The Crazies (1973) Movie Script

Billy, you're trying to scare me!
Billy, I'm telling mommy you're being bad!
- Zap! Got ya!
- Stop it, Billy! Stop it!
Come back to bed and go to sleep.
Stop it, Billy.
I'm afraid.
Billy, will you stop
trying to scare me!
- What's the matter; Billy?
- Watch out, sis!
What's the matter, Billy?
- What's going on here, Billy?
- I told you, hush up!
Hey, Billy, this is all wet here.
Smells like kerosene.
Mommy! Daddy!
Mommy, wake up.
Mommy, wake up!
Damn fire siren.
What fire siren?
That fire siren.
Don't heara thing.
You... are sabotaging...
The Evans city volunteer...
Fire department.
Uh, didn't the doctor say
something about moderation?
What does he know?
He knows...
What a shameless,
lustful woman you are, my clear.
And he doesn't want us
to hurt the baby.
Oh. Well, we're gonna
have to be careful.
Anyhow, I have a feeling that
if anything happened to this baby...
You wouldn't marry me.
I wouldn't
take a chance like that.
Oh, now
that's a hell of a thing to say.
L'm marrying you,
not the baby.
Would you believe
i don't want you to go?
Hey, where you goin'?
I've gotta answer the phone.
What phone?
Okay. I'll make you a deal.
I won't answer the phone if you
don't go to the fire. Deal.
Go on. Geez.
God, that's awful.
Sure, I can come down
Yes, doctor.
- What's that all about?
- The fire, it's at the dairy farm.
- Mitchell's?
- Mm-hmm. Yeah, those poor kids.
They're both burned pretty bad.
They're going to bring them
into Dr. broolmyre's office...
Until we can get an ambulance in
from unity.
Evans city fire hall. Where's it at?
I didn't hear the code.
That's the old dairy farm.
Must be pretty bad.
I could see the flames
clear over at my place.
Hey, clanker!
See the soldiers?
- Soldiers?
- Couple truckloads of'em.
Hmm. Poor schmucks.
Wonder what
they're doing here.
Evans city base, off and clear.
- Is Dan here yet?
- Didn't see him.
What's everybody looking so happy about?
Give me a smoke.
- Don't it bother you, draggin'
out like this? - Somethin' to do.
Good morning there,judy.
The Evans city volunteer fire department
apologizes for dragging you out of bed this way.
- You got a bad mouth, clank.
- Yeah? You're late.
I was the first one here.
David, be careful, please.
I wi I I.
Don't worry about him.
I won't let him do anything dumb, even though
i still think you picked the wrong guy.
You're a slob, clanker.
Ain't no girl gonna pick you.
I'm gonna break your head.
- Aw, ain't that cute?
- Shut up and drive.
Where's Dr. brookmyre?
Are you the nurse?
Who are you?
Where's Dr. brookmyre?
- In the office with major Ryder.
- Major Ryder?
- How many syringes do you have?
- Look, what's going on here?
Major Ryder will explain.
We haven't got time.
Break out those syringes.
We're gonna need a lot of them.
The girl just died.
I think I can save the boy.
Move, nurse!
- You've known about this for days.
- We never thought it would happen.
- But you notified me! You must have
suspected! - Notmfwxg you was precaufionary.
We never thought it was possible. We
've got to call the hospital in unity!
We need an ambulance
for those kids!
L'm afraid I can't allow that. We're bringing in our
own medical personnel with emergency equipment.
- But this isn't the sort of thing-
- look, we've quarantined the area.
We're sealing off the town.
- Have you got colonel peckem yet?
- Yeah.
Uh, get Dr. brookmyre a gas mask.
Yes, sir.
Yes, sir, they're certain.
They have three cases reported.
They're waiting
for verifying blood tests.
We'll need somebody from trixie on the spot.
Ls that being taken care of?
L'm leaving for the airstrip now.
I should be in Evans city within two hours.
Who knows about this?
Press blackout?
Yes, sir, we'll button it up. I'll be available by radio
on the plane, and I'll report in from Evans city.
All right, sir.
Give me major Ryder on 2c, please.
Major Ryder, have you set up
a perimeter around the town?
Do the best you can. Three more companies are on
their way. They may get in there before I do.
In the meantime,
try to set up some kind of a perimeter.
Nobody gets in or out of that town.
Now, is that clear?
This is a blackout situation,
so from here on in we're using
voiceprint checks for all communications.
You don't talk to me or anybody else
unless you got a voiceprint check.
That's the order of the day.
Go on, fellas, bring the hose here.
We need a lot of slack.
You may want an air mask.
Easy. Easy!
Sheriff, what the hell's going on? What do you
think, you lunkhead? There's a house burning.
- No, no, what? This about the soldiers? - Okay, let's move
it. Clear the area around the house and let it burn out.
We could still save a good part of it. Just get
the lead out of your ass and do something to help.
I want them trees down over the garage.
I don't want them trees goin' up.
There's a chain saw over by the wagon.
What the hell?
- Get that fireman by
that window there! - He just went crazy.
He set that fire himself.
His wife's dead.
He killed her.
Hey! Hey! Hey!
When Mac and I first came here,
he was laughing like a hyena.
Then all of a sudden, like as if
he had realized what he had done,
he started to cry like a baby.
Look out the car in there!
Lt's gonna blow up! Come on, man!
Attaboy! Go in through that window!
Come on, through the window!
Oh, my trees! My trees!
They're all gonna go!
Uh, that is correct.
With the ultraviolet light operative,
there is no need for your masks.
We want all medical personnel to wear their masks
at all times, however, and any civilian volunteers.
You will need masks outside the
protected area, looks good. Looks good.
But in the ultraviolet,
we're considering it safe without a mask.
How much serum do we have?
Not very much, I'm afraid.
Boy, you people
sure come prepared, don't you?
Everything's on its way, doctor. I mean, i
can't snap my fingers and make it appear!
In a couple of hours
we'll have everything we need.
It's not a cure. Just a strong
antibiotic to build up resistance.
Sir, company a has arrived with the rest of
the radio gear. Where do you want it installed?
Set it up here. This'll be temporary
headquarters. Sir, need a deployment for company
where do you want this box?
Put it over there.
- Grab this one.
- I'll do it.
Somebody give me a hand, will ya!
What the heck they gonna do with all this?
What's happening?
Listen to me and don't talk.
There's a quarantine
on the town.
Everything's going to be all right. I
just don't want you and the baby exposed.
Exposed to what?
Just listen and don't say anything.
Lt's a highly contagious virus.
We're expecting several cases of it by
morning. I just don't want you around here.
You're gonna need me. I need
you like a hole in the head.
- We've got a whole army medical unit
on the way. - What's the army do-
will you listen to me? They're not going to want me
to let you go, so you're going to have to sneak out.
Okay, try this one! I want you to
take a syringe and some antibiotic for David.
You have to stay in town, so find David
and the two of you stay away from people.
Get this one over here!
Dr. brookmyre, I think we should
discuss larger facilities.
If this thing gets any worse, we're gonna
need someplace to set up an infirmary.
Nurse, I'd like you to work
with my doctor there.
The men that haven't been inoculated are
gonna need their shots when they report in.
Nurse, we need more needles!
These men with the ultraviolet need shots!
Follow doctor's orders.
What's all this; Stuff for?
