The Couple (2014) Movie Script

Kun's song again, every time.
Karn, come to the party
Where are you?
Let's go.
Take this.
Can we not go?
No, all right?
Does my hair look okay?
It's fine. Let's go.
Karn, Aom.
Where have you been?
I've been looking for you everywhere.
All the senior guests are here.
Yes, I'm going.
You speak to her more sweetly
than you do with me.
She's my dad's secretary.
She has been taking care of me
since I was young.
So irritating.
I'll fall down. Wait. Let me think.
Does Karn know many ministers?
-Ah, well...
-They are so...
Kun, ma'am.
All the guests are here. I told you
to stay here to welcome them.
I thought you wanted to wait
for Karn and Sita.
I think they are with some of the guests.
Mook, could you please find Korn?
This is Karn, my youngest brother.
Good evening.
And this is Aom,
our newly added younger sister.
Let's go take a picture.
Excuse me.
Ready? One, two...
Excuse me.
Can I take a photo with my family?
Please go ahead.
Please come, Mook.
Ready? Ready?
One, two, three.
This way, please.
Please come.
This way please.
You look so cute.
Where's Mom?
What about the other in-law?
The one you made a dress for,
where is she?
You mean, Sita?
Yeah, where is she?
I texted her but she didn't reply.
I'll introduce her to you if I see her.
Good. Good.
-Can I open my eyes?
-Not yet.
-I'll open my eyes.
-Don't open them just yet.
-It's very short!
Like a kid!
How could you do that?
Are these human feet or buffalo?
The smell is...
Making fun of me?
Well, next on the program,
I'll ask Minister Songsak,
head of the ceremony,
to come up on stage
to give blessings to the couple.
I'd like to stop the video here.
The Minister will have to leave quickly.
Good evening,
all distinguished guests.
is an auspicious day.
I need a break.
-I have a headache.
-I wish the bride and groom...
All right.
I wish them a long-lasting marriage.
The groom...
I can attest that the bride is very lucky.
You did a great job with the dress.
You deserve praise just as Karn said.
This one is beautiful.
You think so?
I made it for my wedding.
But I'm afraid it might be too sexy.
It doesn't go with Kun's concept
for the wedding.
So what if it's too sexy?
I'll be in a sexy dress too.
You should only care
about the people you love.
Yes, sis?
How are things?
Better. Doctor said
there might be a bit of shock.
After this, come see me at home.
We need to talk
about how to help the business.
The situation at home is not good.
But I just got married.
You know I don't like our family business.
I never asked you for anything.
Are you all right?
Actually, I don't want Karn to do anything
with the family business.
Karn doesn't like it.
That's understandable.
But with you opening a vending stall here,
would your hubby be okay with that?
Don't tell Karn just yet.
Wait until the shop's set up,
and then I'll tell him.
I think it's good that
you do your own things.
Like what happened the other day,
that was so scary.
I still think about Sita.
Come on, don't worry. Let's...
go to the fortune teller.
-I knew it.
-Come on.
Just get your horoscope checked.
I don't want to.
-I'm worried about you.
-That's bullshit.
Well, then we'll just go
pay respect to the Buddha.
-Okay, then.
Please close the foundry
as soon as possible.
Please also check everything.
You asked me to come here for a picture.
Is the situation here so bad
that we need to close it down?
Yes, that's right.
Many parts of the factory
have already been closed.
And lately,
we haven't been able to bid for projects.
I don't understand.
Why did Kun have to organize
a big wedding for me,
when our situation is like this?
We would do it for you, no matter what.
Please try talking to Kun.
Tell her not to close the factory.
Your parents built this place.
You guys grew up here.
Please, just try. Please.
There's no other way out?
Actually, there is.
The Minister is still interested
in this project.
It's a lot of money.
We can pay our debts with it.
Please, I think it's a pity.
I told you.
I don't want Kun to do any business
with that Minister.
-Is everything all right?
-Okay, almost ready.
Bring me the lens, the 85.
Walk here and see.
Bring the 135 lens.
Change the lens.
I think it might be better
to talk to that Minister again.
Come on, Karn.
We have nothing to lose,
just talk to him again.
Just double the money.
These greedy people will take it.
Or, let's do this.
I'll help you negotiate.
Let's try.
If we get the project,
you'll have your share and you can
help Aom open her shop.
So, today we just take some
family photos, then.
-Let's take pictures.
-Are you ready? Look at the camera.
I'm busy so I won't be at the office.
If you come, please help put away
the rest of the stuff.
And please help take care of Aom.
She doesn't feel well.
Okay. All right.
What are you doing?
Did you take your medicine?
Do you care?
Don't be mad.
I'll help them just for a while.
It'll be over soon.
You said you wouldn't leave me alone.
Then, what is this?
Shower with me.
I'll rub your back.
A massage too.
Karn! Karn!
That's so childish!
I got water in my eye.
I'm serious.
That day,
I felt...
-I love you.
-Teasing me?
Weird how?
Weird how?
Can't we just stay like this?
When I finish with my work...
I will take you on our honeymoon.
The Maldives, okay?
It's the Maldives, then.
Donate Sita's dress, don't keep it.
Idiot! Just give it to anyone but monks.
Why do you think she ordered
another dress?
