The Couch: Black Girl Erupted (2023) Movie Script

[air whooshing gently]
Really y'all don't know this
You're in danger, I'm
a threat, I'm a threat
Gamble with your life
'Cause you know that
it's a bet, it's a fake
You know I ain't letting up
My foot is on your neck
Take my word for it
That's promise and a threat
Yeah, really y'all
don't know me
You're in danger,
I'm a threat
- I need to hear that
snap, crackle and pop.
Let's go.
Yeah, good job, Reina.
Okay, put those punches up.
There we go.
Good job, Reina. Good job.
Jillian, come on now.
Listen, don't give up on me now.
Come on. I need you.
Let's go.
Turn those punches over.
Turn it, turn it.
There we go. Good job.
All right, let's go, Jennifer.
Come on, from the hips.
I need to hear that snap.
Hear that snap.
All right ladies, drive
those elbows into that bag.
Pretend you are fighting
your worst enemy.
Hey, it's either you or them.
Life or death.
[Reina grunting]
- Piece of ass.
Finally, get to whoop your
face and beat your ass!
You ruined everything.
In my face, with that
smug look on your face.
Well, smile now.
I don't see you smiling.
You're not smiling no more.
You stupid,
stinking, fancy face.
Drive now, jackass.
- Reina! Girl.
[instructor claps]
- Slow clap for
Reina right here.
See, that's what
I'm talking about.
She understood the assignment
and passed with flying colors.
You look like Charles Barkley
beating on Shaq down there.
Really, y'all
don't know this
You're in danger, I'm
a threat, I'm a threat
Gamble with your life 'cause
you know that it's a bet
- Reina, slow down.
Now, girl, I know you hear me.
Why you walking so fast?
- [Reina] What?
- You know, I'm trying to
catch my breath from class.
What's going on with you?
- Nothing. Nothing
is going on, why?
- Uh, the way you
just went ape shit
on that body bag with that
crazy look on your face.
- It's kickboxing class.
Everybody has a crazy
look on their face.
- Nuh-uh, not like you did.
Oh, wait a minute.
It's the law firm
again, isn't it?
- Okay, I was envisioning
beating up my boss.
- Horrible Horowitz? Whoo-hoo!
Girl, you was putting
a hurting on Horowitz.
Yes, you were.
- You saw me, right?
- Yes. Girl, I was
envisioning beating up my ex.
Oh, shoot.
My credit's still bad
from that scamming Negro.
Don't worry.
Anyway, Mr. Colonizer must
have really pissed you off.
What'd he do?
- Okay, so he's
supposed to promote
an attorney to partner, right?
- [Jillian] Yes.
- But he is just dragging
this decision out for weeks.
And I am so on edge,
J, 'cause I want it.
I need this.
- Girl, you've been
kicking ass there for what?
Seven years now?
If anybody deserves a
promotion, it's you.
[scoffs] Even though I think
that place is racist as hell.
- Okay, J., do not start.
- What? It is.
Oh, okay, come on.
All those racial
you have to deal with there.
Okay, remember the time
where they reprimanded you
for missing a meeting that
you weren't even invited to?
- Yeah, that was ridiculous.
- Yes, it was. Super ridiculous.
So how much longer are you
gonna put up with the nonsense?
[Reina sighs]
Okay. Alright.
See, I can tell this is
really starting to bother you.
- This promotion will
skyrocket my career, J.
No, I've been paying my dues.
Like I just have to hang
in a little bit longer.
That's it.
- But at what cost
though? Your sanity?
I mean every opportunity
is not good for you.
I mean it may be
in the beginning,
but you can't put a price
on your peace of mind
and mental health.
- Would you stop trying to
be my therapist, please?
Don't you have enough patients?
- Yes, I do.
But I'm about to
squeeze your butt in
and give you an invoice.
Oh, okay.
Look, will you just promise me
that you'll talk to
someone so you can,
you know, deal with
the anger and anxiety.
- That is what kickboxing
is for and you.
- No, that's not
gonna be enough.
You have to deal
with these emotions.
Girl, you can't keep
suppressing them.
So tell me that you're
open to seeing somebody.
Oh my! Good girl,
you are so stubborn.
But you know what?
Don't worry about it.
'Cause I'm about to
text you a therapist
that I recommend to
a few of my clients.
- A therapist?
- Uh-huh.
Oh, there. Lock her in.
She's really good
with anger management.
- Anger management?
I don't need help
with anger management.
- Ha! Yes, you do.
Call her. I love you.
- For real, J.?
- Yes.
[Reina scoffs]
[R&B music]
- [Reina] Hey.
- Hey, hey, hey.
[both chuckling]
- Oo, look at you,
looking all hot and sexy
in your workout clothes.
- Hey, don't forget funky now.
- Okay.
Oh, wait, wait,
wait, wait. No, whoa.
No. I don't know
what move that is,
but it definitely ain't funky.
- You!
- Are you sure
you went to a HBCU?
We need to take your
black card back ASAP.
- You are such a hater!
Stop talking about
my struggle twerk.
You know I be trying.
- Yeah, that's exactly what-
- Are they moving?
- They moving',
they trying to move.
- I'm going to take a shower.
Oh, wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait.
Try this first. Try this first.
Just a little pump.
- Mm babe!
That is good.
- Well, you know how I like
to put my special herbs
and spices into my dishes.
Babe, I'm telling you,
one day everyone in LA will
be eating my vegan recipes
in my very own restaurant.
I just gotta keep paying
my dues as a sous chef
and driving part-time for
this ride share company.
- Hey.
- Yeah.
- Don't you worry about
it. It's gonna happen.
And they gonna love your recipes
'cause they so
yummy, just like you.
- Why are you so sweet?
- I don't know.
- Mwah!
So how was work?
- Work was okay.
- It was just okay?
[sighs] Babe, I know you're
not telling me the truth.
That place has been stressing
you lately and I just wanna,
wanna make sure you're good.
- It's fine.
Just let it go.
- Okay. Alright.
Well, you're right
on time for dinner.
- Actually, babe,
I'm not that hungry.
I'm just gonna hop in the shower
and start on these new cases.
- I thought you were
going to ease up
on taking on new cases.
- I know, but I just
gotta get these done
before the meeting.
- You shouldn't feel
obligated to take on more work
just to prove your worth.
I understand this is important,
but I'm noticing
the negative effects
that it's having on you.
- What are you talking about?
