The Cost (2022) Movie Script

Hey baby.
Just letting you know
I'm on my way home now.
I'm sorry about this morning.
I was stressed about work
and overtired I think.
I didn't mean what
I said though, okay?
Anyways, we can talk about
that when I get home.
My train leaves soon.
Can you pick me up in about
45 minutes from the station?
I look forward to seeing you.
I love you.
Hi, how you doing?
Yeah, good.
That's good.
Busy weekend ahead?
Yeah, renovating.
Bathroom? Kitchen?
Paying with cash or card?
Yeah, cash thanks.
Sure no worries.
Thank you.
/ Have fun.
Great. Thank you.
No worries.
arriving at Boronia.
Hey, puss.
Previously he had
staunchly denied accusations
for the last five years,
but today the 64 year
old pleaded guilty
to the manslaughter
of his wife, Mary.
His shock admission comes
close to three years
since she vanished from
their Glen Waverly home.
Six months later her
badly decomposed body
was found by hikers
at Mount Dandenong.
He will face court next week.
Hey Dad, we're home!
Hey babe.
Hey honey.
Dad, can I please come?
No mate, we talked about this.
Please, I'll be good.
Cameron, Dad said no.
Next time, buddy. Promise.
What time's Dave getting here?
You want dinner before you go?
Yeah, be great.
Want a hand?
No, no, you get ready.
All right.
Will Dave want something?
No, we'll head
straight off. Thanks hon.
/ Hey.
How you doing?
I'm good, how you doing?
Yeah, good.
You heading
off somewhere?
Ah, yeah. I'm going
fishing for the weekend.
I didn't know
you were into that.
My mate is. I'm
just tagging along.
I don't know.
Thought it'd be good
to get out of the city,
just get some fresh air.
Chill out a bit.
Yeah, nice.
I called you earlier.
Yeah I'm sorry, I was
about to call you back.
I've just, I've been flat
out since I got back.
Oh yeah, yeah, it's fine.
It's just I'm
heading out tonight
and I just wondered
if you wanted to come.
But you're busy, so.
Yeah, but next
time definitely.
Yeah, sounds good.
I'm running super late, but
I'll call you when I get back?
Yeah, great.
/ Okay.
Have a good weekend.
Yeah you too.
/ Okay.
Have fun.
Heading off soon?
Yeah, he'll
be here any minute.
Hey, buddy.
/ Hey.
What are you playing?
Call Of Duty.
getting the bad guys?
I gotta go now, buddy.
Back Sunday. Be good
for your Mum okay?
I will.
All right.
Like clockwork.
G'day Mike, how you doing?
Hey Troy.
I'm good. You?
Yeah, good. Real good.
Much planned this weekend?
Fuck all, mate.
Taking it easy.
Oh, bottle of
Johnny, too, please.
So how's that
holiday coming along?
Yeah, pretty good. I'm
thinking Philippines.
You been?
Nah. Only Indo.
Bali. Round that way.
Yeah, that was good.
So 62 all up, mate.
Too easy.
All right. Catch
you next time.
You will.
See you mate.
/ All right see ya mate.
Oh, shit.
What the fuck?
Who the fuck are you?
In there. Move.
Hang on.
What the fuck is this shit?
On your knees.
On your knees.
Keys, wallet,
phone, on the floor.
Man, just take whatever
the fuck you want-
Shut up.
I don't want any trouble.
I said, shut up.
behind your back.
Do it!
What are you...
No, no, no, no! No!
You hold still.
You move or make a sound,
I'll blow your head
off right here.
We're good?
Yeah, we're good.
How long till
that shit wears off?
About four hours.
Didn't want to
give him too much.
That shit could kill him.
It's okay to turn this
back on now, right?
It's Megan.
She asked me if I wanted
to come out tonight.
I told her we were fishing.
Since when do you fish?
Yeah. That's
exactly what she said.
"Wishing you were
here, thinking of you."
Yeah she's cute.
So you two finally
a thing or what?
I don't know.
She wants us to be.
I just...
She reminds a lot of Steph.
But she's not Steph.
She's never gonna be.
Hey, we've got to pull
over and get petrol.
You fill it up, I'll pay.
Want anything?
Yeah get me a strong capp.
Hey, how are ya?
Good thanks, mate.
/ Hi.
What can I get you?
Two cappuccinos,
thanks. Takeaway.
medium or large?
Both large.
paying for pump five?