So we can get in and out of here.
Over here. Over here!
Aii right. Got it.
Burn a little?
Yes, ma' am.
You're okay.
Thank you, ma'am.
Get out of the way!
I 've got things to do!
- Come on, move your legs!
- A ll right, all right.
Spend all day and night
around here.
Start moving your ass and unpack this
stuff. This is headquarters now.
Major Ryder, you said you wanted
to discuss larger facilities.
Maybe we could set something up
at the high school.
How do you intend to
let the people know about all this?
How? Well, we've been promised
bullhorns and loudspeakers.
No telling when
they're gonna arrive!
Hey! Wait!
Hey'. Hey'. Stop'.!
You can't-
hey, hey, hey:
Twenty-five minutes before the hour of 10:00.
This is Bob Lee till 12:00.
News and sports is in 25.
The weather forecast
for the western Pennsylvania area-
cloudy and cool tonight
with a 60% chance of rain.
Come on! Let me see them asses move.
We ain't clone yet.
Move it! Move it!
Somebody can't find nothin' to do!
- It's about time you got here.
- Sheriff, they're setting up roadblocks.
- What? - Out on the interstate ramps.
They got one up over on i-80 too.
What the hell gives here? / I don't know. They're
making an announcement at church services tonight.
All hell's broke loose in town.
Nobody knows what's going on.
We're up to our asses in soldiers.
What are you talking about?
Where is that major?
At the docto's office.
They're setting up their gear there.
They'll be headquartering over there.
- Brookmyre's office? - Yeah. They're
giving the soldiers some kind of injection.
- They say there's not enough for the town.
- Injections? What the hell is this about?
I don't know. Stoney said he'd seen
a truckful of'em going through town.
Truckful, hell.
Must be a couple hundred.
- Couple of hundred?
-Just get your butts back after that fire.
What the hell's going on, sheriff?
You'll know when I do, boy.
Let's go.
What do you think, old buddy?
Judy's at brookmyre's.
I got the wheels ifyou want to
bust in and find out what's up.
Let's go.
Saturday night service
is a high mass.
Yes, father. We'll try not to
disturb it any more than necessary.
- Perhaps after the mass I could ask the people
to wait. - No, father, I have to insist.
We need to inform the people.
I've got to make this announcement.
Excuse me, father, but we have the authority
to do this with or without your approval.
You're aware of the plane
crash last week. Yes.
That plane contained
an experimental vaccine.
We are afraid that crash may have caused
the spread of an infectious virus...
Through this area.
We can't give a story to the press yet.
We've got to see what develops.
We need some medium
for reaching the people in that town.
It's bad enough we didn't have
adequate supplies ready.
It'll all be under control
within a few more hours.
A few more hours?
That can be disastrous.
You put martial law on a town, drive a sneak perimeter around
'em like that, and you'rejust polarizing the situation.
That army becomes an invasionary force.
Those people are gonna resist.
We're all concerned
with Evans city, Mr. hawks,
but our primary consideration
at this point is national security.
A ll the citizens are being rounded up.
We've got to get them together
in a central area.
That'll solve the communications problem
and check any possible spread of the virus.
Telephone and telegraph are cut off
except inside the Evans city limits.
They've jammed the air to prevent
any ham stuff from going out.
You've got to get the president on the phone. We've got
to get a nuclear weapon in the air above that town.
- Isn't that a little drastic?
- None of us wants to resort to that.
But we've got to be ready.
If trixie jumps that perimeter, this thing
could spread over the entire continent.
All right.
Get me the president.
We'll recommend that he-
instruct sa c to send a plan e. . .
On a training mission over Evans city.
Find out what size weapon
it should carry to...
Burn out the infected area.
- A n y repo/t fivm tr/x/e? - They haven't
rounded up the entire team yet, sir.
But several of the ones they reached
are already airborne.
They're on their way
to fort Dietrich.
- We need somebody from that team in Evans city, damn
it! - Well, trixie was going to recommend a man.
Oh, the hell with that!
Get the first trixie man that arrives!
- It's a mistake. - Have a plane
at Dietrich and get him on it!
- One of the biggest goddamn boners of all
time! - The first man. You understand?
- Dietrich?
- Don't even bother to check him in.
We're not to even check you in, sir,
just get you on that plane.
What's going on?
Look, I'm a key man on the trixie team.
A key man! I'm one of the developers
of the goddamn thing!
I gotta have access to a lab.
Gotta have access to my computers.
- Our orders are to get the first man on the team in
the field, sir. -Jesus Christ, this is so random!
A lousy technician
is what you need out there!
Fly me out to Evans city and you're
tying my hands! Don't you see that?
I don't have access to that equipment, I'm
useless! You'll have to clear this with command.
- Don't you realize the consequences? Soldier, stop
the car. - I'm sorry, sir. Those are the orders.
Orders, my ass!
Stop the car!
You're gonna have a hell of a time
getting me on that plane, soldier.
Maybe so, sir, but we'll do it.
It's the last we have.
Aw, come on!
Can I have a hand over here?
Goddamn voiceprint check is a waste of
valuable time. We gotta make snap decisions.
Lf I can't get through to you
without a five-minute delay-
I gotta authorize all these decisions on my
own. I don't like the position it puts me in.
I know, I know. I know peckem will be here,
but until then I'm in charge.
I don't like being a brass asshole.
I'm not an infantry man.
I'm chem corp. Remember that? Huh?
You don't know
what it's like out there.
How can I hold the perimeter and fight a small-scale
war at the same time? I need those additional men!
Many of the people in the outlying area
are farmers, and they've got weapons.
You expect us
to lock up our end, huh?
Well, what about your end, damn it?
Aii right.
I'ii see what we can do.
They're meeting with more resistance, and
they've run into a few more cases of infection.
Major Ryder's requesting more men.
L'll wait for
colonel peclem's evaluation.
- Sir, if- - peckem'll be in there by 2:00.
They can hold out till then.
- We have a man in there telling us that
maybe they can't. - Oh, come on, frank!
This is highly organized,
riot-trained army.
You can't tell me that they're
unable to hold the perimeter...
On a small town
through early morning.
Listen up! Listen up!
Town is under quarantine.
We have you all under martial law.
We'll take you all over to the high school.
We'll explain it to you over there.
Everybody out! Everybody out!
- What is this?
- Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!
Hey! Hey!
- The place is under emergency-
- get out!
Wait! Wait! I want a lawyer!
Mommy, mommy, what's happening?
Come with us, ma'am.
Now, hold on, fellas.
Just what's going on here?
- - I/i/e 're not
going n0 place t/i/ we kno w more about this!
Lt's the lights!
Where's mommy?
My mother! Get out!
Lt's my mother!
Tell me what this is all about,
and maybe I'll cooperate with you!
What's going on? Let go! Please tell me
what y0u're doing! Wait! Wait! Wait!
No! I'm not going!
- Hey! What's going on here?
- For g00; Sake-
- where are we going?
- I want my doll.
Here, sweetie.
What's going on? Let me go!
Come on!
Come here, little fella.
Sir, come with us!
What's going on?
Hey, Lea ve her alone!
Hold it!
Leave her alone!
- Don't give me that shit, boy.
- That's all right, soldier.
That's right. 0900. Check.
Now, you listen to me, Ryder. Bucl's been
telling me what's going on here tonight.