- Like you're always
clenching your fists
when you get anxious,
your palms get all sweaty,
your breathing becomes erratic.
I notice all that stuff.
- Okay, babe, I
don't need a lecture.
I get enough of that from
Jillian and my parents.
Oh, I have to have dinner
with my family this weekend.
- Yeah, well you be sure
to tell 'em I said hello.
- Okay. Can we not
start that right now?
- What, the fact that we've
been together for a year now,
practically living together,
and I've yet to
meet your parents.
- It will happen when
the time is right, babe.
I promise.
- Okay.
Okay. Alright.
You promise.
- I gotta take
care of this work.
- Go get in the shower.
- Alright.
- Oo.
[R&B music]
- Hey there. You
still on for lunch?
- [Reina] Uh, no, I can't today.
- What is going on with you?
You look like a total wreck.
And this office. Oo.
How long you been here?
- [Reina] Well, I've
been coming in early
for the last few months trying
to finish up these cases.
- Ah, ah, ah, ah!
Let's see what we have here.
Shall we?
Why is this case
assigned to Chris?
- Okay-
- Are you still
doing his work?
Reins, you should not be
handling other attorney's cases.
Let them do their own damn work!
- Shh! You are going
to get us fired.
- I am not worried
about us getting fired.
We are the tokens in the office.
You know that it's true.
You being a Black
woman checks two boxes.
Me being a gay man checks a box.
We fill the firm's
diversity quota.
- You know what
the difference is?
- [Man] Hmm?
- You have a whole community
that will rally behind you
if you get let go.
Me? I'm gonna be called
the angry Black woman
and they're gonna use that
to justify my mistreatment.
- I get it. I really do.
But you should not be doing
more work than necessary
to prove yourself.
You're the smartest
attorney in this office
and everyone knows it.
I just don't wanna see
you be used is all.
- Thank you.
I appreciate you
having my back, I do.
- Of course.
Listen, this gorgeous white man
supports you wholeheartedly
and will take down
any Karen or Ken on your behalf.
In the most professional
way of course.
- No, of course.
And I appreciate you, but
it won't be necessary.
- Okay, well, let's
get you together then.
You have got to look good
when you accept your
promotion this afternoon.
- Good?
- Perfect.
Get 'em tiger.
- Okay, everybody,
let's settle down.
No need to draw this out
any longer than necessary.
We have some real
opportunities on the horizon.
Which is why I need my
most competent associate
to be leading the way.
Which is why I have
chosen my nephew Chris
to rise through the ranks
and represent this firm
on a national level.
Chris, stand up please.
Let's give him a round
applause. Why don't we?
[ominous tones]
[group applauds]
- Ugh! Are you serious?
You're giving the
position to this jackass?
He is an incompetent imbecile.
I am the one who has
been handling his cases.
Did you know that? Me!
God, I can't believe I still
work at this miserable place.
You know what? I quit!
[Reina grunts]
[growls] God dammit.
[growls] Screw you!
Screw you, screw you.
You're cool.
And you know what?
And screw you.
[growls] I'm out!
[group applauds]
[knocking at door]
- Who is it?
- It's me, sir, Reina Cole.
- Hey, Reina. Come on in.
- I know you're
busy, Mr. Horowitz.
I was just wondering if I could
speak to you for a moment.
- Cut to the chase, Reina,
I'm right in the
middle of something.
- Right.
I was wondering how
you made your decision
about the partnership, sir.
- I based my decision on
what's best for the firm.
- And what is that?
- Well, in the scheme of things,
I'm planning to
revamp our marketing
and continue to build
the Horowitz brand.
Chris will be the
face of the firm.
I'm branching out into
other territories.
- So you gave him a partnership
based on optics and not skill?
[scoffs] You see, sir,
I have put in a lot of hours
and I've taken on more
cases than anyone here.
You told me that I was
at the top of your list
when it came to
advancement opportunities.
I even trained Chris
at your request.
So I, I just don't understand.
- Reina, your hard
work is not unnoticed.
And it is appreciated.
There will be other
opportunities coming
down the pike.
You need to work more on
being a better cultural fit.
- A cultural fit.
And what exactly is that?
- I love answering
this question.
[phone rings]
Hold the page.
[laughs] Yes, I did.
Of course I can talk.
When did it happen?
Yeah, I did. Sure.
- Dammit! Watch
where you're going.
Sorry. I'm sorry.
Here, here.
I have fallen, I
have fallen further
Than I had before
Now I'm crawling
And I don't have the strength
to get up off the floor
I'm giving into it
I'm living in it
Embracing all of it
Can't run from it
I can't numb it
[Reina yells]
[Reina sobs]
[thoughtful music]
[phone rings]
- Hey, you.
- [Reina] I didn't
get the promotion.
- Babe, babe I'm, I'm so sorry.
You deserve better. Okay?
Everything happens for a reason.
- I'm so sick of people
saying everything
happens for a reason.
When is it gonna be my turn?
- It's going to be
soon, babe. Okay?
I promise it's going to
be really, really soon.
Listen, I planned a
really nice dinner for you
at this new restaurant, okay?
It has a great happy hour.
And I, I think it'll
really cheer you up.
- I don't, I don't
wanna go anywhere.
I just wanna get drunk
and eat ice cream
and lay on the couch.
- No, babe, you gotta
eat something, okay?
- Okay.
- Listen, don't let this one
situation steal your joy.
They're going to be
more opportunities
on the horizon, alright?
- Okay. You're right.
- Okay. I'll see you in an hour.
- [sighs] Alright, babe.
I'll see you then.
[woman singing in
foreign language]
- Were you drinking
before I picked you up?
Babe, how much have
you had a drink?
- Where is the waitress?
I'm ready to order
another drink.
- I think you might need
to take it easy. Okay?
- I think you are so cute.
- Alright, you guys
ready to order.
- 'Bout time.
- Yes.
I will have another
wine and a side salad
and the branzino.
- Okay. [chuckles]
And for you, sir?
- Um, I'll have the bruschetta.
And what do you recommend
as a good vegan entree?
- Okay, so I would most
definitely recommend
our fusilli alla caponata.
It's eggplant, tomatoes,
garlic tossed with a
bed of fusilli pasta.
It's personally one
of my favorites.
- Oh, that does sound good.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Okay um, yeah, I'll have that.
I think I have that.
- Okay. Great choice.
I can tell you're a foodie
and you know quality dishes.
- Well, I am a vegan chef,
so food is my passion.
- Oh, I see.
