous.
I didn't really want it but the
little boy insisted
on giving it to me.
Well who's going to do
the honors then?
You are, naturally.
Why me?
I can't kill an animal,
it makes me sick.
You'll eat it though.
That's different.
It's frightened.
Why don't we let it go.
Farm bred rabbits
can't live wild.
Might as well give it
an easy death.
Well, do it.
Did I scare you?
We should always be scared.
You never know when
something might happen.
And when it does, everything
changes so suddenly.
You know, I've met
quite a few girls
but never anybody like you.
And Ruth?
Why are you staying with us?
It doesn't matter, the
important thing
is you're here.
I'd like to guess what
might happen.
Chris, is Barney with you?
Let me go!
When I leave here, come with me.
If I can make it up to five,
I'll get my wish.
What's that?
Your guitar?
Pair of boots?
Don't be upset, nobody gets
what they really want.
I think I will.
Chris, help me look for some
sketches, will you?
The sketches I made about
three years ago
for Giselle, they should be
in these folders.
I haven't been
down here for ages.
That young man, he's just
passing through.
He'll be gone any day now.
Worried for yourself or for me?
We don't know
anything about him.
I wouldn't get too close to
him if I were you.
Might be dangerous for you.
I'll have to try it some day.
But you're ahead of me.
He's here because of you,
you brought him into the house.
He's never been in my room, yet.
Have you found your sketches?
I'm tired, I'm going to bed.
I let you stay here on certain
conditions, remember?
Go down to the cellar and
help Chris, will you?
Help her do what?
Just help her.
Ruth, come here!
Please, Ruth.
Ruth, help me!
Help me!
Please Ruth, help me!
Please, please!
Help Ruth!
Come here Ruth!
Get out!
Get out of here, do you hear me?
Take your things and leave!
What the hell do you
think you're doing?
What did you expect to
happen anyway?
You know she tried to stick
me with a chisel
then she fainted!
Now leave, I mean it!
Where do I go?
It's raining.
Now, get out!
You're joking.
You said I drove you crazy.
Get out!
Get out!
Get out!
Okay, I'm going.
You crazy old bitch!
I felt like changing your bed!
Try screwing someone your
own age next time!
You're the worst lay I've
ever had anyway.
It's no wonder your
husband left you!
I hope you fucking well
rot in there.
He's gone.
We're alone together again.
Pedro, it's your turn.
I left the light on for you.
All right.
Tin, are you in bed?
Have you spoken to Maria?
So they said nothing to you?
Pedro and Maria.
They want to go away this summer.
Good night.
- Good night.
- Good night dear.
There's a monk outside.
How many times have I told you
not to open the door
without knocking?
He's a big tall monk,
he's soaking wet.
Well tell him to come in
out of the rain.
Should I open the
door for a monk?
A monk?
Why of course, you can't
leave a poor man
standing out in the rain.
A window must have blown open.
My God, Ernesto!
Did you hear that?
Commissioner, how many
victims were there?
Five, the entire family.
Within two years, six
similar crimes
have been committed within a
radius of 100 kilometers.
Do you think these crimes
were committed
by the same person?
There's no doubt about it.
The killer has to be right
here in this town.
What makes you say that?
Because several bills
have been passed
that have a cut in the
center and blood
has been found on them.
Is there any truth to the rumor
that you've ordered a roundup
of all young vagrants with
packs and guitars?
A beggar with a pack and
guitar was spotted
near the site of all the crimes.
We've already made more
than 200 arrests
but I don't anticipate any
positive results.
Our mobile
camera teams have been
at the scene of the crime
since yesterday.
The commissioner who has
taken personal charge
of the investigation
was interviewed
by special reporters.
Within two years, six
similar killings
have taken places within a
radius of 100 kilometers.
Do you think these crimes
were committed
by the same person?
There's no doubt about it.
The killer has to be right
here in this town.
The commissioner's statement
is obviously of
paramount importance.
How did he arrive at
this conclusion?
Here is his reply.
A vagrant with a pack and guitar
was spotted near the site
of all the crimes.
Nevertheless, the commissioner
later stated that despite
the numerous arrests
of suspicious individuals,
no positive results
have for the moment been obtained.
Another detail which may
be significant,
is that the dog, the family pet,
waits in vain for the
return of his master,
raised no alarm nor frightened
off the criminal.