I don 't mind telling you we 7e mighty
tired 0f being push e0' around like this.
Yes, sir, I know. We've just had no way of
preparing anybody for this kind of thing.
Ltjust kinda snowballed on us
and we were forced to take action.
You said it would never come to this!
Look, we've cooperated with you. We've attempted to
keep this thing quiet in order not to create a panic.
But, Christ,
we never expected this!
Neither did we... sir.
We're trying to get everyone into the high
school. We're setting up an infirmary there.
- Are we under martial law?
- Yes, sir.
Well, let me tell you something. You just can't walk
all over the people of Evans city that easy, major.
And as mayor of this town,
I'm protesting your action.
In fact, I'd like to speak
to somebody higher up.
Yes, sir. I'm colonel peclem.
Good evening. Major Ryder?
Yes, sir. I assume we don't need
the masks in the ultraviolet.
That's correct, sir.
I'll be with you gentlemen
in just a minute.
I want to speak with major Ryder
and find out exactly what's been happening.
Yes, sir. Right this way.
I'll be a son of a bitch.
You don't smoke,
you bastard.
Where am I gonna
get me some smokes?
- Hey, clanker, that'sjudy.
- Sure it's her?
Yes, I 'm sure.
She's heading out to the fire.
You sure?
Yes, I'm sure, damn it!
Hey, be cool, buddy.
We'll get her.
Rainy and 65 outside the big k studios.
- She's giving it more gas.
- She doesn't know it's us.
Lt's 10 minutes before midnight.
Almost time for headlines with
Bob Brewster. This is Bob Lee.
What? What?
Come over to the Van.
Move it back. Move out.
- What? Al/ this about? - We're rounding
everybody up and taking them to the high school.
What about my car? Don't worry.
We'll take care of it.
David, I feel stupid. Stupid!
You didn't know it was us.
- Come 0n. Get up.
- Will you tell us what's going on?
- Let's see it!
- Look, I'm a nurse.
- What is it?
- I'm a nurse, I work for Dr. brookmyre.
L'm supposed to inoculate- no,
it's for him. Get in the truck.
Come on. Come on!
Hey, wait.
You're clean.
Let's go. Come on.
Hey, no problem.
Okay, in the truck. In the truck.
No problem, man.
Look, I'm not causing any problems.
In the truck. In the truck.
Yet. Mothers.
- Who's all here?
- Artie fulton. My daughtefs with me.
- I heard you said you were Dr.
broolmyre's nurse. - Yes.
I'm the appendectomy. The emergency
appendectomy at christmastime?
' Kathy?
You okay?
Yes. Okay.
- Who else is in here?
- That's frank Winston.
- I don't know what's wrong with him. He seems to
be sick. - Know anything about what's going on?
We were asleep and they
dragged us right out of the house.
It's a quarantine.
It's a quarantine on the town.
Some kind ofvirus.
- What about the soldiers?
- I don't know.
- Said he '0' send a med/cal team.
- We heard some shooting.
- What kind of virus? Do you know what it is?
- Broolmyrejust said it was highly contagious.
- And it's dangerous.
- Maybe that's what he's got. Winston!
Oh, daddy, I'm all r-
- we heard there were roadblocks up.
- The military's involved.
This must really be big.
David, I'm scared.
It's all right.
Lt's all right, honey.
Man, ain't this some shit.
Grab this one.
I got it.
Did you get this one over here?
Yeah, i'ii get it.
I want to set up
a second perimeter.
The inside line will continue to m0
ve in to ward the 0'0 wn to wn area,
bringing everything they find
with them.
I want the second perimeter
two miles inside the first.
This two-mile stretch'ii be called,
uh, a no-man's land.
Nothing can stay on it.
No one can cross it.
- Y0u're talking about an awful lot of men,
sir. - We'll just have to get them in here.
What do we have now?
Five companies.
Why did this get down to the last minute?
These deployments should have been ready!
Well, the initial information
was that the vaccine was harmless.
You mean they didn't take
any precautionary action?
Routine procedure.
I got here the day of the crash.
Plane went down in these hills
above the town.
Investigators reported that the
casings wound up in the river.
Apparently the water flows
through an underground reservoir...
And Evans city is supplied
with artesian systems out of that.
So I stayed in town, notified the police
and the town doctor...
To be on the alert for any
high-fever symptoms or delirium.
Sir, the report was that the trixie team
had deactivated the vaccine.
Major, trixie wasn't
developed as a vaccine.
Trixie was developed
as a bacteriological weapon.
Comm central calling colonel
peckem. Comm central, colonel peclem.
- this is peckem. - Sir, we have
completed your voiceprint check.
That's why the blackout.
I knew the blackout was to avoid embarrassment,
but a bioweapon never occurred to me.
I fell for that story
hook, line and sinker.
That was the idea. Uh, colonel peclem-
no, no, no, his first name.
Uh, Christopher. Chris. Chris.
This is brubaker, Chris.
Glad you're there.
Major ryderk a competent man
and a good officer,
but I get the feeling he's hitting
the panic button too prematurely.
- Mr. brubaker-
- you want a real evaluat-
m r. Bru Baker.
What it '$ rea/a/ like out th ere-
Mr. brubaker,
we're running out of time!
Ifyou want me to get thejob clone, you get me the
stuffl need and get it before the mornings over!
Let us move
over to the high school!
- We haven't got the room here to handle this!
- They're clearing the infirmary area, sir.
We'll move over there as soon
as they complete disinfecting.
L've heard that for the last three hours!
equipment and personnel are on their way!
why can't we call unity? If we can't
go out, surely we can let them in.
We need that equipment!
I'm sorry, sir.
We can't let them in. We don't know how
long this quarantine will be in effect.
We're talking about the lives
of the citizens of this city!
We're also talking about the lives of many of our
own men, sir! Your men are your worry, sergeant!
The people of this town are my worry!
Message for major Ryder sir. Major Ryder's
in with colonel peckem. I'll take it.
Heavy assembly, sir,
at the interstate highway.
One of the trucks blew up with masks
and filters. We have a lot ofmen hurt.
- Any civilian casualties?
- Three dead, sir.
Now, you just listen to me, mister.
In addition to being mayor of this town,
i also happen to be a practicing attorney.
I know the rights of civil law.
Sergeant, I want a weapons search
of the entire town.
That's stores included.
Confiscate everything.
Lust a minute!
I'm demanding a writ of habeas corpus.
I've gotta take your weapons.
Now, you just hold on!
Don't you give 'em to him.
You don't have to!
- Soldier. - L 00k, you just can
't push us around this way!
Don't you do it, bucky!
What the hell is going on here anyway?
Sheriff, you're in a hopeless situation.
Don't make us use force.
- Let's go.
- What we're doing here is for the g-
- lez"s get the hell outta here!
- Watch it!
- Every civilian weapon inside
the perimeter area. -
I want every damn civilian weapon
in the entire perimeter. Do you understand?
Right away-
lesus Christ.
Colonel peckem, please, sir!
This is exactly the kind of thing
we're trying to prevent!
You ain't takin' me no place!
Take cover!
- - Oh, man,
this isn't getting anywhere!
Hey, he's shootin' at us, burns!
- Son of a bitch shootin' at us!
- Get in here, boy. Come on! Get down!
Return fire!
Okay, hold your fire!
All right, let's check it out!
Move in!