Yeah, mate.
$72 mate.
Ah, no thanks.
What is it?
He's awake. Give me the keys.
Shit. Anyone notice?
Yeah, the guy that
was standing behind you.
Just take it slow.
Hey, hey, hey!
G'day mate. You
forgot something.
Oh, shit.
Oh I completely
forgot. Thanks mate.
No worries.
Look like you fellas need it.
You got a big drive
ahead of youse?
Oh, a few more
hours, yeah. You?
- Oh, all-nighter for me, mate.
All right you drive
safe all right, fellas?
Have a good one, eh?
Yeah, you too. Thanks, mate.
It's okay.
We're clear.
We're clear.
How the fuck is he
awake? You said four hours.
I don't know. He should
still be unconscious.
Let's take care of
this quick fucking smart.
There should be a
place a bit further up.
We can pull over.
Yeah, here, here, here.
On the left. Here,
pull over here.
We'll have to give
him another shot.
We've bought ourselves a
couple more hours of quiet.
You sure about that?
What's this guy's hurry?
Oh fuck!
You speeding?
Not even close.
Guy at the servo,
he heard something.
I fucking knew it.
Just relax.
Act normal. Could be anything.
Good evening.
/ Evening.
I'm Sergeant Leseberg from
the Hume Highway Patrol.
Before we get started I
just want to let you know
that I'm recording
our conversation
both on audio and video.
No worries.
You know why I've pulled
you over this evening?
No, I'm sorry, I don't.
Your left rear tail
light is not working.
Any reason for that?
Sorry I had no idea. Must
have just blown recently.
It's his car.
Can I see both your
drivers' licences, please?
So where
you boys heading?
Just going camping
for the weekend.
It's a family property.
I'm just gonna run some checks.
I'll ask you to
stay in the vehicle.
A tail light?
It was fine.
Must have been all
the fucking kicking.
He's coming around your side.
You said this was
your vehicle, sir?
Why don't you jump
out, we'll take a look.
Oh damn.
Oh, I don't know
when that happened.
It was working fine
when we left home.
You really shouldn't be
driving around with it like that.
Look, we're less than an
hour from where we're heading.
I can get it fixed first
thing in the morning.
Could just be loose
wiring. Let's take a look.
Aaron, pop the boot.
Aaron pop the boot, mate.
Actually would you mind
just shining your light
in here for me please?
No, the whole thing's encased.
Look I'm gonna let you
off with a warning tonight
but you make sure you get that
thing fixed straight away.
Yeah absolutely. Thank you.
Here's your licences.
You're right to go.
Drive carefully.
We're good.
Cop gave us a warning.
He didn't suspect a thing.
Whose idea was that bag again?
Ah, that was mine.
You just saved
our asses buddy.
You're absolutely sure
no one's gonna be here?
Yeah, I'm positive.
No one comes up here anymore.
Not even Ted.
Yeah, this is the one.
Yeah that's it. That's the spot.
He'll be out for
a few more hours.
It's almost 2:00. You
should get some sleep.
Doubt I can.
You're gonna need it.
What the fuck! Oh God!
Help! Help!
What the fuck is
What the fuck...
Troy Chapman.
You raped and murdered
Stephanie Baker
on the 21st of June 2004.
You were sentenced to 32 years.
They let you out in 10.
No, no, no, no.
That wasn't me.
It's a mistake.
It wasn't me.
It wasn't me.
You pleaded guilty to it.
I was there. I heard you.
We know exactly who you
are and what you did.
Who the fuck are you?
Who are you?
I'm her husband.
I'm her brother.
We're gonna hurt you, and
then we're gonna kill you,
and there's nothing you
can do to stop that.
No one knows you're here.
No one even knows
you're missing.
You scream, no one's gonna hear.
And after you're dead, no
one's gonna give a fuck.
You took Steph at 9:53 p.m.
By 2:00 in the
morning, she was dead.
You beat her.
Raped her.
Strangled her to death.
Dumped her.
Four hours of fear and pain.
That's what's in
store for you, Troy.
We're gonna remove that tape.
But there's one rule.
You beg, you get this.
Help me, somebody, please!
Somebody help me!
Physical pain is one thing.
But the pain of being powerless.
You know what that
feels like Troy?
Because I've lived with
that feeling for years.
Wondering if maybe
there was just something
that I could have
done to save her.
Waking up every morning,
just to be reminded that
she's never coming back.
Watching as they
let you out early.