I knew it.
You know, maybe you should
talk to our head chef here
and see if maybe you can-
- Okay, girl. Thank you.
You can bring my wine
and bring our appetizers.
Appreciate it.
- Okay. Coming right up.
- M'kay.
- You did not have to
do that girl like that.
That was rude as hell.
What are you?
- That little bitch
as blatantly flirting
with you in my face.
- Babe, why does she
have to be a bitch?
And she was just being friendly.
- See, I could tell
you were a foodie
and knew quality dishes.
What the hell was that?
- It was nothing.
- Women know when other
women are flirting.
You men are so
oblivious sometimes.
- This is exactly why I
don't like it when you drink.
- And what does that mean?
- It means you become
rude, belligerent.
Look, I know not getting this
promotion is bothering you,
but alcohol is not the answer.
- Wow.
First Jillian tells
me I need a therapist
and now you're telling
me to go to AA.
Got it.
- That is not what I'm saying.
All I'm saying is-
- Mm hmm?
- [Boyfriend] Nevermind.
- Alright. Here is
more wine for you.
- And here is another
glass for you.
- And the bruschetta.
- Great. Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
And your salad.
[bowl bangs]
[Reina scoffs]
- Damn.
At least eat some bread
to soak up the alcohol.
- Mm.
- Okay.
- Alright. Entrees.
- [Boyfriend] Thank you
so much. I appreciate it.
- And for you madam.
Everything looking all right?
- Everything looks-
- What the hell is this?
What is this?
Girl you messed
up my whole order.
- Oh my God.
- Is this fish?
- No.
- Does this look
like fish to you?
- You're right.
I'm so sorry.
I don't even know
how that happened.
I'm sorry. I will fix-
- Girl, yes you do.
You did this on purpose.
Calm down.
- What?
No, I'm, really, I apologize.
It was, it was an accident.
- Nuh uh.
You know what,
you can save all
that innocent stuff,
'cause I see you,
you think you slick.
- Like I said, it
was an accident.
I will get it fixed. Okay?
- Whatever.
- Hey!
- And don't think
I didn't see you
trying to flirt with
my man earlier too.
- Flirt?
- I'm so sorry.
- Ma'am, I don't know
what you're talking about.
- Oh, okay.
- I'm doing my job and
I'm just being friendly.
I'm sorry you don't
know the difference.
Now, is there-
- Oh. Oh, oh, nope.
- Nope, nope.
'Cause see, I know
the difference, I do.
But I also know when
somebody is trying
to be shady as hell too.
- Oh do you really?
- Girl, do not play with me.
I will snatch them
tarantulas off your face.
- Okay, excuse us. So sorry.
- With them Snuffaluffagus
ass eyelashes.
If you don't get outta here.
Done lost your mind.
- Thank you so much.
Thank you for everything.
Thank you for everything.
- I know you're not about
to put some money down.
We didn't even eat food.
What are you paying for?
Thank you so much
for everything.
Have a great day.
- You were served.
- You about to get served.
Say something else to me.
- Thank you.
Thank you very much.
Have a great-
- Quality dish.
Got a quality ass
whooping up in here.
- What the hell is
the matter with you?
- What the hell is
the matter with you?
That was totally uncalled for.
- Oh, you are
taking her side now?
- No, I'm not taking...
You just made a complete
ass outta both of us.
Okay, the head chef invited
me to come here tonight
because he's interested in
some of my vegan dishes.
Now you probably ruined my
chances of working with him.
- Babe, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. I didn't know that.
Why wouldn't you say anything?
- Because I shouldn't
have tell you
not to show your...
I wanted it to be
a surprise. Okay?
But you've been so
consumed with this job
and, and this, this promotion.
Well, I have dreams too, okay?
But you don't care.
No, you don't care.
- Carlo, that is not true.
- Get in the car.
- Carlo!
- Get in the car.
[sad music]
- Are you coming in?
- No, I'm going to my place.
- Babe. Come on.
You didn't even talk to
me the whole ride here.
Look, why don't we just,
why don't we just go inside
and just work off
all this tension.
Damn, I said I was sorry.
- You are unbelievable.
Is that all I am to you?
A way to work off your
tension, your stress?
- No, of course not.
- Well, that's how
it's been lately.
I'm not feeling it anymore.
- What are you saying?
- I'm saying this relationship
has completely been one-sided.
You're only concerned
about your career,
pleasing your family and
satisfying your needs.
- Okay, look, I know that I've
been a little bit difficult
the last few months.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
A little bit difficult?
You call today a
little bit difficult?
You're using alcohol as a means
to cope with your anger, Reina.
- [scoffs] Yes. Okay.
I was over the top.
Alright? I admit
it, I did too much.
But I can change.
Okay? I can, I can change.
I'll just, I'll stop drinking.
- I've heard.
I've heard this before.
And frankly, I'm exhausted,
Reina, exhausted.
Look, I can't tell you what
to do, but I need some space.
- Some space?
- Yeah.
- Come on Carlo, don't do this.
- Please get out my car.
- Carlo-
- Just go.
Just go.
[bluesy music]
[Reina sobs]
- [Woman] It's a pleasure
to meet you, Ms. Cole.
- [Reina] It's a
pleasure to meet you too.
You come highly recommended.
- [Woman] Well, thank
you. That's good to know.
Can I offer you some tea
or water before we begin?
- Um, I'm good. Thank you.
- So what brings you here today?
- Um.
- You seem uncomfortable.
Maybe not sure that you made
the right decision to come.
- No, I, I'm, I'm all right.
I guess just not acclimated
to this new setting.
- That's okay. You're not alone.
A lot of people feel that
way in the beginning.
- Yeah, my best friend and my
boyfriend, my ex-boyfriend,
they said that I should
get professional help
for my anger issues.
- Do you think you
have anger issues?
- [Reina] No, not really.
- Not really?
- I mean, you know,
I have my moments.
- Can you tell me what
those moments look like?
- [scoffs] It's hard to explain.
I just, I just get
angry sometimes.
- [Therapist] What do you
do when you get angry?
- Um, I have these
weird fantasies
and these flashes of light
pop into my head sometimes.
- What are you doing
in these fantasies?
- Beating someone's
ass usually. [laughs]
- Do you have these
fantasies often?
- They've increased over
the last few months.
- So tell me about
the flashes of light.
- Uh, I don't know.
It's, it's hard to explain.
- How do you cope with
your anger and anxiety?