Remember, he ain't hit
until I see him hit!
Keep away from me.
Keep away from me.
L'll kill y-
lunatic, man.
Take a look at this, man.
A recital.
Place sure is a loony bin. No wonder
they want us to round 'em all up.
Look. Check it out upstairs.
Is that- that there
your husband downstairs?
Oh,jesus chri-Jesus!
Can't breathe.
I'm bleedin' bad.
- Ma'am?
- Hello.
I'm bleedin' bad!
I'm bleedin'! I'm bleedin'!
- Maybe we're in some kind ofwar.
- Shut up a minute!
More shooting.
We're in the middle of something.
Them boys ain't playing games.
Check out the people!
Come on, let's move!
Stop, or I'll shoot!
Come on, let's go! You two!
Lets go, mister!
Get back here, or we'ii shoot!
I'm scared!
Thirty-five cents a gallon.
Fifty-eight cents.
Goddamn it, what's going on? What's
happening? I said, what's going on?
Give me a fuckin' answer!
Come on!
Come on, soldier! Soldier!
Stay with me! What's going on?
- David, come on!
- Hey, man! - Hey! Soldier!
- What's going on? Tell me
what's happening! - David!
Come on'. Soldier, why are you here?
Tell me!
- Come on, soldier!
- David, please!
Crazy fuckers.
I think you're all crazy. Every one of you.
Pretty funny, you think, huh?
That isn't the army.
- Pull out of there! Let's go! - You knew who the people were.
Go on! Take off!
David, the hypodermic!
Check those two guys out over there.
Hey, they're gone!
- They're in the Van! They took off in the Van!
- Welcome, brothers!
Get that guy out of the gas station.
They took- they took off!
Hey, buddy! We lost 'em!
- Where you headin'?
- I don't know!
Try the hills by the country club!
Maybe we can hole up there!
I got ya, boss!
No, it only affects primates.
At least we don 't have to worry
about its being spread b y dogs 0r cats.
Whatever consolation
that may be to you.
Unless there are any pet monkeys hereabouts,
the only ones infected will be human beings.
If we catch it in the early stages,
can it be reversed?
Oh, we searched for an antidote the three
years that project was in existence, doctor.
No dice. H0 w many are based
in the area, sergeant?
Don't know.
They haven't called me.
- Dr. watts, I thought you- - I haven't
even been able to call any commanders yet.
They told me I could use the radio on the plane, but
it wasn't piped through your alternate network.
We're using the alternates to avoid any chance
of a leak. A h, yes. Precious security.
Keep it under wraps at all costs. Meanwhile,
do you realize the blunder that's been made?
We can have you flown back as soon as we run a compete
med check and get a clearance from Washington.
- Let's get started.
- We don't have all our equipment in yet.
And when'll that be?
As soon as possible.
Appropriate/y vague, colonel.
Look, it's you think boys who
created this thing in the first place.
Oh, that's beautiful.
L'm one of the only chances we have.
I can't get back to a lab because you're
not equipped to run a medical check,
which we wouldn't need in the first place
if I hadn't been packed off here!
The wh 0/e operation is one i271
blunder.' You talk about blunders.
According to the report from your team,
the virus was considered inactive.
yes. That's the important word.
Any man on the team will tell you
that means 99%, maybe.
That's a standard we don't set, colonel.
That's set by the military.
- We're not getting anywhere trying to assign
blame. - Then authorize me back to the lab!
I can't take a chance on breaking the perimeter
with somebody that might be a carrier.
Trixie has been in these waters
for six days!
Some truck driver could have taken it out of here
long before you set up that perimeter.
We're going under the assumption we've got it contained.
We're gonna keep it contained until it runs its course.
- Runs its course? - You said it can't
stay active in the ultraviolet light.
It's in the water, man!
It's obviously in people too.
People are vectors.
They carry it about with them unawares.
The incubation period may vary, colonel,
but ultimately trixie is going to
spread throughout this entire town!
- The town is sealed off.
- Oh, colonel.
Look, shortly before
the funds ran out,
two of my technicians caught this bug
from a rhesus monkey.
One of them was delirious for two days
before he finally died.
The other phased in and out
until he finally went hopelessly mad.
Those are the two ultimate effects of this thing.
Lt's not just gonna run its course and be forgotten.
How are you guys
gonna explain away a town...
That's either wiped out
or reduced to mindlessness?
What is this, another piece of information
they forgot to pass on to you guys?
Oh, gentlemen,
we're not dealing with a flu virus here.
We're dealing with
an often lethal,
always debilitating
encephalitic mutation.
It leaves its victims
either dead or incurably mad.
You got that?
What are you doing?
Somebody's gonna
see you out there.
I didn't mean to hurt you.
I know.
It's not you. Lt's not what you did.
You're nice.
I lile you very much.
- Man-
- I'm sorry for being such a little girl.
It's okay. I understand.
I mean,
i- I knew that people die.
Yeah? You know, i
knew people died.
My father-
your father?
You understand?
It's like, uh, all- all these people...
Dying and, uh, my father...
Can't feel that.
You can.
I know you can. I-
I have it, don't I?
I have the disease.
Man, you'd better take care ofyour daughter,
'cause she's in pretty bad shape.
Hey, reveille, buddy.
We gonna move?
We'll be right up.
Hey, I found some cigarettes, man.
I had to break a machine open.
There's all kinds of goodies
around this place.
- Any food?
- Yeah, food and drink.
- Just don't get yourself tanked.
- No, i'mjust warming up.
Hey, you still figure
we should try to get out?
I don't know, man.
These new two are gonna slow us up, buddy.
That chicl's got the bug.
I gotta think about it.
- Hey, I came up with a radio.
- What'd it say? Anything about what's going on?
No,just, uh, music. Lt's
really weird. Yeah.
We'll be up in a minute.
Hey, if that chicl's got the bug,
we could catch it from her, right?
It depends on what it is.
Well, it's a bug.
We could catch it, can't we?
We'll be up in a minute.
Yeah, okay.
I mean, it'sjust... a little 0l' bug, right?
Can't be much-
clank, would you leave us alone
for a minute?
Okay, buddy.
You know, the whole time I was in 'nam
i figured you were old clank's girl.
I never could figure that out.
I hardly even knew him.
Well, I didn't know that. I
saw you with him. Vvhen?
At one of the games.
Good god, David.
I mean, big clank?
How could you even think that?
Well, I didn't know.
I figured, big football hero.
And I didn't really know you.
I didn't know what you were like.
It wasn't my fault.
Action and adventure.
Evans city's only green beret.
Oh, hear! Hear!
I can't believe that was me.
We're gonna be all right.
L'll work on natural immunity.
A million to one against developing
any foreign antidote in time.
Sergeant, you get your ass
out from behind your desk,
quit calling me on the telephone and telling me what
you can't do and get that equipment on the double!
You understand me?
We're working off the census.
Inside the white perimeter- 3,613.
We've got about-
wait a minute. Say that again, Chris.
We've got about two-thirds of the
population accounted for. One-three.
We've got an open revolt.
Lt's turning into a war zone.
Wait a minute. We gotta
get them into that high school.
Chris, make that your main objective
at this point. Understand?
Lust don't let
those perimeters break.
The perimeters are holding, but we've got about 5o square
miles ofwoods and hills that we've still gotta cover.