That's pain.
What was the rule?
Don't beg.
Fuck you!
Wanna say that again?
I'll tell you
whatever you want, okay?
Just please don't hit-
Well, now you understand
the rules, we can get started.
Let's talk.
And we want honest answers,
not that shit you spun the
judge and that fuckin lawyer.
You lie to us, we'll make this
even more painful for you.
Why her?
Why'd you choose her?
I don't know, man.
It was a long time
ago. I don't remember.
She was pretty.
Okay, I just liked
the look of her.
She was just a pretty girl.
And what were your intentions
when you kidnapped her?
Answer the question.
You're just gonna
beat me again.
I'll beat you again
if you don't tell us.
What were your intentions?
I didn't mean to kill her.
Okay? It just happened.
I was an asshole, okay? I
know what I did was wrong.
I'm so fucking sorry okay?
You've gotta believe me.
Why the fuck would
we believe you?
Look, I wish I could
take it all back.
It fucked up my life
too, you know, man.
I'm sorry, okay? It's the truth.
Oh we're glad to hear
you're sorry, Troy.
Only you never
said that in court.
You just sat there
the whole time
with that smug, stupid
grin on your face.
My lawyer said I wasn't
allowed to say anything.
It's true.
I swear.
I am sorry.
No, you're not sorry.
You fucking piece of shit.
Fuckin' never been sorry.
Yeah. Now you're sorry.
Out here, crying
in your own piss.
But the truth is you
have never been sorry,
not a single day since!
Fuck, he's all yours.
I am sorry.
Even if you are sorry,
doesn't change anything.
Doesn't bring Steph back.
Doesn't bring my parents back.
My Mum died five
years ago. Cancer.
My Dad a year
later. Heart attack.
What you did broke them.
They'd still be alive
today if it wasn't for you.
You took away my
whole family, Troy.
All because you
liked the look of my sister.
I fucked up. Okay?
'Cause I am a fuck up.
Look, I understand
why you hate me.
I hate me.
You said you didn't
intend to kill Steph.
So why did you?
Why'd you kill her, Troy?
It was an accident.
How the fuck do you accidentally
choke someone to death?
Stop fucking lying to us!
Why did you kill her!
I swear to God, you'd better
give me an answer soon.
You're gonna fuckin' be
begging me to kill you.
You okay?
Yeah, yeah, I
just need a minute.
Oh, fuck!
Just breathe mate.
I can't.
I don't know if
I can keep going.
This is bringing
everything up, man.
That piece of shit.
You listen to me.
You use that.
Use it.
Remember what he did to
her, how they found her.
You keep that in front of
your mind and only that,
and we'll get through this.
All right.
Yeah, I will.
This is justice, mate.
And we're the only ones
who can give it to her.
Yeah I know.
I know. I just...
I just need a few minutes.
You take your time.
Hey, baby.
Just letting you know
I'm on my way home now.
I'm sorry about this morning.
I was stressed about work
and overtired, I think.
I didn't mean what
I said though, okay?
Anyways, we can talk about
that when I get home.
My train leaves soon.
Can pick me up in about 45
minutes from the station?
I look forward to seeing you.
I love you. Bye.
Help! Help!
Help me!
Help! Help!
All right.
You've had some time
to think about it.
Now I want the truth.
you kill her, Troy?
I was really
fucked up back then.
Okay, I was on some bad shit,
and I just wasn't
thinking straight.
Okay, okay!
It was because of
what she said to me.
She said she couldn't
feel anything.
Said it was too small.
Let me get this straight.
You abducted her.
Beat her.
Raped her.
But you got upset
when she had the guts to
mock the size of your dick?
You are a piece of shit.
Say it.
I'm a piece of shit.
I'm a piece of shit.
I'm a piece of shit.
I'm a fucking piece of
shit! Okay, you fucking happy?
My sister had more
courage in her last moments
than you've had in your
entire fucking life!
What are you doing?
What the fuck is this?
You all right?
You just hold him still.
You know
one of the world's
biggest problems, Troy,
is men sticking their dicks
where they don't belong.
Right, Dave?
What are you gonna do?
Oh fuck, what are you gonna do?
you won't have to
worry about women
mocking the size
of your dick again.
Oh, fuck! Oh fuck, no!
No, please! Please
don't do this!
Please, fellas, no!
You do not want to
do this, please!
She beg you to stop?
Did Stephanie beg you to stop?