- Kickboxing.
- Kickboxing. It works?
- Yeah. Yeah.
It helps me release
a lot of stress
and it's like my medication.
- Oh, a lot of people say
that physical activity
is a great stress reliever.
Well, it seems to
be working for you.
- Yeah.
Also sex.
- So sex is another way that
you cope with your anxiety?
- Yes.
And alcohol on occasion.
- Um hmm, so kickboxing,
sex and alcohol.
- [Reina] Pretty much.
- You're an attorney at Horowitz
and Associates, correct?
- Yes.
- That's a very prestigious
law firm here in LA.
- It is, yeah.
- Is it stressful working there?
- Sometimes.
Most of the time.
- How so?
- You know, I don't really think
I should be
discussing work here.
- Reina, our sessions are
strictly confidential.
Anything that we say stays
between the two of us.
Now, you appear to be
a very intelligent
and ambitious woman.
You don't seem like the type
that would seek counseling
just because somebody
else recommended it.
Deep down, you know
that there is something
eating you up inside and
it's causing your anger.
Now, the only way that
I can help you with that
is that you have to open up
and tell me why
you're really here.
[tense music]
- Yes, I understand.
- So tell me about your
relationship with your parents.
Reina. How are you
feeling right now?
- I'm fine.
Actually no, I'm not.
- What's bothering you?
- I don't really think
I should be here.
I feel like I'm being judged.
And if my family knew
that I was in therapy-
- What would happen?
I understand that
it can be difficult
to be transparent
with everything that
you're dealing with,
but that's a part
of the process.
And it's the only way
that I can help you.
You can't be concerned about
other peoples' opinion.
Getting your mental
health issues addressed
is what's important.
- I don't have
mental health issues.
I'm a successful attorney who
graduated top of her class.
You know what,
this was a mistake.
I'm so sorry I wasted your time.
But I need to go.
- Reina, please just wait.
If you decide that you'd
like another session,
contact me directly on my cell.
[phone rings]
[Reina scoffs]
[phone rings]
[Reina scoffs]
- Damn, damn!
Hi Mom.
- Ray sweetie.
You're still coming to
dinner on Sunday, right?
- Mm-hmm. Yep, I'll be there.
- [Mom] Are you sure?
'Cause you didn't attend
the last few dinners?
- Mm-hmm. Yep.
I'm, I'm coming, Mom.
- [Mom] Okay.
So what have you
been up to, honey?
I was hoping to
hear some good news
about that promotion by now.
- Yeah.
You know what, Mr. Horowitz,
he postponed the meeting.
So we still don't
have a decision yet.
- Really?
Well, did you ask him why he's
putting off this decision?
You've been putting
in such long hours.
- Mom, Mom, Mom.
Uh just, you probably
shouldn't even
go down that rabbit
hole asking me questions
I don't know the answer to
because I can't tell you.
I don't, I don't know why Mr.
Horowitz made that decision.
- Well I'm just saying
you've put in the work-
- You know what?
I gotta go, Mom.
Sorry, I, I gotta take
care of something,
but I'll see you Sunday, okay?
And I love you.
[Reina growls]
[Reina exhales]
[pensive music]
[group chattering]
- Oh!
- That chicken looks
so good, Chef Winston.
- [Woman] Thank you.
- Mm, so then I was able to
win both of my cases last week,
which is an achievement that
none of the other attorneys
has ever been able
to accomplish.
- Oh, that's so
wonderful, sweetie.
And my goodness,
you are making such a major
headway over at that company.
I'm very proud of you.
- Yeah, sweetie.
I'm very proud of you too.
You're doing a great job
upholding the family name.
- I know, right?
- Thank you Mom and Dad.
- Reina?
Oh, that's what's up, sis.
- Thank you.
So how's everything going
at Horowitz and Associates?
- Yes, please.
I need you to finish telling me
about why they haven't
made a decision
about the promotion yet.
- Oh, you know, Mom,
it's like I said,
Mr. Horowitz decided to
push the meeting back.
So we just don't
know anything yet.
- Well you've been doing
a lot of work over there.
He needs to make
a decision soon.
- That's what I said.
- That's odd.
I mean, it's not what I heard.
- [Mom] Well, what did you hear?
- Well I heard that he
already made his decision
this past week.
He gave it to his nephew, Chris.
- He did what?
[ominous tones]
[sustaining high pitch]
- You've always
been such a jealous,
conniving little bitch!
Ever since we were
kids you always been
so spiteful and miserable.
- Sit down.
- Calm down.
- Don't be mad at me because
I'm Mom and Dad's favorite.
- I can't stand your ass.
- Reina, stop it!
- You better get
back off of me.
- Break it up, break it up.
- Mom! Dad!
- Stop!
- Reina, get your hands
off my baby!
- Reina? Reina!
Reina, what is
going on with you?
And why have you lied to me
about not getting the promotion?
- Reina, answer your mother.
- Reina Marie Cole,
I know you heard me.
Answer the question.
- Okay. I lied.
- Oh.
- Oh, Reina.
- You know I do not tolerate
dishonesty in this family.
- Yeah, Mom.
But I knew that you
would find a way
to blame me for not getting it.
- I wouldn't do that.
But, did you handle all
of your cases properly?
- Yes, Mother, I did.
- And have you done all
the follow ups and filings
according to California law?
- Yes, Mother.
- Well what about
your attitude then?
'Cause you know you
have the tendency
to be a little ghetto.
- [Sister] [snickers] She does.
- And I have told you
time and time again
not to be too difficult
or you'll get labeled
the angry Black
woman in the office.
Don't get me started
about your hair.
- Wow. Seriously, Mom?
- Yes. Seriously.
Because all of that,
kinky curly, happy
I'm nappy hairstyles
are frowned upon in
corporate settings.
- See?
See, this is exactly
what I was talking about.
You are criticizing me like
I'm freaking five years old.
- Reina. Watch your tone.
Don't talk to your
mother like that.
- Why not?
She gets to criticize
me and hurt my feelings
whenever she wants to
because she's my mother.
No, I am tired of
you trying to make me
into some Black Barbie doll.
That is not who I am.
- What I'm trying
to do is help you
to become a refined and
accomplished young lady here.
- Yeah, according to your
outdated, ridiculous standards.
- Oh, is that right?
- Newsflash Mom, I
didn't get that promotion
because I'm a Black
woman, period.
- Oh. And I know
nothing about that.
- It would not have
mattered what I'd done.