What's your estimates, Chris?
How much time?
I can't tell you how long it's gonna tale.
We talking about hours, days, or what?
give me a ballpark.
I just can't.
Aii right, all right,
keep it locked up,
and let us know as soon as you do.
Standing order, Chuck.
Get this out.
Anyone obviously infected or resisting
is to be treated as an enemy,
with the ultimate objective
to bring them in at any cost.
Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir?
- We've gotta burn the bodies.
- Sir- - I'll listen to any alternatives, soldier,
but until I hear a good one you burn them.
A company reports
two men possibly infected.
Sir, the men are getting panicky. Some of the
men haven't even been told why they're here.
Of course not, major.
That would just constitute a security leak.
One of the objectives
is to keep this thing quiet, yes.
But the main objective
is to keep the virus contained.
If those men know the truth, they'll
be breaking the perimeter themselves.
- How can you tell?
- What?
Don't you see?
The whole things insane. How can you
tell who's infected and who isn't?
- They can't get the helicopters in here
for another 15 or 20 hours. - Goddamn it!
- There '5 a police bird and two city-o wneo' choppers
out at the commun/qv fie/o'. - Get them in the air!
- What sort of authorization will I need?
- Anything! Use your rifle if necessary.
I want them in the air, inside the
perimeter, radio-linked with the ground.
Report anything they spot, and keep
circling the no-man's-land day and night.
Anyone in that area
gets one warning shot.
- Sir-
- ls that clear?
One warning shot.
What's going on at trixie?
Take 'em upwards of days
just to reprogram all that data, colonel.
Until then, we won't even be able
to re-create the virus itself.
And afterwards,
with the incubation period,
my guess is a good week
to infect a new set of monkeys.
We have got to start
taking blood samples,
and we've got to start flying them out to Dietrich so
they can at least have a sample of the active virus.
We can't send anything out. L/i/e
've got human Guinea pigs here.
Over 3,000 shots at finding an immune,
but we've go to start taking blood
and we've got to start flying it out.
- We can't send anything out yet.
- Can't you see-
what do you want to do,
send 'em out in empty pop bottles?
We need airtight canisters.
L've requested them along with
the other decontamination gear.
I don't mean tojump on you, colonel.
Itjust amazes me
at how shoddy this operation is.
Nothing amazes me anymore, doctor.
Nothing in this goddamn army
amazes me.
L'm a combat man.
I shouldn't even be here.
Just happened to be available.
Maybe expendable.
L'll get your samples out to Dietrich.
In the meantime, why don't you
get offyour ass and start collecting them?
- Well, does that high school
have a chem lab? - Yes, sir.
- L'm gonna need some things.
- Medical will set you up.
- Can I have a radio put in over there?
- Man needs a radio, soldier.
Man needs a radio.
I need a-
man needs a radio.
Will be tested and treated for the virus.
Do not resist. They are preventive measures to
ensure your survival of the epidemic. Repeat-
twenty. Twenty. Very good.
Whoa, whoa.
L'm gettin' out of here!
L'm gettin' out of here-
outta here! Get outta here!
I'm getting out of here!
Maybe we're doing the wrong thing. Maybe we should
go back to the Van and try to get back into town.
- The army mayjust be here to help.
- The man thinks the army is our friend.
I just don't know
that we're doing the right thing.
- Yeah, well, ask sheriff Cooper. - Whatever
they/re here for; It 's turn e0' into a riot.
Maybe they are just here for control. If they
can turn a campus protest into a shooting war.
Some of the rednecks that live in this area, they could
be shooting at each other and not even care why.
So whatever's going on,
we're better off away from it.
That a/n 't 5a y/ng you can
't go back buddy. What about the virus?
Kathy is acting strangely.
For all we know, we may all have been
exposed. We may need medical attention.
L've been thinking. Maybe somebody's hitting
us with bacteriological weapons or something.
Maybe we are in a war.
I just wanna be sure that we're doing the
right thing. Well, we can't be sure, damn it!
Broolmyre told Judy
to keep isolated.
That's good enough for me.
You can go back to town ifyou want to.
The army ain't nobody's
friend, man. We know. We been in.
I don't know about you, but, uh...
I'm gonna stick it out with David.
'Cause he's gonna make it.
He's got a brain.
The church is a holy sanctuary!
These people have sanctuary!
Leave them alone!
Leave them alone!
Okay, let's go.
God is with us!
Come on! Move! In! Everybody!
Come on, in, in! In there!
Hey, hey, hey!
Father David!
Let's go!
There goes a couple of 'em!
L'm all right.
She's all right.
She's upset, that's all.
It's funny.
We're all upset. She'll be all right
when we leave here. She'll be all right.
Isn't it?
- How far you figure it is to Saunders' farm?
- Couple miles, maybe.
Well, they can't have
every inch covered.
All those woods.
There are ravines behind Saunders'.
If we can get through it all, it 3 there.
Hey, Dave, I think we better shake them.
Shh'. I'm telling you, that
chick's out of her head.!
- Shut up, man. Listen.
- What?
Get down, man!
Out of sight!
He spotted us.
We gotta break through the woods.
We're gonna break through the woods!
If we get split up, we 'll meet at Saunders '
place. We won't get away from that bird, man.
We can't sit here!
Stop where you are.
We have you spotted.
Stop where you are or we'll open fire. We'ii be
forced to open fire on you. Stop where you are.
We have you spotted.
We're in communication with the jeeps.
We're in communication with the
ground troops. You cannot escape.
Stop where you are
or we 'll be forced to open fire.
I'll try to keep the damn thing away
so maybe we can duck it.
Stay put!
Hey! I told you, Dave.
Hey, Dave!
You're forgettin' about the infantry.
Let's go. Huh?
The crazies in here
are detained, but they might not be infected.
Keep them somewhere else. Keep
'em isolated. Veg sir.
We're using the gymnasium
for any consulting.
Take her blood pressure.
I'll need a hand with this.
- Got a blood pressure yet?
- 124 over 67.
Aii right, keep checking.
Get it off of me! Get it off!
Get it off of me! Get it off!
He's arresting. Come on. Let's go.
Get another nurse over here,
will you, please.
These goddamn things returned.
- Don't you med guys have anything
more powerful than this? - No, sir.
- Hey, uh, Elly?
I'm not getting any further on that formula.
For Christ sake. Lt's in the written records.
We can't read
the microfilms manually, Elly.
We're gonna have to wait until it's all
in the computer.
Once it's all back in the computer, we
can have it in a matter of seconds.
But it won't be all
in the computer for three days!
We'll just have to try all the combinations.
You gotta get a sample flown out to us.
Lots of luck. Say again.
I777 not read/ngyou, Elly.
I said I'll see what I can do.
Give me peckem.
Yes, sir. To colonel peckem's headquarters.
We'ii have to have your voiceprint.
Christ sake! He's only down the
street from me. I just left him!
We'll need to check it, sir, if it's to go through
the network. We'll have to do a recording.
Here, you run this over to peclem.
To colonel peckem, sir?
Tell peckem without those samples,
Dietrich might as well close down.
If he still refuses to send them out, have
him call Dietrich himself and explain it.
But get him the hell off my back!
Yes, sir. I'll try.
On that voiceprint, sir,
will you state your name and l.D.?
Stick it up your big,
fat, electronic ass!