I don't remember.
She did.
She begged me to stop.
And did you?
Then why should we?
Hold him.
No, no, no! Please, don't!
Stop, please! Fuck no, please!
I was raped too,
okay? I was raped!
In prison.
I was raped all
the fucking time!
And the guards did nothing!
They did fucking
nothing to stop it!
Listen to me, if this
is about getting even,
then it's already happened okay?
I paid my penance.
I paid my penance
for 10 fucking years!
Think he's bullshitting?
Nah, I don't think so.
Maybe we leave it.
Don't really want that image
stuck in my head, anyway.
It's your call.
Well let's fucking leave it.
You're off the
hook on this one.
We're not through with you yet.
I'm gonna finish off the
pit. Keep an eye on him.
You okay with that?
Yeah of course.
It's almost over, mate.
Any trouble, you
fire off a shot.
I got it.
Hey, man.
I'm freezing. Can
I have my jacket?
Shut up!
You won't get away with this.
What'd you say?
I said you
won't get away with this.
We will.
Because I have spent years
planning every detail of this.
And even if the cops suspect
us, which they might,
there will be no
evidence, nothing.
Nobody will ever know
what happened here.
I'm sorry!
Okay? What the fuck else
do you want me to say?
You brought this on yourself.
You remember that.
You do this, and
it will fuck you up.
It'll rip something out of you.
You will never be the same.
I haven't been the same!
Ever since you killed her!
Look, man.
You're a good guy. I
know it, you know it.
You don't want to
end up like me.
I am nothing like you!
You do this,
you're just the same.
Listen to me.
You're a good person, okay?
You don't have to
do this, I swear.
It's not too late.
You can still let me go.
What the fuck makes you
think we'd ever let you go?
I wouldn't tell anyone.
I swear to fucking Christ
man, I wouldn't say a word.
Because I deserve it, okay?
I know I do. I deserve it.
I don't want to die out here.
But neither did Steph.
And I don't give a
fuck what you want.
Shut up.
Any trouble?
So what's next?
Time to finish
this, don't you think?
Getting the sense you
don't want to drag it out.
I think we've made our point.
What was it you said that
convinced me to do this?
You said it over and over.
"This has to be done."
Right. "This has to be done."
So let's finish this like
we planned. All right?
He wouldn't shut
up about the cold.
Get dressed.
What's happening?
Just walk.
Eyes front.
Where are we going?
Get up.
Now get up and walk.
Oh, fuck!
No, no, no, please don't!
You don't have to do this.
Fuck sakes, can you help me?
Please. Please.
Please don't.
What are you gonna do?
I'm so sorry.
Okay? I'm sorry!
Please don't do this.
Troy Chapman,
for the rape and murder
of Stephanie Baker
we sentence you to
death by strangulation,
just like you did to her.
Any last words?
She wouldn't want
you to do this.
Dave, you ready?
She'd want you to
be better than this, David!
I'm not doing this.
I'm not fucking doing this!
What the fuck are
you talking about?
I can't, man.
What the fuck are we
even doing, Aaron?
What we planned!
What we've been planning for
the last three fuckin' years!
I shouldn't have.
It was a mistake.
What the fuck is
wrong with you? David!
What the fuck is wrong with you?
I told you, Aaron,
I can't do it.
Well that's too bad, 'cause
we don't have a choice.
Yes we do.
Like what?
What the fuck is
going on in your head?
Fuck, man, I didn't
know it'd be like this.
What'd you think
it was gonna be like?
Did you think it
was gonna be easy?
Yeah, Aaron, I fuckin' did.
Fuck, I thought I'd
enjoy every minute
of hurting this prick.
That's all I fuckin' thought
about, but he's fucking me up.
You've got to be kidding me.
He's right, you know.
About what?
Steph would hate this.
I don't believe that.
'Course she would.
No, fuck you, David.
This was your plan!
We made a pact, and I followed
you every step of the way!
You knew from the
moment we got here
there was no going back!
I can't do it. Aaron.
So what do you wanna do?
You want to drop him back home?
"Sorry about the whole abduction
and torture thing, Troy.
Let's keep it between us, yeah?"
We'd be up for attempted murder.
That's serious jail time, David.
Now, I don't know about you,
but I don't plan on
rotting in a cell
while he walks around free.
Is that what you want?
Fuck it. Aaron, you want
to kill him, go for it.
No fuckin' way!
We're doing this together
whether you like it or not.