It would never be enough. Okay?
I was even doing the work
for his ignorant,
incompetent nephew
thinking that it would
help me and I was wrong.
- Reina, that is enough.
You will not disrespect
your mother in my house.
Now, you apologize right now.
- No, I will not.
I won't.
- Oh, I see.
Now I really understand
where my anxiety
and anger comes from and
why I lost my boyfriend.
- Reina, come back
here right now.
- No, no. Let her go and
have her temper tantrum.
Go ahead. Blame your mother.
What boyfriend?
Dear heavenly father,
please give the strength
to go into this office and
be the fearless, intelligent,
competent lawyer you
have destined me to be.
No weapon formed against
me shall prosper.
Oh and Lord, please
gimme the strength
not to whoop nobody's today
'cause I am on the edge!
[Reina sighs]
Alright, you got this girl.
[determined music]
- Reina, why'd you miss
the meeting on Friday?
- Meeting? What meeting?
- The meeting that
my uncle called
to discuss the upcoming
conferences and cases
he's going to be delegating.
- What?
Why didn't anyone tell me?
- Oh, that's right.
You were out of the office.
- I was out of the office.
But I still should
have known about it.
I needed to take a
personal day for my dog.
- Your dog? Right.
Hey, I'm gonna need those cases
on my desk by end of the day.
- Oh Chris.
on making partner.
I guess it really
pays to know the boss.
[both laughing]
- Classic.
Where did you even come from?
- I pop up to throw a
little shade when necessary.
So what was all that about?
- He said they had yet
another meeting without me.
- Wow.
- I mean, yeah, I
took the day off.
But you could at least
include me on the e-mail.
- That is ridiculous.
- Exactly.
This is a crap
I'm talking about.
It's this passive aggressive
BS that they're doing
just to mess with my head.
- I'll do my best to
keep you in the loop
if I hear about any
other ones, okay?
- I appreciate that.
But you shouldn't
have to do that.
- I know, but I'm
gonna do it anyway.
So are you okay?
I was a little worried
when you ran outta here
and didn't return any
of my texts or my calls.
- Yes. I'm sorry.
But I decided to
take a personal day
so I could see a therapist.
She had an opening and
I said, what the hell?
- I'm sorry. What?
You went to go see a therapist?
- Yes. Why is that
so hard to believe?
- Well, I know you, you
are a stubborn individual.
You're not going
to see a therapist
unless you absolutely have to.
- Okay. Something happened.
Carlo and I broke up last week.
- Really? Why?
- Let's just say I
drank a little too much.
Hell, I drank way too much.
I got into a verbal
altercation with a waitress
and I embarrassed the hell
outta Carlo and myself.
Please don't look
at me like that.
I already feel horrible.
- So he broke up
with you after that?
- Yeah.
He said he needed some space
and I know he wants me to
work on my anger issues.
- Okay, well, from
everything you tell me,
he seems like a really good guy.
- He is.
- Well, you know what
you need to do then.
- Yes, I do.
- Alright, I'm
gonna get outta here
and act like I'm doing some work
for these Law and Order rejects.
A paralegal's work
is never done.
- Hmm.
- I'm here if you need me.
- Yes, I know.
Thank you.
Love you. Bye.
All they wanna do
is copy and paste
But you didn't get replaced
- I see you.
Where have you been?
You haven't answered
any of my phone calls
or my text messages.
Girl, open this door.
Open the door or you know what,
I swear I will squeeze
my ass under this stall.
- [Reina] Please don't. You
know you gonna get stuck.
- Oh, okay. You got jokes, huh?
Bring your ass outta
here and talk to me.
What's going on?
- I took a day off.
I needed a break.
- Wait, you took a day off?
- Yes, I took a day off.
- Listen, I know you
didn't get the promotion.
I called Garth just
looking for you.
And he told me
everything that happened.
- Cannot believe they
made that jackass partner
after I'm the one
that trained him, J.
And now this little
punk is walking around
like he's my boss?
It's freaking nepotism.
I just, oh!
Mm, nuh uh, I don't
wanna talk about this.
I, I just wanna be left alone.
- I'm not gonna leave you alone.
You are my friend
and I care about you.
I wanna make sure
that you're good
and let you know that
I'm here for you.
- I cannot have this kumbaya
moment with you right now.
Let it go.
I know this trick did not
just walk in front of me.
Excuse me.
- Yeah?
- I was about to take that one.
- Oh, were you?
[laughs] You gotta
move quicker than that.
- Oh, you think
that shit is funny?
- Hey, hey, hey.
Just take that
one. Just take one.
Take this one right here.
- It's okay.
Am I supposed to be
scared or something?
- Nah, you ain't
supposed to be scared.
You're supposed to move
your ass off that bag
'cause you saw me
coming to get it.
- No I didn't.
- Who you hollering at?
- Wait. No!
You guys, why are you fighting?
Okay, wait!
- Come on.
- Wait a minute.
Wait a minute. Break it up.
- Hey! Hey, hey, hey, hey,
what the hell's going on here?
Hey, break it, break it up!
Hey, hey, hey.
What's going on?
What's going on?
- Coach, she shoved
me for no reason.
- Nah, that bitch took my bag.
She saw me walking over there.
- So what if I did?
See this is what I-
- Hey, hey, hey!
- Wait!
- Cut it out!
- Alright!
- Look, I teach you
ladies to use self-defense
out on the streets, not
on each other in here!
- Oh come on, Coach.
- Look Reina, you cannot
be putting your hands
on people because they
took the bag you like.
- She was being
hella disrespectful.
Why you only coming at me?
- This is my establishment
and my rules.
If you don't like
it, you can leave.
- What? Coach!
- You know what? Cool.
[Jillian exclaims]
Screw this mess.
I don't wanna talk
- Oh, this heifer didn't go on
and knock my trash can over.
- Reina!
- You gonna clean
this mess up!
- Reina, wait!
- Hey!
Don't come back until
you fix your attitude!
I just have to stop
I don't wanna speed
- Reina, girl!
What the hell was
that back there?
- You saw what happened?
That bitch was
trying to test me.
- No, you were doing too much.
You just started a
fight with that woman
over a punching bag?
Girl, it wasn't
even that serious.
You need to check yourself.
- Check myself?
- Yes.
- No, no, J. maybe you
need to check yourself.
Stop worrying about me
and start worrying about
them broke ass scammers
that's ruining your credit.
Yeah. How about that?
- Really Reina?