Don't be obsessed with that,
get rid of the stuff.
Don't forget your medicine
before bedtime.
Okie dokie.
What is Aom doing here?
I don't know either.
When I found her, she was unconscious.
I think she's really sick.
I think it's strange.
What do you mean?
Come, take a look.
I think she was not herself.
Why did she go into Sita's office?
I should take her to the hospital.
Can you go in after lunch?
Do we have to go talk with the Minister?
It's just two hours.
I'll ask Mook to take care of her.
Master Wanna?
This is Mook. Do you remember me?
I need your advice.
It's about Sita who recently passed.
It's the cheeks
that tell you how good the fish is.
Kun, have a bite.
We rarely have something good together.
We keep missing our appointments.
the number we were talking about,
I think the commission--
I thought we were just having a nice meal.
I apologize on his behalf.
Please, enjoy the food.
Eat, eat.
Aom doesn't feel well.
Accompany her and let her get some rest.
Let's go.
You have something
to surprise me with again?
Like the former person.
Please feel free.
Aom, stop!
Back off!
Come here!
Come here!
-Where are you going?
It's okay, Aom. We're at the hospital.
Karn, help me.
Sita forced me to do it.
Mook called.
She said that Master Wanna
can't come anymore.
Who is Master Wanna?
Master Wanna...
practices meditation.
But she's not a medium.
She's very respectful.
Mook thought Aom hasn't been well,
so she called her for some advice.
listen carefully.
Master Wanna said
that Aom might be possessed by a spirit.
The spirit will leave the body
when it's done
with the unfinished business.
The body's owner has to be strong enough
to resist the evil spirit.
What are you talking about?
I don't believe this kind of stuff.
I'm gonna take her home.
What took you so long?
Oh, no!
Oh, no!
How are you?
Aom, how are you?
A haircut for the stubborn.
-Can I open my eyes?
-Not yet. Not yet.
-I'll open my eyes.
-Not yet.
-Don't open them just yet.
-It's very short!
Why did you cut it this short?
God! How could you do that?
Are these human feet or buffalo?
The smell is...
Making fun of me?
-Oh, God!
Clip them yourself.
We'll soon be the same family.
Can I ask for one thing?
We used to promise to each other,
no matter what happens, we will not...
walk away from each other.
Can we be like that until the end?
I miss you.
I love you.
The Minister said when you're done,
please go wait in room 306.
When he finishes talking with Korn,
he will join you there.
Are you sure
that you want to do this?
It's the only way.
Aom, where are you going?
Aom, open the door!
Aom, open the door!
Karn, don't open it!
Sorry, the dialed number is not available.
Hi, Mook, where is Kun?
Kun and Korn...
What are you doing here?
You're here to do a delivery
for your big brother?
I need to talk to you.
I know that
Sita made a delivery to you.
And after that,
she was dead.
Do your brother and sister know
that you came barging in here?
When everyone arrives...
you'll be cornered.
Actually, about Sita...
you don't have to come to me.
You should go back
and talk to your family.
They are the ones who made the offer.
And I just accepted it.
Or you can call it a "conspiracy."
Your family know it well.
For me,
money is not as important as pleasure.
You know it, too.
Your sister thinks very highly of herself.
But it's strange
that her sister-in-law
wasn't like that at all.
Help me!
Help me! Help!
Kun! Kun!
Fucking come off!
Wake up! Kun!
Kun! Wake up!
Hello? 911?
Someone jumped off the building!
I don't know.
That fucking Minister,
he has just taken his position.
He told Kun to bring him money,
and he would give us the work project.
Kun asked Sita to go instead.
Nobody thought he would do that to Sita.
Sita was angry that none of us
dared to do anything.
She would say it all at your wedding...
but he took the first step.
Si! Si!
Please don't do anything to my brother.
Korn! Tell him!
Nobody will find out about this.
They hung Sita's body
to cover up her death.
-Korn! Don't go! Korn!
Let me go!
They hung Sita's body in the bathroom.
And you let them do that?
What the fuck were you thinking?
Don't talk to him like that.
No one wanted this to happen.
They let Sita die.
That's why all this happened.
Otherwise, our whole family would be dead.
And you?
You would let your wife kill all of us?
Aom is just a victim!
Stop fighting!
I beg you.
Do you believe now...
that Aom has been possessed?
Please go help catch Aom
and take her to Master Wanna.
You said it'd be over.
You said it would be over
when Sita got what she wanted.
I'll go find Aom.
-What's up?
-Hello, Korn.
I saw Aom walking towards you.
Stop her. Don't let her go.
What's wrong, Korn?
Calm down!
Calm down!
What happened?
I'm all right.
Aom got away.
But she can't be too far away.
Korn, please follow her.
That's not Aom.
I don't understand.
Who else does Sita want to attack?
Why isn't it over yet?
Do you really believe...
that Aom can go back to her usual self?
You say that
like you know what will happen.
Sita is not part of our family anyway.
I would never
let Kun go meet the Minister first.
I already told you!
I told you!
If you love me,
tell your sister to sell this factory.
Give us our share,
so we can make a living.
I won't go away empty-handed.
Why is that, Si?
Can't we just go away?
Without hurting anyone?
Subtitle translation by Lalawan