You're not leaving this to me.
Mate, do you hear that?
Help me!
Just hold him.
Who the fuck is that?
You locked the gate, right?
Yeah, I locked it.
No I don't think so.
No one should fuckin' be here.
This is private property.
Shit, did he see us?
He's coming this way.
Shit, okay.
Okay, I got this.
Just follow me.
How you going?
I'm all right.
I'm here doing some
work on the property.
Saw your car.
Who are you blokes? You
got permission to be here?
Yeah, I'm David.
This is Aaron.
This is my uncle's place.
He said we could use
it for the weekend.
Your uncle, eh?
You know his name?
Ted Gleeson.
Good old Teddy.
Good. G'day, I'm Brian.
Nice to meet you.
/ G'day.
Yeah, I live up the road.
Teddy asked me to replace
some roofing up at the cabin.
He didn't mention anything
about you fellas
being here, though.
Usually lets me know.
I mean, we spoke about
it a couple of months ago.
Must have slipped his mind.
Hey, it's typical Ted, right?
Yeah. Silly old bastard.
Yeah, hey, I'm sorry about
the third degree fellas.
I'm a bit jumpy.
I had a few run-ins with
some yahoos a while back
and messed up the place
with their dirt bikes,
smashed a window in the cabin,
didn't put their fires out
properly, just stupid shit.
You know young fellas.
Yeah, right.
Dickheads, yeah.
I saw your car, I thought,
"Oh, fuck, here we go again."
Nah, nah. All good.
So what are you doin'
here? What's the go?
Ah, we're camping, actually.
Yeah, bit of fishing.
We were just looking for a
good place to set up, actually.
Yeah, fishing?
Oh, well you're in luck,
'cause the creek runs
dry all year-round here.
Ah, shit.
I wasn't sure. I haven't
been up here in years.
Nah, I'm just
fucking with ya, mate.
Actually down the
road at the reservoir,
they're pulling out
some good fish up there.
Nice reddies. Big yellow belly.
I can show you if you like?
Maybe you could
show us tomorrow.
Weren't really planning on
doing any fishing today.
That's all right. No worries.
All right, well, you
guys enjoy yourself,
and I'll get to it, eh?
Be good.
/ Yeah?
We'll set up camp
up at the cabin.
Give you a hand if you want?
Yeah? Suits me.
All right I'll see you up there.
Why the fuck are we
offering to help him?
The sooner he finishes,
the sooner he leaves.
Give us a hand with
the ladder, mate.
She's a heavy one. Careful.
So, yeah, I first met
Teddy a few years ago.
He was my supervisor
when I was working
for the rail yards
out there at Sunshine.
Yeah. Yep.
It was pretty rough.
Yep, beautiful. All right.
And, you know.
At that time I
was drinking booze
right out of the
flask, even at work.
Didn't hear the train coming,
and I look over and
see Teddy flying at me,
and he pushed me off the tracks
just in the nick of time.
So he asks me to do stuff
up here, I do it for him.
Yeah, no, he said, "There's
a parcel of land up here.
You should buy it and get
out of the city, mate.
It's killing you."
And I had it, had it good
there for a while, few years.
If you can grab that other
one, that'd be good, mate.
And um, yeah, so,
sold everything there.
Bought the land up here.
Bought a few horses and Teddy's
your uncle really, isn't he?
Mate, give me a moment.
So is he done now or what?
Another hour, he reckons.
Fuck's sake, it's
gonna be dark in an hour.
You gave him a
full dose, right?
Yeah, I think so.
Well did you or didn't you?
No, I did.
So he should be out for,
what, another two, three hours?
What's going on?
You see something?
Yeah, just a couple of roos.
Don't worry about
them, they're everywhere.
Always going through
me bloody fences.
You want me to go
home and get the .22?
We can drop a couple.
Nah, nah.
Just leave 'em
be. It's all good.
So much for no one
knowing we were here.
Won't link us to anything.
Ted won't give a
shit we were here.
We should have stuck
to the plan, Dave.
Righto fellas,
time for a coldie.
No, we're good.
No, come on. It's
the least I can do.
Here you go mate.
/ Righto.
Beautiful. Yeah.
Up your clacker.
Thanks for your
help today, fellas.
Yeah, so what do you
do for work anyway?
I'm a software engineer.
Ah, computers and shit.
Yeah, Computers and shit.
Me, mate, I am fucking
useless with computers.
Can't even work my phone.