Could this mean
that the murderer was a member
of the family circle
or friends of the victims
known are familiar
to the dog?
In any event, the
farmhouse murders,
as it is now called,
occupies a focal point
in the national interest.
The entire country is deeply
moved and outraged
by this bloody, almost
unprecedented crime.
One of the farm workers
raised the alarm and
immediately the police
and ambulance services
were alerted.
Our cameras were
present to provide
graphic testimony of the tragedy.
The images are
sufficiently eloquent
of the pathos of the scene.
Let us now here the declarations
of the commissioner in charge
of the investigation.
And the motive?
The criminal could be
content with robbery,
but death excites him.
He's no longer able to
resist the urge to kill
and he'll continue to do so.
Is the killer insane?
This is a question many
people must be asking.
Earlier this region where
similar crimes
have been committed but
throughout the country.
Let us now listen to the opinion
of an expert, Professor Gordon.
He is not exactly insane.
When he is captured, I'm
sure we shall find
his difficult case of
chromosome abnormality.
The duplication of
chromosome Y creates
a criminal tendency.
The Boston Strangler
was a double Y,
so is Manson and the student
who machine gunned his classmates
on a university campus.
Don't think about it anymore,
he's far away by now.
Yes, he asked me to go
away with him.
Poor Chris.
He was like any other man.
Perhaps we are all
capable of killing.
Get some rest.
Do you want me to
keep you company?
Goodnight, Ruth.
- What's the matter?
- Keep quiet.
He's come back, he's
in the house.
We're locked in with him.
Everything's locked, the windows,
the doors.
He's in the library.
He padlocked all the windows.
There must be some way out.
- But is he...
- Chris, there's one chance.
I want you to go down.
You must bring him up here.
But I can't.
You know Ruth I can't.
You have to, I
wouldn't ask you to
if there were any other way.
While he's here maybe I
can find help,
get away to escape.
I knew it!
You've always wanted
to destroy me.
Destroy me to get back
at my father.
He's insane, he'll
kill both of us.
Do you want to die?
Yes, yes, yes!
Don't make any noise.
He's insane, don't you understand?
Completely insane.
He'll do what he
wants to with you,
even if you resist, and
then he'll kill you.
Remember what he did at the farm.
You've got to pray for time.
For God sake, don't let him know
you suspect anything.
From the first time I saw you,
I thought about
making love to you.
I suppose she's asleep.
Why did you come back?
To steal from her.
And for you.
You went away.
Even though you promised to
take me with you.
Don't be afraid.
It's alright.
It's all over Chris.
Do you hear me?
It's over now.
We have to tell the police.
He attacked us, it was
self defense.
He attacked us, remember?
He attacked us.
I have to get the keys.
Open the gate while I get the car.
They've got the killer,
he's been caught.
Why are they acting like that?
I needed money to take
care of my horses.
Go on.
Then who have we killed?
And for what?
He'd just been
released from prison.
He knew your father.
Now I understand everything.
He sent him.
Perhaps he came looking for me.
He didn't come for you,
he came for this.
You didn't mean a thing to him.
He'd have left you
rotting in the clinic
without lifting a finger.
He wanted me to go
away with him,
perhaps he really wanted to.
You know what he wanted,
they always want the same thing.
I think I will go away.
No place special.
But here it rains too much.
I don't want to stay with you.
But you're not well.
Who'll take care of you?
You need me.
You've won Ruth,
you've beaten me.
Don't say that Chris, please.
Please don't ever say that.
Your father hurt me terribly.
You don't know how I
came to hate him.
It's true.
I wanted to corrupt you,
destroy you,
it was the only way I could
get even with him.
But now, Chris, I don't even
hate him anymore.
I feel so lonely Chris.
I need you.
I need you more than you need me.
Always was for you.
Chris, we killed a man.
The two of us, we killed a man.
I'll try not to suffer for that.
I promise you.
If you leave me, I'll
go to the police,
I'll tell them everything.
You won't and you know it.
Chris, I couldn't
stand to be alone.
Please don't leave.
Please don't.
It would be amusing if after all
I turned out to be the stronger.
What do we do with him?
We must wait until nightfall.
You think they'll
notice anything?
We'll know, soon enough.
All right, come on you guys.
They're peas!
How in the hell can
they grow here?
Look at that, right up
through the pavement.
They get no light.
The road has sunk.