Girl, I'm just
trying to help you.
- I don't need your help.
I don't need anybody's help!
- Friend!
- God!
[Reina growls]
[Reina growls]
[Reina yells]
[tense music]
I don't wanna speak,
talking all that good
So I'll just hit
you with a please
Running up the score like
Tyreek, I'm going deep
Watch me how I'm saucin'
I be spreading it with ease
You gonna see the peace
You gonna see the flex
when you hear these Rins
Trust me, you'll
know the difference
I got a long ways to climb
before you see a slippage
I see the process
in the journey
I'm supposed to be the
- What the hell?
You're a God damn person.
[horn honks]
I was gonna take that space.
I know you heard me.
Get your ass outta that...
Oh God.
Um, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
[bluesy music]
- Thank you for seeing me.
I need help.
- It's gonna be okay, Reina.
Have a seat.
[Reina sobs]
Reina, do you want
to tell me about it?
- Um...
There was this woman
in the parking lot.
She, she took the
space I wanted.
So stupid.
But I got so mad
and I got outta the car
and I ran up to her window
and she was pregnant.
And she was so scared.
The look of fear in
that woman's eyes
will haunt me for
the rest of my life.
I don't know what came over me.
I'm so ashamed.
- First, let me say
that I'm very proud
that you came back to see me.
The first step of dealing with
any level of unhealthy anger
is to identify what's
going on inside of you
that leads to these feelings.
The next step is knowing
that you need counseling,
to regain control
over your emotions
and eventually find peace.
- The day was definitely
a wake up call.
I am so tired, Dr. Francis.
I can't do this anymore.
- So tell me more
about what you learned.
- You remember me telling you
that I'm an attorney at
Horowitz and Associates
and I've been there
for over seven years,
to put up with so many
racial microaggressions,
being belittled and
taken for granted,
but not getting that partnership
when I deserved it?
I feel like it just, it just
pushed me over the edge.
I have never felt so
much rage in my life.
- Did you consider quitting?
- No.
It's one of the most
prestigious firms in LA
and my mother always told me
not to ruffle any feathers.
Don't cause problems.
Don't act ghetto.
Preserving our family image
was always the most
important thing,
even at my own expense.
- Reina, I know not getting
that promotion was devastating.
But what is the underlying issue
that's really bothering you?
- [Reina] What do you mean?
- Well, there's always
some deep seated issues
that cause anger.
I mean, not getting
the promotion
was the straw that
broke the camel's back.
What are you really angry about?
- I've always been angry,
since I was a little kid.
I, I would get so pissed
that I would just see red, just,
and it was usually
when I felt like,
when I felt like my parents
were choosing my
baby sister over me.
I was never good
enough, no matter what.
I was never gonna
be good enough.
And somehow I always got
blamed for Riley's bullshit.
- What happened
with your sister?
- We never got along.
We were at odds ever since
we were little girls.
Riley would get in trouble and
somehow it would be my fault.
I still have dreams
about that sometimes.
[sad music]
There was this one time
when we were teenagers
and I had my driver's license
and Riley had her permit
and she wanted to drive
and I told her no,
but she just kept pestering
me and pestering me
and pestering me.
And I let her drive.
And I told her to slow down.
But she laughed.
She didn't listen.
Eventually she lost control
and we had a bad accident.
Riley was in the hospital
for a little while, but...
my parents didn't
give a damn about me.
- Reina, your feelings
are very valid.
Did you ever tell your parents
how they made you feel about
the way they treated you
as a child or even
now as an adult?
- No, and honestly I
don't think they care.
- Well, you'll never
know if you don't try.
You can't let your anger get
in the way of a productive life
or be the cause of your
mental deterioration.
Bitterness and anger will
only stop your growth.
I always like to
tell my patients that
holding on to anger
is like drinking poison
and expecting the
other person to die.
- When you say it like that,
it makes a lot of sense.
I guess, I guess I have
to deal with my past
in order to have
some kind of future.
- Absolutely.
Now, what thoughts or ideas
have you had about your career?
- [Reina] My career?
What do you mean?
- Well, going to another firm.
Starting one of your own.
I don't know, maybe
perhaps online.
- I, I hadn't really
thought about that.
I mean, I've come from
a family of attorneys
who've all gotten their
experience from firms.
- Well, as long as you're
providing legal help
for people that need it,
it shouldn't matter
where you practice.
And the last time I
checked, this is your life,
not your family's.
- [scoffs] You know what?
You are absolutely right
and I don't need
anybody's approval
to live the life
that I wanna live.
Yeah. I kinda like
the sound of that.
I mean, it's, it's
scary, but it's exciting.
- With your anger and anxiety,
we have to tackle that first.
So you won't be triggered
when you go back to work
or when you interact
with your family.
And then once that's done,
well, I recommend that we map
out your next career path.
- Deal.
- You're gonna be fine, Reina.
It's gonna be okay.
Let your spirit rise
Let your spirit rise
Let your spirit rise
'Cause that's the only
way you're gonna elevate
You gotta hold the line
'til it's show time
Yeah, and just let
your spirit shine
Well sometimes there
ain't no easy way
To say all the things
that we need to say
And we spend so much time
looking for the easy road
When all we need is
right there in our soul
Spirit rise
You gotta let your spirit
Oh, you gotta
let your spirit
Say you gotta
let your spirit
You gotta let your spirit
Spirit rise
Oh you gotta let your spirit
Oh you gotta let your
spirit, spirit rise
- Reina, I must say that
I am thoroughly impressed
with your progress over
these past six months.
- Thank you.
It hasn't been easy.
But I feel like such a weight
has been lifted
off my shoulders.
No more using sex and alcohol
to cope with my anger.
- Reina, that is great.
You know, this can be
a difficult process,
but it's worth it in the end.
- It really is.
Oh, and there's something
I wanted to show you.
I haven't just been
working on my mental state.
I have taken my destiny
in my own hands.
Ta da!
- Wait a minute. Is
this your new website?
- It is.
Cole & Associates.
- Oh, Reina, when
did you do this?
- I started after our
first full session.
I loved what you said
about being my own boss
and the idea of
working for people
who actually appreciated my
knowledge and experience.
- So you were working
on this the entire time
and you never said a thing.
- Yep.
I realized if I wanna change
my life for the better,
I had to get focused and
create the life I wanted.
- I am so proud of you.
Well, it's only been six
months, but have you,
have you acquired any clients?
- Actually, I have.