Beeping all the time,
I have no idea why.
What about you?
I'm a plumber.
Oh yeah?
Toilets and shit.
Yeah you guys
know how to charge,
don't you, like wounded bulls.
Yes, we do.
Yeah, well, good
on ya I reckon.
Good on ya.
Good fire, fellas. Well done.
So let me ask you guys
an honest question.
Are you guys really
serious campers?
Or are you just up
here getting away
from the missus and the kids?
For me it's a getaway.
Ha! Thought so.
Yeah I didn't take you
for serious campers,
driving up here in
that thing. Jesus.
I used to be married.
Five years.
This Pommy chick.
Yeah, she just
couldn't handle it.
Took off.
You married?
Not anymore.
Took off too, eh?
She died, actually.
No shit!
Jesus, she must have been young.
What was it? Cancer, or what?
She was murdered.
Yeah, oh, that's right.
Uncle Teddy told me about a
nephew that had happened to.
Sorry, mate.
God, I couldn't even imagine.
They caught the
bloke though, right?
Yeah, they caught him.
Well I hope they threw
away the bloody key.
Well, I'd better be
getting home, fellas,
and make myself some tea.
We should start thinking
about doing the same.
And if you want to check out
that fishing hole tomorrow
just come up my place
about a K that way.
Big long driveway, lots
of horses. Can't miss it.
Will do. Thanks Brian.
/ All right.
Thanks for the beers.
No worries.
Have a good night, fellas.
See ya mate.
That ketamine would
have worn off by now.
I know.
Fuck me.
He could be fucking anywhere.
No, there's no way he
could have untied himself.
Here. He can't have got far.
Oh, thank fuck.
Aaron, he's here!
Aaron, he's here!
Don't fuckin' move.
Oh, fuck.
He's here. He's here.
Get him up.
Oh, thank God.
He wants water.
I don't give a
fuck what he wants.
Ketamine's gone.
Where is it?
Where is it?
Go fuck yourself.
All right, this is
what's gonna happen.
As soon as he wakes up,
we walk him to the pit.
I'll finish this myself.
No you're not.
I can't let you
do that, Aaron.
Dave, listen to me.
You let him get
inside your head.
All this bullshit crying
and begging, sorry's.
You've got to block it all out.
He's manipulating you.
Wake up, Aaron, we can't go
through with this, not now.
You wake up, David!
If we don't go through
with this, we're fucked!
Do you understand?
We've done enough, Aaron.
We've gotta let him go.
We let him go and
our lives are over,
do you get that?
Fucking over!
And that piece of shit will
have gotten away with it.
For fuck's sakes David, he
raped and killed my sister,
your wife!
And if we kill him,
we will be no better.
What about Kelly and Cam?
You want their lives
ruined over this?
Cam growing up without his Dad?
I won't let what's left of
my family be ripped apart,
not by you or him.
I'll finish this myself,
and that's it, it's over.
And when it's done, you'll
keep your mouth shut.
'Cause my family comes
first. Do you understand?
I thought I was family.
You were.
The last time Steph and I
saw each other, we had a fight.
It was that morning.
I spent the whole day
feeling bad about it.
I had this whole
apology planned out
for when she got home from work.
I had flowers, the whole thing.
Steph died thinking that
I was angry with her.
And I can never change that.
I can never tell her that I'm
sorry or that I loved her.
And I tried to accept
what had happened.
I tried to just go on
like everyone told me to,
but how the fuck could I?
But you know what?
The one thing that kept me
going, the one hope that I had,
was if I killed that fucker,
then maybe, just maybe
that pain would stop.
If I could make him
suffer and watch him die,
then maybe the world
would be right again.
But it won't, Aaron.
What we have done will haunt
us for the rest of our lives,
and if we go through with this,
I won't be able to live with it.
You have to live
with it, Dave.
Otherwise he wins.
He took Steph.
And he'll have destroyed you.
You have to be
stronger than that.
We have gone so far past
the point of no return.
Hey baby.
Just letting you know
I'm on my way home now.
I'm sorry about this morning.
I was stressed about work
and just overtired, I think.
I didn't mean
what I said, though, okay?
Anyways, we can talk about
that when I get home.
Listen, man.
If you let me go, I won't
tell the cops or anything.
I swear to God.
You can trust me.
Look, I'll leave the country,
I'll disappear,
whatever you want.
I've got a kid, man.
Did you know that?