What's the matter with you, woman? Ultraviolet's not
infallible when you're working this closely with it.
- So put your mask back on.
- As you have discovered, doctor,
it's very difficult looking into a
microscope when you're wearing a mask.
Just how would you rate
our chances, doctor?
- Do you have any family outside?
- What?
Do you have any family outside?
No, sir.
Me neither.
I'm sorry, sir.
Would you marry me?
I assume from that answer
that you rate our chances as good.
No, next week. Of course r/ght no w!
- That 's army issue, doctor! Army issue!
- All right, where is she?
- Doctor broolmyre's nurse, sir.
- He sent her out! He sent her out with these!
- What happened, major? - Apparently, Dr. brookmyre
sent his nurse out with some of the antibiotics.
When was this? Ea/[V last n/ght,
just after things started.
- We recovered the materials, sir,
when they were captured. - they?
yes, sir. There were several of them. At least there
were. They got away last night in one of the vans.
The Van was found,
but there was no sign of anyone.
- This is army issue! Army issue! - Take Dr.
Russell to the infirmary. Run a check on him.
- Yes, sir. - This is army
issue! There's no requisition!
This is- this is army issue!
You know if your nurse was exposed
to any infected cases?
Very briefly.
We had the two children here.
- Why in the hell did
you send her out? - She's-
she's pregnant.
I was afraid for the child.
I sent her with some antibiotic
for the father.
They're gonna be married.
We're only doing what
we have to do to ensure survival.
- - I got a message from colonel
peckem! I got a message from colonel peckem!
- Get in here! Get in here, soldier.
- I got a message-
all right, keep down!
Troopers will knock your block off!
Goddamn it! Give me another man in here!
Another guard!
- Get me c detachment. Get me c
detachment! -
vo/cepr/h t5 are- survival?
What do you think, old buddy?
There's four of 'em.
That's four we can see.
Must be more inside.
Why don't we just scurry around
and pass by 'em?
Lt's almost dark. Let's wait.
We need information.
Why don't wejust go down
and talk to them?
- Get her! Get her down!
- I really would like to talk.
Knock it off!
- I got it!
- Aii right!
Knock it off.
Hey, look at that!
Right on, man!
That dude can't shoot worth shit.
Yeah, missed you by a mile.
You mother.
Hey, you son of a bitch.
I ought to break your ass.
Hey, clanker.
- What the hell's the matter with you?
- I'm sorry. I-
- thank you for goin' out after her.
- I was savin' my ass, not hers.
Next time I'm gonna throw
her out there and you with her!
That chicl's crazy, man.
She's got the bug.
What you figure on doin' tonight?
I figured I'd be cleanin' out
this shit house.
That's about all you can figure
in this army.
I sure didn't figure on this.
Didn't figure on what?
This, uh, maneuver.
But what is it? Define it.
Tell me what it's all about.
I don't know, sergeant.
You never know what you're
doing or why you're doing it.
You just do it
because you're told to.
Yeah. When are we
movin' out of here?
What, you in a hurry?
M e?
Well, relax.
You'll find this ploy somewhere
in your manual, I'm sure.
It's called sit it out and
let somebody else do the dirty work.
right on.
Move slow and easy.
Keep 'em from hollerin'.
- Why take the risk?
- We're doin' this my way, you hear?
Lust get 'em down, keep 'em quiet.
When we get inside, don't get trigger happy.
We gotta find out what these guys know.
Hey, man, I'm with you.
I'll duck around over there.
We're not gonna find anything out here.
That '5 right.
Thought I heard something.
Come on now. Lt's only a damn patrol.
You make a noise and l'll kill ya.
How many men inside?
You wouldn't be lyin'
to me now, would ya?
What's happened?
I don't hear anything.
Lt's been a long time.
I don't hear anything.
Go for your guns
and it'll be the last thing you ever do.
What's going on here?
What are you doin' to us?
What army are you with?
Why are you after us?
Okay, now listen to me! I'm
listening to you. You make it fast!
What do you know?
Okay, now listen. You
let me go- talk!
Okay. Okay.
It's a quarantine. There's a virus loose
in the area. How'd the army get involved?
How'd the army get involved
in anything? I don't know!
I don't know, man.
Honest to god, I don't know.
It's a police action.
What are your orders?
Round up everybody.
Take 'em to the high school.
Everything was all right. People were comin' in
with us. They're treating them at the school.
The ones with the virus, man,
it's like they're crazy.
What kind of virus is it?
Oh, I don't know.
The army only tells us
what they have to.
It's in the water.
In the water?
Yeah. We're following orders.
I mean, I know where you're at.
This whole thing is like-
No more lies!
Hey, David.
Green beret.
What happened to you, man?
That son of a bitch froze up.
These folks is all mine.
Aii three of 'em.
All five of 'em.
Hey, d0n't give me any of this green
beret shit! I was just regular army.
They're dead.
They're all dead.
Claiming stuff.
That son of a bitch, man.
Slam... right against the wall.
Hey, man, you really messed up.
Man, I thought that dude
knew special forces.
I figured he's gotta be
some kind of bad, right?
Some kind of bad.
You know I could never make it.
I never even came close to makin' it.
Regular army was all I ever was.
Who turns out to be the baddest?
I got five of them son of a bitches!
Hey, David.
Why don't you put me in for...
A congressional medal of honor?
Hey! Where you goin'?
Uh,just goin' up to seejudy.
It's okay. I'mjust goin' up
to seejudy for a while.
Oh, yeah.
I know what you mean. Lt's okay.
We'll be in the bedroom.
- Yeah.
- Hey!
My head feels funny.
- Did I do something wrong?
- You did what you had to 0'0.
Hey, I didn't do anything wrong, did I?
No, no, it's all right, clanker.
- Huh? - It's all right. You
did what you had to do.
I'll take first watch, okay?
Okay. I'll see you later.
She's all I have left.
My wife is dead- Mae.
That's my wife.
She's been dead
a couple ofyears now.
Kathy's infected obviously.
Artie's acting weird.
Even though clanl's going,
he's fightin', but he's losin'. But not us.
And g00' knows we 'l/e been exposed to it.
Well, I had that injection.
Broolmyre said it wasn't an antidote,
just a strong antibiotic.
- Maybe that's enough.
- You didn't have your shot.
But I feel all right.
David, honey,
it's possible that you have
a natural immunity to it.
We still have to go away.
Hey. We can make it.
I know it.
I haven't allowed her to date yet.
I don't think she's old enough
to date yet.
The way these kids are today,
it's disgusting. It's disgusting!
These kids today, they're pigs!
Not my little girl-
no, sir.
I'll never let her
get into that kind of trouble.
I owe that much to Mae.
L'll never let her get
into that kind of trouble.
These kids today are pigs.
Well, we can't wait forever
to break the story.
L'm for going
with the radiation scenario.
The thing is, we can release it now,
and it covers us for any eventuality.
But the onus on it.
Sure, it's embarrassing.
But it's not as embarrassing
as bioweaponry.
At least everybody knows
we've been using nuclear weapons.
So we had an accident.
We'll blame it on a.E.C.
But how do we release it now
before we know?
We say there were nuclear weapons
on the plane when it went down.
If the perimeter doesn't hold,
we're gonna have to go the whole way.
We say there was a live weapon on the
plane not destroyed wh en it went do wn.
We got a team worlin' on it.