I got this overwhelming response
when I first launched the site,
but it has been
so much hard work
and I finally secured
my first big contract.
It's with a production company
as their general counsel.
- Reina, that is awesome.
Oh wow.
- Thank you.
But you know what, Dr. Francis,
none of this would've
happened without you.
Starting therapy is the
best decision I ever made.
- Well, I am very
happy to hear that.
But I can only help people
that want to be helped.
- You're right about that.
Now I have to figure out a
way to talk to my family.
- Well, you'll find a way.
You just have to
speak from your heart.
I always like to
tell my patients
that if you have the
opportunity to make amends
with the people that
you love, just do it.
They will know that you've
changed by your actions.
- I've been thinking a
lot about that lately.
Especially one
person in particular.
- Well, from what you
told me about Carlo,
he seems like he's
a really great man.
- He is.
- Have you talked to him
these past six months?
- No. I've been so ashamed.
- Reina, you are
not that same person
that caused that scene
in the restaurant.
- I know, but...
- Look, you have gotta
let him know that.
You better to go
get your man back.
[both laugh]
- Yes ma'am.
I just pray it's not too late.
Thank you so much
for everything.
- You are welcome.
And I am just, oh, it
just warms my heart
to know that I was
able to assist you.
- And your last
invoice wore my pocket.
Whoo child!
[both laugh]
But, you are worth every penny.
- Well, thank you.
But you know,
that's what I hear.
Seriously, congratulations.
- Thank you.
- Alright, what is going on?
- Alright, what is going on?
I came as soon as you texted me.
Did that dinosaur
Horowitz let you go?
Uh uh? No way.
- No.
No, no, he didn't.
I've decided to
step out on faith
and finally bet on
myself for once.
All the time that I've
put into this place,
I am dedicating to
building my own empire.
- What are you talking about?
- I'm starting my own
online legal practice.
Cole & Associates.
- What?
- Yeah!
- That is a boss move.
I am so proud of you.
- Thank you.
I, I just wanted to let you
know before I officially resign.
- Thank you.
I appreciate that.
- Yeah.
- Oo, I wish I could see the
look on his decrepit face
when you tell him the news.
[both laugh]
Come here.
You are the smartest lawyer
to ever walk into this office.
Smart, strong and sexy as hell.
- Oh I'll take that.
- Mm-hmm.
- Are you single or what?
Now go and handle your business.
- Yeah.
[knocking at door]
- Come in.
Just the first I wanted to see.
You know, I've
noticed your workload
has decreased tremendously
over the past several months.
What is going on?
- Actually, my workload
hasn't diminished at all.
I have been handling
my work accordingly.
- Mm-hmm?
Well, Chris needs your help.
I would like you to
keep assisting him.
- Mm. I don't think so.
- Excuse me.
- No, I won't be assisting
Chris with his cases anymore.
In fact, I am
officially resigning
from Horowitz and
Associates as of today.
See, I dedicated seven years
of my life to this place.
And your decision to make
your incompetent nephew,
who I trained, partner...
- Bye!
- Was the last straw.
I refuse to be undervalued
or undermined any longer.
- Mm. I knew this firm,
and more specifically,
this promotion wasn't suitable
for you and your attitude.
I hope you don't expect a letter
of recommendation from me.
- Your letter of recommendation
is not needed or wanted.
I am starting my own business.
So I will be the
head CEO in charge.
I do appreciate the
experience though.
And I wish you the best.
Actually, I don't
wish you the best.
That just seemed like
the right thing to say.
You take care though.
Garth, were you listening
this whole time?
- What? No!
I was just practicing
some poses.
How does it look?
- You're so full of it.
- [Garth] I'm gonna miss you.
- Well um, I was actually hoping
you would come work for me.
- Really?
- Yes!
I need somebody to help me
with all these
lucrative contracts.
I mean, if you know anybody
who might be interested.
- I think I might know somebody.
Give me five minutes
to pack my things.
[upbeat music]
- Oh Chris, just
who I needed to see.
There you go.
- What the hell is this?
- Those are the rest of the
cases you need to review.
- I thought you were
supposed to be helping me.
- [laughs] Not anymore.
Good luck!
Baby, you gonna need it.
Okay. That was fast.
- I told you I only
needed five minutes.
- How did you even get
a box packed so quick?
- I had an emergency box packed
just in case the time came
whenever I needed to
break free of this place.
And that time is now.
- You are such a mess.
- Yes I am.
And you love it.
- I do.
- Hit me two times.
- [Both] Ugh. Ugh.
- Ball change.
We out.
- Hi.
- Hey.
For me? [laughs]
- I am really sorry
about the way I acted.
- Oh it, it's all good, girl.
Thank you for the flowers.
Are are you here to
see Mr. Matthews?
- Carlo? Is he here?
- I thought you knew.
He's the new co-owner
of the restaurant.
Yeah, the owner loved
his vegan recipes
so much that he offered
him an opportunity
to be head chef and partner.
- Wow.
That's, that's great news.
- Yeah.
Do you want me to
get him for you?
I think he's in the office.
- No, no, that's okay.
I'll just talk to him later.
- Okay.
- Your lashes look
great, by the way.
- [laughs] Thank you.
- Take care.
- Bye.
Thanks for the flowers again.
You conquered
fear got the crown
Can't nobody bring me down
I'm looking good
quite frankly
- [Coach] Hey, you
brought for me flowers.
How sweet.
- Not this time, Coach.
- Hey, welcome back.
Don't be trashin' my gym.
- You got a deal.
[Coach mutters]
Sorry about that.
- No problem.
- Oo, now you know I like
chocolate with my flowers.
- Well the flowers
ain't for you,
but I got plenty of chocolate.
- Oh, come here, girl.
Good to see you.
I didn't think you was
coming back to class.
- Yeah, I had to do some
less strenuous activities
while I was getting
my mind right.
I started doing yoga,
took up meditation.
- Okay. I love that for you.
- You and I should do a yoga
class together sometime.
- Absolutely.
And girl, since
you've been gone,
Coach been acting a mess.
I think he need a little
anger management his own self.
- Hey, I heard that!
We doing burpies today.
- Oh damn!
Look, I'm glad you back.
- [Reina] Thank you, girl.
- Thank you.
I appreciate that.
- Yeah.
- Oh, that is so sweet.
See, next time I'm gonna
set up a boxer ring
and y'all can go at it.
All right, look enough
of this mushy crap.
Let's go ladies.