Haven't seen him
for like 15 years.
His Mum won't let me.
He wasn't allowed to
visit me in prison.
I just want to see him again.
You got kids?
I got a son.
On your feet.
Now walk.
Look, what I did was wrong.
Okay, I know that.
But I've changed.
I am never gonna hurt
anyone again, ever.
Why else they let me out?
Even if you have changed,
what difference
does it make now?
It's too late, Troy.
12 years too late.
You don't think I have
suffered for what I did?
I lost everything.
I got nobody. My own Mother
won't even fucking talk to me.
I have to live with what I did.
But so will you.
But this has to be done.
Now get moving.
Are you gonna let him do this?
David, please!
You're a good man, David!
You don't want to let
him do this, please!
You're a good man, David!
Don't let him do this!
David! Don't let him do this!
Turn around.
Turn around.
Turn the fuck around!
What's going on?
- Son-of-a-bitch got away.
How the fuck did that happen?
Split up.
Aaron! He's over here!
Oh, fuck!
Fuck! He can't
have got too far.
I reckon he'll head
straight for the road.
Shit. No, there's no way
he could have got this far.
Fuck, turn around.
Where the fuck is he?
Just keep going.
Go. Go.
Wait. Where the
fuck's Brian's house?
Where the fuck is he?
Son of a bitch.
Go, go, go!
Oh fuck!
Help me!
Oh, fuck!
Fuck, there he goes.
Faster, Dave.
Somebody, please, help me!
Please help me! Please
Help me!
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
You gotta help me.
What the fuck's going on?
You gotta help me, okay?
Two men are trying to kill me.
There's no time. We gotta go.
I'm telling you, okay,
we've gotta go now!
Oh no. Fuck
Oh, shit! Shit!
What the hell's going on?
Brian, Brian, it's fine.
Just get out of the way.
They're trying
to kill me, okay?
That was what I was telling you!
Shut up!
/ Please.
You have to help me please.
Put the fucking
gun down, Aaron.
All right, no one's
killing anyone.
Aaron! What the
fuck is going on?
He's the guy that
killed Stephanie.
He killed my wife.
She was my sister.
Now we're making it right.
You'd do the same Brian.
Hang on, fellas.
This doesn't make it right.
All right, put the gun down,
and let's just talk
about it, all right?
nothing to talk about.
He's right, Aaron.
Just put the gun down.
Shut up, David.
Get in the car, Troy.
Come on, Troy,
just get in the car!
I could have killed you
back there but I didn't.
Did he tell you that?
Is that true?
I told you I don't want
to hurt anyone anymore.
stay where you are.
What are you gonna do?
You gonna shoot me
in front of him?
And then what, shoot him too?
He's right,
Aaron. Think about it.
Just put it down,
mate. Come on.
It's over.
Okay, it's all over.
We could all walk
away from this.
I swear.
If you let me go, I'll-
So, that's the bloke who
killed your sister, right?
Yeah, after he raped her.
He did 10 years.
This is what he deserved.
Life for a life.
Right, Brian?
- Yep, I get-
But what?
He got what he deserved.
I agree, all right?
Look, I'm sorry
you got involved.
We'll take care of it.
But this has to stay
between us, okay?
Hey, take it easy, Aaron.
I don't want any part
of this, all right?
You listen to me. You
are not any part of this.
You didn't see anything.
You didn't hear anything.
All you have to
do is say nothing.
Can we trust you?
You're not guilty of anything.
And we trust you. Right, Aaron?
All right, I won't say anything.
All right? I swear.
Shake on it?
Just get him off my
fucking property. Now.
Yeah, yeah.
Yeah we'll take
care of everything.
Just give us a minute
to get him out of here.
We'll explain everything.
Don't worry, we'll
sort this out.
Don't you worry.
Get the bag.
If we've got any drop
sheets, get those too.
Find some rags. Get
that blood off the wall.
Brian, stop!
Hey! You crazy?
What the fuck are you doing?
Brian, stop!
Brian? Brian!
Fuck are you okay?
Don't touch.
Don't fuckin' touch me!
Fuck, man.
Oh, fuck! Brian!
Fuck, we've got to help him.
Aaron, we've got to help him.
Oh fuck!
No, no, no, no.
No, no, no, fuck!
We've gotta help him, Aaron!
Oh fuck.
Oh, fuck. Brian.
Aaron, we've got to help him.
Aaron, we've gotta
fuckin' do something.