Ifwe have to push the button,
we just say the... weapon went off.
For Christ sake! We're talking about one of our
own towns and fifteen-hundred of our own troops.
The town is already destroyed.
If they can't hold that perimeter, we're lookin' at the
possibility of trixie spreading across the entire country.
You break that perimeter,
then we gotta drop the bomb.
Like immediately.
And god knows
i hope we don't have to,
but if we do, we- we gotta have
some kind of explanation.
L'm just being realistic.
The radiation scenario covers us.
- V0 com c en tra/
calling Mr. brubaker. - This is brubaker.
Yes, sir, we've completed your voiceprint
check, and we have the president on the line.
In a minute we'll hook you in.
- Mr. brubaker; Th/s is the pres/dent
- yes, Mr. president.
Give me your consensus
on the press release.
Nothing unanimous, sir.
But there is a majority in favor
of the radiation scenario.
Safest, I suppose.
Yes, sir.
The bombers still up?
Round the clock, sir.
Sixty thousand feet over Evans city.
Thank you, Mr. brubaler.
- Yes. - We'd, uh, like to
leave this line open, sir.
If those perimeters break,
we'll have to act immediately.
And we'll, uh-
we'll need your permission, sir,
to, uh, use the weapon.
Uh, we want to leave the line open, sir,
to, uh, avoid voiceprint delay.
The line will remain open,
Mr. brubaker.
Still mad?
I was only an hour late, hon.
I thought ofyou all day.
On the 15th hole.
Ask Richard.
He hit one 220 yards
right down the middle.
And I said- I said,
this one is for Mae.
I used a putter
on the 18th hole.
Well, he said it was a foot.
It was more like three feet.
Think I would know that.
Sure rolled in.
You're safe, darling.
What are you doing?
You sick son of a bitch.
Get up!
Talk to me about pigs!
What the hell were you doing?
The pig was screwing his own kind.
Let me go! Let me go!
Don't do it, clanler.
Just don't grab me
like that, man.
Okay, cool it.
L'm cold, man.
Let's get out of here.
I used to think
you had a brain, man.
We should've left them two!
We gonna leave 'em?
Yea/v. We 'll leave 'em.
Now you're talkin'.
Now you're talkin'.
Let's get out of here.
Let's stay here.
Lt's too late for you.
L'm saying you're screwed.
And we pull out with one bullet.
The pigs-.
- as much as you can fly in.
- No contact.
- Now you keep them up there.
- Sure they're not just out ofyour range?
Use what you have sparingly, but
keep them up there. Yes, / know.
- Running out of flares for the helicopters.
- We got another missing patrol, sir.
Lost radio contact.
I want a man posted every 25 yards
on that outside perimeter.
Yes, sir! And get this. Post another man
every 25 yards on that outside perimeter!
- We got the voiceprint on one, sir.
- Right. Lknow.
M/e 'll reinforce you as $00n as we can.
Yeah. That '$ an order; Sold/er.
I'm sorry, doctor,
but they won't authorize anything...
Until we run a complete decontamination
on you. Oh, for Christ sake.
We'll probably have the gear installed by
tomorrow. We can get you out of here by tomorrow night.
I'm telling you, colonel,
this information's invaluable.
Can't you radio the data to Dietrich?
Every time I break this connect/on, I gotta
go through this voiceprint bullshit.
Look, I'm telling you.
We've got a chance to crack it!
Authorize me out of here! Screw the orders!
Get me out of here!
I'll have you out by tomorrow night. Lfl let
you out now, they'd only stop you anyway.
That'd be a longer delay.
At least this way we stay in touch and keep
working. I'm sorry. It's the best I can do.
Hey, they're gone, man.
That son of a bitch and his kid.
Oh, my god. David.
Get him down. Please get him down.
Get him down.
I didn't do it.
I didn't do it.
Hey, man, look at this.
Come on, clanler.
We gotta get out of here.
Come on, buddy. Move it!
Come on, girl. You gotta go in.
Come on. Yeah, we're taking
everybody to the high school.
What's your name?
My name is Kathy.
Stop it right there.
Hey, man, that'; Close enough.
Do you want to play?
No. You stay away.
Stay away, you guys.
He said I could come
out and play for a long time.
- But I couldn't go far.
- We're gonna have to shoot her.
I saw- stay away fivm her; Man!
She 3 going insane anyway, man.
Shoot her.
Come on. I have four guns
with me. Come on.
My father- my father doesn't-
- all r/ght, everybody,
shoot her! -
- You was gonna leave me.
- Stop it!
Stop it!
They're coming, David!
David. David, they're coming, please.
Come on, clanler. We gotta move.
We gotta get out of here.
J es u s, m a n.
My head's screwed up.
/ got the bug, right? Come on!
We've gotta get out of here!
Oh, no, I got the bug.
Take an arm.
L'm scared, man.
I flip out and I can't control myself.
- Come on, clanker. Will you move.
- Hey, big man.
Big green hat.
Move 'n.
Tell me where I should meet you.
For g 00' '5 sakes. Come on, man.
Tell me where I should meet you.
- Clanker. - Goddamn it, tell
me where I should meet you!
I know. Meet ya down
at the zebra club.
- Hey, no, man, no. Listen. - Remember the zebra
club outside of bragg? I'll meet you there.
- Listen. Out by the old concrete plant.
- L'll meet ya there and we'll drink 'em blind.
I'll take care of these guys. I'm gonna meet ya
at the zebra club. Okay? The zebra club, man.
Hey! Hey!
Hey, David. You got the brains, man.
What are we gonna do?
The goddamn bug.
I got the goddamn bug!
Hit him!
He's a crazy son of a bitch,
ain't he?
Watch your asses, you
chickenshits in those white suits!
Where the hell's he at? I 'n7 gonna
say hello to these goddamn white uniforms.
Spread out, goddamn it!
Where are you going?
Keep your eyes open.
There he is!
Hold your fire! Hold your fire!
Hold your fire until you can see him!
I 'm staying right here.
I'm not gonna move.
Stay/om/stay/om that son of a
bitch can sure see us, man.
All right, let's move in slow.
Fire! Fire! Fire!
I can't see a thing.
Am I movin'?
Move in.
Stick to your right.
Stay low, you guys. Stay low.
It's starting to come over the railing.
Hey, buddy, looks like it won't work.
Out of ammunition, man.
Son 0f a bitch! I/i/on '1' work, right?
Lt's your ass, man.
Just sit there and sweat it, man.
We're gonna do us some drinlin'.
Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Hold it.
Am I going blind,
or is this configuration smaller
than it was?
Hmm? Smaller?
I d0n't know what it is
y0u're looking for.
What's the combination
for this stuff?
Uh, 44 and 23.
Ink up another slide.
The same thing.
A million to one we'd find it.
But this is it.
I'm sure of it.
Goddamn it, this is it!
Give me Dietrich. Uh,
yes, we 'll ha ve to ch eck yo ur-
I know. I know. The voiceprint.
Are you recording?
One minute, sir.
Come on. Oh, Christ.
Recording, sir.
Watts, Dr. elston. Special unit three,
seven, four, three, two, seven.
Code name: Trixie.
Section: Research and development.
We ha ve that, 5/7; And we 'll put
it right through. Hustle, will you.
It is bigger here!
It's bigger than all
the other individual samples.