And uh, thanks to
Jillian over here
you guys will be starting
off with burpies!
- No!
- Come on!
- I'm sorry, y'all.
- Let's go, ladies.
Let's go.
[women yelling]
- Hey Brittany.
- Oh hey girl.
- Is Carlo here?
- Yeah, he's in the kitchen.
I'll go grab him for you.
- Okay, thanks.
- Mm-hmm.
- You guys can take a break.
I need a minute.
- I know you guys
are about to open.
I didn't mean to interrupt.
I just wanted to
say congratulations.
Finally making your
dreams come true.
You look so handsome
in your uniform.
- Thank you.
Brittany told me you came by
the other day to apologize.
That was nice of you to do that.
- It was the right thing to do.
Listen, I just
wanted to tell you
that you were right about
me needing some help.
Been in therapy for a while
now and well, my therapist
suggested that I make amends
with the people I hurt most.
Look, I know you're probably
still real upset with me
and I completely understand if,
if you never wanna
talk to me again.
But I just wanted
to say I'm sorry
for taking you for granted.
You were a great boyfriend.
I was just so focused
on my own career goals
that I didn't pay
attention to yours.
I resigned from the firm,
started my own practice.
I still love you
more than anything
and I just wanted to
wish you the best.
I just needed to say that.
I'm sorry it bothered you.
- Reina.
Have you been practicing
your twerking?
[gentle music]
- Um, a little.
Leave the light on
- Let me see it.
In this car
Set me on fire like the
little fire that you are
Don't be a shooting star
May come and go
as you please
And as you please
- I guess we can
reinstate your Black card.
It's just a little bit
- Come here.
A little bit of
something, my dear
- I love you, too.
So I'll be
- You had me at therapy.
As I can
I'm a sugar coating
Just thought that
you should know
Every time I close my eyes
You're the first
place that I'm going
I'm starting to notice
- [Carlo] I missed you so much
- [Reina] I missed you too.
- Let me look at you.
Hold on, let me look at you.
- You look so cute.
- Nah, you look better.
- I'm sorry.
- No, stop.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
[sisters laughs]
- Okay, so Benjamin
was at the podium
speaking about the
revitalization of
litigation practices
when he looked into the
audience and our eyes connected.
- Oh, that is so adorable.
I can't wait for the wedding.
No pressure.
- Honey, are you okay?
Breathe. Breathe.
What are you laughing at?
I wouldn't be so happy if I
just got fired from my job.
- [Dad] What?
- Wait, what?
What, what is she
talking about Reina?
Were you fired from the firm?
- No, Mother, as usual,
Riley is so pressed
to make me look bad that
she just makes up lies.
- You two.
- Actually, I quit.
- What?
- What are you talking about?
When did this happen?
Is this why you haven't
been here for months?
- Reina, what the
hell is going on?
Have you lost your mind?
- Apparently!
- No, Mom, Dad, look,
I know that leaving
a family legacy
and maintaining a certain
image is important to you guys.
But I was not happy at
Horowitz and Associates.
- [Mom] I can't believe you.
- Mom, I'm not trying
to be disrespectful,
but just let me finish.
Not getting that promotion
was the best thing
that ever happened to me.
I was struggling with
anger and anxiety
and I realize now it
was because I was trying
to suppress my
emotions all the time.
It was also because
I've spent my whole life
trying to please you guys.
- What's wrong with that?
- And this sibling rivalry
with Riley is just ridiculous.
I'm in therapy now and it is
the best decision I ever made.
- Okay, don't blame
your shortcomings on us.
- What do you mean
sibling rivalry?
Don't be mad at me
because I've always
been smarter than you.
- All right everybody,
that's enough.
Everybody. Calm down.
- No, no Dad.
This finally needs
to be addressed.
My whole life, you guys
have favored Riley over me.
Everything was
always my fault, Mom.
Even the night of the accident,
you guys were more
concerned about her than me.
- Well she got hurt.
- Yeah, but I deserve
to be loved too, Mom.
I deserve to be
happy and successful.
That's why I started my
own online legal service.
- What kind of money can
you even make with that?
- Well, if you must know,
I just secured a
six figure contract
with a prominent
production company.
So that kind of money.
- Reina, we are sorry that
you have felt this way.
Your dad and I just only
wanted what was best for you.
But I promise you, if you had
hung in there with the firm,
you would've gotten
that promotion.
- That is enough, Cassandra.
[Mom stutters]
Can't you see what
we're doing to Reina?
- Honey.
- The health and welfare of
our daughter should come first.
Sweetheart, I am so
sorry that we hurt you,
but I promise you
we will get through this
together as a family.
I am so proud of you.
And if you choose to
practice law this way,
girl, I say go for it.
And moving forward from now on
this family will
be more supportive
and positive to one another.
- But Dad-
- Understood?
- Absolutely, darling.
- Thank you, sweetheart.
- Thank you Dad.
That really means a lot to me.
Actually, there's something else
I wanted to share with you guys.
- [Mom] Oh!
- I asked Chef Winston
to set another place
'cause there's someone
I wanted you to meet.
[doorbell rings]
And he's right on time.
Excuse me.
- Well she's full of surprises.
- [Reina] You look great.
- [Carlo] Okay.
- Everyone, this is
my boyfriend, Carlo.
He's a successful chef and
restaurant owner here in LA.
- Oh.
- Damn, he's fine.
Oh sorry honey.
I didn't mean to
say that out loud.
- Hello everyone.
It's a pleasure to meet you all.
- [Dad] Welcome
Carlo. Have a seat.
- [Carlo] Thank you.
- Carlo, I'm Donald,
Reina's father.
This is my lovely
wife, Cassandra.
This is my other
daughter, Riley.
And here right
here, is Benjamin.
- It's a pleasure to be here.
- Nice to have you, Mr. Carlo.
Winston, we have company.
Well, you must be
pretty damn special
if Reina has brought
you home for dinner.
- [chuckles] Well,
I'd like to think so.
- Oh!
Tell us more about your
successful restaurant.
[jazzy music]
- I own a vegan restaurant.
- And the food is really good.
- [Mom] We do like
some yummy veggies.
- I see that.
Looks really good.
- We must go.
She got style
She got attitude
She got, she got grace
Feel it much
In her touch
Show my gratitude
She got gratitude
She got style
She got attitude
Oh she got attitude
So much love
And every time
we touch, girl
It's oh so divine, yeah
And every time we touch
So I try
To blow each others mind