Goddamn it, woman, this is it!
This is it!
We gotta get this stuff
off to Dietrich.
I don't understand the significance-
you don 'z' have to understand
-just have faith. - If you were to explain
it to me, 5/7; / could be of more help.
Get me peclem.
Uh, your line is hooked into central
on that voiceprint check, sir.
Oh, I asked him for another line!
We can cancel that, sir, and
make this new- listen.
- Yes, sir. - When you get me Dietrich, can you
put it through to me at peclem's headquarters?
Yes, I think-
yes, sir, we can do that.
Okay, then do it. I'm going over there
right now. If anything comes, hold it.
L'll be there in two minutes. This
is very urgent. Yes, sir. Will do.
Watch those slides. And call me
ifanything different happens.
Yes, but what am I looking for, sir?
- Hold it there.
- Wait. Listen to me. Listen to me!
Hold on there. Will you listen to me?
I'm Dr. watts!
I'm a scientist! I'm with the team!
I've got a tube of trixie here!
Will you listen to me!
L'm working on the virus! Will you listen
to me! This is a mistake! Will you shut-
please, god, I will-
they've got a voiceprint on me!
I don't need a backup!
This is a mistake!
Will you shut up!
Let me go!
Look at that! I see-
lt's gotta be the perimeter.
You gotta remember
to do exactly what I tell you.
Promise, no matter what.
I promise, David.
- You okay?
- I'm fine, and ready.
L'm fine, David, really.
I want to rest somewhere.
Now listen to me.
They're gonna be comin' through here.
If they don't see us,
they'll pass us by.
And we'll be on the outside, huh?
We'll be out.
How long will I be alone?
- Not long.
- Lt's the only thing that scares me.
Why can't you come in with me?
I can't place the blocks
from the inside.
- David, where will you be?
- I'll hide up in the tower.
You 're gonna hear them come through.
They'll probably search the grounds.
You just be real quiet
until they pass by.
- And I'll come back to get you.
- They'll never find me.
The y'// ne ver-
they will never find us.
Da v/'ofl they might find you. No, no. I
can hide. They'll never find either of us.
- But what if they do?
- They won't.
They won't.
Now listen to me. After you hear
them pass, you be real quiet.
And after they leave
and they go far away,
i'ii come back to get ya.
If I don't come back to get ya,
you wait a long time,
and then you leave by yourself.
Oh, no. No, David.
I can't go anywhere without you.
- Now, don't worry. I'll- l'll meet ya.
- Where?
I'll meet ya at-
the zebra club.
- I remembered, David. I remembered.
- Oh, no.
No, not at the zebra club.
I'ii meet ya at, uh-
I'll meet you at your mother's house.
Your mother's house in danville.
That's a good idea.
Okay, now if/ don 'z' come back,
you leave by yourself
and you go to your mother's house.
You take care of yourselfi hmm.
Be quiet and don't move.
That goes for both of you.
I love you, Judy-.
- What?
- I love you.
David, I can't hearyou.
David, I can't hearyou.
I love you.
David, what are
we gonna call our baby?
I think it's a boy.
It'd like a boy.
Our baby, David.
You gotta go around
and look on the other side. Move it!
I see your lights. All right.
Give us an aerial flare.
We gotta knock those blocks down.
Good place to hide among those blocks.
Give a look into one of those things.
Somebody check out the building.
Two men, check out the building.
Gotta work in pairs.
We gotta get in there.
- Cbme 0n. L et'5 get out of here.
- Better check up in the tower here.
- Watch out for crazies! There's
crazies in there. - Shut up.
- What'; Up? You see someth/hg?
- I don't know.
Come on. Let's go. Come on.
- Hey, man, what the hell are you doing?
- Hold on. I'm coming.
Hey, you all right?
Hey! Hey, what's the matter, buddy?
Nothin'. I'm comin' down.
Hey, man, it's scary enough around here.
Why didn't you answer me?
L'll be right there!
I'm takin' a piss!
Aw, kiss my ass.
Takin' a piss.
What the hell does that mean,
takin' a piss?
Hey, uh, how far out
from Cairo?
Don't know.
-- Hey, come on.
Lt's spooky around here.
We'll never find the other guys
ifwe don't leave now. Come on.
A ll fight, I 777
com/n ' 0'0 wn!
Hold it. Be quiet.
Oh, da v/d there's something in there.
Sounds like a little kid.
Hey, it's a broad.
Da via'?
Lt's all right, baby, it's me.
Da via'?
Lt's all right, baby.
No! No!
It's all right! Lt's all righljudy.
No! No!
Judy.Judy, it's all right!
Lt's me!
Judy! Judy, it's me!
David? Oh, David.
Hey, it's all right. We're not army!
Stop! Hey, stop shooting!
We're not army!
Please! We 're not-
hey, coach.
I didn't know it was you.
- Hey, coach, who's she?
- Baby.
David, it hurts.
I know, baby. I know.
He's kicking.
He's kicking.
No. He's just sleeping.
All right, boy, let's go.
Come on. Let's go.
Oh, hurry. You decide
what you want to name him.
I thinl-
I think we'd better
call him David.
Right on the money as
far as the, uh, census info is concerned.
3,613 total population.
twenty-one hundred survivors.
Ifyou want to call them survivors.
Uh, I read you, Chris.
That? A finejob.
I hate to drop this on you,
but, uh, Chris, we're taking you out.
We're sending you into louisville.
Now we don't want to hit the panic button,
Chris, but we have reports of symptoms.
We've always considered the possibility of trixie
being carried out before you got your lines up.
We doubt it,
fian/qv, cyir/s, but, uh,
we wan tyou in there to check the
situation 0 ver just in case.
If it does break out,
you'll be much better prepared, Chris.
You, uh- you have
one under your belt now.
Yes, sir. You 're the only
one to send in there.
The state police have blocked the
roads and closed the airports.
You're doing a greatjob.
Hang in there.
You've got transport arranged.
You'll have to go through the
medical before you leave the area.
We don't want you
carrying trixie out.
No, sir.
Put your hands on your head,
colonel, please.
Breathe through your mouth.
Colonel peclem, sir,
we can sign you out.
Hear anything from Dietrich? The j/re
sending in a new man fi"0n7 tr/x/e.
He should be here tomorrow.
If we only knew what
watts was working on.
Our boys have checked the slides he left in his
microscope, but we can't make heads nor tails out of it.
He was onto something. We 'll
dope it out... sooner or later.
Sooner or later.
Understand they found
a rhesus monkey at Dietrich- immune.
Sooner or later, we'll find a human.
Sooner or later.
- Want an immunity check on this one,
doctor? - Are you kidding me, soldier?
I see no way out ofthis.
There's never been-
there's never been a trixie before.
In admission, there's nothing about it.
And I'm concerned- damn concerned. I don't
know what you have- how you feel about it.
I simply said repeatedb/- accusations
and blame are not gonna help anything.
Heaven, help us
firelight, won't you let me be
I feel so helpless
how can I find the morning
daytime heroes
save me a piece of sunshine sky
a safer place where I
can get up and find the morning
iftime is a healer,/
then why are we wounded
and why are those people dying
Jand I get so weary
in moments of sadness
I can't even hear people crying
but I know they do
marching soldier
fighting behind a losing cause
a better war is yours
lf you can find
the morning
heaven help us
heaven help us